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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  December 23, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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emerge from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". ben: a suspect will be arraigned at roosevelt field mall, police say happen during unattended robbery, the victim is hospitalized in serious condition. kerry: teresa is heading home from prison today, has been in danbury federal corrections institution in connecticut since january. >> to date is the busiest travel day of the holiday season, and the one hundred million americans expected to travel over the holidays. kerry: i and kerry drew. dick: i am robert moses, ben and
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christmas eve eve, the twenty-third of december. kerry: a lot of people are of tomorrow in the next day. ernie: trying to figure out of the traffic will be dead today. kerry: today it starts to get bad. today -- we have to check with ines. will be bad later un. how will the weather holds up? kerry: it will be a problem. robert: that sounded interesting. >> meteorologist: we had a couple of issues, we will hear about traffic from ines. the traffic is an issue in some area roadways because of fog. we have dense fog advisory across much of the tristate area. doesn't appear to be a problem across manhattan or the five burrows but everyone else is
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give yourself extra time. visibility hasn't reduced to less than a mile in some spots pmi support poughkeepsie and sussex and monticello, that will slow you down this morning and later this afternoon it will be rain that will keep things across the area. we start with nice temperatures in the 40s in poughkeepsie, sussex, monticello, 55 in central park, lot of clouds, no rain yet but it is on the way, we anticipate a lot of rainfall in the afternoon and evening. it is this system that is heading in our direction so that your umbrella handy because we will experience heavy rainfall later this afternoon. tomorrow 73 for christmas eve believe it or not. the previous record was 63. christmas day looks like we will stay nice and dry, temperatures above average and over the weekend another chance of rain fall.
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ines as your traffic day. it was nicki minaj in the background. ines: let's talk about the cross bronx, traffic, some problems, jerome avenue there is an accident blocking a lane, a car fire 89 the 5 local lanes, the new jersey turnpike, we have an accident blocking lane by exit 69 in local lanes, some activity, the palisades, of a throughway by the palisades, accident blocks elaine, speed restrictions on the tappan zee bridge, let's go to cameras, how foggy it is on long island, those headlights are moving, just have to be careful. on the upper level let's go with that camera. the upper level 5 to 10, one lane open, on the apartment,
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the lincoln and holland tunnels are an option. the busiest day of the year traveling. kerry: thanks so much. robert: this is the busiest travel day of the christmas season. 100 million americans are expected to be on the road and on the rails and in the air during long holiday weekend according to aaa and a lot of the travel is fueled by low gas prices. kerry: a lot of people getting out of town today, teresa priolo joins us from the vince lombardi service area. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. good news and bad if you are heading out on the road early this morning. the bad news is you might not see them, the turnpike.
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and a few feet in front of you, today happens to be nationally the busiest travel day of this holiday stretch. 100 million people expected to get out of dodge and the majority of them, 90 million or so will take to the roads traveling 50 miles or more to get to their christmas dinner. helping them out of what happens to be low gas prices and the fact that the weather is far as snow fall cooperating on that front. no blizzards and that is good news, here and around the country in places like chicago, you see some of the delays, the christmas holiday, and what we are seeing with the rain coming in today you can expect an increase in car crashes, breakdowns and other hazards.
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concerned more people will take to the roads. they're taking that route. and the average ticket, and a hundred dollars round trip in the holiday season. that is helping things as well. of the rest of the people will take the bus or the train or maybe a cruise. and the weather is so nice, i would like to get a christmas cruise in. kerry: in other news, and again the roosevelt, shopping but it's the busiest shopping day of the year, a robbery attempt gone wrong and an off-duty police officer happened to be in the right place at the right time. juliet: he is expected to be arraigned today.
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in the opposite direction, very scared. >> after gunfire rang out, shoppers were recovering closets, some were locked down in sewers. this man held the mother and her daughter tried to stay calm. and it will be me, not this little girl, we were playing hide and seek, didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: nassau county police say this man, attempted to rob a role like section of the high watch store. investigators say security officers tried to stop him but there was a struggle and the suspect's gunfire. >> during that robbery the perpetrator fired one shot. that shot injured a mall area. >> reporter: 67-year-old mall serious condition.
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trying to finish their last-minute shopping. some of their wallets, and took off running. >> all my clothes, everything cash out, the cashier started running. >> reporter: liz dahlem, "good day new york". >> real houseflies of new jersey stock will be released from prison today, his lawyer will drive her to her home in new jersey and she is very excited to spend time with the four daughters. she will remain under home confinement until her official release date of february 5th, but she is expected to be filming the seventh season of the bravoed shows this week. she has been, she and her husband joy admitted to bankruptcy fraud, and submitting phony loan applications. ernie: we learned about a second service members killed in afghanistan.
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his fourth military tour in was handed to -- he does that sergeant libya national guard. he leaves behind a white and 5-year-old daughter, he was 4 months from returning home, six troops including an nypd detective were killed when their patrol was attacked by a suicide bomber on a motorcycle. kerry: the number of the army who expected to be overseas came home to give his sister the surprise of a lifetime. >> oh my god! kerry: this story brings tears to my eyes, a seventh grader, grease hernandez burst into tears when she saw her brother, joseph hernandez and robert frost middle school. this happened yesterday. he has been in south korea since his deployment in march and was not expected back home until next year. >> i told my family i would try to make it home every year for
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that was my original plan, to come home. then they decided to surprise her and everybody else except for her. they thought it would be a nice surprise just for her. since she is the baby of a family. kerry: seeing her brother is the best christmas gift she should have asked for. it really is, just in time for the holidays. robert: you realize what a huge sacrifice these men are making. still ahead on "good day early call" get ready for a wet wednesday as the rain is moving in and warm weather returns. dockery wednesday has holiday forecasts. robert: new york city employes will get six weeks of parental leave. we will tell you what they have to give up to get it.
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. >> meteorologist: fog is an issue, visibility's have been reduced to less than a mile in many locations and we have a dense fog advisory through most of the region through morning hours, 45 in poughkeepsie, 49 in sussex, central park, 50 degrees
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winds out of the northeast and relatively light at the moment. that will give us a chill of the oceans and temperatures in the low 60s which is above average, satellite radar shows lots of clout in place, no rain is being picked up yet but it is on the way. most is hanging around southeastern states and heading in our direction as a warm front area. and other low moving west, but will keep us and settle for the next couple days, have your umbrella handy especially this afternoon. we anticipate heavy rainfall across the area, temperatures will be above average, going for high numbers in the 50s, by lunch time in the low 60s, as we go to christmas day we are unsettled, we have a chance of showers but temperatures will be storing in the 70s on thursday and christmas day we have dry conditions, sun and clouds and temperatures in the 60s. the weekend, we still are fine-tuning this but still
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couple showers saturday and sunday, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, high temperatures in the 40s, you can track the weather at any time by downloading our weather apps, weather, you can get it free to google play store and the itunes store and with that air when you can follow along with live interactive radar and get our the update your forecast as well. led the data traffic and head over to ines. >> thought is an issue and i am seeing along with other problems. we have a problem across bronx, that is cleared away but still working on a car fire a 95 northbound towards the george washington bridge by exit 69 in the local lanes so you have one lane closed, new jersey commute doing fine union and essex county, look at the new york state thruway, rockland county, you have construction set up blocking two lanes that not
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tappan zee bridges where the accident is, george washington bridge construction and delays of cleared away the you are fine on the upper lower-level, the lincoln and holland tunnel, trains running on or close to schedule, but law colored day, last one of the year. kerry: six weeks of paid parental leave will be offered to nonunion city employees, bill deblasio announced yesterday will sign an executive order next month getting the benefits. approximately 20,000 employees will get the six weeks will be paid and could increase to 12 weeks with existing paid time off. but they will have to give up two days vacation. managers in the private sector say it is time for the city to offer something other companies already have. >> i think you will see there is a trend because the city's second conducted corporate america which many companies have already improved upon their parental leave policy. >> reporter: this change does not affect the city of 300,000
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say the benefit can be added to those contracts to be a collective bargaining and joining us now in studio this curtis sliwa, host of "the curtis and kuby show," it can be heard from noon until 3:00 p.m.. what do you think of this? >> first of all, we wrote the estrogen chain. the other day monday, all of estrogen, no guys, junior varsity guy -- little perot love, thank got another guy on the set. you see brendel leave, lasting in the world i wanted, you think i wanted to go home and deal with the kids? but i understand, i understand, it is equality. could be the man, woman, could be both who decide they will stay home, could be foster care
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not my mayor wants to show we are like pittsburgh and boston, texas, because they do this and this means he is a great mayor. kerry: you understand why some this. >> they want to change 30 water diapers, it is okay. i would rather be at work. all of a sudden i was the guy who wanted to go home and take care of the kids wear as my old lady, my wife, whatever wanted to take care of the kids, that is fine by me too. robert: let's talk about crime. former police commissioner ray kelly suggesting the city's crime stats may not be what they are cracked up to be, crime may not be as low as possible. do you think -- as low as bill deblasio is saying. >> absolutely correct. when bill bratton left los
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reporting for duty, lapd, he was accused of fudging the numbers there. this should not be a shock. look the other day. the city bike stolen at twice the rate they were the year before, assessed propertywise and $200,000 which makes it a felony crime if you snatch it. all of a sudden, and why bidi meeting with citibank officials to figure out how they could fudge the assessment of the bicycle below $100,000 so it will no longer be a felony, misdemeanor, show up on stats. this is what you call technology, you fudge the numbers, make felonies into misdemeanors and you will look better. does anybody really feel safer in a street in new york city? any people out there walking around gee whiz, it is so much safer now than it was under rudy guiliani or michael bloomberg?
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is reality. >> you said there would be no homeless people in the subways. six people at rush hour, 5:00 yesterday, you know they had a shopping cart, the whole nine yards, come on, of course they're fudging the numbers. >> looks like hillary clinton will be campaigning in iowa after she has been in the news because back in force with donald trump, they are saying she will be an extra 6 weeks that and got her efforts particularly in iowa. >> what did she do in the democratic primary, martin o'malley was a person of no consequence and bernie from brooklyn, you want to apologize to hillary, you want to bow and curtsey anymore, what kind of race is that? naturally she needs to get up and admit she is so offended because donald trump uses a
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what is wrong with that? do you realize how politically incorrect i am with all but yiddish phrase i use an italian phrases, just in the course of one appearance here on "good day early call"? kerry: sometimes you sit use the mall at once. >> merry christmas, had been new year. >> would in my stocking stuffer. ernie: giants adele beckham --od --odell becxkham.
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never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. robert: to you think there's any chance odell beckham plays this week? kerry: i don't think they will overturn the appeal and that soviet talking about. and the 13 is appealing his one game suspension today and the hearing will be held in the nfl manhattan offices. the league suspended him for actions during the giants lost
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game battling quarterback josh norman, cause for three personal fouls including helmets to hell this hit but was never pulled from the game whether it was the coach or the referee. former eagle receiver james thrasher will hear today's a deal with the decision is expected after the hearing. if he loses the won't be able to practice with the team this week and will miss sunday's game against minnesota. but there is good news for odell beckham. he has been named to the pro bowl for a second straight season, received the highest vote total of all wide receivers. so far he had 91 catches threat 1398 yards and 13 feet deeps, the only pro bowl selection, dodge brown and dwayne harris were named first alternates. in the pro bowl, burrell reavis made it for the seventh time, mohammad wilkerson will go for the first time, the best season
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marshall had enough votes to make six trips, man goals and running back chris ivory were made first alternates. it is officials, russian billionaire about to become the sole owner of the brooklyn gnats and barkley's center. he already owned 80% of the team and 40% of the arena and now he will know everything. the deal is for $285 million in cash and interest-bearing notes. it puts the value of the nets in berkeley center at $1.7 billion. team made his fortune through mining and metals. anthony mason out tonight's game against lebron james and the cavaliers and next are as listed questionable, third quarter monday but against the magic, got tangled up with rob and lopez. he took two shot in the fourth quarter, and jenny sat out most of practicing his ankle felt sore. derek fisher is planning anthony will play but station won't be
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on the ice new york rangers were at home against the ducks and snapped a three game losing streak. let's pick up in the third period, game tied at one. ducks turn the puck over and derek reside put the rangers on top with the second goal of the game. ducks come back, three card rips it into the net and ties the game at two. in overtime rangers on the power play, the game-winning goal, team meeting fifteenth goal of the season and the rangers win it 3-2. the devils took on the redwings in detroit. in the first, kyle gets the rebound in four, that is his fourteenth, doubles up 1-0.
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