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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  December 22, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". kerry: good morning. of member of the nypd is an six u.s. troops killed in a suicide bomb in afghanistan. the tech and joseph lamb was a 15 year veteran of the department. the team girl who was slashed in a random attack in queens has broken her silence, the chinese exchange student says the wound is still very painful and she doesn't want this to happen to anyone else. a hiker miraculously survived after a terrifying fall from a cliff ledge rescuers found him clinging to a tree above the hudson river.
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liz: i am liz dahlem involved and and juliet. kerry: i am getting readyjuliet. kerry: i am getting ready for the christmas holiday. might have to put some short-run, deliveries. 70 degrees i am hearing. >> meteorologist: going to see some 70 degrees. didn't reveal nice and mild out there? 56 is the number right now in central park, hard to believe christmas is coming of this week, 33 and islip, 56 for a long talk, bridgeport at 51, 40s to the northwest in poughkeepsie and sussex, monticello 39, everyone seeing readings well above average for this time of year, tend to almost 20 degrees above where we were at this time
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a look at sky guardian radar shows we are relatively dry in the city but we have some rain activity around the periphery towards the hudson valley and eastern pennsylvania seeing some rain moving in slowing around the tristate area as we go through the afternoon. we want your umbrella handy as you head out the door, we anticipate some showers, springlike, high readings in the upper 50s st. louis 60s across the tristate area, another chance of showers wednesday, thursday we see them try out a bit, temperatures in the 70s and christmas day looks fabulous, 63 degrees for the high. this is the first week of winter. hard to believe. alice everything on the roads? ines: we havehow is everything on the roads? ines: we have a problem in bronx. northbound your fine, no
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the sawmill across westchester, new jersey commute with no issues at the moment, new jersey 287. let's look at your commute on the lie, no problems westmount or eastbound, and bqe for the brooklyn bridge so far so good. northbound traffic moving without any problems. as far as trains, running on or close. liz: today after the 1-year anniversary of the murders of 3 to nypd officers and other debt in the department. kerry: a police detective is one of six american troops killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan. as robert moses explains he leaves behind a wife and two children. >> reporter: a suicide bomber on a motorcycle attacked the joint patrols of american and afghan troops on monday. the taliban claimed responsibility.
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joseph lamb, a member of the air national guard. according to a statement from police commissioner bill bratton lamb was a 15 year veteran of the nypd who was promoted to detective in january last year, served in the bronx warrant squad, deployed three times overseas, twice to afghanistan and wants to iraq. in his statement bran said detective joseph lamb economize the selflessness week and only strive for putting his country and city first. he leaves behind a wife and two children, in happier times news 12 westchester cover story about him, he did return from afghanistan to surprise his daughter who was performing in a singing competition. besides his family, he also leaves behind a city and country who are grateful for his service. york". kerry: the students last in the face during a random attack is
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his name is being withheld, says the wind is very painful, she received 200 stitches and says she doesn't want this to happen to anyone else. the eleventh grader is a chinese exchange student who was walking to school when a random person wearing a surgical mask and gloves cut her in the face with a box cutter. she was wearing glasses at the time of the attack and the glass is likely saved her eyesight. an incredible cliff side rescue of a man who felt how hiking in rockland state park. >> we had contact with the party himself but he is extremely fatigued and has slurred speech at this point. liz: emergency crews pull the 25-year-old to safety after he fell down the side of a mountain and was hanging from a tree. rescuers used his cellphone to pinpoint his location. >> little tricky, the loose to
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so i guys couldn't see where they were planting their feed. we could hear him. he was yelling for help. she saw my lights. then he started yelling for help. liz: hypothermia was a concern because he was stuck for three hours. police are not releasing his neck and but he is expected to make a full recovery. kerry: a yonkers a garbage truck crashes into a building after the driver suckers a medical episode with the accident happened around 8:00, the driver may have suffered a seizure causing him to lose control of the truck. he crashed into the building that houses dispatch for yonkers union car service, had to be extricated and is hospitalized. one other person was seriously injured. evaluating the structural integrity of that building. governor cuomo is scheduled to have surgery on his hand, the injured it playing basketball with his younger brother chris, he hit the rim with his right
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the officials say the governor is not expected to spend much time out of the office. new year's resolutions as he heads into his their year running this city, he held that meeting at city hall, talking about what he considers his major accomplishment so far. among them he says the city's economy is on the upswing with more new yorkers working than ever before and unemployment rate under 5%. >> all time high for the number of jobs we have, 4.2 million jobs, most we ever had, 200,000 of those -- kerry: the mayor pledged to attend more town hall meetings. liz: disturbing discovery raises concerns about how vulnerable america's infrastructure is to cyber attacks. kerry: had islam to iran
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of a dam 25 miles from the city. linda schmidt has more. >> this no trespassing sign is meaningless because iranian cyberhackers infiltrated am's control system. the city manager tells fox 5 which is two years ago, and to see the controls system but they were unable to take control of it. the department of homeland security investigated that hacking. new york congressman peter king says the breach as broad and dangerous implications. >> cybersecurity and asian states like iran and china, the dam, the grid -- >> political leaders are concerned about the indian point
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and controlling american industrial systems like dams, drawbridges and pipeline are all coming easy to breathe and need to be updated. hackers could theoretically cause an explosion, a flood or a traffic jam. >> whether it is iran, china, russia, isis or al qaeda at or just men and women out there, this is the issue of cybersecurity, great consequence and not enough has been done. >> reporter: in the past two years for an hackers have broken into network that supplied power to the military, mass-transit and business but the public almost never hears about it. american electric power is a major utility company in the u.s. that serves 11 states. >> we are seeing people looking for vulnerabilities, people scanning to see what types of
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for things they think might be available. >> reporter: homeland security has warned industrial companies about updating their computer systems and improving cybersecurity. >> we are not where we need to be and we are very focused on getting to where we need to be. kerry: new york congresswomen said this incident underscore is the urgent need for a national cybersecurity strategy. linda schmidt, fox 5 news. kerry: a lot more still to come on "good day early call," we are warming up on the first full day of winter. audrey looks at a warming trend we are going through and the rain we are going to get.
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dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. >> meteorologist: as you get the kids ready for the bus stop in a little while we expect cloudy skies and mild temperatures this morning, as guardian of 50s, there is potential for the in today's city might want to have them with the of wet weather gear to the bus stop in early-morning hours. temperatures are only going to be in the upper 50s to low 60s, in central park we are at 56
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humidity is up nearly southwest wind flow helping to bumped our numbers to above-average meetings and that will be the case not only for the tristate area but much of the northeast. at is turn the area were at 51 degrees in boston, 47 in albany, same number in williamsport, 51 in buffalo, 50 pittsburgh in d.c. at 53, a couple spotty showers picked up by radar but the bulk of the rain to the west. mostly moving through pennsylvania and a lot of steadier rain fall across the southeastern states. this system will push eastward so we expect rain over the area into and tuesday and things get quiet in to tonight, mostly cloudy skies overnight and tomorrow morning much like today we start with a lot of clout and another round of rain into the region and looks like it will be here for much of wednesday and keep that handy, we are a little
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until friday. temperatures have been well above average this month. we are running 11 degrees above normal, our warmest day was on the fifteenth which was 68 degrees, we will be that the for the end of the month, we are below normal precipitation, we need to add to the deficit and we may help that the next few days anticipating rain across the area. have the umbrella handy, temperatures mild, we will soar into the low 60s, same thing wednesday, thursday a lot of clout in place, really mile christmas eve with a high 10 degrees for christmas day with plenty of sunshine and the weekend shows to be a little bit, showers expected saturday, temperatures remain, live interactive radar, called weather and you can download free and your google play store and the itunes store and fall right along with the fox 5 with 13. let's see how roads look, we
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ines: we have a problem in rockland county. conn doing fine, 95 and merritt parkway no problems in the norwalk area towards greenwich, the problem on the palisades south bound closing all lanes between exits 2 and 1 northbound side not affected. let's take a look at the lie, traffic moving fine in suffolk county, no problems by cherry red and a grand tour of looking good, no delays construction related, same lincoln and holland tunnel. in the event kerry: your christmas, the coming in the mail. >> a lot people think social media is more convenient, jessica will see if christmas cards wilson be a thing of the past. >> reporter: many people head to social media to post holiday cards even though a lot of us spoke to say they prefer to receive holiday card in the mail
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online. >> i put the pictures on my refrigerator and my work station. >> i like the old-fashioned way. you can read it. >> i am old-fashioned. i do it by hand. >> you may say i didn't get a lot of christmas card in the mail, you're not alone, needed the rest of us. >> a cry for help that because of e-mail and social media we are seeing a lot less in terms of delivered mail. >> reporter: peters jenkins as christmas cards have been replaced with status updates. >> the excitement isn't there anymore because we see it in real time. >> reporter: this family is proof of that. they left this message on facebook, i don't do the whole holiday card thing so here is up pick of the boys. >> send a card saying thinking of you and hope you have a good holiday. >> reporter: you may all those out.
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>> so you take time to get these made and sent them out. >> my grandparents like to hang things on the fringe, not really following the on twitter. kind of reaches everybody this way. >> reporter: you like when your mom and dad send them out to all the family members? >> yes. i like when they see my photos better. >> reporter: the majority like to receive those cards so if you haven't sent one to the family you may want to do so. upper east side, fox 5 news. >> reporter: high school in long island pressing -- practicing for the performance of a lifetime, singing for pope francis. kerry: the glen cove high school chorus performed for president obama two years ago. now they're rehearsing for the international debut at the vatican.
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15 chapel choir at a feast of the epiphany mass celebrated by the pontiff. >> i never thought i would be doing something like this. >> unbelievable. it hasn't hit me yet. that is when i will go crazy. >> reporter: what is huge honor. the choir plans on visiting ancient rome, the coliseum and walking through the holy door at the vatican. >> the new baby on display. abandon, the unnamed male in october, they are mated to northeastern africa and the arabian peninsula. the baboon is the second berth at the zoo which breeds them as part of the survival species plan. worth making the trip to the zoo just to see that. unbelievable. may get you.
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kerry: is beginning to look a lot like christmas. liz: we will be in for a rude awakening when it gets cold. you are freaking out because it is so mild and so nice and. 70s. >> meteorologist: it feels more like spring. temperatures will be well above average for this time of year, normally would be in the low 40s, going for a high of 60 degrees in central park, the record is 71 degrees, you see a few of those numbers by christmas eve, wind speeds relatively light at the moment, shifted to the southwest and the milder winds direction bumping up numbers across the region. you see more rain filling in as we go towards the afternoon, have your umbrella handy,
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mostly in the 50s of a 60s, and a steady rainfall by tomorrow night. check out that number, the expected high, looks great for christmas day. 63 degrees. kerry: thanks. liz: good -- >> not a good morning for giants fans. with the giants acted sunday, no surprise, the nfl suspended him for one game. the quest to make it to the playoffs, beckham receive free personal penalties including one for spearing and his quarterback nosh norman in the head, the helmet hit. it won't be heard until wednesday.
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using for ending, tom coughlin talked-about everything. >> i will not defend his actions yesterday because they were wrong, this particular franchise and organization does not tolerate that sell i would not do that but iron will defend the young man and the quality of the person, i will defend him as long as i am able. >> the giants have a shot to make the playoffs, they play the vikings and eagles but if they lose beckham for a game that will be a serious blow. on a hot with the knicks had a chance to make it five in a row at the garden against the magic. let's take up in the second quarter as the rookie gets the knicks with in six, only had nine points, in the fourth quarter carmelo anthony loses the ball, he gets off-balance and arrange it, nick foley down two but a couple minutes later, and the knee with a drive at
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magic on the fast break in the biggest lead of the game, 107-99. after looking horrible against minnesota sunday, at the nets looked good against bulls in the third quarter, borden began to -- wait ellington. lopez, that is right there. here is later on in the fourth, lopez sealed the win with a nice drive to the basket and the next 8 doubles 105-one 02/etna five game losing streak. on the night the islanders toasted the anaheim ducks in brooklyn and in the first period, takes it to the front of the net and scores, that ties the game at one and still in the first period after a face-off here, travis fires from the aboard to the net.
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ducts 5-2. world-famous harlem globetrotters decided to have a bill fun off the court. curly neal with team members franklin and maddox visited madam trousseau posing as the revenues it versions of themselves, some students from the bronx decided to stand next to the players, the globetrotters jumped into action showing of their legendary treks smiling and all that stuff. they were scared at first, that little girl, they loved every minute of the display, is part of the 92 anniversary of the team. >> i would run straight out the door. >> you are posing in front of that. >> i remember carmelo anthony had a replica put up and he did at and they had wax makeup on and kids freaked out. >> i don't go to a haunted
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