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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  December 21, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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a brush with death county. emergency crews spending three hours pulling into safety after he fell down the side of a mountain. and the area where he took the tumble is very difficult to get to. steve: all right, phone. jennifer? reporter: steve, dari, firefighters say if it worked for the hiker gets caught in a tree on the way down, this may not have been a rescue operation. >> he has no sense of direction. he has fallen off a cliffside. he is insure if he is happening from a tree or the cliff itself. reporter: an emergency call details frightening moments at hook mountain state park just after
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was walking a washed out trail when he tried to take a shortcut and fell. >> when i pulled up on the trail. he was talking to the control center. he was complaining of left hip, left groin, in the left side. report the man was stranded hanging from a tree some 400 feet above solid ground along a nearly vertical drop. we had a contract with the party himself. however, he is pa teeinged ap slurred speech that point. he has minimum battery left on his cell. he stated he had approximately 1% left. >> reporter: there 1% was just enough power get rescue crews an ex ac location them they were on their way. now they would race against daylight, col temperatures and dangerous conditions to get to. >> a little tricky due to the loose terrain, stones, rocks, the foliage on the ground, covering, so my guys could not see where they were planting the pete.
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we could hear him. inthe i goos went up. >> he was yelling for help. i guess he saw the lights and started yelling for help. >> the chopper footage captured. a special high angle rescue team using ropes to climb to the hooker to secure him to a stretcher to lower everyone down to safety. >> see core thes about ket, then they slowly bring him down. >> how many people? >> six of my guys up there in a little shock from the fall i believe. my first guys got there, you know, they take of the crickets, and i believe, the state police had a jacket on. >> yeah. reporter: yeah. >> got him warm. reporter: hypothermia was concern because he was stuck up there for more than three horse hanging the tree. police are not releasing his nam now. we do know he is in nyack hospital. steve, dari, expected to make a full recovery. steve: all right. that is amazing. thanks, yen. the nypd morning one of
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the deketive died in of a gap stan. he was 15-year department veteran who was serving over seas as a ebb m of the air national guard. he on those third deployment. he leaves behind a which have and two children. dari: the boy scout leader recovering after bear attack in new jersey. christopher and three boy scotts were hiking at plit rock reservoir in rockaway township yesterday. authorities say that petronin was dragged in bay black bear. he spent hour and a half identifying you have the animal a rock hammer whole the boys ran to get help. he was not seriously injured. wildlife officials believe the bear was protecting the spot where he had chose ton hibernate for the winter. steve: how vulnerable america's infrastructure is to cyber attacks. hackers linked to this dam 25 miles outside of new york city. fox 5's linda schmidt
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report to this no trespassing sign is basically meaningless, that is because iranian cyber hackers were able to infiltrate the administrative part of the dam's control system. the city of rye owns the small dam. the city manager tells fox 5, it happened about two years ago. he says the hackers were able to see the control system, but they were unable to take control of it. the department of homeland security investigated the hacking. new york congressman, pert keng, says the breech has brought and dangerous amplications. >> cyber security and especially iran, china, they could cause immense damage to the hacking and the damage in our country, the electrical grid could cause catastrophe. reporter: they have been concerned about the indian point nuclear power plant being a pe tension target. experts say many computers controlling the american industrial systems like dams,
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pipelines are old, easy to brech and need to be updated. hackers could three receiptcally cause explosion, a flood or a traffic jam. >> whether it is iran, china, russia, whether it is isis or al qaeda, and just mad women out there. this is whole issue of cyber security is, again, a great, great consequence and quite frankly not enough has been done. >> in the past ten years. foreign hackers have broken in the met works that supply power to the military, mass transit and businesses but the public almost never hears about it. american electric power is a major utility company in the u.s. that serves 11 states. >> we're seeing people look for vulnerabilities. people scanning to see what types of openings they can find and look for things the think may
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they have warned about updating the computer am and improving cyber security. >> we're not where we heed to be and we are very, very focus on getting to where we need to be. >> and new york congresswoman also weighed in on this saying this incident underscores the you are gone need for a missional cyber security tragedy. in westchester county. linda sh where it, "fox 5 news"." >> bail for enrique marquez, the man accused end thatly san bernardino terrorist take. marquez was flight risk and a danger to the community. he is charged with conspiring with syed farook to commit terror crimes in 2011 and also in 2012 and also facing charges for illegally buying the guns that far rack and his wife used to kill 14 people earlier this month. >> mayor blasio held a midterm meeting today. the mayor talking about what he considers to be major accomplishments
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the economy's i economy us on the upswing with more working than ever before and unemployment rate under 5 percent. >> all-time highs for the number of jobs with have over 4.2 million in new york city. the most we have had, and just under $200,000 of those jobs have been add since i took office. >> all right. the mayor also pledged to communicate more and attend more town hall meetings. dari: a new report is putting the spot light on serious problems at the city's homeless shelters. of health ap safety vie lags including mold, cents and roaches and nearly all of the city's homeless apartments. stringer also says the department of homeless services had just over a dozen staffers assigned to oversee 155 shelters. >> 11:48 becomes wen ter but you would never know by stepping outside. >> and you won't know in the next few days. nick gregory with a look at the 70's and we are
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decades? >> not talking about it. exactly. that is right. 70's coming this way. that will mean it will not be a white christmas for sure this year as that is the day we'll be seeing or the day before, christmas thieve lower 70 he an low 60's on christmas day. fox 5 sky guardian not much going on. a couple of vein kells here. we do see the clouds in crease. the threat of rain increasing. there is nothing nearby at the moment. we are fining that area rain to the south here, kentucky, right on do in the gulf coast. you can see where it is aiming and see where it will be tomorrow. periods of rain, also, the warm temperatures like to south. 58 washington, d.c. high of 60. gives you the idea whereof where temperatures will be tomorrow with the south wind. all right. there is future cast. here comes the rain. it will get going tomorrow. occasional rain on through the day as temperatures again warm-up once again. a little break tomorrow night. then fog will come in advance to the next warm front moving our way and bring more rain to wednesday night and we
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warmer regime on thursday. potentially record high temperatures then. 40's to near 50 tonight. the rain threat coming in. occasional rain tomorrow. 50's through midday. 62 in the afternoon. steve, dar vi? dari: thank thank you, knick. giants will be without the top offensive player when they ply vikings on sunday. odom beckham jr. has been suspend by the league as a result of the conduct in yesterday's game. russ will have more on beckham's suspension coming up in sports. steve: baltimore police officer will be retried in death of freddie gray. the new trial sked ud for union. last week a judge declared a mistrial after deadrocked jury failed to come to a verdict and who died after being arrested and transported in a police van. the death sparking days of protest in baltimore. >> the woman who is you a cused of plowing her door into pedestrians on the vegas strip will face murder charges. one person was till kill and dozens of others injured and the unday night mayhem.
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24-year-old holloway, drove her car into a crowd of people. holloway's 3-year-old daughter was in the car at the time. fortunately, she was not hurt. holloway, though, on suicide watch at the local jail. she is scheduled to appear in court on wednesday. >> all right. miss universe pageant ended with a big mix-up this year. >> i have to apologize. [cheering and applauding] >> all right. host, steve harry, originally announced miss columbia as the winner but the first runnerup. miss philippines had won the tight. harvey corrected the mistake on live television not until after the wrong winner had been crowned. harvey leonard offered assessment of what went wrong. >> i don't think was any damage done to steve harvey. it was honest mistake. steve harvey effectively beat "star wars" in the publicity game and i know this business and that could only be good for him. >> that is good spin.
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a i know. all right. i will never get it. >> he said the pageant should bring back steve because everyone will touch see if he makes up mess-up. all right. chestnut have you dry tried them? fruitcakes. >> i have had those. >> all right. taking a look at the holiday foods to hear about in songs but no one sees them. >> also did you you get, did you mill out the christmas cards yet? it seems viewer people are this year. why social media may be the culprit. >> why some get holiday fatigue the last few
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help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot better together . >> all right there is no shortage of treats around the holidays. what about those holiday foods that we associate with christmas and this time of year m talking about chestnut, sugar plum, egg mog, fruitcake whan we sent our matt
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and drings that stuff if. >> well, reporter: actually we can find no pudding any wherein the lower east side bakery. but the great neve few of the founder did bring us fruitcake. >> he could taste flavor but not overbearing. ours is like a real cake. >> too creamy. >> spiked with a lot of that good stuff. reporter: thanks to carols and stories dating back to hundred of years, we also sing and read, hear about some holiday delicacies we have merv seen. >> sugar plums. >> yes. >> yes. >> i don't think i have. >> i got to be honest with you. >> that is in candy land. >> it is a part in the nutcracker. i tried. i again back here, this
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most of us mow that dancing mystery treat thanks to the poem was the night before christmas. written in the 1800's and santa stopped and maybe candice into children's stockings. for those around new york they transpired over not open fires but off of street carts. when i was kid in the city take the train down, i railroad the smell and my mother would get a few. you know bring us some pudding reporter: the original back in the medieval period resemble something closer to a by which they later sweetened with dried fruit. a constant supply of sugar and more than century of mastering desserts to abandon the treats for specialties and tastier to us all. >> its my favorite cake.
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yellow sponge ap pri cat jam. >> its a christmas song. we won't go until we get some. >> we'll go before we get some because we can't find any anywhere. matt king, "fox 5 news." >> where will, a connecticut state senator in with as them to cut back on shipping tiers they used and kennedy jr. wants to introduce a bill that would curb the use of large boxes and packing materials so they say that state landfills are teaming with shipping supplies and it is costing towns more and it. well, kennedy says the problem has only gotten worse as more people are doing the shopping on-line. mayor de blasio do for raise. the top city officials sa i the ats are ry commission says the mayor has had more responges listen also recommends pay in crease for city council members but add they should not be allowed to earn outside income and mayor
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a raise during the first term and he earns $225 grand year. >> another debate will be airing on fox news. the channel will host the second republican primary debate of 2016 on january 28th. the same moderators who hosted the first did he bait will moderate this one. special reports anchor brett, megyn kelly and fox news sunday host chris wall also and comes four days before the iowa caucus. >> chelsea clinton expecting her second baby. she made announcement on twitter. clinton cap captioned the photos, charlotte is going to be a big sister. feeling very blessed. chelsea's mom and dad quick to tweet out as well. >> you may notice fewer and fire christmas cards coming. a lot of people think social media is more convenient way to get out the holiday greetings. we sent our jessica to fin out if christmas
10:18 pm
of the past. >> are reportp map ini people are heading to social media. even though we're on facebook, people say they prefer to receive that holiday card in the mill and without having to see it on-line. >> it is mice to get. >> i put the picture on the prig. put them up and at the work station so it mice. >> the old fashion way. >> why. >> it is more christmas. know, you can read it. >> i am old vague. i like to sen them bay hand. reporter: you may be telling yourself, i didn't get a lot in the alone. us. >> yours has been a cry for help that you poe, because of social media. he we're seeing a lot less. pert social media expert says they have been replaced with status updates. excitement is not there any more because we're seeing it real time. they left this messaging on facebook. i don't do the whole holiday thing so here is
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eye nice to sen a card saying thinking of you and hope you have a good holiday. >> mail those out. >> yeah. we still mail them out, yeah. >> yeah. >> awesome. >> yeah. awesome. >> yeah. >> back. >> see. >> you take time to make be a then fill them. >> yeah. >> might have a grandparent who like to hang thing on the from and following on twitter so you know, it reaches everybody this way. >> you looic when your mom and dad sen them out to grandpa and grand m and the family members into. yeah. like that see my photos better. >> it look like they like to receive the cards so if you haven't seen one, you may want to do so. thenper east side, jessica reporting, "fox 5 news." dari: star was the force awakens may be a wake-up call. how the young female star is breaking stereop toos for action heros. >> and casting a different kind of.
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pholiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my stop & shop. dari: star wars the force awinning as shot to the box is? week. the young fam mail lead
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steve: simone boyce shows us where the cracker ray is so inspiring. reporter: am tired of talking about strong female character bass we shouldn't have to speak them into existence any longer am within we have finally reached the point we are supposed to as far as equality goes, we won't behaving a conversation about men or women. we'll be having a conversation about well written versus not well written. >> gray drake, senior editor believes we are getting closer to that goal. as 2015 has been a record setting year for women at the box office. >> "star wars: the force awakens" ripped the lid of of this he conversation and handing as you bold new hero played by daisy ridley that is truly the first of her kind. >> as far as she exists in the world of women in movies, in the galax ry, ray is incredible. she is going to change the way that people
10:23 pm
there is no question about it. >> "star wars" for all of time has had heroic female but ray being the star the number one. reporter: from the moment she climbs into frame, she establishes the independence, but the male counter parts lean on her ex tees so often it is comical. took charge. reporter: perhaps what is most shocking about rays the skin she is not showing. the most important thing about ray's costume that is it was functional for her as a cracker. >> and it was not like, didn't show a lot of skip but man could she run in it sp. rays the hottest chick in rags since in cinderella and beginning to understand ray's percents in her galaxy but in ours, ray is hollywood's new hope. >> think she was great strong character. great for young women to see her and a whole new generation of young people watching. >> little girl's today that have a character like ray to look up to is going to shape the
10:24 pm
and going to change who they reason the world and yes, "star wars" set a new opening weekend record with $238 million here. over $259 million internationally but what this movies a done for you young wims prices. simone boyce, fox a moose. dari: highly anticipated play harley potter and the curse child has cast the lead characters and cre ating quite a buzz on the internet because granger will be played by a black actress and this is causing quite an uproar. harry peter creator author is gening the casting on twitter and reminded faps the race was never specified in the books and loves the choice. >> all right. >> instagram something we do for the likes? >> but if you are someone with a massive following, it means lots of opinion ny for you. how much top celebrities are pulling in for a
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>> jalapeno mac and cheese fy. we saw this video a little while ago and was unfortunate situation and today they found out his punishment from a
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>> this is the life. >> sharon crowley fashion executives are in verying in the likes and she shares. >> snapping selfies. but for some celebrities has become a lucrative business. >> celebrities have been making a lot of money of very little work far long time however the social media has changed everything and now they can make hundreds of thousands with the like of a button. >> kim kardashian master hed selfie but her younger sister kendell is cark in on it. kendell has 44 million instagram followers that is 44 million reasons with why they pay her to post a picture of the product the instagram account. >> a great thing about
10:29 pm
make it easy to quaint by the value of your followers. >> cr fashion book reports that jenner made between 125,000 and 300,000 for a single post on their account. a lot of money for one second of work. the time it takes to snap a selfie. >> if you see liberty in full hair and makeup using the product that they are being paid for it. f they happen to be at starbucks then that picture may be legitimate. >> once more, that famous face is paying someone else to take the picture to post it and even less work. how much social media you have and negotiate the rate so the more you have the more money you can make. sharon crowley, "fox 5 news." steve: all right.
10:30 pm
another job. it has fired martin the former hedge fund manager who was named ceo last month after buying majority share in it. last night he denied the day ever's was arrested on security fraud chancer. dari: former university of cra connecticut students gets probation. oh, yeah. (beep). >> reporter: that was luke's drunken propanty laced tirade toward campus restaurant manager who refused to sell him jalapeno mac and cheese in october. today, the 19-year-old from morning was granted the judge said the case will be moved the record if he avoids any legal trouble over the next year.
10:31 pm
the remanning three members paying trib note it late front man. >> we does this song. steve: all right. a song called atlanta off the album released back in 1999. it runs 7.5 minutes and is worth checking out. off brand now. now punk rock bar landmark which is set to open up at new location airport. the venue's famous owner died years ago. the trademark now belong as to company that bar likely will have televisions you but this not the actual delltell vision. >> onbran. jerry seinfeld continued to roll in huge names. today, seinfeld
10:32 pm
will be appearing in the upcoming season alongside of others including will ferrell and steve martin. and they actually pick up in a car and shot at the white house earlier and the car seinfeld chose nor segment was a 63 corvette stingray which is interesting because he picks that based on the person. >> very cool. yeah. very cool. >> yeah. >> holiday fa yeah, it is a real then. why so many people don't feel bright eyed on this time of year. and could it be the warm weather. why flu season is off to a close start which is a good thing. and here is tonight's new york minute. >> stan cliffed gifts to hundreds of did kids in hempstead. the children wrote letters to stan which were han did heed by the holiday spirit charity. >> we collect rapid gifts, you know, and
10:33 pm
in the santa bags, it is really nice operation that they have here and so to be a part of it and the smiles on the faces when they receive their gifts, its tremendous. they can be taller than the kids. reporter: the long island ducks visited the middle school in levitttown today to congratulate the winner of the bank essay contest. anthony won essay about his hero grandfather. >> that was amazing. >> that is amazing. there is something that he would never do. i would never myself. prepped with a rise service. and that is your new
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steve: chipotle dealing with a new e. coli outbreak. it is unclear if the latest outbreak is linked to the other cases that have sickened 53 people in nine states. the sales have been hit hard by the recent outbreak at boston skol lg and sickened 151 people that have turned out to be caused by in row virus. they are revising a ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men.
10:37 pm
unplace in the early years of aids could i sis. many groups lobbied for a change. the new policy will be to bordeaux negotiations from men who had sex with another man in the last year but some activists have criticized the new policy and it is similar to guidelines in place in the u.k. austral why and new zealand. a a moroccan teen headed home for the holidays. he was born with a facial aincomely called venus mall formation. if punctured the 18-year-old could lose a fatal amount of blood in under a minute as it grew no surgeon in the native country would prit on him and the family reached out to lenox hill hospital. >> we progressively removed more and more venus mall formation, brought some tissue from surrounding areas to replace that which had been lost. >> well,. >> you feel look you doesn't know where to
10:38 pm
how will he start his life. >> great. >> they will pay for room and board and a bmx bic and helmet. make sure you wear the helmet. >> yeah. well, if you think that not many people have beenp cooing down with the flu sonar year. you right. this is good news about the weather. the cdc says the flu season is off to a slower start and released the weekly flu count pry dy and always south carolina is showing significant flu-related traffic at doctor's offices and researchers predict that the flu season will peak in february experts say the warm weather may are something to do with it, so you done look the warm ether, that is one product p. true. >> all right. crowded stores wrong lines and gridlock alert days m am how the holidays en up being so stressful for so many new yorkers than. vie a video question for. >> no video question for me. >> there isn't any viewers. okay. thank you very much.
10:39 pm
>> if you with will take my question. thanks so much. >> thank. >> thank. >> you don't have to come end on the appearance. >> oh, wow. >> that went wrong quickly t. the questions kelly didn't like and why he stopped off in the middle of thor view today. pholiday season's just you got your big games...
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>> sometiming this he holiday season may feel a lot more like mayhem. the traveling dealing with family and all add ats. you we sent baruch shemtov. it is the most wonderful time of the year ding dong reporter: it can the most stressful. there are gifts to be boug, trees to be decorated, relatives to be host sod how are the holidays stressing you snout. >> for the kid, trav arele, machine i m. >> all the shopping and getting ready for the food. just fining the perfect gift for my friends. >> getting my fiance the perfect christmas present. i get what i like. >> shopping. shopping. shopping. shopping. >> you don't know what to buy for everyone. >> how is it going so star in. >> 50- >> you get stressed out
10:43 pm
gheith yeah. >> i myself where, i have to do the cooking, wrapping, et cetera, et cetera. >> who is helping out. >> no one. no one. no one. >> is that stretching you snout yes, i is. that is within thing about the holidays is everything has to be perfect and it can perfect. fun times happen when you know, when you mess up. >> according to psychologists, that attitude is the key to getting through the holidays. >> be there for ourselves not necessarily for everyone else's expectations. >> all of those sorts of purchase sure ofs to be there for everyone else, to be that smiling individual, takes away are the joy that we should have which is to just sit back and relax and enjoy the good times and enjoy the holiday cheer. >> so take control of this holiday season and don't get stress become the grump that stole christmas. >> baruch shemtov, "fox
10:44 pm
>> hear what dr. jeff just said. >> he did int have five kids. i meap, exactly. really sit back and relax. >> chill out. who will take carve everything? >> dr. jeff. >> all right. headlines here. i tweeted out you were calling for 72 on christmas eve ap even moving that up. >> a new data. i will up it another the record high for christmas eve, by the way, 63 degrees. so we'll blast that away. we'll hear it tomorrow. >> it is also 63 and going to stop about 62 and the record high on wednesdays 66. and i think, we'll kind of hover around 60 the day. nonetheless, going to be mild. miler than it should be. 53-39 and 41-30 is where we should be. we'll not be down again the foreseeable future. 65 the record high. that was in 2013 and minus 1 in 1942. sunrise down 4:31. cloudy now. 56 degrees.
10:45 pm
southwest and rising. that southwest wind and cloud cover that is fog hold temperature up tonight and predaik low of 49 to 50 around the city. all right. a couple of light showers on fox a. they rup in connecticut now. this the wired picture in a minute, though, showing the organized area of rain, that is down from tennessee to the gulf cast and that is heading or way into tomorrow. so well, we hit 56 now. the new high. 57 in bell mare in the last hour. 55 islip. 52 bridgeport then upper 40's as you went to the north and west. a! , see these number us now. high of 57 bellmawr. 56 intown. 39 in mon still low. back to 50 at bridgeport auner 50's. look at temperature gain from yesterday. wow. 15. as much as 20 plus degrees warmer that time. the wind out of the southwest that will continue tonight about 10 miles per hour sore. figure south wind as we head to tomorrow. then, again, that is going to push that milder air up here. look at washington, d.c.
10:46 pm
they are 56 and 40's to albany. boston at 52. satellite show both tow showing the light you showers fizz length out. here is the tip. you can see rain moving to vest with have and the big picture fining the cold front off to the distance here. ahead thatnt fro is the southerly wind that will move up here and bring that rain. that is good chunk of rain down here. that will be sliding up for tomorrow and on into tomorrow night. in the, we get a little break before the next weather system comes in to show warmer weather coming way. look at temperatures around the country. no cold air to be found but along the nounier here. 40 seattle. 60 san fran? gulf coast around 70 and up to memphis. 61 tomorrow in chicago. 45 take a look tat the day planner and occasional rain will be around 50's through midday. mid's at that. 62 tomorrow afternoon. then, just missing the record by a degree so who knows. you may hit it or tie it tomorrow. there is occasional rain through here. then the front moves by the next pron comes are way they bring ahead of that fog for wednesday
10:47 pm
in the afternoon and wednesday might this then that goes northward. we jump hope to real warm air and talking 7's on christmas eve. cloudy, cool, rain threat overnight and 9 the city. lower to mid 40's. tomorrow at 62 and periods of rain. then, the 7 day gis going to show 60 on once and most of that rain afternoon and night could be downwards. 73 now. some showers in late in the day and sun will break through. christmas day, 62 and going to be close to a record. record high on friday of 64. then 50's over the weekend be with. some rain late saturday into sunday. >> if it is physician if ny. well, what week of the year would it. >> you would never know. >> april. >> yeah. right. >> over the moon. >> right. >> right. >> crazy. >> all right. >> le with, looks like the dy president as got play without the star receiver come sunday. >> is up inects with the latest on odell beckham jr. reporter: am ines rosales.
10:48 pm
northbound at exit 1 van cortlandt park, within lane closed from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. tune in to good day new york
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reporter: all right. how are you doing, everyone inthe situation has gone from bad to worse. after coming back from a 28-point devitt yesterday to tie the game only to wind up losing to the and thes 38-35 on a last second field goal. they are vagued playoff chances faded even further down today when the star wide receiver beckham area was hit by one-game suss pension for veffing not one, but three personal foul penalties after going after panthers quarterback josh norman he has filed appeal that won't hard million once ta. o'dell did with a player should never do in any sport and get caught up the morning with the net result being emotions took him off the game but this is how o'dell described it after the
10:51 pm
>> well, out there playing football, you know, and we are competing. we are competing. i am a competitor. we're fog go at it. anyone who played sports, you are competitive. you are going to go as hard oath can. the recipient of the unsportsmanlike hits here is what he had to say when it was ul all over. >> you know, go back and watch it. people in this living room. they watch it. they understand what kind of a playier in guy is and it goes to show, who and what he is. >> but while josh was charlie angry and unhappy with o'dell, check out many team of the mates following the game. greeting in hugging the giants' star receiver not too many seemed upset by what transpired earlier. here is what he had to say about oh the afternoon. >> i will not defend his action yesterday because
10:52 pm
franchise and organization and does not tolerate that so i would not do that but i will defend the young man and the quality of the person i will defend him as long as i am able. reporter: all right. two thing here. odell beckham jr. screwed up yesterday big time but a good kid ap let's not make him public in my income per one and shows that tom coughlin has lost control of the team. oh really if if that's the case why would players battle back from a 28-point deficit to really. on the hardwood, magic beating the knicks 107-99 and topped the bulls 105-102 on the eye in ice and quaked the ducks 5-2. >> all right, thank you, russ. celebrity interviews about the latest rogging why the person is pitching but that was not the case for r&b singer r. kelly. he was being interviewed live today by the latest album.
10:53 pm
questions that were being asked so he walked off the set. here is the uncomfortable ex cha. >> sex is mentioned preqnt lp the lyrics. you talk about having sex with multiple women. do you have a healthy relationship with sex and that is reflected musically? >> i would have to say that. i did not come here to get interrogated. i didn't come here for deposition. you know who a deposition space to am aware of what a deposition is. >> i am asking where you got the music? what do you say to the fans who don't want to buy music. a i will not allow you to do that. you love you. >> okay. i have a video question for you. >> no video questions for me because the spur views over. >> ask me anything on the web questions a lot of people redigged this going awhere i and it came to pass. got up. he got tense at the end there. there is lots of skeletons in his closet. it was unplease be a for all involved ap that is
10:54 pm
surprise. we don't have to have clever opinion obs it. >> that wants testing piece of video. >> yeah. >> skelton wills do. ask me anything foremath. >> all right. >> give me a hard time. i will get up and walk out. >> yeah. take the mic off. yeah. that was that. >> you are in good shape. >> all right. i am. i have a lot of fair weather friends.
10:55 pm
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