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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 29, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >> "good day", the last tuesday of the year. we are looking at the fdr drive and the road conditions are looking okay, but take it slow if you are headed out, there are already accidents and mike woods has the forecast coming up. we have a busy hour planned for you. we have a performance coming up. and she may be young, but a lot of spunk, we talk to hannah haze
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and ever wonder what it is like to be a professional hockey goalie, we see the view from behind the mask. we are actually playing and showing you our skills or lack there of. duke is doing that right now. duke, how is it? we have that coming up in just a little bit. ben is getting a master shave as we speak from michael harr, how is it going? >> going. it looks like him. there is a face under there. kerry: how is that feeling? ben: it is feeling great. i'm in good hands. i somehowedn't be talking. skills. >> any trends in the facial hair.
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they are at the peak. the straight razor shave is in and exciting the get. walk into a shop and get it done. >> what do you charge? >> $50 for a shave. hour? >> yes. >> we have the before and after. this is ben yesterday on "good day" on the left of the screen. actually this morning. the full skruf. a lot of people like the skrury looking ben. >> yes, 75% in favor of. i would told it is time to go. here. this is really comfortable. you do wedding parties?
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the chair folds up. >> do people lean back and tell their whole lives to you? >> it is like a bartender but they are not drinking. >> just getting a shave. a little therapy. how are you feeling? >> i could fall asleep here. >> i bet his face feels cold. >> it does, smoother. michael, where are you? >> instagram at mike will cut you. >> not in a bad way. >> exactly. >> you work at a barker shop in soho. >> yes, fellow barber. >> are you done? >> laos bit. we are fine tuning. >> we'll check in with mike woods and while we do, ben is getting finished up. >> mike, what'd you think?
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michael had a lot of work. keep it up. to what's happening out there. well, we have seen winter weather coming back here, here is a shot. thanks to tom for sending that in. anyhow, looks good out there. nice coating. sleet and mixed with the snow and freezing rain. it is icy out there. be careful on the walks. the decks out there. they are iced over. a lot of slip and falls happen with days like this. the winter advisory is scaling back. there is a chance of it coming down earlier. up. we have 42 degrees at central park with rain coming through here. it is not a ton of rain.
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coming by. the shower action is breaking up soon enough. we have some to the west of us. we are not in the clear yet. keep the umbrellas around for the morning. headed to lunchtime it is winding down. we have the dryer air working into the tristate. there is a front passing by later on. most of this rain is out of here by the afternoon. we are not getting rid of the clouds completely. some what cloudy. again partly cloudy day. a chance of a few showers as the low pressure is passing by to south, it is close to us in the tristate missing most of us in terms of the rainfall. a little on eastern long island. that should be about it. we have cloudy day out there. too. kind of mild actually in the afternoon because of the warmer southerly flow.
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up later. tomorrow cloudy and high of 52. 52 on thursday. friday you have sunshine back january 2, '01 # 6. high of 44 degrees. cooler temperatures will be the 2016. and we have a birthday shout out old. look at how cute she is. she's the cutest thing and the apple of their eye. we love a shot like that. kerry: so cute. ben is all finished up. ben? ben: what'd you think? kerry: a great job. ben: it is feeing awesome. thank you. check him out on social media, twitter and instagram. thank you for coming in.
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>> jealous about that. we are putting you back to work now. >> yes, i'm cleaned up. >> we are doing the before and after one more time. this is earlier on "good day" and after, clean shaven, looking like the ben simmoneau we all know. looking good. >> ben: thank you. kerry: looking good both ways. city living is getting smaller, smaller than the apartments that some people already live in. ben: a surge of the micro apartments. juliet huddy is in the boxes that the people are living in. >> juliet: a lot of people on twitter are really annoyed at the comments, i think these things are cool. i'm not trying to sell them to you. they are what they are. behind me, a beautiful day here in kips bay.
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right now, the smallest apartment that you can have here in new york city the limit is 400 square feet. that is very small. but not too small for new yorkers 60,000 applications are coming in for the tiny micro apartments here. this is down on east 27th in kips bay. it is an experimental housing project. 55 apartments in the building. ranging from 360 square feet models range prosecute the mid 2,000 to 3150 a month. these are tripped out. they are brand new. they are nice and clean. hold on to that thought. that price is fairly consistent with a nice studio with nice appointments in kips bay.
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the smaller units 265 square feet and yes the size of many american's closets, $950 a month, if jou snatch one of the limited affordable houses program units. here's the thing, this is why they are pricey, high ceilings, windows, murphy beds, dishwasher dishwashers and desks reverting to a dining table. new york city is expensive. but the mayor would like to eliminate the 40 square foot limit and allow these to be built. the decision is up to the new yorkers, but with reaction to this, a lot of new yorkers are going with this plan. thank you. all right.
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new year's eve. we reaction to this. please introduce me to fools paying $3,000 plus. i have magic beans to sell them. >> yes, a lot of people are doing this. they are excited about it. to each their own. >> well, it is a lot of money for not a lot of space. you can rent a whole house in new jersey for that money or less. >> he's called the ambassador to song book, entertainer, michael feinstein is known for the renditions of american standards, which he wormed around the world. -- performed around the world. >> he's been selling out the shows at the 54 below with three shows a today and hosting the pbs special at a rainbow room and great to see you.
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>> talk about the new year's night. >> it is a pbs show that aired last year and it is aired nationally, it is great,less si odom junior is on the show, kelly o' hara. it is nice, i will be in san francisco for new year's eve. >> what is the favorite part about the special? >> working so i'm not out in the world. >> i was looking at the schedule for the month of january and february, you perform upwards of 200 nights a year, sometimes a number of times a day, does it ever get old for you? >> rarely. i feel so lucky doing what i love doing. i don't know what else to do. i feel like i'm one of the few people in the world that is
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most want to do and connecting with the audiences is amazing. personal have personal reactions to music. especially the great american song book that i sing. >> where is your favorite place to perform? >> i love carnegie hall and i lo the club, feinstein 54 below. the love the intimacy of the small room. to play in a maul situation with people where you have total honesty, you see their eyes and reactions, it is interactive. i love when people shout things out from the audience, alcohol does that to you. >> what is always a crowd pleaser? >> love is here to stay. i performed it a lot of weddings
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>> who else is on the show? leslie odom. who else? >> kelly o' hara, marilyn may. she's 87. unbelievable. a young lady julia goodwin, part of our great american song book foundation, an organization i started to acquaint high school kids with the classic music and we have thousands of kids from around the world that apply to be a part of it. it is a great thing. >> you started play at young age, the piano at five years old. >> well, i started to play at five and my parents thought i was lying. i played professionally in my teens. by the time i graduated high school, i department go to
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wasn't college material and i started to play in the piano bars and i realized i could make money doing what i love. it has been like, four years. >> grammy nominee, emmy nominee. any particular high light? >> meeting the people i have met others. presenting people in the club is extraordinary. next month we have lorna luft. people throughout the years and presenting them in entertainment center is great. >> thank you for being here. >> pbs hosting from the rainbow room on new year's eve. >> still to come on "good day
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>> a great big world is performing a new song for us. >> she's a breakout star from the grinder, we sit down with hannah hayes. crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside.
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and funniest comedy, the gripeder. it is sure to make your laugh. >> rob lowe is self-obsessed actor and moving back home to run a lay firm. take a look. >> i'm going to prom with a senior. i have no illusions about what he's after. >> joining us now the hannah hayes and she's playing lizzie, the daughter on the show. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> congratulations on the success of the show. i have to ask you, this is great ensemble. big names. is it intimidating to be around these actors and actresses? >> they are so kind and we are
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professional and sometimes make you laugh. rob makes you laugh so hard on the set. and even in between the takes. fred is crying. bill is running around like it is his first job. he's so happy and carefree and wonderful. >> you are just 16 years and that is incredit >>. >> i was 8 and in community the theatre and i sat in the wings and i was the smallest part, i can't wait until it is my turn to get on the stage. >> who would you say you are the closest to? >> conor or mary elizabeth. >> she seems great. >> yes,she's incredible.
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we have -- we come to set an hour earlier than everyone once and we talk about boys and have coffee. >> you are just 16, so you are balancing school with this role, how is that going and how does that work? >> i'm home schooled. i took the test, and i don't have to go to school on the set. i'm squeezing in school and it is crazy. to time for boys. >> how do manage everything. you are from arizona and now spending time in l.a., have you moved there? >> yes. >> what type of break do you get? >> we get a month break. we had two weeks over thanksgiving and i was missing them. i don't know what i will do with a month break. >> you are working with the veterans and what are you
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i feel like the best way to learn is by watching them do their thing and bill is so, he's got a back story for the lines, just watching them do their thing. chemistry is key. back and forth. how long does it take to develop or is it instant? >> it depends on the actors. i was cast the last second and lucky we are all close. >> and you are working so well together? >> yes, yes. >> where do you see the character going? >> she's very kwishgy. she's adventure ous adventurous.
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>> what it like now, are you stopped on the street all of the time? >> no, i was recognized for the first time in bloomingdales. >> so you are getting the thrill? >> yes, that was the first time. >> it is going to happen a lot. >> what do you like about being in new york? >> it is so beautiful. rockefeller center and just everything, the lights and it is beautiful. >> you have hit the jackpot with the show, what do you want to do in the future? >> yes, i would love to explore dramatic roles further. i was on law and order svu. >> the show is the grinder, tuesdays moving to 9:30.
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>> yes, and tuesday night comedy line up. if you want to catch it up watch it now. >> grab your popcorn and watch it. >> yes. >> a special quest star? >> yes. i have a scene with him, i'm so excited.
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>> thank you so kerry: well, it has been a great big year for these two. they met at nyu and formed a great big world and selling 4 million copies and a grammy. >> they have a new album, when morning comes. they are performing on "good
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something happens when i hold her, when the days get short and the nights get a little bit colder, we hold each other, we hold each other. we hold each other. everything looks different now, all this time my head was done, she came along and showed me how to let go i can't remember where i'm from
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our love has just begun something happens when i hold him, it keeps my heart from getting broken, when the days get short and the nights get a little bit frozen, we hold each other, we hold each other.
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something happens when i hold her, she keeps my heart from getting older when the days get short and the nights get a little bit colder we hold each other, we hold each other, we hold each other we hold each other
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we hold each other >> coming up on "good day new york", this is really cool. >> we get a look at what it is like to be a goalie in the nhl and thank you to the rangers. duke is geared up for it right now. duke, how does that feel? duke: i tried it. it is real. greg: scarey when they are
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more of t why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough.
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>> it is probably, i don't know, the hardest, one of the hardest jobs, being a goalie in the n hl. >> we have the thing for you. this is a virtual hockey simulator. joining us this morning, former rangers player and analyst. thank you for coming in. >> tell us about the simulator. >> duke is wired up here. >> this is getting a chance to see what it is like to be a goal tender. as you can see here, the
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>> duke, look around. >> it feels realistic. i have the voice taking you through the whole thing. in the locker room, taping up and lacing up and to the ice. they are shooting the puck. [laughter] it is scary. i have tried it already, i buckets. it is crazy. >> we talked about in the commercial break being a goalie, the pucks are coming how fast? >> 110 miles per hour. >> wow. >> as a former hockey player, how real is this game? >> it is real. oh, it is real.
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>> two of four. >> i need the blocker back here. >> oh. >> cat like reflexes. [laughter] >> the thing, you are getting into it. it is a workout. >> you do. you think okay i will get a few shots, you get competitive and wanting to stop everything. you can see right here, like, you are trying to stop everything. >> with the goggles on, it is scary. so you can do this on the concourse level at msg? >> yes, the fans can stop by, we are trying to enhance the fan experience at the games. >> what is the reaction to it? >> it is great, young, old, female, the fans are loving it. out of breath.
9:31 am
great shape. duke: it is like you are going to get hurt. you are thinking you have to protect yourself. >> ben is going to gear up. >> two of four in the first round. i just got in the way. >> >> you can do this? >> well, one of our talents at msg tried it, jj beat me. i beat steve. >> hey, so, when you are doing this, is there a key to doing it, i looked at the center of the skater's body and guessing which way they are going to go, what is the key?
9:32 am
there are only 30 goal tenders. the guys have the ablth to make the reflex saves and react to the puck. once you guess, i have them beat. >> the first round is a couple of shots and rapid fire after that? >> yes. slowly easing into the game. on you. you. >> and it is cool. nice stop. tell us about the ranger team, 3-6-1. not a great night in nashville. how much of that is just a lulls of the season, or how much of that is carry over from last season, you played so many games? >> it is a little of both.
9:33 am
if you watch the way that teams play, you can't play 82 games and be on a high every time. there are valleys. rangers are going through that. okay. they need a nice balance attack together. they have not had that in together. >> all right. he's getting low. he's getting like a real goalie. >> they are following the puck to the body. >> how many actual shots do you
9:34 am
>> real quick. ranger fans worried about what is happening now, is this a thing they come out after getting healthy? >> they'll be okay. the defensive core is unbelievable. it is a matter of finding the balance and getting healthy. once they become healthy they'll be okay. >> thank you so much. >> still to come, great ideas
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>> if you are stumped about what to make for the new year's eve gathering. >> jen is joining us with easy appetizer ideas to spice up the party. >> yes, we are starting with these, they are wraps, stuffed dates. who doesn't need a hot date.
9:38 am
wrap and roll. they are ready to go. i like to serve them on this. the best part guests walk by and no plate needed. >> how long to bake? >> 400 degrees for ten minutes. >> these are stuffed mushrooms. this is simply filled with sauce, mozzarella ball and no need to cut, italian seasoning, and 2016 toothpicks to get a flair. we are waiting for the weight loss resolutions until after the ball drops, but vegetables are
9:39 am
this is my veggie clock. colorful vegetables. we have different dips. so four options. em embrace the power of the ingredients. a hummus or here you can make your own. i made my sun dried tomato white bean spread. it is a can of white beans, rinsed and drained and sun dried tomatoes already prepared for you. >> what do you do? >> pop them in the food processer and boom, you are the chef of the day. we have the step by step instructions and with photos. this is greek yogurt basil dip. it is thick, creamy. it is better for you. we have a pinch of pepper. garlic salt and packed with
9:40 am
some fresh basil. that is it. use dry if that is all you have. mix it together. >> i love it. they are pretty healthy too. >> a big tray. >> you can find at a local party store, just plastic cups. no dishes. just throw in the recycles when you are done. no washing. >> i like it. >> i filled them with brie and jam. these are spreadable goat e cheese. sweet, savory and a great crunch. i have labelled all of the food. they are simple face cards.
9:41 am
confetti and label so the guests know what they are getting. >> say you are doing just appetizers and cocktails, how much per person? >> that depends on a veggie platter, this is a little more filling, it is like a salad. assume people take two of everything and count for more if you have extra hungry guests. >> and not complete without the bubbly. >> yes, one for choosing to drink with or without alcohol. this is a sparkling cider. and this here is trending right now. it is like a champagne with a lower price tag and you can buy more bottles. this is a liquor.
9:42 am
sweetness and floral component to it. i will pour one over here for you. elder flower at the bottom for a mix. a touch here. help yourselves. >> you have them ready for the guests? >> yes, ready when they arrive. >> are they dispossible zdisposable? >> yes. >> who wants to do dishes. >> you can take the elder flower. >> yes,>> website not so >> all right. >> thank you so much. >> happy new year. great ideas. happy new year. stick around for tomorrow on "good day", we have you covered with a list of events you can still get into.
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"good day new york" will >> today's 9:00 hour facebook fan vick cruz. >> like our "good day" page. >> all right. >> catch us on periscope.
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download the app. sign in and follow fox 5 ny and send in your questions. >> duke is here, duke, congratulations i have to say. you have worked hard throughout the year. you have dieted and working out and it paid off, take a look. >> wow, tell us about this. >> this is the current muscle and fitness on stands right now. this came out. they have asked me to do a shoot. i love fitness. i tell my story in there. how i battled weight problems in high school, and you know, picked up muscle and fitness as a kid to help me get in shape. i learned a lot about diet and exercise. i thought i knew a lot, but i learned a lot.
9:45 am
>> duke of new york, i love that. was it kind of crazy to be in front of the cameras? >> it was. it is crazy to you know to talk about it like this. you know, this is out there for everybody to see. you are always nervous. so i took it real serious. i had a lot of help with good friends, steve weatherford. and steve's partner is a good friend. i really learned a lot about portion control. it was a good experience. i know a lot of people are looking to get in shape for the new year. >> awesome, it is looking great. >> thank you.
9:46 am
to hate, the social media mob. >> from a woman who pretended to be black and the former exec that raised the price of a drug. >> so have you walked the walk of a black woman? >> absolutely. >> the washington post named rachel the third most hated person, the former person of the naacp posed as african-american. she was outed this woman as a white woman and angered many and the internet forgot her as it did everyone else it hated this year. it is a constant flow of information coming through 24 hours a day and something bumps that particular story. >> it is blamed on a news cycle turning ever fasting, like the
9:47 am
killed cecil. >> not only are we anonymous in the thing that we say, but we escalate the conversation with the one upsman ship. >> the post east most hated person, built rapidly and passed in a couple of days, until aest ared 3 months later. >> under whose authority? >> the clerk in middle of kentucky that refused to issue mashlg licenses to gay couples brought a lot of attention. she went to jail, those coupled married and now continuing to follow the fat jew after admitting he plagiarized jokes
9:48 am
witch hunters. >> i'm not supposed to be doing this. >> donald trump is one unforgettable target because he refused to go away or dwell on just one moment and continue stantly supplying the material. >> they do not become indelible in your minds. >> what a year. >> all right, mike woods, a dry year at that, we are ending on a wet note a little bit? >> yes a little catch up work in terms of the rainfall we were lacking for the year, but more left over for you today. the frozen precip is coming to a close. only minor accumulation is expected at this point.
9:49 am
more rain. you can see that rain with a mixed line moving up to the north. all together it will be rain as we head to later half of the day and then the showers are coming to a close for a while. high of 52 this afternoon. tomorrow a quick shower that is it. 52 again. 52 on thursday. we see a cool down, highs dropping down to upper 30s and lower 40s for early next year. cool, fresh and winter like weather. not a lot of snow coming to us in the city so far. >> thank you, mike. cool, fresh, we have clean shaven here. you started with a beard and end ending smooth.
9:50 am
thank you to michael harr doing the shave. my first like that. >> very cool. >> thanks for joining us today on "good day new york."
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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside.
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