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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  December 25, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. >> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". kerry: merry christmas, it will be a warm christmas day with record-breaking temperatures expected once again. look out for the fog if you are heading out this morning. robert: thousands all over the world celebrated midnight mass at st. patrick's cathedral as cardinal dolan will complete to refugee families. kerry: looking at live pictures of the vatican. take a look, pope francis is delivering his traditional christmas day speech and blessing. robert: fedex seems to have dropped the ball not being able to make college schedule deliveries christmas eve.
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is blaming for the delay. good friday morning, i am robert moses. kerry: i am kerry drew, merry christmas, thanks for being with us, dan and juliet are off, is 6:00, if you're just making up merry christmas. robert: this is morning in the studio, potluck over there, cupcakes and sweets. kerry: trees to keep us going, some cupcakes, bagels, spirit. hash browns, sausage as well. it has been very warm. doesn't feel much like christmas but it is here and merry christmas to all of you. if you want to check out something neat, where it is clear, dealing with most of codifies and fog, try to see the christmas full moon on the horizon because it sets at 7:00 this morning, another hour to see it, makes for a nice photo if you can get a photo of it and
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another full moon until 200034. the first time since 1977. the dense fog advisory has been lifted in long island, it was very bad this morning, visibility is improving and looks like a pretty "good day" for us, we will see sunshine clearing things out in time for the holiday. little cooler with fog lifting, 51 in islip, down to 59 in central park, we should be in the 30s, much warmer and normal, record highs yesterday and another record high today. breaks in the clouds here and there, showers to the southeast but we are still stuck in this unsettled weather pattern. another area of low pressure developing through tennessee into kentucky, almost west virginia through the carolinas, you see the rain moving northeast and it will reach us tonight and tomorrow just a few showers not the steady rain. "good day" today, 65 this afternoon, record is 64 so we likely break that.
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the victor and we see a chance of showers tonight into tomorrow morning. a bit cooler tomorrow because the wind goes northeast, then won last surge of warm sunday, 65 morning or evening shower and drying out monday but look at the temperature, 46, getting a little chilly and tuesday watching this storm, could be a wintery mix, changing to rain and hanging on to the cooler temperaturess next wednesday. thursday if you are up nice and early, heading out to visit family, getting a head start on the roads, traffic with kelly, good morning and merry christmas. >> meteorologist: not that on the roadways. >> let's start in the bronx on the southbound, major deegan expressway, still have this ongoing accident investigation taking out at least two lanes in suffolk county, southern state, by exit 41, broken-down car
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live look in new jersey on route 80 in persephone. right by 280 moving okay. and we have a shot of that in just a bit. you will go, route 80 by 280 and 46 moving without any issue is. right now a check of the new jersey turnpike by newark airport, moving along free and clear and just remember south of interchange 12 we have 45 mile per hour speed restriction in place because of foggy conditions. some extra caution. fdr drive by 96th street not seen many cars here and trains on or close to schedule, running on weekend and holiday schedules so keep that in mind and a nice christmas gift, alternate side rules and meter rules suspended today. kerry: thanks so much. many of the faithful helped ring in the holiday by attending midnight mass. had a beautiful setting for
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cc joins us from st. patrick's cathedral, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning and merry christmas, beautiful setting indeed especially in the pre-dawn hours when it is so quiet and serene on fifth avenue but last night, earlier this morning was the main event at midnight mass, cardinal dolan used as an opportunity to welcome some specific families to new york and urge all new refugees. >> welcome to midnight mass in st. patrick's cathedral. we just saying come all you faithful and i'm glad you did. robert: thousands from all over the world celebrate christmas eve at st. patrick's cathedral. >> i cried. we met a candle for my deceased mother and father and my little brother. >> reporter: arch bishop timothy
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welcome two families in particular. >> of family who fled terror and the threat of retribution in el salvador and another, a muslim ivory coast. >> reporter: when the debate over the settling of syrian refugees has played out across the world use his homily to highlight the refugee struggled low he didn't name or single out the new york families being resettled by catholic charities. >> i think you would unite with me as we celebrate this night when jesus was born away from home into a family that would soon free as refugees from an oppressive king into egypt, you would join me in welcoming those two families. >> reporter: bohlen reflect on the highlight of his year, the visit of pope francis who wowed the city in september on his first trip to new york, his first stop when he got here in a
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pope mobile to deliver gas from this podium. >> we are here at the cathedral. he turned around and looked at st. patrick's cathedral and he said but it is right here in the middle of things. then he smiled and he said that is where it should be because that is where god is. right in the middle of things. i propose to you all this evening that that is the message of christmas. god is right smack dab in the middle of things. >> reporter: if you want to celebrate your christmas day by going to mass at st. patrick's cathedral there are plenty of opportunities, eight different masses can afford to take a first at 7:00 a.m. and spanish-language mass at 4:00, the last at 5:30 this evening.
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kerry: beautiful pictures from the vatican, thousands packing st. peter's basilica for late-night christmas eve mass led by pope francis, he warned against what he called society's intoxication with consumers demand wealth and this is a live look right now at st. peter's square. you can see the pope delivering his christmas blessing as we speak, just got under way and it is traditionally used to denounce war and injustice across the world. robert: pilgrims and palestinian officials attended midnight mass at the church of the nativity, the church is built, revered as the birthplace of jesus, thousands of people packed manger square for christmas eve festivities, came despite the recent increase in violence across the west bank, just this morning two suspected islamic radicals were arrested for
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christian majority village. kerry: many people spending this holiday alone and unable to cut themselves a proper meal. fortunately there are a lot of generous people making it their mission to help. more than a thousand volunteers industries of new york and new jersey yesterday to bring meals hard times. >> people living with all sorts of illnesses, 200 diagnoses, hiv, cancer, alzheimer's disease, parkinson's disease. >> people give back for a lot of reasons, one of them for me is it feels good to do good and help someone out. kerry: 45 did meals being delivered this christmas, volunteers will continue to meet the needs of those relying on them even after the holidays have passed. robert: you and i get to rest and relax today, that is not the case for fedex lose the company will make some deliveries because the carrier was swamped yesterday, could not deliver
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blaming bad weather in parts of the country and last-minute surge in shopping. fedex hopes to make good by making household deliveries top priority. if you have to pick up your package some express offices will reopen today but only briefly from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.. kerry: some people out there haven't gotten their christmas gifts, there are people like that, clearly out of time but not out of what the entire. robert: there are a few places open today and we have really a great shot there, liz dahlem live at low walgreen's in times square. i saw your tweet, you have good gift ideas, is that true. liz: this is how i deal with it. robert: someone is spunky today. it was worth it. this is me and i have a couple other things to show you, i will
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i picked some out for you but this is some of the fun stuff they got for the kids at walgreen's on 40 second and broadway but let's show you the cool gift ideas they had here. my little pony, disney characters, some fun stuff for the boys, trucks and batman, girls like batman too, stuff for everybody, some deals going on, by two, get one free. the manager says these toys have been flying off the shelves since november. they have good stuff for the adults too like gift cards, chargers, winter weather gear which we haven't really needed, taking a hit so far because they have such mild weather but you may wonder what else is open on christmas. 711, cbs, rite-aid, they will be available and i want to show you one other thing, nothing like rushing through the next holiday to get to the one that comes after. valentine's day, chocolates
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first. shopping. live from walgreen's on 40 second and broadway, back to you. kerry: imagine showing up with your valentine's day card with chocolate. robert: i love that thing she held up at the top. how do we do it? plenty more coming. kerry: a check of the weather, can you do that? >> i woke my alarm up at 1:00 in the morning. a lot of people were just getting home at that hour based on how many were out and about, it was how i felt, feeling better now, lots going on at fox 5 keeping doesn't make this one, merry christmas to you, a little fog this morning gives way to the sun, records once again, temperatures will be climbing into the 60s. don't forget you can download the weather apps anytime today on the apple store
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daily and hourly forecasts if you are making plans for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we will be right back. >> i want to wish my family in new york hap catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte
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robert: this christmas is not just unusual because of warm temperatures, we are looking at something that has not happened since 1977, a full moon on christmas day. this is a live shot. you won't see another christmas full moon and tilt toward the 34. santa and his reindeer passing in front. i got a text message from my aunt driving in from cleveland, and she assured me santana made all the deliveries here in new york. kerry: santa has a liver 7 billion presence of farm. he has an very busy all night. >> i woke up this morning and underneath my tree was bare. kerry: he is circling to the
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>> hopefully by the time i get home there will be plenty of trees and i am on the nice list. i know you guys are too. kerry: merry christmas. >> meteorologist: we had some dense fog across long island, new jersey, looks like it is lifting, it will be a good afternoon. warm again, and yesterday in the low 70s. clouds coming back this evening and overnight. a couple showers around, in central park looks like we briefly cleared out, high thin clouds, winds calm, dew points not as humid as yesterday and we are at 59 degrees. right now we are talking about warm weather along the east coast, you can see the surge of warm air, some changes that pool of cold air starting to creep eastward building into the great lakes and we will be on the
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cold as we should be this time of year. we are talking 60s and 70s, let's show you the bigger picture, low pressure developing, pushing rain to the mid-atlantic states and that will reach us overnight. some sunshine, warm highs, and cool down tomorrow with showers and northeast winds and one more surge of warm sunday, 65, your cooler weather monday, it will be chilly tuesday, we will be watching this one because there could be winter accumulation northwest of the city changing terrain and cool weather will be with you wednesday, thursday, now we head to kelly to get a look at your traffic. good morning, lots of people out and about. it >> getting word of a problem travelling into new jersey, an
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there, still have this ongoing accident investigation in the bronx this morning on the major deegan southbound, that takes out two lanes. good news in suffolk county and the southern state by 41, and all lanes are reopened. live look outside at the lie, by a deer park avenue right now. not looking too bad, looks like a live look at the george washington bridge in down upstairs downstairs, you are still free and clear, do be aware the lower level and palisades approach until 7:00 this morning. in lincoln that remains quiet, no problems at the holland, trains on or close to schedule so far and alternates iron rules and meter rules suspended today so merry christmas. kerry: thanks, 6:19 christmas morning. if you had enough of campaign ads and politicians attacking
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year's election you are up, briefly. robert: we may be in the midst of a christmas retrieve butted for but -- probably won't last long. >> you. robert: in washington we go through all of motions. >> 4, 3, two, 1. >> reporter: democrats usher in the holidays. so do republicans but can politicians who say things like this really embrace the christmas spirit? >> turned out to be a lie, she is a liar. >> time we get back to where we were. before the republicans came in and messed it up again. >> the same effect was weakling the president we have in the oval office is right now. >> reporter: santa at knows if they have been bad or good so some of that talk is muzzled for christmas time. ask someone who has been there. >> the advice i got i remember even in other campaigns during the christmas season lay low and
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all your doing is intruding on. >> reporter: we have seen acts almost warmth and camaraderie but don't get giddy about full-scale tresses truce. >> just fine, don't worry about it. >> reporter: this political season especially with the huge slate of republican candidates and enormous fund-raising machines at work things may not do. >> don't know how the voters will respond but the campaigns and candidates feel they can't leave anything on the ground, they have to go for every bit they can. >> reporter: on the republican side of things this is a crowded field and time is running out. the iowa caucuses are just about five weeks out. in washington doug luzader, fox news. kerry: it will be a busy five weeks for those candidates and a busy year. a lot more still ahead this morning, we will look at the most popular christmas songs out
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robert: this is arianna grande. "good day" coming right back, 6:21 christmas morning, merry christmas, everyone, so glad you are with us. fact. advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. emerge restored. fortified. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday?
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robert: what is a song from your favorite christmas movie or to your parents used to seeing everyone has a favorite holiday
6:23 am
kerry:-all want for christmas, mariah carey. simone boyce has more on christmas tunes we can't get enough of. >> reporter: it comes to the season's most popular songs what is old is new again. >> said that the ecb. >> bud selig different world. >> reporter: several retro classics stand a test of time on the top 100 chart, including rudolph the red nosed reindeer at number 10. >> had a very shiny nose. >> reporter: last christmas came in at number 8. bobby helms's jingle bell rock at number 5 and brenda lee's rocking around christmas tree took the no. 3 spot. >> reporter: vote oldies' will always be goodies that there is
6:24 am
classics. superstars bring understanding rendition of mary did you know to the no. 6 slot. >> reporter: arianna grande's and the tell me from her christmas album came in at number 17. >>% reminds us of the original queen of christmas music. >> all the want for christmas by mariah carey. >> reporter: seen own voice, fox 5 news. >> how canute not dance to that song. there you go. kerry: come on, robert.
6:25 am
you have some good upper rhythm. robert: someone argue. kerry: are we looking at the next american idol? robert: by a register is a little too upper. kerry: good everett definitely. such a great christmas song. merry christmas, thanks for being with us, all your top stories when we come back.
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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day wake up. >> merry christmas, everyone. it will be a warm christmas day with some record-breaking temperatures expected, and we're looking at a full moon right there. beautiful shot. just look out for the fog if you're heading out the door this morning. >> thousands from all over the world celebrated midnight mass last night at st. patrick's cathedral as careddal dolan -- cardinal dolan welcomed two
6:28 am
>> one christian home was vandalized, we'll give you the details. >> some stores are still open -- >> and you can never go wrong with an american express gift card or itunes gift card, drugstores are open. >> you know who you are. >> good morning, everybody, merry christmas, i'm carrie drew. >> and i'm robert moses. >> it was not the best rendition of mariah carey, but we tried. >> a little high, but we do can what we can. >> samantha is here right now with the look at the forecast. do you have a personal favorite christmas song? >> my mom is watching, and she said you guys are cute. >> hi, mom,ming thank you. >> maybe you should sing us another little tune. >> don't tempt us. [laughter] >> good stuff right there. you saw that view of the moon,
6:29 am
you've got another half hour to view it. just a fun fact here, the last time we saw a full moon on christmas was 1977. next time we see it is 2034, and maybe you'll see santa flying by as well, but i think he's done with his work for the most part in the area. there. 57 in i newark, 59 in central park, 52 islip, a little cooler near poe tip sky, 40 -- poughkeepsie, we are having some drier air move n.. south and west more rain developing through tennessee, kentucky starting to nudge into the carolinas and virginias. tracks in our direction tonight, but today is dry. i think a nice treat for christmas. it's still warm, gnat as warm as -- not as warm as yesterday, could be another record breaker.
6:30 am
wind and showers. one more warm day, then monday it gets chilly, 46. we'll watch a wintry mix to rain on tuesday. and if you are heading out this morning, kelly has a look at your traffic. her ray christmas to you. >> merry christmas, everyone. a couple trouble spots so far this morning but overall lighter than normal volume as you can expect. let's start at the goethals bridge, it's on the offramp to brunswick avenue, an accident and a downed pole. just use extra caution. in the bronx on the major deegan expressway southbound right by van cortland park, we still have an ongoing accident investigation taking out at least two lanes, and all lanes are subject to closure. a live look at the northern state parkway right by south oyster bay road. everyone moving the speed limit, free and clear. look at the new jersey turnpike, this is right by newark airport. not too many people on the roadway here as well.
6:31 am
interchange 12 we still have a 45 mile-per-hour speed restriction in place because of the foggy conditions. bqe traveling towards the brooklyn bridge, you are nice and quiet. trains all on or close to schedule. they are running on a weekend and holiday schedule, so do check your timetables, and a merry christmas because alternate side ruleses suspended today. -- and meter rules. back to you. >> i found a parking spot where i normally wouldn't be able to park. >> nice. merry christmas to you. >> thanks so much. many of the faithful helped bring in the holiday by attending midnight mass. >> stacey delikat joins us from outside st. patrick's cathedral. >> the first christmas day maas gets underway in about 30 minutes. we've seen the first few people trickling in, but every year around this time the main event is midnight mass on christmas eve, and last night was so
6:32 am
there was a packed house inside st. patrick's cathedral, and cardinal dolan recalled the excitement of having pope francis visit new york this past fall and having mope francis right -- pope francis right here inside the cathedral. and he also touched on the refugee crisis. obviously, the debate has been a huge one internationally, and cardinal dolan took a few minutes to welcome some refugee families in the audience of the service last night. here was his message. >> i think you would unite with me as we celebrate this night when jesus was born away from home into a family that would soon flee as refugees for safety from an oppressive king into egypt. i think you would join me in welcoming those two families. [applause] >> now, those two families -- one from el salvador, the other from the ivory coast -- he
6:33 am
said her being resettled here with the help of catholic charities. meantime, as for mass today, as i said, the first one gets under way in just under a half hour, but there are eight masses all day, a spanish language mass at 4:00, and the last at 5:30 this afternoon. plenty of opportunities to come out particularly on this mild and warm christmas day. carrie and robert? >> stacy, thanks so much. two churches in new jersey are targeted by vandals. someone spray painted anti-christian messages on a sign at the first presbyterian church of glassboro, meantime, a van was spray painted with similar graffiti. the pastor says he's not letting the vandals spoil the holiday. >> a lot of crazy things happen during the holidays. a lot of people are in need of different things, and i was kind of taken back by it, but there's
6:34 am
life than, you know, a van. >> police are investigating these two cases but so far have not made any arrests. >> christmas came early for more than 100 children in need on long island thanks to the nassau county police department. it teamed up with maddie's toy shop yesterday to host a shopping spree. each kid got a red bag to fill and $100 to spend. >> kids that really appreciate it and need it, and it puts a big smile on their face. and that is what this is all about. our police officers love doing this. >> a lot of smiling faces yesterday, that's for sure. this is the second year nassau county police have treated homeless children to a christmas eve shopping spree. >> santa. >> ho, ho, ho! merry christmas. how you doing in. >> good. >> what's your name? >> tears of joy from a mom in minneapolis. a group of police officers
6:35 am
look what they did with a little help from bike cops for kids. surprised a needy family with a bunch of christmas gifts kids. i love these stories. >> that is so special. >> police officers, i'm sure, love them too. >> well, if you still haven't gotten a christmas gift, you're clearly out of time. but you're knot totally out of luck. >> there are a few places open today. fox 5's liz dahlem live at one of them, the walgreens in times square. liz has promised last minute gifts for us. all right, liz, what you got? >> i have, i have. good morning, robert and carrie. i promised you a personalized emoji pillow. so, robert, this is you. smooth bobby mo, probably the best live reporter in the market with the sunglasses, and then carrie, the sweetest reporter in the market with a kissy face. [laughter]
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so you have your choice. if you want a different one, i can pick a different one out for you. these are the pillows for sale as well as a lot of other gifts. we're in the electronics section. who can't use an extra charger or iphone case? these are things we can all really appreciate and are good stocking stuffers. i want to show you some of the other options that we have around the store, because it's buy two, get one free, and things have been flies off the shelves. -- flying off the shelfs. these new york suitcases, the hats with the sports teams as well as the gloves and hats which we really haven't really needed too much so far this season, but you might be wondering what else is open if you need anything else on this day, 7/eleven, family or dollar and some starbucks are available as well.
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winter weather gear, it feels to retailers any that mild weather has affected sales quite a bit. a lot of people want to be out in the streets with their family but not necessarily inside a mall or going shopping, so they've taken a bit of a hit. the good news is the day after christmas is a really big deal day, so you can actually find a lot of stuff 40% off which is a big deal. if you can wait any more last minute, if you don't need to get your gifts today and get some stuff tomorrow, might be a good day to do that shopping as well. we're live at walgreens, back to you guys. >> liz, we love those pillows. great gift ideas. thanks so much. >> thanks so much. who knew that walgreens had such a wide variety of stuff? >> listen, skip all the holiday shopping and just go there on christmas day. >> i think from goldfish to emoji pillows. >> there you go.
6:38 am
samantha has a quick check of the forecast. i know you got your shopping all done, right? >> yep. the first one i shopped for was my dog -- [laughter] and i saw those little emoji pillows, and i wanted to get one for him as well. good stuff. merry christmas to you. we are looking at partly sunny skies, the fog situation getting better. record warmth is likely. a cooler start to the weekend, and we'll be tracking just a couple of showers tomorrow and one last warm-up on sunday, but after that we turn a little bit cooler. we'll break it down in just a bit, but first we're going to get a look at the roads for you. >> ongoing accident and downed pole, it's the new jersey-bound goethals bridge on the ramp to brunswick avenue, partially blocking that ramp, also an accident investigation on the southbound major deegan right by van cortland park south.
6:39 am
schedule this morn, and alternate side parking and meter rules suspended. back to you. >> plenty more coming up, including some special deliveries for people in need of a good meal this christmas. time now 6:42 on this christmas morning, good cay is coming right back. -- good day is coming right back. ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally.
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>> checking the headlines this morning at 6:45, celebrating midnight mass at st. patrick's ca three call the, timothy cardinal dolan took a moment to welcome two syrian refugee families being resettled here by catholic charities. >> thousands of worshipers are in st. peter's square right now to hear the pope's blessing. >> and fedex will be out delivering in some areas today. the company says bad weather and a last minute surge in holiday shopping caused them to miss the christmas eve deadline. some fedex express offices will also be open today, but only briefly from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.. not everyone has the luxury of being able to cook themselves a big christmas dinner --
6:43 am
reports, luckily, there are people who make it their mission to help. >> no sleigh, no reindeer, just van, cars and a mission, to make sure those who wouldn't otherwise have a meal this christmas will, in fact, get one. >> 200 different diagnoses; hiv, cancer, alz hamer's disease. >> god's love, we deliver free meals to those unable to cook for themselves. >> i think people give back for a lot of different reasons, and i think one of them for me is that it feels good to do good and to help someone else. >> emmett's delivery was on the west side to 65-year-old chai. >> hi, chai. >> hello, you look wonderful. >> chai is wheelchair bound and unable to grocery shop or cook. without this delivery, he
6:44 am
this holiday or after. >> you can't have excess of charity and kindness. >> hunger prevention and/or homeless agencies locally trying to make a difference who would otherwise starve, and for them god's love we deliver is more than just a name. >> i think new york is made of people who want to help, and i also think new york is a place where we have a lot of situations where people do need help. and so you put those two together, and you have a community, you have neighbors helping neighbors. and that's, i think, what keeps us all going and motivates us. >> from the west pseudo, antwan lewis -- west side, antwan lewis, fox 5 news. >> 6:47 right now, a huge adoption event has matched dozens of pets with their forever homes. [inaudible conversations] >> barks of love, if i've ever
6:45 am
the north shore animal league offered free adoptions yesterday of dogs and cats of all ages. filled. and people came from all over the country. >> i'm looking for a christmas present for my son, for my kids. i think i might go with this one right here. i traveled down from the hamptons, so of course i want a dog today. [inaudible conversations] >> i think i'm in love. >> sometimes you don't choose the pets, the pets choose you. >> right. >> the north shore animal league says even hoe this e -- though this event found a lot of pets a home, it always has pets available, and these are not just gifts, these are members of the to family who are with you for up to 20 year, so take good care of them. >> it's hard to believe we're looking at video from new york city in christmas time but, yes, shorts.
6:46 am
christmas in july. in fact, yesterday was the warmest ever christmas eve on record in the is city. much to many people's delight. >> it's beautiful! i just love it. i'm so in awe. music? even the snow's not here but still feels like christmas. >> it feels like, you know, my winter in miami, that's how it feels. >> i should have worn shorts tonight. it is very hot out, but i did not wear shorts tonight. >> look at that, sleeveless tops. those who go away on christmas to get away from the cold may find themselves in chillier temperatures, that's because it is actually colder in los angeles and phoenix than it is here. >> did you see the one guy playing golf in that video? >> it's unbelievable. look at that, t-shirts. crazy. >> one of our twitter followers put together a really cool christmas graphic. this is from davj, we're not sure how to pronounce it, but he is a loyal follower. >> so cute.
6:47 am
>> he always does the mostsome graphics, and look at that, we're wearing our santa hats. thank you so much,, the avy, for that. >> looks like i need to shave. >> i think you do. your beard has runneth over, robert. sam's looking good. >> i don't own anything in leopard, so thanks for that. ben is off and, hopefully, he's still sleeping. believe he's on vacation. mike woods is on vacation in california, that's why i'm here, and it's much colder in california than it is back at home. areas of fog starting to lift, so we are improving. it's going to be warm this afternoon, temps in the 60s. merry christmas to you. the day looks pretty good, but tonight clouds will return, and we do have showers in the way. 52 in i slip, 55 montauk, chilly, just dropped below 60 here in the city, 63 in belmar. record breaking temps likely
6:48 am
variable, we've had that fog, but fog starting to lift, clouds breaking up a little bit. we're getting a break from the action today. it will be partly sunny. showers moving away from us. back off to the north and west, a little disturbance that won't reach us, but this area of low pressure southwest pushing into tennessee, kentucky, the carolinas, into the virginias. into tomorrow. we have some rain on the way. too good. i think we know that. white face has a couple trails open, 11 out of 80, mount snow, 8 out of 85, and we do have some snow on the way for the upcoming week so, hopefully, conditions will be getting better. typically, our first day of snow here is december 9th, haven't had any. about 5 inches on average for the month of december, for the season 28 inp. s, so we will see if we can catch up in january, february and march. warm today, 52 tomorrow, a little bit warmer on sunday,
6:49 am
of a wintry mix on tuesday. carrie, back over to you. >> thanks, sam. we have all the latest entertainment news coming up next. actor robert downey jr. gets an early christmas president. anna gilligan is next, and she'll tell us why. good day is coming right back. flush [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] that's why so many people are for longer lasting cough relief. delsym has an advanced time release formula that helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours.
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gorgeous, isn't he? (vo) a new york man spent $3.2 million on a dead bat. i have such enormous respect for these creatures. which is why i stuff them and hang them on the walls. (vo) you'd make a way better rich person. lotto. making more new yorkers
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>> good morning. a couple trouble spots to watch out for so far this morning in the staten island on the goethals bridge traveling into new jersey, the ramp to brunswick avenue, that is still partially blocked with ap accident and a downed pole. in the bronx we have an ongoing accident investigation on the major deegan expressway southbound right by van cortland park south. a live look at the brooklyn bridge, i'm not seeing any delays on the bqe. that is free and clear. robert and carrie, back to you. >> thank you, kelly. >> anna gilligan is here. >> hi, good morning. okay, so a yearly tradition, let's take a look at how some celebrities are celebrating christmas. taylor swift getting over two million likes with this get up and the clever caption you used to call me on my elf phone. [laughter]
6:53 am
i love her christmas photos. she posted a ton of them including this one, we heart onesies, hashtag come on, it's christmas time. >> oh, my god. >> last year or two years ago, she was in a bikini. >> i remember. >> and josh duhamel writing who says it never snows in los angeles? >> he's so cute. >> he needs to be a male model. >> he's adouble. >> and jennifer lawrence brightened the holidays by visiting a children's hospital, the third year in a row that she's stopped by the facility in her hometown of louisville, kentucky. the hospital thanked her on its facebook page f quote, bringing many smiles to the patients before the holidays. she posed for a lot of nice pictures. and christmas came early for robert downey jr. the governor of california has pardoned the actor for a felony drug conviction from nearly 20 years ago. downey was among 91 people pardoned for criminal
6:54 am
they had rehabilitated themselves. >> all right, thanks so much, anna. all right. we're just a couple minutes away from the top of the 7:00 hour. teresa will join me -- >> merry christmas, everybody. we leave you with last christmas, one of the best christmas songs out there.
6:55 am
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