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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  December 22, 2015 6:00am-6:59am EST

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>> good morning. we could see some scattered showers up to 60 degrees. audrey puente has the full forecast. >> new york city police detectives get six american troops killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan. leaves behind a wife and two children. >> commission is evaluating salaries of top city officials say mayor de blasio deserves raise. may or your currently earns $225,000 a year. >> historic moment at cape canaveral a vertical landing lanched satellite into space a
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exploration cheaper. i'm liz dahlem. >> i'm kerry drew ben simmoneau and juliet huddy are off u today. 6:00 on this tuesday morning. thanks so much for being with us. >> just a couple days till christmas eve. three till christmas. everybody is talking about the weather that's the big headline this morning. audrey you are the girl morning. but i'm talking about the weather always. unusually mild as we start off this first week of the winter season. that is going to feel more like spring across the tristate area. we're having that already this morning with temperatures mostly in 50s and we have some rain to contend with here on our radar. light rain shower. patchy drizzle picked up north of the city and northern new jersey. and temperatures warm enough for rain and not snow. 56 in central park. 53s islip. same in bridgeport this morning. good morning belmar had at 55 degrees.
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the 40s in sussex as well as over to monticello. winds are light at the moment what's to note about winds is that direction is from the west, southwest which is a mild wind direction for us and that will be persistent over next couple of day. wet weather working in here and a system affecting eastern seaboard from northeast down towards the southeast. a lot of rain is being found along it. it will be pushing east into tuesday. bringing us a chance of rain tomorrow. i think steadiest storm into the evening. below normal for precipitation so we need rain. above normal wp ts about 11 degrees so far for the month. all right looking ahead to today above cloudy skies. mild with light rain showers. steadier and heavier wednesday afternoon into the evening. nice and mild with low 70s. sunny and 63 for christmas day. let's see how it is this morning on the roads. ines has traffic.
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start off with queens you have an accident on bqe closing that. nassau county things are fine on long island expressway. northern state and southern state parkway but the palisades southbound that is closed between exit 2 and 3 so expect delays actually it was closed now it is just one lane closed because of a police investigation and 9w closed. dump truck flipped over. cruse out there trying to reopen things. they reopened that ramp bqe ramp to the lower l level where you have a lot of that had activity going on. delays on bqe. george washington bridge upper level. traffic okay. starting to build in volume five to ten not much. lower level fine. lincoln a tunnel to 15 minute delay. holland no delays. street cleaning rules are in effect. lills and kerry. >> new york city police detective is one of six american troops killed in a suicide tack in afghanistan.
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live from outside the 56th precinct in the house where his was housed. good morning robert. reporter: joseph lived in westchester county and worked here in the bronx. you can see that black and purple budgeting that hangs over the entrance and a death that came way too soon. >> a suicide bomber on a motorcycle attacked a joingt property of american and afghan troops near bagram air base. the technical claimed responsibility. among dead nypd detective joseph a member of the air national guard. according to a statement from police commissioner bill bratton he was a 15-year veteran of the nypd. he was promoted to detective in january of last year. lem deployed overseas twice to afghanistan and one to iraq. in his statement detective
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we can only strive for out putting husband country first. in happier times news 12 westchester covered a story about him. he returned home from a deployment to afghanistan to surprised his daughter who was performing in a singing competition. besides his family, lem leaves behind a city and country that are grateful for his service. he leaves behind quite a legacy with the nypd as well. here's just one story for you on one day back in december of 2005. officer lem then assertion lemm chase haded down three teenagers they were wanted for stack someone inside of a cvs not only did e he chase them down but helped apprehend them. one example of the legacy that detective lemm leave behind. that is the latest live from the kings bridge section of the bronx morning.
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>> an amazing man we thank him for his service. police in brooklyn on the hunt for a woman slashing two people in brooklyn this is a picture of a suspect police say she got into verbal argument with a man and woman over a poll on the train what haded at 7 p.m. on the train near the j street station. they say she slashed them in the face with something sharp and then left the train at the station. both vuct we fused medical attention if you have any information call crime stoppers 1-800-577-tips. >> students slashed in face during a random attack in queens last week is speaking out. the 16-year-old whose name is withheld told new york post that the wound is still very painful she received 200 stitches and said she doesn't want this to happen to anyone else. 11th grader is a chinese exchange student who was walking to school in white stone when a random person wearing a surgical marveg and gloves slashed her in the face with a box cutter. this is a portion of the surveillance video seen here.
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glasses at the time of the attack and they leakily saved her eyesight. >> incredible cliff side rescue of a man who fell while hiking in rockland took mountain state park. contact with him himself however extremely fatigued and slurred speech at this point. >> emergency crews pulling the 25-year-old to safety after he fell down the side of a mountain and was hanging from a tree. rescuers used his cell phone to pinpoint his location. >> tricky to the foliage covering so they couldn't see feet. we could hear him. >> yeah. with up. he was yelling for help. i guess he saw my lights yelling for help. >> hypothermia also a concern. police aren't releasing has name
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>> a i don't think yonkers garbage truck crashes after driver has a medical episode around 8 p.m. the driver may have suffered a seizure causing him to lose l kroft truck and crashed into building that houses dispatch for yonkers union car service. he had to be extricated and is now hospitalized. one other person at the scene seriously injured. city inspectors are evaluating structural integrity of that building. members of the city council mayor de blasio could get a big pay raise but there's a little bit of a catch. the advisory commission says mayor salary could jump to 258,000 a year, city council members would be bumped from 112,000 to 138,000 but attempt to put their outside jobs to give up their committee chair had bonuses. mayor de blasio says he will not accept a raise during his first term. >> well race for the white house is certainly heating up and turning ugly with front runner hillary clinton and donald trump
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>> another gop candidate is calling it quits. fox 5 teresa priolo joins us now with the latest. good morning to you. >> good morning to you about with good morning everyone this latest insult by way of donald trump we heard explosive things from him in the past this morning i can't quite use the word that he used perhaps not appropriate for children who might be watching. he made what is seen as a sexually explicit comment regarding former secretary of state hillary clinton. he was referring to the then, 2008 democratic primary in which then senator clinton was defeated by then senator obama. he used a yiddish term that we have decided not to air comes in as the gop field is beginning to narrow. disgusting, i don't to talk about -- >> tension between hillary clinton and the donald ramped up a notch monday after clinton late to the stage during saturday's debate in new hampshire. because she got held up in the bathroom.
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don't say we want to be very, very straight up. >> continue to spar as national polls position them both as their parties likely candidate. trump seals to be running off with the gop support. latest polls show closest competitor ted cruz still 20 point behind, in fact, some studies suggest trump support may be understated and doing better in online polls in phone surveys this as south carolina senator lindsey graham says his xawn has hit the a wall. he's expressed frustration it be being an undercard voice and so he's bowing the. >> to be a viable candidate you have to have finances and gets on the big stage. scrog led never gaining more than 2%. one person not sad to sew him go front runner donald trump. >> saturdayly i guess you heard
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today . very sad. he was nasty to me. >> see if they follow in lindsey graham suit now that the a.i.g. caucuses are a little bit more than a month away. also see how this acts affects the fox news debate moderated by megyn kelly and bret baier a ep chris wallace packed together the last garnered a whopping 24 million viewers. this next debate january 28th, k-9d 9:00 live from des moines, iowas that's the latest. >> bashed megyn kelly really staid away from it. see what happens. >> first time they'll be face-to-face again suns that happened. it will be worth watching for sure. hillary clinton is going to be a grandmother again.
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expecting her second baby. which will have the picture of her daughter charlotte. next summer charlotte will be a big sister feeling blessing and grateful this holiday season. her mom and dad were quick to tweet out their congratulations. as well -- >> congrats to them. got a lot more coming up. audrey sheer with a check of the weather. much warmer than it would be normally this time of year right audrey? >> that's for sure temperatures above average today. feel it outside with a temperature of 56 degrees in central park. have your umbrella handy folks we're anticipating light rain on and off through the day and patchy drizzle. track that rainfall with us with our live interactive radar, which is found on our weather app called "fox 5 ny" weather. dowload the for free at the google play store as well as youritunes store and track with the fox 5 weather team. stay tuned. more good day knock will new york
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>> 2, 1, zero falcon rocket is soaring orbit with see small sat liewghts first mission since an
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but the feet that everybody is talking about the first stage made a successful return landing back to cape cal naferl florida, you can hear cheers there first for spacex to a musical docket to make getting to space astronomically cheap or than building new vehicle each time. look at that. they're so excited. incredible. really great. time now 6:16 time to get a check of the forecast with audrey, very warm ads drink would we break records? >> we could break records on christmas eve as well as possibly christmas day. so we're going to wait and see. 56 degrees in central park. dew point uncomfortable but everybody is enjoying mild temperatures. southwest wind and light pressure is falling. we're not only once experiencing mild weather. runs from new england all way out to great lakes and down towards mid-atlantic. boston right now 489 degrees at 47 in albany.
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in buffalo and in pittsburgh at this early hour. we have some light rain showers on radar that has steadier rain so have your umbrella handy. scattered shower through your tuesday. we have a system that's bringing wet weather for the northeast but extends down towards mid-atlantic down to the southeastern states. so we're anticipating rain through the afternoon. and then tonight things getting relatively quiet. clouds remain. rain exits. tomorrow we could see peeks of sun very early as it rises but then clouds gradually thicken up as a round of rain moves into the region. heaviest will happen into the evening and upwards of an pinch before that system moves out of the area. thursday unsettled we don't dry out until we get into the weekend. so our day planner shows lots of clouds today. mild with our high temperature in upper 50s low 60s. more of the same for your wednesday. thursday on christmas eve we're going for a high temperature of
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our record high is -- 63 or 64? 63 -- tattoo that right here. 63 on thursday. so we have a big chance of breaking that one. on friday we'll be at 63 for christmas day and see plenty of sunshine by then. if you want to check the weather along with us do so at "fox 5 ny" weather at the google and itunes store to track along with the fox 5 weather team. which can the traffic right now heading over to ines. hi. >> what do you think is beginning on this morning traveling on palisades expect police activity closed between exit 2 and 3. 9w is not an alternate that is shutdown both to dock road and hillside avenue. rest of the commute in new jersey fine. 80, 287 aside from that palisades problem. go to our camera with the bqe by
6:19 am
is closed. dump truck flipped over during overnight hours still trying to clear things. they've been letting lane eastbound. let's talk about trains problems with that right now. the path trains question of some maintenance problems so between journal square and 33rd hoboken and 33rd expect delays. everything else running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. liz, kerry by the way graze -- gridlock alert day. >> thanks so much ines. time now 6:19 woman accused of plowing her car into the pedestriansing on las vegas strip will face a murder charge one killed dozens others injured this happened sunday night. the three-year-old daughter was inside the car at the time. she was not hurt. police say that driver of that car was 24-year-old holloway homeless and sleeping in her car in parking garages. she's currently on suicide watch
6:20 am
to appear in court tomorrow. wild high speed chase cutting on dash cam. he pulled over but then took off. speeding down the highway with the car it loses control and spins across traffic ending up in a the grassy median out jumps two kids. one is 13 he's the driver an eight sister. they wepght on a joy ride after their dad went to bed. and the teen is facing multiple charges. >> this holiday season you may have noticed fewer christmas cards are coming in the mail. >> people think social media is better way to go more convenient to get them out. fox 5 jessica went to pointed out if they soon could be a thing of the past. >> heading to social media to post their holiday cards even though a lot of us are on facebook people i spoke to say they prefer to receive that holiday card in the mail instead of having to see it online. >> still nice to get.
6:21 am
refrigerator, workstation it is nice. >> old fashioned way. >> why? >> it's more christmas. you can read it. pledgets old fashioned i like them by hand. tell yourself i didn't get a lot of christmas cards in the mail this year. you're not alone neither did the rest of us. >> has been a cry and a cry for help that you know because of e-mail, social media we see a lot less in terms of delivered mail. >> peter of marketing consultant and social media expert says christmas cards replaced with status updates. >> the excitement really isn't there anymore because we're seeing it in real time. thsmghts family is proof of that. they will have the this message on facebook. i don't really do the whole holiday card thing so here's a pic of the boys. >> nice to send a card saying thinking of you hope you have a good holiday. >> you mail those out. >> yeah.
6:22 am
so you take time to get these meads. >> grandparents pliewk to hang things on their fridge and reaches everybody this way. >> you look when mom and dad send them out to grandmother and grandpa all the of the family members. >> looks like majority still like to receive those cards so if you haven't sent one to the family you may want to do so. and upper east side i'm jessica, fox five news. >> a really cute kid. wants to mac sure people can really see that picture. see it. [laughter] got a lot more still ahead this morning a moroccan teen gets the life changing surgery right here in new york city.
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. >> in today's "health watch" by sexual men can now donate blood. fda has lifted its lifetime ban put in place during early years of the crisis. agency new policy will now bar blood donations from men who have had sex with another man in the last year. some act vitses say it is a strep in the right direction but others say it is still discriminatory. after life changing srmings seen here.
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anomaly called venus formation so serious if punctured the 18-year-old could lose blood in as little as 40 o seconds as it grew no surgeon would operate on him so his had family reached out to lenox hill hospital. >> we progressively removed more and more venus malformation, brought tissue to replace that which has been lost. lenox hill hospital paid for airfare, room and board and gave a bmx bike with a helmet as a gift. >> wow. a great smile he has. all right your top stories when we return. time now 6:26 on this tuesday morning. good day is coming right back.
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>> temperatures reemp reach the 60s on this full day of winter and low 70s on l christmas eve but take an umbrella out the
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audrey puente has the complete forecast. member of the nypd is among 5 u.s. troops killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan. detective youssef lemm seen here was a 15-year-old veteran of the department. >> security breach at kennedy airport a trespasser fast security earlier this month wandered on to the tarmac more problem for chipotle now dealing with a new e. coli outis break. we'll tell you about that in just a moment. good morning everybody great to have you with us. i'm kerry drew. >> i'm liz dahlem juliet huddy and ben simmoneau enjoying the day off 6:30 almost. is it u6 30 yet, right on the us. almost through the show. fast today and we have great weather getting out the door it is going to be rainy later today but still milted temperatures we're loving that. might be a beach day on christmas day. >> some folks will be out there.
6:29 am
folks it is unusually mild for this time of year. normally our high numbers in low 40s and we're already well above that in many locations. like strayling park checking in at 56 degrees at this hour. we're at 53 in islip same in bridgeport. belmar 55 degrees. 57 out towards montauk or in the 40s up towards poughkeepsie and into monticello. sussex at 44 degrees at this hour. these numbers they're running from 10 to almost 20 degrees above where they were at this time yesterday. and that's setting us up for a very mild day across the tristate area. we have wet weather moving in. lots of clouds are in place. light rain across northern new jersey towards hudson valley into western portion of connecticut. bulk of the rain out of pennsylvania will be skirting us just towards our knot here and more rain heading to the south of that with an entire system
6:30 am
heavier rainfall is over southeastern states but a good amount here which we need. in a bit of deficit in the tristate area. another system out to the west here to affect fuss late in the day tomorrow. so today have your umbrella handy, temperatures above average motionly up or 50s low 60s much of the tristate area. more of the same for your we understand. thursday still unsettled but we'll see record high temperatures moving into low 70s and then christmas day drier, sunnier and comfortable with a temperature of 63. let's see how nice it is on the roads this morning. ines is here with your traffic. hey. good morning audrey not that nice. ate going on this morning. start off hire westchester fine. rockland county to new jersey expect delays in new jersey. palisades southbound and alpine area all traffic was closed all lanes closed now just left lane closed with haft delays southbound because of police 9w
6:31 am
of that problem. if and then connecticut couple of issues there. 95 an accident by exit 18. then you have another one between exit 21 and 20. two separate accidents there left and center lanes lanes are blocked and route 15 as your alternate an accident by exit 48. go to our camera. bqe by traffic moving slow eastbound. the offramp to the long island expressway closed because of a dump truck that flipped over now one lane letting traffic through but, of course, slowing things down. fdr drive before 96 actually two lanes are blocked ssh you have delays excuse me this is northbound. and then southbound you have delays one lane had blocked with emergency personnel. with trains, path trains are having problems between journal square and 33rd and hoboken and 33rd. liz and kerry back to you. >> thank you very much.
6:32 am
suicide attack in afghanistan. >> let's go to robert moses he joins us live this morning from right outside had the 50th precinct house in the bronx. robert, good morning to you. >> liz and kerry good morning to you. joseph lemm worked here housed inside the 5 r 50th precinct you can see that black and purple budgeting hanging over interns it is a reminder that a city, department and a country mourn this morning. suicide bomber on a motorcycle attacked afghan troops on monday. the taliban claimed responsibility. among the dead 45-year-old nypd detective joseph lemm a member of the air national guard. according to a statement from police commissioner bill bratton he was a 15 year veteran promoted to detective in january last year. lemm served in the bronx warrant squad deployed three times twice
6:33 am
in his statement bratton said detective joseph lemm epitomized selflessness we can only strive for putting his country and city first. lemm leaves behind a wife and two children. in happier times, news 12 westchester covered a story about him lemm returned home from a deployment to afghanistan to surprise his daughter whoftion performing in a singing competition. besides his family lemm leaves behind a city and country that are grateful for his service. >> this morning another live look at the station house in the bronx. mayor de blasio released a statement saying that even though detective lemm give his life he asked for so little in return. only thing he wanted to do was to serve fellow new yorkers and his country and we know he did both very well. that is the latest live from the kings bridge section of the bronx this morning. kerry, back to you.
6:34 am
his family. robert moses for us thank you. sergeant bowe bergdahl will face a military judge. he'll be arraigned on desertion. bergdahl left his army post in afghanistan back in 2009 and captured by the taliban later. held for five years in released after a controversial prisoner swap. if convicted during the upcoming general court marshall could get life behind bars. an investigation underway into a major security breach at jfk airport in december 15th. officials say intruder scaled eight foot fence topped with barb wire and wandered on to the tarmac but call rooted to the nypd before being sent to fort authority. it too took ten minutes before the first patrol arrived. airport operation os halted for
6:35 am
for the man apparently never found. a jewelry store in florida is offer aing free shotguns. it is qort about $270 and eligible jewelry between 450 to 4,000. this is the third year promotion is running at the place called downtown gold graving in florida. so far ten customers have already bought in. wow buy her a diamond get a free shotgun. >> or vice versa sold a few gentleman rings to wives an they got the shotgun. >> store has promotion on christmas and also offering sail deal on valentine's day. >> interesting. more problem with chipotle with a second e. coli strain. >> join ising us is adam shapiro, good morning.
6:36 am
>> noting going away for chipotle any time soon. >> 141 people made ill in boston with nor evirus and few on the east coast from e. coli now centers for disease control is investigating a potential e. coli outbreak in kansas, oklahoma, and north dakota and you have five people who have become ill in late november. they haven't confirmed it is e. coli yet but expect that is beginning on. you have steve teleligs on national television two weeks ago they took out ads last week in marming had newspapers across the country promising to clean up their act to institute new safety guidelines that would ensure restaurants are the safest place in the country to eat so trying to do that. part of it has to do with instead of buying supply leak your tomato and your lettuce all of that stuff from local farmers, they actually cut that out and going it a larger supply chain or supply chain of larger
6:37 am
issues but that's going to take time to switch over. stock hit a 52-week low. 508 dollars might not be pretty when it starts trading today premarket is not kind to chipotle. lines will be shorter if you're going there for lunch. >> i feel look corner one there is packed this their routine what do you think adam? >> i think restaurants of any type face incredible pressure because people do go to work some times ill and don't know it and that can make had others ill. chipotle is not unique in issues with cleanliness but caught up in the news cycle. they have issues but this happens to a lot of restaurants. >> you're absolutely right thank you so much. catch him on the fox busy network. >> you're not sure where to find fox business go to fox
6:38 am
looking warmer than usual audrey. >> hard to believe this is the first week of winter when it feels leak spring outside. cloudy skies today and mild with temperatures above average and anticipating rain so have your umbrella handy. more rain that will be heavy at time towards afternoon into the evening. into christmas eve going for record warmth 63 degrees and forecasting a high of about 10 warmer than that. now looking ahead today right now we're starting 56 degrees. we're at 72 for humidity so sticky out there. out of the south and light at the moment. area wide in the 50s in the city to philadelphia to d.c. we have temperatures niece and mild in the 40s around boston, albany and williams port. have your umbrella handy and head over to ines for the commute. >> good morning audrey hot spots earlier. new problems bronx major deegan expects delays southbound by
6:39 am
two lanes block with an accident. fdr drive northbound one closed with a crash by 96th street. route 287 fine. eastbound reported by exit 17 blocking two lanes. as for george washington bridge driving into the city this morning upper, lower level both a ten and 15 minute delay. lincoln tunnel 495 about 15 to 20 inbound. holland tunnel five minutes. tina cervasio is here with your sports report. good morning. >> giants o'dell gets suspended for one game and reports surface why he was so out of control. >> coming up oh back. latest edition to the prospect park zoo that is to miss. tell you all about him coming up. good day coming right back.
6:40 am
>> welcome back time now 6:44 here's a look at the headlines and new york city police detective is one of six american troops killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan.
6:41 am
15-year veteran of the nypd. and worked in the bronx warrant squad. >> a hiker is rescued off a cliff in rock land hook mountain state park. emergency crews spent three hours pulling 25 yeertd to safety after he fell down the side of a mountain and hanging from a tree yesterday. afntle meeting at city hall yesterday talking about what he considers to be his major accomplishment thus far. he said that city's economy is on upswing with more new yorkers working than ever before, and unemployment rate urptd under 5%. prospect park zoo has a new baby on display a baboon that is adorable. unnamed male born to kia and bull. bamboos is the second birth at the zoo which breeds them a part of a species survival plan. how sweet is that? >> so cute.
6:42 am
orlando thrilled to be bang on sol willed grouped 50 on sky tower where all of a sudden it got stuck about 200 feet in the air took two hours before finally brought down. no one injured thankfully. seaworld is trying to figure out what had went wrong. >> my god, no thank you. tina what do you think? >> a long two hours. >> where's help? >> i always move away from the window. i'll go on those rides but back away from the window. all right let's bring everybody down to the football field los of talking for odom beckham junior and suspended for one game. if this stands it won't giants in the quest to make the playoffs. three personal fouls include one for spearing panther quarterback
6:43 am
reports also say beckham felt threatened during pregame panther players craft comments directed at him. yesterday head coach tom kawf lean talked about his player. : i will not defend his action it is yesterday because they were wrong in this particular franchise and organization does not tolerate that, but i will defend the young man in the quality of the person,ly defend him as long as i'm able. >> technically 6-8 giants can make playoffs play vikings and eagles but that would be a serious blow. now let's talk it to the hardwood new york knicks five in a row against magic rookie christoph with the all lid oop.
6:44 am
night. but in the fourth carmel low anthony gets it back. offbalance knicks down by two points. be a couple of minutes later ann nit loses ball. magic on fast break so they stop the next 97-99 after looking horrible against minnesota on sunday mets looked good against bulls with their struggle the head coach but took advantage and brooklyn pulled away with the three from corner. that put nets up by 12. later in the fourth brook lopez seal the win with a nice drive to the basket. take down bulls 105-102 to snap a five game losing streak. on ice islanders hosted ducks in brooklyn. islanders were trailing 1-0 in first pured. but takes puck to the front of the net and scores.
6:45 am
same period after a faceoff fires from near the boards an it slipped into the net. islanders up a goal and if end up with the ducks 5-2. and that is a look at your sports this morning. >> thank you so much. no shortage of treats around holidays. chghts how about foods associated with christmas like chestnut. sugar plum and eggnog matt king went out it see who eats and drinks that stuff. >> this is not a figy pudding neither is this or this. we could find no figy pudding anywhere in had the 121-year-old bakery but founder did bring us some fruit keek. >> not overbearing. many of us sample and receive more fruit keek and nothing than we might appreciate. >> too creamy.
6:46 am
>> thanks to carol and stories dating back before refrigeration we read about holiday delicacies. >> it's a part in the nutcracker. not hugely popular but i tried it. this is not a sugar plum most of us know that treat was the night before christmas. written in 1800s when english called all dried fruit plum and santa stuck in cherry or apricots into children stockings. for those in and around new york city chestnuts not open fires but off of street carts. >> into the city we lived in jersey taking the train, i remember the smell chestnuts and
6:47 am
>> bring us somey pudding. back in the medieval period lookly resembled minced pie. a constant supply of sugar of desserts allowed them to abandon the treats for specialties tastier to us all. >> cake -- a outside with a yellow sponge with a a apricot jam. >> we won't go until we get some. >> we will go because we kants find any anywhere. lower east side i'm matt king "fox 5 news." >> got a sting in that story. for the camera there. tag was awesome. all right audrey getting a kick out of that -- >> never heard of figy pudding. the song that's it. sugar plums. >> had one?
6:48 am
>> very good eat there. all right folks let's talk temperatures. that's going to be the talk for next several days forecasting high numbers above afnlg for this time of year. very close to records and breaking a few like on christmas eve forecasting high of 72 that's going to beat the record of 63 with a good shot of beating it above 63 for christmas eve. close on christmas day record set back in 1982. area wide 56 in central park. 57 out towards montauk point. we're in the 50s in belmar. newark, and in 40s north and west in sussex. monticello and poughkeepsie those three locations refining rain on radar heerp light rainfall coming through. coming down steadily north of the city and lower manhattan and bronx. now there's a system that's affecting not only us but goes down towards mid-atlantic into the southeast. this is part of a cold front
6:49 am
area but the front fizzles out. next area of low pressure approaching tomorrow gives us a good chance a of light rain above average for this time of year and stay mild right into the weekend. stay tuned, more good bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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>> welcome back here we go out there.
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here alpine expect delays southbound on palisades police affect has a lane shut between exit 2 and 3. also excuse me 2 and 1 also 9w closed because of the sam activity in that area. southbound deegan accident by 138th street fdr drive jammed northbound and southbound approaching 96 because of an accident westbound. west side highway has an accident. bqe jammed up. l.i.e. offramp blocked because of earlier overturned dump truck and clinton jammed approaching exit 19 because of aning. path trains there's a track condition going on to 33rd and hoboken. new jersey transit cross honoring path tiblghts 33rd street. hoboken as well as newark. kerry and liz become to you. rtle good to know. >> jerry seinfeld says president obama will be appearing in his upcoming season of the web show
6:53 am
he'll be in first episode in the two take turn driving a blue corp. set stingray split window coop they also talk about life in the white house while having coffee. seinfeld said it was unforgettable day of day for him and released on december 30th. it is good. he's so funny. that's it for us. "good day new york" with greg
6:54 am
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