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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 24, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> "good day new york." christmas eve. hello. i am robert moses. teresa: i am teresa priolo. it is going to be a beautiful day out there. robert: temperatures are still rising. >> many stores are adjusting their hours to accommodate the last-minute rush.
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those last-minute procrastinators. hundreds of flights in our area were canceled. greg: robert: the suspect has been arraigned on robbery charges. praising and nypd detective for praising the gunmen. >> we will have the latest it what it means for the team. robert: good thursday morning, everyone. so glad you are with us. >> we have never done this seven-10:00 o'clock stretch together. >> we sit right next to each other here. >> wonderful.
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your shopping? >> i feel pretty good. >> well, that is good and the question is have you been naughty or nice. good or bad. robert: i think i have been pretty good. good morning. how are you? i cannot believe how incredible it was this morning when i came in. we are rising into the 70s today.
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you do not need that heavier jacket. just a shirt, i think, will do it for you. you may want to keep the umbrella handy. the heavy rain we had yesterday evening has moved on out here at 63 back in 1996. tomorrow, 66 is your forecasted hype. we will likely be breaking it once again. december has just been very, very warm. we already bumped up to 68 in new york. we were at about 64 degrees. watch out for patchy fog if you are near the water. visibility, it you can see, is tracking no showers just off to the north and west. most of the day will be dry for you.
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showers on saturday. ending sunday. a little bit of a cooldown. more showers on tuesday. it is so warm out there. >> my cousin just texted me. traffic is lighter than normal. there is a lot of accidents this morning. since 430 this morning. there is an accident on the southern state parkway. deer park avenue. there was an accident there. westchester, the hutch eastbound , you are past the cross county parkway. heading towards the verrazano bridge, no delays. now it is moving again.
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built parkway, looks like an accident. you can see that this is traveling eastbound. think towards the airport, be prepared for that one. that is slowing things down on the westbound side. as for the trains, running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effects. >> you know how important that many people, millions of people are attempting to get out of dodge. caused quite a few delays at the airport yesterday. the question is, will today be any better?
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>> so far so good. more than 40% of the flights that took off and departed here in the laguardia were delayed. a lot of people that were canceled yesterday still trying to get out today. happy holidays happy holidays happy holidays happy holidays >> reporter: you may have to endure a long way like these. yesterday, the nation's busiest travel day of the holiday week. they tried to make it home for christmas. >> up against the wall somewhere, i guess. >> supposed to be home right
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canceled. >> you are like a country music song right now. >> i know. it is ridiculous. >> my flight was delayed three times. then i finally found out where it was. they started bringing people on board. i was not able to get on. >> they said that the first one out would be 1:00 p.m. on christmas. >> reported that all three area reports yesterday. hundreds of canceled flights all across the country. the threat of more showers in the forecast. holiday travel expected to break records issue. shifting the timing of flights to handle the crush of millions of travelers. but intentions were snarled by
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>> living at the airport. >> today being one of the busiest travel days of the year. the crowds are heavy here. the lines are not even as bad as you expected. minimal delays and cancellations. more showers possible. things could change. we will bring you an update later on this morning. teresa and robert, back to you. >> it always involves spending time the airport. >> i feel bad for people. they have plans they want to get home and they just cannot. >> what a nightmare. if you still have not today shopping from all of your holiday gifts, you'll only have a few hours left. >> the final shopping day before christmas.
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good morning, liz. >> good morning. year. we had a lot of people coming through. people are coming to the front door here at macy's. people really just putting off what may be a family tradition. the workers getting here bright and early. crowds coming here. there will be plenty of other stores available to you as well. calls will be open for 24 hours. toys "r" us will keep their donors open until 9:00 p.m.
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as well. i caught up with the family from a story up. bringing her two kids here. her mother and her happen. they come every year for the past 15 years. >> what is the tradition? >> coming to macy's. coming back home. >> 15 years. we started the year before she was born. >> he is of course here at macy's. staying until 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. delivering all the gifts in the area. this is the place to see him.
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>> that is a cool tradition. >> a lot of damage there. >> moving onto other news right now. praising and nypd eight active. >> the retired detective intervened when the suspect allegedly used a gun to try to seal in $18000 rolex. they wrestled with the suspect we has been arraigned on robbery, assault and weapons charges. belgium authorities have arrested nine suspects. >> they say that he is a belgian citizen. he has been held on charges of taking apart a terrorist group
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attacks about november 3 team. in afghanistan, and emotional memorial yesterday. robert: to new yorkers were andrew cuomo honored him by lowering the flags at government buildings. yesterday, the honor was for nypd detective. his family asked the archdiocese to hold a memorial for them. the plane holding the bodies arrived in delaware's yesterday. >> another man right in the middle of the day near columbus circle. >> 31-year-old brandon woodward.
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a gunman came up from behind and shot him in the head. lloyd mackenzie of queens ordered that fatal hit and drove the getaway car. they believe mackenzie planned the slave over a drug deal in which he owed the victim $160,000 for cocaine. robert: at least six people are dead including a 7-year-old boy feared indiana, tennessee and mississippi. >> i can see debris. i conceded three. speed. teresa: many homes damaged or completely destroyed. 7-year-old died when the storm
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which she was riding. >> last-minute preparations taking place in bethlehem. >> hookworms and two arrests have been gathering in streets. a wave of violence has been sweeping through the region. fighting through israelis and palestinians intensifying. >> that is on my bucket list. >> out would be awesome. >> it would be really kind of incredible. >> santa is heading for cg. >> have you been there? >> no. not yet. a lot of people do go to fiji.
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you can just stay at warm. we are in the 70s today. 73 degrees. today's record high is 63. temperatures are just rising now. the humidity also on the high side yard dew points are in the 60s. this is something that we typically see more in the spring and maybe early summer. we do have a little bit of patchy fog. we will show you all of the warm weather. we are much warmer than even the west coast right now. temperatures are only in the 40s and 50s. that is where you'll find a white christmas. a bit cooler. visibility not quite as bad as it was yesterday.
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rain. tracking our direction. ahead of a cold front. not in the clear just yet. small chance of a spotty shower here or there. tonight, we start to clear out. not that for tomorrow. by saturday, we will start to see some cooler air. seventy-three. that is you are high. it is a record breaker. sixty-six for christmas. rain on saturday. it looks mainly try. a little bit of a cooldown. it will feel quite chilly. tuesday and wednesday, not looking too bad.
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a question. >> it is it going to rain around midnight? >> at least we have that on our side. another little weird one. a lot of accidents. here is that i like you. no delays this morning. very unusual. bqe. you do have some delays. your commute in putnam county. 684. the taconic looking find both directions. take a look at route 80. take a look at this. you have to be careful out there. all lanes are closed.
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there. you are fine in that direction. that is moving at the speed limit. no delays on the upper level. the holland tunnel, there was turnpike. you are left with a 20 minute delay. no delays this morning. robert in teresa. i am kind of worried. i have to go shopping after this. >> it is such a good thing.
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christmas. >> we believe that he is headed for cg. if you are not familiar with this, this is in or around santa tracker. how you can actually log on and see where he has. headed towards fiji. >> reporter: a sears advertisement misprinted the number for children to call santa. instead they reached: at. that air defense command. the director instructed his staff to check the radar to give the children of dates. norad took over in 1958. in addition to his travels, we mentioned the gifts. 402 million gifts delivered so far.
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>> he left antarctica and while ago. how do you dress for that place of climate? robert: layers. stripping down. as getting you to order more wine. robert: we are coming right
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>> merry christmas to my fiance e tracy. my mom and dad out in florida.
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vegas appeared in court yesterday. robert: she walked into court she deliberately plowed into the crowd on sunday. murder, felony hit and run and child endangerment. january. her lawyers say she will enter a plea of not guilty. teresa: going to far when it published a cartoon of ted cruz and his daughter. robert: cruise is dressed as a -- and his daughter as monkeys. there is an unspoken rule in cartooning that a politician's children are off limits. editors at the post said they did not see the cartoon before
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and they deleted it. >> i saw that cartoon. >> now much ticks me off. do not mess with my kids. do not mess with anybody's kids. >> everyone has pretty much agreed with ted cruz. later he tweeted his own political cartoon. seems like a better idea for a cartoon hillary and her lapdogs. hillary walking two dogs. >> a very big deal. president clinton was in office. not giving her too much. sealer day have gotten some criticism as well. robert: moving on now.
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better than ever. u.s. the number of twins is at an all-time high. increased cases of ivf. and the case that many women are becoming moms later in life. the first time since 2007. >> if you are trying to cut back online this holiday season, maybe this story is not for you. all you need to do is grab a smaller class. robert: a study confirms that our minds to play tricks on us. they serve the same amount of wine in different class sizes. they are also more likely to over poor.
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less. yesterday, for our christmas party, we had a dog. robert: coming out. surrounding the winner of this year's miss universe pageant here and sharing her story.
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. >> bobby -- >> i've seen plenty today. >> you have like that breathy -- santa baby live look at laguardia airport. stacey delikat keeping tabs on everything that's happening.
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>> macy's, the shot seems leak it hngten hasn't been that crowded today. whether you're federalling, shopping or driving, you can do it without much trouble. >> wouldn't it be great if people didn't procrastinate and got everything done early so relaxing, sleeping in. that didn't happen? >> we're glad you're home with the ones you love and making us eve. >> we're excited to be here. a lot coming up today ugh tay to miss lavinia brunging you her story, we've got a lot going on, of course, checking the forecast that seems to be the big story today. >> samantha has been keeping tabs and we're in record-breaking territory we broke it 3 a.m. this morning. >> i woke up at 66 degrees so pretty much from yesterday temperatures were just rising nonstop.
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almost near 70. 72 by 2:00. warmer than previous record it have 63. and excuse me but the normal high today is 41 so we're blowing that out of the water. you know a lot of people are saying it doesn't feel luke christmas it is warm but today's weather will be more quiet. not bad for l traveling rough weather across the country. patchy fog this morning watch out for spot shower here or there and then this evening into tonight artily cloudy. getting break from wet weather. good news for santa and goo christmas day. look at this. we bumped up to 70 here in central park so yeah you can see that had warmer air nosing from the south and west still a touch cooler. quite a change with the wind off the water.
7:31 am
55 in poughkeepsie but compared to this time yesterday temperatures are ten to 20 degrees warmer so you can see light showers off to the south and west pushing through later on ahead of the cold front so get ready for a warm day out there today. record-breaking high it is 63. 66 and sunshine in the afternoon. rainy start to the weekend. a cooldown monday temp near 45. ines i'm sorry i was laughing. i see your little note that says to toss now. >> good morning going on so a lot going on. >> sorry no offense. so many problems l.i.e. eastbound to deer park avenue that's cleared away but emergency construction has two lanes blocked heads up on that. westchester okay. tappan zee bridge. rock land county westbound no issues at all. talk a look at your commute this morning this is route 80
7:32 am
state parkway. elm wood park traffic is slow. an accident now two lanes closed with an accident so eastbound side you're fine. grand central parkway go to that camera shot with an accident taking a look at what's gong on here. blocking left here with an ambulance this is as you approach jackie robinson park and delays on van wyck southbound through q garden interchange you have normal delays. but this accident blocking left lane there westbound on grand central as you approach jake robinson parkway. rest of your commute this is lincoln tunnel. excuse l.i.e. on that one but light into the city. no delays same goes for holland andal problem this is montauk branch a ten to 15 minute delay. teresa and robert back to you. >> miss universe pageant was big news earlier this week mostly because of steve harvey's flubbed aa thansment of the
7:33 am
chaos was courage one. >> suffered a seizure and chose to be a part of it. she spoke exclusively to our lidia curanaj about her decision. >> i have to apologize. miss universe crowned mixup bill a controversy heard around the world. but some say that true winner of that night was 19-year-old anna. what happened was a seizure two days into the competition. the seizure paralyzed and unable to compete. despite the health scare she still gracefully and proudly filled her appearing at miss universe. >> when i came to the stage like no, no, it's me, wow. i can't believe it. you know. >> ' sure which she's never had
7:34 am
that left her with a gash in her head and bruises to her face. she spoke to me exclusively about what happened. >> my dream but i was like -- why this happen to me? you know, but then it was just fine. i was like okay god is with me. everything is fine. she was right. the professional model is already become to work, shooting with the pcial miss yoofers photographer. anna couldn't shoot during the competition so invited her to the studio in new york city. >> i thought they would send her home but they said she wants to shoot with you. a great honor to be automobile to give her something to feel good about herself. >> soon anna's face will completely go back to normal but anna says this experience has forever changed her per the better leaving no doubt true beauty comes from within.
7:35 am
this -- so glad right now here. almosted a gozzed a having the crown? >> yeah. >> "fox 5 news" lidia curanaj. >> what an inspiration coming ups in the next hour she's joining us live in our studio. still ahead yankees stadium will have a gridiron instead of a
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. >> welcome back and a very good morning to you off to a warm start. look at this already at 70 degrees in central park and newark we should be in the 30s this time of the year. 59 in islip patchy fog out there. mainly cloudy skies tracking few more showers they'll be on parking lot light side ahead of a cold front. you can see showers pushing into new jersey reaching the city and flield uh-uh but most of the afternoon today will be dry. this time of the year we like to take a ski trip looking for 9 snow. we're not beginning to find it anywhere.
7:39 am
weekend but only e 11 trails open not the best conditions for mountain snow eight trails ownership in vat vermont warm, no snow in sight. watch out for that spot shower. another record-breaker but a dry day. rain on saturday not too much for sunday and then on monday briefly cool it down with temping in the 50s. track smflt those showers you can dowload the our "fox 5 ny" weather app with a great lift interactive radar, i use it quite often myself. and you can see what's going on out there if you want to know what is only on the roads and rails. ines, with good morning. >> check in with connecticut you're fine on 95 no problems heading towardses westchester merritt parkway good morning. union and essex county moving fine as well. take a look at route 80 westbound with by garden state
7:40 am
but there's an accident they've been closing roadway there. just be careful. right now lanes are approaching exit 61 you'll have slowdown. two lanes are closed. take a look at grand central parkway by q garden interchange ambulance on scene head technician to jackie robinson parkway here westbound so traffic slow. van wyck normal delays there by q garden interchange as you can see. traffic lighter than normal approaching brooklyn bridge. crossing no problems at all there's the l.i.e. by grand central parkway to queens mud town tunnel no delays. something you don't see every day. robert and teresa back to you. fnght i want to almost repeat it like no delays. linger for a minute it is incredible. o'dell yet again? >> stills in the news this is different giants wide receiver appeal has been denied.
7:41 am
sidelined for sunday night critical game against the vikings. o'dell cant be with the team during suspension he was fighting ban the three personal fouls in the loss to carolina and corner back josh norman. he o apologized to the teammates the giants organization, fans and issued this statement, he said, quote, a lot of kids look up to me as a role molds that is a responsibility i accept and take seriously. many of the parents of those kisdz have asked since sunday what they could say to their children about my conduct. i don't have the perfect answer. but i think one thing they can say is how i handled myself the other day is an example how not to conduct yourself. i displayed poor sportsmanship end quote. giants head coach tom coughlin opened up has press conference before we u knew that o'dell
7:42 am
>> to depict this as odell beckham being wrong in the only one wrong is not riewght. it's not fair, it's not justice. it's not the way television. if you're naive enough to think that way, then you better do some soul searching yrgs. beckham was wrong and we said he was wrong from day one, but there were factors involved starting in pregame which are well documented which indicate that there was an attempt to provoke him. >> as for other player voferred norman did get fines before and during the guam totals roughly $26,000. but norman played sunday beckham does not. in basketball both knicks and nets lost night but we turn now to the bronx. yankees stadium is ready for workerses have transformed the stadium from a baseball diamond
7:43 am
college returns to the sixth annual pun stripe bowl at yankees stadium year's matchup in acc, duke kickoff is 3:30 p.m. joining me now is mark from the new york yankees he's executive director of the u new pinstripe bowl. thank you mark for joining us this morning on christmas eve. >> great to be here. you brought items including this beautiful true if i and things that we can buy for the pinstripe bowl. >> fortunate to have new era. world renowned as our title sponsor and produce wonderful items for the bowl, of course, we have with the trophy her g and steinbrenner trophy named after late owner who, of course, was a big college football guy. few people know that he was football coach at both northwestern and purdue and college football is really his passion, and e he -- this ball is really dedicated to
7:44 am
and when we built the new yankees stadium he wanted to make sure that it was right for college football because he wanted to bring college football back to the new york area, and little did he think that so quickly we bring it back in such a being way and we have. >> this is basically the boss's idea that's -- this will be the sixth annual pinstripe bowl last was a thriller in overtime that took more than 16 minutes. 31-30 the final in front of a record 49,000 in the stadium. so what can we expect for this year's matchup? >> tickets are going well. you can -- still some available. some good tickets left tbhowt a lot. you can go to pinstripe or ticketmaster to purchase the tickets. what you expect is another great game, we believe. in indiana, i mean, you have one of the top offenses in the country for those that are watching big ten football this
7:45 am
beating michigan. they almost beat ohio state. they have a quarterback who could be drafted in the first round. they have a top runningback they're an a exciting team. of course, duke has turned that program around now, and duke is now getting to be known for football as well as basketball. they've had great records the last four years, two years ago duke had that class forecast game website peach bowl against jonnie manziel 50 to 48 wild shootout. they played great games. so it should be a very exciting game, a lot of points on the boards, and we're hoping to have a great crowd that should be -- weather should be hopefully pretty good on saturday. mild, warm. and that always helps. >> a lot of alumni in the area especially from duke. can people also walk up to purchase tickets if they're still available before game time? >> absolutely you can purchase tickets a lot of alumni from duke, indiana in the area, obviously, we're very accessible.
7:46 am
yankees stadium, veteran historic place and i encouragen pass thinking about what do i do on saturday, come out and come to the ball game, it should be a lot of fun once again two great teams are going to put on a great show, and we're very fortunate. i mean, the game is really progressed much faster than a lot of people thought were now under major bowl. we're a big bowl and schools want to play this our game new york is, obviously, a great destination we do special stuff for the kids over christmas week, and we've had great schools in the past as you know you mentioned penn state notre dame. rutgers, syracuse boston college, we've had a rail mix that's all of those schools have really led to our success and we're in this for a long time, and i'm looking forward not only for this year but a lot of great games in the future. >> mark thank you so much for joining us the pinstripe bowl 3:30 p.m. at yankees stadium on saturday. all right teresa and robert back
7:47 am
>> tina thanks so much. >> coming up wondering what to get for a child's first christmas we'll have answer as what toys are best for babies. >> helping all of the moms and
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and fights mucus. let's end this. >> you know that music in teed's "health watch" a simple toy instead of a high-tech
7:50 am
your baby. one of the big questions they're so young they don't know what's going on but you want a present for this baby for christmas. >> choosing gift for their little one, very lings infants between 10 months and 16 month and they found that the toys that actually had all of the bells and lights, music stimulating were actually not as good in materials of verbal development for these little ones, more traditional leak wooden block, puzzles or books for parents reading to their children actually promoted much more in temple terms of verbal development and sound recorders and they monitored how much the parents and children were talking during the play time with these different types of toyings electronic versus more traditional and found they were talking when they were reading to they will or playing with
7:51 am
child had a electronic toy. pretty much babies were just kind of engrossed with the toy but not verticallizing and parents weren't paying as much attention to them. you give that lights and whistles toy and leave them alone for a while. i can understand that impulse to do that sometimings. cooking or something -- mommy timeout. need a timeout but overall the thought is and this is a study done out of northern arizona university they found really it is not the best thing for your child development in earl it is of verbal development and even social development when you're interact more with your children they're learning more about language but about socialization, and role-playing and really following parents and learning more about life in general. so -- >> when all else fails give them some box. they love the box. >> they use imagination when they don't have flashing light tts they have to be more creative to stick to less expensive more traditional toy,
7:52 am
age learning more and more about how important it is. >> as simple as that. >> save your money. thanks a lot. good to see you. anna gilligan here. good morning. with entertainment. >> so madonna wants her home in time for christmas and went to court to get aned or tore return to the u.s. from the u.k. that's according to the new york "daily news" they say that her 15-year-old son went to england and her ex-husband guy richy. they ever joint custody that's the agreement they made but he's spent a lot of time touring with madonna he primary lives in new york. and so apparently according todale nudes he refused to get on the plane she was upset about this and new york judge is said to have created an order that he is to come home and they can take up issue of where he wants to live for good later he can get a lawyer. apparently he wants to move in
7:53 am
we'll see how this pans out. hopefully -- they can settle in time for christmas. and for the first time sings they've been famous kardashian family released a young kids only christmas card. usually it's very dressed up full hair and makeup but this time it was very simple and just for children. kourtney's kids. penelope and north. you can see how young she is back. very cute no adult can do that. baby saint, however, is not fiched. he's, of course, the child they just had, and they can he'll have a granted than the joint christmas card. already seen "star wars" would see it again this theaters. in a poll over one thousand
7:54 am
it says they would see it again on the big screen. they would do it for different reasons some l to bring become their children others to go again with friends but mostly because people love it and they want it see it all over again, an they're expecting that -- "star wars" will continue to break box office records i think no one is doubting that it will be the top movie this weekend. >> i would go back and see it. i saw it. i loved it, i know don't fall off your chair bobby. i loved it. and i would go back to see it again. no questions asked now i what to get bobby for christmas. >> i saw the first one that's enough. and our producer joel hates me for that he thinks it is unamerican not to like "star wars." i don't care. rmingts it's a devicive movie series. people love it or love to hate it. this has been roundly praised i
7:55 am
out there. critics give themselves wiggle room with a plot that was -- for the most part good red view. >> can you mac sure that kardashians send bobby moses a christmas card he didn't get his. >> absolutely i have a direct line for him. time now our facebook fan of the hour and today it is -- >> mccarthy if you would look to be our facebook fan of the hour like our good day page at
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breakfast menu. >> and it is a good dmierk, thursday december 24th, of course, christmas eve. hopefully you're done your shopping by now. i'm teresa priolo sitting in for rosanna scotto this morning. >> i'm robert moses greg and roe are both off. a miracle today to break records. samantha has your hot yes, we said hot holiday forecast. >> better have his speedo. two women suspected of robbing a knicks player 600,000 in jewelry. from hiss manhattan apartment. we'll have the latest coming up. >> weather in the news always over the place that is causing delays for those flying out of our area airports.
7:59 am
repeat of yesterday when many flights were delayed or canceled. stacey delikat live at laguardia airport and a check in with her momentarily. >> that clock is ticking for early. some closing late just to make sure no one is disappointed this christmas. >> this really inspiring story did not let a seizure stop her miss universe pageant. she'll be joining us live to talk about he her grave decision and she didn't actually compete but she did mac an appearance on stage during that pageant and it been spiring moment. >> i dare say once you hear her story, and everything that she's gone through you will think that she's the perfect embodiment of what these pageants are supposed to be. brain, brewty, determination, and she she has quite an inspiring story. >> she spoke with lidia curanaj she did a great job on that and lucky to have her in stowed joe momentarily.
8:00 am
sleeves it is christmas eve. >> taking this off. >> what am i doing wearing sleeves? >> overdressed. >> 75 outside rain shower. after work today i'm going for a run if shorts and a t-shirt. on the beach. >> and be sweating. and then hot chocolate and watch the christmas movie. doesn't feel like it. >> because the temperatures have been -- so nice and warm we have thiewng sam. >> we're turning colder into the new year it is coming. when it comes it is a shock because we have been so warm for this month of december. record brags high temperatures. we already shattered the records. record for today 63 degrees. we broke that at about midnight temps rising since then. near 70 and creeping up to about
8:01 am
watch for a spot shower today. halve rain is gone and not looking bad and tomorrow we'll have a little bit of sunshine i'm thinking some clouds in the morning south and east and clearing outs a little bit for the afternoon. so right now there you go. 70 degrees at central park. south wind is bringing in that, dew points are in the 60s when our dew points are in the 60s it is humid. so we can say it is warm and humidity for this christmas eve no cold after anywhere really. we're warm all along the east coast almost near 70 and philadelphia in washington, d.c. as well still rain showers around. there's a cold front approaching. sprinkles moving through atlantic city getting close to belmar lakewood. lake hurst, northeastern pennsylvania watch for some of those showers to trk our way. but drier air will be building in. there's the snow all the the way back out to the north and west. today your high 73, a spot sure most of the time it is dry. mostly cloudy skies. chick out your christmas forecast tomorrow 66 could be
8:02 am
rain on saturday into sunday, and then it gets cooler, brief rei will monday 45. be in the 50s for next week. if you're heading out it has been busy for miss ines here on roads with accidents earlier. how are we looking u now ines? >> airpghts have delays now. so yeah, a lot gong on this morning. jfk30 minutes on part here and weather related. emergency construction by deer park deere park two remain blocked. route 80 traffic move better closing all lanes here by garden state ark waw. bs by exit 61 that's been cleared so traffic is good. they're working on an accident here this is but q garden interchange where grand central splits between jackie robinson park away eastbound to joule
8:03 am
so you have left lane blocked. van wyck southbound and bqe starting to build with volume but been lighter than thunderstorm. below the speed limit approaching northbound. babylon branch a ten to 15 problem. close to schedule. you have early getaway service available for you today. street cleaning rules are thefnght. bobby and as teresa. >> stealing from knicks ford williams. >> kerry drew joins us from outside o the nightclub where williams met the two women and she has the latest. good morning kerry. rng good morning police are hope to talk to two women captured on surveillance video this is up and down club on 14th street between 7th and 8th avenue. it can show this video taken early saturday morning that is
8:04 am
yousee clearly. police believe these women stole 600,000 worth of jewelry from knicks forward derrick williams, that includes a 145,000 watch, a 25,000 diamond chain, and a 35,000 rolex. they got to williams apartment in tribeca around 5:20 a.m. saturday morning and stayed there for about an hour and a half. williams realized it was missing later on that day and kept his jewelry in a 6,000 louis vuitton case and that entire case was missing. police are asking nub with informs about those two women in that surveillance video to give them a call crime stoppers hotline that number 1-800-577-tips. up and down nightclub in chelsea this morning. back to you in stewed goad. >> kerry drew thank you very much. well with woman wol who made headlines for claiming she had affair with brian cashman has
8:05 am
: talking about lewis arrested in 2012 for harassing cashman and trying to extort thousands from him. she maintains her innocence but said she accepted plea deal so she can move on with her life. she received a probation sentencing which will run concurrently with the five-year term she's already serving in june convicted of falsifying documents to obtain rent break on an apartment in tribeca. maybe you're at home nice and cozy watching us but millions of travelers hitting roads, rails arpts trying to get out of town. >> and there are even some people who are traveling today who did not expect to be. because weather conditions caused delays and cancelations at awrpt it is here and all across the nation. so how is the situation now? fox 5 stacey delikat monoor toking it live from laguardia airport this morning. stacey good to see you. good morning to you. reporter: good morning robert, teresa, it it is dry outside, clear
8:06 am
flights leaving laguardia a hand of cancelation and they are report delays right now but mostly less than a half an hour not too bad at all. compared to yesterday when we saw thousands canceled delays all across the country were in much better shape today, in fact, yesterday at laguardia 40% of flights departing and arriving were delayed. there were a lot of people also canceled told they couldn't be rebooked until later on christmas day. today has been crowded but thingings are moving pretty well people tell us it is smooth sailing but running into people who were canceled yesterday and spent the night at the arpts and are now hoping to get home today. flight to nashville got canceled. fntion when did they tell you you could get out?
8:07 am
but i stuck around an tried to find another flight because i needed to get home. >> any concerns this morning? >> i don't think so. we're supposed to go through miami, and everything looks like it's on time. hopefully that's what happens. >> you hope for the best on a day like today i guess. >> exactly. everything -- were you worried given the weather yesterday endelays? >> yes. get here extra early? >> an hour early. >> so far so good. florida 37. lucky for them headed to florida our weather not bachelor's degree be as well. flight aware says there's been about 340 cancelations, delays within the country about 342 delays that's really not bad at all if you consider some 6,000 flights in the united states were delayed yesterday.
8:08 am
the sun is out that bodes well for air travel certainly everyone in laguardia hoping it stays that way so they can getting to where they need to be. robert and teresa back to you. >> who would that thought it wouldn't be problems from snow but from fog and rain. go figure. absolutely. stacey thanks. time is running out for procrastinators and those who need to buy last minute gifts. >> i am maybe -- hours to go before stores closed their doors businesses anticipating a last minute rush. fox five's liz does not procast nate on anything so she's wrapped, ready to give -- so much to do. but maybe i'll do live shopping here at harold square, the spot to be.
8:09 am
is, i've never really done my shopping on christmas eve but this year is a first for me. look at all of the people in the happened bag department. cosmetics in the become i'm shocked to see how many people are here. but this is a family tradition for some we'll show you video that we shot earlier of the store looking great. a lot of employees up really early mag sure that the shelves were stocked with all of the merchandise and ready to go and people not wasting any time getting here at 6 a.m. when doors open. and plenty of ore other stores are available on this christmas eve. kohl's will be open for 24 hours and finally close stores at 6:00 tonight. toys"r"us will also be open until 9 p.m. wal-mart and target open late as well. tonight. i caught up with a group of gentleman who came here early after they got off of work and decided to do shopping and gets last min stuff done and said it was a great time to be in the
8:10 am
no crowds. >> i did complnt as long as i got any wife what she wanted. everything is good money. that's all i care about. never again. tired i want to go home and sleep. [laughter] >> how is it inside the store? rmingts not busy at all actually. not busy at all. kind of a good time to get it done. >> nobody here. a lot of laughter as well. they're from brooklyn said they had a great time coming to shop together and appreciate them coming by to talk to us. it is tradition no come here, do shopping together with grandmother, the cuds, then they see santa up on 8th floor before he gets really busy today he's still available to talk pictures with the kids until 4 p.m. and then gets to work laughter tonight dropping gifts down chimney if you need to get your photo with him, the line is not too long. maybe a good day to do that as well.
8:11 am
morning over to you. >> he's the guy that has more work to do in the next 24 hours. actually -- got to get to it. >> he's on the move all right if you adopt have much time, maybe you were one of us that shopped online maybe at work, possibly don't feel too bad. half of all american workers shopped online for work for gift this is year according to career last year number was 47% and of those who shopped onis line at work 42% say they would spend more than an hour doing so. [laughter] department do that. reset after the first of the year. chipotle reu newing that you are cooking methods. cdc hasn't identified what exactly triggered these e. coli cases.
8:12 am
implementing changes and a cheese will arrive preshredded. onion dipped in water to kill germs before chops and which cannen in resealable plastic bags than in bowls hoping this eliminates problem in the tiewch. all right with the force awakens now in threat rs "star wars" fever has gone to the dogs literally. fans can get behind this. "star wars" wieners who show dressed up. his brother has gone to the dark side as dark wiener after a lightsaber battle it is stronger
8:13 am
>> are they ready for the treat and belly rub. >> what had to happen to me? been crazy. >> samantha is here with a check -- sam any you you slice it, this is record-breaking territory we're talking about, right? rmingts it's crazy if you think about first today our high temperatures are 30 degrees warmer than normal. we smashed the record high of 63 today we're already at 70. we're going up to about 73 i think a couple of spots might be a degree ore two warmer than that. look at the normal high typically should be near 41 degrees. so we are way above that. we've been way above normal prl quite some time now, and turn cold or for january. a lot of people are liking warmer weather. 70 in newark. 58 right now sussex cooler from poughkeepsie to bridge port. fog is start ising to lift so
8:14 am
we have mostly cloudy spots bright spots this afternoon. southwest wind right now brosy i think you'll especially notice that near the quarter. winds are about ten to 15 miles per hour. that southwest wind is what's pumping in warm and humid air. picking up an inch but tracking another batch of showers u through al aen town into parts of new jersey creeping a little bit closer to -- belmar and most of the day, however, today will be dry. there's showers south and west ahead of a cold front pushing by, behind the it we have drier air and conveniently that will get here tonight into tomorrow for christmas. so take it easy, traveling, and very merry early christmas to you. 67 to 73 your high today with a couple of spotty showers especially south and east. tomorrow record high is 64, and i'm forecasting 66 another warm
8:15 am
should yous on saturday cooling not really the best day for look better sunday afternoon and a brief cooldown on monday with showers tuesday, funnelly a quiet day on wednesday. we're going to toss things over to ines right now for the traffic. want to know how's it going to be for my ride home? >> a different story but you need an umbrella today. but right now you need sung glasses i'll show you my camera it is bright outside and we have prawns. first airpght jfk reporting 30 minute delay. watch out for an texas westbound before the jackie robinson parkway. cross island parkway an accident by hempstead tump pike. 80 and 287 further north there's an accident northbound by exit 58. let's go to our cameras look atsd throughway in rock land county traffic fine to the
8:16 am
no sun here. but let's go to fdr drive camera shot is sunny and traffic good northbound an southbound. there. bb lon brnch a 15 to 20 minute delay because of signal problems. waterway furry on a holiday schedule. heads up with that. holland gwb no delay. if you drive into the at least you're not sitting in traffic. bobby and teresa traffic seeing right now nice and light 3 p.m. yesterday at the garden states plaza trying to leave the mall. everyone is trying to get in. luck. >> i don't know about today. tweet you later see what the day goes. : lettuce know. ines thank you. traffic welcome assure you is not an issue for santa claus. not today. >> you're looking live at the
8:17 am
headed for new guinea, the defense command is tracking his ever move along with how many gifts he's delivered at over 7 hx million at this point. interesting history in 1955 a sears advertisement misprinted number for children to call santa instead they used u.s. continental air defense command. director directed to give santa kids an update and norad took over in 1958 the temperature there 80 degrees. so santa hair will frizz when he gets there. >> wow. it will curl. >> speaking of santa couple of shout yacht us this morning, this is -- paul with his elf o on a shelf. john smith so we've been talking to john smith. we understand that probably for the most part has been a good
8:18 am
but listen, you still got a couple of hours left and that elle of travels quickly to get to santa. paul is a photographer one of our dear friends he reports, he reports frequently. but he's told us he's been a good boy this year. >> he's not holding his elf other side he would lose his power. whole family. also couple of other shoutouts hello to lianne also to angelica happy 17th birthday from tia cher shirley everyone is taken care of. for now. merry christmas guys. still ahead on good day tsa judgments screening procedure that means some of you might have to get full body scans.
8:19 am
>> hi, we're the litua family and want to give a big shoutout to our grand mom in new jersey. >> hi grand mom. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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8:22 am
santa claus is on his way. sure is nice. >> sure will. 8:24 now and christmas eve fox means business. rk and joining us now from the fox business network is our christmas eve. >> good morning, merry christmas eve and to you and everyone watching. happy holidays to you adam. we hear the big thing is tsa update screening procedure that affects many travelers this holiday. >> yes, they estimate 38 million people will fly over the next two weeks motion of them all at once through nark. lagarde why and jfkings so lines will be horrendous but offered
8:23 am
option of a pat down there was the controversy a couple of years ago that the full bod scanner was too graphic and specific that they were saving photographs nation fun of people as well as celebrities so they have the option the pat down. here's what tsa is saying because the scanners actually better target the stuff under clothing for security purposes while they may decline screening and m imagine technology the full body scanner in favor of physical screen that's the pat down. tsa may direct mandatory screening through scanners. for some passengers tsa does not store any personally identification information from the screening that's it in a nutshell. going through the line today and say no way amity going through that what doctor who uses to
8:24 am
a patdown they say command tore, go through the machine. >> awkward your hands are up in the air that strange position. say it last forever even though it is three sec seconds. people are off not at the actual site but they're in a dumpt part of the airport. if they see something they directed to whatever is to be done but get the clear okay to go through. >> happy hanukkah, holidays and happy new year to you. >> all of the best to you as well. coming up if you're not sure whether -- bay if you're not sure where to find fox go to fox finder did you watch the miss universe maybe you saw this woman who overkill a major onstacle to be
8:25 am
have the distinct honor to talk about her brave decision. >> she's live in or our studio and joins momentarily we're excited to share her story of
8:26 am
we'll meet her, coming up. fact you won't find the brand pharmacists recommend most for cold and flu relief at the shelf. advil cold & sinus is only behind the pharmacy counter. ask your pharmacist for fast, powerful advil cold & sinus. relief doesn't get
8:27 am
this is my holiday pick one of my favorite movies of all time home alone. incredible. best movie ever. best holiday movie ever. maybe. can we jus play this for like a couple of seconds so i can bask in the glory of this song? i love it. i love to sing but i don't poem to turn off their tv. but holiday express does a tremendous version of that song too your homework assignment. i'm teresa priolos in nor rosie rose this morning. rng i'm robert moses on this mild christmas eve we're hope
8:28 am
and grateful we're a part of your morning. >> we have to send a huge thanks for samantha in for mike this morning because with her forecast we single-handedly along with juliet huddy we won our bet. >> year is not over yet that there was not going to be snow by new yore's eve but it is cooler heading into january might see snow. but what do we win? >> bet is off the this week. rk brand new car. >> get a brand new car. but so warm outside, i mean, feels look spring, summer temperatures are in the 70s we don't typically see this for christmas. last year at 60 but we shattered records already today. 63 is the record in 199637 temps right now near 70 going up on afnlg about 73.
8:29 am
couple of spots of that 74 degrees. tomorrow breaking the rossered but on this day we had 11 inches of snow. right now central park cooler from poughkeepsie to bridgeport and montauk upper 50s near 60. we have that southwest breeze 15 miles per hour. that's brunging in warm and humid air that is here to stay through the day today. we have peeks of sun shiewn nice to brighten up. tracking few showers off to the south and west closer to mammoth chance of a sprinkle has had of this cold front right here. cold we are a white christmas for parts kansas and nebraska and northwest. so we're going to take you through the timeline partly
8:30 am
christmas. track our next chance of showers by saturday. 67 to 73 today. yes very, very warm and warm tomorrow 66. we have showers on saturday ending sunday and there's your cooldown on monday up to about 45 degrees nice day on wednesday. now we're going to check on your track with ines. >> what year where we have the snowstorm after christmas? >> losing track -- like one blizzard after another. >> in 2010. yeah five years. thankful. i'm okay with that ashley this is a bet worth losing. right now your commute departure with jfk weather related. lment i.e. traffic okay. delays northbound and southbound. normal delays there because of that construction zone. go it our camera with a live look at the bqe approaching
8:31 am
so traffic looks okay. there's an incomes the area that was before atlantic avenue. let's go to bqe other camera shot approaching brooklyn bridge where it bunches up because you have that accident blocking a lane. other than that traffic on b q lighter than normal. there's been several accidents so you have to be careful they can happen. heading to mall and shopping centers expect delays. lincoln tunnel and george washington bridge. long island railroad having signal problem on babylon branch so a 15 to 20 minute delay. staten island ferry on a holiday schedule today. so most of the trains on or close. early get away service metro north and lirr and street cleaning rules are in effect. robert and a teresa. >> thank you very much. anna would not let a serious injury keep her from the
8:32 am
>> miss slovenia prevented her from completing in live force of the miss universe pageant last sunday but she was derled to get up on that stage and to tack that walk. result ftion an inspiring moment that our viewers won't forget. take a listen. >> to me in hospital that i can go -- to the pageant iftion joking, i will go. she joins us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> first of all i love what you said in this clip that you weren't going to let anything stop you and appearing on stage. >> i want to say thank you to all organization miss universe, and actually to i was so happy that everything happened lock
8:33 am
that i was leak -- it's my home, you know. and what happened to me i'm glad this -- i can be actually here right now in studio. everything is working out. what happened? >> wases so tieshed when i came to america i was look i can go to dinner, and then this happened i fell on the floor. >> i want to show the clip of what harvey but tell us the effort it took for you to get up on that stage after what happened. >> go to the stage, he pick me up and then i was look no, it happened to me so glad to be in america and i'm now so blessed to be here, and i want to say thank you to everybody who has helped me so much.
8:34 am
steve harvey announcing you you suffered a seizure that is what happened right and you had never had anything luke this happen before? : no, nothing. >> unexpected. >> i was dreaming to come to america to las vegas, and i was everything in any head -- do everything the best to everybody see my country the best but now i'm okay. >>let's take a listen to steve harvey announcing you on stage. >> she was looking so forward to walk on this stage and thought she lost her chair. but she didn't let's let her fulfill ma moment of walking the miss universe stage with her new friend please welcome miss universe slovenia.
8:35 am
an amazing clip there. anna one more question about what you went through and then we alsoment to talk about what they were talking about after the pageant but what was it like to go uh-uh through all of this preparation, you try to cross everything off your list and then this happens. u how do you overcome? >> good because iftion on the stage and this is my dream and iewm happy it be. but they're saying to me that i can go to the pageant i was so sad but i want to say that -- for me happen in america. i can be there. that everything happenings, yesterday i had a shooting. with photographer so glad that
8:36 am
you know -- >>so you wanted to bring werns and represent the countries. now people know about you, about your beauty, obstacle that you have gone through. but robert is right people were talking about the pageant on sunday because of what happened with steve harvey screwing up, announcing the winner. you were there. what was that like? >> actually i was like are you joking in >> all saying that. no -- okay. but actually like this you don't know -- >> but it's okay. you know. >> both from what happened to him and what happened to you even though they are different circumstances you make the best of what comes along. >> best happens in life. but a drama filled nooght. >> it was, but it's it is okay. >> it's a good perspective thank you so much for joining us this
8:37 am
best of luck to you we'll be looking for you next year. [laughter] coming up 37 we got to talk to danny gokey, he's coming up. thank you so much. >> thank you. who coined the term
8:38 am
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8:40 am
>> jose version? >> i think it is. these people don't look very merry because they're standing in line at the a airport trying to check in? >> i would imagine so or not trying to get food at laguardia airport. somebody is shipping a nice
8:41 am
big box there all wrapped up. wonder what's inside. >> pretty good speculation. all right holidays are among us. which is, of course -- >> overeating. dinner it, overeating, today's "health watch" overeating, lots of people indulge but could be a big price to pay. dr. roshini raj is here. >> i don't to be a grinch today but in particular calmed holiday hasht syndrome this is a condition where people for the most part do not have previous heart disease when they indulge with alcohol. too much chols triggers abnormal heart rhythms. one is where starts shaking and regularly contracting, and this can be a very serious condition. again it can happen with people who don't have any previous heart disease because of
8:42 am
holidays if you find your heart is ponging or any abnormal rhythm or chest pain go to the emergency room we're seeing increase in er visits during this time of year for heart disease particularly these rhythms but also for heart attack. overeating, over doctoring in dangerous. i don't to be the debbie downer this time of year. >> many of us don't know what that means when it comes to holidays. warm weather we're not seeing them due to shoveling the snow at least that's one thing we can be happy about. but enjoy your christmas. >> keep cookie and libations to a minimum. average about 5 pounds of weight gain org did this year that is not easy to lose. watch that as well. >> don't we know it. all right. by the way -- dr. raj we were just talking about how much we were going to
8:43 am
we have to be honest we're going to over indull only but pay for it. >> do as we say not as we do. [laughter] >> zoomed out a little bit next week. wide angle. coming up, on good day, we have had a lot of action in the remaking of point break. we catch up with one of the biggest stars edgar and what a fantastic conversation we had with him. >> 8:46 on this christmas eve so glad you're spending it with us.
8:44 am
who coined the term "side bread?" because there's nothing "side" about this bread. it may look like the moon. but it's the star of the show. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. >> seems like holidays and movies go in happened. >> they do. either to go to movies want to or tomorrow so here are some movies that are new in threat rs. opening tomorrow is joy starring jrn lawrps. film is based o on true story was entrepreneur who created miracle mom. also opening on christmas day is concussion starring will smith. also based on a true story about
8:47 am
truth about brain damage in football particular and caused nfl to take notice. tonight some theaters begin showing movies that are it canically opening up tomorrow including quentin tarantino hateful aid that opens everywhere tomorrow with a star-studded cast jennifer jason lee about bounty hunters who find shelter with a lot of shady characters if you want a comedy there's daddy's home. [laughter] i want to see this. reunits will ferrell and mark wahlberg with a step dad and father who intimidate him both competing for affection of the children this is point break a remake of the 1991 patrick film that ups the action. looks good.
8:48 am
streaming services. 225 put on apple services surviving members of the behind held out and cats log wasn't vawbl to buy until itunes had it in 2010. estimated they gave up royalties by holding out on streaming. not just paying customers on streaming sites. orange is the new black. fans waiting for the new season got a special treat for the holidays. may have robbed st. nick. >> put on their regulation and own version of 'twas the night
8:49 am
plums but they bet up santa claus, it is funny, though, if you watch the show each represents what they're known for. it is expected to debut next summer on netflix. >> much more fun to come with those ladies. >> on my list of shows to binge watch so manying to through. but that raves about. really good reviews. all right anna thanks so much. coming up on "good day new york" the christmas eve party for jewish singles.
8:50 am
and we'll talk about that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough.
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8:52 am
a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. >> time now for our facebook fan of the hour todays it is carly, we wish you the merryist of christmas we know your dad pote he tells me you've been a very good good grl this year. mete make sure we get to work safely every morning he sees that we're parking our cars gettings out. always a friendly face in the morning so we appreciate that and colleen is the avid good day fan in house. >> sam is here to check the forecast. >> record-breaking warm.
8:53 am
typically we're in the u 30s when we wake up. with that pumping in warm air good it see this warmth along east coast. coldest spot we see bank bangor maine, showers south and west and looks like heavy rain through philadelphia and southern new jersey tracking in our direction but i'm not expecting more than a whrieght stray showers as cold fronts pushes on by. most of the day is dry. temperatures rising into low 70s so yeah very warm. doesn't feel luke christmas. but we're drying out tonight, weekend and then cool it down a little bit to start off next week 45 degrees. there are christmas is here. we're getting excited. ines has your traffic an lots out and about. >> mostly to the mall because commute into the city not that bad but we have accidents
8:54 am
accident wise. blocking lane cross county eastbound by the hutch, watch out for a crash there. there's an early morning bs on l.i.e. eastbound by deer park avenue causing emergency construction gng on right now. two are blocked. talk about lincoln tunnel inbound. show you that we can heading into the is it no delay same for holland and george washington bridge. robert and teresa this is my last traffic report of the year. see you next year. >> merry christmas. happy new year. >> all right just about 9:00 here's what's coming up on good day.
8:55 am
what if the sweet stevia leaf was discovered...
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truvia in their coffee and everything else... ...sugar would come along and go, "hey, i'm sweet too." "sure, sugar, you're very sweet, but we've already got sweetness minus calorie-ness." it would be kinda awkward. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet. how else do you think he
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