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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  December 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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there's an obstacle on the tracks, if the engineer is distracted or incapacitated, supposedly the new system should prevent the train from derailing derailing. one night last may a train traveling between philadelphia and new york entered a sharp curve at double the speed limit. the train derailed, killing eight people and injured 200. experts believe had amtrak equipped the locomotive with positive train control, it could have prevented the derailment. >> we cannot delay positive train control. >> reporter: senator chuck schumer applauded the activation of ptc between philadelphia and new york over the weekend. >> amtrak should be an example to the other railroads. >> reporter: while amtrak uses ptc on the northeast corridor lines, metro north, the long island railroad and new jersey transit have yet to install the system. jersey transit plans to activate the technology on one portion of one line next year. lirr and metro north, which in
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the deadliest crash in its history, promised to equip all trains by the deadline in 2018. >> i'd like them to do it sooner. >> reporter: the mta won a billion dollar federal loan in april to activate the system as soon as possible. >> we need the fra, our federal railroad adminiration, to get the other railroads to move quickly. >> reporter: amtrak installed the positive train control last week and between bosto and new haven 15 years ago. alison: thanks, mac. mayor de blasio held a meeting today at city hall to review his major accomplishments. among other things, he says the city's economy is on the upswing with more new yorkers working than ever before and an unemployment rate under 5 percent. >> all time high for thecity, the number of jobs, whave 4.2 million in new york city. mo we've ever had. and just under 200,000 of those jobs have been added since i took office.
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communicate more and admitted that's been a short coming. he said he plans to attend more wn hall meetings. we are here now with eric, the assistant managing editor. crane's. your general takeaway from the mayor. he was talking about the economy and how well he thinks. >> it took him a couple of years to talk abo i shod start talking about the economy. that's the one thing that's doing well. but the thing is it's hard to point to one de blasio strategy that has had athg to do with the economic gains that we've had. what he can say is that the things that im doing haven't messed up the ecom he's mostly tried to help people who are on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder and imposed a bunch of mandates on businesses. now he can say this didn't hurt anyone. look how well the economy is doing. our city is creating a lot of alison: people were concerned is the economy?
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and is it going to be bad for business? it seems things have been okay, but as you say, it's more of what didn't get messed up -- >> right. he's done a few things. the sick pay mandate was a big thing. you have to provide a few days of sick pay. that wasn't going to destroy the economy. these are big trends his policies weren't going to get in the way of. alison: he focused on the economy because it's a big thing. how he communicates things and how he deals with politicians, just communicating in general, has been a hot topic with him. >> it's a couple of things. he started talking about the tale of two cities and telling new yorkers things were not going well for them. and then how do you talk about the booming economy and that at the same time? that's why he avoided the economy. i think it was a mistake. people said things are not going well for us. that reflects badly on the mayor. he was trying to help. the other thing is when he says i'm not communicating well,
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with my policies. well. it's a really old line actually. alison: we can't talk about the mayor without getting to the homelessness issue. that's a big problem. he did talk about that today. last week. what's your take on that? >> he's trying to be more honest. this goes to the communication thing. initially he was trying to avoid new yorkers. just avoid unscripted moments where he might screw up. he does fairly well in those situations. the homelessness thing, he at first denied there was any increase in homelessness. people could see the extra homeless on the street. even oven even even he said late in the game we'll lay out programs and do something about it. it did take a while to wise up to the fact he was getting hammers in the media, denying it was a mistake. he assumed his policies would take care of this.
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now he's reacting. alison: all right. thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. alison: thank you so much. all right. governor cuomo giving conditional pardons to thousands of former young juvenile offenders, saying those with misdemeanor and nonviolent felony convictions at 16 or 17 will get pardons after a decades with no subsequent crimes. it will give them a better shot at building new lives. >> get this. a boy scout leader dragged into a cave by a black bear in new jersey. it happened yet as christopher and three boy scouts were hiking at split rock reservoir in rockaway township. officials say he spent 80 minutes fighting off the bear with a rock hammer while the boys got help. >> he struck the bear several times in an attempt to stop the ongoing attack. after that, he pulled his sweatshirt over his head and tried to just remain still and
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alison: he wasn't seriously injured. officials believe the bear was protecting its hiber -- hibernation location. nick: a little scary. alison: everyone wants to know how long is this going to last? would you ask nick? nick: the rest of the week and next week. i think we'll be above average in temperatures. there's no cold air coming yet. it will be here eventually. as i said since september, winter really is not going to get going until the middle to the end of january when the pattern starts to change. until then -- alison: it's still coming. nick: it's still coming. it will get here. in the meantime, today above average. 53, 39. there you go. the temperatures 10 degrees above average. and we're going to be milder tomorrow. 65 the record high. we'll see records tumble later this week. minus 1 the record low. that's not coming anytime soon.
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it was better earlier. 53 right now. and, again, 53 in the city to is 52 idgeport. 57 as yo get towards montauk and dow to belmar. per 4 to the north and west poughkeepsie to suex. allentown, 50. we're in the 50s now. belmar, . upper 40s allentown to pougeepsie. 51bridgeport. lower 50s aund the city a coast. our temperature gain, 10 to 16 degrees to belmar 18 degrs warmer. the wind ce aund tohe southwest an helpedohe ate ba up. a soutt nd iouthe toght. will be there ve, 10, 15 miles an hour and a southwesterly wind will be in play toow. that's going to rise the temperature further. likely to top 60 tomorrow. by poughkeepsie, a couple of showers. they go back westward and northward towards the catskills region andcattered showers west of scranton and west of allentown to harrisburg.
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the night goes along. most of this will be past the midnight area. you'll deal with occasional rain through most o tuesday. you can see on our wide view this area of rain just starts to diminish as it gets closer and closer towards us. as you look at the bigger picture, a cold front off to the west. look at this area of rain, tennessee to new orleans. this area of rainill be sliding along that front. but the mild air will be coming up along that front as well. this is deceptive. it's a cold front, but it's not really cold behind it. just an air mass shift change going on here. we'll watch another come up from the south and west on wednesday and bring us into the warmer air. occasional rain tomorrow. 56 lunchtime. 62 tomorrow afternoon in new york city. amazing for the end of december, almost the end of december. there's the futurecast. you can see the batches of rain across the city. much of the northeast for that matter. then that front moves along as we head in towards wednesday.
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northward. it could turn rather foggy the first half of wednesday. that could be a problem for travelers. a big travel day wednesday. the bulk of the rain i the afternoon into wednesday night. that will put us into the warmer area. thursday for christmas eve, santa will be greeted with temperatures in the lower 70s. amazing. cloudy, cool,ain comes in after midnight. 49 in the city. lower 40s in the suburbs. tomorrow, rain, a milder day. 62 in the city. you'll look at the seven day. there's the rain for wednesday. mostly afternoon, but dense fog could be a problem wednesday morning. about 60. clouds will break for sun on christmas eve. showers late. breezy at 72 for a high. that will be a new record. sunshine friday, 62. that's christmas day. showers may be back by saturday evening. into sunday, the middle 50s. back to 47 on monday. alison: you said it twice on this show and several times at 5:00. i cannot get used to 72 on christmas eve. nick: i don't think a lot of us can. it's going to happen. alison: wild. thanks. all right.
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time of year and chances are people will be going for designer dogs. why they're so popular and why the trend has a downside. that's next. plus, join us tomorrow for a look at the efforts to keep daylight saving time and not change our clocks twice a year.
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alison: in a couple of months the finest dogs in the world will be on display at msg for the westminster dog show. what we won't see, some of the hottest dogs on everyone's wish list this year. stacey delikat shows us how designer mixed breeds are more popular than ever, but they come with a downside. >> there's the maltipoo, the ever popular golden doodle and my personal favorite, the malti shih tzu. >> she's a diva. >> reporter: she got this morky five years ago. >> people have a great experience with mixed breeds. >> reporter: at american kennels, the owner estimates a
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she says many of the mixes are part poodle, which eliminates shedding. >> people love pure breds, but they don't like some things like shedding or certain behaviors. sometimes a mixed breed is just healthier in the long run. >> reporter: while it could mean less prone to genetic defects, that's not always the case says this neurologist at blue pearl veterinary partners. >> medically we still see a lot of them with the same diseases that the breeds can have. so medically i don't think it's a huge advantage. >> some organizations like the kennel club of the u.k. voice concern that unscrupulous breeders may be breeding designer dogs for financial profit rather than with the health and welfare of the dogs in mind. >> every time there is a trend involved and money involved, there's danger. >> reporter: others worry picking out a designer dog
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if you're looking for a designer dog or a mixed breed, you don't have to go to a pet store. many mixed breed dogs are available right now at local shelters and all of them need good homes. i'm stacey delikat. back to yo ison: allight thanks. . lyndsor is here and y brought a friend. >> idid. this is in a, bo labra labradorder co m mixed breed. >> my favorite place to get them is shelters and rescues. he's a rescue dogs. alison: maybe you can control shedding or characteristics about them, but there are some things we should be concerned about. >> there are. the biggest is whether or not we're driving a market towards puppy mills where we have a situation where we have lots of dogs in a really confined, sad
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we have maltipoo, morky, yorkies, but there's a lot of tragedy behind that and sad situion. the american animal hospital association actually doesn't situation. what we'd rather see people doing is doing a good job researching and finding mixed breed dogs at shelters. alison: you brought up a great point when we were chatting. some people are set on a certain type of dog. you can still do that, but go to some unique places. tell us how to do that. >> i love the idea of online rescue organizations for certain breeds. you have a boxer. go to boxer rescues. you can find pure breds there if that's what you're looking for. instead of a big designer dog price tag of thousands of dollars, you can end up with three or $400 in adoption fees and you're saving a life. alison: you brought up a great point that besides looking for these designer breeds, that
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care. i love this talk about this. this is so interesting. >> so many areas, especially in our neck of the woods, the animals are ships up from the south and live in foster families before they go on and get adopted. alison: calvin likes it. tha>>s wherehe cme from. the fosterilies are skilled and can pick up whether or not e dog is good with other s, cats, the mailman, chickens. i have chickens. they come e-screened for you. instd of stoppff and buying a dog that costs a lot- and you don't know what you're getting. even if you see a golden doo or labradodle that's not supposed to ed,hey haven't been bred ove years. sometimes you'll have o that es ad at was the point of getting them becse they're hypoallergenic. meeting them face to face. if you're going for a breeder, go to their house, see the parents of the dog and make sure they're in a situation where
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alison: fantastic advice. thank you so much. thanks, calvin, for coming to hang out with us. thank you so much for coming in. >> we have much more to come tonight, including a loss that is still stinging for giants fans. russ joins me next to talk about beckham, jr. >> and a look at concussion in young players. what risks they're taking and what might be done to prevent the injuries in the future.
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>> the carolina panthers win it on the 43-yarder by graham gano to get to 14 and 0. alison: same old story for the giants. close but this ain't horseshoes. russ is here to talk about another heart breaker. russ: heart breaker. let me tell everybody, yesterday i was doing the post-game show. it's miserable. they lose a miserable game. they've got the odell beckham, jr. situation. we'll have so much to talk about. we really do unfortunately. let's start with the odell beckham, jr. i don't know what happened with him yesterday. i don't know if he was overhyped for the game, but he was just too fired up. i think when he dropped the touchdown pass early, it kind of set him off. but, you know --
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russ: unsportsman like penalties. it wasn't odell beckham, jr. the net result is today he was suspended for one game, which means he won't be playing in minnesota sunday night when they take on the vikings. listen -- alison: it's a big deal. russ: a real big deal. listen, their chances of making the playoffs are close to slim and none. they're extremely slim. they have to win two games and the redskins have to lose two. to do it without odell beckham, jr., it's highly unlikely. >> were you surprised by the suspension? russ: i wasn't. i'll tell you what kind of surprises me. if you want to call his actns reprensibl iacpt tht. buthaoo 's n aad p . he goteahiities. le plic 1.
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up about it today. russ: front page is jerk. enough is enough. i mean, he screwed up like the coach said. tom coughlin said before the suspension came out, i cannot condone it. he told him that. it's not acceptable. but he will defend odell beckham, jr. he plays hard all the time. he's a good kid. he screwed up. alison: should coughlin have pulled him? can you pull a guy like that? russ: you know what, it is not just in sports. it's in life. best people play, whether it's tv, whether it's entertainment, whether it's sports. best people play. they don't have an abundance of talent on the giants. they really don't. odell and eli are the two best players. you're trying to get into the playoffs. as we were talking on the post-game show, you won't is it your best player. you're trying to win the game. nobody was complaining about odell beckham, jr., when he caught the tying touchdown.
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that. russ: it's a suspension. he's going to appeal. we'll have to wait and see what happens. but quite frankly, again, he was wrong. nobody is defending his actions. but this has taken on a life of its own. alison: going to be an interesting week. thanks, russ. all right. if you could see your cough, you'd see all the sickness new robitussin cf max severe soothes and delivers powerful relief of cough, sore thro, stuffy nose and fever. new robitussin cf max severe.
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alison: that's it for now. thanks so much for joining us. i'm alison morris in for ernie anastos. for everyone at studio 5 and in the control room, have a great
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