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tv   Wall Street Week  FOX  December 20, 2015 9:00am-9:30am EST

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anthony: welcome to a very special edition of "wall street week." with election -- could jeb bush be the gop leader? today, the former governor shares with us his plans for growing the u.s. economy and reviving the american dream. announcer: this show has never been solely about investments. we have talked about anything
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announcer: from times square in new york city, the new "wall street week." anthony: we are honored to welcome the former governor of florida, jeb bush. "wall street week" is the show investing. long-term investing is the american dream. we all want to provide a better life for our children. but how can the american dream be alive and well if we don' t feel safe? governor bush, gary and i are thrilled to have you. how can americans prosper, buy a home, started business if they don' t feel safe? governor bush: we won' t be prosperous if he don' t protect the homeland. it is great to be with you and anthony. clearly, our liberty is at risk here and air freedom is really the vulnerability that islamic terrorists see.
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exploit that freedom, they will we need to redouble efforts to protect the homeland. i have treated a meaningful detailed plan to do that. this thread is going to be with us for a while. gary: tell us some of the tenets of that plan. governor bush: to fight it over there the -- over there rather than here. the president of the united states has put constraints on the war fighters. anthony: let' s talk about what metadata is. a ton of traffic. governor bush: we are seeing the numbers and trying to determine if there are trends. if a known terrorist from outside is communicating with someone on the inside of our country, the metadata program would identify that. and then the security officials,
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federal courts, the pfizer court -- the fisa court to get a warrant. gary: the immune system of the united states, so we can have an early detection warning signal of what is going on. governor bush: that' s right. that started after 9/11. it has waned in the most recent past. this snowden episode that the american government despite spying on its citizens, there is no evidence of that. the way you protect the freedoms is to protect the homeland. but the bigger issue has to be what do we do in syria and iraq and a caliphate and the size of indiana. 30,000 battle tested terrorists that exist, organized with hundreds of millions of dollars in stolen money, ransom money, basically hijacking the economy. anthony: does that require ground troops?
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ops. i would say give me the options to destroy isis. i would relieve them of the duty to have more constraints than the norms of warfare and allow them to do their job. anthony: homeland security is front page right now. you made a decision before it was front page news again to want to be president. let' s go back there. what is it that makes you want to be president of the united states? governor bush: the two things i believe that i can bring to the presidency is, one, to protect the homeland, to rebuild our military, to project america' s leadership in the world again. long before this episode, this president really made a pretty compelling case that america' s leadership in the world is not a force for good. i reject that. i' m not seeing that we need to be the world' s policeman. but for us, who? who is good to take care of the stability of the world?
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bush presidency have had foreign how would your form policy differ at all from your brother and your dad? governor bush: 2017 will be dramatically different than 1989. there were -- or in 2000. the world is different because we have these new asymmetric threats of terror in the form of a caliphate and that gains energy by being contained. we have emerging nations, the reemergence of russia, and surly the emergence of china as threats -- and surely the emergence of china as threats. so reestablishing the alliances that in the post-world war ii error, updating, has to be a first priority. nato is on its knees. we need to service american leadership in europe to contain russia, for example. all of this requires leadership. we cannot do this on her own. we need to have a military that sends a signal to the world that we are serious.
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s hard to lecture them about increasing spending in the military when we have seen your two-year declines. -- year-to-year declines. we have to get back in the game. jerry: my mom' s out there. i want you to tell her how the country and our family is going to be safer under president jeb bush than any other candidate. governor bush: we would call it what it is, islamic radical terrorism. we are going to engage militarily, to lead a coalition led by sunni local forces in syria, reengage in iraq by arming the kurds, by reengage in with the sunni forces, with embedding with the iraqi military, by taking the lawyers off the backs of the war fighters, have a strategy to destroy isis by taking away .
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gary: after that plan is in place and eight years of your presidency, is peace in the middle east realistic? governor bush: those of the lessons learned in iraq under my brother and president obama. you have to have a secure situation before you leave you can' t allow another void to be created. if you' re looking for a divider in chief, anthony, i am not your guy. announcer: all' s -- wall street
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gary: you have all of this experience and all of the specific things you put
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you have a blueprint for a 4% growth story for the unit estates. you held office and had a spectacular record as a governor. and raised significant amounts of money early on, which many thought would sort of fortify the game plan to get to the election. governor bush: i never thought it would be easy. and i have been right. this is a time of deep disaffection. the outsiders are the ones that have garnered the attention principally. i am viewed as the non-outsider, even though i have had 32 years in the protector. anthony: despite that there were two bush is ahead of you. is it a help or hindrance? governor bush: it is a help because i have had a front row seat watching history unfold. it is a help because i don' t have to go too far to seek out advice about how to keep america safe. it is also a challenge because the expectations on me or
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i have high expectations of myself so it doesn' t bother me a bit. and i' ve got to go on this and that is what i am doing. and i am doing it in the early states. one of the mythologies built up is the national polls matter. any student of history would suggest that they don' t. what matters is how you are doing in iowa and new hampshire -- gary: john mccain had a situation similar to yours back in 2007. governor bush: i saw him at the lan airport with an aid and he was carrying his own bag and he was down to the bottom. but he stuck with it. he regained his footing in new hampshire. and he won the nomination. anthony: there are 300 days left before the election. you' ve got a game planning your mind. how does that play out? governor bush: it starts with making the case that, in serious times, we need real leadership. with real ideas to lift people up and real plans to keep people safe.
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the disparagement and all the nonserious conversations that some candidates have have to be rejected. we are living in a time when the president of the united states -- tapping into anger is irrelevant if you don' t have a plan to solve the problem. anthony: there are viewers out there that are thinking of nonestablishment candidates, candidate the have no experience governing. governor bush: they want to know who is good to sit behind a big desk, not who is going to feed my angst or solve my fears. when people see and i' ll car on the street and they are wondering whether there is a car bomb. or you think about your child being in a school and think about a deranged person that may come in and recap this is the world we are in prayer and this president has not led. we don' t need a counter version to that of a deeply
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gary: more more law enforcement that have endorsed you than any other candidate. then why hasn' t resonated? governor bush: it will. when you campaign in new hampshire, it is resonating. people that watch the shows, watch the cable shows in montana, eventually, we will get to them. but in iowa and new hampshire, where connecting. we have the best ground game in iowa. we are building momentum in new hampshire. south carolina as well. i' m confident that we will be in the hunt starting in march were all the delegates start to be collected. the other thing that matters at the end of this is do you have a heart for me? do you care about me? it is not about the big personalities on the stage. it is about how is the american dream going to be real established? as we get -- reestablished? as we get closer, those are the
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anthony: you talked about the potential effect on your family. what has it been like? governor bush: it has been incredible. my wife has been campaigning, public -- maybe more aggressively -- anthony: but the personal attacks, the low-energy, these kind of things. governor bush: i don' t care about that. i work 16-hour days and my wife doesn' t care about that. she can think a lot worse things to say -- anthony: so it has given you extra energy. it has given you more -- governor bush: it is an incredible privilege to run for president. gary: view have a low-key approach. you have a presidential personality. people are looking for something a little more bombastic. anthony: in the short term, more anger it up. governor bush: if you want a divider in chief, i' m not your guy. if you want someone who disparages every american, i am not your guy.
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destroy the alliances, i am not your guy and if you want a guy who can fix the damn things that exist in this country, i am your guy. i don' t have to tear people down to make myself look better. anthony: we were with someone earlier today and the question was when did it become unpopular in this country to say something nice? when did it become unpopular to care about people and to want to talk on a sort of mature, honest level? what has happened with politics? governor bush: politics is a mirror image of our culture. look at tv. anthony: it is a sad reality that these reality programs -- governor bush: you get to the general election and it won' t be
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people want hope. people want to know that -- peoples futures -- gary: you have run into somebody who is for a nonestablishment. you are in iowa, in new hampshire. they have met you. have you changed their minds? governor bush: absolutely. i have done it by speaking my mind. my job, my duty is to expand what i think and what my record has been, what my life experience has been. when you do these town hall meetings, you can convince people. supporter, after the debate, i was an iowa in a town hall meeting, and this guy comes in and says i am convinced. i like ted cruz, but i would rather have you as president. having a dialogue. gary: that is the history of new hampshire in. the history of every election is that the polls don' t capture
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governor bush: they don' t. people can say who they are four in october, november and december, but they really make up their mind in february. anthony: these plans are out re on your website. re talking about them in town hall meetings. ok, the guy has got the goods. so what are we missing? this gap will close overtime is what you' re saying? governor bush: it well. it is a real challenge because there are a lot of capable people running. right now, the sun is blocked by a guy that is not qualified to be president. he is not a serious candidate. we are living in serious times and i absolutely believe that people will realize that. anthony: let' s talk about donald trump for a second. you are going to have to convert some of his current followers to you. they think you are jeb bush, therefore bush 3. they think you are a rehash of the establishment.
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people. governor bush: there has to be a disconnect between his supporters who are the jet a medley frustrated with washington and the fact that we should solve this problem rather than -- are legitimately frustrated with washington and the fact that we should solve this problem rather than complain about it. gary: $20,000 for speaking fees. governor bush: hillary clinton will go to a focus poll and determine her views. now as it relates to isis, as it relates to the financial services industry. if the mood changes among the base voters in the general election, she will change. gary: what i want to know is why does the country -- it seems as though it is always like a double standard. it is ok for her to get these speaking fees and then attack the banks. maybe that is why some of the
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because they will attack the media for this sort of lack of transparency as it relates -- governor bush: here' s the deal. i heard this all the time in my previous life. oh, she' s just saying this to get elected. that is the standard drill you hear from people who will give her money to give a speech. then she will rip their head off. maybe at some point, you have to believe what politicians say. anthony: are you looking forward to debating her? governor bush: absolutely. announcer: follow us on twitter
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anthony: let' s talk about financial services. this is a program where a most everyone in the industry are watching. and some of the viewers are interested in the stock market and investing. first of all, i don' t think any of us, i don'
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of us would disagree that there were a lot of bad things that took place in 2008 and 2009. but have we gone too far in terms of dodd frank and what we have done to the banks in terms of their ability to help grow the economy? governor bush: of course we have. we have created more concentration. we have perhaps greater systemic risk today because there is more concentration of assets. there are two banks that have been created in the post crash, two banks in the country. an amish bank and a bank in new hampshire. i was in iowa , talking in washington, d.c., and i talked with a community banker, total assets of $22 million. they had no bad loans. then you everyone of their customers. they had nothing to do with the financial crisis. and the compliance costs have gone from $100,000 to $600,000.
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anthony: how do we change this? repealing dot-frank. gary: circular -- secretary but people are fearful of this because of a crisis. what do you tell americans not to be fearful? governor bush: don' t make impossible for the next exist. allow for small banks to be able to do what they have been doing. anthony: a number of guests have come on this show and warned about the banking crisis in china and said that president obama is paying zero attention to this. and they say this is going to be a bigger crisis than the financial crisis here in the united states 2008-2910 governor bush: this is why we have to be fully engaged across the board. hank paulson is a good model in this regard, the structure he created when he was treasury
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full engagement, constant committee kaisha. mike spirits in china is they see things so differently than us -- my experience and china is they see things so different way than us they you can easily get a situation out of control. they built a military base a hundred miles off the coast in the south china sea. they did that because they didn' t think the united states was serious anymore. so we have to reengage across-the-board. limit liability to private companies so they feel comfortable about sharing information about the sick -- about their successes and protecting their secure servers. one of the things the government has to do is really viability for a business. secondly, lead. invest in this.
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security agencies and such -- in charge of server command. create best practices so that we are sharing information as much as possible. cooperate with -- get back in the game in europe which now feels, because of the snowden episode, really reluctant to allow for encryption or other means to be able to cooperate. we have created a passive kind of situation. the final thing is, we need an offensive capability that is second to none. successful is that people knew that, if a bad response that was serious. we should make sure that china and russia and actors around the world know that, if we are attacked as we were with the office of personal management episode, that we would respond in kind. gary: is china our friend or is china our enemy?
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adversary. we need to engage across-the-board to limit as many -- we need to manage that relationship. >> i am watching wall street week. >> iwatch wall street week. >> i am watching wall street week. >> i was on the old wall street week. >> and i am pleased to be on the new wall street week. >> and you should, too.
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anthony: the school motto at phillips academy is the end depends on the beginning. so what is the entry of?
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bush: i want to be elected president of the united states and i will serve hard to fix his computer things so we can rise again as a nation. kid? the press to write that narrative. anthony: we like to end the show with a word association game. we are going to say couple of words and get your reaction. this is three words. mom and dad. governor bush: the greatest parents anyone could have. when i was born in midland, texas, 62 years ago, my eyes open up and there she was. i was a lottery. anthony: what is the best piece of advice you ever got? governor bush: the best piece of advice i gave is listen to your mother. the best advice is just grind it out, work hard. that is how you win.
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governor bush: florida, baby. it is the greatest place in the world. it is a dynamic place. anthony: favorite vacation spot. governor boasts -- governor bush: boca grande. gary: if you could have dinner with any three people, who would it be? gary bush -- governor gary bush -- governor bush: george scholz. gary: i know what he johnson is a good friend. we are going to give you a wall street pardon on that. governor bush: what knows that i am a dolphin fan. even though i miss lebron, i love the miami heat. anthony: we want to think of and are jeb bush for spending time today with wall street week. that is it for today.
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