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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  December 24, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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change from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". i make you are dreaming of the white christmas keep on dreaming because we're going to see record-breaking temperatures today. our record-breaking? we are talking about highs in the 70s. kerry: this 70s. rain and fog causing travel troubles for everyone looking to get out of town today. we have the latest on the situation with ines rosales. >> police release video of two women suspected of robbing the knicks player of $750,000 in new jewelery taken from his command had an apartment. kerry: agreed to have you with us, and kerry drew. robert: ben and juliet are off today and for the rest of the
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sweating coming in today. kerry: it is warm outside, and believe a. it does not feel like christmas eve. it is kind of wet for everybody getting out of town today. >> meteorologist: it is a little unsettled. we will see some improvements but sweating even overnight last night, almost like you could have used your air conditioner with high humidity as well. let's look at temperatures right now and we already have a new record high temperature for the day-to-day, 65 degrees in central park, the previous high for today is 63. it is definitely a warm start and by this afternoon we will be 30 degrees warmer than normal, 55 in poughkeepsie, miles, 61 isil, 61 in montauk, yesterday that rain was really coming down at times, good news is the heavy rain has moved out but we are left with a little bit of patchy fog, not as bad as it was yesterday morning but it could
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the morning, visibility just over a mile and isaac, 6 miles in new york and patchy dense fog in sussex, and the batch of heavy rain that was here yesterday evening pushing to the northeast, a little break in the action but we will show you the bigger picture, more rain showers just to the southwest and later today slight chance of a strange hour as a cold front pushes through. if you are wondering where there will be all white christmas parts of the upper great lakes region and over by nebraska, parts of kansas as well but in our neighborhood we are warm and it doesn't feel much like christmas. check these highs for the day, rising to the 60s into the 70s, a couple pieces of sunshine but we will keep things warm and even heading into christmas tomorrow we're talking about more record high temperatures, we are in the 60s, dry day and we will introduce a little bit of rain as we head into the weekend, a bit cooler by next
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with ines, not as bad this morning. how are we looking out there? ines: good morning. we do have some accidents out there. a little rainy out there. southern state parkway had an accident by hempstead avenue the judge cleared away, lie eastbound an accident west by but jericho turnpike, one east bound on the lie by a deer park avenue. commute in westchester doing fine, speed restrictions but, tappan's the bridge 45 m.p.h. normal for this weather but both sides of the bridge look good. let's take a look at your commute is morning on the staten island expressway, traffic moving fine eastbound and westbound, let's look at the george washington bridge, we have fog out there, not as bad as yesterday, some delays on upper level because of construction, lincoln tunnel 495 looks good, no delays, looks good and trains all running on or close to schedule with barely
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leaving town early. ben and robert and kerri, i am thinking of you guys, you are my silver bells. robert: we like it. ines: a little chorus from robert. robert: i will be here for five hours, i will be singing in short order. kerry: holiday travelers on the east coast don't have to worry about snow but that has not prevented airport delays. robert: stacey has more on how the rain and fog affect local travelers. >> reporter: before you enjoy your happy holiday you might have to endure a long wait, fought in new york entrenching rain on the east coast have grounded flights and delayed departures and arrivals at local airports. yesterday on the nation's busiest travel day of a holiday
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guardia baselines and checkered departure boards as they try to make it home for christmas. >> against the wall somewhere i guess. >> reporter: michele was supposed to be home by now about her flight got canceled. >> my car is parked at a parking garage. you are like a country music song. >> reporter: others who plan to be home ahead of christmas eve known risk missing christmas all together. >> my flight was delayed three times comet change gates four, when i finally found out where it was they started bringing people on board according to when they booked their flight so i wasn't able to get on. >> reporter: they said the first flight out would be 1:00 p.m. on christmas and now it is getting later and later. >> reporter: delays of several hours were reported at all three area airports yesterday and there were hundreds of canceled flights across the country. the problems on likely to continue today with morning fog and the threat of more showers
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holiday travel expected to break records this year airlines scrapped by adding the timing of flights to add the crush of billions of travelers but good intentions were snarled by mother nature. >> my yearly tradition is to live at the airport for 24 hours before i can come home. >> reporter: thanks. for those who still need some last-minute gifts, you are running out of time that you are not running out of options. >> reporter: there are plenty of stores open today. liz dahlem is live this morning in herald square with some ideas and places you can get your last minute shopping done. >> reporter: the morning. macy's is a great place to come to still looking beautiful and festive. the epicenter of christmas and the holiday season in the city, the windows are looking great, filled with charlie and the peanuts. these animated when those are fun to see to check out last-minute shopping deals which
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6:00 this morning for those who love leaving things until the very last minute. with santa claus on his way:00 is ticking for those last-minute shoppers lee trevino christmas is the same day every year but somehow it sneaks up on some of us. plenty of stores will stay open christmas eve, coles will stay open 24 hours and will finally close at 6:00 p.m. today. was our isil team doors open until 9:00 p.m. wal-mart and target are also open late. apple is open from 7:00 to 6:00, food stores like shop rite will stay open today to help those preparing christmas dinner. procrastinating purchasers better get going. before time is up. a few other stores will stay open today including nordstrom, bed, bath and beyond and marshall's which will stay open until 11:00 tonight. all the employees will go home and spend time with their family because all stores are closed on
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including macy's. we are live for merrill square this morning. kerry: police are searching for two women who stole $750,000 worth of jewelry from gary williams, civvies and -- release this surveillance video from chelsea, police believe williams met the two women early saturday morning. he took an active his apartment where they spent an hour and a half inside. williams notices jewelry was missing later that day. robert: a woman who made headlines claiming she had an affair with brian cashman agreed to plead the letter extortion case. she was arrested in 2012 for harassing cashman and trying to extort thousands of dollars from him. he maintains innocence but said she accepted the plea deal so she could move on with her life, she received a probation sentence which will run concurrently with the five year term she is serving the in june
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documents to obtain rent breaks on an apartment. kerry: i-man our rain for the 2025 murder of another man in columbus circle, the victim, brendan twitter quince texting on his cellphone on west 58th street near seventh avenue when a gunman came up from behind and shot him in the head. prosecutors now say lloyd mackenzie of queens ordered that fatal hit and drove the getaway car. he has been charged with second-degree murder and various drug charges. police believe mackenzie planned this over a drug-free lynn wishy of the victim $160,000 for cocaine. robert: a queens man pleaded not guilty and attempted robbery and shooting at roosevelt field mall in long island, police say oliver lee tried to steal and $18,000 watch on tuesday. mall security guard intervened and he pulled out a hand gun firing one shot and hitting another worker in the shoulder. authorities are praising the guard who is retired nypd
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leak in a, quote, life and death struggle for prevent him from getting more shots off. police say lee posted a picture of the gun he used on facebook, bail was set at $750,000. kerry: is going to be a very warm holiday. temperatures rising. the man that has all the details in her forecast. robert: it we are tracking santa. norad is a detached. we will tell you what is going on. it is 4:40 and christmas eve.
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or macchiato for $1.99. >> meteorologist: merry christmas, if you're doing any traveling today the big story is the warm weather. today temperatures are popping out in the 70s, we are 30 degrees warmer than normal. doesn't feel much like christmas but we will be looking at much colder weather as we head into the new year, trying out for zantac skies and for christmas tomorrow a little bit of afternoon sunshine and temperatures will still be quite warm.
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morning we have little bit of patchy fog, warm temperatures already, 61 degrees in islip, as you step outside you will feel it, lightweight jacket today, long sleeve shirt, you don't need much, 65 in new york, we broke the record high for the day, 55 in poughkeepsie and 57, just a touch cooler in bridgeport. if you are on long island is quite breezy, winds are 20 miles per hour out of the south and the south wind is bringing in the warm air where we have calm winds from allentown, 6 and monticello where the fog is starting to develop, could be dance in a few spots, good idea to head out early this morning, slow down a little bit and give yourself some extra time. we checked the radar and rain showers, heavy rain that is yesterday evening but moving to the northeast getting a little bit of a break in the action now that back to the southwest, more
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weakening as it gets closer to us, stray showers, we are looking pretty good, cold weather northwest, it will be a white christmas, we are not looking at that until later parts of next week. through the morning not bad, mostly cloudy, stray showers possibly but this evening we clear things out a little bit and we will be looking better and get some sunshine christmas, 67 to 73, warm day with record-breaking warmth and likely again for the day tomorrow, 60s and sunshine and we will talk about rainshowers for the weekend. if you want to download the weather apps you can find it on the google play store, download search for weather and you can check radar, always useful especially the rain we had yesterday. we will win in ines and have a look at the roads. ines: it was horrible yesterday. a airmass.
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we have problems still on the roads, jack robinson parkway east well but i cypress hill, blocking a lane, flooding still out there, residual flooding, and 1, watch out for the south bound road, i noticed some on harlem river drive, on the side you have to be careful you don't hydroplane. let's look at your commute. on the lie by a deer park avenue traffic moving fine east bound west bound, watch for an accident these known. as for the crossroads on the alexander hamilton bridge both directions moving fine, no problems on the deegan and be bqe towards the brooklyn bridge. robert: bill graham's and forced gathering on the street near the church of the need to be. worshipers are heading to the site as a wave of violence has what the region with fighting between israelis and palestinians intensifying. kerry: cutest story of the morning of 7-year-old little girl from new jersey recently
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over health on the shelf and an act. robert: every kid knows not to touch and's helper or they lose their magic. here's the call. >> wire you calling 911. >> okay, you could say -- >> isabel apologized, she won't, 11 again.
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kerry: welcome back. robert: we talked yesterday before you went to giants' practice. that was an interesting practice, tell us what happened. >> reporter: you will hear from tom coughlin became out with a bold statement about odell beckham and the giant practicing yesterday, players did not know if they were going to have their
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appeal was going on while they were practicing in new jersey and giants wide receiver odell beckham, his appeal was denied, he will be sidelined for sunday's game against the vikings. he was at the league offices in manhattan fighting is one game suspension and this comes from his three personal fouls and targeting panthers quarterback josh normal and last son's loss to carolina. after the decision he apologized to his teammates, the giants' organization, the fans, and issued this statement. she sent, quote, a lot of people look up to me as of role model, that is a responsibility i accept and take seriously. many parents of those kids have asked since sunday what they should say to their children about my conduct. i don't have the perfect answer but i thing one thing they can say is how i handled myself the other day is an example of how not to conduct yourself. i display board sportsmanship.
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said this before his suspension was up. >> to depict this as odell beckham being wrong and the only one wrong is not right. it is not share, it is not justice, it is not the way it was we did you are naive enough to think that way, then you better do some soul-searching yourself. he certainly was wrong and we said he was wrong from day one but there were factors involved, starting in pre-game, which are well documented, which indicate that there was an attempt to provoke him. >> reporter: norman got fined for a couple of his tactics before the game totaling roughly $26,000 but norman plays, odell beckham does not. the knicks were in cleveland last night, allege any did not play because of a sore ankle and they miss him.
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bounces around the rim and finally falls down but the knicks are down by 3. a couple minutes later lebron james on the break runs to get tough lay in with his left hand, but by 5 lead in the fourth james put an exclamation point on it with a monster jam, he has 24 points, cavaliers beat the knicks 91-84. the net's hosted the maps in brooklyn and in the second quarter dirk millets he buries a baseline jumper and moved past shaquille o'neal into sixth place and nba career scoring list, then in the fourth nets down by 3, thaddeus young forces up 3, drain it, only the second 3 this year and send the game to overtime and this is why he is a perennial all-star, gets the ball and powers his way under the basket for the lay up. the maps squeak by 119-118.
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stance against gun violence. starting tomorrow the legal letter some public service announcements with four nba stars leading the way. >> guns of never been an option. we are americans, we don't have to live like this. we can all make a difference. >> reporter: in addition to carmelo anthony, esteban kurri, are all in the spot, also testifying about lures of gun violence are survivors and people who have lost loved ones. the ads were the brainchild of a huge knicks fan, spike lee, paid for by an organization founded by former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. it should be interesting. that will air during the nba games on christmas day. kerry: with the force awakens in theaters star wars fever has gone to the dogs literally.
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