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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  December 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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some of that rain will come down pretty heavily at times so your morning commute tomorrow flooding will be an issue as well as the icy conditions up to the north. we will talk about it more in detail coming up. antwan: officials in texas say at least 11 people including a 1-year-old child were killed when tornado swept through the dallas area over the weekend. dozens more injured as nine twisters touch down operating trees. on the heels of those tornado's unusual blizzard conditions shut down travel in the texas panhandle. officials say at least a brief people were hurt in the amarillo area. the storm is in new mexico and oklahoma. >> the body of an american hero has been brought back to new york. antwan: lisa evers is live at's new work national -- where joseph lamb arrived this afternoon. >> antwan alison in the military they call it a ceremony where a
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story's -- soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice. at the steward air national guard base where sergeant lemm was remembered as a hero. lemm who is 45 is killed in action in afghanistan last week during his third tour of duty in the middle east come is second in afghanistan. he was also an lapd detective assigned to the top squad. hundreds of soldiers and dozens of police officers along with his wife children and family members were on hand as his body was wheeled off the plane a c-17 transport plane for the air national guard. he was taken into a hearse and given full military and police honors with a police escort as it was taken into west harrison where services will be held tomorrow for him where wake will be held in his local town in west harrison. here is some of what was said at the ceremony.
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he lived his life as a hero. he returns as a hero. but that fact makes today only marginally easier. it does not erase the pain. reporter: detective lemm was married and has two small children. his funeral the held wednesday at st. patrick's cathedral. lisa evers "fox 5 news" traded antwan alison back to you. alison. antwan: the iraqi military is taking control of most of the city of ramadi. isis militants have occupied ramadi since may but iraqi forces have controlled 70% of the city and today iraqi fighters reached the government complex. a wreck governments as the next target will be the northern city of mosul which is the largest population control by isis. alison: a grand jury in
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killing of tamir rice. 12-year-old was shot while playing with a pellet gun last year. the boy had been pointing the gun at other children and was drying the pistol from his waistband when he was shot by police. he said there was no way for officers to know it was not a real gun. >> simply put given this perfect storm of human air the states miscommunication by all involved that day the evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police. alison: rices family said he -- antwan: police superintendents say the review department crisis intervention training will begin this week. the announcement comes after officers fatally shot two people while responding to a domestic disturbance call on saturday. 19-year-old quintonio legrier and 55-year-old neighbor bettie jones were killed after legrier's father call police. police admit the neighbor was shot accidentally.
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call for help. what is wrong with that picture? is a badge to kill. where do we get our help? antwan: this week and shooting occurred weeks after the department of justice opened a civil rights investigation of the chicago pd. alison: two people dead after fire ripped through a apartment building in brooklyn. it took 200 firefighters about three hours to get that fire under control. about 10 residents are now homeless. no word on what caused the fire. the tsa's increasing random checks at airports and airline employees who hold badges to bypass security. thousands of workers are skipping security lines after background check but several times are several times over the past year's employees have used restricted entrances to launder guns and money produced part of
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terror attacks in the crash of a russian jet and nietzsche. antwan: staten island is searching for a solution to their exploding deer population. alison: the growing number is dangerous to the animal and people. reporter: this video of two deer swimming from perth amboy to patent bill. >> the white tailed deer population has become so out of control at the burwell burwell park the city is teamed up with the u.s. department of agriculture to solve the problem. an environmental assessment is underway and the decision will be made on how to control the population. death sterilization or -- are possibilities. the state department of environmental conservation officer tells me the deer population is so out of control lethal measures have to be taken because sterilization could take 10 to 12 years to work paid
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says something isn't done soon to deer could contribute to increases in tape or nemesis such as lyme disease and a spike in deer vehicle collisions that will result in serious injuries or fatalities. >> some woman got hit when a deer jumped out and hit the car. reporter: the department of transportation has installed 21 of these mobile signs warning drivers of deer on the road and they are placed strategically throughout the borough. over at the south shore country club deer are here all the time. >> two weeks ago they were on the 17. i'm watching this and it's wild. reporter: everyone agrees something has to be done. it's a matter of when and how. >> we don't want to hurt the deer but there has to be a balance of some sort. >> i don't think we should mess with the deer reduction because we will be complaining they are gone. reporter: from bronxville
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landfill am "fox 5 news." antwan: up hugely popular gifts. it's causing a lot of entries. alison: jessica formosa shows us way wearing protective gear is always a good idea. reporter: it's been trending on social media and so have these videos of people falling right off them. this father screaming for someone to get him off. hoverboards were a hot gift this christmas but the trendy toy has been involved in a lot of accidents that have sent kids young and old to the emergency room. >> these are dangerous devices. first of all they have a low center of gravity. when you get on them there's a high-risk of falling. reporter: an emergency room physician atlantic hill hospital says he seen a handful of patients with broken bones and evening concussions. >> people falling at their head or elbows, they injure their wrists or their ankles. those are the most common things we have seen but also neck injuries. reporter: trip to the er isn't the only problem.
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tweeted by the ocean county sheriff's office. they they're investigating a fire that happened in lisa township. they believe the harder part caught fire while charging inside of the home. meanwhile the doctor says if you're going to ride around on the hoverboards you need to be well protected. >> i recommend recommend you wear at home and padding around your low back and knees but also wrist guards. reporter: also doctored letter says you need strong abdominal muscles to read the hoverboards a overweight people and those who have poor health can easily fall. he believes in the coming days the emergency room will see a spike of hoverboards accidents. bottom line if you don't know how to use one don't get on one. and one and alison. antwan: good advice. alison: did you know today is good riddance day? time to get all those painful memories on 2015. people from all over the world
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they were invited to write down their most unpleasant and embarrassing moments from this year and then shred them. >> i am here to shred negative thoughts. >> i want to be more positive in 2016. >> i put her down a lot of things and i'm looking forward to 2016. alison: all the shredded paper will be used to bring the in the new year. antwan: fisherman had to back up their big fish story. alison: squeezing more apartments into an overcrowded housing market how the city might make room for microapartments. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming.
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>> you are watching the "fox 5 news" at 5:00. antwan: along island dry cleaners -- alison: jody goldberg asked what he's doing to stop toxic metals from leaking out of the shop. reporter: nuclear dry cleaners has been a staple in the long beach community for more than 50 years without issue but now an annual test done by the environmental conservation has deemed it a contaminated site and the new york state superfund program.
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they found elevated levels of dry cleaning solvent. reporter: the owner and operator said it started as a leak from a dry cleaning machine. he said he fixed the problem is further inspection pointed to some contaminants underneath the machine. according to the tec nuclear -- it's been linked to causing cancer. >> if anybody cares about. amber: it's me. my employees and myself, i'm here every day and we want everybody to be happy. reporter: he tells us he's careful page months -- each month he pays a company to dispose ways. when his father opened the dry cleaners regulations weren't monitored as closely. >> even though we take care of it now stuff that spilled 30, 40 or 50 years ago doesn't evaporate like water so it just sits there. reporter: customers i spoke with
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they said will do whatever it takes to fix the issue. >> i didn't hear anything about it until now but if he says he's going to do something about it he will. >> other long beach residents are skeptical. >> everything make me nervous, especially things like that. we drink the water and we live here. reporter: neighboring businesses we spoke with say another soil is okay and the city of long beach plans to oversee any cleanup and needs to be done. gary tells us he doesn't plan on closing. in long beach jody goldberg "fox 5 news." alison: a great white shark sighting off the coast of florida all caught on camera. >> that's a great white. alison: the shark was circling a fishing boat in jacksonville. the captain started recording up to the shark took a big bite out of a red snapper. the fisherman are safe.
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white he seen this one 10 feet in length. antwan: it makes me nervous but that's pretty cool video. i would be freaking out as well. we can talk about this, gone now are those long days from last week. alison: this is so nice. antwan: i had to put a hat on. audrey: i'm hearing a lot of complaints today. now we are starting to see the shift in the looks like we are going to stay warm as we go into the new year as well. let's talk about it today. i had temperature was at 46 degrees but that was actually after midnight. temperatures were falling all evening long and they continue to do so. he spent much of the day hovering closer to 40 degrees across much of the area which is normal for this time of year. area wide we are sitting in the 30s in many locations like islip at 39 degrees and 37 in
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freezing mark at poughkeepsie and below freezing towards monticello. temperatures will be critical as we go over the next 12 hours. as the moisture starts to move into the region areas that are freezing at the surface is where we will see icy conditions predominately across northwestern new jersey and the hudson valley. along the coast where the temperature will be well above freezing where expecting rain event. temperatures have taken a big dropped yesterday. we are running an average of 20 degrees colder than at this time yesterday in northeast wind coming in which is giving us this damp feeling all that month. the wind speeds averaging about 10 to 12 miles per hour but these are going to pick up in intensity as we go to the rest of the evening and through the day tomorrow. let's factor that in together and the windchills are making you feel more like the 20s and 30s across the regions of time to break out the winter weather gear that we have buried over the last month. satellite and radar shows clouds in place. one band of showers into the region but nothing much is happening on the radar yet to
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for moisture to reach much of the surface. as the evening goes on in the air becomes more moisturize we will see a lot more precipitation working into the region. the book of the system is still sitting off toward the west. we have a strong area of low pressure and a cold front along it headed in our direction. as it does so we will see an increase in precipitation through the overnight hours. after nine or 10:00 we will see things begin to ramp up across the region. temperatures near the freezing mark north of the city, this will be the critical point where we will see eyes and sleet mixture moving and across northern new jersey and the hudson valley. areas closer to the capital will see snow and areas south of the city will start off with rain. tomorrow morning's commute you can see that icy mixture pushing for the north as temperatures begin to warm up so expecting me in the rain for much of the region or the morning commute. the dangerous part is that it
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and flooding may be an issue in the morning hours tomorrow. everything exits by the evening commute tomorrow so the morning will be harry but getting home should be fine with a bunch of clouds in place. also be aware patchy fog will be an issue starting tonight into tomorrow morning. as we go further into the week a chance for an isolated shower but after tomorrow or tonight and tomorrow it should be relatively quiet. tonight we have sleet developing as well as rain and patchy fog three watch out for gusty winds. temperatures will be called across the region. tomorrow we will start the morning with sleep to the north and rain in the area with heavy rain at times. again gusty winds out of the east and temperatures will be rising into the 50s above freezing in many locations. as we go into wednesday we stay in the 50s. temperatures above average for the next couple of days. we will drop into the 40s as we go into our new year's
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several days. we should coast into the new year without much fanfare. antwan: the newest many apartments are generating maximum interest. ending a 30-year limit on how small dwellings can be with more micropartners in the future. more than 60,000 people have applied for the many units. the biggest apartments just 300 square feet and a tiny balconies are included, tall ceilings and separate storage space. alison: peyton manning trashing a reporter accusing him of using performance-enhancing drugs. antwan: strong words. the accuser has now retracted his story.
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she can control her sweet tooth at the chocolate factory in
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is one of life's fabulous guilty pleasures, chocolate. antwan: and tonight -- jennifer lahmers is it willy wonka at the chocolate factory in greenpoint brooklyn. take a look. reporter: chocolate, is there anything in the world as decadent delicious and completely addictive? i met up with mary b. berman of mary dell's chocolates. tell me where you get all of this amazing delicious chocolate. >> i met with some women farmers they grow the cocoa beans and i bite from the farmers. she's waiting for you. reporter: wonderful, let's go. tell me what you are doing.
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you have to warm it up, cool it off and then warm it up again to get exactly the right temperature. from the perfect temperature to the perfect weight. pouring the chocolate. >> ice cube it, like this. does it have to be even? >> it has to be 35. >> are you kidding me? it has to be exactly 35? oh my gosh, 70. time to let these babies cool. to the average person being around all this chocolate would be tempting but luckily i have willpower and don't give into in to that kind of childish nonsense. there are cut into bonbons and dropped onto conveyor belts which churns out 12,000 bonbons a day.
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what does that do? >> it takes a minute. reporter: 11 minutes to go through that and then they come out over here and this is where we package them, right? do you just go gangbusters in your? >> now there is more coming. were part that i was facing the wrong way. oh my gash. i'm feeling right now. i'm overwhelmed right now. oh schute, oh shoot. it was wonderful. why do you give me a grade. how did i do? >> i give you a. >> rated. reporter: . >> for chocolates, right? at work in greenpoint work when signing off on a very sweet job jennifer lahmers "fox 5 news."
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you thought about. it was like lucy and ethel with the chocolate. coming up the spotless reputation that peyton manning may have taken a hit. >> it makes me sick. alison: accusations and was
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antwan: dr. manny will have tips >> you are watching "fox 5 news" at 5:00. antwan: denver broncos cornerback peyton manning denying accusations he used performance-enhancing drugs. alison: the damage to the five time mvp sterling and repetition maybe downgrade zachary kiesch joining us with more. reporter: good evening. he's one of the most recognizable faces and he's on the defense. he's got his reputation and his legacy to defend after this documentary that alleges he used human growth hormones. >> is completely fabricated,
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there are more adjectives i'd like to be up to use. reporter: peyton manning one of the most incompetent of the players of all-time is flat out denying claims he used human growth hormone. >> it makes me sick. reporter: have you ever used hgh >> absolutely not. reporter: manning's alleged hgh use and is al-jazeera article, claims made by this man charlie sly. al-jazeera says lai was an the antiaging institute when manning went there in 2011. this is life on hidden camera. >> we will be sending manning drugs like growth hormone everywhere. it will never be under patent's name. manning a knowledge as he went to the clinic while recovering from a neck injury but denies any hgh use. meanwhile sly is backing down
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this is a video posted on line. >> the al-jazeera statements are absolutely false. there is no truth to any statement of mine. reporter: elites -- reached out to the nyu sports management medium business. [inaudible] reporter: much of what he studies is a link between sports and society as a whole and he says there is time to clear his name if manning is innocent or accepts responsibility. reporter: many people in the found at this clinic say this guy works there as an intern in 2013 but it never worked there in 20 elevenths of the time i
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of moving parts here. manning regardless of whether he's right or wrong is on the defense and trying to keep his name intact. alison: am i the only one that thinks it's peyton and everyone likes him. there's no way. antwan: the situation is that he's up against other folks who have been in the same spotlight who lied. so whether he is right or wrong is going to have to defend himself. reporter: you cover sports in d.c.. what would you do? antwan: i am not a pr guy. it's a sticky situation and if he is innocent you have to feel bad for someone who has to defend themselves under the circumstances. zachary kiesch thanks so much. alison: the clown prince of basketball meadowlark lemon has died. he was perhaps the most famous
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his hook shots and humor in the late 70s. meadowlark lemon is a member of the basketball hall of fame and the international clown hall of fame. he died at 83 so. antwan: apologizing for missed delivery deadlines. the company blaming the severe weather in the south and the handle of a large amount of last-minute demands an expected. employees volunteered to work extra shifts and fedex doors were open so people could pick up packages on christmas day. alison: the fear of missing out. antwan: you don't have to be on line or to happen and have an affect on your life. alison: health manager manny alvarez has some tips. >> that underlined up to you may miss out on something he don't stay he don't stay connected to social media can cause problems.
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distortions and that terminology has people thinking they're missing out on something and they are convincing themselves with these cognitions and these thoughts that they are missing out on things. reporter: the fear of missing out. psychologist dr. joel says many people may experience it and not even know it. >> we have seen people getting together with their families and going on fabless vacations and join the winter break created really leads to people feeling that they can be much more isolated and alone and it becomes very problematic. reporter: he says one way to keep it at bay is to take the good things -- a look at the good things and drive. the holidays give people the opportunity to focus on make him better connections instead of living through other people's on line post. >> it's important to happen
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thankful for what you have in your life and putting yourself out there and reaching out to families and friends and making plans. reporter: is as once you take control of the opportunities in front of you instead of waiting for others to react to what you post on line you have the opportunity to see the change you may be wishing for. >> everybody would like to get as many likes as they can and i think it's very interesting to see the stuff you do put out on social media and the likes together much you don't but ultimately the candidate -- be dependent on the likes of the lack of likes to get on social media. i tell people you have to go internal and feel happiness from within. what you are doing with your life and how you take charge of your life and try to let that stuff go. it's not as important as you think. >> i'm.germanity from "fox news." antwan: part of the bronx is closing up shop.
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is saying goodbye to a local landmark. antwan: how dna can be used as a weapon in the battle of the bulge. here is your new york minute. >> happy new year! report was the children's museum of manhattan. they called it the ball drop tests indicate it's an opportunity to learn about things like new year's resolutions. a gesture of kindness and suffolk county for seniors who want their only supermarket within walking distance of housing the poem. the owner of the iga supermarket announced he will cover the bus fares for seniors to get to and from his market. the 6-dollar round-trip will be be -- mets pitcher long island native steven matz met with young cancer patients at stony brook hospital.
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too. >> as much as the impact has on them it has that much impact for me as well. just to see these kids smile at this time in their lives.
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york minute. alison: the last in business for one bakery he's been making treats for more than half a century.
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in the bronx where customers are stopping in to say goodbye. reporter: good evening to you. everybody has that place where you go when and you grab a cup of coffee before work. this has been a place for so many people for 56 years, going on 56 years. sars breadbasket is closing in for hours. we talked to a lot of customers those regulars who are extremely sad to see it go. steve has been coming to zara's breadbasket since he was seven years old. today he came back for coffee and a scone one last time before it closes for good. >> what can you do? you will walk by here tomorrow and you will say no more zara's breadbasket.
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there are so many of them, it's one of those places that when you first walk in the door they know your name and your order. this is then read a corners but for 25 years. the co-owner says his family was not offered the chance to renew their lease and after 55 years it will close to be replaced by a boston market. >> in the 70s, the early 70s my dad had 18 stores in the bronx. we grew up here and this is the one that's left created you can even guess how many loaves of bread danishes or those famous black-and-white cookies they he knows is thes or those famous black-and-white cookies they served over the years heard all he knows is this the end of something special. >> i'm pretty close at this point. i think more than anything the
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out and say goodbye to the store. going to be difficult. i will be here tomorrow but tomorrow we take the store apart. reporter: this is one of 12 zara's breadbasket locations. this one, closing time is at 930 club this evening. alison. antwan: overview. the secret of staying fit they be found within. alison: how genetics can be used to help on the treadmill. antwan: how about ending 2015 with a rollercoaster ride?
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us about t antwan: in health news you are seeing double. look at those two little girls right there. alison: avon and allah are relon and allah are related to our producer. a new report report finds there are more twins born in the u.s. now than ever before. alison: joining us is danny from nyu school of medicine. what's going on? >> the number of twins that have doubled, almost doubled since the 1980s so that's kind of a surprise.
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different factors. in terms of how to get twins to begin with normally if you have an egg being released, women have to so you alternate month-to-month which releases an egg in that egg gets fertilized and eventually leads to a baby. sometimes what you will have is both release and release an egg so sometimes they can both get`both release and release an egg so sometimes they can both get fertilized and sometimes you may have one egg that splits and then you have identical twins let's say. what's been happening at are two different things. people have gotten involved with more fertility treatments you have changes in terms of the hormones that women are feeling within their body. you can have more eggs being released then you would normally have seek and see more twins. that's one issue and with in vitro fertilization which is also used sometimes you can fertilize more than one egg and you can see more twins at birth. that's an issue and also in terms of women getting all there you have more fluctuations in terms of hormones and that can lead to more twins.
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have people tried for years to get pregnant and then all of a sudden you have triplets are quadruplets. mentioned it. that number is gone down, the rate of quadruplets and triplets that we think if there is fertility treatment leading to these situations basically they and we are not seeing his many multiple births like more than three or more. was a twin. does it skip generations or is it an old wives tale? generations. as do do with amount of hormones you have so it's not necessarily genetic although if you see a lot of a lot of identical twins you may see that more often from generation to generation. alison: if you have tried several weight-loss plans with no luck, this could be a game-changer. what's this about? >> right now there are tests that you can find out about your
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factors. people can tell your risks do certain things. the issue is if you know you are at risk for heart disease, you know you are at risk for certain things may be your diet is tailored to you but there are conflicts but if you have a food allergy let's say maybe wouldn't realize if he got the test then you could avoid those types of foods that you are allergic to put if you think about heart disease most of us as we get old we are at risk for heart disease. we could change her diet right now even without the genetics test so that might be a little bit unnecessary in terms of having a customized diet. alison: my brother and mom made sure that everyone got one for christmas. i said i wonder what his mother-in-law was trying to tell him. what are they used for? >> if you know you are at risk for a specific disease then it's a good test to see how much of a risk you are at but otherwise it is -- could cause alarm.
5:41 pm
automatically have it. all these different factors may put you at risk for having the disease so we don't want to get people anxiety about things they don't have. antwan: thanks so much for stopping by and the twins, that's interesting. thanks so much. we have been talking about the weather outside. alison: the change. audrey: a big change. we have a lot of peoples attention today. we had a nice mild month and now it's starting to feel like you should for december. today's high in central park made it to the middle 40s. this was after midnight. much of the day in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees which is normal for this time of year. when we are sitting at 40 in the 40 in a park in its drive with the dewpoint and humidity. any moisture trying to work its way into the region is in
5:42 pm
that will change overnight. the critical point of tonight will be the temperature. right now we have ratings near the freezing mark around poughkeepsie and to sussex fan mounts a cello and these are the areas where anticipating more icy conditions through the rest of the evening. areas along the coast received readings in the upper 30s to low 40s. it will stay above freezing and mainly a rain event out of the system. it across the northeast temperatures are very seasonal for this time of year. mid-20s towards albanese and 30 degrees in boston 40s in philly and pittsburgh checking in at 37 degrees. here's a look at satellite and radar lots of clouds thickening up that evening and we will start to catch a few isolated showers across portions of new jersey but the bulk of the system is still sitting off towards her west. we have a very strong area of low pressure with an associated cold front wreaking havoc across the southern states. the system is working its way to
5:43 pm
way as far south as a southeastern states and headed in our direction. we are anticipating things to ramp up overnight tonight. after nine or 10:00 is when we will see much of the action beginning across the area. again we will start to see more of asleep in eyes mixture to the north as outlined in purple and more like a snow near the capital of albany and everywhere else looks like rain. temperatures warm up slightly to the north and tomorrow we go into the 50s but we will see a changeover to rain across much of the area. for the morning commute this is problematic because it's going to be heavy rain at times and i will cause flooding on some of the area roadways. much of the icy weather will be rain to the norse of your coming route 17 to freeway areas like orange county and putnam county may have a slicty and putnam county may have a slick warning commute as far as eyes is concerned. everyone else is going to be a rain event. you should exit by the evening
5:44 pm
on wednesday we will see a lot of clouds in place. there will be some sun from time to time in the threat of an isolated shower on that day. the winter weather advisories for the counties north of the city shaded in purple and that includes sussex county, warren and also towards us and valet lot of areas they are is where we will see the icy weather overnight tonight through early morning tomorrow. gusty winds will be an issue not only for tonight but tomorrow. there will be a windswept rain across the area. temperatures will rise and the 50s tomorrow and that's above average for this time of year and we will see to the next couple of days. the start of the new year temperatures moving into the 40s but it's going to be a quiet weather pattern once we get through tomorrow. tomorrow you will need wet weather gear as well as cold weather gear. anton and alison over to you. antwan: audrey thanks so much. alison: the forces not only strong but it's fast.
5:45 pm
journey for the $1 billion mark. accomplishing the feat in 12 days. also has the biggest box office day history with a $49 million haul. there is more. the force of aitkins has the best second we can never raking in $153 million. antwan: instagrammed lego -- a three-foot, 22-pound model of the millennium falcon. it took 7500 lego pieces and a year to complete including many of the details from the movie including the starship's top bottom mounted gun turret. a boarding ramp and different -- times square isn't the only place to a party new year's eve. coney island holding its old -- own year and dancer. alison: baruch shemtov is there
5:46 pm
new year colony island style. reporter: as we wrap up 2015 coney island is preparing for great new year's eve party that will pull you back to the 70s as we enter 2016. dj nicky siano has been spinning since the 70s and this new year's eve he's bringing a soulful b-2 coney island's legendary el dorado bumper cars and arcade. >> is the last standing with who built the paradise garage. this sounds like no other sound in the world. it's not a club, it's a riding coney island turned into a dance palace for the night. reporter: this won't just be any party. this year celebration promises disco and if anyone knows disco
5:47 pm
>> i was the first dj hired from studio 54 along with richie. beware the starting djs. >> innocence in this room gives you back the joy of dancing. everybody will have a smile on their face the whole night to take you back to that experience. reporter: tickets to the party are still available. click the link on and you will be able to ring in the new year at major attractions around coney island. of course you are invited to join me as i bring you live updates from times square throughout the evening. i'm coney island rukh shemtov back in the studio. alison: that sounds good. we will see you back here tonight at 10:00. antwan: a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> antwan and alison stay right here we have what you need to know. coming up tonight from slow security to dangerous weather
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getting pretty tough. much more coming up and also ahead tonight a bakery make any difference in peoples lives in east harlem simply by baking bread. i mean fabulous bread.
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>> live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at six. ernie: evening everyone i am ernie anastos. we thank you for joining us. we will start with the big problems for people trying to get around the holidays. i'm pretty lucky with our weather but much of the countries country's getting blasted with severe storms rage stacy stacy delikat is stacy delikat is live at laguardia where there's a lot of problems out there, some major headaches as a result of what's going on. good evening stacy. reporter: absolutely you are right a lot of headaches tonight. as you said the weather is fine
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