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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  December 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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was at the mall when the shot was fired. >> reporter: that's right. i had just pulled into the mall. i was by macy's when i was looking for parking and hundreds of people were just running out. their faces said it all. they were in shock, looking for cover. i was stuck in the middle of this. they were almost on top of my car. i had to look for the exit. it was chaotic and i wasn't the only one trying to leave the mall. everything happened in seconds. shoppers went into a state of panic. >> i heard someone scream outside and said get down. call 911. >> gunshots rang out in the mall, packed with people with christmas three days away. at the time of the shooting, no one knew what was going on. >> i heard a popping sound. then we heard what sounded like shattering. >> reporter: what did you do? >> i looked to my right. we saw five, six, 700 people running the opposite direction. i said that's gunfire.
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the employees, a few people ran in the store. there was only two people in the store. three ran in. they locked the doors and we went in the back. >> scary. we had no idea what was going on. we got locked into one of the stores. >> reporter: with the terrorist attacks in paris and california, many thought the worse, shoppers running out, escaping the unknown. dan helped a mother and her daughter stay calm. >> the panic level is so high, everyone got themselves out of the line of sight. we didn't know who was in the truck or might be in the truck. it was crazy. everyone huddled. the woman with the baby -- if anyone is going to get shot, it will be me, not the little girl. we told her we were playing hide and seek. i said i'm great at hide and seek. no one ever finds me. then they led us out. >> reporter: very scary i have to say.
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i had a friend who her daughter was inside. she ended up being in locked in one of the stores. she was shocked. she couldn't talk. i send it back to you. dari: glad you're okay. >> really scary situation. an nypd detective one of six americans killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan yesterday. dari: arthur chi'en shows us how he's being remembered. >> reporter: detective joseph lemm life was one of service. his job was to hunt criminals and get them off our streets. and to his country as a member of the air national guard on his second deployment in afghanistan, in addition to a tour of duty in iraq. and to his family, his wife, two children, a previous reunion captured by news 12 westchester will not be repeated. >> this time of year makes it more profoundly sad. >> reporter: lemm is one of six
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bomber ran into his patrol. news of his death devastated the bronx precinct he worked out of, drawing respect from those in the neighborhood. >> all should feel sorry. >> reporter: the police commissioner saying detective nothing in return. his safe return was likely the only gift his family would have hoped for this homicide season. in addition to nypd detective joseph lemm, two local airmen were killed outside the base in afghanistan. they were from stewart air national guard base in new windsor in orange county. their names have not been released. officials call them true heros who will be missed. dari: army sergeant bowe bergdahl appeared in fort bragg courtroom today but did not enter a plea. he faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. the 29-year-old disappeared from
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and was held by the taliban for five years. it was later determined he had walked away from the base. his next court date is january 12th. he could get life in prison if convicted. >> today is the first day of winter. people needed rain, but not snow boots. dari: it's balmy. it's returned. it's going to be getting warmer and warmer and warmer. maybe we'll be talking about sun index for christmas eve. nick: i like that. never know. it is going to be getting warmer. that's for sure. today the temperatures moved up around 60 in a lot of the area. look at the current temperature. 62 in new york city. that's our new high. 61 at newark. 61 at belmar. 57 poughkeepsie. upper 50s to near 60 across long island. we did have occasional rain at times. now looks like things will be quiet for the night. the area of rain sliding to the east. however, we are going to be talking about a southerly wind. that's going to hold the moisture and temperatures up tonight and likely to bring in areas of fog.
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dense fog in places through the overnight hour and more mild weather pattern will continue for the next couple of days. there's rain off to the south. we'll get back to the threat of rain for tomorrow, particularly in the afternoon, into tomorrow night. take a look at the futurecast. clouds to start. there's the better chance of rain tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. could be some good downpours. that's in advance of a warm front. we jump to the other site and christmas eve day, clouds break for sun and temperatures take off to potential high levels, in the lower 70s. tonight, clouds and areas of fog. tomorrow, occasional rain in the afternoon as we rise back into the lower 60s. pretty warm. dari: going to be tough on santa. thank you. a legally blind salvation army worker is back on the job after surviving an attack in westchester. lidia curanaj has the story from greenburg.
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he was yielded no sympathy from a judge during her bail hearing. the young mother and her friends are accused of beating a legally blind man at a smashburger in white plains. the couple thought the victim had cut the line. >> he concluded his assault by picking up the salvation army money kettle and throwing it at the victim striking him on the right side of his head. >> she is accused of kicking the man while on the ground. the 41-year-old victim, whose name is being withheld, was working at the westchester wine white house as a salvation army bell ringer when he went to the smash burger for lunch saturday afternoon. >> a brutal and vicious assault. he was charged accordingly. >> reporter: both are facing a felony assault charge. rodriguez was on parole and has been arrested eight times. police say the victim is visibly handicapped and had no idea why he was being attacked.
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he's been doing this seven years. he works with them every year. he's out there in the elements to raise money. >> reporter: the victims suffered a broken nose and fractured eye socket. after he was discharged from the hospital, he was back on the job the next day. the suspects remain behind bars. rodriguez on a $25,000 bail. the other, $20,000. >> around the holiday season, everyone should be in a happy spirit, happy mood. and it's upsetting to hear this anytime of year. that's all it is. christmas is about jesus. if people remember that, i'm sure they wouldn't be doing what they're doing. 5 news. >> the man who owned a gun used by the boston marathon bomber sentenced to time served. he has served 17 months. today he apologized to the court calling his actions dumb. he testified during the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev, that he led him borrow a 9 millimeter
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he didn't know about the bomber's plans and had no idea the gun would be used to kill an officer. three were killed. 260 were wounded in the bombings. dari: the families of 16 victims of the newtown massacre will share part of a settlement. they sued the estate of the shooter's mother, nancy lanza. the $1.5 million settlement was finalized last week. victims are suing the maker of the gun that adam lanza used to kill 26 people at the sandy hook elementary school which happened three years ago. >> new jersey is reforming its gun application process, requiring local police departments to come up with uniform criteria for approving permits. governor christie ordered the changes after calling the current system too complicated. dan bowens will have more at 6:00. dari: a holiday sparkle to come. the rare jewelry that will take your breath away. >> and the pieces being made for
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dari: and a sendoff for a golden retriever who spent a decade
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dari: well, how would you like
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alison: right. we'll take a look at diamonds that dazzle in tonight's lap of luxury. luxury. >> this is the 32nd here we've done the ultimate gift guide. every year i think it can't get bigger or better, but every year and services. we look for the pinnacle of design, technique, manufacturing, one of experiences, a bucket list of gifts that if anyone were to find this under their tree, if it were able to be put under a tree, it would make their year, not just their day. >> reporter: why not begin with the ultimate holiday gift? diamonds. >> that diamond is a fancy, vivid blue green. it's 1.55 carats. there may be 100 stones in the world that a carat plus and blue green.
5:13 pm
stones, there are only 20, 25 that have that clarity. >> reporter: they've been in the business for years. >> i'm the eighth generation. it ps it's like what you can't get out of. >> reporter: when a friend showed him the diamond, he couldn't pass it up. >> i had to have it. it's a spectacular color. >> the business is all about unique artistry. >> it's a very small intimate boutique business. we do limited pieces. we do 70, 80 a year. the creative process of design and the art of craftsmanship has to marry. >> reporter: with this ring, he asset the exquisite stone in 18 karat gold and white diamonds, the design inspired by his son's
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>> it goes around. we set them where they sort of envelope the stone so you see gradually all the diamonds come up and at the end is the blue diamond. >> price tag, 3.7 million. >> it's a spectacular piece. >> he created a matching pair of earrings. >> i found three stones that matched. the rain has a blue green. in the earrings, they're green blues. they're smaller, but the colors are breathtaking. >> reporter: they cost $6.85 million. can't bear to separate them? take the set for $10.6 million. >> it has to go to a home that falls in love with it. dari: probably get a better deal with the set. alison: then you have everything
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dari: hilarious. alison: how about this weather? i'm having a hard time adjusting. nick: you're not alone. dari: if it were sunny, it would be all right. i don't know. nick: we need the rain. we're still very behind in rainfall for the year. we'll take what we can get. for the holiday season, it would be nice to see cold and snow around here. but temperatures are going the other way. 62, 39 today. 41 and 30. that's where we should average. that's nowhere in this next seven-day forecast. about .2 of an inch of rain in the city. it's cloudy, 62. wind southwest at 14 helping to bring in the mild air. the pressure 29.93 and it's rising. let's go what could be happening over the next couple of days. we didn't get to the record today. tomorrow we'll fall short. look at christmas eve. i'm predicting 73. the record is 63.
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i think we'll tie the record on christmas day of 64, which was set in 1982. definitely a mild christmas forecast ahead. no white christmas. sorry, kids, not happening this year. let's take a look at our fox 5 sky guardian. east. this is the rain we had earlier. i think we're done with it. we'll deal with clouds and with the wind out of the south, you can expect fog to be a problem. it might get dense tomorrow shot of rain tomorrow. 62 for the city's high. about 60 to the east end. 50s everywhere else. low 60s newark to the jersey shore. 57 at poughkeepsie. south jersey in the lower 50s -- or lower 60s. tomorrow we'll do the same thing. currently right near the highs. 57 up in the hudson valley. it's 54 at sussex. 61 newark to 62 in midtown. 60 as you head out to the east end. we're up three to 10 degrees from 24 hours ago.
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warmer and warmer each day. here's our wind speed, 5, 10 miles an hour. it will be the same tonight. along. as it moves by the wind shift will come to the north. as we get into tomorrow into thursday, the wind will come out of the south-southwest. here's our satellite and radar composite. the clouds are moving away. might get a break in the cloud cover for a while. with the moisture around, we're likely to see the fog develop as the night goes along. some of that will be dense tomorrow morning. here's the satellite radar composite on the wide view. we're still generally in this south-southwesterly airflow. there will be another system coming out of the rockies. that will bring a warm front towards us. as it advances, eventually that chance of rain will increase around here for tomorrow. take a look at the day planner. low to middle 50s. clouds and fog. then periods of rain, particularly as we get into late morning into the afternoon. 60 at noontime.
5:18 pm
we just kind of stay there tomorrow night and probably stay there into the early part of christmas eve morning as temperatures will not be cooling down. take a look at the futurecast. here's the front that will be falling apart tonight. tomorrow, clouds, the wind shifts around. we'll be seeing temperatures into the lower 60s. but occasional rain into the afternoon. the warm front goes north of us. we get into the mild air on christmas eve. temperatures in the lower 70s. the new record potential is 73. and the front moves along. we'll get a couple of showers christmas eve. christmas day, lots of sun and staying in the low to middle 60s. clouds tonight, areas of fog, 53 in the city. 40s to 50s in the suburbs. up to 62 tomorrow. periods of rain late morning into tomorrow morning. could be heavy downpours with that as well. 73 with clouds breaking for sun and a couple of showers on christmas eve. warm for santa. maybe he'll be wearing shorts. you never know.
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and saturday, the threat of showers comes back in the afternoon. 55. back to 60 or greater sunday. more showers into monday. a little cooler monday at 47. that's way above average. notice we go back to 64 on tuesday. dari: i remember maybe last christmas it was 61. it was warm, too. this is going to be a lot warmer than last year. nick: yeah. christmas day was 64. almost the same. dari: okay. alison: santa in shorts. nick: what a sight. dari: l.a. style. look at this baby. a therapy dog. this dog spent a decade of his life helping others and will be able to relax now. the puppy is andy and it's a golden retriever lab mix. it spent the last 10 years supporting military veterans. dozens of them saluted him as he received the k-9 medal of honor award at the long island state veterans home in stony brook.
5:20 pm
goodbye, they were introduced to a new pup that will be taking andy's place. i'm glad the dogs get their due. alison: get time to take a break and relax. dari: and are honored. alison: it's the nutcracker with a twist. dari: we'll show you a sexy new take on the holiday classic playing at a theatre downtown. alison: and paid parental leave for new york city employees. the big changes mayor de blasio
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alison: it is the nutcracker like you've never seen before, more naughty than nice. dari: sounds vaudeville-y. simone boyce is here to tell us about it. >> reporter: it's lovely, dainty, beautiful. this is all those things with a little bit more. a combination of -- exactly. a holiday classic gets turned upside down. this is nutcracker rouge. open your eyes to a different brand of holiday cheer and you
5:24 pm
audience at nutcracker rouge. >> i'd say it's sexy and extravagant extravagant. >> it's the uptown nutcracker's scandalous downtown cousin draz dazzling crowd. it's for adult eyes only. >> it's a combination of the classical ballet influenced nutcracker with circus and burlesque. burlesque. >> reporter: jacob is one of the dancers wearing many hats during the production. wearing. >> well, we'll start with the shoes. the whole thing is very -- it's sexy and a little gender bending and a little -- it plays with
5:25 pm
the whole thing rides that line. >> we use a lot of the music and pop music and opera singers. there's something for everybody. there's a party scene. the character receives three dolls. our dolls, instead of being three ballerinas, are one ballerina, i am hanging on the straps from the ceiling and a third doll does a beautiful pole routine. just be excited about a different kind of nutcracker. you know, we've all seen the nutcracker. if you haven't, it's a ballet. it's beautiful. it's old.
5:26 pm
and this is new. >> reporter: the show runs through january 17th near the washington square park area. head to company the lighting, the scope of the stage and how dynamic the stage is, it's a cool production. alison: looks like a great date night. >> it's very romantic and sexy. dari: thank you. still to come, a long-awaited reunion on long island. alison: the american hero who gave his sister the prize of a lifetime. dari: and how the big apple is
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dari: here's what's happening. there has been a shooting at the roosevelt field mall. an employee was shot during a robbery attempt. the worker is in serious condition at a local hospital. police say they have one suspect in custody.
5:29 pm
once plagued by gun violence has safer streets. dari: zachary spoke with people about how much the area has changed. >> reporter: you can >> reporter: this is a byproduct of an army of volunteers making a difference. >> back in the day, it was like the okay corral. everybody carried a gun. >> reporter: carolyn's son is the last known victim in this 10-block area. on may 5th, 2014, darrel was killed over a parking spot. >> he died in my arms. took his last breath right here. >> reporter: for all the hurt guns have caused, today is a celebration. no more killing thanks to these
5:30 pm
they go by lift education. >> it's taken years for them to affect change. the founder: >> our staff is composed of brothers and sisters who -- from both sides of the gun. we have brothers who have went to jail for murder and came home. we have people who have lost their children to gun violence and they've come together and work on the streets to reduce gun violence and change the lives of young people. >> reporter: that dynamic is part of it. now there's data to support the work they're doing. councilman ruben wills. >> we've reduced gun violence. if you go to real estate sites, it shows real estate values have raised by 8%. >> the crisis management system consists of 13 different organizations that are in 17 areas across the city and life camp represents queens. >> reporter: one year without any gun violence. that's a win around here.
5:31 pm
impact lives and stop the hurt. >> my therapy is life camp. all i can do is give myself to another family so they don't go through this and to the youth to let them know not only are you destroying your life, but a whole family. dari: giving new parents one less thing to worry about. alison: the city will soon offer six weeks of paid parental leave to non-union employees. linda schmidt has the story from lower manhattan. >> i think it's absolutely necessary. >> reporter: mayor de blasio's announcement is well received. next month the city will now provide its 20,000 non-union employees with six weeks fully paid maternity, paternity, adoption and foster care leave. the city reconfigured raises to cover the cost. this is the executive vice
5:32 pm
resources officer. >> because the family construct is so complicated and the whole idea of parenting has changed and it's now 2016, i think it should apply to all the different situations and all the different types of households that there are. >> reporter: he says we can expect to see more and more cities falling new york's path. >> i think you're going to see it as a trend. the cities are only catching up to corporate america, which many companies have already improved upon their parental leave policies. >> reporter: the mayor's office says it is willing to sit down and negotiate the same six week plan with union employees. in lower manhattan, linda schmidt, fox 5 news. dari: wow. alison: a new quinnipiac poll shows the republican presidential race tightening. donald trump and ted cruz lead the field. trump has 28%.
5:33 pm
marco rubio third with 12 percent. dari: hillary clinton has a huge lead over her rivals. clinton topping bernie sanders 61 to 30 percent. former maryland governor martin o'malley is a distant third with 2%. >> and a member of the army who was expected to be overseas for the holidays, well he came home to give his sister the surprise of a lifetime. look. look. >> oh, my gosh! dari: that is grace hernandez. she burst into tears when she saw her brother, joseph hernandez. he appeared at her school to surprise her. he'd been in south korea for his deployment since last march and the wasn't expected to be home until next year, but he came home early to visit his sister at the robert frost middle school in deer park. everybody was in on the secret except for, as you can see,
5:34 pm
>> i told my family i would try and make it home every year for the holidays. so that was my original plan to come home and they decided to surprise her. everybody else knew except for her. they thought it would be a nice surprise just for her since she's the baby of the family. dari: they have a great relationship. grace says seeing her brother is the best christmas gift that she could have asked for. we thank you for your service. alison: all right. penn station not known for fine dining. dari: now celebrity chefs want to change all that. we'll tell you when a new food court is expected to open. alison: plus, the historic step towards a new era of commercial space flight. it's the holidays, which means a house full of people, who all want to get online. so hurry and get verizon fios. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs.
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>> two, one, zero. we have liftoff of falcon 9. alison: spacex sent a rocket towards orbit last night with 11 small satellites. this is the first mission since an accident last summer. and a more impressive feat, it landed the 15-story leftover booster back on earth safely. spacex is trying to reuse its spacecraft to drive launch costs down and open up space to more people. dari: back here on earth, hungry commuters in penn station will have more than fast food to
5:37 pm
alison: as baruch shemtov shows us, an upscale food court will open in a couple of weeks. >> reporter: this space is about to become the pense, a gourmet food bringing dining options to penn station. it will feature five restaurants and a bar, including concepts by vegan restaurant, the cinnamon snail, pat la frita. >> bringing all this talent to a destination place but had no food aspect to it outside of the garden really drew my attention. we're going to have our signature original steak sandwich. >> my grandmother has bread being made for us three times a day. >> the little beat. >> really good food.
5:38 pm
that's a cross between a burrito and sushi. after work waiting for their train to go out or for those in the office crowd coming in at lunchtime, it's going to be that feel good vibe. >> reporter: and chef mark who's introducing lobster press. >> we want to change the way people look at eating a lobster sandwich. >> reporter: can i give it a taste? >> absolutely. we're going to do this. what we're doing is upping the ante. we're taking whole nuggets of lobster tail meat. we're not going to cut it at all. a little white wine, garlic butter, press it on a panini press. press. >> reporter: that's incredible. i'll be able to get that at penn station?
5:39 pm
>> it does not taste like a penn station sandwich. >> that's the idea of pennsy. >> january 7th you can enjoy this delicious sandwich and more at the pennsy. i'm baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. dari: that's insane. alison: i'm hungry. yes. alison: a new alliance in the race to bring self-driving cars to the masses. dari: the big tech company and famous car maker who have joined forces. and this: [music] alison: little subway musicians with big hearts. the great cause they're supporting. >> hi. i'm stationed in japan.
5:40 pm
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dari: the cdc is investigating another e. coli outbreak at chipotle. people in north dakota, oklahoma and kansas have gotten sick. chipotle has been trying to contain outbreaks that have sickened 53 people in nine different states.
5:43 pm
is tightening its food safety standards to prevent new illnesses. alison: a government panel now siding with experts who call for preventative statin use. people as young as 40 should be on the cholesterol-lowering drugs if they have one risk for heart disease like high blood pressure or diabetes. dari: let's talk tech now. google and ford teaming up to build yet another self-driving car. the announcement expected to be made early next month. alison: joining us, michael, the reviews editor for toms guide. this is a biggie. >> it is. future. google and ford, those are two of the biggest companies in up. if it's going to happen, these two will make it happen. dari: what's the prospect in terms of timeframe? >> google currently has 53 cars on the road that it's practicing with. dari: that's right.
5:44 pm
million miles. they have a lot of experience doing that. obviously ford has the technical know how to build cars. that being said, you're probably not going to see one in consumer hands for five years, i would say. alison: does this change anything? there have been so many questions about whether apple is in the game. they're so hush-hush about everything. does this put more pressure on them? >> i don't think it put any more pressure on them. obviously apple is very coy about what they do. tim cook recently said maybe we are, maybe we're not. i would not put it past apple to be working on a car. dari: actually i remember we did a little demo of this, showed a demo of the car, the google car. so here's something that says it could be on the market by 2017. let's speak realistically. do we have any idea how much it could cost? could the average person afford it?
5:45 pm
biggest issues. when you look at a tech company getting into car space, like tesla, they're not cheap. dari: they're specialty high end like rich people toys. >> yeah. with a company like ford getting involved, that -- i think that means that you're going to see them really working to get this to be an affordable thing. so you'll see one in every garage. dari: the henry ford model. alison: how about safety concerns? i know this is -- i'm terrified to see self-driving car. is it a safe thing to do? a big issue here. >> i think most of the accidents with self-driving cars have been from people in other cars hitting them. dari: wow. >> but it is a concern. especially as self-driving cars, you know, enter the roadway while there's regular cars on the road. dari: okay. so you realize in five years, when we say did you do your
5:46 pm
say, yes, i bought my fiancee a self-driving car. wow wow. thank you for coming in. nick: next thing will be the jetsons, those type of cars. you never know. just coming down the road. >> today you probably wanted to take it easy on the roads. we had some rain for a while and mild temperatures returned again. 62 the new high in new york city. that happened in the last hour. that's almost 20 degrees or is more than 20 degrees above average for this time of year. philly, 61. 59 washington, d.c. 61 in pittsburgh. 50s for the rest of the england. as we look at fox 5 sky guardian, no rain in the area. for tonight. tomorrow. overnight we'll have to deal with clouds around and areas of fog. some of the fog might get dense
5:47 pm
that could hamper travel plans tomorrow and cause flight delays. tomorrow is a big travel day in advance of christmas. we'll see how the airports -- the flights get managed with that. look at the satellite and radar composite. you see the area of rain exiting eastern new england. not out of the question, we get a couple of breaks in the clouds for a while, but i think the clouds will come back, as you see on the lower end of the picture here. they're starting to aim back up towards us. i think that potential for fog is there as well. let's look at the current temperatures. still quite mild. we're still at 62 in the city. 56 islip. 54 bridgeport over to sussex. 61 at newark down to belmar. we scoot to 60 off towards montauk. so very, very mild weather with a southwest wind that has helped to keep those temperatures moving up. the wind will come to the north for a while and then back around to the south-southwest later tomorrow and tomorrow night. why? another warm front will be moving through. this area is moving to the north and east. we'll continue the southwesterly airflow.
5:48 pm
it will track off to the west. that's going to allow the mild air to come back up from the south to the north. take a look at the futurecast. high temperatures tomorrow, 62 new york city again. we won't get to the record tomorrow. the record high is 66. atlanta, 70. 70s to the gulf coast. you can see there's no cold air for the east. a little cold air moving into montana. 28 at billings. we won't see that. denver, 36. and 50s and 60s to the west coast. here's futurecast. clouds tonight, areas of fog. clouds and fog in the morning. then showers will start mid to late morning and more rain in the afternoon into tomorrow night. some of those could be locally heavy downpours in advance of the warm front. christmas eve day, clouds break for sun, a couple of showers, but then we're in the middle of the warmest part of the air mass. temperatures will take off into the 70s for christmas eve. pretty crazy weather. 53 in the city. tonight, 40s to near 50 in the suburbs with clouds, areas of fog. tomorrow, we'll talk about clouds and areas of rain after
5:49 pm
check out the seven day. some showers, a few on christmas eve. breaks of sun. 73. christmas day looks nice. could be a record at 64. showery weather saturday, sunday, monday, staying above average, 50s to 60. cooler monday, in the 50s. dari: this was a big success. the musical daddy longlegs offered live streaming of the performance online and more than 150,000 people jumped in to watch the december 10th show from their phones and computer screens. that is about the same of 10 weeks of sold out performances of wicked, although most of the viewers online were in the u.s., the performance reached out to viewers in 135 countries. big deal. alison: patients, staff and
5:50 pm
others started a new tradition, joining together in song. [music] dozens gathered at the great atrium to sing in the holidays. they belted out their favorite carols and took photos next to the giant holiday tree. it was in honor of the 10th anniversary of the bellevue atrium. organizers hope the tradition continues. dari: talented siblings are using their love of music to help the homeless. alison: kerry drew shows us how the notes are supporting a noble cause. [music] >> when i'm playing, i like moving. if you don't move and you stand in one spot, it gets boring. and if you move around, you sort of feel the music. [music]
5:51 pm
music. i like playing it because it makes me happy. >> reporter: their music is incredible, each note hit with style and grace. and what's more amazing, 12-year-old lauren, 11-year-old ashley, and nine-year-old christian are siblings. all three in the conner family are musical prodigies. >> i play the violin. i've been playing ever since i was two. >> i want to see a concert of yoyo ma with my friends. i said i wanted to play. she signed me up for lessons. >> reporter: they have --
5:52 pm
chamber music association of new york. and they spend a lot of time practicing together. >> it's fun sometimes because sometimes i have to deal with them because sometimes we have fights about parts. like if someone is messing up and they don't want to admit it. >> reporter: if they look familiar, it's because they often play in subway stations near their apartment in lower manhattan, raising money for the homeless. homeless. >> we saw a lot of homeless people, so i kept asking my mom for money, and she said how about you play your cello with your sisters and raise money for the homeless. >> my favorite part was when
5:53 pm
that was really cool. >> right now we're about at 1100 1100. >> reporter: for these three superstars, the future is bright. >> i have another passion, science. i want to be a doctor, a musical doctor. you never know. >> i want to be an animator and i want to play my cello for people. >> i want to play for lots of people. i know that music makes people happy. so i could make them happy. >> reporter: kerry drew, fox 5 news. dari: they're not at home playing xbox. alison: they're outstanding. we'll see you back here at 10:00. dari: here's christina park with what's coming up at 6:00.
5:54 pm
on the panic inside the roosevelt field mall when an apparent robbery erupted in gunfire. >> and why states are pushing to end daylight savings time. we'll talk about that and more in just a few minutes next at 6:00. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. now we can connect more devices, at the same time.
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. christina: good evening, everyone. i'm christina park. we begin with the frightening scene at the roosevelt field mall on long island. police say someone tried to steal rolexes from the store this afternoon. the person was confronted by store security. there was a struggle involving a gun and it went off. it's unclear whose gun it was. one shot was fired. >> the perpetrator fired one shot. that shot injured a mall
5:58 pm
he is in stable but serious
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