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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 19, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EST

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or macchiato for $1.99. >> now on chasing news. unveiling a n plan to combat the homeless. they're homeless they are not idiots they do with the shters are. they a pursely avoiding them >> forget your colge roommates they work out an arm wrestling for real. >> they are professionals. >> detecve purdy one of the new york police department sketch artist. itcan be a process that kes up to three hours. >> we show photographthen
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>> he works there every day for almost a full year. >> the signs that new brunswick drinking water facility warding no trespassing their protected. it is where they would all to the negligence of its own supervisor. >> they had a responsibility to report them. he did not do that. he did not do the required testing and then to cover up his tracks he falsified the data i in various ways. >> with the charges of corruption of the of safe water shrieking act according to the office a licensed operator upward of three years in prison.
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damage was done or if the water got anybody sick. >> our investigation has not revealed any evidence that it has a cause for bacteria but it is counterfactual you do notnow what would have been shown if it was done in the past. >> nobody downstairs at the office wanted anything to do with this and i suppose it is understandable to upgrade to the wer filtrion stem with the work was originally suspended including food safeguards to make sure it doesn't happen again. and the attorney general's office thinks it is conceivable that he may have
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publisher from new brunswick today. are there any stones unturedor more dominoes to fall? >> he has been with the city sinc 1976. head of the water treatment plant as alicensed operator more than a decade. there re issues with the water as r back as 2004. with this investigation the city's side easily between 2010 and 2013 but it probay goes back deeper. >> i am concerned how many are out there working and testing that you have the time he wasn't. around 2,009 the falsificions started during aeriod when the
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he had committed suicid in 2007 and a person with no experience with water treatment was in charge of e entire utility. >> that is why drink bottled water. [lahter] you cannot even trust officials to not becorrupt with our water supply. >> if nobody got sick d there is no evidence bbb issue is not the former maid the the system wheree he excess government bureaucrats who d't need a job. >> a new jersey state trooper diethursday morning while rsponding to a report of a juvenile in distress. 10:45 a.m.. he graduad from the academy in february and was recently married in
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>> has been warned in december and that stops tonight as topictures in -- temperatures drop you just may get a littl snow if you ve in nthstern nejeey the natnal thvice says you may or m not. but then it will beack up tow the m 's again. >> unveiling a plan to combat the homeless crisis yesterday. they e assigning 100 officers specifically to combat homelessness. they claimed this year a team will go by blocby block. >> if you called brave 11 if
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i abouty normal schedule d naturay i spotted a homeless began asking for money. so i called. >> this is the 311 operator? >> yes. you can report this. >> he had a sign that said i am a veteran and i am homeless and i need help. she asked a woman were of the and and i repeated elderly gentlemen and i was disconnected. i guided my workout i noticed this is absurd and that is the response that i got.
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illness or economic issue. he is trying to keep his nose clean. >> they know where the shelters are there purposely avoiding them to live at bus terminals because there are safety issues at the shelters if they address that you can get them off the street >> of therogram is designed to ta a homeless person and mo them then it says - - has already failed in 311 hands of the la thg yst need is tem to call 911 for a hmeless person who needs a hot meal. my sister lives in portland i am waiting to see new york city shipping them to other places. >> staff special tours with cops to make them safe. >> the woman that was
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loan. unless we are harassing somebody. >> you spoke to every homeless person? >> to more than you do it. >> rock-and-roll. over the top. there youo. to take them out of the ba for get y call littermateso work out with our wrestling for real.
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there is. it is becoming a thing. if anybody knows right ther a ng time bodybuilder who won the overall in the very first arm wrestling meet. now the next one aproaches. i need to focus on my technique but i am enjoying it and i am learning a lot ani am grateul. >> like a 65 year-old harry silberman. you have to grapple with him.
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competitors. is mng. [laughter] >> i did it. there is a lot of technique. do i understand? no. they have it down. >> at the end of the workout >> i am a250-pound man. she is 150-pound woman. she almost broke my forea.
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>> we went to i ho kick off the breakfast or dinner holiday party. it was truly an amazing night. the youngest franchise owner in the system. i met a guest chaser to mission started to read and she did a great job. >> they gave fell whole might of revenue to get back to the community. the thd year and the biggest yet. >> talking about the latest debate how chris christie has surged ahead now it
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which is super exciting. >> the new york police departmt sketch artist. to put into perspective he sketched out some day that i
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>> detective party is one of the police sketch artist for
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been with that headway - - n.y.p.d. six years drawing 11 of them. his work is on display located in the meatpacking disict. he has composites beecher in 26 of his sketches fictional characters. the idea came a lawmaker as he follows the n.y.p.d. on twitr a i the fan of the detective. >> he was trying to get in touch with me for years and one day said i like your work i kw a llery owner and gave me his number and we started to talk about what we could do. >> they don't use actual sketches as they are evidence so he tells mehat process and what it entails. >> with a get photographs that we put together a composite into on graphic
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from there we show it to them. >> sometimes it is difficult for the victims to recall the information because they have a block all those skills are important it is important for the officer to be patient. it could be a tedi process taking up to three hours per session in the day due three sessions maximum per day. >> i had handpicks somebody has seen almost every day for one year. let me tell you one thing i hope i never have to witness a crime.
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and then i called to greek at 1.80 italian. sari. [laughter] >> how does it look? >> keep in mind i was not helpful at all. [laughter] oh my god. >>f you watch him and ask me questions. >> he has guilty eyes. >> he did it. >> it is not like he does not look like you. bos end of your. >> mind would look something like this. >> that would not be helpful.
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like this. how would you like to sit in a coffin likeha fer nearly two hours? it is the form of medicine in stretching back 100 years >> it is the heart chamber that is a medical device and we use 100 percent oxygen to achieve pressure up at 2.nine bangladesh 2.five times sea level pressure. the chamber works wonders on radiation, infections, a bone disorders even neurological disorders like ptsd and concussion but be careful they can be a death trap. >> the biggest danger is a spark. nothing electronic or to cause static electricity. patients go in with no
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fragrance you coated with what you are bored with and a specially treated down. >> your is a diabetic patient. starts every day inside the chamber to heal the ulcer o her foot she says it is healing and saved her from getting an amputated. fro thmfirst time it seems that it works. >> by bringing more oxygen i allow the production of the stem cells and new blood vessels t heal the wound that would not heal under another circumstance. >> day hydro barrick therapy players opted one every night. this is a soft shell. >> what happens if the
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hot -- caught in you are in a plastic g. we pref to treat patients that are supervised >> on monday night football as a giants view i applaud this. go for it. >> it soun amazing but it willev be a trend you ve aee youould -- ordrums could lak becse of the pressure. >> and the medication and that tkouldave a ribleffts. it is amazing what it could do. deterans d currently is that with the impact can you imagine what it would do for
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welcome on to italy or philalphia you feelou'r one of the most beautiful countries in the overall. >> ty were t fst their mily toakehe neapolan tyie. whatakes the pieo
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