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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  December 28, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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announcer: it is 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" atten: steve: and there it is. after near lamont of unseasonably warm temperatures, winter weather is finally, finally here. new york city is see thing share of rain, wind, winter-like temperatures. dari: a viewer from west orange sent us this picture of the hail that fell earlier this evening. check that out. rockland county, one of the areas north of the city under a winter weather advisory. this is how it looked a little while ago where things seem to be calm there at least for now. >> let's get to audrey puente about with the first look tonight. meteorologist: hi, antwan and allison. this is north and northwest of the city and mainly a rain event and along the coast and everything should be quieting down it looks like by the evening commute tomorrow. right now, take a look at the current temperature. the satellite and radar shows the first band of
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we had reports of a couple of snowflakes in areas of edison new jersey and recorded the first trace of snow this season. we're in a bit of a lull here in the city and across long island. there is another batch headed to portions of new jersey that will be overspreading the area. there is a lot more moisture to the southwest here and that will be moving in a as we go through the overnight hour. a critical thing to note will be temperature over the next several hours. we're at orer that the freezing mark. that is where we are getting a bit of a picks mixture coming in north of the city. readings in the 36 in a poughkeepsie, sussex, and monticello at 25 now. in the city, mid 30's. same thing in montauk, bellmawr, 43 degrees for you, and expecting it to be mainly a rain event for the jersey shore. the winter weather advisory mainly for northern and northwestern sections into new jersey and sussex, warren and passaic counties and the hudson valley like rockland, putnam,
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again a mainly icy continue through the overnight ap early tomorrow morning so could be a rough morning commute coming in and out tomorrow morning. mainly rain for the coastal sections but could be a flooding rain as the rain will come down heavy at times. talk about that coming up. antwan, allison. >> all right, thans so much, audrey. >> thans, audrey. >> thanks, you a dy. >> checking out wild weather in texas. that video showing hailer thatly the size of golf balls pummeling cars and homes in the dallas area. officials say 11 people were killed ap dozens more injured when tornadoes swept through the area over the weekend. at least eight people were hurt in the amarillo area due a huge snowfall in the pan handle. meantime, the severe weather is putting a damper on travel plans according to the flight aware. more than 2100 flights canceled across the united states. 3700 more delayed the storm system has brought rain, snow, ice, rong winds to a number of states including illinois, missouri and new next committee and
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flying tonight or tomorrow, you want to check with your airline before heading out to the airport. >> the body of the american hero back home in new york tonight remains of technical sergeant joseph lemm arrived at stewart air national guard base in newberg this afternoon ahead of the funeral wednesday at st. patrick's cathedral. linda schmidt in the newsroom with more on today's somber arrival. linda? >> it is a heartbreaking story, allison. joseph lemm devoted the entire life to keeping people safe here at hem and also as nation national guardsmen overseas and he was honor on the final trip home. >> what so proudly we hail >> it was long journey home for new york city police etective joseph lemm. the flag-draped cov physician arrived in muburg. deketive lemm's widow, two children, mother, were surround by members of the nypd and the new
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guard's 105th airlift wing. he was serving with the air national guard in afghanistan when he and five others were killed bay a suicide bomber last week. just a few days before christmas. >> our grief is in sudden tragic, violent, seemingly senseless loss of the greatest husband, father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend in the prime of his life. he really was superman. >> detective lemms with a tech sergeant with the air national guard and served three tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. this is video from news 12 of the surprise visits home to see his family. today, detective lemm received a hero's welcome in a solemn ceremony as his family, friends, colleagues, mourn the loss of a man
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protecting others. [bagpipes playing] >> he lived his life, as hero. he returns as hero. [bagpipes playing] >> but that fact makes today only marginally easier. it does not erase the pain. >> no, it does not. well, the wake detective lemm is tomorrow in west harrison. the funnel are a is wednesday. that is going to be at st. patrick's cathedral. antwan, back to you. >> linda, thanks so much for that are report. >> tonight, two people are dead. a dozen others are left homeless after a raging fire ripped through apartment building in brooklyn. the blaze broke out around 1:00 this morning on richardson street in williamsburg. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. no word on what caused the fire. >> good news tonight for new jersey toddler hit in the face with a tray bull receipt.
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hospital in a expected to make full recovery. >> one-year-old was sitting in the backseat of the family's parked car yesterday in jersey city when a bullet shattered the car's window and hit the child. over the weekend, the boy had successful srg troy remove pieces of the bullet anglais. far glob arrest. >> take a look at this video. the nypd wants your help wanted. now this video of the attack which happened this morning on avenue m in midwood. one suspect hit the victim in the head and continued to beat him on the ground. both then went through the pocket and stole the wallet. the victim was not seriously injured. >> three hiker rescued the mountainside county today. you a hrs say they climbed up part of hook mountain nyack which ended up getting stuck on plateau about 250 feet up. one of them was able to make it to the bottom. firefighters had to rescue the other two and no one was hurt. rust last week, a hiker got stuck in the cheer
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>> a grand jury decide not indict in the killing of tamir rice, a 12-year-old shot to death while playing with a pellet gun last year. zachary has reaction to this decision. >> thank you. >> it took more than a year to play out today. prosecutor ares delivered the news, no charges in. no indictment in the death of tamir rice. >> his name is tamir rice t. this is him in november of 2014 as 12-year-old outside of cleveland rec senor that prompted concerned onlooker to call the police. there is a guy with a gun f. you see the gazebo, the light dusting of snow on the ground and rice in the video. seconds after police ride of. rice is shot in a killed. fake gun in hand. >> simply put, give in the perfect storm of human error, the mistakes be a miscommunication by all involved, that day, the evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police. >> prosecutors say rice
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toy bell pellet gup over but officered into way of know hag. the shooting sparked controversy and race has played a role. white rookie police officer and a 12-year-old dead, black young man, that played out like this across the country. ohio governor john kasich, a presidential peaceful protest. in a statement he said, when we are strong muff to gather, we take another step up the higher path. the rice family condemned the tee exception the cues prosecutors of manipulation. frank jackson is promising a full review of the two officers involved. >> now that the criminal side is over with land that has been a determination in terms of criminal side, we are now going to proceed with the administrative review of what happened. >> in the end, no criminal charges will be filed. but we could see a lawsuit in civil court.
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until it was to late that mir was gnat real threat their safety for the public's safety. >> there have been questions about whether a special prosecutor would have been appropriate for the case. that did not happen. i can tell that you both officers will remain on restricteddive duty. >> thankthank you, zachary. this the chicago superintendent says there will be a review of intervention training after the officers patly shot two people while responding to a domestic disturbance call on saturday. 19-year-old la grier and neighbor, 55 betty jones were killed after la grier's father called bliss b the son. they admit the neighbor was shot accidentally. the fathers now seeing that city for wrongful death. >> back by u.s.-led airstrikes the military stated is taking control. the isis militants occupied since may. they say insurgents are still dug na the isolated pockets of the city meanwhile iraq's governor says the next target will be the
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which is the largest population controlled by isis. the new york yankees pulling off a blockbuster trade today requiring the best bail's best closers. >> the four the since since haiti red force the four-time all star. the deal comes as major league baseball is very investigating involving chap machine and the girl pren. chapman was never charged but could still face a suspension under the league's new domestic violence policy. we have more later on in sports. and still to come, you may soon be able to do a whole lot more while messing with the friends on smartphones. how the popular messaging apps may revolutionize the shopping experience. >> and a classroom visit one local teacher will never forget when the firefighter boyfriend popped the question during a safety lesson. >> many people are tossing away the unwanted memories of 2015 as they celebrate
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>> those popular apps may change the way we shop. it is called conversational cover. stacy deli kate found out they are not interrupting their conversation. facebook mass sen ger. what is that? we chat. they are some of the messaging apps that have blown up in popularity in recent years even surfacing the basic text messages of the preferred which to stay in touch for some. >> it is fast. i i can pit up. its the main app that everybody uses then mess gern in another one. you can talk to family, friends, outside of the country which normally wouldn't be able to do for pre. now the maker risk maaing it easier for users to do much more than just sen a basic messaging or emoji. facebook rolled out mobile payments through messenger. >> as of this month, you can order directly through facebook messenger without ever
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app. they are also testing out shopping and food delivery newspapers and we chat and an app that is hugely popular in china has the own on-line shopping plat porm. >> they are increasingly about far more than me talking to my friends and already taking off in a big way in other countries. it is called conversational commerce in which users can accomplish you at the mobile needs through a single, simple messaging app. they explain. >> it works because people feel comfortable in messaging app t. this is how you talk to friends. i sort of feel like i am talking to a friend and even if it is a company. some say they are not quite ready to commit exclusively to say facebook messenger when it comes to all things mobile. they are trying to build a world for you in the messenger. i am not sure if i am all about that. the companies behind the apps are betting other lines and opening over time. the promise of convenience will make you stay put. stacey belly cat, "fox 5 news." >> stacey delikat, fox 5
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>> the city has now teamed up with the department of agriculture to try to solve the problem. once an environmental alaska sesment is done, a decision will be made. the ops include new fence system, sterilization or euthanization. >> some got hit. a deer jumped out and hate car. it didn't hurt the deer. there is a balance of some sort. >> the president said if something is not done soon there could be increases by lime dy ses and spike in deer vehicle collisions that would result in serious injury or fatality. >> elementary school students in queens learned the real life less so in love. just before christmas break. david rail from engine 243 went to the school in woodside to teach fire safety to kindergartens then rose from the teach, he his girlfriend, now she
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oh, my gosh. >> sounds like the kids like it! >> the couple of has been together for two years. now word on when they plan to tie the knot. >> a new into you use for the old pay phone booth. the first was installed today on third avenue and 15th street in the east village. they say its still in the desting phase. the city plans to install about 8,000 of the hubs over the next eight years. >> then, manhattan's newest mini apartments are generating maximum interests. the city planning ohs as are proposing to end a 30--year-old limit in how small they could be? matt would open the door for more microparms then future. more than 6 thousand people have applied to live in money unions in kips pay bay. the biggest apartment is 360 square feet that include tall ceilings and separate storage space. usually with a fish story. there is new video to back it mu not the case here. check it out. some fisherman in florida spotted a great
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the boat. >> look, look, look. >> that is a great white. >> and yes, it is, boys. the shark was caught on camera sker lung the fishing boat about 11-miles from shore in may port which is near jacksonville. the captain started recording after the shark took a big bite out. he says this was the second great white he has seen. one was at least ten feet long. wow. >> oh. >> up the last day for a bronx bakery that that has been making treats for more than a half condition ry. >> fox 5's jennifer lahmers paid a visit where customers were saying the final farewell. >> steve has been coming to the breadbasket in parkchester since he was 16 years old. >> i went to work and stopped here for coffee or something. or the holidays get cake or bread. >> today, he came back for coffee and a scone, one last time before it
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>> what can you do? >> you can r going to walk by here tomorrow and say no more. >> in a going to be good, you knee for the regular and so many of them. one of those places that when you first walk in the door. they know your name and your order. this has been rita reynold's corner spot for 35 years into. what are you going to be ordering now? much. >> everything is gone. >> whatever is left. >> right. >> the family was not offered the chance to rehue the lease here and after 55ars it will close to be replaced by boston market. >> in the 70's my dad, early 19 70's, my dad had 15 to 18 stores in the bronx. we grew up here. this is the one that is >> star in row cannot guess how many loaves of hollow bread dan issues or those famous black and white cookies they years. all he knows that is its
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special. >> way. am close to the tears at point. i think more than anything, this store has become a part of our family, you know? it cannot walk out. say good-bye to the store so it is difficult. i will be here tomorrow. but tomorrow, we take the store apart. so, yeah, i don't know how i will walk out. >> bar? row has 12 other locations throughout the five burroughs including win times square. report from parkchester, jennifer lahmers, "fox 5 news." >> still am co, could one of rock and roll's biggest fans be making a comeback? the girls are pretty oh, won't you please take me home >> well, audrey seemed to liability. we have the latest buzz surrounding the possible guns and roses reunion. >> and the days away. baruch shemtov found out how brooklynites plan to
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>> the world of heavy metal music using one of the pioneers tonight. word that lenny has passed away. he was the lead singer of motoredhead and diagnosed with the extremely aggressive form of cancer.
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>> so expedited about this story. lots of talk about a possible guns and roses reunion that would feature lead singer axl rose, guitarist and to see excitement planted over this weekend when the official web site once again featured the 1980's logo and the been a's music played before some "star wars" showing nothing else though. so stay tuned? well. jerry seinfeld playing the coliseum. the one in vegas, pk. two shows the famous cesar's palace venue scheduled for april 8th and 9. seinfeld will be playing the beacon theater once a month starting >> times square, the place to be on mu area's eve. other parts of the city has hot plans. >> baruch shemtov plans to see how people plan to ring in 2016 there.
10:20 pm
the brooklyn boro president is ready to duke at this time out as the center of the city's new year's eve festivities. >> brooklyn has become one of the coolest places you can come year around, so now, imagine having a place where you can bring in the muir and you are not stuck in one location and prospect park would be at the stench all with a midnight fireworks show and live music in grand army plaza p. now mu area's by the sea, head on over to coney island. >> thunder bolt ride would be free and ice skating would be pre. all the things that you look for in coney island would be free and then entertainment, food, pun, and cool brooklynites. >> if you really want to party it up, lays up the dancing shoes as the bumper cars and arcade and be transported to r book the 19 70's with the disco beats >> not a club. it is a ride in coney island turned into a
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night. >> tickets to the party are still available just click the link on fox 5ny and be able to ring in the new year at major attractions all around coney island. of course as they are partying here. are invited to join me abring you live updates from times square throughout the evening. i on coney island, baruch shemtov, "fox 5 news." >> i think he needs to break out the moves. that is what it all about really. >> tweet him, folks. all right. >> all right. >> all right. a little later the show. 2015 comes to an en what many people are having to part with on the good requiredness day. contamination concerns at one long island dry cleaners when we come back. we'll tell you what they found inner neath the bus mess that could piece threat all. hoverboard is hottest gifts of the holiday season and the most dangerous of the wild
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>> some people are deal with the real concerns that is due a local dry-cleaning business that disposed of hazardous waste. despite being clareed a super fun site. it has not been forced close. >> jody goldberg asked the owner what he is doing to stop toxic chemicals from leak out of the shop. the dry cleaner has been staple for more than 50 years without issue. now an annual test by the state department has deemed the bus mess that contaminated site under new york state's super fund program. >> my last annual checkup of the plan to find elevated levels which is dry-cleaning. >> own fer and operator says it started as the leak from older dry-cleaning machine. he says he fixed the problem but further inspection pointed to some underneath the machine. accord though dec.
10:23 pm
significant threat the public's help in the environment. it has been linked to causing cancer. if anyone has cared about the environment and it is me. i am very, my customers and employee and myself. i am there every day. and we want everybody to be happy. >> tells us if he is careful each month he pays company to dispose the wait. and we take care of it now. and it is filled. and they trust to do with aever it takes to of course the sure. i din hear anything about it million now. he will do something about it. the prices are reasonable. and the clothes come out. i am sure it will be taken care of. others are scept can. everything makes me nervous. thing like that. we drink the water mment we live here. this is our town.
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>> neighboring businesses we spoke with say now their soil is okay. the city of long beach plans to oversee any cleanup that needs to be own. doesn't plan on closing and direction wants the full test results come back. in long beach, jody goldberg, "fox 5 news." >> al ja near ya reporter gening a story alleging denver bronco east peyton manning got performance-enhancing drug interests the guyer institute. he went there while recovering from a neck in why are ry but denies hews using hgh. the pharmacist secretly record making the allegations has since recanted his own words. >> he was known as the crown prince of basketball. entertaining millions around the world with the hook shops during the team's heyday are the mid 1509's to late 70's has passed away. yesterday in scottsdale arizona. the showman the member of the basketball hall of fm and the international crown hall
10:25 pm
83 years old. >> hoverboards were lit lir the hot gift this year as you can see. some gadgets have been catching fire. >> yeah. very hot. >> injured or falling off them. jessica shows us why wearing protective gear is always a smart idea. >> the hashtag hoverboard sale has been trending on social media so has the videos of people off them. this father screaming for someone to get them off. >> oh. >> hoverboards were a hot gift the christmas but the treky toy has been involved in a lot of accidents that has sent kids young and old to the emergency room. >> these are really dangerous devices. first of all. a low center of brave ty. because half. when you got on them. there is a high risk of falling. >> the doctor and emergency room physician at lenox hill hospital says he hasan handfulful pave sheps with broken bonance even concussion. people have fallen to hit their head or elbows wrist and injure the wrist or the ankle and throws the most common
10:26 pm
er is not the only problem. take a look at the picture tweeted by the ocean county sheriff's office. they were investigating the fire that happened inlays sy township and believe the hoverboard caught fire while charge inside of a home. meanwhile, dr. say fuss are going ride around in a hoverboard, you need to be well protected. >> i really recommend you wear helmet and pad along the low back and the knees as wrist guards. you fall on outstretch hand and you can brack the wrist. >> you need to have a strong set of abdominal muscles in order to ride a hoverboard overweight people and those who poor health can autosly fall and believes in the coming days the emergency room will see a spike of hoverboard accident. in the news room, jessica fer mose sew, "fox 5 news." >> big star wars' fan has blt the love of movie series. instagram lego enthusiasts has
10:27 pm
model. it took 7500 lego pieces and year to dom pleat. he clinedded many of detail interests the movie in a include thing starship's top and bottom functional boarding ramp and different colored plating. >> well, 2016s with out with the old and in with the mu. coming up, how people marked good riddance day. >> point, click, retailers really raking it fon the holidays. well tail how much. the your world bus mess report coming up. a first here is tonight's new york minute. >> 3, 2, 1. happy new year! [cheering and applauding] >> kids at the children's museum of manhattan got to ring hen new year a little early today. they called it the ball drop test and gave kids the opportunity to learn about things like new year's res resolution. aiest ture of kindness in the county for seniors who lost the only supermarket within
10:28 pm
subsidy sides housing development. the owner of the east northport iga supermarket amounced today. he will cover the bus fair for seniors. the $6 round trip will be detucted from each a grocery belt. >> the mets' pitcher steven mass went out today to visit young cancer map is at stony brook hospital while they got a chance to brighten their day. i was touching moment for him, too. >> as much as the impact it has for them. it has that much of an impact for me as well and how blessed i am to see the kids and smile at this time in their life, it is really cool. >> that is your new york minute. >> we wap to remind you to check out the fox 5ny weather app that has daily and hourly forecast the live radar to track storms where you are and get weather headline and storm alert and warnings when lightning is nearby. download the free app today.
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>> shop others giving retallers a big hit for the holidays if. new report showing
10:30 pm
8% between black friday and christmas eve. ecommerce companies with a big big winners and on-line sales throwing 20% from the same time last year and amazon benefiting bigtime are the java. the company setting a holiday record for the amazon devices and original series. i was also a record holiday season for prime membership. more than 3 million new members joining worldwide and more than 200 million items were shipped free for folks using that service. >> and stocks kick off the last trade and the week of 2015 on slightly down note asimov. the dow is on track for the first down year since 2008 and subways going completely cage pre. the sandwich shop is serving up a plan. to serve only eggs at all of the u.s. location and year 2025 and the company is hoping the move will attract more help health conscious customers.
10:31 pm
be pre. >> that is business, i am neil cavuto. >> whole foods has agreed to pay a hefty fine after investigation found evidence of illegal price hikes a the stores here in the city. >> consume fairs says the souper market chain had been overcharging customers for free packaged foodance found no evidence of misconduct but has agreed to pay dollars 00,000 and implement new policies and pred spread dures including quarterly instore audits to ensure they are labeled. >> that adds to apologizing for missing christmas delivery des e deadlines. the kips partly blaming the severe weather across the countries about about but also handled a larger amount of last minute demand and ex peb. employees volunteer to work extra ship and a few fedex stores were opened on christmas day so the customers could pick up their packages. >> still to come. 2015 almost in the books. how many people said good required toons the most painful memories
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of love or credit card debt. there are a lot of thing we would like to forget about. >> today was good riddance day in times square giving people a chance to disquader the unwanted memories. jennifer lahmers shows us. >> being bad memory, bad relationships, or bad karma with a ha do you want to get rid of in 2016. >> drama. >> procrastinating. >> any high school students. all i do is sleep. >> family members that are not making the best decision. >> today more than 100 people took to times square for the ninth annual day. the tag line, sh red it and for get. i a chance to tear up and what tears you up about 201 a 5. >> the love of my life. ex best friend. >> my carestness. a income tax, irs. bills. >> credit card debt, you name it, they shredded it. we where does that paper go?
10:34 pm
revelers plan to shake off those bad memories to turn them into well wishes. conpetty as the ball drops at the crossroads of the world. >> like not have to feel negative about anything and look at things more positively and have a good outlooking on everything. if you don't know what you want to say good riddance to yet. the good new, you have three days to think about it. >> reporting from times square, jennifer lahmers, "fox 5 news." >> and i know what i was woo say. people are watching so you can do that. you know. >> i don't want to get rid of it. it looks look it is good riddance to them. >> he is over. it is over. i told you to enjoy it while it lasted. hope you did. we're seeing a shift in our weather pattern across the tristate where are,le fo ks. for those who are been waiting for winter here it is. we are seeing lots of cold temperatures across the area. we have wintry precipitation which i will show you in a moment on the radar. let's talk temperatures
10:35 pm
park. the recorded high. 46 degrees that was actually after midnight. we spent much of the day hovering around 39 to 40 degrees which is normal this time of year. the average high should be 39 and going to be much closer to that. area-wide, a lot of readings in the 40's upper 30's for monticello and poughkeepsie again and recorded earl in there day. rooting pow, in the 30's in manilow kags like islip at 36 degrees. the same number in bridgeport and montauk. freezing mark to poughkeepsie to the 5 in monticello and under the freezing mark in sussex but we know from today are running about 15 degrees colder than they were at this time last night. we had that early wind all day long that gave us a damp, chilly feel and continue and picking up in speed, too. gusts up as much as 30 miles per hour expected tonight an through the day tomorrow. we will have a wind-swept rain am colooing the area and going to be ugly for the
10:36 pm
tuesday. back to the ws along with the temperature and windchill factors to the 20's in man ini spots and do in the teens up toward monticello. very cold and wet might. look at the satellite and radar shows the first round of showers that came through earlier and we got reports that we saw at the top of the new cast and ice pellet as well as a brief burst of snow and lots of rain, too. and now, that shifted to the northeast of us but nu another batch starting to fill in here. we are going to get some snow and looks like across the hudson valley and the higher elevations of northwest new jersey and icy mix now working toward i-80 heading toward the southern portions. areas south of the city mainly rain event for you. that is new jersey and the jersey shore as well as portions of long island as we go though day tomorrow. >> vong area of low pressure that is moving to the midwest now. there is a cold front associated with it. this is the one to help to ignite that top attorneyic activity we saw earlier in areas around texas and a warm front that we are
10:37 pm
that is the one we are concerned now. sort of that boundary between cold and warm air is giving us that icy mix right across the tritate area. that warm front is going to lift to the north overnight. that is going to help to change over to rain and through the area. by tomorrow morning. and so he can see the icy mix to the north here pi tomorrow morning. we will have rain coming through the area overnight. so we'll be pocket cans of heavy rain and getting a few reports already to the weather senor that is going to continue through the over might and the morning commute tomorrow. so flooding could be issue across the region. then everything exits the area and time for the evening commute. so should be less pron atticp then wednesday. people have a lot of clouds in place. we have the sun breaking through from time to time and things will gradually clear out. as woe close out 2015 meantime for tonight, we'll go with sleet and rain and also patchy fog will be developing and have those winds coming out of the east, too. temperatures hovering around the freezing mark a little bit before and below. then tomorrow, we start out with the moisture in the morning and then, it
10:38 pm
again, that heavy rain will, the rain will come in heavy at times overnight into tomorrow morning and will continue with the gusty winds as the temperatures rise to into the mid 50's. we stay in the 50's for the next couple of days. a we start off the new year and back to normal with temperatures closer to 40. after tomorrow, looks look we have a relatively quiet weather pattern by in the of this year and start a whole new one. >> a lot of people will be happy. >> m no one stands outside. i know it looksdry and comfortable for everyone. pooh new year's eve. >> thanks, audrey. russ is up next in sports. >> your toyota traffic tracker the brooklyn bridge will have one lane closed down from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. then manhattan bound from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for construction that is going on on the parking rules in effect on tuesday. tune in to good day new york starting at
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traffic kids don' t stay little forever. so help them get the opportunity they need. it' s never too early or too late to save for college. you can open a ny 529 account with just $25. and you may get tax benefits if you pay income tax in new york state. someday you' ll look back and be glad you got started. ny' s 529 college savings program.
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>> all right. how are you doing, everyone m the yankees pulled off a trade today that really is what i would call an eyebrow
10:41 pm
the ranks can seng just four minor leaguers to the cincinnati reds for lefty closer chapman one of the best in the game and probably the hardest thrower in all of baseball with the pitches easily clock at 100 miles per hour, so why could the yanks get him for just four marginal minor leaguers that is where the deal raises those eyebrows. chapman was involved in domestic violence dispute back in october. according to police reports, chapman allegedly, i say allegedly choked the girlfriend, pushed her against the well and fired a gunshot in his garage. during the argument at the home in florida. however, chapman was not arrested and no charges were filed but major league baseball has been conducting an ongoing investigation and the 27-year-old chapman could be suspend under the mu domestic violence policy which was introduced back in august. from here in yankee gm brian cashman talk on a
10:42 pm
this evening. it sounds me, suss been is a very real possibility and i personally asked brian if he spoke mlb about the investigation and he said he did do his due diligence and now waits to see how it all place out. mo question about it. the cuban-born chapman is at enormous talent but what is alleged to have happened is true, the yankees wanting him is a domestic shocker. it is as low as it gets. but i guess the yankees peel the chance win is the overriding factor and sadly to say as we all knowle with in the world of sports that kind of thinking is very, very prevalent. meanwhile talk about an eyebrow raising move. along with a whole lot of other people cannot fig gut what the coach was thinking yesterday when won the coin toss in overtime going in but decided to kick the ball and to the jets in stead of veffing it. yeah. belichicks the best head
10:43 pm
that was still a nuts move to me. the restist is history. the jets took the billion and drove down the felled on the possession to win the game 26-20 on a ryan fitzpatrick touchdown pass to eric decker. let me tell you. had the jets' coach made that call or predecessor rex ryan or ga ands' coach tom coyou have lynn fo for it and out of town on the hardwood tonight in miami. nets beat the heat and predators gave past the 5-3. thatthat is it for sports? so, all right. going to do that investigation and see a little bit more about it. >> it is oning about. >> okay. all right. >> a suspension does loom. it is a distinct possibility you know? something is up. something is up someplace. >> you will get to the bottom of. we know. >> pr-wise if he does get suspend yanks will tick a whole lot of heat for this? thanks, ross. >> that is going to do it for us tonight. everybody.
10:44 pm
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