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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  December 23, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". robert: great day but unseasonably warm temperatures continue, tomorrow will shatter the record for christmas eve. i didn't hedge at all. highs in the low 70s, audrey has your full forecast. kerry: 100 million people will travel this holiday season, today will be the busiest day, travel frenzies field by low gas prices. robert: and intended robbery leaves one victim hospitalized with a gunshot wound, the suspect is due to be arraigned today. kerry: reality personality and
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house to her mansion, she leaves prison today. thanks for joining us this morning, i am kerry drew. robert: i am robert moses, it is 5:00, we are glad you are a long on this christmas eve eve. kerry: we are talking about breaking some records. this is crazy. >> is going to happen, record high 63, forecasting 10 degrees warmer it and that. we will be breaking the christmas eve record today. is about the rain fall, we experiencing periods of rain later this afternoon and some will come down at a good clip, have your wet weather gear handy on wednesday, christmas eve a couple showers leftover but all about temperatures tomorrow, record war, christmas, mix of sun and clouds in the 60s by then. fog is an issue across much of the region, visibility has been
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dense fog advisory for the tristate area. right now 54 in central park, normal high should be 40 one. we are already above that. dewpoint humidity making it feel quite muddy out there and the barometer is strong but falling, temperatures in the 40s and 50s in the northeast towards the mid-atlantic. upper 50s in philly, seen in d.c. buffalo at 46, cloud in place now, no rain just yet but it is on the way. much of the rainfall is just to the south southwest and is going to head in our direction as we go through the afternoon hours. it is producing some significant rainfall in the gulf coast region, some downpours and thunderstorms, another area of low pressure to the west will keep us and settled as we go into the christmas holiday. rain showers expected by this afternoon coming down pretty good at times and tomorrow high temperatures soaring in the 70s, 60s christmas day and unsettled
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of showers as temperatures remain above average for this time of year. fog affecting our morning commute, give us details. ines: seeing poor visibility, problems in new jersey as you traveled 80 and 95 southbound the northbound for the george washington bridge, there was a car fire, one lane closed even though it has been extinguished trying to clear that out of the way. stick to express lanes to avoid problems on that, westchester slow approaching the tappan zee bridge, the palisades for the tappan zee bridge moving slow, there is an accident blocking two lanes, minor delays, tappan zee bridge 45 m.p.h. speed restrictions because of the fog, let's show you those shots on long island, this is the lie you are seeing, you concede taillights and head lights moving fine west bound dainties down, just had to be careful. george washington bridge there was overnight construction going on, that is cleared away as well as the delays, no problems on
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and holland a good, trains on or close, gridlock alert day. robert and carry. robert: thanks. today will be the busiest travel day of the christmas season, 100 million americans expected travel during this long holiday weekend according to aaa and that is being fueled by low gas prices. kerry: a lot of people will be hitting the roads to date, teresa priolo joins us from the vince lombardi service area in new jersey. >> reporter: i am thinking if you're getting out of town this early in the morning and you see behind me is quiet one of three things has to be happening. e.u. are traveling in a really long distance by car, perhaps you have a lot to do or you are concerned who is making christmas dinner and you want to get there quick and be able to save the holiday. whichever category you fit into you will find a lot of people on the roads with you over the next couple days. right now the fog seems to be
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fact that it is early, it does seem to be lifting a little bit, we will see grass near the turnpike, a major improvement from 30 minutes ago. has robert mentioned today is supposed to be the busiest travel day of the holiday stretch, that is nationally, tomorrow will be our busiest day in the new york area, a record 100 million people expected to get out of dodge and the majority of the majority will be driving, 90% equates 91 million people will be traveling 50 miles or more. what will help them out is the weather, we have rain, there's fog but we are not seeing snow, no blizzard conditions, that will make things easier on people and gas prices at this rest stop, 190, that is really good, lowest since 2009 said that will ease the holliday britain able bit. if you are going to be taking to
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one of the most popular ways to get your holiday destination. air fares are down 6% this year. the average round-trip ticket is $174 so that is not that bad. almost 6 million people are expected to fly and about 3.5 million will take the train, bus or some holiday cruise. as i mentioned nationally today is the big day but tomorrow will be the busiest day for us in the new york city arianna and whether it is today or tomorrow keep in mind especially when we talk about hitting the road you how talking about a lot of car crashes, breakdowns, hazard conditions, got to have your wits about you and make sure, you are paying attention to the roads because anything can happen, trying to make sure they have everything they need to make this a successful holiday. that is the latest, back to you in studio.
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island on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. robert: training scene, people dove for cover as shots rang out during a robbery attempt. liz dahlem live outside roosevelt field mall in garden city with the latest and good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the shooter is in police custody and is expected to make a court appearance but he cause quite a scare at roosevelt field mall, one of the largest in the country. imagine how many people were inside trying to cross things off of their shopping list, when they heard gunfire they thought terrorism, an active shooter's an area. there was a stampede of shoppers trying to get out of this mall. >> i look on my right, 700 people running in the opposite direction. very scared. >> reporter: panic and chaos in the roosevelt field mall tuesday afternoon after gunfire rang out.
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at this man held a mother and her daughter tried to stay calm. >> the woman with the baby almost if anyone is going to get shot is going to be me, not this little girl, we told her we were playing hide and seek, she did know was going on. >> reporter: police say this man seen in handcuffs attempted to rob the wall like section of a high end watch store. security officers tried to stop him but there was a struggle and the suspect's gun fired. >> during that time the perpetrator fired one shot. that shot injured a mall employee in the shoulder area. >> reporter: 67-year-old mullah employee was shot, taken to a hospital, in serious condition. it it happened at 1:00 in the afternoon. they were trying to finish last minute shopping, some left their wallets and merchandise at the cash register and took off running.
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cashier left us and started running. >> reporter: it so happened that and nypd police inspector was off-duty doing some shopping at the time of the shooting, he quickly sprang into action, not another cop with two security officers, arrest a suspect. a lot of people credit them with keeping the rest of the mall's saved. live outside roosevelt mall, back over to you. ben: as salvation army bell ringing legally blind was the vision that that is a victim of a vicious attack in westchester. wan rodriguez beat of the unidentified man after accusing him of cutting the line at a smash burger restaurants. accused of kicking the visibly handicapped man when he was down on the grounds. >> by picking up the victim's
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on the right side of the head. >> the victims of a broken nose and fractured eye sockets. police say he has been released from the hospital and is back on the job. both suspects facing a felony assault charge. >> reporter: a fight over a mall parking spot turns violent. can get nicholas king is accused of backing an 18-year-old over the head with a metal plate. this happened saturday in an underground parking lot at gotten state mall. the team says she was waiting for a space when nicholas king cut her off and she is facing aggravated assault charges. robert: the woman of accused of driving into a crowd on the las vegas group will be back in court today. holloway has been charged with murder and held without bail. she repeatedly plow her vehicle into crowds on the vegas strip. one person was killed, dozens others worry injured. 3y daughter was in the car with her but was not her.
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child abuse and leaving the scene of a crime. kerry: teresa -- teresa giudice will be released from prison today, a police say she will be driven to new jersey and she is excited to spend time with her four daughters, she will remain under home confinement until her official release date of february 5th. she will film the seventh season of the bravo show this week. she has been in danbury federal correctional institution in connecticut since january. she and her husband admitted to bankruptcy fraud and submitting phony loan applications. he will begin serving his sentence in march. robert: plenty more coming up including cutting down on the candidates. the number of republicans who will be in the next debate. kerry: audrey is keeping track of the forecast. >> reporter: temperatures above
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and grab your umbrella because we anticipate rain, some of it will come down at a pretty good clip, you can track the rain with live interactive radar on our weather apps, download for free at the google play store and itunes store, more "good day new york" will be right back. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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>> here it is, snow. kerry: an interesting snow dance. residents are doing what snow dance hoping it comes back soon. activities like skiing and snowmobilinging suffering because the region has not had enough snow this past weekend. rain and high temperatures. your snow dance. not having snow, it is beside the temperatures are the way they are. >> lake effect snow, they had a good the next day. everybody is waiting for january.
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today and not the case, we are setting more springlike. patchy dense fog across the region, as you head on the roadways, sending the kids to the bus, today is the last official day of school for new york public schools. it was pretty much like yesterday with a jacket and just comfortably. it should be raining, might have an umbrella inert backpacks as they head out this morning. fog is an issue, reduced to less than a mile, and the advisory in effect for morning hours, temperatures good for this time of year. same number in monticello, in the 50s. in belmar. new york city checking in at 54. lot of clouds in place, patchy drizzle, what we are waiting for is rain to come in this afternoon. sitting off to the south fear bringing heavy amounts of
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states, a warm front will approach as today helping ignite the shower activity. temperatures are going to take off and record high numbers for christmas eve. future cast shows clouds in place to start the morning, the rain arrives in the afternoon. in the evening hours, pockets at moderate to heavy rainfall this evening and things clear out, clouds remain and others say a little unsettled. patchy drizzle and the sun breaking through from time to time and looks like clouds return thursday night. we see drier weather working into the region, having rainfall especially this afternoon, i temperatures above average in the upper 50s to low 60s across the region. tomorrow, 73 degrees for christmas eve. the record is 63 and we will blow that one out of the water, we should stay dry with a mix of sun and clouds and high temperatures 64 for christmas
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aren't settled, showers and temperatures remain above and 60s. that is a check of your weather, roads. let's start with some problems. ines: the george washington bridge, a 95 the express lane, local lane toward the gwb, caught fire is extinguished but have to clear it out of the way and both through we toward the tappan zee bridge and accident by the palisades blocking two lanes. because of the fog, 40 miles per hour speed restriction on the tappan zee bridge, let's check staten island, it was foggy earlier, lifting a little bit. as for the trains they're all running on or close to schedule, gridlock alert day. juliet, rosanna, greg, audrey, mike. >> incredible story of survival in china when a man was pulled
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60 hours in a massive landslide is the migrant worker was rescued around dawn on wednesday, another person buried near him. more than 70 people missing from sunday's huge landslide. it happened when a mountain of construction waste and mud's shenzhen. kerry: the next gop debate could candidates. fox business announced its entry criteria for the january 14th debate. candidates must place in the top six of the top five national polls or place within the top five in iowa and new hampshire polls go the remaining candidates with the undercard debate, gop candidates, 13 remain in the field, it will be held at the north charleston coliseum and performing arts center, north charleston, south carolina. robert: america and in firing
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use the derogatory term in reference to her 2008 campaign loss. and campaign in iowa, asked about bullying and flipped around it from but didn't mention him by name. republican jeb bush came to trump's defense. >> terrible things said about me, that is why it is important to stand up to bullies wherever they are and we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the presidency. that is not who we are as americans. >> she is great at being the victim. this hole victim status is what she loves and doing. trump is not going to be president because he says these things that turn people off. two days before christmas, lighten up. robert: clinton stood by her
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of trump to recruit new terrorists. kerry: six days of pencil -- parental leave will be offered to nonunion, signing an executive order adding that benefit. 20,000 employees will get six weeks will be paid and can increase to 12 weeks with existing paid time off. in exchange for that benefit they will give the two days vacation. managers in the private sector say it is about time the city offered something other companies already have. >> in corporate america, many companies have improved upon their parental leave policies. kerry: the change does not affect the city's 300,000 unionized workers but officials say the benefit can be added to those contracts by collective bargaining. 5:21, a lot more still ahead. forbes is calling johnny depp the most ever paid actor. we can tell you who else made the list.
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kerry: the japanese company that owns hello kitty brand says it fits in that security leak in an online site, the breach
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information of 3.3 million users. the company says the leak gave access to personal information such as names and birth dates but not credit card or other payment details. kids technologymaker reported a similar data breach that revealed personal information of 6 million children worldwide. robert: starbucks is betting on record gift card sales this holiday season, shoppers are expected to brew up big business by buying gift cards as last-minute stocking stuffers. last year 2 million cards were purchased on dec. 24 alone, 1700 cards a minute. kerry: johnny depp holds the title as hollywood's most overpaid actor according to forbes magazine. he dethroned adam sandler who was ineligible for this year's list because of his netflix deal. johnny depp's recent movie transcendence earned studios $1.20 on every dollar of his salary coming in second place on
5:23 am
earning $6.50 for every dollar salary, there was will ferrell at $6.80, liam neeson was fourth with $7.80 and will smith was fifth with $8.60 per dollar earned. when met people are invited to ring the opening bell but the stock exchange all they do is ring the bell. bottom globetrotters put on a show. robert: i want to do the whistle with a basketball team did a few dumb on the trading floor, the famed exchange on the balcony, the globetrotters are celebrating their 90 third anniversary, nationwide tour now and they will play some 340 more games through the end of april, 48 states, 250 states. kerry: it is a catchy tune, that whistle. kerry: that was fun. all your top stories when we come back.
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back, 5:27, jordan sparks by laguardia airport out there.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". i-man merry christmas eve eve, and temperatures in the 60s and will reach low 70s tomorrow. we should also seen some rain today. audrey has the extended forecast. kerry: a suspect will be arraigned in the shooting at the roosevelt field mall on long island. and happen during an attempted robbery and is the victim is hospitalized in serious condition. robert: the nypd is looking for the suspect of this video, accused of stabbing a straphanger an f train station in queens. kerri make it during roads, rails or airports unit and be alone, today could be the busiest day of the holiday travel season. robert: i am robert moses. kerry: i am kerry drew, we are in for ben and juliet, 5:30 on
5:28 am
what happened? laughing about something. >> meteorologist: the bottom of the camera, the sign, robert and carry. something to remember. robert: i have been called, juliet, ben, rosanna, kerri connaught liz. >> meteorologist: those just tuning in, ines has not quite woken up again. robert moses with us today. robert: all those people lovely people i am happy to be associated with. >> meteorologist: what you need to do today's grand your umbrella. you will need it this afternoon. temperatures pretty comfortable in the 50s across many locations. we anticipate rain later into wednesday. we are in the 40s and 50s in the
5:29 am
d.c. also a lot of dance fog. be aware of that as he head on to the roads, the rain is to the south but it is heading our direction and we anticipate its arrival later this afternoon and will come down heavy at times, temperatures above average yet again, highs in the 50s to low 60s and christmas eve tomorrow highs in the low 70s which will smash our record a record high 63. christmas day looks nice and dry, temperatures above average and another chance of rain comes in over the weekend. that is a check of the weather. let's see how all ines is doing with the traffic report. ines: earlier problems towards the george washington bridge, 95 a car iron by exit 69 in the local lean cleared away. the bronx doing fine, cross bronx as well as deegan. there's also an earlier accident in rockland county on the thruway southbound approaching palisades parkway, that is cleared away blocking two lanes
5:30 am
seizing out quickly, tappan zee bridge 45 m.p.h. speed restrictions because of the fog. that show you 7 state parkway, without these known traffic moving fine and with trains, metro-north long island railroad, new jersey transit and pass trains on or close to schedule. gridlock alert day, street cleaning rules are in affect. it is just had it. ten totally fine. it is confusing. i know, today the last word oh alert day. >> meteorologist: last one of the year. robert: pet and the roosevelt field mall on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. kerry: shots were fired during a robbery attempt. liz dahlem live this morning outside roosevelt field mall with the very latest. >> reporter: the suspect is now in police custody and is
5:31 am
later today but he caused quite a scare at roosevelt field mall which is one of the largest malls in the country. it was packed with people and when they heard these gunshots date immediately thought active shooter situation or terrorism and it caused quite a stir as people ran out of the mall trying to take cover. this happened at 1:00 in the afternoon tuesday and the mall was absolutely packed with people trying to finish their last-minute shopping. a lot of people actually left was and merchandise next to the cash registers as they took off trying to protect themselves lose lots of shoppers did for cover underneath shelving and were actually locked down inside the stores. we spoke to one man who tried to protect a mother and her daughter and tried to keep them calm. listen to what he had to say. >> everyone huddled with a woman and the baby, if anyone is going to be shot it will be me, not this little girl.
5:32 am
seek, she didn't know what was going on. look on the right and it was 700 people running in the opposite direction. >> reporter: this man seen in handcuffs tried to rob a rolex section of the store inside the mall. security officers tried to apprehend him but there was some sort of struggle and one round was fired from his gun. and in serious condition at a hospital nearby. nypd officer was off-duty doing some shopping at the mall. he's run into action and helped one copy along with two other security officers apprehended this suspect. a lot of people freezing them for their quick syncing and keeping everyone save your inside the mall. live in garden city, long island, back over to you. kerry: thank you.
5:33 am
train in queens was stabbed several times in the buttocks and police need your help catching the suspect. this man walked up to the 42-year-old beckham sunday on the platform at the forest hills 71st avenue station. the suspect allegedly bump into the victim twice hitting him in the rear with an object and twice again when he got off at the union turnpike station is the victim did not realize he had been stabbed and killed eject the wounds. the suspect described as handicaps' on his right hand. police would like to hear from you. colleague hundred-577-tips. today will be the busiest travel day of the christmas season. 100 million americans expected to travel during this busy holiday weekend according to aaa and part of the reason for that busyness is gas prices. kerry: teresa priolo joins us from vince lombardi service area in new jersey with more on that.
5:34 am
is my kid for you, leave now. drop what you are doing and get on with your holiday. this is the greatest chance you have not being caught in a significant amount of traffic. that is what we are told when it comes to aaa. they are telling us 100 million people will take to the roads and skies, trains, buses over the next couple days. at the vince lombardi rest stop, traffic i would not say is picking up, only a few cars but the good news is fog is letting up little bit. you can now see the turnpike. it is an improvement from one hour ago. the majority of people who will head out over the next couple days will in fact be taking to the roads, 91 million people will be traveling 50 miles or more from their home to get to christmas dinner. what will help them significantly higher low gas prices at the sunoco at a rest stop, $1.90, lowest price since
5:35 am
also helping us out this year, the nice temperatures and the fact there is no snow on the way not only here but around the entire country even in places that are typically prone to having snowy christmases like chicago. only thing we're dealing with over the next couple days happens to be the rain and fog. be advised of that but it is better than dealing with a blizzard. if you plan on flying someplace over the next couple days you are not alone. 5.6 million people will take to the skies and they are aided by lower air fare down 6%. average round-trip ticket $175 or so of this year and another 4 million people will be taking to the trains, buses, things like that. back out here live, nationally this is the busiest travel day over the next couple days but in our area we are told by aaa the busiest day for us will in fact
5:36 am
if you are heading out at 11:00 it starts to get bad but crunch time will be between 3:00, and 6:00 p.m.. back to both of you. robert: by the way her shot is so pull looking, fog in the background, fog burned awful little bit. kerry: a little grow around her. let's check the forecast with audrey, a lot of people getting out of town today. how was it looking? we expect some rain. >> meteorologist: if you are getting out an early-morning hours, later this afternoon it will be rain and it will come down at a pretty good clip something people down, where we need to be this wednesday, let's talk temperatures, we are getting close to record highs over the next several days. we had that yesterday, today at 562 forecast high close to the record of 66, tomorrow we will smash the previous record of 63 with forecast high of 73 and christmas day we could tie or
5:37 am
which was set in 1992. now we are sitting at numbers and the 40s and 50s, normal high 41 so we are well above that setting us up for a mild afternoon across the region. as we mentioned fog is an issue, visibility reduced to less than a mile, give yourself time to where you need to be, dense fog advisory in of fact, lots of clouds in place, rain is coming our way, starting to edge its way towards cape may toward new jersey and much of the rain fall, moving to the northeast into the afternoon. this form for come through helping to ignite shower activity and it will allow a very mild temperatures across the region. temperatures rising instead of dropping like they usually do. today's high in the upper 50s to low 60s with rain by the afternoon hours and tomorrow we are still unsettled but not the watch out we expect later today,
5:38 am
the 70s and friday christmas day a nice little dry spot with temperature readings in the 60s. unsettled weather is expected, won't be a complete washout but we will dodge a couple rainshowers saturday and sunday. let's see what is on the roads, fog is slowing people down. ines: you have to be careful about those foggy spot. queens, south out as you approach hempstead avenue that is blocking a lane with minor delays. whitestone, frogs neck bridge looks good, so does the lie towards queens boulevard, new jersey community, 287 no problems. as for the bqe, let's start with the bqe traffic moving fine eastbound, west bound looks good, the bqe by the brooklyn bridge, traffic looks good, no delays northbound, george washington bridge upper and lower level, your choice, everything looking good, that
5:39 am
tunnel with that doing fine, the van with through the queue gardens interchange if you are flying out today towards the airport, pretty good time to do that, no delays. robert: does it look like traffic is lighter today? kerri ines: it is a little weird. but bridges and tunnels were fined by 8:00. robert: it is the big day. maybe the roads -- ines: line is what people will do today. robert: we are paying rapt attention. 21 coming up including this. giants odell beckham appealing his suspension today. kerry: "good day" will be right back. catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue
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robert: glad you are with us at 5:45 wednesday morning. secret service agent reportedly had his gun, radio and bad stolen from his vehicle monday block from the agency headquarters. a witness says the agent left his car window open. kerry: new jersey reforming its dedication process requiring
5:43 am
up with uniform criteria for approving gun permits. chris christie ordered the changes after calling the current system too complicated. robert: teresa giudice was released from prison this morning, she will be driven to her home in new jersey, she and her husband joe admitted to bankruptcy fraud and submitting phony loan applications. he will begin serving his sentence in march. kerry: tina has a look at sports, we're still talking about odell beckham. >> the hearing will be held in the nfl manhattan offices. police suspended him for his actions during the giants lost to the panthers, spent most of the game battling quarterback josh norman, he got called for three personal fouls including gillette to helmet hit, considered a cheap shot but he is never pulled from the game.
5:44 am
james crash will hear today's appeal with a decision is expected after the hearing. if he loses in won't be with to practice with the team this weekend will miss sunday's game against minnesota. there is good news for o'dell. the pro bowl for the second straight season he received the highest vote total of all wide receivers so far this year, had 91 catches for a league meeting 1398 yards and ties anna lead with 13 touchdowns. the site's only pro bowl selection. and dwayne harris were alternates. after the jets, three of them in the pro bowl, rivas made it for the seventh time, mohammad wilkerson is going for the first time. 12 sacks and wide receiver
5:45 am
votes to make his sixth trip. it is official, russian billionaire is about to become the sole owner of the brooklyn that's at berkeley center. he already owned 80% of the team at 40% of a arena. now he will loan everything. the deal is for $285 million in cash and interest-bearing notes. it puts the value of the nets and barkley center and the one$.7 billion. she made his fortune from mining and metal. the new york rangers at home against the ducks and finally snap a three game losing streak. in the third period game tied at one, ducks turn the puck over and derek broussard put the rangers on top. rips into the net, game tied at two. rangers on power play, slapped it in for the game-winning goals, team meeting 13 goal of the season, rangers win 3-2.
5:46 am
the red wings in deep forests, kyle with the rebound scoring 14, doubles up 1-0 and then jordan deflects the shot in for the goal. the third of the season, the dike and 0 doubles clipped the red wings 4-free. and early christmas gift for joe anderson, made headlines six months ago in front of the texas practice facility holding a sign that read quote that will run routes for food. the jets signed him to the practice squad. anderson played nine games a few seasons ago and left football after having hernia surgery. anderson says he hopes the story is an inspiration to others. jets win the next couple games. the patriots on sunday at home. robert: i have a dilemma and i
5:47 am
the jets to lose. i can't stand the patriots. kerry: what you going to do? >> it won't knock them out of the playoffs. it will be nice to beat them 10-5. kerry: in the final seconds. robert: i.t. of the ends with a tied. kerry: let's look at the forecast. doesn't even feel like the holidays. three unless you are in southeastern states like the carolinas. all right, as the kids head to school, that have school today and it is a full day, not a half-day in new york city. we will see patchy dense fog this morning, have the impact an umbrella in a backpack. when they get home later it should be reading and temperatures will be in the 50s, visibility is less than a mile across the tristate area and we have dense fog advisory in effect through morning hours, we have readings in the 40s to the north in monticello and poughkeepsie, 54 in new york city, 49 in islip, 51 towards
5:48 am
a look at satellite radar shows lots of clouds in place, fog is an issue but rain to the south, is heading in our direction, we expect it to arrive in the afternoon hours and will come down heavy at times producing some problems on the roadways for the evening, you. here it is at 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 more rain moving in in the evening, will come down dave: should clear out by tonight but clouds remain, should be unsettled for thursday and don't get clear until we going to friday but we will see more in the way of sunshine, drier weather across the area, not the case today, lots of rain later this afternoon, a temperature above average in the upper 50s to low 60s, tomorrow we will soar into the 70s for christmas eve, there will be attentive rain, christmas day should be drier with temperatures above average for this time of year. that is a check of the weather, let's see halibut, roads with ines. ines: we have a problem in
5:49 am
parkway, there is an accident by hempstead avenue that has been cleared away, delays easing out. bqe looking good. your commute in connecticut, some delays northbound approaching exit 14 through 7 connector but other than that you are fine, south bound towards westchester. let's look at a long island expressway, no problems on the west bound or eastbound side. lincoln tunnel driving into the city very foggy and traffic started to build but it is a five minute delay in down, same for the holland and george washington bridge, parkway in front of the airport showing how foggy it is. you can see some traffic moving fine but the fog you have to be
5:50 am
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robert: anna gilligan here and the saga of deep harvey continues. anna: despite steve harvey announcing the wrong winner of the miss universe pageant he will reportedly still be hosting for years to come according to the team is the comedian actually signed a multi-year deal before sunday's show. been a host for a least a few more years. if you have not heard or seen what happened he misread who the winner was, said it was miss
5:53 am
take it all in and then he announced his mistake which forced him to take the crown of of ms. me and put her on miss philippines was the actual winner. and the next the dell. they have different styles. she could beat like the dell when she makes the come back, that is the argument for keeping her under a label. she has released an album in years. she has not been able to release the music, has been stuck in a legal battle with sony and longtime producer, she is accused of sexual assault and the lawsuit has held up her music. right now she is in that musical limbo. she has made plenty of money with them, $3 million in royalties alone so she does not
5:54 am
kerry: she is a powerhouse. kerry: -- anna: i was worried we would hear hello. we have all heard enough hello. time to release another single. and off broadway shows joins forces with the web and was cute success. daddy long legs was the first to offer wide streaming of its performance on line. it was free and more than 150,000 people watched the december 10th show from their phones and computer screens, the same as ten weeks of sold-out performances, most of the online viewers were in the u.s. the performance reach viewers in 135 different countries. it says a lot that it is expensive to go to broadway prepares interest of we put it up there. kerry: thanks so much. a couple minutes from the top of the 6:00 hour. robert: i haven't heard this song in a long time.
5:55 am
county i think for some reason. oh oh oh oh.
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