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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 21, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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greg: this is good. getting close to christmas. the shortest day of the year. rosanna: the shortest week for us for the year. the countdown to christmas is on. today we will be in the mid- 50s. temperatures will be rising to almost 70 this week. greg: anthony has been on his own for a wild mouth. he is in trouble. allegedly attacked his own
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we basically blurred everything out. rosanna: evacuated after people started getting sick. they started coughing. some even started vomiting. greg: las vegas. rosanna: a young woman with a young girl in the car drove onto the sidewalk killing one person and injuring more than 30 other people. greg: this universe pageant. for a wild there, we thought the wrong person. person. he got confused. a little flustered. a little confused. he named the number two winner
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who won this thing anyway? rosanna: ms. philippines. ms. columbia thought she did. over-the-top incredible christmas displays. so much so they shut down the block. the dj was fair.
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the world. rosanna: 12 feet tall. rosanna: lucy spot a will be greg: if you have not seen it, it is worth the trip. star wars. i saw it a couple of times, actually. rosanna: i think having a child may rival it. greg: it has to be a beautiful experience.
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rosanna: let's talk to audrey. ms. universe. greg: that goes to ines. >> i thought i had one? [laughter] >> we have had our own incident. >> what imola untrimmed untrimmed untrimmed -- what imola. >> puerto rico. >> it looks like mike is going to miss out on some nice weather. we are in the last stages of our
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winter oafish way starts tonight temperatures. montauk already at 50 degrees. our normal high temperatures for this time of year are 44 degrees. checking in at dirty degrees. the milder weather is due to a southwest wind flow. that will bring in the warmer temperatures that are off to ourselves. it will be breezy today. temperatures feeling pretty good all across the northeast. upper 40s in buffalo where it now. boston just under 40. lots of clouds in place here. the rain is off to our west.
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this is all headed right in our direction. tomorrow we will start out with the showers. once this batch of rain moves out, another batch will be headed our direction for wednesday. today, we will start out drive. mostly cloudy skies. we will be close to 70 hours ago two christmas eve and christmas day looks great so far. nice and dry. a high temperature of 60 degrees. that is a check at your weather, let's get a check up the roads with ines. ines: new jersey transit. a 30 minute delay. let's tell you what else we have going on. grand central parkway, the cross
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directions. that has been cleared. there is to stall. teresa: and after. traffic coming towards us there is an accident blocking a lane. jim smith spotted a problem on route three. today. right by giants stadium. we have major delays east and westbound on route three. there is no fire department here yet. you can expect route three to be back up to both places. there is a car fire. major delays in both directions. greg: it can seem a little funny going pass something like that.
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let's talk about what happened and i guess. police are describing it as intentional. greg: more than 30 injured. a woman driving near planet hollywood deliver lay went up on the sidewalk to hit people. >> you can see her driving away. the windshield was smashed at this point. >> she have both had both of her hands on the wheel and she was looking straightforward. they were yelling stop, stop. she just was not trying. >> there was a 3-year-old kid in the car. not injured. the woman was uninjured here if she's been tested for drugs and alcohol.
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proportions. steve harvey made a really really big mistake. ms. columbia at this moment believe she won. she did not. the judges actually select that woman that just went off the stage, ms. philippines. rosanna: that has got to hurt. to take the sash and the crown off after you have it. greg: steve harvey is in big trouble this morning, two. >> the thought crossed my mind. i do not think he would do that. he made a bit of a bonehead move. >> good morning, everyone. you expect some surprises when it comes to a beauty pageant.
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you can see that there was shock on her face. >> ms. universe. 2015. columbia share mac. >> choose the tears. the sash. the crown. all that hard work has paid off. that title is all yours. it is making front-page news this morning. >> i have to apologize.
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the first runner up is columbia. >> reporter: cameras cut to ms. philippines. maybe she will not be leaving las vegas as ms. universe second best after all. >> ms. universe 2015 is philippines. >> reporter: shock does not describe the look on these girls faces. this is the cue card and he simply misread it. he apologized profusely. he urged those watching not to take this one out on the girls. >> let me just take control of this. this is exactly what is on the card. i will take responsibility for
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it was my mistake. it was on the card. horrible mistake. i can show it to you. >> reporter: steve harvey took to twitter after the fact to try to explain. he sent out this. i want to apologize to ms. philippines and ms. columbia . this was a terribly honest mistake and i am so were gravel. how about that of donald trump who earlier in the night was telling people to come in. after the fact, he sent out this tweet. very sad what happened this would never have happened. greg and rosanna.
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greg: thank you very much. the second runner up. >> they are both winners in my book. rosanna: let's talk about this. he has been troubled with the law. accused of assaulting his girlfriend. if you know anthony, though girlfriend is part of that whole thing. she has a reputation, two. apparently, she live streamed on periscope the aftermath of an
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greg: let's go to and robert moses. >> good morning. this is where it alleged encounter occurred. the girl -- the video was very raw. >> i got my hands broken. i am waiting for the police to come. >> stay away from me. the girlfriend recorded this video on saturday. shortly after police say he became abusive to her. we are not showing his girlfriend's face are using her
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victim of violence. he faces multiple charges including strangulation. he appeared in court yesterday. pled not guilty to all the charges. he was released without bail. denying the allegations brought when the truth comes out, he things are not always what they appear to be. he can be heard and seen on a periscope video. [inaudible] >> pled not guilty to all of
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appearance yesterday. so far he has not commented at all. leaving the talking only to his attorney pete that is the latest. back to you. greg: see you later. some of the fields made a lot of people sick. rosanna: a hazmat crew was called to the store. it happened about 9:00 o'clock last night. no indication of a gas leak. greg: exploring a cave at the reservoir in rockaway township yesterday afternoon when the
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he is the leader. hit the bear with a rock hammer. rosanna: let's talk to audrey and find out what is happening outside. audrey: we are starting outside. a little cooler to the north. it is 41 and belmar. waking up to 32 degrees and pinebrook. a very nice 32 degrees. spectacular sunrise. i would love to see some of
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extending farther southward. this area of low pressure will be heading in our direction. on wednesday, we will watch for this system. another shot of rain by wednesday. that will bring us more rain. meantime today, it will be dry. soaring into the 50s later on this afternoon. the rain ring should hold off until the predawn hours tomorrow. a look at our future cash shows those breaks coming in from time to time. it will be slick for the morning commute across parts of the area. the second area of low pressure wednesday. mostly cloudy skies.
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the weekend. tonight, it looks like the clouds remain. low temperatures will stay pretty comfortable. bringing in the winter season tonight at 11:48 p.m. our high will be about 60 degrees. i knows is here. she has your traffic. ines: new jersey transit. puerto brooches having some problems. let's go to our maps. turning out to be a busy morning. the ram by exit six, partially blocked with an accident. normal delays heading towards a verrazano purge.
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lincoln tunnel, 45. delays on route three. the holland tunnel, 40 minutes from each approach. let's go to our cameras. just cleared away and accident did traffic moving again. route three is still a mess. that has been extinguished. two lanes remain blocked. this is affecting your commute heading towards the lincoln tunnel. another problem in the area. joe petermann, checking in with you again. >> coming north on the western spur. 16 w. tractor trailer completely out of control. no word yet on the driver here,
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northbound new jersey turnpike. expect to laze. they will probably closest ramp later. >> that poor guy driving that truck. take a peek outside. rosanna: it does not feel like christmas is just around the corner. rosanna: at the sun goes down at
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rosanna: pretty. the sun just came out a few minutes ago. let's talk about an air france flight. it had to make an emergency landing. greg: it turned out to be something made of card work. a household item. one passenger was detained air france has filed a lawsuit for reckless endangerment. rosanna: the fourth bomb hoax against that company in the recent weeks.
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was. martin shkreli was arrested last week. they express some outrageous comments about him. lifesaving aids drug. wall street journal that he was targeted by authorities for that extreme drug hike. he is in a lot of trouble. back on social media this morning. periscope. live streaming. not everyone who wanted to see the movie saw it this weekend. the lines were big.
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american debut of all time. greg: i like the new and approved r2-d2. what else can i tell you? not much. it was really, really enjoyable. rosanna: my highlight from the weekend was going with you. we will be showing it coming up. it was really a lot of fun. the decorations are over the top. greg: the footage was right around the clock from where you grew up. rosanna: i felt like i was part of history. there you go. that was really part of the theme.
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they put up lights and knickknacks. i do not even know what it is like. i imagine it is fun doing it. greg: we saw people from germany did i have the sense that a lot of people love this. there were lots of people that were like, enough already. it was very, very loud. >> a great woman.
7:31 am
just a little bit. you know who else showed up? >> the cops. rosanna: they would be playing music until 11:00 o'clock. dj mark anthony. very good. it was pretty cool. rosanna: it was very effective. you need to take the kids there. it is like nothing you have ever experienced in your life. i do not think that the streets are closed all the time. maybe just on the weekends? audrey: good morning to both of
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it is hard to believe that christmas is only a few days. we bring in the season tonight. it will actually feel more like spring. right now, 30 degrees at monticello. we are 20 degrees warmer than that. fifty already in montauk. we are well above that already. we are 44 and iraq's next. yonkers uehara rudi seven this morning. lots of clouds in place. it looks like the clouds will thicken up as we go through the rest of the afternoon. no need for the umbrella today.
7:33 am
we do expect they would tuesday across the region. high temperatures now moving into the 50s. it will be preceded. tomorrow, our first full day of pointer will be a wet one. christmas eve will be warm with 70 degrees. let's check the roads with ines. ines: new jersey transit is back on or close to schedule. with the montauk branch, the long island railroad, that is suspended. route three is still a mess. earlier car fires still blocking two lanes. traffic jams westbound. use eastbound, you have some slowdowns.
7:34 am
traffic flow. there are two stalls. one of them by the grand central. there is an unauthorized tractor trailer. there was an earlier accident that has been cleared away. let's go to our cameras. route 80 westbound. this is by route 15. greg: one year from now, we will know who the next president of the united states is. right now it looks like donald trump or hillary clinton. we know that they do not like each other. >> she said islamic jihad are
7:35 am
recruiting tool. there were videos out there. greg: did it hillary go to donald trump's wedding? kerry drew has a political rap hike. >> firing back at hillary clinton's claims. tropic night is controversy when he proposed temporary banning non-american muslims from entering the company. here is what clinton said saturday night during the democratic debate. >> he is becoming ices best rosanna: trump fired back on sunday's meet the press.
7:36 am
language. >> she lies like crazy about everything. whether it was trips that she was being gunned down in an helicopter or an airplane. she is a liar and everyone knows that. perp or sunday, clinton's campaign director came out and said she was not referring to a specific video. back and forth continues. >> i know that you can relate to this story. >> it is not a scandal. >> people are wondering if there is a reason why hillary clinton was late for the democratic debate. greg: there is bernie sanders. there is that other guy. martin o'malley.
7:37 am
apparently, the woman's bathroom was a lot farther than the men's bathroom. hillary did not get back in time. there may be a bathroom gave going on here. one of the papers. may have made hillary clinton in late during the break. greg: i have never been women's room. rosanna: i would think so. why are there always lines in always further than anybody else's bathroom.
7:38 am
is a bit more involved. >> there is always a line. hillary clinton was not exempt from that during the depraved. >> that was kind of cool. >> they say it was the lowest ratings of alternative dates. it was saturday. it was up against the jets game. people were out with holiday parties. >> i saw saturday night live. are we ready to go outside? there is the empire state building again. rosanna: this just in. the final countdown to christmas is here. wait what? gary, is this teleprompter right? sweet molasses! i need to start
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invited me over? a cup of coffee. rosanna: do you have any glasses? greg: yes, but they do not match. i had sugar one. rosanna: a little sunshine today. the winter solstice begins. this is the shortest day of the year. greg: it is supposed to be the coldest. the earth and the sun are closer today than any other day in the year.
7:42 am
>> our coldest month is january. it has been into lay mode. >> right. >> i have a lot to do. today will be the driest one before christmas. twenty-eight at monticello. 50 degrees out towards montauk way. it is feeling good in northern portions of our viewing area. temperatures are 27. forty in white plains.
7:43 am
44 degrees for you. breaking through some of that cloud layer he had it is starting to break it up. staying with mostly cloudy conditions for most of your monday. today, mostly cloudy. not as cold as the weekends. for the first full day of the 69 degrees. close to 74 christmas eve. now. let's see how good it is on the roads this morning.
7:44 am
everything else with the trains is doing fine. let's go to our maps. westchester, the ramp at exit six. hudson river crossing, 30 minutes on the upper level. lincoln tunnel, it is a 40 minute to lay. because of a car fire, you have a lot of delays there. coming from the turnpike, 40 minutes. leaving a 40 minute delay. over by terry road, moving fine westbound. greg and rosanna. >> friday is christmas. let's get to it. >> the giants. >> fans this morning aggravated
7:45 am
today, ode junior is known as a giants jerk. >> trying to indent the undefeated season. on the verge of missing the playoffs. o'dell was completely out of control. they got off to a terrible start. the giants did not end up scoring fair either. having an mvp year. carolina would later go on 35-seven. costing him a big fine when the nfl refuse the video. the two were fighting all day. here is another replay of it.
7:46 am
eli manning. driving carolina into field goal range. talking about the bad behavior. >> he regained it. i would speak for him. as i would not make an excuse for him. >> you know you are competitive. >> the losses made worse. three touchdown passes. including this 77-yard bomb. thirty-five-25. they are now a full game up on the giants.
7:47 am
week. it was an important regular-season game last night. they play host for the first. thirty-one lead in the first. forth of the year. they scored six unanswered goals. putting washington out for good. the rangers lose to the capitals seven-three. taking on the bruins in washington. tying the game at one. it does go to a shootout. the bruins had a two-one win. now dropping three straight games.
7:48 am
he met two women at a club. he woke up the next morning, the women were gone. so was $750,000 worth of jewelry. williams posted these on his instagram post in the past years police are investigating. >> did you see star wars here? >> i did. i loved it. we are star wars geeks. we've walked out to that at our wedding. i am not as geeky as him. >> it sounds like you are right up there. >> go to my gap. >> i should show you a picture.
7:49 am
see you later. >> shannon skinner. >> see you later here it. >> 31 years old. she watches us every morning. it is her birthday. >> all right here at "good day
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>> show us that torture again. rosanna: do they not want us on the island? greg: the island. the national parks service. >> they did not want to close in the special treatment. >> we have enough publicity. we have a point. >> that did not stop the star wars people from promoting the movie.
7:53 am
planet. >> that is a moneymaking adventure. >> it will continue to rule. million dollars this weekend. if fraud in another 517 worldwide. you know what's the first one was? greg: star wars one? rosanna: jurassic world. it could be because star wars has not been released in china get geared. >> they are going to love it. >> second place. alvin and the chipmunks.
7:54 am
hour. coming in third, i believe. mocking j part two. meanwhile, i love tina faith. you have seen him on saturday night live this weekend. >> they were pretty funny. they did a great skid. >> hello. hello. [laughter] >> you changed her hair. >> we are not lesbians. we are hillary clinton. >> you poor thing. i heard after you've lost you
7:55 am
>> really psyched because she is convinced she is going to become president. >> it was at this. bruce springsteen. playing his songs. playing christmas carols. then he had a surprise guest. that is paul mccartney on the left. >> everyone went wild, including the boss. by the way, paul is very busy this weekend. >> i went to my aunt teresa's. it was terrific. christmas is friday. we have our facebook fan of the hour.
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pholiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my stop & shop. >> "good day new york." it is monday, december 21. i am rosanna scotto.
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the shortest day of the year. rosanna: for those of us that have a lot of stuff to do before thursday and friday, it is not working out to our benefit. rain is on the way. greg: the miss universe contest was this weekend. the first runner-up for about 90 seconds. thought she had won the whole thing. ms. columbia. never won the thing. >> for a second i thought maybe this was a publicity stunt, but it was not. a former pleading not guilty to assaulting his girlfriend.
8:00 am
>> all right. very popular. they are being stolen left and right. the number of bikes stolen his way up. potentially, playing around without these fights are classified. above $1000, it is a felony. the pressure is on right now. >> interesting. that is how may people are stealing bikes. what you need to do to make sure your gifts arrive in time for christmas. >> we went to rosanna's old neighborhood. rosanna, you are the returning hero. >> it is bigger and better than
8:01 am
>> people come from all over the world. go to 83rd street, 84th street. rosanna: ivan took greg to my old house afterwards. it does not even remind me of the house i grew up in. [laughter] >> she is like -- >> arguably the greatest display. she has a good one, too. >> she is coming here in just a little bit. the rockefeller christmas tree. it is boring. >> that is a private home.
8:02 am
>> this is when the cops showed up. >> not happy about the dj. >> not everyone is on board with the program. very cool. we lowered the music a little bit. >> they close of the street down. i went to school with their daughter. they are not too happy. they cannot get up the block. >> the police are very accommodating. >> we will show more video coming up. does every house on that plot decorate? >> pretty spectacular.
8:03 am
they will go crazy. i think that it is through new year's. >> if you need to get out and do some last-minute shopping for the holidays, today is the day to do. we are dry right now. temperatures are not really feeling very winter like. twenty-nine avenue poughkeepsie. twenty-eight in monticello. check hangs out at bridgeport peered central park checking in at 43. 51 degrees right now for montauk. we are are ready above that in some locations. wind coming in from the southwest. pumping up our numbers. right now, we are sustained at about 10 miles per hour.
8:04 am
showing lots of clouds in place. we will continue to see that trend at least through the first half of the day. they are bringing rain to our area starting tomorrow morning. dry and cloudy. winter officially begins tonight. tomorrow we will have rain coming in across the area. scattered showers for thursday. christmas eve high. let's see how it is on the road this morning. >> so much going on this morning. nice and quiet now. watch out for a stall. the drawbridges in the up position.
8:05 am
approaching 168 street. heading towards a grand central. let's go to our cameras. show you the commute to your. traffic flow because of an accident. one lane closed. with the trains, let's start off with metro north. you have to laze on the harlem line he had long island railroad, montauk branch suspended. new jersey transit in the past strains are running on or close. >> the loop bikes. you can return it somewhere else. the bikes themselves, -- rosanna: it makes it a felony to steal it. the company that makes these
8:06 am
lower the value. >> not trying to figure out how to solve the problem. >> good morning. felonies, that is a service they used to kind of track. again, the value is lower. though crime will be decreased as well. this is all according to the new york post. these bikes are apparently is listed around $1200 a piece. they have to be recorded by the nypd.
8:07 am
changing up a lot. the number has increased a lot over the last year. 476 lights have been stolen this year alone. again, we have a couple of days left in the new year's. manhattan, at the most thefts. benefiting from this change making the bikes letter in value. the bikes get held up. they are looked out for a longer period of time. according to the post, official south met with officials over at city bike. they have met and talked about reducing the price of those
8:08 am
not too much going on here. greg and rosanna, that is the story here. sending things back over to you. >> you are right. >> a lot of people took out those bikes. >> people to like them. i know some folks do not want it in their neighborhood. this. my facebook page is going crazy. >> a big, big mistake last night. one is a winner, one is a runner-up. >> down to the philippines and down to ms. columbia.
8:09 am
and blue. >> give me the crown and the sash. i will go make my lab. >> you will see miss usa in a moment standing next to ms. philippines. >> do you think that this would have happened? >> i do not know. i am just wondering. >> steve harvey? listen to me. >> take your time when you look at that card. >> they should have been co-winners after the mistake was
8:10 am
>> watching the pageant. he says that he thinks that they should both be winners. how badly the winner was announced. it is a major mixup. actors people thought that this was a joke. >> ms. universe 2015 is columbia. >> the realize asian that all your hard work has paid off and the coveted title is all yours. making front page news this
8:11 am
>> i have to apologize. [cheering] the first runner up is columbia. >> cameras cut to ms. philippines. it is starting to sink in. maybe she will not be leaving las vegas. >> ms. universe 2015 is philippines. >> shock does not began to. this is the cue card. he simply misread it veered mixing the first runner up with the winner.
8:12 am
he asked everyone not to take it out on the girls. >> faces six ackley what is on the card he had i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. horrible mistake, but the right thing. i can show it to you right here. >> take a listen to what the two contestants had to say about this backstage. >> everything happens for a reason. i am happy. >> i am so happy. thank you. >> it is very traditional. >> you have to hand it to these girls.
8:13 am
stride. >> boy, oh boy. >> i felt really bad for him. greg: no one was hurt other than feelings. >> a car plowed into dozens of people walking on the vegas strip last night. >> a woman in her 20s. driving up onto the sidewalk. one dead. six critical injuries. i thought, is this terrorism? apparently, that is not the case. >> she had both of her hands on the wheels and was looking straightforward. they were men running at her
8:14 am
they were yelling, stop, stop. rosanna: that woman is under arrest this morning. a crash prevention system. positive train control. it is basically at headquarters. they can sense how fast the train is going. it can even be brought to a stop. >> a patient that walked out of the psychiatric hospital. he has been missing since friday. >> he is -- you have his face
8:15 am
if you see him, please call the nypd. a bear attack. a boy scout leader is recovering this morning after a fair attack them in new jersey. greg: he was exploring the cave at the reservoir in rockaway township when the attack happened. his injuries are not life-threatening. they just got over a bear hug, by the way. anyway. if you own a drone or you bought one as a gift for the holidays, starting today, you will have to register it with the faa.
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to be registered. rosanna: for those that have not pulled it out of the box yet, you have to register it today. it is only $5. >> it will be refunded to kind of entice you to be registered early. the baby drone that you gave me. rosanna: i read gifted it. >> i am happy. >> weighing in at 9 ounces. you do not have to. some of those are the coolest. >> that woman -- are you getting any drones for your kids? audrey: i am now interested in it let's chat.
8:17 am
>> woodstock about the weather. bridge point is waking up with 48 degrees. temperatures will be above average across the tri-state area. it will be nice all across the northeast. forty-seven in buffalo. we have lots of clouds in place. no need for your monday. headed in our direction. part of an area of low pressure affecting us tomorrow. we will watch this system. it will give us a good amount of rainfall as we go into wednesday.
8:18 am
today, not the case. breezy and not as cold. tonight we will drop down into the 40s. 11:48 p.m. tomorrow it will be wet. it looks like scattered showers for christmas eve. our temperature rise to near 70 degrees. get it free at your google place storm veered let's see how it looks on the roads this morning. ines: good morning. there was an earlier accident closing not offramp they are. the tappan zee bridge, you have your normal slowdown. new jersey can view, there is a car fire westbound veered take a look at the new jersey turnpike.
8:19 am
there's a tractor-trailer that flipped off to its side. partially blocked as you are traveling north bound. let's go to our cameras. police are on scene. expect delays. let's start off with the lincoln tunnel. the george washington bridge, not that on that lower level. eighty-95 express. east remained suspended. natural north, a five-10 minutes to lay on the harlem line. greg and rosanna.
8:20 am
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8:23 am
greg: what else? don't get sick. it is the holidays. you had a good weekend. you did a lot of stuff. >> saturday night live. we kept you moving this weekend. >> thank you, rosanna. you are like a hero. we had a lot of fun.
8:24 am
welcome. >> i am originally from los angeles. great to be with you guys. watched you for years and years and years. greg: what is your situation? rosanna: did you have to do the whole shopping stuff? >> we celebrate hanukkah. i was on the ball this year. this is just a crazy time of year. rosanna: we have one day. what is going on with that? >> if you want to ship to the post office, do it today. twenty-third is the deadline for
8:25 am
ups, you are looking at tomorrow. that is the last day for two day air. fedex, today is the last day for express saver. amazon is really taking it up to the 11th hour. standard shipping, midnight tomorrow, one day shipping goes through the 23rd veered same-day delivery goes through the 24th. waiting two hours. >> that is light speeds. that is fantastic. rosanna: coming up on good day.
8:26 am
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8:27 am
greg: a forum for procrastination. if you think you are going to it, you think you are not going to get around to it. make a day's resolution, make it an every day thing, if it is for a year, then you forget about it. >> that is like the opera singing, we have to get on the ball with that one. greg: we are terrible. we are. rosanna: shall we not finish that. >> are you training? >> yes, we have been training, we have to hit the notes. >> i have heard you in office. greg: she's good. the instructor is good. all the breathing exercises, we want to jump in the pool and do
8:28 am
>> the trainer says stop sticking out our stomach. greg: that's the why it normally is. i can't help it. >> my instructor is saying pull it in. >> welcome back, christmas is friday. where is mike woods? >> california. >> that is where his family is. >> he's doing good. he's going to miss the good weather here but good stuff there in california. we may be warmer than him for a couple of days this week. right now the temperatures are higher than what should be the normal high for this time of the year, which is 44 degrees. we have beat that in islip and bridgeport, montauk at a very now. we are a little cooler north and west and the readings in the 20s
8:29 am
the milder temperatures courtesy of a southwest wind. that helps to bring in the warmer temperatures around the gulf coast and the southeast states up to our region. lots of clouds in place. this morning the sun breaking through and the slir vers of clouds. the clouds are now thickening up. we may see a brightening from time to time. the clouds in advance of the system that is bringing in the rain across the great lakes and mississippi valley. it is headed in our direction. winter officially begins tonight. the rain coming in tomorrow morning. a steady rainfall on wednesday. temperatures will be soaring into the 60s for the holiday. that doesn't sound like christmas but it is going to
8:30 am
now to roads with ines. ines: it is a busy morning. garden state parkway a stall there. that is blocking a lane. if you are travelling in queens, we had problems on the grand central parkway that is cleared away. now to cameras and the southern state parkway by the meadowbrook. two lanes are closed there. it is just the right lane now. lincoln tunnel 495, traffic, well moving okay. 40 minutes inbound. holland tunnel 15-20. george washington bridge the best option here just minor delays. no delays approaching. metro-north, harlem line 5-10 minutes delay. long island rail road had service suspended on the hon talk branch.
8:31 am
there were earlier problems with that. greg, rosanna. >> always something. always something. greg: it really makes you think. very profound tv talk. anthony is in trouble. he's accused of assaulting his trouble. the girlfriend live streamed the aftermath on periscope. what's going on this morning, robert? >> greg, rosanna, this is where the alleged assault took place on saturday. because of social media, we getting a look at something that happened behind closed doors. it was raw, emotional and chaotic and violent. >> hi, i'm in long island and i
8:32 am
for the police to come. don't hit me again. >> the girlfriend, the former co-host, recorded this video on periscope shortly after the police he became abusive to her. the video recorded at the home in roslynn heights. >> i tried to call the police. he's shutting the phone off. charges. he appeared in court yesterday and pleaded not guilty to all of the charges. his attorney said he denies the allegations brought against him and optimistic that when the
8:33 am
exonerated exonerated. he was fired because of racist comments last year. >> ladies and gentlemen, it is the anthony and dani show. stay away from me. >> next due to appear in court in january. he's not commented publicly and he's left the talking to his attorney. that is the latest. greg, rosanna, back to you. greg: so that's his house? nice house. what kind of car is that? >> it is a cadillac. rosanna: escalade. greg: looked like a landrover. rosanna: we are talking about
8:34 am
a lot of people getting sick there and evacuating the store. greg: hazmat crew came and people were nausea and had troubles breathing. no indication of a gas leak. they are investigating. rosanna: all right, it is that time of the year, cars with giant bows are popping up across the tristate area. greg: you saw them in the commercials, started 15-20 years ago for the high end cars, people saw this on tv. rosanna: they want a bow? >> greg: yes, it is a big business. it costs $600. it is a lot of material. you can do it yourself. it is challenging. rosanna: there is a place to do it online. greg: the guy is saying there are astonishing number of people giving cars as presents. that's nice. rosanna: it is feeling like
8:35 am
winter wonderland.
8:36 am
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a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. greg: okay, this is it. it is happening this week. it is a chill week if you are done with the stuff you have to do. christmas is friday. christmas eve is thursday. it is going to be 70 something degrees. there are great movies out. rosanna: by the way, everybody, you know, if you walk around town, no matter where you live. >> greg: what? rosanna: so many pretty holiday decorations. like the penceco dam. hot dam. greg: what's up, anna?
8:39 am
this is a new winter wonderland. this is the second year here. this is a great thing for the community. great ice skaters this morning from a local academy. this is one of the things you can do. today is a big day, they are open every single night through january 3rd, except for christmas eve and christmas day. it is great. for $15 come here and all kinds of things to do, that includes renting the skate es here and they have a beautiful light show. it is magical then. there are things to do like circus acts. typically in a tent. they are doing all kind of acts. and santa claus.
8:40 am
with santa claus. i sat on his lap earlier and wept over my list. we have one of the people responsible for making this happening. this is awesome. what is your favorite thing? >> well, actually, everything. last year it was a little skating rink. this is sort of like the hollywood sign. the rangers have come, they are great. this is twice the size of last year? >> yes, for $15 you are in and skates are included, under five is free. you can spend a lot of time here. meet santa. why not? >> i met him. >> naughty or nice? >> i'm very nice. he agreed. the attendance is tremendous. how many people so far? >> over 15,000 people so far. it is a great day to bring the family. it is feeling wintry today. it is a great time to spend with
8:41 am
you can shop here, eat here, skate here. >> warm up in the food tent. there are adult beverages. so much fun stuff to do. this is just $15 and that is a great deal. that includes renting the skates and tons of things to do. thank you so much. we have to get rosanna done here on skates, oh, sorry, rosanna. anna: yes, she's a good skater but just one mishap. come on out. back to you in the studio. greg: thank you. rosanna: very funny bringing up the skating. greg: af great picture of that. here we go. here we go. this is what he's getting at. rosanna broke her wrirs at rockefeller center. i came to the rescue immediately. first responder. everybody stay back, a woman down.
8:42 am
have happened if we went there. greg: are you blaming rockefeller center? rosanna: no, not at all. be careful, this is my ipad. greg: look at you. rosanna: i did that too. greg: these santa claus's. rosanna: did you sit on the lap? greg: well, that is weird. rosanna: bella thorn is coming up she's in alvin and the chipmunks. she beat out tina and amy.
8:43 am
how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event.
8:44 am
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8:45 am
greg: there is sa big dog down there. rosanna: they are all getting along, that is nice. greg: what i liked the best, it started like the classic and ended the same way in a way. with the graphics.
8:46 am
rosanna: that movie, the record numbers are in, making it the biggest northern american debut in all times. greg: it was a great movie. i saw it this weekend in 3d. my eyes are going crazy. it didn't open in china yet. what else? you haven't seen it, if not, there are like gosh screenings around the clock, everywhere. enjoy. rosanna: last night we had miss universe here on fox 5. there was a mixup. greg: the big moment is this. rosanna: yes, he announced the
8:47 am
>> he announced miss columbia won. he got the card wrong. listen to this. we don't have it? rosanna: no, no, we are talking about that at 9:00. there is a touching story. listen to this. >> when they say to me in hospital that i can go to the pageant, i was like, are you joking to me, i am going to go. recovery is expected but the incident had a life changing effect. >> what happened to her? >> rosanna: she suffered a seizure and she's paralyzed on her face. sometimes when you have that thing, you can work it out, it
8:48 am
>> mrs. trump is from slovania. rosanna: nicki going on stage in anning goe over the weekend. the dictator there are ruthless and human rights violations. well, she posted a photograph on instagram with the daughter, any way a lot of people not happy she went there. she was paid $2 million if r the concert. >> so the holidays are coming up. christmas at the end of the week. new year's next week. what are we going to with the hair? well, we have a dilemma.
8:49 am
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8:51 am
rosanna: all right, thank you so much for liking us on our fox 5 ny facebook page.
8:52 am
>> greg: yes, indeed. audrey, how are you? audrey: i'm doing good and the temperatures are looking good. 51 out wards montauk point. up to the north, a little cooler. everyone is in store for above average temperatures throughout the afternoon. it is all courtesy of a southwest wind flow. 10-15 miles per hour. and it is going to help to bump up the readings to the 50s. lots of clouds in place right now. the sun is struggling to break through from time to time. the clouds are coming in advance of a system that is right now bringing in the wet weather across the great lakes through the mississippi valley. this is headed in your direction. rain is beginning during the predawn hours of the day tomorrow. towards the afternoon, we are going to see the rain filling in across the area.
8:53 am
just lots of clouds in place. tomorrow we start without with a wet morning commute. afternoon. clearing out on tuesday night and low pressure is arriving on wednesday. so today leave the umbrella at home. cloudy, breezy, the temperatures not as cold as the weekend. the highs mid to upper 50s. tonight down to the 40s. winter arrives tonight. tomorrow is wet and wednesday and thursday. high near 70 degrees on christmas eve. >> that's weird. >> it is good. rosanna: i remember actually christmas eve's walking out of the house and it was snowing. greg: of course. rosanna: magical. greg: we used to get it every year. bella thorne. >> yes, coming up. oscar blandy coming up.
8:54 am
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