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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  December 29, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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juliet >> good morning everyone. get ready for a wet, and messy commute not a snowy commute. no snow. no accumulation. not at all, in fact. a winter weather advisory, though, is still in effect until 8 a.m. which is two hours away. i doubt we'll get three inches of snow dog that time although not supposed to snow not going to happen. anyway, we'll have more on the weather and future of weather in just a moment. >> motor head front man 70-year-old suffering from cancer. very aggressive cancer just diagnosed couple of days ootion. >> also remembering one of new
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afghanistan. thrlg be a wake held today for npgd detective and air national guardsman joseph. he arrived i did at stewart. teenager who was on probation for killing forpeople in a drunk driving crash and then his or lawyer said he was basically too rich to know difference between right and wrong. >> i mean you see it in his mud weirdo face. >> new image released out of mexico this morning. robert moses have that for us. >> quite different with an effort to not look like his normal self. that is what you do on the run. >> seen it in movies. okay good morning everybody i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm juliet huddy thanks so much for joining us. >> you grow a beard? >> shaving that beard, though.
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>> you didn't hear any -- >> television actually like radio silence. >> but then, of course, they schedule a -- fern to come in and shave the beard off during one of the segments. very good with style. you know. >> ahmad is very good. you think i should keep it. >> i like it. but i ling also think if i had to choose i would choose prebeard ben. but who am i? nobody care who i think. your tv wife of course. >> fun for a little while at least. >> when you did the november thing they didn't want me to do it next year. >> i would like to see you -- >> facial hair is subtle -- >> a mustache even that, with i don't know. like never again.
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>> you know, which channel, juliet? [laughter] >> all right e-yeah. you guys discuss that. let's tab what's going on with our weather out there this morning. a change out there finally a taste of winter for at least parts of the tristate. not everyone in on this winter weather advisory but it is still up for you northern new jersey. lower hudson valley into connecticut. up until about 11:00 in the morning that does expire in northern new jersey other areas but basically it means that you're going to have potential for some wrnght rei precip for a little while out there making for slush spots. 39 with rain passing through the area coif a raw morning the there but your temps are climbing up again 39 degrees notice that rain snow line or at least wintry mix line is ening to north. almost out of new jersey, and that will continue to work its way to the north through rockland county, orange county, an over putnam, dutchess, ulster
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few hours or so as warmer air is drawn up and continues up to the north. all. as far as slushy conditions are concerned, mainly purple shaded areas at risk up toen inch of slush or ice. trace of ice but really doesn't look look it was too bad even though we've had lots of reports of accidents and whatnot. rain is what will be coming through for majority of us here in green shaded areas half to three quarters of an inch of rain is what should expect. lunchtime or so it shuts down in early afternoon. and temples up to about 50 in the afternoon. temps hold steady and sunshine making appearance here and there. and high temp of 52 tomorrow. last day of 2015 into 2016 on a dry note and lots of sun shine the there too.
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all of the dea lots -- trains. >> overturn vehicle on the u throughway that's blocking one lane. you know we're also seeing trouble if you're traveling on taconic southbound side we have a crash cleared away. by bryant road a crash by route 100 so southbound side of the taconic not looking good. exit 20 and 19 both places have e overturned vehicles so you want to keep much slower than usual on roadways today. now, westbound side of the southern state by exit 15 for corona avenue that accident is still in the process of being cleared away. we have this closure of the new jersey turnpike a truck plan closed down here. a bad accident still being worked on, and we also have this trouble on garden state parkway south accident off to the side of the road but people rubber neck will see slow moving cars.
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train no service between bay parkway because of switching problems at bay 50th street. until further notice d train is not available for you in both directionings. a little gnat side of the street parking rules are in effect. back to you. trnlings thanks christina. somber salute for an american hero who died serving our krpght. >> youssef lemm body ariewfd at the national guard base. teresa priolo has more on this story for us in west heir sop new york where a wake will be held later on this morning. good morning. we talk about good guys those on the front line fighting off evil in this world by all accounts detective lemm was one of them. and today hundreds of people are expected here to saint anthony church in west harrison in order to honor this man he was a decorated soldier, officer, a husband, father, somebody who has been called a real life
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>> what so proudly we hail >> one final journey home for new york city police detective joseph lemm, his body arriving mondays at newburgh. his grieving widow, young son, his comrades waiting, watching, saluting a true hero's welcome. >> he lived his life as a hero. he returns as a hero. but that fact makes today only marginally easier. it does not erase the pain. >> 45-year-old decorated 15-year veteran of the nypd was serve as a tech sergeant with the air national guard when he and five other soldiers were killed by a suicide bomber outside of air
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along with him was the 31-year-old from corum also a member of the stewart base security unit. he was on the second tour in afghanistan and served within tour in iraq. he has also received a purple heart for valor in combat had this is video from news 12 during one of his surprise visits home. >> our grief is in the sudden, tragic, violent, seemingly senseless loss of the greatest husband, father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend in the prime of his life. he really was superman to all who knew hmm. throughout monday's ceremony cries of dada of his son could
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police shield and carried his father's department handcuff. television a somber ceremony, for a man who embodied honor to the end. >> and when mourners arriver at the church here in west harrison today they'll see the flag is at half-staffed, for detective lemm an his memory also mention to you that tomorrow his town ram will be held at the st. patricks cathedral in new york city that will be presided over by cardinal dolan and also one last thing ben and juliet, this detective, this officer will receive the brondz star medal for valor. that is latest from west harrison this morning. send things become to both of you. thanches is so cads. teresa priolo for us in west harrison new york, thank you very much. other news now police are hunting a man they say raped a ten-year-old girl in brooklyn. >> nypd says 24-year-old edwin attacked a little girl in a home in bushwick back in october. according to a police report she needed surgery following that
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the man is described asking having brown eyes ab black hair, five foot three and weighs about 110 pounds. anyone with information on this man is asked to call crime stoppingers that number is 1-800-577-tips. had >> nypd wants your help to find two men wanted for a brutal mug of a 55-year-old man in brooklyn this is surveillance video on avenue m in mid-wood. police say one suspect hit had the vaccinate in the head and continued to beat him while on the ground. both suspects then went through his pockets and stole a wallet and phone. victim needed nearly 80 stitches but he's going to be okay. >> second died in a fire that ripped through apartment building in brooklyn. fire broke out 1:30 in a three story building on richgd son street in williamsburg. two firefighters suffered minor injuries and dozen people left homeless . no word still on what caused that fire. >> a fugitive teenager captured
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arrested ethan couch after he reportedly broke his probation he was on probation for killing four people while driving drunk. >> let's go to fox 5's rocket story. >> good morning to you over o my should earl is a just released mug shot of ethan couch releetsed by a prosecutor office in mexico that showed him after his capture. notice he pares to have darkened his hair from the color we're used to seeing. has decision to drive drunk his sentence and behavior after have generated considerable outrage. this morning, he's back in custody. >> puerto mexico is a place where people normally go for rest and relaxation but authorities say that 18-year-old ethan couch and 48-year-old mother tonia went there to escape the law. vacation from justice is now over. authorities in mexico and a u.s. say pair captured yesterday after more than two weeks on the run. they disappeared after ethan couch skipped a probation hearing in texas earlerrier this
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couch was on probation because when he was 16, he got behind the wheel and drove with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit and crashed into a stranded motorist south of fort worth with aen three people who stopped to help her killing all four. >> killed four innocent people, shattered lives of four families, never showed one ounce of remorse. sentenced to ten years prohibition after afflicted with condition that expert call influenza. it meant that couch so wealthy that he wasn't taught difference between right and wrong. it is a turn the american psychiatric association does not recognize and one that has es lis sited scorn. >> line of defense we thought that it was almost laughable. earlier this month a video surfaced that appeared to show couch at a party where alcohol was served which would have violated his probation. >> probably once that video came out he felt like the other shoe
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authorities released wanted posters of couch and mother and massive man hunt ensued that man hunt is now over. underwent medical evaluation in the custody of immigration authorities. we expect they'll be transported back to the u.s. soon. when that happens, we'll let you know. ben and juliet it appears likely now, that ethan couch will certainly spend some time in prison. back to you. >> looks that way for us robert moses much more still to come morning. >> mike is checking the weather for us. >> yep, we have a cold, wet start to the day here. startoff temperatures 32. wintry mix of rain and warm with up as day goes on, and see things settle down with that rainfall are later on. but if you want to keep track of the rain or snow line is, check it out on the interactive radar that is on the myfoxny weather app at the weather an l and
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>> welcome back everyone. well, looks like we've got a slippery morning for us especially to the north and west of the city. that's where you have more of
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sleet muxed in with rainfall through the tristate region. winterly mix poirnts points to the north of the city. all rain into early afternoon hour, and then the ran altogether will be coming to a close later this afternoon. partly cloudy skies through tonight with chilly temperatures as well. 39 degrees with wet weather pass ing through northeast winds moving through at a 15 miles per hour. here's a radar and satellite that shows that rain snow line trying to edge to north. seems to be stalling in last couple of mowrps any u how general trend will be for that rain snow line to creep to the north because you have a warmerrer southerly flow to change things over from wirpght remix to all rainfall, and that will be helping us out in terms of what it's like to get arranged town. for now still slip is rei especially up hudson valley into connecticut. northern parts of new jersey. but warm front is working o its
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pressing through back behind it. clouds into tomorrow, and a slight chance of showers coming a the you looks like wednesday into early thursday morning. most of the precip on molgtdzs is staying to the south and east of the tristate region. but we'll still put a small chance of showers here in the tristate since it is close enough. anyhow for you today showers will be at their worst birvegly now. lots of slick spots out there laughter on. high temp up to about about 52, and then as we go through 52 tomorrow as well. 52 on thursday coming through precip wise tomorrow is rainfall and folks down to the south over new jersey eastern long island get that. then drying out from that point forward. we will see drier skies as wed head through this weekend into next week.
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let's bring in christina stoffo and check out where problem spots are. there are plengts of them trying to get around town. good morning. >> a lot beginning on this morning. truck route 1 and 9 westbound and northbound side. northbound side countrily has all lanes closed down. so maybe a spot to stay e with a from again truck 9 south. clover of the new jersey turn pike at exit 9 a bad accident there. so truck lines are closed. northbound side and car lanes dealing with flooding. passable you want to use some caution and we have a crash by exit 15 but corona avenue that is going to slow you down just a little bit. outside i'll bring you to the tappan zee bridge. bad weather in the area this is running along with a 45 miles per hour speed restriction so
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we're still seeing bay parkway bawtdz of switching problems at bay 50th street until further notice. alternate side is in effect. ben and juliet back to you. >> thank you very much. >> gop project runner donald trump, is second most admired man in america. >> second behind -- >> get to that in a second tied actually number two pope francis. tied for the spot 5% of respondents named them. on the same lean here. behind the video. president obama top the poll which i'm sure really gets under the donald skin. 70% and 20th time on top. hillary clinton first admired woman for the 14th straight year. 20th time atop the list. >> all right, sir looks like donald trump has driven support rs in california.
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about to see of an electronic transportation sign with an unusual message. obviously, hacked because they're not supposed to do this type of thing. hack sign reads support donald trump, merry christmas. posted online saturday and viewed more than half a million teams. >> whole foods agreed to pay a hefty settlement after investigation found evidence that it was overcharging customers at some of its stores here in the city. consumer affairs says that had supermarket chain has been overcharging customers for some prepackaged foods. whole foods said it found no evidence of misconduct. but what is agreed to pay $500,000 and implement new policies and procedures including quarterly instore audits to ensure products properly weighed and labeled all right we have more still to come this morning. we have a sweet tooth -- it could be a way to curb those cravings. >> why not just go for them? wait until january.
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside.
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>> welcome back made's "health watch" scientists getting closer to curing your sweet tooth with a hormone that suppresses sugar
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mice pumped up with that who are hormone. they could help diabetics and people who eat too many sweets holidays. >> why not a way to get great facing sweetsz no calorie, with no fat? >> that's -- you know, that seems like a nice solution to me. >> would be a gazillionaire. according to researchers at the center for health statistics say possible plateau in childhood obesity rates and declines in air pollution are possible factors. however, asthma pref listens continues to rise among underprivileged it children had between 10 and 17 years old . >> more grounds to love coffee. >> see what you did there. although writer did that.
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we do this study every other day. we have this same video. going to be hard. there it is. anyway they found that drinking a cup of coffee can give your workout a boost there there's a shocker that boosted endurance by average it have 24% that worked swls caffeine pills. so -- athletes should check with a sports dietitian because it is a banned substance. >> cup of coffee before you play a basketball game disqualified? interesting. >> kind of weird. all right. tuesday morning, it is kind of inconsequential here today. >> i found that consequence cial. los going on you have the board beard thing. junk food there.
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more money in 2016. we like hearing that.
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it hour is. look at that, a live shot. >> it is. power of mod entechnology. >> i love this. this again? >> palisades parkway near teaneck, new jersey. pay attention. >> i wanted to bring you into the consideration but monoon it. s there's definitely pooling so be careful but no snow to speak of, ben. >> 100 so miles north snow. but christina has a ton of accidents across the region.
6:28 am
areas be carful. >> wrnght weather advisory. one of new york finalist killed while serving in afghanistan will be remembered at a wake todays. detective joseph lemm's body arrived home last night. has family, beautiful family a very emotional yesterday. >> a little boy too. salaries for american workers expected to climb in 2016 according to a variety of wage and salary statistics from the feds. but we know about statistics. >> we do. spice girls reunion is one in the works, one of the spice girls gave away in an interview -- >> aj i saw an interview with with him recently, had said that they were talking to the spice girls about a reunion leak a joint tour which would be --
6:29 am
>> i would be waiting in line there. but you know what i mean. yeah. that would be me. because i saw them. saw the spice girls when they first came out down in miami on their first tour. >> '95? >> no, it it was later than that. but it was great. >> dressed like conservative spice. pilgrim spice. the beach year and a half ago they awesome. funny, so great. >> new kids on the block that would have been a good thing to see. >> i'm not a fan. >> differentiate? [inaudible] >> bfb -- anyway. what's going on? show you the weather as you saw
6:30 am
motion most of us see a lot of accidents as you head to the north of the city up into the tay conk listening to what christina is saying with a messy situation out there take it easy on roadwayings. winter weather advisory not until 9:00 this morning. rainfall near in the city over long island. most of new jersey has transitioned to rain just a little bit leftover in sussex in terms of slushy weather buts transitioning to rain but talks while to move u through tristate region but continue to happen but expect another wet day to start off on cooler side but ends up quite mild. high temps anywhere from 39 to 52 degrees. about 52 for you in this city here. later on this afternoon, an evening, and then it dries out at that upon the tomorrow we
6:31 am
sureses showers and drying out o for everyone for last day of 2015 into 2016 cooler temps too. christina has a lot with the roads. >> a lot because of the weather. let's tack a look closed duncan avenue a bad accident happens. definitely a spot that you want to stay away from. new jersey turnpike southbound exit 9 closed because of a bad accident there. again that's a truck lane of the turnpike closed at exit 9. northbound side of the road dealing with flooding by pretty much in that same spot so it is a car lane with flooding passable but u yowpght to use caution. southern state parkway running along corona avenue exit 15 and new crash just popping up on the screen here. bronx river are parkway at clar month road an accident taking out at least one lane of traffic.
6:32 am
crowded for you right now no incidents or o anything like that but slow moving cars. also seeing an issue with the d train now expect delays in both directions that's because of switching problems, at bay 50th street so you want to watch out for that. other than that, you know, other trains metro-north. lirr, path trains are on or close. ben and juliet back to you. >> thanks very much christina. somber for american hero who do id while serving our country. chghts youssef -- joseph lemm's body arrived. live in west harrison for us this morning where his family and friends will gather for his wake later today. good morning teresa. >> as a matter of fact ben and juliet 400 people turned out yesterday to the stewart air national guard base to say good-bye to welcome the body of the detective lemm. today hundreds more are expected here at st. anthony church in
6:33 am
they're not only saying good-bye to a decorated sol your, plfer, but also somebody who has been called a real life superman. what so proudly we hail one final journey home for new york city police detective youssef lemm, his bid arriving mngd at stewart air national guard base in newburgh. his grieving widow, his young son, comrades, waiting, watching, saluting a u true hero's o welcome. smg he lived his life as a hero. he returns as a hero. but that fact makes today only marginally easier. it does not erase the pain. >>45-year-old decorated 15-year veteran serving as a tech sergeant with the air national
6:34 am
soldiers killed by a suicide bomber outside of air bass. the 31-year-old from corum also a member of the stewart based security unit. lemm on the second tour in afghanistan and served one tour in iraq and also received a purple heart for value is color in combat. this is video from news 12 visits from home. >> our grief is in the sudden, trajing senseless loss of the greatest husband, father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend in the prime of his life. he really was superman to all who knew him. throughout monday ice summon
6:35 am
four-year-old son ryan could be heard over the bagpipes in gym eulogy and carried what appeared to be his father's didn't handcuff a sol beer ceremony for a man who embodied honor to the end. begun this evening 7 to 9. tomorrow detective lemm funeral will take place in new york city cardinal dolan will preside over that mass and buried with full military and police honors also he'll receive the bronze star medal for valor. latest in west heir sob this morning. ben and juliet back to both of you . >> thoughts and prayers are with his family. good news for workers in coming year. wages could be rising. fox business network to talk with adam shapiro, the details.
6:36 am
>> good morning, this is something we've been talking about slow growth of wages for the last eight, ten years that chapter republican been a u true increase in wages because when you fry to keep up with inflation it is just not there. that's about to change this is from someone well rpghted an article written by don lee with different economic analysis both the federal reserve. adf salary reports, but also moody an litings this is important. mark zandy saying he thinks it will be a breakout year for growth raising that on data we have seen in the third quarter of this year wages went up for people with full-time jobs 4.1 socket so looking at that down to the federal reive calls full employment with great pressure
6:37 am
to keep workers for lack of a better term happy. there's some controversy. he doesn't think it is going to happen for average hour worker but zan dx y says it is. >> i didn't know did you grow up there? >> i was there until iftion about 11 after sixth grade i moved up to new york. >> what had part? >> coral reef elementary. >> miami is sixth burrow. rest in peace the bunny brutally murdered. : most popular wine is in south florida in >>? >> it's so hot. >> love it adam shapiro we need
6:38 am
>> you'll be happy to know border goes today. [laughter] fox finder. >> we love adam even a little cotton ball. >> all right mike. we are rapidly running out of time. >> cotton tail. ball, tail. >> tomato show you what's up out there for the day here with a wintry mix, mess out there turning over to rain as morning starts off here. and most of that mention is happening up north of the city. so mainly like orange county putnam, dutchess, ulster county so change over to rain with time and few showers are left over o in early afternoon and done by this evening. so things do get better and slick out there so keep that in
6:39 am
christina see what's going on problems with the roads. i geds it is like a warmup in materials of getting used this situation weather wise. >> roadways not good for us right now. but we have accidents -- everywhere. >> if you want to statistic with the bronx river parkway north we're most offing very slow northbound into claremont avenue that blocks one lane. exit 28 runs along with an accident in that spot in in the process of being cleared away. one and nine is closed duncan avenue. bad accident happened there so keep that in mind. go quickly outside to give you an update on george washington
6:40 am
loing and holland okay. duke what's going on over there? >> yankees with a big trade relief 3eu67er that comes with
6:41 am
we'll tell you all about it when >> your top sthoirs morning so-called influenza teen caught in mexico on the m limb with his mommy. found responsible for killings four people while driving drunk. his lawyers used it in his defense means he was too rich to know difference between right and wrong that's what they thought he was. that jury 237. lead singer motor head passed away. lost his balings with a very aggressive form of karps and diagnosed years ago. s he was only 70 years ago. >> my friend knew him and said he was awesome. chargeing customers for prepackaged foods and pay
6:42 am
policies and procedures to try to deal with that to make sure it doesn't happen had again. duke has a look at sports. >> people don't know how to feel about this trade. yankees already adding to dominant hard throwing all star close or for exchange for four minor league terse became valuable after the red's deal with dodgers physical through. news browning of broke of the cuban left hander. fired eight gunshots in his garage during an argument at the home. rangers against predators. second period where we pick it up. up 1-0. there, antis the game deflecting
6:43 am
tied at one. second same score, national on the counterattack, and they're going to leave it all for james past hen up 2-1 off the board find neil win withs 5-a 3. talk about basketball now. nets in miami taking on heat. succeed quarter up 12. big finish now brooklyn back in there. thaddeus young, and finally ellington. brooklyn up two first quarter and nets go on to win 111-105 a nfl is now reportedly
6:44 am
of performance enhancing drugs but it can't do anything. nippings drug ring supplied with hgh in 2011. bissed on secret reportings of the former intern at the geier institute. manny called them fabricated. sly said statements are absolutely false and incorrect. monday night football, bengals visiting denver. payton mangs injured not playings. and two seconds left in this game all tied at 17. 45 yards out. bengals with a chance now. playing for injured andy not ready for the snap. marcus recovers.
6:45 am
make the playoffs it is hoping they would lose last two games just incase but remember jets control that are own playoff destiny if they beat buffalo in playoffs, and do we have with a picture of the -- guess we don't. later this morning. fitness magazine, quoiting picture. >> newsstands now. no snow? >> we've got some primarily -- we have some snow some pictures actually. >> up the road lact here. but it's out there. that's part of the tristate juliet incase you were wondering anyhow we have primary rain orr the majority of the tristate region. wurnght weather advisories starting to droop down but city has been a cold ring. but head up lower hudson valley into connecticut with more of the slush or snowy conditions
6:46 am
as we speak. in the end an inch of ice but grown is more about the rain coming through here today so kind of a messy situation. okay so rain continues into early afternoon. mix at first and rain and high temp up to 52. partly cloudy for you tonight. chilly with lows between 43 and 33 a quick shower may pop down again, and eastern long island, not a big deal. 52 is your high on wednesday as well as thursday. friday, saturday an highs only up 30s low 40s back to where we should be this time of year maybe a hair above. anyhow cool weather is coming up. live interactive radar on the fox 5 weather app at the apple itunes an goggle play store. it is for free. check it out.
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now we have been hearing about this possible guns n' roses reunion for a while. do we have any definitive answer as yet? >> we do not but we have clues about rumbles and certainly an appetite for reunion when it comes to guns n' roses. [laughter] >> okay o the evidence is a little slum but it may be significant. over the weekend the website return its 80s j&r logo they read into that. also reportedly there's a of the band played before "star wars" showing that seemed random. like it should be significant if they're doping that. rumor is that it could be nicky said at in a q and a they're getting together and everybody know that. could be happening. and other reunion news mel b
6:50 am
celebrate the 20th anniversary with the spice girls. >> mel b ftion scary spice and making headlines that you could see them reare reunite that she's talking about hoping buzz builds and then kind of getting her band mates to agree to it. whether anyone elsements this is unclear. posh doesn't need it. >> famous in her own way. other girls don't need it but she's very rich with her own fashion line. so -- she's got a different image now that she night not want to go back to spice girls. rntion so much fun for a lot of us. rurals with teaming up with back
6:51 am
city of san francisco is not too happy with justin bieber. ads spray panted on their sidewalk and they don't wash off. so the san francisco city attorney is calling the ads graffiti and wants them cleaned up apparently bobbier hasn't responded so now going after his record label. >> scooter brawn doing. thank you so much anna. >> that's it for us. >> means a house full of people, who all want to get online. so hurry and get verizon fios. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, for only $79.99 a month online, you get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus, with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie
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