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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  December 23, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i will shut up. temperatures are headed it to record high it is for christmas eve tomorrow. today should be warm and wet. audrey puente has the full forecast. more than 100 million people expected to travel the this holiday season and many experts say today will be the busiest day of all. travel frenzy fueled by low gas prices. attempted robbery on long island leaves one victim hospitalized with a gunshot wound. a suspect is due to be arraigned in court today. >> long island middle school student got a very bike christmas surprise wasn't expected home until next year and made it home early to surprise her at school. >> you can see shock on her
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>> that picture is spectacular good wednesday morning everyone i'm robert moses. >> i'm kerry drew ben and juliet are off this morning. it is 6:00 on this wednesday. thanks so much for being with us >> can i say during anna's segment tts from thj. she is not. she was born in l.a. [laughter] so sorry about that kesha. some well known singer from union county, i don't know who it is. >> if you know who it is let us know. i don't think she'll be offended. >> sorry kesha. love you, mean it. [laughter] audrey puente is here with a look at the forecast but it does not feel like the holiday season. it's crazy. >> taste of spripg is officially first week of the were want season. today will be warm and wet across the tristate area.
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into the above average, and tomorrow near record levels and wet weather not only today but also for your christmas eve. although i think today will be more of a washout towards afternoon as o posessed to tomorrow, we have a chance of a few showers coming in across the area. christmas day looks drier. dense fog advisory across the tristate area morning. visibility has been reduced toless than a meal in many locations. so give yourself extra team to get to where you need to be. right now temperature read are technician in the 40s and 50s we're at 50 degrees in islip. 47 in bridgeport and poughkeepsie. monticello checking in at 45 degrees. a lot of clouds are in place at the moment and rain showers just to our south. a lot of rain is playing southeastern states this morning, and that is headed reeght in our direction. a warm front will make its approach today to bring in shower activity and also help usher in some very warm temperatures. see numbers ring overnight and have record warmth for tomorrow.
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into upper 50s low 60s above average. have your umbrella handy anticipating rain and by eempg coming down heavy at times. christmas eve will be a mix of sun and clouds mostly clouds and then see a chance of showers too with a high temperature of 73 degrees. christmas day 64 and should be drier. we're unsettled expecting chance hads of rain saturday, sunday but temperature remain above average for this timeful year. fog is an issue. let's see if there's any others with ines. hey. >> good morning audrey. the commute this morning not bad. fog an issue letting up in queens normal delays on l.i.e. westbound as you approach queens boulevard. here are the new jersey commute. no problems 280, 78 nice and quiet at the moment. the commute over on staten island here's the expressway by clove road.
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good. lincoln tunnel building with traffic there but ten pin bound. ten to 150 tops as far as george washington bridge five minute delay. position gi you have delays there on belt westbound if you're flying out still no delays posted but you want to call ahead and with thes everything on or close to schedule. gridlock alert day. rorgt an kerry. >> today will be busiest travel day of the holiday season. americans expected to travel during this very long holiday according to aaa and part of the crowd is fueled by gas prices. >> teresa priolo join u us live in ridgefield parks, new jersey, good morning teresa. >> good morning everyone. by all accounts here's what you need to do if you're travel traveling by car in the holiday. 6 p.m. avoid the roads.
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post 6 p.m. and you should be okay today. as you can see they're getting a head start lining up to get some gas. as robert and kerry mentioned gas prices are fueling a lot of people deciding to, in fact, take the car over the next couple of day and not deciding to fly or take a train. here at this sinoco1.90 lowest since 2009. 100 million people are expected to get out of town over the next couple of days taking, of course, to the roads to the air, train, things like that. and this is expected to be the busiest federal day of the year nationally, tomorrow in our area, it is expected to be even worse. that's when things are going to get bad for us. we got a chance to talk to some people hear from them in just a little bit. the fact that the weather is not so bad yes it is foggy, raining, but the fact there's no snow to contend with and the fact that the gas prices are pretty good
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take to their car and travel 50 miles this holiday season, and if you're somebody who is headed out by plane. 6 million people will be joining you in that regard. airfare is also down had year. round trip ticket prices aren't that bad. so robert an kerry all in all it seems look these are the prime conditions to be able to get to your relatives maybe if you don't see all year long choose this holiday to visit them because all things are working with you. i have such a fantastic person that you're going to hear from coming up in the next half hour. let's say one surprise up his sleefort for his mom and it is pretty special. back to both of you in the studio. >> teresa thank you so much. panic on long island busiest shopping days of the year. >> people diving for covered during a robbery attempt. liz dahlem live outside roosevelt field mall with the latest. liz good morning to you.
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the suspect is now in police custody and should be in court later today but he caused quite a scare here at the roosevelt field mall one the largest in the country. you can imagine just how packed it was yesterday when people very trying to finish up their holiday shopping. when they heard gunshots people immediate thought active shooter situation maybe terrorism. they ran to the door trying to make their way with out. 600 people running, very scared. panic and chaos inside the field mall tuesday afternoon after gunfire rang out. shoppers hid for cover in closets and behind shelves. some were locked down in stores. this mother helped them stay calm. >> almost like anyone is going to get shot it will be me. not this little girl. we said we were playing hide and
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she didn't know what was going opinion attempted to rob the rolex section of the store. investigators say security officer as tried to stop him but thrftion a struggle and the suspects gunfired. >> during that robbery perpetrator fired one shot, that shot injured a mall employee shot in the shoulder area. >> 67-year-old mall employee shot and taken to a nearby hospital and said to be in serious condition. the shooting happened around 1:00 in the afternoon. where the mall packed with people trying to finish their last-minute shopping. some left their wallet and purchase at the cash register and took off running. everything because the cashier left and started running. >> so happened police inspector with the nypd who was off-duty was shopping here in the mall when all of this happened he quickly sprung into action and helped another cop along with two security officers arrest a
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lots of people crediting them this morning with defusing the situation and keeping everyone safe. weir live in garden city long island this morning. roberts, back over to you. >> thanks so much. we have a second service member from our area killed in monday's attack in afghanistan. lewis of long island serving his fourth military tour in afghanistan. he was a staff sergeant with the air national guard. and he leaves behind a wife and five-year-old daughter. he was just four months away from returning home. six troops including an nypd detective were killed when their patrol was attacked by a suicide bomber. >> u now to a much happier story. member of the army expected to be away through the holidays came home to give his sister this surprise of a lifetime. [applause] oh --
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her brother joseph hernandez at robert frost middle school that's in deere park. this is yesterday. he's been inspout korea since his deployment in march and not expected home until next year. >> i said i try to make it home for the holidays. original plan and then decided to surprise her. everybody else knew xepght for her. they thought it would be a nice surprise for her since she's the baby of the family. >> gracious says seeing her brother is best christmas gift she could have asked for. >> now we can say thank you for your service and hernandez home or not home -- so appreciate what you do especially at this time when you can't be with your family. >> you do -- we have plenty more coming up on this wednesday morning. >> audrey puente is here
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warm christmas eve we're expecting. >> that is true starting off mild at 55 degree. we have areas of fog that is reducing visibility so be careful on roadway ares. have your umbrella handy. expecting rabe especially this amp into tonight. it will come down heavy at times. track that rain with our live interactive radar find it on our "fox 5 ny" weather app that is free at your google play store and itunes store. stay tuned, more of "good day new york" will be right back. >> hello family and friends, darin, shoutout to my family back in new york. i'm here in bahrain, i want to say dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for.
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>> welcome back mysterious light streaking across the night sky last night from las vegas to california. some joked it was santa doing a test run but turns out it was not a meteor as they thought it was a stage of a russian rocket burning up in the earth's atmosphere that rocket launched it a capsule to the international space station on monday. >> i think it might be santa doing a test run. looked like san to me.
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out let's check in with offed drink for a look at the forecast. >> don't need the christmas sweater. : a mild christmas. a record-breaking christmas eve is expected but right now fog will contend with you. traveling this morning we're seeinging visibility reduced to less than a mile. take your time to get to where you need to know. temperatures mild at 47 in poughkeepsie that's the number in bridgeport this morning. degrees. 48 in montauk and belmar is checking in below 50s at the moment. winds are light helping fog to pretty much sit where it is, and we have lots of clouds in place at the moment but no rain just yet on radar. rain is sitting just off towards our south here with a lot of rain currently occurring across southeastern states.
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direction expecting the arrival by lunchtime today. have umbrella handy traveling on this wednesday expect it to be warm, welt up and down eastern seaboard with areas of fog across our region with stormy weather with the same system that is affecting us down to the southeastern -- excuse me mississippi valley and a tornado watch actually exists for parts of arkansas over to mississippi and eastern texas. winter storm conditions out towards the west here. cold winds did i and snowy. not for ur us, though, rain and mild with low 60s for a high number. again rain will arrive around lunchtime and become steadier and heavier into the evening. and so tomorrow we are expecting showers leftover but the big talk will be the temperaturings going for high readings in low 70s to brk our record of 673 christmas eve. christmas day dry with a high of 64. another chance of rain into the weekend. let's see how roads are running.
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>> not too much going traveling in putnam county. traffic moving fine this morning. no issue on 84, 684 your new jersey commute 287 and great. camera with the commute this morning on staten island. not too foggy there good news. cloafd road sh to the verrazano as for the george washington bridge taking upper or lower level okay. lincoln tunnel about a 10 to 15 minute delay. robert an kerry back to you. thank you in new jersey a pooght over a mall parking spot turns violent. king accused of bashing an is-year-old over the head with a metal pipe in sunday in a underground parking lot in paramus. the teen was waiting or a space when nicholas pulled in. she's facing aggravated assault charges.
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was part of a vicious attack. police say this woman and juan beat up unidentified man after accusing him of cutting a line at a smash burger in white plains. accused of taking the visibly handicaps man while he was down on the grouped. >> concluded his assault by picking up the salvation army metal kettle and striking him on the right side of his head. >> the victim suffered a broken nose and fracture d eye socket that police say here's been released from the hospital. he fortunately is now back on the job. both suspects are facing a felony assault charge. >> teenager accused of throwing a shopping cart in east harlem busted in a string of burglaries are. a 16-year-old made headlines back in 2011 when he and a friend tossed the cart critically injuring a woman. now according to the post he's been busted in a string of 14
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25,000 dollars. he's been charged with burglary and grand larceny. the victim in that attack maryann suffered financially as she continues to undergo extensive therapy. >> next gop debate could feature top six candidates. fox business network announced this entry criteria for the january 14th debate. must place in the five most recent national polls or place within top five in the iowa new hampshire polls. remaining candidates invited to an earlier undercard debate. 134 kants remain in the field. debate will be held at the north charleston performing arts center in north charleston, south carolina. >> other political news hillary clinton is firing become at republican front runner donald trump on monday trump used a derogatory term in reference to clinton's 2008 presidential campaign loss. at a campaign rally in iowa yesterday clean ton asked about
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trump and did not mention him by name. jeb bush came to trump's defense sort of. stand up to bully wherever they are and not bully into the presidency, because that is not who we are as americans. >> great at being the victim. you know, enhance her victimology status. doing. trump is not going to be president bauds he says these things. turns people off. i think for crying out loud two day before christmas. lighten up. standing by her had claim that isis is using video of trump to recruit new terrorists. we've got a lot more stl ahead this morning some new york city employees will be soon getting six weeks of parental leave what
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>> watched home alone this is the theme song called somewhere in any memory by john williams this just reminds me of christmas one of the best movie was all time. >> such a good one. never gets old. listen to this as we look at the gwb.
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day
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>> in today's "health watch" six week of paid parental leave offered to nonunion city employees. may yarr de blasio announced to sign execkingtive order next month adding that benefit. approximately o 20,000 employees will get the six weeks ul ifly fade and can increase to 12 weeks with existing paid time off. but in exchange for that benefit they'll have to give up two days vacation. managers in private sector said it is about time city offered something other companies already have. many have improved. en change does not affect the city 330,000 unionized works but benefit can be added to those contracts via collective bargaining. >> 6:24, time to bust a move because -- certain styles of dance can burn more calories for hour than
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scientists looked at contemporary street and swing classes. in a swing class for example more than 30 minutes long dancers burn eampleg a of 293 compared to running and football 23-9d 239 for swimming. suggesting that obese people who exercisings arely at no greater risk of a potentially fatal illness than those of normal weight but researchers fond even if fat people work out they're 30% more likely to die prematurely those appear in national of epidemiology. tracking santa's journey around the world. >> said to have started when a sears advertisement misprinted a a telephone number for north
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what was then the continental air command in the north american aero space defense comapped they'll take calls from children, kids can track santa at norad >> i love doing that to see where santa is. >> we food to be doing that tomorrow. >> and friday. top stories when had we return. what is this christmas? good day coming right back.
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the holidays are here. don't forget you can order on and pick up in store the same day. i ordered this today. it's for you. boop! barbie! a new tie! order by december 24th 6pm. santa might want to talk off his heavy jacket before he boards his plan tomorrow. it'ses are headed up to low 70s for christmas eve. today's highs in the 60s, and you'll want to keep an umbrella handy. audrey puente has the full forecast. >> hitting roads, rails or
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alone busiest travel day of the holiday season. suspect set to be arraigned in a shooting at the roosevelt field mall touring teated robbery. vaccinate is hospitalized in serious condition. teresa giudice has been in the danbury federal correctional institution in connecticut. >> good morning great to have you i'm kerry drew. >> i'm robert moses juliet and ben have the holiday off. we're having a good time playing christmas music and holiday jams. m my personal request is coming up. from home alone mine is you know -- slightly more upbeat leave with that. stay tuned for that. audrey puente is here right now with a look at the forecast a balmy christmas eve we're looking at tomorrow m. >> starting off mild this morning about with and it is a
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we have temperature readings in the 40s to the north look in poughkeepsie monticello at 54 degrees in central park. it is 50 i.c.e. line up. 57 bridgeport and monotalk 48. fog has been an it shall across many area. visibility reduced to hudson valley. portion of new jersey across long island. we have rain that is headed our way. right now it is dry. we have clouds in place but rain is starting to creep its way into new jersey. bulk of the system off towards our south here but it is all headed in our direction. we anticipate rainfall here probably by lunchtime. later this afternoon it become steadier and heavier by this evening. high temperatures today will be upper 50s low 60s which is above average for this tile of year. more above average for tomorrow. highs in the low 70s for christmas eve. keep in mind record high 63 will probably be broken on thursday. christmas day looks to be dry request sun and clouds and temperatures above average.
6:29 am
rainfall on saturday, sunday with temperatures still above average in 50s and in the 60s. doesn't look much like winter. u now roads thissing morning. ines is here with an update. problem with suffolk with william floyd parkway closed by sunrise highway because of an accident by that intersection that's shutting it down both directions. plan an alternate route for that one. as far as your commute in new jersey fine 80, 287 through the parsippany area. by round swamp road eastbound. westbound things pretty good. foggy there but it is letting up. trains on or close to schedule. gridlock alert day last of the year. panning at the mall in of the busiest shopping days of the year. fired during a robbery attempt.
6:30 am
roosevelt field mall with the latest. good morning. rntion good morning kerry, robert, the 179 suspect is in police dust but u caused quite a scare which is one of the biggist l mas packed with people doing their last minute shopping. once these rang out people thought maybe this was an active shooter situation, maybe terrorism so they reacted aen quickly ran to exit doors this happened around 1:30 tuesday afternoon at the height of the shopping season. lots pan uked left their merchandise at the cashier but hid for cover and as they were locked down inside some of these stores we spoke to one with man who actual helped a mother and her young daughter.
6:31 am
calm. if anyone gets shot it will me not this little grl. >> i look to the right we saw 5, 600 poem running the on o opposite direction scared. this man seen here in handcuffs attempted to rob rolex section of the store. security officers tried to stop him but thrftion a struggle and his gunfired and he shot a 67-year-old mall employee who was taken to the hospital we're told that he's in serious condition at this point. and it just so happened that a police inspector with the nypd was here doing some shopping off-duty and sprung into action to help 509 cop along with two security officers arrest the suspect. the suspect is expected to be court later on today. live in garden city long island this morning. kerry and robert back over to you. a man waiting for an f train in queens stabbed several times in
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your help to chasm the suspect. officials say he walkinged up to 42-year-old victim on sunday on platform at the force hill technician 71st avenue station. the suspect allegedly bumped into victim twice hitting him in the rear with the object and then twice again when he got off at the union turn puke and not realized he was stabbed until he was home. described as having a cast on his right hand. police would look to hear from you call 1-800-577-tips. two officers with the police department have been hospitalized after their patrol car collided with a tractor trailer. the accident happened at the intersection of cory lane and route 248 p.m. last night. boats freed from the where can and were taken to morristown medical center with nonlife-threatening injuries truck driver also not injured. no word on the cause of that crash. today busiest travel day of the christmas eve.
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to be traveling according to aaa that is fueled large part by low gas prices. fox five teresa priolo join us us live from the veins lom barbie service area and excited to hear this person you teased in the last half hour. empghts he's coming up this warmed my heart. leave its at that right now. as far as travel is concerned things are not that bad. we've seen long lines this mock light traffic. that's the good news. but we have seen cars as far away with as georgia this morning people attempting to get a head start on their holiday today majorly is busiest travel day of this l ho day stretch a record 100 million people expected to get out of dodge. majority of them doing what you see here driving 91 million people will be hitting roads to get to christmas dinner and
6:34 am
more. 190 lowest since 2009, also the weather is helping them out sure it is foggy this morning and we're expecting rain over next couple of days. but we're not seeing snow which typically keeps people closer to home. if you're somebody who praption will ditch the car and take to skies instead airfare is also helping you this year. down 6% over last year an the round trip ticket on average is costing $174. six will fly instead of taking to the car or buss or anything lightning here's one special guy in particular. getting to the family first.
6:35 am
>> monday. >> got family in maine from there so driving home. >>s what's that drive? >> 18 hours. 18. yeah. up at 4:30. would you. yeah. home for the holidays. yeah. my family -- to see my mom. girlfriend found out, though. no. where does your mother think you are? >> north carolina so i have a drop on her. >> how incredible is that if you happen to know that young man please do not tell his mom that he's coming home as you might have heard him say he's heading from georgia to maine. unlikely that she might be watching don't tip her off. he was excited about it he's a young soldier so we thank him for his service and hone it has a smooth easy ride for him and
6:36 am
that's the last from the rest stop. >> hoping no family would tip them on. but what a great story. >> thinking look a reporter how cool to hop in car and make the trip to maine. >> 12 hour was driving. >> what a great surprise. time now 6:39 fox means business you want to make sure your christmas gifts are not wrapped. adam good morning to you. >> good morning robert, kerry keep them june wrapped? >> sometimes i felt like purveyor of the obvious but there's a little bit here that people may not be war of for instance you can wrap a gift and put it in your carry-on luggage or checked bag.
6:37 am
but has the right to say open it up. why bother going to all of that travel to wrap that gift and open it up. put it in a gift bag easier for tsa to look at it and then you don't have to worry about ripping paper or they say save wrapper and then put tissue paper in when you get to your destination here's why i become captain obvious things that tsa recommend you not bring on to an airplane. drum roll for this not a gun on the plane. actually this is true story that gun sales are at a record pace right now and a big holiday items. ship it to someone if you care about them not on the plane. other is a surprise, bottle of wine. with all of the aggravation an hassle you might need that wine but not on the plane. baseball bats. who doesn't like christmas? how can you not? that is like not liking birthday
6:38 am
bat so other recommendations that side, that backhoe i'm being ridiculous here but you get the idea. >> thank you so much. happy hanukkah. >> thank you very much you have a merry christmas. >> catch fox business on the fox business network. >> it is now 6:41. >> checks in with audrey for a quick check of the forecast at the top of the show santa may have to change his outfit tomorrow m. >> shed a layer or two and bring wet weather taber because we're expecting rain. starting off dry request foggy conditions but periods of rain today that will be heavy by this evening. record warm temperatures per christmas eve. normal high or record high is 63. we're going to blow that out of the water tomorrow folks and then dry out for christmas day
6:39 am
remaining in 60s. let's see traffic with ines. 45 miles per hour we have accidentings right now long island suffolk county. sunrise highway route 27 closed at the parkway because of an accident shutting things down by sunrise highway. into the city loing tunnel inbound you have a ten, 15 minute delay into the city if you want to take holland tunnel five to ten. jorge washington bridge also a it been minute delay. tina cervasio is here -- here all week? >> tomorrow. odell beckham junior getting ready to appeal his suspension today and there's also some good news for the wide receiver. >> "forbes" called johnny deb most overpaid actor. find out who else made that list.
6:40 am
songs of all become to the hoot hoot -- high school year. n sync he does it better than i do. >> when we were singing it together doing harmony and everything for you justin timberlake. >> you can always dream. >> you know robert equally don't stop.
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>> welcome back here's a look at the hl this is morning a secret service agent reportedly had his gun radio and badge stolen from his vehicle. it happened monday. less than a block from the agency's head quarters. said he left his car window open. new jersey is reforming the plik process requiring local police departments to come up with uniform criteria for approving gun permits. governor christie ordered chanks after calling current system too complicated. >> soon know the fate of that wal-mart truck driver who police say crashed into mid i can tracy morgan's limo last year. new jersey grand jury will decide whether to indict keb
6:42 am
as early as today. tina nor o'dell news some not so good. >> not going to stop tomorrow. he appears his one game suspension. hearing will be held nfl manhattan offices and extended during the loss to panthers this fast sunday spent most of the game battling corner back and called for three personal fouls including cheap shot this helmet not it one but helmet to helmet hit. never ejected either. james will hear the appeal and decision is expected to cool down after the hearing. now if he loses he won't be able to practice with the team the rest of this week and will missunday guam against minnesota. but there's good news for o'delts named to probowl he received high etion vote total of all wide receivers so far
6:43 am
he's had 91 catches for 1398 yards and 13 touchdowns. only pro bowl selection. josh brown and return man duane harris remain first alternate. three jets -- are in the proball. time. many. having one of the best seasons ever with 12 sack. wide receiver brandon marshall got enough votes to make his trip. and runningback chris were named first alternates. owned 40% of the arena and now own everything. deal is for 285 million in cash and interest that under the circumstances the value of the nets and barclays center at 1.7
6:44 am
he made his fortune through mining and metal. early christmas gift for wide receiverrer joe and per son he made headline when is he stood in front of the texan practice pilgt holding a sign that said will run routes for food while jets have just signed him to their practice squad. anderson played nine games for the bears after having hernia surgery and hopes his story is an inspiration to others so never giver up if that tells you anything rooght there. inspiration story. >> biceps sign says not homeless but do anything to make a team and jets found value in him. >> great christmas present for him thanks so much tina. audrey is back in with the forecast. i don't know how many ways we can say it is going to be warm, mild in the 70s. also muggy this morning also
6:45 am
well we're anticipating near record highs smashing a few of those over next couple of day. forecasting a high of 62 degrees close the record of 66. going to blow that record out of the water. record is 63 going for a forecast high 10 degrees warmer than that. christmas day may tie or break the record set back in 1992. right now we're starting off mild in the 40s and 50s all across the tristate ya this morning and a fog has been an issue so give yourself extra time on roadways this morning. lots of clouds are in palace. maybe patchy drz l but rain off to our south here. we have a system bringing in wet weather and mid-atlantic states an we anticipate rein the in regioning by lunch time today. heavy to the evening but temperatures miltedder than average once again high read technician in upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow high temperature 73 degrees for christmas eve.
6:46 am
but not quite as widespread as we expect todays. and then as we go into christmas day question get dry weather here. mix of sun clouds with high temperature of 64. over weekend we have another chance of showers models are unsettled right now but leaving in chance of wet weather affect on saturday, sunday as our temperatures remain above average for this time of year. this is a check of your weather now we're going to head back to -- robert and kerry. anna gilligan will tell us the latest on teresa giudice's release this morning. good day is coming back. stay with us. catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte
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spend less time chasing sales and more time going the extra mile. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday
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>> welcome back problems with suffolk county if you're taking sunrise highway westbound plan an alternate routeing with an accident closing things down. eastbound you have rubber negativing delays. williams parkway closed because of this thrx. staten island doing okay. norlg delay on expressway as you proamp gowanus bqe slow there northbound heading to brooklyn bridge with trains everything running on or close to schedule. gridlock alert day. kerry and robert back to you. trmingts thanks so much. anna gilligan heerp now with another check on entertainment news and anna, teresa giudice
6:49 am
>> exactly that's what "people" is reporting. not sure which pronunciation they're going by but that seems to be latest. great news for the family and remain under home confinement until release date of february 5 th but expected to film 7th season this week. there are some reports she can leave tts house for ere rapid with her girls she's been in danbury federal correctional unit since monday. atadmitted to submitting the loan application and setting to serve his sentence in march. and johnny deb is now hollywood most overpaid actor not a title you want to have. that's according to "forbes" magazine. he dethrows adam sandler ineligible because of the netflix deal. in studio one dollar and 20 cents on every bit of the salary.
6:50 am
movie. >> i've heard of "mortdecai." coming up in second place denzel washington. thursday was will ferrell 6.80 per dollar and will smith fifth there. in their defense this happens to every actor you become superfamous and then hard to make money without a huge salary. steve harvey will reportedly still be hosting for years to come. e.t. says he signed a deal before the sunday show so we may see him host two more years high paid thaift ever had and did not upset the head of the organization but he wants him back. if you're not familiar with what happened he crowned miss columbia a winner and mistaken and switched to miss philippines. loved how harvey handled the
6:51 am
the next pageant and might be the host everywhere based off that mistake. >> go figure he handled it so great. hands started shaking. >> i thought it was a joke at fringes. publicity stunt but they say nos that says that is not what it was.
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