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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  December 28, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up". feel a little more like winter >> ben: a lot like winter. >> juliet: not really. the temperatures are dropping, big deal. moire could could be on the way, rain not snow. mike has the pope forecast coming up. don't freak out, we will be fine >> ben: could isis really be stronger than ever? powerful words from near congressman, peter king peter king on the status of the terror organization. >> juliet: peyton manning is not happy guy.
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performance-enhancing drugs. he says no way, that cannot happen. will have more. >> ben: the cost of partying the night away at restaurants in new york city on new year's eve is skyhigh. we'll tell you more. >> ben: if you get a view though, some say it's worth it because you get a restroom. if you're standing in the crowds there's no bathroom. >> juliet: olive garden is charging hundreds of dollars but you don't get breadsticks. why would you go there? >> ben: good morning everyone. >> juliet: it is 6:01 a.m. i hope you had a nice vacation, we are back, ready for action.
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matches. maybe it's to bring on a little bit of winter. we have to get going, we miss that on the white christmas that's for sure. we do have have a winter weather advisory going into effect. it goes into effect at 8:00 p.m. this evening and goes through tomorrow morning around 11:00 a.m. what that basically means is you have a minor snow and ice accumulation coming at you tonight. maybe up to 1 inch or so. if it is freezing rain that can be a problem on the roadway. we'll be watching it closely. be prepared for a messed tomorrow morning. thirty-nine in central park, 38 in bridgeport, cooler than it
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was 24 hours ago. there is a good amount of cloud cover. they will hang around for the day today. this is is the bigger heart of the storm, and is in the southern plains coming up this way. we have the colder air in place, with that combination coming together we are looking at a wintry mix. the clouds will be thick at the time, we we'll see showers coming early tomorrow morning. it will be primarily rain for the city and for long island and most of new jersey. once you go into connecticut that wintry mix for a while before it transitions to rainfall at the end. the accumulation should be at the lower side. then it is out of here by the time we get to wednesday. today, it is dry during the day. high temp 241 degrees.
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the lower hudson valley about 1 inch or so. christina is in for ines. >> christina: things are quiet this morning. things are looking good if you are traveling on the staten island expressway. a a little slow on the eastbound side. nothing too terrible. also if you are traveling in new jersey, parkway everything seems to be running with no delays. let's go outside to the belt parkway, things are looking good for you if you're traveling in this area. the next five shot is the alexander hamilton bridge, things are moving well at the cross bronx. things are moving well if you are just a little slow around
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the holland tunnel looks good. trains are running on or's close to schedule. alternate sides a parking are in effect. >> ben: isis is stronger than ever, that's according to new york harassment, peter king. >> juliet: he is on the homeland security committee. he called the muslim community. where it the new year's eve celebration will be. >> reporter: certainly one of the busiest, biggest, new year's eve celebration anywhere in the world. 1,000,000 1 million people expecting to be here later this week. preparations are in place, you can hear the beeping behind me they are hard at work here. the nypd nypd is working hard to make sure your say. they are concerned that isis
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>> isis is strong, it stronger than i believe it was 16 months ago. >> reporter: sobering words from long island congressman, peter king who believes despite proclamations from brock obama that the united states is strategically lemonade and isis. king believes, so far this does not appear to be a fight we are winning rate. >> after 16 months of air attacks by the u.s. it has had minimal impact on isis considering how long the attacks have been going on. >> reporter: the comments come 24 hours hours after the leader of the islamic state told his fighters to be patient. in a 24 minute video that service saturday, the leaders said the us-led alliance does not scare the terrorist group nor scatter its result. he claimed the the caliphate and syria and iraq is alive and well despite the ongoing airstrikes from the western russia. king believe that is not far from the truth. >> we have had some impact.
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>> reporter: it's not clear when the video was made. he makes no reference to the paris attacks, the bernadino massacre or the downing of the jet. all of which isis may want to celebrate. the acknowledgment of the airstrikes is what worries intelligent officials who fear their desire has been stronger to attack on u.s. soil. >> reporter: as we join you live time square the nypd says there's no specific threat facing the city. none that would be facing the people in time square but we expect a full update as the new year's eve celebration draws closer and as the holiday approaches. that the latest, all some things back to. >> juliet: our police department does an amazing job keeping things safe there. will check back in a little bit. one person is dead in several unaccounted
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this happened in brooklyn. it broke out around 1:30 a.m. in in a multifamily rowhouse on richardson street. those on accounted for lived on the top floors of the home. the firefighters were having a hard time getting to the top floor. one firefighters suffered minor injuries. no word on what started the fire. >> ben: memorial services for the two new york servicemen killed last week in afghanistan. the wake will be held tomorrow at saint anthony in his hometown of west harrison, on wednesday's funeral will be held at st. patrick's cathedral. len will receive and nypd inspectors funeral with full military honors. visitations will be held thursday and friday for sergeant lewis -- they'll be held at the branch funeral home at miller place. bombshell allegations against
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former super bowl mvp may have taken performance-enhancing drugs while he was recovering from next surgery in 2011. robert moses joins us now. this is an al jazeera documentary, correct? >> reporter: baseball players of the ballplayers are named the peyton manning, is by far the biggest are to be accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. manning has had a squeaky clean image, upon learning learning of the allegations he reacted immediately and forcefully. >> it's completely fabricated, complete trash, garbage, there are more adjectives i would like to use. >> reporter: peyton manning, stellar quarterback with a great reputation reacted with rage on espn to a documentary claiming that he used human growth hormones. the document called the dark
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dopers. manning said that he was treated at an antiaging clinic called the geyer institute in indianapolis, 2011 as he recovered from an injury that threatened to stop his career. but the claim that they sent shipments of hgh to his wife ashley is untrue. >> have you ever used any performance-enhancing drug? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: much of the information came from charlie sligh, a man who al jazeera said worked as it pharmacist at the geyer institute when manning went there 2011. sligh made this claim on hidden camera. >> all the time he was using the drugs,. >> reporter: a spokesman for manning and the founder of the clinic both say that sligh work there as an unpaid intern in 2013. not in 2011, when manning sought
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the clinic services. what's more, and and a video posted online, sligh recanted his story a providing hgh to manage life. >> the statements on any recordings or are absolutely false, and incorrect. to be clear, i am, i am recanting any such statements and there is no truth to any statement of my, under no circumstances should any of the statements, recordings, communications beard. >> reporter: peyton manning has indicated that he plans to sue the reporter. ben and juliet, back to you. >> ben: we'll see what happens. robert, thank you very much. much more still to come including the skyhigh prices to party at some pretty average chain restaurants in time square on new year's eve. >> juliet: well it's time square new year's eve though.
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the wintry mix is on its way. >> mike: we are looking at something coming at us tonight. a partly cloudy sky in the area, cooler conditions conditions hear from what we had yesterday. highs in the lower 40s, wintry mix is coming, more and that. daily and hourly forecast is on the fox 5 ny weather app, it's free.
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we will be where back. >> juliet: were watching the steve harvey ms. universe. >> ben: i missed it. >> juliet: is so cringe worthy. steve harvey is handling a great. >> mike: it is, he is it was a little painful at the time. let's show you what is going on out there for the day. forty is the average high, we dropped it to 39 which is where we are right now. days are starting to get longer, we went past the winter solstice
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so we will see longer days. it is starting to feel more like winter, winter weather advisory in the tri-state region for the northern tier. it does not include the five boroughs, long island boroughs, long island or most of new jersey. that's from 8:00 p.m. this evening until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. we have colder air already here. thirty-nine is a big drop in temps from what we had 24 hours ago. 15 degrees 15 degrees cooler belmar, same thing in islip. winds are coming in from the north, that the colder canadian air. it's coming to the from three-30 miles per hour. if that area of low pressure coming out from the southern plains state and is coming this way. it will bring more big showers and storms, may be severe weather in tennessee and alabama. by the time it gets
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showers get going tomorrow morning. you see the purple shaded areas, that is where you have rain mixed with sleet or freezing rain, or snow. the temps just have not been cold enough to keep all frozen priests it. you have the winter mix first and it changes over terrain at the end, by the time you get to wednesday. this is what you can expect, sleet and freezing rain, a slippery commute for you tomorrow morning. clouds are increasing, high of 41, before casada here on wednesday, a a small chance of showers on thursday. let's bring in christina and take a look at the roads. >> christina: we are not running too terrible around town. it's very quiet, one incident was cleared away. if you going to be traveling in
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robinson, are not looking too bad. the l ie is typical volume, so that is good news. we will see a decent ride of your traveling through the northern counties. things are moving well for you and in all of these roadways there's no congestion. look at exit 136 a at the garden state parkway, the, the cars are moving up to speed. look at the b.q.e. by the brooklyn bridge, things are moving well for you. things are looking very good for you here. not too bad if you are traveling on the new jersey turnpike by the airport. alternate street parking rules are in effect. >> juliet: well the crews are out there already in time square
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area getting everything ready. >> ben: about 300 new sparkling crystal triangles are being installed. more than 2100 crystals are already on the ball. and that will be at 42nd and broadway. so they take off some old ones and add new ones. i think there are different each year, the design of the crystal. an estimated 1,000,000 people are expected in time square to watch the ball drop on thursday night. local restaurants are one option to bring in 2016. >> juliet: but lisa found out some interesting. even the chain chain restaurants like olive garden and that type of thing, they are really going to cost you. >> reporter: there's no question that time square is the place to be on new year's eve. just ask more than 1 billion people worldwide who tune into the live coverage.
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there in person. if you're looking to dying close to the action, get ready ready to shell out the cash. we are talking popular chain restaurants. the price at at ruby tuesday eight on seventh avenue start at $349 per person. they go up to $1,601,699 per couple. a couple just had lunch at ruby tuesday was pondering the menu. >> does that come of diamonds and gold necklaces? every car? >> reporter: that's not the only pricey restaurant. the olive garden garden is reportedly sold out its tickets at $350 per person. that includes a dj, open bar a buffet, but none of the famous breadsticks. >> i think that's crazy. >> reporter: this is the ball that will drop at midnight marking the end of one year beginning of the new. most of the restaurants the only
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is that the tv screen or on your phone. at bubblegum trip they sold out at 799-dollar per person ticket. this patron is an surprise. >> for new york city, it's reasonable. seriously. >> reporter: at the end of the day, and at the end of the year it's about proximity to the famous ball. getting of you for this street will only cost you time. spaces on a first-come basis. >> is absolutely free. this is a major civic event. super bowl you have to pay a lot of money to go, here you can go to free. >> reporter: that must be the best deal of all. >> ben: would you go if you had a view and a bathroom? how how much would you pay? and open bar? >> juliet: 300?
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okay overboard fails. hashtag cover board fails are being posted all over social media. >> juliet: we will be right
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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside.
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talk about delicious. >> juliet: we are all guilty distracted from her cell phone. when you're at the edge of the
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cliff it's probably not the best idea. >> ben: amanda bustamante in san diego slight. he came here at sunset cliff on christmas night watch the sunset. he became distractive and walked right off the cliff falling 60 feet to his death. when mrs. reports him a man looking down at an electronic device in his hand when he fell. several good samaritans tried to help him but it was too late. the victim was identified as a man in his 30s. >> juliet: cover boards were extremely hot this year for christmas. with more boards that are out there we have more accident that we are seeing on you to be posted. just days after christmas, many new hover board owners ended up in hospital. they lose their balance and wipeout. these things are dangerous. the # hover board fail has more than 1000 posts on instagram. they have proven to be a safety
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a safety hazard, they're starting to catch fire, one even damaged the house. so, be careful if you have these things. you have to pay attention. wear helmet. >> ben: chipotle boston where people got sick is now reopened. that was after employees tested negative for nor nor o virus. the shut down after dozens of students reported getting sick after eating there. it was linked to an e. coli outbreak in the pacific northwest. it's thickened people across nine states. the incident in incident in boston was on related to that e. coli outbreak. >> juliet: we have your top stories when we come back. >> ben: plus more on the peyton manning scandal and what he has to say about it.
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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up". >> juliet: good morning everyone. it is getting a little colder. i would say wintry weather is here, it's kind of ball me for this time of year. some rain could be on the wane, will there be snow? mike is into answer that question. >> ben: severe weather leaves a trail of death and destruction will have more coming up. >> juliet: peter king says u.s. airstrike has not weekend isis. he is agreeing with the top isis leader that the terror group is stronger than it was last year. >> ben: peyton manning is speaking out about a report that says he used performance-enhancing drugs. we'll tell you what he has to say, not.
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can't believe it. >> ben: i agree with you, i don't want to agree with it. it's monday morning, december 20 eighth. thanks for being with us. >> juliet: a quick shout out to jasmine, happy birthday. it's her 17th birthday. her mom tweeted us. >> mike: good morning to you, ready to get back to it. we made it through this part, let's get this thing going here. we have 39 in central park, it's above normal for this time of year. average is only 29 degrees. we are just getting used to the cold weather all over again. it is a degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago. 15 degrees cooler in islip. a drop intent because air is filtering down from canada.
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this will be the main event, an area of low pressure. it will come through and bring us a wintry mix. but not for everyone. today, through the date you will seek clouds thickened. high temp goes up a few degrees to 41 degrees. tonight the showers kick in with a wintry mix in the northern tier of the tri-state and then change over terrain. fifty for a high, another another small chance of showers on thursday. let's bring in christina and see how things are shaping up. maybe maybe it will be a quieter week. >> christina: it has been quite so far. good morning. we. we have a couple of incidents that have popped up around town. we'll start with 287, the northbound side by exit one we have one we have a crash. one lane is blocked. also an issue with a stalled truck but they should be in the
6:29 am
process of being cleared away. that should be gone soon. we'll go to the southern state, things are moving well in both directions. your next look will be at the tappan zee bridge. that's looking pretty good. it's typical volume for this time of day. trains are all running on or close to schedule. alternate sides are in effect today. >> ben: thank you. isis is apparently stronger than ever. that is according to new york on grossman, peter king. >> juliet: he is on the house homeland security committee. he's calling for stepped up surveillance of muslim community as well. tresa has a more information from time square. the nypd does a great job, particularly particularly under your seat. >> reporter: always. good morning.
6:30 am
we talk about is a potential terror target, because they're so much going on here. that may be the case later on this week. they're preparing for the ball to drop later this week, 1 million people are expected to be at times square. as that occurs there is concern that an attack on the homeland might be possible or likely. the nypd says there's no specific threat. still, people are on edge. peter king says despite reports from the white house to the contrary, isis is stronger than ever. certainly stronger than it was 16 months ago when the airstrikes by the u.s. and russia began. his comment comes in the wake of a video from a video released from the isis leader who tells
6:31 am
and patient. he says the terror group is not scared off by the airstrikes against them. take a listen to congressman, peter king. >> after 16 months after 16 months of air attacks by the u.s., it has had minimal impact on isis considering how long those attacks have been going on. >> reporter: the videos the first time we've heard from the leader sense may. it's unclear when the video was made. he didn't make any reference to the paris terror attack or the downing chat, he did talk about airstrikes which has u.s. officials concerned. we want to reiterate, according according to the nypd no specific threat facing the city as we draw closer to the new year's day. we'll have more information later this week. >> juliet: thank you very much. bombshell allegations, did you hear about this over the weekend? it was it was the talk of all the news. peyton manning is the center of the controversy. >> ben: one of the best ever
6:32 am
of fame. reports claim he may have taken performance-enhancing drugs while he was recovering from an injury in 2011. he was around the end of his career at the time unless he recovered. >> reporter: good morning to. no doubt peyton manning will go to the hall of fame. in his defense, he was never captured in this documentary, on hidden camera or otherwise taking any of these human growth hormones or anything else for that matter. so that is one thing perhaps he can use in his defense. however, to, to say that he is mad is an understatement. the allegations contained in the
6:33 am
he claims that at the time he was recovering from an injury that threatened to do rail his career, al jazeera aired hidden camera recordings of this man, charlie sligh who was identified as a pharmacist at that clinic. fly claimed that that he said many shipments of human growth hormone were sent to manny's wife, wife, ashley. manning said the report was garbage. >> this is completely fabricated, can plead trash, garbage, there are more adjectives i would like to use. it makes me sick. other performance-enhancing drugs? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: charlie sligh, the pharmacist you see there has since recanted his story and there's major story at the time manning went there from treatment. more from from sligh coming up in the next half hour.
6:34 am
have talked about and who has provided the basis of these allegations, if he was just trying to make a name for himself? perhaps he and what names he could throw out that the reporter would buy or, if it has any basis in fact. during the alex rodriguez case, a lot of people expressed skepticism at the beginning of that, these guys are shady dealers, well those allegations turned out to be true. we don't know about this, if they will pan out or not. >> juliet: it seems a little flimsy though. the way is falling apart right now. again, we'll see. >> reporter: immediately recanting, there seems to be a lot of holes. >> juliet: in chicago the grief stricken mother of 19-year-old, killed by police is speaking out. the two were shot inside the apartment building on saturday.
6:35 am
the boy was caring about and became agitated. john's death step was an accident, that's the woman. the mother of the boy said her son suffered from mental illness and wanted to know why please shoot first and ask questions later. >> he called for help. the police were supposed to serve and protect us yet they take the life, what's wrong with that picture? where do we get our help? when is the the mayor going to step up? >> juliet: last night the chicago mayor order changes and now police are trained. the police involved will be put on 30 day administrative duties. >> ben: the severe weather may not be over yet. saturday night was terrible, a massive ef for tornado ripped through the dallas area.
6:36 am
that is incredibly rare in december. winds up to 200 miles per hour. at least 11 people have people have been confirmed killed. officials worked all night looking for others were trapped. snow in new mexico, heavy rain flooded parts of georgia, north carolina, mudslides carolina, mudslides in that area. extreme weather has killed at least 43 people in this country. >> juliet: fox means business. >> ben: joining us now is adam shapiro. >> reporter: good morning area a quick question for you, i know if year old enough to remember evil spock firms start track, probably getting a lot of that. evil bed i don't think you're evil bed. >> juliet: you don't know him
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he's my buddy. >> reporter: the refund, that's that's what people want to know. verizon and sprint customers are entitled for some money. guarantee people in new york city you'll be able to access this until december 31 to get the refund. federal trade commission crackdown on all cell phone companies last year, at&t and t-mobile, this year verizon and sprint have to pony up as part of a $158 million settlement. $120 million in refunds to customers it has to do with far juliet charges on your bill. it's called cramming. if you go online search verizon or sprint sms refund. it will walk you through the form that you have to fill out to get your money. >> ben: adam, thank you so much. >> mike: short and sweet. we will see you later on. mike is here with some
6:38 am
situation. >> mike: clouds increased today with much cooler temps, then the wintry mix rolls through tomorrow. good. good news is it is not a huge deal.
6:39 am
year's eve we're looking okay. >> ben: right now or check the headlines for you. alive look at the aftermath it claimed the life of one person a fire broke out on richardson street. it was under control around 5:00 a.m. firefighters are searching for several unaccounted for people who lived on the top floor. >> juliet: the search is on for gunmen who made up with thousands of dollars from an agent in store on the upper east side. they held up the employees at gunpoint and ran off with nearly $9000. >> ben: the legendary crown prince of the harlem globetrotters passed away. the ringmaster retired in 1978, was inducted into the basketball hall of fame in 2003. meadowlark lemon was 83.
6:40 am
>> mike: i loved him. >> juliet: there so awesome. >> duke: i loved watching them. the giants at minnesota without odell beckham junior, he serving a one-game suspension. it was was a bad night for the giants. is a 28-yard touchdown, it was 13 degrees that kick out. what a night for eli manning, what a terrible night. he was intercepted, the viking viking sees the opportunity for a touchdown. vikings are up and gone to win it. the giants fall to six and nine. a great career, i don't think think it's over with this fall, nonetheless. yesterday at metlife stadium the jets and patriots, great game. it was a great crowd. crazy
6:41 am
crazy ending to the game. the patriots won the time on tran coin toss. the third quarter is a 33-yard touchdown pass, the jets are up. the jets led by seven and can put the patriots away. and over time is a strange decision by the patriots in the coin toss. >> has is the call. >> it is heads. >> duke: so they said they want to take kick off, why went went you give it to tom brady? kick it off and over time and the jets take full advantage. they made them pay.
6:42 am
they 15 straight. jets when it 26 - -20. the patriots never got the ball back in overtime. so in baltimore, more good good news for the jets. ravens hosting the steelers, all they had to do is look up and see this on the scoreboard. it was a tough day whose picked up twice. the ravens, as bad as they are they beat up on the red-hot steelers. and they won 20 - 17. because the steelers lost, the jets now control their own playoff. if they win in buffalo they are in the playoff. the celtics ran over new york most of the game.
6:43 am
and 56-44 in the third. a reverse layup, 19 points off the bench, they when it 100-91. the islanders at home facing toronto, they were down one-nothing. they get the rebound and toronto's win. a lot going on in the sports world, giants did not look good at all. the jets look great. >> juliet: patrick is doing awesome. >> duke: i hate to say, is a great coach i don't think he had much talent to work with this year. it was not a good showing last night. >> juliet: do, thank you very much. >> mike: possibly some winter weather coming in the area tomorrow.
6:44 am
away. >> mike: it gets a little close to us here in this area. it will be here soon enough before you know it. we have clouds in the area, 39 degrees, it's a mild temperature for this time of morning. here's where we have winter weather advisory, from 88:00 p.m. tonight until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. at the lower hudson valley it does include putnam county and over to the northern sections and minor snow and ice accumulation. thankfully things happen and it will be warmer. it should melt fairly quickly. you have 39 at it central park, 37 sussex, colder air sinking in
6:45 am
wintry mix. temps running between seven and 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. the precipitation is back here, that won't be here until tonight. even through the evening your dry. you should end up around 41 for high today. snow and rain coming in. it's dryer until we get into the new year, new year's eve we have a precept, in this way. the fox 5 ny weather app at the apple itunes store and google play store is free. >> ben: entertainment is coming up next. steve harvey is making fun of
6:46 am
dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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we have a couple of accidents on the roadway. 287 north and the one in edison we saw the crash here is in the process of being cleared away. there's a northbound side by exit nine we have a stall here in the process of being cleared away.
6:48 am
not causing too much of a delay. let's go to the belt parkway, in the area of kennedy airport. things are moving fine east and westbound. it's crowded but at least it's movie. one issue a 25 minute delay, this is from an unauthorized car on the tracks. you can expect some delays. it's a broken crossing gate. alternate side is in effect. >> ben: anna is off this morning so were taken care of the headlines. it's still pretty strong at the box office. >> juliet: star wars the face force awaken is the fastest movie to reach $1 billion. it only took five days. it made $153.5 million just over the weekend. so that is the number one spot
6:49 am
in second place daddy's home, it looks funny. joy, sisters, and alvin and the chipmunks round out the top five. >> ben: adel keeps shattering record. >> juliet: it says they sold more than 1,000,000 copies during the week leading up to christmas. when it first came out in late november, the next week another million, and so far it has sold more than 7,000,000 copies. steve harvey is turning lemons into lemonade after completely botching the ms. universe pageant.
6:50 am
said mary easter, he is smiling in the picture. trying to have some fun. he was not smiling when he said ms. columbia was the winner of ms. universe. it took a few minutes to realize his mistake and then he gave the crown to miss philippines. >> juliet: that is all for today. well not for you ben,. >> ben: know i have three more
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