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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  December 21, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> >> good morning, a person is dead and 30 are injured with a car plows into the sidewalk on a vegas strip. >> shock jock pleads not guilty in assaulting his girlfriend. >> a beauty pageant blunder, miss columbia announced as the winner and seconds later the title is taken away. >> thank you for joining us. >> that is not good.
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december 21st. >> almost christmas and new year's. >> thanks for joining us and happy to be here. >> yes, we are. it is finally feeling like winter this winter. good morning, audrey. all ladies here on the show. >> yes, we needed the coats and the hats and the gloves and now we are shedding the layers in the week. now starting chilly, especially up to the north. we are at the freezing mark in sussex. 39 down the shore in belmar. we are waking up with the thin clouds in the area and thickening up throughout the afternoon.
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but mostly cloudy day. we have high pressure in control and a weather maker is approaching from the west. wet weather is starting later in the day and tomorrow the rain will be affecting the tristate area. the rain arrives overnight. so around for some parts of the morning commute for tuesday and wednesday. the next wave of low pressure is coming in and ringing in the rain for wednesday. today no rain in the forecast. just mostly cloudy. not as cold as the past couple of days. winter begins tonight at 11:48. we start with rain and temperature close to 60. close to 70 by christmas eve and christmas day plenty of sunshine and high of 60 degrees. ines is here with the traffic
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ines: problems on long island. an accident on the southern state parkway. westchester is moving fine. no problems on the tappan zee bridge. staten island expressway, smooth sailing. a good way to start off monday. no problems headed to the verrazano bridge. for the trains, running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules in effect. >> a car plows into pedestrians on the las vegas strip. >> one person is killed and six others in critical condition. 30 were injured in all. it happened in front of the paris hotel. the car drove on to the sidewalk and hitting pedestrians and backed into a crowd at a different part of the strip. >> all you can see is driving
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the car and the wind shield is broken. >> both of her hands were on the kwheel and men were running after her trying to stop the vehicle. they were yelling stop, stop. >> a three-year-old child was in the car at the time. the driver of the car in her 20s was not hurt. she's being tested for drugs and alcohol. >> this is a mistake of universal proportions. >> steve harvey giving the crown to the wrong contestant and didn't realize the mistake for several minutes. teresa, this is difficult is watch. teresa: yes, very difficult to watch. this year's pageant is one to remember, not because of who won, because of how the winner
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it is a major mixup, so bad that people thought it was a joke. >> miss universe 2015 is colombia. >> through the tears, sash, crown, and the realization that your hard work paid off and the title is yours miss columbia and now to the blunder. >> i have to apologize.
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>> with mouths agape, the cameras cut to miss philippines, it is sinking in she's not the second best after all. miss universe 2015 is philippines. >> shocked doesn't begin to describe the faces and embarrassed for steve harvey, this is the cue card and he misread it, and mixing up the first runner up with the night's winner and he apologized and urged those watching at the hotel and hot home not to take it out on the girls. >> let me take control of the day, this is exactly what is on the card, i will take responsibility for this.
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it was on the card. horrible mistake but the right thing is here. >> oh boy, poor steve harvey, he sweeted after the fact to apologize for the mistake. i feel terrible. he went on to say he's very, very apologetic to the viewers. i don't know how you recover from this. >> i feel bad for the guy, i do. >> and the poor girls too. >> yes. >> everyone will be talking to her now. >> thank you, teresa. >> former radio shock jock is in trouble with the law accused of assaulting his girlfriend. >> the girlfriend life streamed the aftermath online. we have the video.
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i got my hand broken and waiting for the police the come. oh my god, don't hit me again. stay away from me. >> the girlfriend of the former co-host recorded this video shortly after the police say he became abusive to her. we are not showing her face or using her name because she's the alleged victim. >> i tried to call the police. >> he faces a number of charges. he appeared in court yesterday and pleaded not guilty to all of the charges. he was released without bail. the attorney says in a statement quote said that he denied the
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comes out he'll be exonerated. things are not always what they appear to be. he was fired last year because of racist tweets. he's heard and seen on the video. >> yeah. ladies and gentlemen, it is the anthony damage show. >> never put my name with yours. stay away from me. >> thank you. >> a boy scout leader is recovering after a bear attack in new jersey. 50-year-old was exploring a cave at split rock yesterday afternoon when the attack happened. three scouts were with him but not harmed. the animal bit his legs and shoulders. he hit the bear with a rock hammer. >> a silver alert for a missing
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last seen in connecticut on friday night and we walked out of the hospital. he's bipolar. she's 5-11, 170 pounds. wearing a blue hoody. anyone with information please call the police. >> a year after nypd detectives were murdered in their patrol car the city remembers their sacrifice. >> city officials, police bras and officers joined the families yetted at the 84th precinct in brooklyn where they worked. their lives were honored with
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>> two detectives we see you, we see you in the faces of your families, we see you in the faces of the public that you represented and that you supported. >> after the ceremony, the families went to corner in brooklyn where the detectives were killed and a brief prayer service and wreath laying there. >> still ahead, temperatures are once again on the rise and up to the 50s today. audrey has the full forecast.
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it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, temperatures are chilly north of the city and the readings in the 20s in monticello poughkeepsie. 43 in the city. 43 in bridgeport. now to northern new jersey and we have readings in the 30s. 33 is the number in pinebrook. westfield checking in at 37 degrees. now we have thin clouds out there right now. we are going to get peeks of sun early in the day and the clouds are going to thicken and increase throughout the afternoon.
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bringing in the wet weather from the great lakes down through the mississippi valley and headed in our direction. the rain should hold off until late tonight and early tomorrow. rain is working into the region overnight and here for the morning commute, especially north of the city and seeing rainfall across the rainfall throughout the day on tuesday. this low pressure is exiting the region and another one arriving on wednesday and a good soaking rain. in the meantime, dry and lots of clouds in place. not as cold as yesterday. the southwest fliend flow bumping up the numbers. tomorrow we start off with rain on tuesday. wednesday wet as well. thursday looks to be wet too and the temperature close to 70 degrees by then. plenty of sunshine on christmas day and 60 degrees. that is a check on the weather.
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ines is here and she has the update. ines: new jersey, smooth sailing. 84, 684 moving fine. queens, belt parkway, no problems. it is quiet out there. george washington bridge on the upper level and lower level, no problems. no delays at the lincoln tunnel or the holland tunnel. >> the so-called farm ma bad boy is lashing out and saying he was targeted by the authorities because of his heavily criticized drug hike. he raised the live saving aids pill to $750. he was charged and engaged in a ponzi scheme. the twitter and youtube accounts were hacked.
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studio is curtis sliwa, i'm sure you have a lot to say about this. >> oh, yeah. liz you didn't get the memo. kerry, audrey, what a piece of work ines. where are the guys? >> no guys today. >> i would think you would enjoy this. >> we are talking about this real putz, this bad boy, who didn't have two nickels to rub together a few years ago and all of a sudden a millionaire, he's making money hand over fist and ripping people off in the pharmaceutical markets and saying they are coming after me because i raised the price of the aids drug and he's running
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i hope they lock this guy up and throw away the key, and have the soap on a rope. you look like a fresh piece of meat to me. >> he was kind of making a joke of it, the attitude and his brother and father there to bail him out. he's facing serious charges. >> yes, in the meantime, wearing the hoody. soap on a rope for you, pal. >> now to the miss universe blunder. >> steve, steve, you were a comedian and doing and standup and then saying columbia is the winner and they are celebrating in columbia and flipping the script and saying it is my
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he better not be planning to go to columbia any time soon. >> do you feel for him? >> he tweets out and misspells philippines and the columbia. next year the master of ceremonies, the emcee next year? all though the ratings would be great. >> you have to feel bad for everyone involved, steve and the two girls. >> i feel bad for miss u.s.a., she's out. number one second to none. who on tv did miss columbia look like. >> yes.
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gorgeous women.>> trump had things to say about hillary. >> they have two liars. i caught trump in a lie, he took my video tape and chopped it up and seemed like i was giving him support. now, you the liar are calling hillary, she's a bigger liar, but imagine if they are in the phenomenal contest about the president, one liar versus another liar. they'll never get the facts right. lie after lie after lie. why on a saturday night. nobody is watching. who is watching bernie from brooklyn.
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>> the giants battle on the field. sports is next. >> good day early call is coming right back.
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>> time for the sports. >> if you are a giants fan, it is a rough morning, a wild game at metlife stadium. now the giants playoffs hopes are taking a serious hit and the only thing people are talking about is how beckham lost it. he dropped a short touchdown pass on the first drive and the giants don't end up scoring. then there was cam newton having an mvp year and making them pay and hitting the touchdown yard pass. carolina led 14-7 and this hit could be costing him cash in the nfl.
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he does kind of redeem himself. manning finding him in the end zone. newton gets the ball back. 43 yards out with time running out and win it 38-35 and stay undefeated. after the game... >> he did lose his composure, and i thought throughout the course of the game he regained it. but i wouldn't speak for him and not making excuses for him. >> we are competing. we go at it. you are going as hard as you can. >> the loss is made worse because the redkins beat the bills.
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game on the giants and holding a die breaker. the eagles lost to the cardinals. important regular season match for the rangers, they played host to the capitals yesterday and the rangers jumping out to lead in the first period. but it was all capitals from that point on. scoring six unanswered goals. power play goal, his 17th of the season. the rangers lost 7-3 and now 8 points behind the first place caps on the season. the new jersey devils on the ice. the devils tie the score at one. ends up in a shootout. bruins get the win. new jersey dropped three
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the knicks are saying that expensive jewelry was stolen. he brought two women he met at a club back to the apartment in tribeca and when he woke up the women were gone and $750,000 of jewelry. it is unclear what the items were stolen but here are the pictures he's posted in the past. the police are investigating. on the court, the nets at home to minnesota. kevin garnet's return to brooklyn. he wept scoreless. we are not looking at the minnesota game right now. that is not the mets and the minnesota game. >> back to the giants game, what were you thinking in the final seconds there? >> coming back and then losing
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>> we'll be right back. >> thank you, tina.
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