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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  December 24, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". >> after the 5:00 a.m. our record-breaking warm weather on the way for this christmas eve temperatures expected in the 70s in some places. kerry: holiday travel russians officially on with christmas eve travelers hoping for a better officially on with christmas eve travelers hoping for a better day on the roads and in the air and yesterday when there were long delays which we have an update. robert: clock is ticking for last-minute shoppers, plenty of stores will stay open and many grocery stores are open all day long to help those folks who are
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kerry: the beatles are streaming power favored british import is now available on nine different streaming services. thanks for joining us on christmas eve. i am kerry drew. robert: i am robert moses lead and in juliet have the day off. it is 5:00 christmas eve. gee like our color coordination? kerry: we did not plant this the you might think we texted each other but we did where our grays. robert: we chatted last night, coordinated. kerry: should have told me that before. i said the wrong thing. we just have that fashion tradition. here is a look at the forecast. we have some wet weather already. warm weather today. care >> reporter: it is so balmy, the like it? kerry: not really. robert: there have got to be a few flurries for christmas eve. >> meteorologist: we will turn colder but it is ridiculous if
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sweating it is almost like you can use your air-conditioning, we are talking temperatures 30 degrees warmer than normal, today in the 70s, your forecast high is 73 degrees, definitely not that christmasy at all. the record high in 1996, 63. we are good 10 degrees warmer than the record and tomorrow for christmas is not quite as more but temperatures are still way above their, 66, the record high 64 in 1982, is likely that we will also be breaking that. 63 degrees in central park, huge it down a little bit, skies are mostly cloudy, south wind, in the breezy at times especially near the water, south wind is pumping in the warm air and also these humid air, dew points in the 60s and that is typically what we see in the spring and early summer.
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philadelphia. visibility is down a little bit. the mile in islip, take it easy as you head out and travel. very warm, 73, 66 tomorrow, showers for the weekend ended gets cooler by next week. monday we get a break, 45, wednesday. now a look at your traffic and i have to say i was shocked at how many people were on the roads. ines: we have problems this morning. the lie eastbound there is an accident by a deer park avenue blocking one lane was found on the lie, an accident by jericho turnpike, two lanes are blocked. you don't have any delays but watch out for closures especially with the fog. bqe doing fine, a problem on the jackie robinson park east bound in new jersey, route 1 watch for
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over by a road, a lane blocked, stay away from that, that little flooding, ponding on the side as his side. look in your commute this morning, this is the lie, traffic moving fine was down and he's known. for the lincoln tunnel king good, let's look at that, traffic moving fine, but holland and george washington bridge, trains on or close to schedule. really get away service, at check your schedules, street cleaning rules are in effect. kerry: holiday travelers are enjoying this milder weather but they are dealing with some problems. robert: stacey has more on some airport delays in our area. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the good news is today a lot better than yesterday. there are only minimal delays at la guardia and the same is true of jfk and newark airports
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a different story because of heavy fog and strong winds, a lot of cancellations and as a result lot of people trying to get out yesterday are still trying to get out today. >> reporter: before you can enjoy your happy holidayy have to endure long waits like these, thick fog in new york and drenching rains along the east coast of grounded flights and delayed departures and arrivalss at local airports. yesterday on the nation's busiest travel day of the week, frustrated travelers at la guardia face long lines and checkered departure boards as they tried to make it home for christmas. >> i will sleep against the wall somewhere. >> reporter: michele was supposed to be home by now but her flight got canceled. >> my car was parked at a parking garage. you are like a country music song right now.
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>> reporter: others who plan to be home ahead of christmas eve risk missing christmas altogether. >> my flight was delayed three times, changed a four and when i found out where it was they started bringing people on board according to when they booked their flights on was not able to get on. >> reporter: the first flight out would be 1:00 p.m. on christmas and now is getting later and later. >> reporter: delays of several hours were reported at all three area airports yesterday and hundreds of canceled flights across the country. the problems are likely to continue with morning fog and the threat of more showers and the forecasts. holiday travel expected to break records of this year, airlines shifted the timing of flights to handle the crush of millions of travelers but good intentions were snarled by mother nature. >> reporter: my yearly tradition is to live at the airport for 24 hours before i can go home. >> reporter: live in la guardia, looking at arrival and
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everything pretty much on time which is great news for all the travelers today. it will be a busy day at la guardia at all our area airports, all the airports around the country, according to the web site flightaware so far there have been 231 flights canceled on the country and 132 delays with in the country which is looking a lot better, we have to wait and see housing shape up. at la guardia, send it back to you. robert: those who want to get last-minute gift you are running out of time but not out of options. kerry: liz dahlem is live with some of the places you can get last-minute shopping done. >> reporter: macy's in herald square, at 6:00 this morning we are going to go inside and check
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to some shoppers, pretty quiet out here, this looking beautiful, not going by to check out the windows as they pass their way to get some family and go to work and featuring this year the peanuts gang, charlie brown keeping companies this morning. and last-minute shoppers who love leaving things until crunch time. with santa claus on his way:00 is ticking for those last-minute shoppers. christmas is on the same day every year and somehow it sneaks up on some of us. plenty of stores stay open, coles will open 24 hours. will close at 6:00 p.m. today. doors are open at 9:00 p.m. wal-mart and target also open late. apple is open 7:00 to 6:00, it will stay open today to help
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dinner, procrastinating purchasers better get going before time is up. other stories you may want to check that, nordstrom, bed bath and beyond and marshall's which stayed open the latest and 11:00 tonight. after that employees will go home and spend time with their families because all these stores will be closed christmas day. we are live outside macy's at harold's square, back to you. kerry: it is 5:09, police are searching for the two women who stole $750,000 worth of jewelry from derek williams. they released this surveillance video from inside the and down club in chelsea where police believe williams met the women saturday morning. took him back to the apartment where they spent an hour and half inside. it was missing later that day. robert: a new york man has been arraigned for the 2012 murder of another man in the middle of the day near columbus circle. the victim in the case, brendan
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cellphone on west 50th street when a gunman came up from behind him and shot him in the head. prosecutors say lloyd mckenzie of queens ordered the fatal it and drove the getaway car. mackenzie has been charged with second-degree murder at various drug charges, police believe mackenzie planned the slaying of for a drug deal in which he as the victim $160,000 for cocaine. >> a man pleaded not guilty in a shooting in roosevelt field mall on long island, oliver lee tried to steal many teen thousand dollar watch on tuesday. and hitting another worker in the shoulder. authorities are praising the guard for the ndp the detective, and a life-and-death struggle. and posting the picture, and
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robert: quintin coming up, republican presidential candidate ted cruz. >> and keeping track of the holiday forecast. >> meteorologist: it is all about warm weather today, a little fog this morning. 63 right now, temperatures, slight chance of an afternoon shower. to download the weather apps, live interactive radar, google play store or apple store, we will be right dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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kerry: wind gusts of 70 miles per hour can actually do, in the mojave desert near las vegas extreme winds peeled the roof of of this building yesterday. highways were closed after a large tractor trailers were
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goes to you. hah very cold in the northwest, you can see snow moving through in oklahoma and parts of nebraska, kansas and that is where it will be a white christmas, back at home we are talking about record warmth, we are rising today 73 degrees, 30 degrees warmer than normal so it
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weather is kind of quiet, we get sunshine for christmas, rain on saturday, most of sunday drive, one more warm day and we will pull down monday with temperatures in the 40s and don't forget you can download the weather apps, the radar tool, i use it quite often. you might use it this morning, some showers out there and what are you trying to tell me? kerry: i could have used it yesterday. >> meteorologist: don't forget the name this time. ines: one thing we don't know, weather and traffic, this is all memorized, southbound aires flooding, a lane blocked their. if you are traveling on long island or queens, queens doing fine, there is an accident on the jackie robinson parkway by cypress street cleared away. lie eastbound an accident by a deer park avenue. let's look at the commute this
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county through the tappan zee bridge moving fine, northbound no problems, if you are driving into the city, the lincoln tunnel, no delays at the moment, traffic is going to be tough to say, lot of schools are off and some people have work, some people left town so we will keep an eye on that, holland and george washington bridge look good, watch catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte
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robert: it is 5:45. here's a look at headlines, a queens man arraigned for the 2012 murder of another man in the middle of the day near columbus circle, prosecutors say lloyd mackenzie ordered the fatal hit and drove the getaway car in a brazen slaying over a drug deal gone bad. kerry: police are searching for these two women in this surveillance video come out they stole $600,000 worth of jewelry from derek williams after party in at a club since he went back to williams's apartment when they allegedly stole jewelry including an expensive roll lakes. robert: new york state has an official dog, the water polo added the working dogs to the list of state creatures, says it doesn't matter the breeds, working dog is any that is
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sniffing out drugs or helping the disabled. kerry: we are still talking -- >> it is officials, note odell beckham, his appeal was denied. he will be sidelined for sunday night's game against the vikings. he is leaving offices, it stems from three personal fouls and joshed norman, lost a carolina. and it is a role model, that is a responsibility, to take seriously. since sunday, what to say about conduct. one thing they can say is, how
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i displayed poor poor sportsmanship. tom coughlin said this. >> to they picked this as odell beckham as being wrong and the only one wrong is not right. is not fair, not justice, not the way it was with you are naive enough to think that way, you better do some soul-searching yourself. odell beckham certainly was wrong and we said he was wrong from day one but there were factors involved, starting in pregame. there was an attempt to provoke him. kerry: norman did get a couple finds yesterday, during the game at totals roughly $26 million but norman played sunday, odell beckham does not.
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because of a sore ankle and the second quarter, christopher comes off the scene and shares couple minutes later lebron james on the break, get the tough lay in with his left hand, james on the cavs way with a monster jam, at 24 points, beat the knicks 91-84. they hosted the dallas mavericks in brooklyn and side a bit of history. jerk no whiskey berries a baseline jumper and moves past shaquille o'neal into sixth place on the nba career scoring list. and drains it, the second three of the year, sending the game into overtime and this is the perennial all-star, gets the
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the basket for the lay up. 119-118. the nba is taking the strong stance against gun violence. the legal public-service announcement with four nba stars leading the way. >> guns have never been an option. we don't have to live like this. >> we can all make a difference. >> reporter: stefan kerri, in the spot, testifying about gun violence survivors. and people who lost loved ones. the ads were the brainchild of a huge knicks fan, spike lee, paid by an organization founded by former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. those guys have a voice and using it on christmas day. it will enduring nba games tomorrow. robert: samantha is in, it is warm. >> meteorologist: you think? we can call it hot.
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that is more typical of late april and early may. not very christmas kerry: but we will get a break from the rain today drying out by christmas. 63 central park, 54 sussex, the coolest spot 60 in islip, it'll patchy fog, heavy rain yesterday evening moving northeast, a little break here, southwest into parts of pennsylvania, west virginia and maryland polymorph rain ahead of a cold front and a slight chance of a stray showers later today. many of us plant a ski trip this time of year, not much snow, a couple trails open, even now, lake effect snow last weekend in vermont, eight of 85 trails open, conditions not that great with warm temperatures but we will take what we can get, patchy fog in the 70s for your christmas eve, and we are left with that warm weather. tomorrow partly sunny 66, calder
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stray showers sunday and there is your cool monday, in the 40s. now time for your morning traffic with ines. ines: good morning. a lot of accidents out there, be careful, keeping an eye on an accident, route 22 east bound slowing things down, one lane blocked with accident, traveling conn doing fine, 95 and merritt parkway, let's look at the northern state parkway by south oyster bay, there is an accident not causing delays but you have not lane closed on the west bound side, he's bound note problems and fdr drive delays in the southbound direction. 96th street an accident blocking a lane without slowing things problems.
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man (sternly): where do you think you're going? mr. mucus: to work, with you. it's taco tuesday. man: you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. i'm good all day. [announcer:] mucinex keeps working. not 4, not 6, but 12 hours. let's end this kerry: welcome back. live entertainment. and the 21 this came out of left field, you never heard about a problem with the family but madonna got a court order for her son to return to the u.s. from the u.k.. e shares custody of her 15-year-old with her ex-husband guy richie visiting in england for the holidays. according to new york daily news the team refused to get on a plane home and said he wanted to pick up residence with his dad
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new york judge reportedly said the issue of residents can be taken up at a later date and rocco can have his own court-appointed lawyer to do so but somehow he has returned to new york. there are reports that part of rocco's complaint about living with his mom is being on tour with her for a long time and isn't getting along with her and a 15-year-old boy, just wants to do what he wants to do. for the first time since its been famous the kardashian family released a young kids only christmas card. typically they do a melodramatic card featuring all of them, have a famous photographer but this is very ordinary like what you might get in the mail from your friends. it is courtney's three kids and kim's oldest, baby saint is tiny and too young. i am sure they will have a more fantastic reveal of him.
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other kids. so they all share this on instagram, saying all you need is love. the poll that will shock no one. have of people who have seen theaters. in a poll of a thousand people for usa today 42% of moviegoers who saw the new "star wars: the force awakens" would return to see it again on the big screen. not surprising, these are fans who will see a lot of times anyway. reasons vary, some would go against -- with overwhelming reason was just that they loved it so much they wanted to experience it again. star wars had best opening weekend in box office history and if people keep going repeatedly the movie stands to make more historical records. kerry: they found people who responded to this poll also saw the original 15,000 times. no wonder. thanks so much.
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