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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  December 22, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day" wake-up. kerry: cloud should bring light rain which it can be heard tomorrow. audrey has the full forecast. liz: joseph lin is among six liz: joseph lin is among six american troops killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan, leaving of a white and two children. the nypd is looking for a woman accused of cutting two people on the subway. the attack reportedly stems from a dispute over a poll on the a train in brooklyn. an astounding feat in cape canaveral. an unmanned rocket launches a payload into orbit. then returned safely to work in
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we have that story for you and coming up in a little bit. great to have you with us, kerry drew. liz: i am liz dahlem. ben simmoneau and juliet huddy are off today, the first full day of winter certainly doesn't feel like it. december 22nd, check your calendar, feels more like april or may. kerry: christmas coming up in a couple days a did feels like spring out there. >> meteorologist: it does. for those who like milder weather, no one is complaining. cold weather people are, we are hearing all about it. i can't satisfy you but i do like mild temperatures, it will be our kind of christmas. temperatures very mild, precipitation on radar in the form of green and not snow. a couple light showers picked up here mostly across the hudson valley and into portions of pennsylvania. everyone else seeing patchy drizzle like robert moses who is
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we are in the 50s in central park towards long island, 52 in bridgeport, 46 in poughkeepsie and sussex and monticello, they have comparable readings, belmar at 55, newark running the 18 degrees milder than they were this time yesterday. we are in store for temperatures or day filled with above-average temperatures all across the tristate area. we have been in the forecast too, a batch of it coming out of pennsylvania. the bulk of it will pass to the north but i will begin a chance for scattered showers through the day today so you will have the umbrella handy, more moisture to the southeast, that is where it will remain. this area of low pressure will make its way across the area, the second one towards the west will be our rain maker late tomorrow into the evening and that could bring a good soaking rain wednesday afternoon. today scattered showers, temperatures mild, in the upper 50s to low 60s and tomorrow
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will happen in the evening. we are still unsettled for christmas eve but temperatures in the low 70s, and we have high temperature of 63 degrees. let's see how it looks on a rhodes. ines is here. >> police activity has it closed southbound from texas 2-1. the parkway also looking good, your commute in queens, if you're traveling to the bqe east bound you will have problems at a lower level. is an overturned tractor trailer, bringing it back. and the off ramp, attracted 3 inert flipped over and there's
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avenue, the ramp to the lower level is blocked off. a tractor-trailer flipped over, they're trying to clean away. a per lower-level doing fine, same for the lincoln and holland tunnel, bqe towards the brooklyn bridge, all lanes open on the manhattan bound brooklyn bridge. >> top story this morning, new york city police detective is one of six american troops killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan. >> fox 5 on the 50th precincts where his squad was how this. >> reporter: good morning, joseph lamb worked here, it is housed in the same building as the 50th precincts, black and purple bunting hangs over it, it is a reminder a police officer who worked here made the ultimate sacrifice. a suicide bomber on the motorcycle attacked of joint patrols of american and afghan
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monday. the taliban claimed responsibility. joseph lamb, a member of the air national guard. and lamb was a 15 year veteran, and the bronze work squad, three times overseas to afghanistan and wants to iraq. brans said detective joseph lamb economize the selflessness we can only strive for. a white and reduce children, in happier times news 12 westchester cover story about him. lambert turned home to a deployment in afghanistan to surprise his daughter who was performing in a singing competition. besides his family he also leaves behind at city and country that are grateful for
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another live look at a 50th briefing, on one day back in december of 2005, officer joseph lamb was off-duty when he chased down three teens who were wanted for stabbing someone inside at cbs on westchester avenue in the bronx. he chased them down and helped apprehend the and, just one example of the career and life that lamb lived. that is boat latest, live from the bronx this morning, back to you. liz: policing work on the hunt for a woman wanted for cutting two people on a train in brooklyn. this is a picture of a suspect, she got into a verbal argument with two victims, a man and woman over a poll on the train did this happen that 7:00 last friday, on a train near the jay street station, and she cut and
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and left the train, both victims refused medical attention. if you want information call crime stoppers at 800-577-tips. liz: the student cut in the face during a random attack in queens last week is speaking out. the 16-year-old told the post the wound is still very painful, she received 200 stitches after that attack. surveillance video here, she also says she doesn't want this to happen to anyone else, of eleventh graders a chinese exchange student who was walking to school when a random person wearing a surgical mask and gloves cut her in the face with a box cutter. and says she was wearing glasses at the time of the attack and they likely save her eyesight. liz: an incredible cliff side rescue of a man who fell while hiking and rockland state park. >> we had contact with the party himself but he is extremely fatigued and has learned speech at this point.
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hours pulling him to safety after he fell down a side of the mountain and was hanging from the tree. rescuers pinpoint his location with a cellphone. >> a little tricky due to the imus terrain, stones, rocks and foliage that was covering so my guys couldn't see where they were pointing their feed. we could hear and the guys went up and he is yelling for help. he started yelling for help. liz: hypothermia was a concern because he was a three hours. police not releasing his name but he is expected to make a full recovery. kerry: a yonkers a garbage truck crashes into a building after the driver severs and paramedical episode with the accident happened around 8:00. the driver may have suffered a seizure causing him to lose control of the truck, crashed into the building that houses dispatch for yonkers union car
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one other person mysteriously injured. city inspectors are evaluating the structural integrity of that building. liz: mayor bill deblasio making new year's resolutions in his third year running the city, he held a midterm meeting at city hall talking about what he considers his major accomplishments. among them he says the city's economy is on the upswing, more new yorkers are working than ever before and the unemployment rate is under 5%. >> all-time high for the number of jobs we have, 4.2 million jobs in new york city, literally the most we have ever had. under 200,000 jobs added since i took office. >> they are pledged to attend for town hall meetings. >> the race for the white house with hillary clinton and donald trump throwing jabs at each other. >> another gop candidate calling
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teresa priolo joining us, things were interesting. >> there was a word that was used by donald trump, to dance around this. this latest in salt, seen as that sexually explicit comments, hillary clinton, referring to the then 2008 democratic primary which senator clinton defeated by senator barack obama. he is a yiddish term fox news decided not to air. this as the gop field begins to narrow. >> i know where she went. don't want to talk about it. >> reporter: tension between hillary clinton and the donald and ramps up, after clinton was saturday's debate. and held in the bathroom. >> disgusting, don't say it is disgusting, we want to be very straight up.
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national polls position that their party's likely candidate, trump seems to be running with gop support, the latest polls show his closest, ted cruz, some studies suggest trump's support may be understated. he is doing better in online polls. this as south carolina senator lindsey graham, expressed frustration about being an undercard voice and so he is about. >> to be a viable candidate in the finances, and the big stage. >> rand struggled never gaining more than 2%. one person not sad to see him go is front runner donald trump. >> sadly i guess you heard lindsay graham left the race. very sad.
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he was very nasty to me, wasn't he? >> a little sarcasm from the donald. local in candidates follows it, the iowa caucuses are a little more than a month away, we will also seek the next gop debate, it will be moderated by megyn wallace. there were 24 million viewers, this next will be jan. 28 at 9:00 from des moines, iowa. megyn kelly and donald trump by face-to-face again. the first one did very well. we will see if this creates the same amount of buzz. >> they had a war on twitter. >> that went on for days. liz: a lot of trump wars, we will be watching. looks like hillary clinton is going to be a grandmother again. third daughter chelsea is expecting her second baby. chelsea made the announcement with her daughter charlotte,
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next summer charlotte is going to be a big sister, feeling very blessed and grateful this holiday season. term on and dad were quick to tweak their congratulations to chelsea and her husband. we which all the best. a lot more coming up. liz: a police chase with a surprising end, we will tell you who was behind the wheel. kerry: audrey is keeping track of the forecasts. >> meteorologist: temperatures at 56 degrees, we anticipate showers on and off through the days ahead your umbrella handy, high numbers in the low 60s, you can track the rain, live interactive radar called weather, you get it free a catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte
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21 zero. lived off. kerry: the commercial aerospace company space x send a foul and rockets for in for orbit with 11 small satellites, its first mission since an accident last summer. what everyone is talking about this morning, a rocket, 15 stories made a return to cape
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space x, reusable rockets may getting to space astronomically cheaper than building a new vehicle each time. good for them. liz: another mild day as we are two days from christmas eve. so nice walking out the door. how many times have you work your puppy coat? two days, that was it. we will need a light jacket today and to the bus stop. in my address them in light jacket as well, starting with temperatures in the 50s in many locations this afternoon, low 60s, we anticipate on and off rain showers a you might want to have an umbrella handy and we will stay pretty mild over the next couple days. we are at 56, 53 in islip,
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cooler 39 degrees, winds relatively light but what to note is the wind direction out of the southwest and that is what is helping bump up our temperatures across the region. light patchy rain, across new jersey and patchy drizzle, the bulk of the system bringing heavy rain fall towards the light showers. the rain passing through by tonight and then we will go drive for the first half, overnight, very early wednesday, another round of rain developed but the heaviest rainfall tomorrow into the evening. we could see an inch of rain. thursday we're still unsettled, and basking sunshine. cloudy skies with a chance of rain, temperatures will be mild mostly around 60 degrees, same thing wednesday.
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nice and dry with plenty of sunshine and a high temperature of 63 degrees. let's see how nice it is on the looking? ines: some hot spots out there this morning as you travel through rockland county on the palisades, all lanes closed between exit 2 and 3, police activity going on, and if you're thinking of using 9 w as an alternate route that closes the activity. another problem in queens, now a look at the staten island expressway doing fine. let's look at the problem in queens. the activity going on here, the bqe towards the long island expressway, here is the bqe continuing to move find a rental lower-level, that is how is closed off. tractor trailer flipped open,
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dallas parkway by the airport, moving westbound, trains running on or close. liz: a wild chaise on dashcam they thought were pursuing a drug driver. beating down the highway is, the car loses control, ending up on kids. and his 8-year-old sister, they had a joy ride after their dad went to bed. and the team faces multiple charges. former university connecticut student, on a drunken mack and cheese tirade. he gets probation. >> jalapeno -- >> that was a portion of the drunken profanity for the campus restaurant manager who refused to sell and jalapeno mack and
5:20 am
19-year-old from basil, new york was the this the case will be removed from his record if he avoids legal trouble over the next year. a lot more still ahead this morning. what could be bigger than black friday and cyber monday? shopping day that taught them all. liz: "good day" will be right back. >> i am specialist marcel
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with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. kerry: chipotle dealing with the new e:albritton kansas, north dakota and oklahoma. is not clear if the latest outbreak is linked to other cases that have sickened 53 people in nine state. a believe sales happen hit hard by the ellises. a recent outbreak in boston college slicken 150 one people, that was caused by not more of virus. liz: a connecticut state senator wants companies to cut back on shipping materials they use. ted kennedy jr. plans to introduce a bill that would terribly use of large boxes and access packing materials is the democrat says state landfills are teaming with shipping supplies costing counts more
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kennedy says the problem is only got worse as more people do there online shopping. kerry: fibers of the monday, we need another nickname for the day after christmas. a study by american express, two thirds of americans will shop on that date surpassing black friday and cybermonday, the survey found most people have a lot of shopping left to do, 73% plan to wait until last minute to buy the best deals, 22% are waiting to save up until they have enough money and 20% said they haven't found enough time to shop. kerry: a lot of people have their stuff done. i don't. mcdonald's is serving mack and cheese. kerry: this is available in select locations, it could be ordered as a regular menu item
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". 9 temperatures rise and should reach the low 70s christmas eve. lorayne is expected today. audrey has the complete forecast. kerry: of member of the nypd is among six u.s. troops killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan. di corrective joseph lamb was a 15 year veteran of the department. liz: investigators say the iranian hackers access the controls system of a small dam
5:28 am
breach compromised the design plans of dozens of u.s. power plants. liz: donald trump's war of words with hillary clinton heating up, trump used harsh language to attack clinton for bathroom break she took at the democratic weekend. liz: i am liz dahlem. kerry: diane kerry drew, juliet and ben are off, it is tuesday, december 20 second, first full day of winter. takes for being with us. liz: we can't stop talking about this weather because it is a shocker. >> meteorologist: temperatures well above average, feeling like spring rather than christmas across the tristate area. we are starting off in the 50s in central park, 53 in islip, 50s towards montauk point. 55 on the shore in belmar, 40s at 39 degrees. a lot of these numbers are
5:29 am
high and low 40s. a very mild tuesday, temperatures running about 10 to 20 degrees warmer than they were at this time yesterday, some rain coming into the picture too, lots of clouds in place, light showers and petty drizzle picked up by radar, more on the way, there was the bulk of rain to the south that will remain across southeastern states but on the backside a round of rain passing through the area in the afternoon hours, another area of low pressure will affect us wednesday. have the umbrella handy, we expect scattered showers 3 or tuesday, temperatures nice and miles, 50s to 60s. a good amount of rainfall wednesday afternoon. still unsettled for christmas eve thursday but temperatures will rise into the 70s and christmas day will try out and temperatures above average with
5:30 am
ines, it is looking milder for the first week of winter. ines: on the palisades, police activity southbound all lanes closed between exit 2, and 1 canal one lane closed:lehman. 9 w is closed both directions for the same police activity. westchester things are sighing on the thruway, no problems in suffolk county, y. northern and southern state moving fine, let's go to the cameras to look in your commute. this is the bqe towards the right eastbound, the ramp to the lower level is blocked, evel is blocked, tractor trailer flipped over. street cleaning rules in effect. liz: in new york city police
5:31 am
troops killed in an attack in afghanistan. kerry: robert moses joins us from the 50th recent in the bronx. good morning. >> reporter: detective joseph lamb live in westchester county, worked in the bronx, that black and purple bunting over there at the doorway testify as to a life well lived and a death that came far too soon. a suicide bomber on a motorcycle attacked a joint patrols of american and afghan troops nearby ingraham air base monday, the taliban claimed responsibility. among the dead, 45-year-old nypd detective joseph lamb, a member of the air national guard. according to a statement from bill bratton, lamb was a 15 year veteran of the nypd promoted to detective in january of last year, served in the bronx warrant squad, deployed three times overseas, twice to
5:32 am
in his statement bratton said detective joseph lamb ipoh mies the selflessness we can we strive for putting his country and city first. lamb leaves behind a white and two children. in happier times news 12 westchester cover a story about him, lie returned home from a deployment to afghanistan to surprise his daughter who was competition. besides his family, lamb leaves behind a city and country that are grateful for his service. >> reporter: another live look at the bronx warren squad, bill deblasio issued a statement saying detective lange gave his life yet asked for little in return other than to serve his country and his fellow new yorkers. save to say he did both very well. that is the latest from the kings bridge section of the bronx. kerry: a sad story. our thoughts are with his family. 5:34.
5:33 am
infrastructure, it could be hacked. the associated press found hackers links to the iranian government infiltrated the control system of a dam two years ago. security experts say this is happening at power plants across the u.s.. >> we are seeing people looking for vulnerabilities, scanning to see what types of openings they can find, looking for things they think might be available. >> reporter: identifying the source of a cyberattack is difficult. in the past few years several private firms tied network tax on the u.s. power grid to russia and china. liz: the michelob is scheduled to have surgery on his hand, he have surgery on his hand, he with
5:34 am
clinton a throwing insults at each other. liz: another gop candidate calling it quits. teresa priolo joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. we start with the latest insult by way of donald trump who made what is being seen as a sexually explicit comments regarding former secretary of state hillary clinton, referring to the then 2008 democratic primary in which then senator clinton was defeated by then senator obama. he used a yiddish term fox decided not to repeat and will not air. the comment comes in as this field of gop candidates is beginning to narrow. >> i know where she went. discussing. i don't want to talk about it. >> reporter: tension between have a real clinton and the donald ramp up after clinton was late to the stage during saturday's debate in new hampshire because she got held up in the bathroom. >> too discussing.
5:35 am
we want to be very straight. >> reporter: they continued to spar as national polls position that as their party's likely candidate. trump seems to be running off with gop support the latest polls show his closest competitor ted cruz still 20 points behind. some studies suggest trump's support may be understated. he is generally doing better in online polls than phone surveys as south carolina senator lindsey graham says his campaign has hit a wall. he expressed frustration about being an undercard voice and so he is bowling hall. >> to be a viable candidate unique finances and you need to get on the big stage. the 2%.
5:36 am
graham left the race today. he was nasty to me, wasn't he? >> reporter: we will have to see how this affects other remote polling candidates, if they begin to follow suit at the iowa caucuses more than a month away. we will see how this affects the next gop debate which will be moderated by megyn kelly, bret baier and chris wallace, the band is back together for the next debate, the last debate garnered 24 million viewers. the next debate jan. 28 at 9:00 live from des moines, iowa. that is the latest from here. liz: time for a check of the weather. a gorgeous day out there already. >> reporter: this will be your week if you like mild weather, lots of clouds out there but it will be mild with temperatures soaring into the low 60s, light rain, have the umbrella handy
5:37 am
we expect more rain tomorrow, heavy at times especially in the afternoon and evening. christmas eve we expect temperatures near 70 degrees and above in many locations. we are at a mile 56 degrees, is a bit muddy with dewpoint and humidity levels chance of wind at 6 miles per hour, what clouds in place, some rain and patchy drizzle across the tristate area. at your umbrella handy, you will need if for the day. a system will be working its way across the eastern seaboard providing wet weather and our eyes are on this system to the west which will affect us tomorrow and the bulk of the rain will happen in the afternoon into the evening. our day planner shows we will have lots of clout with scattered showers throughout the day, temperatures soaring in the upper 50s by lunch time, most 60s in many locations this afternoon and high temperatures above average through the next
5:38 am
afternoon and evening, thursday unsettled but temperatures in the low 70s and christmas day we will try things out with plenty of sunshine and high of 63. temperatures cooled down in the 50s, still above average for this time of year and increase on saturday and sunday of rain chances. let's see what your chances are of getting to work on time. ines as your traffic update. liz: if you're going to the george washington bridge expect delay south bound. police activity has one lane closed between exit 2 and 3, 9 w closed both directions, a here is another direction in new jersey, 46 east bound by south hackensack an accident blocking a plane. let's show you the shot again of the bqe, this is the lie, you can see that is block toward the lower level because of a tractor-trailer that flipped
5:39 am
clearing things out of the way. eastbound bqe the ramps, lower level remains closed because of that problem if your continuing eastbound you should be fine, cross bronx towards the alexander hamilton bridge doing fine, no problems on the deegan, northbound southbound bqe approaching the brooklyn bridge. liz: a lot more coming up. adele beckham jr. get suspended for one game but will be played this weekend? giants fans want to know. next with sports. kerry: "good day" coming right back, stay with us. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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kerry: new york city police detective is one of six american troops killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan. a 15 year veteran of the nypd, a hiker is rested of a cliff and rockland. emergency crews bent three hours pulling their 25-year-old to safety after he fell down the side of a mountain and was hanging from a tree yesterday. liz: their bill deblasio held a meeting at city hall talking about what he considers to be his major accomplishment thus
5:43 am
he says the city's economies on the upswing with more new yorkers working than ever before and an unemployment rate under 5%. kerry: was zoo has a new baby on display. baby baboon. this is the unnamed male a, a mother and dad are baboons from northeastern africa and the arabian peninsula, the baby baboon is the second berth at the zoo which frees them as part of the species survival plan. at that binge that video is fun to look at. liz: time to transition to sports. kerry: all the talk yesterday.
5:44 am
for spearing josh norman in the head. they were going at it every single play. adele filed an appeal but it won't be heard until wednesday. reports said beckham felt threatened because during pre-game banter is players brandished a baseball bat and a grass comments directed at him. coach coughlin talked about his players. >> i will not defend his actions yesterday because they were wrong and this particular franchise and organization does not tolerate that. i would not do that but i will defend the young and and the quality of the person, and will defend him as long as i am able. >> this exciting the giants can still make the playoffs, the cliff the vikings and eagles but if they lose beckham for a game that will be a serious blow. to the hardwood the knicks had a chance to make five wins in a row at the garden, the orlando magic.
5:45 am
and a rookie get the alley-oop. the knicks with and six, nine points, didn't play much in the fourth quarter but in the fourth carmelo and in imus is the ball, get it back, but then dreams it, nick foley down two at that point bought a couple minutes later and the knee with a drive loses the ball, the magic built on the fast break and take the biggest lead of the game, orlando stops the knicks 107-99. after looking horrible against minnesota sunday the nets looked pretty good against the bulls, the bulls are having their own struggles with the new head coach but the nets took advantage. jennifer garner brooklyn began to pull away, lincoln from three iron industry on the one-0, and take the puck
5:46 am
source, tying the game at one. in the first period after the ensuing face-off, fires from near the board to the net. islanders go up and trounce the ducks' 5-2. the world famous harlem globetrotters decided at a little fun of the porch. carley neil with team members franklin and maddox visited madison posing as wax museum versions of themselves. when some students decided to stand next to the players the globetrotters jumped into action. they started moving. petronis in of the ball the kids were scared, what is going on? they loved every minute of it and this display had, madam trousseau part of the 92 anniversary of the team. >> a great idea.
5:47 am
kind of fun for the kids. thank you. liz: time for a check of the weather. >> meteorologist: 73 degrees thursday. kerry: los angeles will only be 63. >> meteorologist: amazing stuff. we could break record on that day, high is 64 on christmas eve. let's talk about today as you head toward the bus stop with the kiddies this morning, just a jacket because temperatures will be mild today, starting in the 50s, going for highs in a 60s buddy will be a wet tuesday because we expect scattered showers through the day, right now 56 in the par, 53 in islip, bridgeport 52 degrees. belmar 55, 43 in sussex, 46 in poughkeepsie, monticello out of the upper 30s and low 40s, winds relatively light, the big thing to note is out of the west
5:48 am
we will see above average readings across the area, also wet weather coming in too, picking up on satellite radar, light showers and patchy drizzle being found across the region, a chance for scattered showers through the day, the bulk of the system passing to the south and even worth, rain passing towards central new york, the system will push eastward across the eastern seaboard, our next focus will be to the west, that will bring a good amount of rainfall later wednesday. lots of clouds in place with rain to the north and passing showers throughout the afternoon, things will try out tonight, we start dry, early tomorrow, scattered showers, steady rainfall will come for the afternoon and to bring an inch of rain and on wednesday night as far as reading is concerned we are still unsettled, clouds and showers leftover, your big talk will be the big increase in temperatures, we are below normal rainfall so we need it
5:49 am
deficit we have been experiencing since january 1st. lots of rain shower chances today, we will see temperatures soaring in the upper 80 -- upper 50s of the 60s, same thing wednesday, 80s, 70s thursday, friday looks great for christmas holiday, we expect sunshine with a high of 63 degrees. sounds like you like the 80 degree reading. ines: let's talk about the commute. be bqe expect delays approaching the expressway, of ran toward the lower level closed because of an overturned dump truck, trying to clear away debris, the lie doing okay the slowing down a little by queens boulevard, normal delays. the lie by , road, no problems with out or eastbound driving into this city, looking at the lincoln tunnel doing fine,
5:50 am
holland and george washington bridge. trains, everything on or close to schedule. would you be ok with 80 degrees in new york? kerry: is 73 on thursday, a little weird. liz: not making me prepare. thank you. a lot more coming that. kerry: sarah palin taser backed tina fay for her smooth of the vice-presidential candidate with a spoof of her own. we will take a look coming that next. grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. re quite the expert in the morning.
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>> time to check entertainment headlines. anna: sarah palin poking kickback at tina fay. her 31 barack triana, she plays the opposite of her liberal character, a conservative writer. >> the only thing is right here. >> will see round of the test and produce a hit show? >> presentation. >> or will writers ruin everything? >> nerds. >> and for throats friend to
5:54 am
>> here's what you do. anna: john mccain plays the alec baldwin character. the video appeared on the independent journal review website after fed surprised her impersonation this weekend of. big names. that guy is in that. the anna: steve harvey announcing a huge story, if you haven't seen this moment take a look. >> i have to apologize. runner-up is columbia. anna: there are potential explanations what led to that power, it was miss philippines. harvey missed the last hour of
5:55 am
crucial part about reading the card. that source said the winner is not in the teleprompter because they don't want the women to see it. there's a different story circulating according to the daily news. apparently there was a snap chat video seen after this mistake where harvey said backstage the producer, the prompter said miss universe columbia. this release video, and can't confirm that, harvey is not commenting. donald trump for his part to hold a stake in this universe that he would make ms. columbia and miss philippines cowinners. that would be beautiful. she broke the internet with her derriere and now kim kardashian is breeding something else in cyberspace after the release of her imogees she tweeted i am sorry and procure apps store. people magazine says at one point apple getting 9,000 downloads per milliseconds so the apple tech team has to make
5:56 am
that costs $1.99 if you want to get it. taught trending air when.
5:57 am
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