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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  December 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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then you have those with good intentions. leah from texas didn't get to join their friends at st. patrick's this morning. >> she wanted to sleep in. >> reporter: he busted you. >> he sure did. thanks on national tv. >> reporter: pews were filled with faithful worshippers. >> and on christmas morning, we think about those shepherds who heard from the angels that first christmas night in bethlehem the good news of the birth of the messiah, our lord and savior, jesus christ. >> reporter: there was midnight mass on christmas eve. newly arrived refugees were welcomed to st. pat's. december 25th means different things for different people. a chance to spend christmas in new york for the first time. >> in this day and age with all this around us, it's easy to
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>> or a child's unselfish wish. >> for homeless people to get homes. >> or for one couple from fort worth who made it to mass. >> health, family and like the cardinal said peace. >> peace in the world. >> reporter: peace in the world. the sentiment of all of those that we came into contact with here in midtown. before you go, you know my mom is here. brenda is watching. she wanted me to tell you merry christmas. i'll try to get her by the station tomorrow so she can meet you in person. that's it. back to you, my dear. christina: can't wait. antwan lewis and mrs. lewis. merry christmas to you. >> president and mrs. obama added a special christmas message asking for americans to come together to help those who need a hand and thank our heros that serve.
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us together, not just as christians but american of all faith. it's about coming together to celebrate the blessing and values we hold dear. we also honor all those who defend those values in our country's uniform. every day the brave men and women of our military serve to keep us safe. so do their families. christina: we thank each and every one of them. some of our heros celebrated christmas at bagram air base in afghanistan with a special christmas meal. troops were greeted by santa. some said they were sad to be away from family but want their family to know they're thinking of them and about the sacrifice they have to make. >> i miss them very much. i wish i was having dinner with them. >> it is kind of sad because i'm not with my family at this time. but i have a job i have to do. it's a sacrifice i have to make. christina: you can help make
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going to joining to see how you can serve the troops, veterans and military families in your communities. >> city meals and wheels delivered holiday cheer to needy new yorkers on christmas day. this morning volunteers prepared meals at the carter center for the aging and delivered those to homebound and older new yorkers. a hot meal is only part of the service. >> those that we're delivering to, 80, 90, even 100 years old, are so appreciative. if it weren't for us coming to the door, many of them would be all alone today. >> the people who deliver the meals for us every day are the only ones they see at all. they're essentially trapped in their apartments. christina: city meals delivered 4700 meals to elderly new yorkers this christmas. these loving angels delivered 2 million meals every year. and more than 150 homeless
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coats today, all part of the 27th annual new york cares coat drive. one of the largest coat drives in the country. new york city cares is still taking donations through next thursday at all nypd precincts, penn station, grand central, and many other locations in the city. probably don't need the coats today. some people were out surfing in the rockaway. got video of this. nick: exactly. there they go. hanging 10 on those waves. christina: santa got skinny. catching waves after working hard all night. nick: got quite the moves. with the surf up and wearing your wet suit, have at it. we are going to cool it down a little tonight into tomorrow. be prepared for that. merry christmas. and, again, our forecast has some rain in it. it's raining now back in the city. we have more coming in over the next few hours.
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old record of 64 set in 1982. 57 the low this morning. we should be between 40 and 29 and we're not going to be at 40. we'll get colder on monday, in between a roller coaster ride, warming up and cooling down. that's the way the pattern has been. don't expect to see much sun tomorrow. 61 now. humidity high. the wind is calm. the pressure is rising at 30.16. look at the highs. 66 belmar. it was 70 today as you moved towards the camden area of new jersey further southward towards atlantic city. mid 60s across long island. montauk, 66. right now rain is cooling it down. 60 in the hudson valley. 52 monticello. upper 50s across long island. we're down two to seven or nine degrees from 24 hours ago. yesterday blasting that old record as we went into the lower 70s around new york city.
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it will shift to the west tonight and come down out of the north. that's going to bring in somewhat cooler, not colder air, but cooler air tomorrow. 40s to 50. the leading edge of the front, we have some rain with that. some light rain back to the city. not doing anything in the bronx. as you get towards the hudson valley, a bigger area of rain towards philadelphia. you can see we're clipping the northern treatment of this. we'll see more showers. the rain area extends to southern pennsylvania. it has to slide through. tomorrow, clouds will start. then occasional light rain may pop up in the afternoon. basically as the front stalls just to our south. the cooler air slips on top of us. clouds around. 40s to 50. fairly steady temperature tomorrow. most of that rain threat will be in the afternoon into the first part of tomorrow night with the front sagging off to the south. then it tries to come back northward. that's going to happen with the
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we pop back into the 60s on sunday. 65 or 66. a couple of showers later in the day as that cold front moves through. that front means more business as far as cooling it down for monday. as the next system comes up, the precipitation may start as snow and/or sleet as we get into tuesday morning. from record temperatures to that, but no dramatic cold air coming in our forecast as we head into next week. all of next week, most of the temperatures will be above average. we'll call for showers the first half of tonight and turning cooler for sure. 48 in the city. 42 in the suburbs. as i said at the top of the weather cast, our average high should be 40. occasional rain tomorrow. more of it midday on. a cooler day as temperatures hold steady. upper 40s to 50 or so. check out the seven-day forecast. it shows us popping back into the mild air sunday. clouds and sun. showers later. colder monday, 45. sun and clouds.
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that may bring snow or sleet, particularly north and west of the city. might be a little accumulation there. don't look for anything in town. rain for the rest of tuesday, staying in the 40s. sun and clouds, 48 wednesday. we'll end the year with showers and rain on thursday at 50. new year's day dries out. turns colder at 44. i think after new year's weekend, the trend is going to be colder. christina: nice getting spoiled. nick: we have to pay the bill at the end. christina: we do have to pay that bill. thanks a lot. making the perfect violin takes precision. after the break, you'll meet one of those people whos making
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christina: violence -- violins have been made and played for years. this modern master and this is
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alive. >> i'm a violin maker. i would do sculpture and artwork from as little as i can remember. everyone assumed i would be a sculptor. i thought so myself. i read a book about a violin maker when i was 13. it caught my imagination. i was pretty much obsessed with instrument making from that point. the violin is an amazing instrument. it's given me a lifetime of challenge to try to better what i do. you can see the motion. the violin is twisting, turning, fluctuating. it's pumping like a heart. i'm not saying the wood is alive, but it's like it's alive. i've made instruments for
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they're the most highly trained individual in our society, right up there with athletes. they can hear amazingly small distinctions. a client of mine was trying a number of violins. we got into carnegie hall. i was in the back. on stage there was a musician. there were two strats and my violin. i was there with a well known violin dealer and a couple of experienced listeners. none of us knew which was which. the violin dealer said well, congratulations, i don't know which is the strat and which is yours. this is a violin i made for eye eye -- isaac stern. it's still being played. a big part of what i do is adjust instruments for the people who have them from me.
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really enjoy. it's a great feeling to go to a concert hall and hear someone play. it's fun and i'm listening. is it loud enough? is it projecting? i'm always listening with half an ear. every day when i come in and look at the wood pile, i wonder, you know, who's going first, it or me? if this is for me, more than a life time's worth of wood. you can feel it when you hold it how lively it is. that's just waiting to go. it still needs a few more years before i use it. i feel like i've got different people in me. there's the artist who actually shapes and carves. and there's the engineer who thinks about the structure. and there is the sound
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i feel the parts of me take turns. they sort of exist at the same time, but they come out to the surface at different points. at this stage, i'm trying to imagine how this is going to vibrate when it's all together. it's by the numbers and by sound sound. you can plan as much as you want, but you don't know until the musician put the bow on the string string. making a great violin or becoming a great violin maker, you could satisfy it's very simple. you start by making some kind of violin and then you make the next one a little better and figure out what's wrong with that one and make the next one a little better. if you have enough time in your life, eventually you'll be
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christina: and tune in tonight at 10:30 for a half hour modern masters special featuring people from music, dance and fashion. >> daniel murphy was a playoff hero for the mets. now he's a former met heading to a division rival. russ joins us to talk about that next. join us next week. ernie is back tuesday with a look at the growing sales of things made in america and why more people are actively looking for things made here at home. and wednesday, a new year is coming and we're looking at how to keep the resolutions to make a new you in 2016.
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call now. you could get free installation, no data cap, and access to over 400,000 twc wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. >> new york is more than fires and traffic accidents. it's the greatest city in the world. >> we have arrived. >> people come from all over to climb here. >> i can't look backwards. >> in the beginning, you always have that fear factor. >> that's so far down. i did it! >> i can't believe this view is in our backyard. >> we'll need to give you a fedora. >> that's how that attitude? >> you can say i look really good. >> i have a challenge for you. can you get me beach ready?
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>> who makes the most decisions in your relationship? >> my wife. >> she does. because? >> because she has better judgment. >> without a doubt my woman. >> i'm a hands on kind of person. i'd say probably me. that might be why i'm single. christina: time now for sports with russ. not really surprised we can say daniel murphy is an ex-met. bye, bye, so long, farewell. russ: you took the words out of my mouth. he was a good guy. you knew this was going to be the case officially when the mets acquired neil walker from the pirates on december 9th, but once murph agrees, and he agreed yesterday, all he has to do is pass the physical, he agreed to a three year deal with the nationals, which makes it interesting because the nationals are regarded as their chief rivals in the national
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three years for 37 and a half million. we wish him well. he was a homegrown met. he certainly was beyond words spectacular up to the world series. christina: the mets didn't have the money to keep him around? russ: there was a gray area. should they sign him? i don't think they wanted to. i think the question -- i don't mean to say that as a knock on him. in his best day, he was an average, if you will, a very average fielder. when you're building your team based on great young pitching, which is what the mets are doing, the key is defense. they needed defense and they ged an upgrade in walker. you wish him well. i hope he does well as long as he doesn't do well when the mets play the nationals. christina: do the fans wish him well? russ: you know how they are.
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russ: they'll regard -- if he has a great year but walker doesn't, they'll say what were the mets thinking about. if it's the opposite -- christina: results oriented. what about kobe bryant? talk about those fans. russ: that's interesting, speaking of the fans. in the first returns of the nba all star voting, kobe is leading all vote getters with almost 720,000 votes. to tell you how much that is, steph curry has 510,000. lebron has 358,000. christina: that's crazy. russ: kobe has been a 17 time all star. this is his 20th season. the only guy who's played more was jabar. it's goodbye season. everybody wants to say goodbye. i don't have a problem with that. christina: especially after he was playing at the end. russ: i don't have a problem
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christina: we'll be right back with a touching story of police making a christmas wish come
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>> i want to send christmas greetings for my mom, sonya, my children. i want to say merry christmas and a happy new year. christina: a little girl in milwaukee asked police to find santa for her because her mom couldn't afford christmas. they decided to make her christmas wish come true. officers said they were touched when she turned to them, without her mother's knowledge, because santa had not responded in previous years. so they showed up yesterday with bags full of presents. local charities and businesses all joined in to help donate toys and money to make this come true. our hearts are with them. that does it for us. thanks for joining us.
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for all of us in studio 5 and the control room, we wish you a merry christmas and we'll see
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