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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  December 25, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". >> thousands celebrated midnight mass at st. patrick's cathedral as carnal committee:welcome to two refugee families. kerry: thousands of people at the vatican went to st. peter's basilica for christmas past i pope francis. >> fedex was not able to make all its scheduled deliveries, we will tell you what the company is blaming for that delay. kerry: what is everybody going to do, and they got everyone
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nothing today. good morning, merry christmas, i am kerry drew. robert: i am robert moses. ben and juliet are off today, hope you are spending the day with the ones you love and we are glad we are a small part of it, getting dinner on or starting the m or something. kerry: we are talking about a warm christmas, we broke the record yesterday. the we break another one today? >> reporter: a lot of people have been out and about on the roads whether they're coming from a party or getting a head start on their cooking or running last-minute errands. we start looking at yesterday's high, we hit 72 degrees in central park as 72 in newark, many of you say you felt that warm weather hurt all the way up to poughkeepsie, 72, 64 with-is it, record-breaking higher temperatures across the board and it is another warm start to
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record is clear from monticello to poughkeepsie in the low 40s, 61 in the city, 55 in islip and is achieve fond, in southwestern connecticut towards long island and down towards belmar and new jersey, if you are out this morning slowdown a little bit, some showers cutting by northeast, breaks in the clouds and a little price what they're pushing in for the day to dickering pushing into the carolinas will be arriving overnight tonight and we will see more wet weather in the forecast but today for your fecklessness it looks pretty good, we are in the 60s, temperatures topping out near 65 today and the record high of is 64, another woman coming up. a chance of showers in to sunday, one more warm day, we are tracking some pretty big changes next week, we are in the 40s and could see a first wintery mix changing to rain by tuesday. if you are heading out this
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people on and about on the roads, very busy, a little too busy. ines: let's start with a very serious accident in the bronx, some issues on the major deegan expressway in the bronx south bound call all lanes are closed and detoured with a serious accident moving into new jersey, trouble spot in bridgelatka route 28 is closed in both directions right now by route 22 with downed polls and downed wires, let's look at the lie by a deer park avenue. this is pretty quiet above each count was down not looking at any issues, live look at the george washington bridge where the nice and quiet upstairs and downstairs, no delays, be aware the lower level and palisades approach, but lincoln very quiet here, 495 traveling in down lincoln tunnel, no delays, we have construction until 6:00,
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trains on or close to schedule but remember they are operating on weekend and holiday schedules, alternate site rules change meter rules suspended for christmas. kerry: thanks so much. many of the fateful helped bring in a holiday by attending midnight mass. robert: from st. patrick's cathedral, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, what a beautiful morning out here. between this weather and lack of crowds taking in the cathedral and all the lights up and down fifth avenue is it is spectacular out here and there were big crowds last night and earlier this morning for midnight mass. cardinal dolan reflect on the highlights of the year and had a special message for some specific new york families.
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st. patrick's cathedral. just saying come all you faithful and i am glad you did. >> reporter: from all over the world, celebrating christmas eve at st. patrick's cathedral. >> at camel for my deceased mother and father and little brother. >> reporter: st. pats, archbishop timothy cardinal dolan, welcome two families in particular. >> of family who fled terror and threat of retribution, a refugee family from the ivory coast. >> reporter: the debate over the resettling of syrian refugees has played out across the world, used his homily to highlight the refugees struggled though he did name or symbol of the new york families being resettled by catholic charities. >> i think you would unite with me as we celebrate this night when jesus was born away from
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soon flee as refugees for safety from an oppressive king into egypt, i think you would join me in welcoming those two families. >> reporter: ebola requested the highlight of his year, the visit of pope francis who wowed the city on his first trip to new york, his first stop when he got here, right down fifth avenue in his boatmobile to deliver masse from this podium. >> holy father, we are here at the cathedral and he turned around and looked at st. patrick's cathedral and he said it is right here in the middle of things, then he smiled and said that is where it should be because that is where god is. right in the middle of things. i propose to you all this evening that that is the message
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god is right smack dab in the middle of things. >> reporter: back out here live looking at st. patrick's cathedral, the first mass starts at 7:00 a.m. there are masses throughout the day but we have seen plenty of people out here this morning. quite a few told me they chose to come out, to take in the cathedral at this calm power before crowds are out, these balmy temperatures, it will be a great day at st. patrick's cathedral and we will check back with you guys later in the newscasts. >> at st. peter's basilica for christmas eve mass led by pope francis. society's intoxication with
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later this morning tens of thousands are expected to attend the pope's traditional christmas speech in st. peter's square. robert: pilgrims and palestinian officials attended midnight mass at the church of the nativity. is revered as the birthplace of jesus, they peck manger square, despite the violence in the west bank, israeli authorities said three palestinians involved in attacks against the israelis were killed and a palestinian hospital officials says another palestinian died in clashes with israeli troops. kerry: many are spending this holiday alone and unable to cut themselves a proper meal but there are a lot of generous people out there making it their mission to help. more than a thousand volunteers hit the streets of new york and new jersey yesterday to bring
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hard times. >> 2 different diagnoses. alzheimer's disease, parkinson's disease as people give back for a lot of reasons and one of mcburney is it feels good to do good and help someone out. kerry: 2500 meals are delivered for christmas, volunteers will meet to those relying on them after the holidays past. robert: no holiday for fedex, the company will make some deliveries today because the carrier was swamped yesterday and could not deliver every package. it is blaming bad weather in parts of the country and a last-minute surge in shopping. fedexcup estimate good by giving household deliveries top priority. if you have to take up your package, some express offices will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.. kerry: if you haven't got a christmas gift you are running out of time but not out of luck. robert: a few places are open
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one of them, walgreen's in times square, actually inside, good morning to you. >> reporter: we got inside. second street and broadway, it is not even last minute. i got everything done yesterday. a lot of options to get toys for the kid. stuff. puzzles, toy cars and trucks for the kids, these are the options at walgreen's, what else is going to be open today? not much in terms of where you get some gifts, you have 711, family dollar stores, rite-aid and walgreen's as well as cvs for the available at certain locations to you. a lot of people have said when i
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like having the deadline, they liked having things happening and getting finished up right before they see their family. a lot of people later today, this may be the place to go. another thing to touch on the day after christmas is a a huge day for retailers, huge day for sales, some numbers to review. actually i think it is one of the busiest, third biggest day with holiday season traffic. if you want to wait for tomorrow if you are treating yourself to something that is the day to get it because you might find a lot of great deals the day after christmas but again happy shopping to anyone who has to do it, come to see us in times square, a lot of gifts in walgreen's. kerry: thanks so much. looking at some more record-breaking temperatures, samantha has an update on the forecast.
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writer late fees, it is 4:41 on christmas day, santa claus has come to town and we hope as you wake up we find out he has been good to you.
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shorts, it is not memorial day, it is christmas eve in new york city. unbelievable, felt like july, nay, june, the warmest christmas eve on record, much to many people's delight. >> it is beautiful! it is not here. in miami, that is how it feels. >> should have worn shorts tonight. is very hot out. i did not wear shorts to night. >> reporter: look at that, sleeveless shirts and no jacket in december on christmas eve. those who go away on christmas to get away from the cold might find themselves in chillier temperatures, it is:today in los angeles and phoenix and arizona that is right here. robert: hawaiian shirts, what is wrong with that picture? kerry: joel, our producer has a hawaiian christmas seemed shirt
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robert: have him take a picture of that and put it on the air. especially for these temperatures. >> meteorologist: people ice skating, one guy in that short sleeved shirt. leaving the studio, all lightweight jacket on, definitely needed jacket, you were fine in a short leaves -- short sleeve shirt. today is going to the warm day, you will get added to this list of christmas extremes, the snowiest christmas on record once in 1909, we had seven inches, a wet one in 1905, an inch of rain, coldest temperature and christmas-1 degrees in 1980 and warmest 64 in 89, 1982 and today, near 64, spots near 65 but with warm air in place the humidity in place tracking some fog this morning
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suffolk county, southern new jersey where temperatures have fallen off, visibility under a quarter of a mile. traveling out early this morning, slow it down, take it easy, we are warm in central park, 54 in montauk, poughkeepsie, monticello in the low 40s, we are much warmer than normal loud there. getting a little bit of a break in action areas of fog showers moving away over the ocean, there is rain, getting into an unsettled weather pattern with low pressure developing, moving into the mid-atlantic states that will track in our direction tonight and tomorrow so a wet start to the weekend. today looks good for your christmas, quote you can enjoy it, some sun for the afternoon, not much going on, clouds tonight with a chance of showers into morning. somali repeat of today, break in the afternoon, showers will return tomorrow night in to sunday morning, then we turn
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like december, 57 to 65, some sunshine, hope you have a great day out there, showers late in to sunday, monday and tuesday, northwest of here it there might be of little bit of a wintery mix and snow accumulations and paying on to cooler weather after that. the weather apps, and search for it on the apple store or google play store. let's get a look at the roads and rails this morning. >> meteorologist: ines: a major problems in the bronx on the major deegan expressway south bound, we have all lanes closed and the award with a serious accident investigation in new jersey i have some good news, route 28 now reopens in bridgewater by route 22, those wires have been picked up fairly quickly, new
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interchange age in south brunswick but be aware there is a 45 m.p.h. speed restriction in place this morning because of foggy conditions between interchange 12 going all the way down to the delaware memorial bridge, take a live look outside at the staten island expressway by clove road blues above directions, not many cars on the roadway, taking a look at the bqe approaching the brooklyn bridge, free and clear, not seeing any problems, trains running on a weekend or holiday schedule but all on or close to schedule, alternate side rules and parking and meter rules are suspended for christmas. robert: tragedy in brooklyn when an elderly woman is struck and killed by at van yesterday afternoon, police say the 77-year-old woman was trying to cross grave end neck road when she was struck.
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has been arrested and charged with failure to yield the right of way, failure to exercise, the woman's identity has not been released. kerry: long island, a woman and 3 daughters were hit by a car when crossing the street last night, reported walking near the intersection newbridge road when struck at 10:00 p.m.. the woman and a far-year-old daughter are in critical condition. the other daughter is in serious condition. the driver of the car stayed at the scene and being interviewed by police. robert: fd open the gifted might be a good one for a bike ride, a city bike as the year comes to a close little ones struggling company has turned things around. about to hit a record 10 million ride this year. by november it had collected more than $5 million in late fees and damage these.
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revenue. warm weather, better bike and more stations around the city led to the rapid rise in ridership. kerry: it can be expensive to raise a family in new york city but not the most expensive in the u.s.. according to market that honor goes to washington d.c.. family of four would need $160,000 just to get by. child care averages $31,000 per year. in second place nassau and suffolk counties, third, westchester county, new york city is fourth and rounding out the top 5, stanford, norwalk, conn.. robert: stock markets and banks are closed, everything is closed and there is no garbage pickup be there. kerry: people not closing for the holiday and will even do. >> reporter: celebrate with a variety of species at the central park, bronx zoo and prospect park zoo, if you're
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head to the museum of mathematics, or the jewish museum which will all be open. don't forget to give back to those in need. there are plenty of christmas volunteer opportunities listed on line on sites including and why of you went to lace up your dancing shoes. all the hollywood activity has used rest, find your inert zen in college point, queens featuring indoor and outdoor facilities for you to involved. why should people come year on christmas day? >> the only place in new york, and inside the heated pool, have all inclusive, in different rooms indoor and outdoor, and relaxation lounge including a
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many other amenities. kerry: a little meditation. so enthusiastic. still ahead, look at the most popular christmas songs.
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robert: talking about our favorite christmas song. marymac won't will in your morning but there's one that i cannot think of. robert: weathered a song from your favorite christmas movie or a tune your parents using everyone has a favorite holiday song. kerry: let's take a look at some of the man the tunes we can't get enough of. >> reporter: when it comes to the most popular songs, what is old is new again. >> and that baby. >> sort of puts you in different world. >> reporter: several retro classics sound a test of time on the top 100 charting fluting
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>> reporter: last christmas came in at number rate. bobby helms's jingle bell rock at number 5 and brenda lee's rocking around the christmas tree took the no. 3 spot. >> reporter: all les will always be goodies' but there's room for a fresh spin on the classics. the stunning rendition of mary did you note in the no. 6 spot. >> reporter: arianna grande's and the tell me from her christmas album and number 17.
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