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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 21, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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greg: let's look around town. december 21, 2015. a couple of high lights, star wars, awesome. looking ahead to christmas friday, 70. rosanna: are you excited? are you checked out? greg: have you noticed? well, sl salvation army. the kettle cups. rosanna: yes, remember to help out. greg: where are the people with the bells? rosanna: we are out there
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to collect money coming up on "good day new york." greg: what else? star wars, i saw it. i highly, highly recommend it. you will be overwhelmed with joy and beautiful feelings. it is it is why did you like it so much? greg: i don't know. the perfect movie. rosanna: everybody is agreeing with you. the number one box office hit. breaking all kinds of records. you know. i was in the minority. i have no desire to see it. i will see it when it comes on tv. greg: you will not. a special network premier with minimal commercial interruptions interruptions. rosanna: so you are not disappointed?
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ford? >> i thought like the new harrison ford. he's got the swagger. rosanna: that's good. greg: we are bringing in -- we went to diker hikes. we used to drive in to look at the lights, some of it was crazy, over the top. you brought me back, this is what street? rosanna: 84th between 1 is 1th and 12th. this is big err and better than way. it is crazy. i always remember it being two or three houses. 84th street. greg: around the block from where you grew up? rosanna: yes. the two houses that had
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still doing great things outside the home. the whole neighborhood is lit up now. greg: she's the mat ri arc of the neighborhood. rosanna: we are going to put them on the couch. we don't have florence. she doesn't want to go on the camera, her daughter. >> people from all over the world, a tour bus from germany and china checking out the lights. rosanna: and by the way, there block. greg: the cops showed up and complaining about the noise. we have the guests, you guys are amazing what you are doing with the lights. welcome. >> thank you. rosanna: lucy, not just the outside of the home decorated, but and every spot, you
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>> well, maybe one. rosanna: but the inside, let's show some of the pictures of lucy's house. not only do you have to see it on the outside, you have to go inside and see the inside of the home, you can't even sit on the couch. greg: lucy, why do you do this? >> i enjoy seeing the children and the people. they enjoy it, and it brings a lot of joy to us. rosanna: how long does it take you? >> four weeks. >> i have help? >> yes, i have people that work with me during the summer in the concession stand. >> here is inside with the dolls. thank you very much, by the way. what is your power bill? >> not a lot, they are all led lights. greg: give us an idea. rosanna: she's never going to tell you. she's never told me how much the
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>> like running an air conditioner. greg: like 50 of them. rosanna: this is inside, this is the couch. i don't know what's inside of the other home. inside of the spata house it is festive. greg: officially a tie, is that cool. rosanna: that is good. oh, they are flinching. greg: why do you do this? >> we continue the tradition with my father in mind. rosanna: he passed away? >> yes, he passed away. he started celebrate life in a grand way of remission from cancer and it just kept growing and growing and the two of them it is an adorable rivalry. >> i loved him.
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continue the tradition. rosanna: so talk about the ornaments there. the carousel, how big is that? >> it is very big. rosanna: what about the big can can -- santa? >> 20 feet high. >> you have a charity aspect to this? >> yes, we are raising money for make a wish. my children are in charge of raising the funds and honoring their grandfather as well. >> they have toy soldiers, a big santa, a carousel. greg: that santa. >> rosanna: this year special music. >> yes, my son organized a dj. it was a party on the seat. fabulous. greg: lucy, rumor has it not everybodying on the block is on board with the lights or the music. >> you really don't want to ask
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greg: yes, i do. tell us. nay sayers on the block? >> well, there's always one in the bunch. >> how about your power bill? >> it is a lot of money. conditioner? >> no. rosanna: when do you start putting up the decorations? >> the day after thanksgiving. there is a crew of three to four days, a crew of ten people, a lot of time. >> how long are they up? >> usually until the 7th of january. greg: we introduced your mom here. i felt like ryan seacrest and saturday night fever. a lot of the vibe going on. rosanna: it was a lot of fun. do you notice, i haven't been
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that the neighborhood is really starting to get into the spirit. more. >> absolutely. it is amazing. >> it is beautiful. off. i feel sorry for the people living on the block. you. she had a problem getting into the driveway. >> yes, we are sorry. rosanna: what happens, is every night the street closed down? >> they have closed the street every night. we don't necessarily think it is that necessary. but they do. people. >> the street is closed. >> well, going to footage. i think it is great. but again, i don't live there. i don't have to worry about parking the car.
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rosanna, it is your hood. and your block had a lot of lights? >> yes. looking nothing like that. the new owners of the house did additions and a fountain in the front. it is great to see the spirit in the neighborhood. greg: will is a cool moment. we met two people who got engaged right in front of us. the guy saw the camera, the fox 5 camera, was excited, he had the ring. rosanna: we have the audio.
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rosanna: so megan and james. greg: he did the right thing, down on one knee. we wish them a long life of happiness and prosperity. rosanna: the other thing on the block, a concession stand and selling hot chocolate. is that okay? >> i guess. greg: what are you like, someone call the police, is that okay? >> hey, it's christmas. >> everything is okay, it is christmas. greg: it is not a starbucks. is this okay? [laughter] rosanna: it was very good. greg: we hope that the tradition lasts many, many years to come. rosanna: everyone is getting along on the block? >> yes. we have no problems. rosanna: is your mom okay?
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rosanna: she doesn't like the limelight. greg: she was great the other night. thank you so much. rosanna: thank you for sharing, and by the way, everyone comes there. greg: forgive me, you have fire extinguishers on hand? >> sure. >> ever blow a fuse? >> no. >> i haven't either. >> we have generators. >> they have been doing this for 30 years. >> we try. >> you have succeeded. >> forget about the rockefeller christmas tree, go to dyker heights. greg: forget about it. that's where that comes from. rosanna: all right, thank you. the weather is not feeling like
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you going to do, audrey? >> head out there. the temperatures are not looking very wintry like. it is officially the last day of fall. winter season is starting tonight. 50 in islip. 53 out towards montauk point. keep in mind that the normal high is 44 degrees. 48 bridgeport. 33 poughkeepsie. down to 30 in monticello. 35 for you in sussex. now, we have clouds in place across the area. the milder temperatures are courtesy of a southwest wind, which is is roughly 10-15 miles per hour in the coastal sections. it is breezy today. the southwest wind flow helps to bump the temperatures to above average readings for today and a couple of days. we have the clouds in place. we have seen the sun struggle through at times and that continues to be the kags for the
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tonight the clouts are thickening up. no rain is associated with them. the rain is sitting to the west. the low pressure is moving into the great lakes and the rainfall this morning and moving as far south as the gulf coast region. you will not need the umbrellas today. tomorrow the rain arrives. futurecast is showing clouteds in place for monday and late tonight and predawn tomorrow rain drops are moving in. tomorrow morning's commute could be slick. the rain is filling in by early afternoon and clearing out tomorrow night. a round of rain expected by wednesday. high numbers in the 50s today. tonight we are going drop back to the 40s. as we close out the fall season and start winter, it is going to be a wet start to the season with the temperatures in 50s throughout wednesday and
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in fact, thursday, near 70. christmas day is looking great with a high of 60 deeds. greg: have you heard of bella thorne, 18 years old, the biggest thing around. rosanna: she's photographed and in the newspapers. i saw her yesterday in the post. greg: she's in the duff. she's fantastic. rosanna: she's in alvin and the chipmunks part 3. this was the number two movie at the box office, which is pretty incredible when you think about the movies that are out. greg: my sengs for bella, pretty soon the kid movies in the past and doing dramatic roles. rosanna: she's got what it takes. we sat down to talk to bella about the movie. >> thank you for having me.
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the chipmunks, what is going on? >> i have no idea, i'm excited to be in the film and working with the animation. i have done animated films and now live action and animation together, which is a different story. rosanna: it seems like you are working all of the time. how'd you fit in the movie? >> well, we shot in miami and atlanta and we just crammed it in, and we shot it my part in a week and a half or something. we worked 17 hours a day. greg: are you a chipmunk. >> i'm a live character. >> you are awesome.
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>> thanks. you are great. >> thank you. i have this party i am supposed to go in l.a. on saturday night. >> definitely. yes. >> okay. then i will definitely see you there. bye. bye. rosanna: i feel like romance going on there. >> there is a little bit. >> really, where do the chipmunks fit into this? >> they are going on a road trip and their dad in a sense is marrying a woman that is very sweet and that is their son. he's not a little bit snotty with the chipmunks. greg: very cool. what's next?
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the second one of the three. i shoot another film coming up and then i have a difficult film i'm not allowed to talk about and another film. rosanna: how about what are you doing for the holidays? >> spending christmas with my mom and my family and doing the big tree, presents, my mom loves to cool. greg: where'd you grow up? >> miami, florida. >> and your big break, how'd you get into the business? >> i was modelling since being six weeks old and i always wanted to be an actress and i'm dislexic, and everybody saying that wouldn't happen.
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wrong. rosanna: wow. you have been working steadily. i have to say, you are huge on instagram and social media you are a giant. and with the paparazzi, you are always in their, they are snapping the photos of you. how are you balancing your life? >> for paparazzi, the thing is, everybody has a job, everybody has a mortgage to pay and give them the photo. some paparazzi are not as nice as others. rosanna: are they looking for you in kofrn miezing situations? >> well, they like to play dirty and shoot from a lower angle and shout weird things to get your attention. some unnecessary stuff. but most people don't do it, i think. rosanna: how is the dating scene going?
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rosanna: are we in love or like? >> we love dogs so. >> how is that working out with working and having a boyfriend who is working in hollywood. you are all over the place. >> i think if you want to spend time with somebody, you will make it work no matter how busy you are. maybe getting up early or staying up later, you do it, because you want to spend time with the person. >> who is the person? >> greg.
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have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. [music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft. roz you can ring my bell. we are working for the salvation army today. by the way. greg: we have no money so far. sir? rosanna: this is the time you see the kettles out there. people are ringing the bells. time to give a little something. greg: hear that. we are going to get that guy.
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[bell rings] rosanna: no? greg: how about you? yeah, merry christmas. rosanna: thank you. greg: that was our first donation. rosanna: maybe we are doing something wrong. greg: we are coming on strong. we have major rock and his rock. rosanna: crieses the tien. >> we are aufshs in the salvation army. rosanna: are we doing something wrong? >> you are a little aggressive. greg: what is the technique? >> look them in the eye and say merry christmas. >> all right. how much do you hope to collect? >> in new york city, the goal is 6.2 million, in new jersey 2.5 million. greg: what do you do with the money? >> last year toys, coats, food,
9:24 am
alone. greg: lrt, rosanna, look them in the eye. merry christmas, merry christmas. merry christmas. didn't work. rosanna: hi, merry christmas. greg: what'd you say? rosanna: would you like to help out? >> yeah, merry christmas. thank you. rosanna: can you help us? >> greg: major rock. we are making money like crazy. rosanna: we appreciate it. >> you are doing great. rosanna: how do you cope when the weather is cold? >> dress in layers. rosanna: i have seen some of the officers dancing. >> unfortunately that is not us. >> well, some do that. they have young, they have the
9:25 am
really, it is the cause. greg: by the way, salvation army, it is a religious group? organization. anniversary. rosanna: thank you, thank you. greg: what makes it an army? >> the way that we are organized. the founder decided the best way to get us out there is create an army and it is very effective. rosanna: how long are you there for? >> we start the day after thanksgiving and up until christmas eve. greg: would you like to give? here is something, this is serious, a lot of folks don't walk around with cash. >> that is right.
9:26 am
>> i will get on that. >> we need to have more of a little thing here. greg: a stick? >> well a dance like this. greg: that is going to deter people. >> sing jingle bells. greg: thank you again. by the way, when not ringing the >> we are. we are married when we ring the bell too. o nice to see you, major. rosanna: merry christmas, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up, oscar blandi. greg: how much money did we make? rosanna: i don't know. greg: hey. thank you, buddy. rosanna: thank you. greg: that guy is all right. rosanna: thank you.
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you couldn' t do anything about that driver running that red light. you couldn' t do anything about him hitting you while you were in the crosswalk. you couldn' t do anything about all those missed paychecks. but you can do something about getting the person responsible to pay. you can call jacoby & meyers. we' ve been winning pedestrian knock-down cases for years and getting people
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>> all right. the guy there helps to make the 9:00 hour happen, he's the producer producer. koom and calm in a crisis and he needed that calm under pressure because. rosanna: he had baby this weekend. greg: well, his wife did. rosanna: well, a new addition to
9:29 am
he's beautiful. do we know his name. >> dillon. it is a boy, born yesterday. ounces. baby. greg: anything for the kids. rosanna: congratulations. what a beautiful blessing this time of the year. greg: a lot of people going to rockefeller center or dyker heights. >> now to westchester. >> there is anna. >> are you ice skating? >> i'm not. i'm going to ride on the wonder land express. i'm here with santa. the wonder ice skaters. we are at the plaza. this is the second year of putting this on. for $15 you can do a number of
9:30 am
we'll start it, patrick, if we could. there is a beautiful skating rink. $15 for adults and including the skate rental. you can skate every night for that fee. they are open every day starting today 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. they have a beautiful light show. it is magical here. earlier, i got a preview of the circus performers and they are pourming three shows a night. they do juggling, balancing acts, it is incredible. i am joined by santa on the wonderland express. you can ride the ride and skate
9:31 am
only $15 and unlimited selfies with santa. i got to sat on his lap earlier and i went over the list. of course, i have been very nice. this ride here is a lot of fun. there are other entertainers. i asked him to take a break on the ride here. this runs about two minutes. there are tons to do. come and check it out. don't come christmas eve or christmas day, other than that, they are open. i had a lot of fun here today. thank you for having us here today. check this out. merry christmas, santa. now back to you in the studio. rosanna: fun. greg: okay, that roller costar is dinky.
9:32 am
rosanna: okay, thank you, anna. there are a lot of things to do there. greg: okay, rosanna. i saw santa this weekend. it is weird. rosanna: what'd you ask for? >> greg: i went into length. rosanna: coming up, mintz condition, they are performing a
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greg: that's mint condition. they have been around for a long time. rosanna: thech. album. rosanna: yes, healing season, and here they are performing
9:36 am
rosanna: that was a fun rendition of that song. greg: mint condition, enjoyed that, thank you. >> all right, we have a big holiday party on wednesday. we are going all out. last year was a lot of fun. santa was there and a lot of food. when you go to a party, you may want a new hair do. rosanna: yes, we brought in oscar blandi and he's got
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>> we are looking last year's christmas party. that was a lot of fun. >> we have to dress up. >> the ladies are getting new hair dos.
9:40 am
here is the salon on madison avenue. very well known in the hairdresser hairdresser. rosanna: so glad you didn't call it the beauty parlor. >> what is it called, a salon? >> yes. rosanna: we like to shuz up for the holidays. >> during the work time, especially for the holidays, people want to go in daytime to night time to party time. we have the girls here. so take a girl, small curls and simple hair spray. spray the hair, very simple. take the hair, collect it together.
9:41 am
>> kind of. take it and twist it. put your finger through it. actually, the girls know. >> bobby pins in there? >> just a few. >> bed head hair? >> yes, exactly. greg: wait, creating the bed head look? you want that? rosanna: yes, you don't want to look too styled. >> exactly. >> you can dress with accessories accessories. a little something in the hair. >> a little clip. very pretty. you want to leave some pieces
9:42 am
texture it. something fun. hair spray is over. >> before picture and the after picture. let's see it. oh yeah, very pretty. >> yes, something from daytime, to night time. boyfriend calls you up and going out for the night. greg: how about a smile? there we go. >> she's active girl. she works with me. greg: what is your job at the salon? >> floor manager. >> you are the boss? you are like his hench woman? >> pretty much, but don't call
9:43 am
>> she's pretty much like undone hair. tees the roots. i like to collect. very soft. keep the hair. reminds me of aubrey hepburn look. >> french twist, okay. this is a little different. >> a little more softer. not like the ivana trump look with no due respect. >> not too stiff. >> want to guy that guy on his family. >> i love them. they are great people. >> my hair wouldn't look good up? >> your hair is a good length. you can curl, texture. do whatever you want.
9:44 am
you want. greg: rosanna, the look is great but you have had it for a while. can you do something with her? >> of course, we can. >> let's see the before and after. hello dolly. >> she's got a great neck and got rid the hair hanging like a mop. >> very aubrey. >> it is fun to play. always dress the hair with access access accessory. it is young, fresh. >> you look like you work in the salon. >> that is gabby. she's got a lot of hair.
9:45 am
we curled the hair a little bit. we blow dry. she loves the texture in it. we did fix tail braid. . rosanna: very pretty. you have to know what you are doing with that. >> the blade is very much in this time. greg: rosanna, hold this up, this thing. rosanna: let me show it. greg: very interesting. rosanna: this is not your average braid. braid. greg: what are you doings a core. >> again, fish tail, regular braid. put accessory in.
9:46 am
very pretty. >> you can transform from daytime to night time. >> thank you, gabby. i have a favor, can rosanna borrow your chair. rosanna: now the pressure is on. >> i know. rosanna: do you have anything to shuz it up? >> bobby pins and a clip. rosanna: don't look me look crazy. greg: i want to see the neck. you have a nice neck. well maybe you do. i don't know. rosanna: first of all, i trust oscar with anything. he's amazing. he's been in the business, how long in the business, oscar? >> over 30 years. rosanna: i have known you about that time, too.
9:47 am
hairline. greg: i don't know about this look for you rosanna. >> you have to understand one thing. >> we don't want her looking like a boy. >> no, a boy, no. rosanna: thank you for that. >> prepare the hair. rosanna: what'd you think? greg: let's see. >> greg wants to give me a hard time. >> where is the hair spray. rosanna: greg wants to do warren beauty. shampoo. greg: ready. tell me when. shampoo. >> do you get the girls like
9:48 am
>> i had the time of my life. greg: ready to spray her? >> go ahead, greg. rosanna: ohhhh. greg: i just want it to hold. rosanna: would you stop it? >> rosanna, turn to the right. rosanna: okay, this way? >> do you like it? >> yep. >> i like it a lot. how is the front? >> i left the front. roz i never wear my hair up any more. greg: why not? rosanna: i don't know why. >> sit down, greg. rosanna: sit down.
9:49 am
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the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. rosanna: thank you for liking us on our fox 5 facebook page. greg: we had a great party last night at aunt teresa's. the kings, the clarks, the bliers, the kelly's. rosanna: where are you?
9:52 am
great guy, great people. love you all. rosanna has a new hair do. before and after. take a look. look at that way. see what we have done here. oscar, tell us the difference. look that way. >> what i did, i took it volume in the back. >> you have updated her to 2016. >> i left the front soft. she looks very young. don't want to create do's. >> this is last week. >> by the way, i was with bill clinton. nobody is looking at me. he was good. >> a take a look at bill clinton.
9:53 am
>> he lost a lot of weight, by the way. >> so bright. >> thank you for the new hair do for the holidays. i appreciate it. >> you look great. >> a weather report, ready? no, we are out of time. >> we are going to periscope. please join us for the after party on "good day new york". >> thank you everyone in dyker heights. >> it was so fun. better than i ever remembered it. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. at the same time. hi grandma and grandpa! ha, look at that! [laughs] time warner cable even has an
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