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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  December 21, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news", this is good day new york mostly sunny skies today, it's not going to be as cold out there. christmas eve should be close to 70. the complete forecast is coming up. >> please say a woman intensely drove up on a sidewalk and mow las vegas strip. one person is dead and many others injured. >> drones have to register devices with the faa. it applies to more. about ms. universe mistake. one contestant losing her crown
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>> that is so hard to watch. >> you feel for everybody involved and we'll be watching that video once again. >> morning i'm carry and i am lynn. >> were keeping their seats were. it is 5:00 a.m. on monday december 21. where flying through the month. >> it is been so warm it doesn't really feel like. >> and our cmac christmas eve could be 70 degrees audrey. >> i know i have to double check that for you. i don't know the last time that happened. >> we are going to be mild as we go to the christmas holiday. we all start off i don't think it's going to feel much like winter. right right now we're
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fortys in bridgeport, and out towards montauk. on. on westchester we are 27 in bedford, we are in 40s in the bronx and over towards quads not. the satellite and radar shows that we are dry right now. they will thicken up as we go through the afternoon and evening. they're coming in ahead of a system that is bringing wet weather from the great lakes to the mississippi valley. that will be arriving an hour area tomorrow. today will be mostly cloudy, not as cold over the weekend. highs in the 50s. winter begins tonight and it will be wet with a high temperature near 60 degrees. rain ahead on wednesday and thursday, christmas day looks great. plenty of sunshine. but see how the roads look.
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>> were off to a great start. were fine on the parkway northbound and southbound. the commute in new jersey is looking good. let's look at the long island expressway it's smooth sailing. the 59th street bridge is a great option right now. no delays about our outbound. street cleaning rules are in >> thank you. it's five oh 3:00 a.m. car plowed into pedestrians on the las vegas strip. please are describing it as intentional. >> one was killed and six others it in critical condition. thirty were injured in all. it happened in front of a paris and hollywood hotels. the car drove onto the sidewalk hitting pedestrian and went further down
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different spot in the strip. >> people were bouncing out the front of the car. the the windshield was smashed at this point. >> shall both of her hands on the wheel and was looking straight forward. there were men running after trying to stop the vehicle. they were yelling stop. she just was not trying. >> please say a three-year-old child was in the car but not injured. the driver was also not hurt. she is. she is being tested for drugs and alcohol. >> it is being called a mistake of universal proportions. during the contest last night host steve harvey made the worst blunder ever. >> he gave the crowd to the wrong contestant, what is worse he did not realize his mistake for several minutes. >> i just want to hide for him. it is so bad. for yourself. this this news
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not because of who one but how that winner was announced. this was a major mixup. at first people thought this was a joke. >> ms. universe 2015, is a columbia. >> cuban tears, the sash, the crown, the realization, the realization that your hard work has paid off and that title is yours. now q the big blunder.
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the first runner up is columbia. now the cameras cut to to sink in that maybe she will not be leaving las vegas and ms. universe is second-best. >> ms. universe 2015 is philippines [applause]. >> shocked is in the hot does not, this is the cue card and he misread it mixing up and he apologized profusely. those watching at home not to take this one out on the girls. >> this is exactly what is on the card. i will take responsibility for
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it was my mistake. it was on the card. a horrible mistake, but the right thing, i can i can show it to you right here. >> reporter: well, steve harvey also tweeted out i would like to apologize wholeheartedly to ms. columbia. i feel terrible. i do not want to take away from this amazing night. as well as the wonderful contestants. they were all amazing. we all have had to read from cue cards, your brain switches some words around. >> yes mistakes happen. >> reporter: i mean, this was was bad. in a pre-interview he did say the most concern he had was the fact that this would be live and he did not want to screw it and he was hoping to be able to make these come contestants
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>> thank you teresa. >> it is 5:07 a.m. a boy scout leader is recovering following a bear attack in new jersey. a 50-year-old was exploring cave when the attack happened. three scouts were with him at the time but were not harmed. the animal bit his legs and shoulders but his injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. they hit the bear with a rock hammer and shouted for the boys to get help. >> former radio is in trouble with the law for salting the and the girlfriend live streamed the aftermath online. here's robert with more. >> reporter: liz and carrie, good morning. the video you video you reference was recorded right here at this home in roslyn heights. the aftermaths of the alleged
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world to see. >> hi, i got my hand broken. >> the girlfriend of anthony a coup meal recorded this video a periscope after he became abusive toward her. the video was recorded at his home in roslyn heights. we are not showing his girlfriends face are using her name because she is the alleged victim of domestic violence. >> i had to call the police. he turned the formal. >> he faces multiple charges included strangulation, unlawful imprisonment, and assault. he appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to all of the charges. he was released without bail. his attorney says he statically
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will be exonerated. simply put, things are not always what they appear to the and this is an example of that. he can be heard and seen on the periscope video. >> ladies and gentlemen, it's that anthony show. >> so a frightening video there. he is due to appear in court on january fourth. so so far, he is not commented. he left the talking to his attorney. that is the latest. live from roslyn heights, back to. >> thank you so much. one year after nypd officer was
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city remembers their sacrifice. >> city officials join their families yesterday at the 84th street precinct in brooklyn. their lives were honored with commemorative plaques as well. >> for louis ramose, we we see you in the faces of your families. we see you in the faces of the public that you represent and you supported. >> after the ceremony the families went to brooklyn where the detectives were killed. there is a brief prayer there. >> if you own a drone you'll have to register it with the faa. owners are have one have told
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box yet, you cannot fly until you register. it is $5 and it is good for three years. that fee will be refunded within the first month to entice people to register early. >> where more coming up. >> former president carter's announcement that shocked members of his church. >> audrey is keeping track of the forecast. >> it was cool over the weekend, temperatures will be rising. we are at 42 degrees in central park, lots of clouds today. not as cold over the weekend. where expecting a warm up over the christmas holiday. you can download our weather app fox 5 ny weather app. stay tuned, more good good day new york will be right
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the winter solstice begins so it will be the shortest day of the year with the longest night. the winters solstice happens when the is further from the it really does not be like winter though. especially after the last few days. 70 degrees coming up on thursdays crazy. >> liz: this is not like a new york christmas. it it feels like we are in virginia or florida. >> kerry: we are going to be wearing light t-shirts and
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>> audrey: it looks like we'll this morning we are starting of chile and winter like. it is 27 and monticello in poughkeepsie. new york city is 42 degrees. a shift in the wind direction is coming from the southwest. that is what will bring in milder temperatures over the next several days. winds are relatively light around 10 miles per hour. will be ten-15 throughout the day. we do have clouds out there, son will break through from time to time, but for the most part it will remain mostly cloudy through the afternoon. the clouds coming in through this system is headed right in our direction.
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will arrive tomorrow morning and throughout tuesday with much of the action happening north of hudson valley. that wave moves out in another wave moves in on wednesday bring in rainfall across the region. as the kids head out to the best stop it will be chilly with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. mostly cloudy and 50s this afternoon. temperatures above average. tomorrow as we start up the have rain and temperatures near 60. upper 50s for wednesday and christmas day looks great. high temperature 60 degrees and wet weather returns over the weekend. let's take a look at the roads. today.
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putnam county is time on 84 and 684. if you're traveling on route 80 eastbound, it's quite on the west outside. near the airport over by leopards boulevard there's no delays. eastbound is fine. and george washington bridge things are running on are close to schedule. have to say hello to 17-year-old kolea. happy birthday to you. >> it is 5:18 a.m. the grandson of former president jimmy carter has passed away. the away. death was sudden. he lay down for a nap on saturday in his heart stopped. with cpr. the former president made his announcement during a weekly
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>> liz: more fallout for bernie sanders. the post said that he suspended two more campaign staffers. during the debate clinton and sanders made nice. clinton said we should move on. sanders fired his it national data director an internal investigation is still ongoing. >> kerry: donald trump continues to dominate the field, many of his rivals contend he is not the man for the job. >> liz: we have the latest on the road to the white house. >> reporter: for a candidate he used to have a hard time going after someone like donald trump, jeb bush is finding his debate. he called trump the chaos candidate, yesterday he called him a jerk. yesterday he said he feels
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>> to a certain extent it is liberating to be able to go up against a guy who is not qualified to be president. now he's saying putin is a great guy. >> reporter: he may be a candidate in the gop but clinton is beating trump, a month ago trump was beating her. it is something. >> donald trump cannot beat hillary clinton and she does not want to run against me because i can't beat her. i will for certified on the ground that she will lose on. i will reveal to the american people over and over again the clinton way. say what you have to say to get elected, why is lies you can get elected. >> reporter: trump is more
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39% of the vote. his closest competitor, ted cruz is behind him, marco, marco rubio is at 11%. there's 43 days before the iowa caucus. >> kerry: more coming up this morning. star wars as a force to be reckoned with. we have we have the record breaking numbers for you.
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back. welcome back, we all know there'll be a lot of packages shipped over the holidays. the numbers are staggering. it sorts through about 1.6 million packages at the airport. tonight, the monday before christmas they will sort as many as 4,000,000 boxes. in just one. in just one night. they will deliver 36 million boxes tomorrow. it is the busiest day of the year. >> liz: if you bought a christmas tree in the city you have may notice the prices went up. tree vendors were hit worth big rent increases. it can cause cause them as much is $56000 to be in trendier neighborhoods. one tree seller says rent has years. the city has made or then -- it
5:23 am
>> kerry: not everything is getting more expensive. gas prices are continuing to plummet. the national average is $2.6 per gallon. gas has the average even lower than that at $1.99 per gallon. that's the lowest it's been since march of 2009. according to aaa the average price is $2.36 per gallon, that is 60 cents cheaper than last year. there's no doubt that star wars at the box awakens would rule the box office. how much did the movie makes. >> liz: the numbers are in. they are record-breaking. >> it brought in $203 million this weekend, making it the biggest north american debut of all time. it it also brought in
5:24 am
second-highest trailing only jurassic world. star wars has not been released yet in china, the second-largest moviegoing public. they're coming in my ears was alvin and the chipmunks, the row row chip finishing with $14.4 million. rounding out the top five his sisters, mocking jay part two, and creed. >> kerry: where like the only two people who have not seen star wars this weekend. >> liz: good day will be right
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let's end this from "fox 5 news", this is good day new york. >> kerry: winter begins late tonight. it will not feel like it this week. today will today will not be as cold as temperatures will continue to arise. audrey has the complete forecast. >> kerry: one person is dead and 30 were injured after car plowed into a sidewalk on the las vegas strip.
5:27 am
>> liz: anthony it could mia has pleaded not guilty, he has a fractured rib, swollen arms and chest pain. >> kerry: will take a look at drones here and we'll take a look at the ms. universe mistake here in a bit. >> liz: every time you watch it it does not get easier. >> kerry: juliet and ben are off this morning. thanks for joining us. >> liz: will get a quick check of the weather. it is so incredible, these temperatures. >> audrey: we are starting winter tonight's. it is feeling more like spring. right now we are in the 20s to the north like in monticello and poughkeepsie. suspect's is at
5:28 am
newark is at 36 degrees. in belmar the temperature is 41. bridgeport is 44 degrees. northern new jersey is 36 in montclair. heights. we do have clouds in place and them. we'll stay dry today. it will stay in mostly cloudy for your monday. clouds are are coming in ahead of a system that is bringing rain. we will see rain tomorrow for the first full day of winter. the rain chances remain for wednesday and thursday. i think wednesday will be the big soaker for the week. temperatures will be rising near 70 christmas eve,
5:29 am
of 60 degrees in central park. ines is here with your traffic updates before the commute is doing five this morning. no problems, both sides of the tappan zee bridge look great. traffic is moving fine eastbound and westbound. there is is a problem in the bronx. the cross bronx the eastbound traffic is slow here, you can see the flashing lights there's a stall in the right lane. on the westbound side is fine. trains are are running on are close to schedule. >> kerry: thank you ines. up carp out into pedestrians on a new york strip last night. >> liz: one person was killed and six others in critical condition after the incident in front of the paris and planet hollywood hotels. thirty were injured in all, witnesses say the car drove onto the sidewalk hitting pedestrians.
5:30 am
and went back into the crowd. a car but not injured. was not hurt. she is being tested for drugs and alcohol. >> kerry: another court appearance for the only person charged the san bernardino shooting massacre. he is expected to enter a plea for three charges at his second visit to court today. conspiring to provide material support to terrorists, for abandoning plots in 2011 at 2012, and illegally buying rifles, there's also a visa fraud charge. for rude and maleic were later killed in a shootout. >> liz: in response to deadly shootings across the country, eric adams wants the state to crackdown on the sale of ammunition. another lawmakers proposing a bill that will increase
5:31 am
that does not -- it would limit the amount of ammunition bought over the course of 90 days. >> if a my shooters cannot get access to bullets they cannot cause mass tragedies. >> liz: one of the bill's main purpose is to prevent people from stockpiling large amounts of ammunition. >> kerry: former radio shock jock anthony a coup mia is us charged with assaulting his girlfriend. >> liz: were live outside of his house this morning. >> reporter: liz and carrie, good morning to you. his girlfriend was here at his home in roslyn heights when this violent encounter allegedly took place. then, she recorded the aftermath in that video and it has gone
5:32 am
>> high, i got my hand broken. okay don't hit me again. stay away from me. >> the girlfriend recorded this video a periscope on saturday, shortly after police say he became abusive toward her. the video was recorded at his home at rockland heights. we are not showing his girlfriend's face or using her name because she is an alleged victim of domestic violence. >> i had to call the police, he turn the phone off. >> reporter: he faces charges including strangulation, unlawful imprisonment and assault. he appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to all the charges. he was released without bail. his attorney said, he emphatically denies the allegations brought against him and is optimistic that when the truth comes out he'll be exonerated.
5:33 am
appear to be in this case is a perfect example of that. he was fired last year because of racist tweets, he can be heard in seen on the periscope video. >> he is due to appear in court on january fourth. so far, he, he has not responded publicly to these allegations. he is speaking only to his attorney. that is the latest, live from roslyn heights this morning. back to you. >> liz: this is being called a mistake of universal proportions. host, steve harvey made the worst blunder ever to be held at a beauty pageant. >> kerry: he gave the crowd to the wrong contestant. he did not did not realize his mistake for
5:34 am
tresa is with us with the details. >> reporter: it makes your skin crawl, just that bad. this is the ms. universe website and on the cover, as these pictures go through you will see the winner announced here. she is the rightful owner of that crown at least for this year. but it took a while to get to the point where the audience actually knew that she was the one that got the votes. >> ms. universe 2015 is the columbia. >> then tears, the sash, and realization that your hard work has paid off and that title is yours miss columbia. now the big blogger by host
5:35 am
>> i have to apologize. the first runner up is columbia. >> reporter: it now cameras cut starting to sink in that maybe vegas as ms. universe second-best after all. >> ms. universe 2015 is >> reporter: shock does not begin to describe the look on their faces, embarrassed as they
5:36 am
simply misread it. mixing up the first runner up with the nights winner. he apologized profusely and urged those watching not to take this one out on the girls. >> let me take control of this. this is exactly what is on the card. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. a horrible mistake, but the right thing, i, i can show it to you right here. >> reporter: to make matters worse, after the the fact he tweeted i would like to apologize wholeheartedly for my huge mistake. i feel terribly. you'll notice in the tweet both countries are spelled wrong. twitter has been reacting.
5:37 am
it too late now to say sorry? and that also this one, if you think you're having a bad day, just remember just remember miss columbia thought she was ms. universe for a minute and steve was like, site. that's the latest. >> liz: she really thought she was for those couple minutes low. special weekend for angelo, they welcome babies. we want to wish a huge congrats. we send you guys a big hug and cannot wait to meet him. >> audrey: welcome to the sleepless land of parenthood. right now if you're waking up with your newborn baby are getting ready for work,
5:38 am
north, it in the 20s. 10 degrees milder new york city, 46 in islip, 48 degrees in montauk. elsewhere across the northeast readings in the 30s from boston, albany and williamsport. clouds are in the increase, right is on the way. it will not get here until tomorrow. for today, mostly cloudy not as cold as we thought. temperatures in the fifties, winter winter arrives this evening at 11:48 p.m. if you want to track the weather with us you can do so on the fox 5 weather app. the traffic report is coming up. >> ines: good morning.
5:39 am
bridge route seven it is all lanes closed. it is in the up position. let's look at the area on the staten island expressway is doing fine, the cross bronx is a little delay. there's a a stall by the bronx river parkway. on. that is slowing people down. westbound is fine. the b.q.e. heading toward brooklyn bridge is moving at the speed limits. back to you. >> liz: more ahead, odell beckham junior and battle on the field could have major repercussions. good day will be right back. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich,
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he walked out of a psychiatric hospital in connecticut last night. jones is bipolar and may not have taken is medication. if you have information please call the police. >> kerry: the noise level can cause hearing loss from sirens and should have been made in a way to channel the noise away from a truck. >> liz: a cold store, the hazmat crew was called after people had trouble breathing. an investigation is ongoing. >> kerry: and now we have a look at sports.
5:44 am
the undefeated play the giants. all anyone is talking about is how odell beckham junior completely lost it. his day day got off to a terrible start. he did drop this short touchdown pass on the first drive. the panthers quarterback who is having an mvp year hit greg olson on a touchdown pass. one of five for him. that hit right thereby beckham beckham junior could cost him a huge fine. when the nfl revisit today he fears that panthers josh norman in the head, he had three personal falls during the game. less than two minutes remaining, eli manning finds back in for a touchdown to tie the game at 35. but carolina hit from 43 yards with time running out. panthers. panthers went, 38-35 and stay
5:45 am
>> he did lose his composure and throughout the course of the game he readings it but i would not speak for him or make an for him. >> were competing. i'm a competitor, anybody who has played sports know that your competitive. you go as hard as you can. >> tina: some people are calling for his suspension next week. it was made worse because the redskins beat the bills in washington. there's three touchdown passes, redskins 185 - 25 scoremac. 5. they also hold the tiebreaker with two games to philly. cardinals. an important
5:46 am
rangers, they played host to the washington capitals. the capitals. the rangers jumped out to a three-one lead in the first. but after the celebration ended it was all capital from that point on. they scored six unanswered gold. and it put them up for good. rangers lose lose 7-3 and are now behind in the standings. >> this tied the game at one. ended up in a shootout and and ryan spooner, his goal was the brewers 2-1 when. derek william says expensive jewelry was stolen from his apartment. according to the new york post he brought two women he met at a club back into his apartment. when he woke up saturday, the woman was gone and so is $750,000 worth of jewelry.
5:47 am
stolen but here's pictures of what he posted on his instagram count in the past. please are investigating. the next continue to this struggle. they they are seven and 20 on the season. >> liz: no more pictures on instagram of jewelry. >> liz: time to get a check of the weather. >> audrey: a warm christmas, not. it was a normal weekend across the tri-state area. temperatures are more seasonable, 27 and poughkeepsie, 27 and monticello, 36 in newark. we have readings in the 40s,
5:48 am
44 degrees. the southwesterly wind flow which is coming in five-10 miles per hour it will feel more comfortable than it did over the weekend. clouds are on the increase, it's mostly cloudy for monday. there'll be some wet weather coming to us and give us some rainfall starting tomorrow across the tri-state area. the rain arrives in the predawn hours for your tuesday. will have on and off areas of rain as we go through the tuesday. on wednesday another round of rain will start a met looks to be studying for the afternoon. mostly cloudy, with highs in the 50s.
5:49 am
winter begins this evening. tomorrow will be the first day of the season. a wet start on tuesday, wednesday will be wet as well. are temperatures are going to be toward 70 degrees. christmas day will be dry and 60s. let's take a look at the roads. >> ines: route seven just reopened. traffic is moving fine now. newark bridge, eastbound, westbound your fine. on the l ie over by terry road, westbound traffic is moving fine, cross bronx just cleared away stall. the eastbound side you are fine. trains are running on are close to schedule.
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>> anna: so tresa has been covering the mishap. let's talk about a more touching part of the night. [inaudible] recovery is expected. >> anna: she suffered a seizure which prevented her from competing. so they let her take a walk on the stage as she had intended she is hoping she will be back for next year's ms. universe. nikki me nage ignored pleas from human rights activist. she she performed in an african nation at holiday conference which is controlled by the daughter of a country's president. he has been
5:54 am
nage posted of photo with the daughter and the message of girl power. she was draped in the flag, reports said she would be paid $2 million for the concert. you know they wave the money versus the out wage. she went with the concert. tina faye and amy poehler made a big splash on snl. they even even poke fun at taylor swift. take a look. >> you got movies, television, how do you juggle it all. >> we have a great squad of people who help us out. >> squad? it's not like that. >> anna: they went to market taylor swift and her bad blood video. with the nannies, the man who return their wallet with everything in it. it's very funny.
5:55 am
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