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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  December 24, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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juliet: you can expect record-breaking warm weather. temperatures expect it to be in the 50s. ben: hoping for a better day on the road then yesterday. juliet: the clock is ticking. many grocery stores are open all day.
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speed. >> allegedly took the jewelry from his manhattan apartment. good thursday morning, everyone. i am robert moses. >> i am kerry drew. thank you so much for joining us. >> 5 million gifts already delivered. juliet: santa was last seen at the north pole. i think that he is just making his way now. that is a good chuck was sent up. we will get an update in just a minute. >> i wonder what santa is wearing. his full getup or if he had shorts on. it is just so warm.
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today. today, there may be a stray shower. most of the day will be drive. if you are heading out right now, desiring a warm start. we will dry out with fans of pays us a visit. temperatures in the 60s again. we are at 64. look at the warm weather along the east coast. some of us will see white christmas. kansas, oklahoma and nebraska seeing some snow. tracking a few white showers. a head of a cold front. there is that snow i was just
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eventually, cooler weather. getting some cool new presidents. not the best day on saturday. it will be kind of rock. find a, a nice sunny day on wednesday. a look at the road sand rails with ines. ines: it has kind of been a busy morning. there is still pondering on the side of the roads. route one, there is an accident. deer park avenue.
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staten island express doing fine. let's go to our cameras. take a look at our canoe. traffic is looking good. westbound side, moving fine. fdr drive, there is a crash there. also, by the way, there is construction going on. early getaway service, they will have that for you. street cleaning rules are in effect. it is not a holiday, still have to move those cars. tomorrow is a holiday. kerry: 6:04 a.m. airport delays across the
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not looking too bad around here today. >> reporter: good morning. almost half of the flights leaving will party were delayed. a lot of people still trying to get home today. >> reporter: you may have to endure long waits like these. delaying departures and arrivals. frustrated travelers at laguardia face long lines as they try to make it home for
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>> against the wall so where, i guess. >> she was supposed to be home by now. her flight got canceled. >> you are like a country music song right now. >> others now risk missing christmas altogether. >> i finally found out where it was. they brought people on board. i was not able to get on. >> 1:00 p.m. on christmas. now it is getting later and later years. >> hundreds of canceled flights across the country. the problems are likely to continue today with morning fog and the threat of more showers in the forecast. holiday travel expected to break records and share.
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mother nature. >> live at the airport. >> reporter: backout you live, you're looking at the arrival and departure board. really only a handful of delays and cancellations. nearly 6002 late flights all across the country yesterday because of weather issues all around. there have only been 181 delays nationwide. the forecast looks i get is shaping up to be a better day than yesterday. >> inc. so much.
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open today. some of the places you can still get that last minute shopping done. reporter: good morning. we will be allowed inside of macy's. they opened up their doors officially four shoppers. it looks a little quiet. i would imagine lots of people we just heard that santa is on his way. we know that the clock is ticking. somehow, this holiday always seems to sneak up on us. calls will stay open for 24 hours. 9:00 o'clock tonight. walmart and target are open late
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i caught up with the gentleman just a little while ago. working two jobs trying to get all of your shopping done. he still has a couple of things to check off his list. >> i just have a few gifts that i have to get. it is only because i work two jobs. i do not have time to goof around and get it done. i will finish my shopping. get it wrapped up. i will be offset. >> reporter: the grocery stores. people who need to get a couple in terms of shopping, nordstrom, that that him beyond, marshall's, staying open until 11:00 o'clock tonight. the employees will be able to spend some time with their
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tomorrow, they will all be off. 7:00 o'clock this morning, we will be inside of the store. robert: police are searching for that two women that they say stole jewelry. he then took them back to the apartment. he notices jewelry was missing later on that day. kerry: the woman that said she had an affair right cash meant as reached a plea deal. she was arrested for harassing and trying to extort money from
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she accepted the plea deal so she could move on with her life. she received a probation sentence. in june, she was convicted of falsifying documents. robert: it is 6:10 a.m. a man was arraigned of another murder. a gunman came up from behind and shot him in the head. prosecutors say he ordered that car. charged with second-degree murder. mackenzie plan the sling over a drug deal. kerry: police are praising retired nypd detective.
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mosque security guard. in $18000 wash. the detect if wrestled with the suspect to get the gun out of his hands. as lee has been arraigned on charges. robert: 6:12 a.m. we have more coming up. kerry: we have a check at the forecast. >> the music is so nice. >> dryer. small chance of a stray shower this afternoon. sixty-four. we already broke the record high today. you can download the fox5 ny whether out. just search for it. we will be right back.
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robert: check out those wind gusts of more than 100 miles per hour in the mohave desert. large tractor-trailers were
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no word yet on any injuries. >> this is unbelievable video. a tornado ripped through a small mississippi town. twenty homes were damaged, others to strike. forecasters are warning of a particularly dangerous situation. they issue new tornado warnings. severe weather has left at least six people that. >> we are monitoring norad. santa is heading towards russia.
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far. robert: many people made the nice list. >> it definitely feels more like spring. maybe an early summer day. we already broke the record for today. we are forecasting a high of 73 this afternoon. tomorrow, not quite as warm. i was looking at some stats. on this day way back in 1912, we had 11 inches of snow. you can get out and you can travel. sixty-four right now in central park. almost 70 in newark. you are in the 50s. we should be in the 30s this
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we're seeing a little bit of patchy fog. that wind is what is pumping in the warm air. i think about 1 inch. watching a few stray showers. parts of new jersey. small chance of a shower today. today, it is warm. we are in the 70s. tomorrow we are in the 60s. drying out. it will usher in cooler air from monday. temperature of 45. still warmer than normal.
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traffic. >> that is a lot of accidents out there. expect to laze on the newark bay extension. there is an accident they are blocking a lane. there is a car fire on them that opera. this is east bound by deer park avenue. let's go to our cameras. take a look outside. the tappan zee bridge because of the weather. the fdr drive, still working on a crash there. accident. lincoln tunnel. traffic lighter than usual. no delays heading inbound.
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effect today. >> time now is 6:19 a.m. ben carson threatening to shake up his campaign. he has been dropping in the polls recently, and he is blaming his staff. he even said some staffers were overpaid that were not doing a good job broadcasting his message. >> i am not a politician. i will never be one. i am not in this for the reason be. i truly want to pass off a country to the next generation that has the same opportunities that i have, if not greater. >> they certainly will be before the iowa caucus in february. >> more little: news.
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to political commentary. kerry: a cartoon about ted cruz used and insulting depiction of his children. >> it started with ted cruz made a video with this family. this brought retaliation. surprise winning cartoonist from the washington post. he wrote in her post that while there is an unspeakable fooling, when someone uses his kids as political props, then i figured they are fair game.
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he said his policies, leave kids out of it. he failed to look at the cartoon in advance. >> not much ticks me off. making fun of my girls, that will do it. do not mess with my kids. do not mess with hillary's kids. to not mess with anybody's kids. donald trump saying it was nasty. what if it would have been president obama's daughters. / years thanksgiving turkey. she lost her job. people magazine was rightly criticized for publishing a story on chelsea clinton. their dad send out an emergency
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appeal. but using the liberal media of trying to destroy him and his family. >> portraying the children as animals is so far over the line. the washington post is not trying to defend it. in washington, fox news. kerry: we have a lot more still ahead. if you are drinking wine this holiday season, you may want to switch to a different class. why size matters.
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kerry: welcome back. for women, the odds of having twins is at an all-time high. the report also found that it rose for the first time since 2007. robert: 6:26 a.m. researchers say all you need to do is grab a smaller class.
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on us. people thought they were having much less than if they had the larger class. also more likely to over four. smaller plates lead to less eating. kerry: three glasses of wine in that one glass. it could be dangerous. >> top stories when we come back.
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. kerry: if you are dreaming of a white christmas, keep dreaming year. we will experience record temperatures. robert: the rain and fog made a mess of aerial roads and airports. kerry: were remembering a hero.
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died monday during an attack in afghanistan. >> it is not a breed of a working dog. kerry: good morning, everyone. i am carried through. robert: i am robert moses. we're talking weather and traffic. everything you need to know. kerry: we have rain and high temperatures to start the day. we are making our way up into the 70s. fifty-seven in monticello. that warm start to the day with the south trees has moved to the
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today, it is mostly cloudy. most of the data strike you do not need the heavier jacket. the normal high today is only 41. we have been way above that. a little bit of sunshine. it could be worse. fifty-two on saturday. one more warm day and then we getting a look at your morning traffic with finance. >> i was hoping for an easy day. right now, heading towards the holland tunnel. there is an accident by 14 c
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the new have flooding. traffic is moving okay. watch out for flooding. they have had a few issues. a car fire northbound over by hempstead. over by deer park, two lanes are blocked within accident. there was an accident on the l.i.e. that has been cleared away. let's go to our cameras. the right lane is partially blocked. you can see that it is extinguished. left lane blocked within accident. lincoln tunnel, lighter than normal. same goes for the holland and
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street cleaning rules are in effect. >> thank you so much. record high temperatures or not preventing travel. >> travelers arriving this morning are definitely in for a better dad. fog, that rain, it led to massive delays all across our area. minimal delays outlook warranty up. that is good news. nearly half of the five that landed and took off yesterday were delayed. so far this morning, a much better situation. there are a lot of people
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canceled. they are still trying to get out in they still have a rough trip that he had. >> my flight was delayed. >> they said that the first flight out would be 1:00 p.m. on christmas. now it is getting later and later. >> you can see security line starting to form. that is not even that that. it is 630 in the morning on christmas eve speed right now, they are telling us that they have arrived a little bit early. many people telling us smooth sailing so far here at everyone of course hoping that the situation stays that way throughout the day. we know that there is a chance
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for now, live outlook wordier. >> slags our government buildings will once again fly at half staff. one of six servicemembers who died monday during an attack in afghanistan. yesterday, flags were at half staff for an nypd detective that was also killed during that attack. beat to a grand jury has indicted the truck driver that crashed into a limo that killed turnpike. arch with first-degree aggravated manslaughter. third-degree aggravated assault. an investigation found that he before the crash that happened in june of 2014. he denies this claim.
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man that has been threatening people before stealing their cell phone. he engages the victim in conversation. tells them he has a gun and then demand their phone. most of the cases involved in iphone six. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. kerry: 6:37 a.m. not a lot at attempted to do that christmas shopping? robert: maybe you shopped online at work. do not feel too bad it half of all american workers shopped online. that is according to a survey by career of those odd jobs online at work, 42% say that they spent more than an hour doing so. kerry: fox means business.
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robert: winning us now is adam shapiro. >> hope you are having a good christmas eve. there was a controversy over the body scanners that all of us have to go through. the agents were making fun of people. >> a big question whether they could actually see your naughty bits. a nude image that they were then saving and making fun of celebrities and etc. it is now a very blurry image. you have the right and ability to request a body pack down. the tsa put out a statement.
6:37 am
need to have security safety. in favor of physical screening. and then they go on to say that tsa does not store any information from the advanced imaging technologies screening. they are doing this because they need to have the advanced technologies screening. 38 million of us will travel by airplane in the next 32 weeks. robert: will we see you tomorrow? >> reporter: you will not. robert: you can catch him on the fox business network. kerry: just go to fox / channel finder. robert: it is warm.
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it is monday. >> normally i am so freezing cold in this studio. i cannot wait to get into the studio and cool down a bit. it is warm out there. tonight, we get a little bit of a break. a few peaks of sunshine. highs in the 60s. not too much going on. warm weather. >> late-night partiers. maybe shoppers. have to be careful out there. tappan zee bridge doing fine. westchester's chester site, that is moving fine.
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lighter than normal. as for the trades, metro-north, lirr, early getaway service. on or close to schedule. that is the staten island expressway. there is your checklist. suspended to go along with the meters. tina is here. i love it. >> on sunday, you will not be seeing old dell that the junior playing for the giants. he lost his suspension appeal yesterday. we will have the reaction. greg: the latest entertainment news.
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kerry: anna gilligan is coming kerry: welcome back. here's a look at the headlines
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hit and run and drove the getaway car. it was over eight drug deal gone bad. robert: stealing over $600,000 worth of jewelry after partying at a chelsea nightclub. they allegedly stole the jewelry including an expensive watch. kerry: governor cuomo signed a bill adding the working dog. it does not matter that breed. a working dog is in the dog that is trained for service. all right. giants wide receiver once again in the news. kerry: we're talking about that. he watches us every morning.
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>> thank you for watching us. speaking of the giants, wide receiver of the giants, his appeal has been denied. he cannot be with the team during the suspension. yesterday he was at the offices in manhattan. targeting panthers quarterback josh norman. he apologized to his teammates. the fans. he said a lot of people look out for me as a role model. that is a responsibility that i accept and take seriously. what they should say is to their children about my conduct. it is an example of how not to conduct yourself.
6:43 am
before the suspension was upheld. >> to depict this as him the wrong and the only one wrong, is not right you it is not fair. it is not just. this is not the way that it was. you better do some soul-searching herself. he certainly was wrong and we knew he was wrong from day one. well documented which indicates an attempt to provoke him. >> norman was fined yesterday. totaling roughly $26000. >> in basketball, the knicks were in cleveland. screen.
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knicks down by three. knicks had a two-point lead. he has a monster jam there. the cavaliers beat the knicks. as for the nets. they hosted the dallas mavericks. moving past shaquille o'neal. that's down by three. dropping a three. a karen hill allstar. they sweep by the mets. 119-118 in overtime.
6:45 am
stance against violence. for nba stars leading the way. >> we are americans. we do not have to live like this. >> also, the gun violence by survivors and people who lost loved ones. a huge knicks fan spike lee. paid for by michael bloomberg. this is not just a one-time ad, the nba says this will be a campaign for the rest of the season. >> five games tomorrow. >> 12 noon until 10:30 p.m. that night.
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let's check it out. norad. >> 251 million. >> heading for new zealand. he will be there in a minute and 47 seconds. >> he is working hard. santa is in his board shorts this year. we have been talking about each whether. it has been very warm. it feels more like spring. we already prokhorov record high of 63 for the day today. a little bit of patchy fog through the lower hudson valley. visibility is reduced. do some of your traveling.
6:47 am
it has been a mainly cloudy start to the day. tracking a couple of showers. not as heavy as well we had yesterday evening. some showers approaching allentown. there could be a light shower here or there. we have a cold front pushing through. that is what is bringing the rain. behind that, it is called. a white winter. that is where it is much colder. we do briefly cleared out. tomorrow morning, it will be
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if you want to go skiing, trails open. still warm for christmas. cooler weather will build in on monday. temperatures in the 40s.
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>> the commute this morning is still a little tricky. just cleared away a car fire on the meadowbrook. still working on the problem on l.i.e. faxing cleared away. now it is a emergency construction closing the right lane. take a look at queens. traffic lighter than normal. let's go to the george washington bridge. the gwb is an option. upper and lower level looking good. no delays. same goes for the holland tunnel. >> think you so much. >> last minute christmas shopping.
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let's talk about the beatles. total local. kerry: 224 beetle problems were put online. the surviving members that held out for a long time. now, it is on streaming. a whole new generation of people. the music will not be exclusive. it will be available to everyone. >> there is an artist that will not be putting her music on streaming services.
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robert moses put his head in his hands. robert: i am so sick of this song. >> she does not have to put her music on streaming. pretty crazy. sold nearly 6 million in just the u.s. kerry: robert is ready to say
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