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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  December 21, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> from "fox 5 news", this is good day new york. >> temperatures will approach mid- 50s on this mostly cloudy monday. highs will be close to 70 degrees. audrey has the pope forecast coming up. >> liz: a woman woman intentionally drove onto the sidewalk and mow down dozens of pedestrians on a las vegas strip. >> kerry: most owners of drones will need to register with the faa. it applies to drones weighing more than 9 ounces. >> liz: a huge mistake with the ms. universe pageant.
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realized she was the runner-up. it's what everyone is talking about this morning. it's not easy to watch. >> kerry: we are in for ben and juliet this morning. 6:00 a.m. thanks for being with us. >> liz: it's a good day, a mild one. good to get last-minute shopping >> audrey: will have rain coming into the forecast closer to christmas. today is the best day to get out the last minute shopping. we are starting try this week but it will turn what tomorrow. right now school to the north, temperatures in the 20s. sussex is checking in with the freezing mark. 46 degrees in bridgeport, 50 degrees in montauk. what a a nice start for the middle of december. thirtys for northern new
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in at 36. were still at the 20s at berkeley heights. clouds are in click place. mostly cloudy drought the afternoon. the system is ringing rain and will be here tomorrow. as the kids had to the bus dress in layers, we have a chilly start but more comfortable this afternoon. winter begins tonight on the first will day of the season will have rain and temperatures in the sixties. upper 50s on on wednesday, upper 60s on thursday, christmas looks the 60s. let's take a look at the roads this morning. parkway eastbound is a stall. watch out for that. other than that your commute is
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commute is doing fine. let's look at the fdr drive by 79th street southbound traffic is moving fine. no issues on the northbound side. lincoln tunnel tunnel is okay just minor delays. traffic is moving fine for the holland and george washington bridge. as for the trains they are running on and close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. dozens of pedestrians on the las vegas strip last night. please are describing it as intentional. and six others are in critical condition. 30 were injured in all. it happened in happened in hollywood hotels. the car drove onto the sidewalk hitting pedestrians and went further down the road i backed into a crowd in a different spot on the strip. >> i could see was her driving
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the windshield was smashed. she had both for hands on the wheel that was looking straightforward. there are people running after her trying to stop the vehicle. they cannot get to her. they were yelling stop. >> please say a three-year-old child was in a car car but not injured. the driver, a woman in her 20s was not hurt. she is being tested for drugs and alcohol. >> kerry: it is being called the mistake of universal proportions. during the contest contest last night steve harvey made a blunder. >> liz: he gave the crown to the wrong contestant. he did not realize he made the mistake for several minutes. >> liz: tresa has more details. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is the ms. universe pageant. it will be want to remember. not to be who one which was
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announced. this was a huge gap it was so big that people thought it was a joke. >> ms. universe 2015 is columbia >> reporter: the tears, the sash, the crown the realization that your hard work has paid off and that coveted title is that finally yours ms. columbia. now, the big, the big blunder by host steve harvey. it's making front-page news this morning.
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>> reporter: the cameras cut to ms. philippines, it is starting to sink and that that maybe she will not be leaving las vegas as it ms. universe is second best after all. >> ms. universe 2015 is philippines. >> reporter: shock does not begin to describe the look on these girls faces. embarrassed does not begin to describe steve harvey. this is the the cue card and he simply misread it. mixing up the first runner up with the nights winner. he apologized profusely and urged those watching not to take this one out on the girls. >> let me take control of this. this is exactly what is on the card. i will take responsibility for
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it was on the card. a horrible mistake, but the right thing i can show it to you right here. continued on twitter but that did not work out. he sent out apologize emphatically to miss, he meant to say philippines but he said filipina and he also misspelled columbia. as you might imagine, the twitter verse is a fire this morning. here. here are a few of the tweets. this one, steve harvey, harvey, my and that is so awkward. this one, steve harvey announces wrong winner takes back the crown and moves it to another head. this is how beauty wars start. the justin bieber said this from instagram, is it too late now to
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had to post, no disrespect. liz, i know you're a huge justin bieber. can you imagine being in the control room? tresa thank you so much. be one of boy scout leaders recovering this morning following a bear in new jersey. authorities say 50-year-old was exploring a cave at split rock reservoir when the attack happened. three scouts were with him at the time but were not injured. the animal bit his leg are not life-threatening. he hit the bear with the rock hammer and shouted for the boys to get >> liz: former radio shock jock anthony eight cumia was in trouble with the law. the girlfriend live streamed the
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robert has more. >> reporter: lives in cary, good morning to. the alleged encounter took place here at cumia's home in rockland heights. while his girlfriend was visiting. this is a a new age considering social media allows us to record and disseminate anything even when it occurs behind closed doors. >> hi, i'm on long island i, hand broken broken and waiting for the police to come. don't hit me again. stay away from me. >> reporter: the girlfriend of anthony cumia recorded this video a periscope on saturday, shortly shortly after police say he became abusive toward her. the video was recorded at cumia's home in roslyn heights. we are not showing her face her using her name because she is the alleged victim of the domestic violence. >> i call the police, he turned
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>> reporter: he faces strangulation, unlawful imprisonment and assault. he appeared in court and pleaded not guilty. his attorney says mr. cumia and fatah cleat denies that allegation against him and is optimistic when the truth comes out he will be exonerated. simply put, things are things are not always what they appear to be. this case is a perfect example of that. cumia was fired last year from racist tweets. he can be heard and seen on the video. >> yeah, ladies and gentlemen, it is that anthony and danny show. >> i never put my name with yours, stay away from a. >> again, he pleaded not guilty yesterday during that court appearance. he is next due to appear in court in january.
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rockland heights this morning. >> liz: thank you so much. officials are trying to figure out the source of of view that caused a kohl's store to be evacuated. a hazmat crew was called to the store after several people became nauseated and had trouble breathing. there is no indication of a gas leak but an investigation is ongoing. >> kerry: if you owned a drone or bought one for the holidays you will have to register it for the faa. owners who already have one have until february to file with the federal aviation administration. if you have not pulled it out of the box just yet you cannot fight until your registry. the cost is $5 for an unlimited number of of aircraft and it's good for three years. the fee will be refunded during the first month to entice people to register early. >> liz: we have more coming up. >> kerry: audrey is here with a check of the weather. >> audrey: we are at a comfortable 42 degrees in central park, what 20s in the
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mostly cloudy cloudy, you can check the rather with us by downloading the weather app it is free at the google play store and your itunes store. just do a search search for fox 5 ny weather. stay tuned, more good day new york will be right catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte
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>> liz: if you feel depressed winter solstice solstice begins which means this is the shortest night. the winter solstice happens when the northern hemisphere is tilted the farthest from the sun and it officially begins at 11:48 p.m. tonight but good news for those of us have to get up early. >> kerry: audrey is here with a look of the forecast. right back to the warm temperatures now. >> audrey: the season officially starts tonight. looks like it will feel more like spring as we head into the full week of winter. right now 20s in monticello and poughkeepsie, it is chilly up to the north. we are comfortable 42 in central park. i slip at 47, montauk is already at 50 degrees. it is hard to believe were going
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like that. some mild there's coming coming in from the southeastern states. right now wins our 10 miles per hour but we will have a breezy as temperatures go to the 50s. lots of clouds in place, no rain with those clouds. rain will be coming into our area starting tomorrow. right now it's starting off to the west, an area of low pressure from the great lakes to the mississippi valley. that rain is headed in our direction and will arrive in the predawn hours tomorrow. have your umbrella handy for tuesday, a slick commute and the rain fills in the region in the afternoon. another area of low pressure makes it approach on wednesday could bring us significant rainfall for the middle part of the week.
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temperatures in the 50s and breezy. tonight, clouds remain rain overnight and a wet start to the first full day of winter. rain for wednesday, thursday chance of showers, close to 70 on christmas eve, christmas day great with sunshine and temperature of 60 degrees. let's take a look at the roads this morning. >> ines: not too bad for a monday morning. okay. a problem on the grand central parkway, the ramp is a it is not causing significant delays. that l ie. towards queens boulevard. let's look at the staten island expressed things are great the verrazano bridge is no problems.
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back to you. >> kerry: thank you. the grandson of former president jimmy carter has passed away. jeremy carter step was sudden. he lay down down for a nap on saturday and his heart stopped. his family try to revive him was cpr. the former former president made the announcement during his weekly announcement yesterday. this came weeks after he said he is cancer free. >> liz: more fallout with bernie suspended two more campaign staffers. during the democratic debate on saturday sanders and clinton may nice after he apologize for the data breach. clinton accepted and said we should move on. on thursday when the scandal first broke, sandals fired his national data director and an internal investigation is ongoing. >> liz: a bad boys lashing out, he told the wall street journal
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by his heavily criticized drug price hike. he raised the price of a lifesaving aids pill from $13.50 to $750. he was arrested last week and charged with engaging with a ponzi like scheme and hedge fund. also also over the weekend his twitter and youtube accounts were hacked. >> audrey: one year after officers were murdered in their patrol cars the city remembers their sacrifice. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> city officials join their families yesterday at the 84th precinct and brick there were the officers work. their their lives were honored with >> to the detectives i say we
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faces of your families, we see you in the faces of the public that you represented and you supported. >> liz: the families were at the spot where the detectives were killed. there is a brief prayer service there. >> kerry: we have more still to come. concern over sexually-transmitted diseases and new yorkers, the numbers on
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breakfast menu. >> in los angeles more violence system. this one and sure. border with massachusetts, e-mailed the school administrator with the threat aimed at the city schools. specifically the the high school. they decided to close schools early. if the threat is a credible. >> kerry: a state senator would punish bullies in the unique instead of suspending or with a 50-dollar fine. the offender could be sentenced to community workers it counselee. advocate say the bill would get parents and ball because they
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also help keep kids in school. >> liz: in today's healthwatch the number of new york city's residence infected with stb's is on the rise. according according to the new york post numbers reveal cases of gonorrhea has gone up 21% and cases of syphilis when up 15% and 12% per chlamydia. they tribute did increase in stds to men having uppers texted with other men. there is a traumatic drop in aids cases. >> kerry: fdny members are suing the maker of firetruck sirens. they say the noise causes hearing loss. besides could have been made in a way that channeled the sound away from the truck. the signal corporation says it would have posed a danger to motorists.
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from "fox 5 news", this is good day new york. >> audrey: rain will come tomorrow. santa arrives thursday night, audrey has the forecast, and up. >> kerry: anthony cumia has pleaded not guilty to assaulting his girlfriend. prosecutors say the victims suffered a fractured rib, swollen arm and chest pain. >> liz: a beauty pageant blunder, ms. columbia announced as the ms. universe and seconds later she had title taken away. >> liz: why does your tree cost so much more this year. >> kerry: good morning everyone i'm kerry drew.
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ben are off today. >> liz: yes i got engaged. very excited. >> kerry: so happy for you guys. >> liz: joe a, he's my god. we decided to take the next step >> kerry: worry are thrilled for you. spee2. >> liz: yes still riding on highs for the weekend. >> kerry: i would have to say your new jewelry is amazing. all good things as we head into the christmas holiday. >> liz: is really fun. >> audrey: congratulations.
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that you got engaged. today we are starting off with comfortable temperatures considering it is late december here. check out new york city and long island. it is 47 in islip, 50 degrees in montauk. let's keep in mind that our normal high temperature is around 44 degrees. we are in the 30s and parts of new jersey, 33 and pinebrook, hoboken is 42 degrees. radar showing clouds, no rain associated with the clouds. drive for monday. there's an area of low pressure associated cold front sweeping across the great lakes into the mississippi valley.
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as the kids got to the bus stop dress in layers, a chilly start to the morning but later this afternoon highs in the 50s. for everyone we are expecting nice, dry weather for the monday. clouds and winter officially begins tonight at 11:48 p.m. it p.m. it will be wet tomorrow with temperatures in the 60s. mild for christmas eve with a high of 70 degrees and christmas day looks great, plenty of sunshine, dry and amateur of 60. let's take a look at the roads this morning. >> ines: some problem spots out there. the cross island parkway north of grand central parkway expect delays. i traffic trailers onto the roadway, he does not belong there. delays on the new jersey turnpike, take a look at 80 and 46. things are moving fine.
6:29 am
jersey city, stall past the bridge. on staten island expressway is doing fine, some slowdowns. george washington bridge, upper level normal 30 minutes, 20 on the lower. 495 toward the lincoln tunnel is a 40 minute delay. the holland tunnel is about a five minute delay. new jersey transit is keeping an eye on problems, the bridges in the up position. they haven't told us how long the delays but we'll keep an eye out. other mass transit transit is running on are close. congratulations liz. >> kerry: a car plowed into vegas strip last night. intentional. and six others are critical condition after the incident in hotel. 30 were injured,
6:30 am
drove onto the sidewalk and then went further down the road .. into the crowd in a different spot on the strip. please say a 3-year-old child was in the car but not injured. the driver, a woman in her 20s was not hurt. she is been tested been tested for drugs and alcohol. >> kerry: another court appearance for the only person charged in the san bernardino shooting massacre. henrique marquez is expected to enter a plea for three charges. he's charged with conspires for support for terrorists and illegally buying rifles. the attack killed 14 people earlier this month. there is facing. for redouble leak rude emily quirk killed in a shootout with law enforcement. >> liz: former radioshack jack with the law.
6:31 am
show on sirius xm. his girlfriend recorded this video after he became abusive toward her. >> hi, i'm in long island and got my hand broken. waiting for the police to come okay don't hit me again. stay away from me. >> yeah ladies and gentlemen it is that anthony and danny shows. >> he is we charge us strangulation, unlawful imprisonment and assault. he's deny those allegations. >> kerry: steve harvey crowned the wrong ms. universe last night. his mistake has become a huge internet sensation. >> liz: not the one you want to have. he immediately owned up to the air but that has not calm things down. tresa is with us with the details. >> reporter: what would you do if this happened?
6:32 am
i really feel for the guy. i feel so bad for steve harvey. >> reporter: i also feel bad for ms. columbia. let me fill you inches this is the base of a winner in shock. not shock. not only because she won but because initially she did not think she won. this is the story that has everyone talking this morning. initially, the major mix up by steve harvey thought it might be a joke. >> ms. universe 2015 is columbia [applause]. >> reporter: the the tears, the sash, the crowd and that title is finally yours ms. columbia. now the big blunder by steve harvey.
6:33 am
morning. >> i have to apologize. the first runner-up is columbia. >> reporter: cameras cut to ms. philippines. it is starting to sink in that maybe she will not be leaving las vegas as ms. universe is second best after all. >> ms. universe 2015 is philippines. >> reporter: shock does not begin to describe the look on the girls faces. in paris does not begin to describe steve harvey. this is is the cue card
6:34 am
with the knights winner. he apologized profusely and urged those watching not to take this one out on the girls. >> let me just take control of this. this is exactly what is on the card. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. a horrible mistake, but the right thing, i, i can show it to you right here. >> reporter: well, steve harvey went on to apologize in twitter but that did not go as planned. he sent out the tweet i want him apologize the fabric lead to miss filipina and he also misspelled columbia. this is an honest mistake and i'm so regretful. you don't have to search hard on twitter for those reacting. you
6:35 am
to read this correctly. if you check out ms. universe facebook page you'll see a lot of comments on that as well. the one that is getting the most attention is the sort, it is a backstage video with the winner ms. philippines, it has been viewed 2,500,000 times .5 million times when she said well, this was an unconventional crowning and i guess this is very 2015. say that again. back to both of you. >> kerry: certainly unconventional. we all know there will be a lot of packages shipped over the holidays. the number is staggering. upses say a typical night a typical night it sorts through 1.6 million packages. tonight, the monday before christmas they will sort as many as a 4 million boxes in one night. they will deliver about 36 million boxes tomorrow. it is the busiest day of the entire year. >> liz: if you bought a christmas tree in the city this
6:36 am
and cost compared to last season? vendors in the city were hit with a big rent increases. it can cost as much as $56000 in a trendy neighborhood. rent has quadrupled in the last for years. the city has made more than $28000 in rent, that is almost 10% higher than last year. >> kerry: fox means a business. christmas tree prices may be up and gas prices are down. now joining us from foxbusiness network is lori. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. as you said, low gas prices the national average for the price of gas $2 per gallon. that is falling and falling along with the price of crude oil which has other significance because it means that lower demand for oil we can's economy economy but the other side is
6:37 am
guess what, incomes are also slightly rising. all of that is giving people a feeling of optimism. let's just get in the car and drive to our loved ones to celebrate the holiday. triple a travel is forecasting 100,000,000 travelers million travelers will hit the road this holiday season. do not waste any time. get get a move on there will be traffic out there. >> kerry: the gas prices are low that is good news. >> liz: thank you lori. you can catch on the foxbusiness network. >> kerry: you can find it at finder. >> liz: audrey is here with a check of the forecast. >> audrey: temperatures rising in the 50s today.
6:38 am
try this. 50 degrees in montauk, milder temperatures coming in at southwest wind flow. we get the warmer air from the southeastern states moving right here in the northeast. wins art 10 miles per hour on average and will be breezy through the afternoon. clouds in place, no rain on the radar. an area of low pressure associated with it into the great lakes. that is headed in our direction. today, mostly cloudy, tomorrow rain after two or 3:00 a.m. the morning commute commute could be slick in spots. the rain will fill in on tuesday and move out.
6:39 am
today is a dry, winter starts off at 11:48 p.m. you can track the weather with the fox 5 ny weather app, downloaded preferred the google play store. >> ines: new jersey transit is a 30 minute delay and that is because of the portal bridge is failing. let's go to our maps. long island nassau county you have normal delays on the l ie. traffic jam on the across island parkway on the queen side. a truck did not belong there by the grand central parkway so it is slowing people down. between rest chester county things are moving fine. let's go to tina for sports. >> tina: odell beckham juniors
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repercussions. price. >> liz: the latest entertainment
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at the headlines. a kohl's store was evacuated last night due to reports the fumes. a hazmat crew was called to the trouble breathing around 9:00 p.m. last night. investigation is ongoing. recovering following a bear attack. it bit his leg and shoulder, his injuries are not life-threatening. three scouts were with him but not harm. >> kerry: if you own a drone or bought one for get for the holidays, starting today you have to register with the faa. it cost $5 for the aircraft and is good for three years. >> liz: time for check of sports. tina is with us today. >> tina: giants fan are not happy. the giants tried to and the undefeated season. instead they gave up the winning points for
6:44 am
the verge of missing the playoffs and odell beckham junior was completely out of control. his day got off to a terrible start, dropping a touchdown pass on the third play the game. the giants do not score on that drive either. the carolina panthers made them pay. one of five td passes. that hit thereby beckham junior, could cost him a big find when the nfl reviews this. he hits it josh norman in the head. some are calling for beckham to be suspended next game. giants come back, eli manning for back on time the game but carolina makes a field goal,
6:45 am
>> he did lose his composure, i thought through out the of the game he readings it. i would not speak for him and i would not make an excuse for him. >> were competing. your competitor, i'm a competitor. anybody who has played sports knows you're going to go as hard as you can. >> tina: the redskins the beat the bills in washington, there's three touchdown passes, the skins role of the bills of 35 - 25 scoremac. there up on the giants and hold the tiebreaker with two games to play. if washington beats philly next week they clinch the nfc east. an important regular-season game for the rangers as they play host of the first place f-uppercase-letter the garden yesterday. the ranger had a 3-once grammatically. his fourth goal of the year. it was all capital from that
6:46 am
six unanswered goals, to put washington up for good, rangers loose 7 - three scoremac. there are eight points behind for the season. the new jersey devils took on the brewers on boston. italians and ends up in a shoot out and the gold gives the bruins and 2-1 lee. some expensive jewelry was stolen from his apartment. according to the new york post, williams told police he met two women at a club and brought him packed to the apartment. when he woke up saturday, the women were gone and so were $750,000 worth of jewelry. unclear what items were stolen but here are some pictures he had posted on his instagram account in the past.
6:47 am
the mets lose to the timber >> liz: thank you. more good news, did you hear about our fox five family. >> audrey: are producer while government welcomed a new baby into the world yesterday. there he is making a tv debut. he is adorable. let's take a look at the forecast now. >> want to say hello for the folks on the jetblue flights, jessica is sitting and five
6:48 am
warmer weather. cooler temperatures temperatures this morning. twenty-eight in poughkeepsie, 32 in sussex. forty-seven in islip, islip, montauk is checking in at 50 degrees. nice temperatures across the northeast considering it is late december. thirty-five in albany, 37 a williams and down towards d.c. southwest wind flow bring in milder temperatures across the region. clouds are in place but no rain associated. there's an area of low pressure bringing wet weather and that will arrive during the predawn hours tomorrow. winter winter officially arrives at 1148 this evening. we are expecting a wet day, tuesday high near 60, rainfall for wednesday, scattered showers for thursday and christmas eve will be mild temperatures near 70 degrees.
6:49 am
track the weather at the download at the fox 5 and why weather app. >> liz: if you're dreaming about white christmas, dream on. the latest entertainment news is coming up. >> kerry: star wars is a force
6:50 am
we are back with problems on the new jersey transit. there's a 30 minute delay, a expect delays with that. the metro north past trains are doing okay. let's go to our maps, you know it, we'll talk about that next time back to you. >> liz: steve harvey's mess up was not the only showstopper of the evening.
6:51 am
recovery is expected that is anna holick and she suffered a seizure that paralyzed her face and prevented her from competing. they let her take a walk on the stage as she had intended. she is hopeful she will be back for next year's ms. universe competition. looks like the real housewives start will be spending christmas at home. her lawyer said she is getting out of prison on wednesday. she's been behind bars since january. last year she and her husband admitted to submitting fake applications to get $5 million in mortgages and construction loans. she'll be confined to her home until february. her husband does does not start his prison sentence until march. >> i think it was shortened by a little bit. >> anna: there is no doubt that star wars the force awakens would roll the we can box office. the only question, how much with the movie make.
6:52 am
>> everything you got. >> anna: $238 million this weekend making it the biggest north american debut of all time. it brought in 517,000,000 dollars worldwide, the second-highest opening of all time. trailing traffic world per that's because star wars has not been released in china which is the second largest moviegoing public. >> that doesn't for us, good day new york is coming up next.
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