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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  December 29, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> mourning a hero. hundreds turn out to pay their respect to the nypd detective killed while serving in afghanistan. joseph lemm killed last week. mourners included friends, family, fellow servicemembers and police officers. dan bowen has more were westchester. reporter: national guard members, colleagues from the nypd, family, pren, hundreds of people taining a wake for new york police detective joseph le mm in the hometown of west harrison, new york. a man andrew cuomo tonight is call canning a hero. a display of honor for of courage. >> his family should be proud of him. he served this country. >> their father is a
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reporter: governor andrew cuomo's message after meeting with two children. was sworn to gene, sworn to protect, that is what he did. >> lemm was serving as a technical sargen in the air national guard when he and five others were killed buy a suicide bomber last week. a 15 year odd veteran of the nypd, lemm on the second tour of duty well the guard and served one tour in iraq. >> this man was good soldier. he was good detective. he was good american. >> the 45-year-old began the policing kay learn to village in os singing in westchester county where the fellow officer knew he would be special. >> always had good heart and was eager to learn and was not afraid to even as rookie, even was not afraid to do what needed to be done protect the people in the city of new york. we all want to be that man who lived his life that way with that honor, served this country, made the ultimate sacrifice.
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scheduled for wednesday. lem will receive full mill tar rain police honors. cardinal dolan will of for the mass. dan bowens, "fox 5 news." former glee star out on bail tonight after arrested today on child porn charges in california. he played noah pucker machine on the show. he was taken into custody after he was served with a warrant at the home in los angeles. tmz say police found more than 1,000 images of child sexual exploitation on the come poot earn took tablet and cell phones as evidence as well. >> his attorneys argued he was too rich and spoiled to know right from wrong. that defense helped the affluenza team avoid jail time for deadly drunk driving crash. he may end up behind bars afterall. linda schmidt has the latest. linda. reporter: that is right, good evening, allison. they believe ethan couch and his mother were in mexico. the two ended up using a cell phone to order pizza from domino's,
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location and that is how they got caught. >> we expected the mother-to-be charged with hindering apprehension and texas law. reporter: you a hrs say tonya couch took off for mexico with ethan so he prison time. ethan was serving ten years prohibition for killing four people while drunk driving two years ago near fort worth, texas, but then, this video surfaced showing him playing beer pong at a party. the probation violation could have hand him in prison for up to ten years. shortly after the video appeared, ethan and his mom disappeared. and international manhunt led authorities to puerto vallarta, mexico, a popular vacation destination. >> eventually got some intelligence information that was very valuable that they had drive in the pickup truck that we put out at the last opportunity for information to look for and that is what they tell us they would go to
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over the border. ethan couch who is blonde, had died his hair, mustache and beard while on the run. following the deadly crash in 2013, ethan's lawyer had invoked the defense. a than was created by the affluent upbringing by wealthy parents who did not teach him difference between right and wrong. well, now, the district are attorney wants ethan dealt with as an adult. >> the request of the court is to transfer his probation to the adult court and deal with him in the adult system where we no longer have to be concerned about the best interest of the child. the child defendant in this case. >> okay, now, they say ethan couch and his mom may have planed to take off to mexico, in fact, they had a going away party of sorts before going on the run. allison, back upstairs to you. >> in believable story, thank. >> bill bratton firing
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former top cop ray kelly who accused the department of falsely reporting shooting stats to low are the city's crime rate. he called the claim outrageousp. >> the comments you will make when you are selling a book, quite frankly. those comments were outrageous. my cops work hard, very hard, to reduce gun violence the city. for him to put in that hard work that result in shootings being reduced in the city and claim in some fashion they were playing with numbers, shame on him. let him back up that al bation. >> frank kelley released a statement today in response though bratton's remark ares defending the stance on the crime stats saying members of the new york city police department has informed me that the calculated in an effort to reduce the reported number. >> three brothers joining the nypd. he watched as the three
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and 22-year-old twins were all sworn in together part of the marley 1200 new officers graduating from the police academy. they thought one of the boys join the force, but not all lee. >> johnny boy there who graduated with honors. he has my shield. the patrolman shield. he was dest telephoned for it. they were focused on business communications and told them to do what i did. this was the backup plan. >> pretty incredible. marks the first time the three had graduated were the police academy at the same time. im he is priv. >> youauthorities arrested two men believed to be linked to a failed terror plot. both were arrested after two days of searches in the prus sells area. no weapons were found. but they did seize military type uniform and propaganda linked to isis. belgium has been at the heart of the investigation that left 130 people dead. >> the nypd making preparations to secure
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year's eve. thousands will be on patrol to make sure everyone stays safe. here is lisa evers. a we are not aware of any threat at this time that we deem credible and we have a constant threat analysis stream we are constantly reviewing and, again, we are not aware of any threat at this time that we deem credible to this even here in times square. >> although, there is no specific threat. the commissioner says after recent terror incidents worldwide. the nypd is ramping up efforts to keep the new year's celebration and the city safe. we have a lot more we have a lot more personnel that have been trained. we are constantly trying to expand the equipment. there will be additional 600 officers above what was here last year. the number of canine patrols is being increased and there will be hundred of specially equipped officers are the newly-formed counterterrorism critical response they will be stationed at every entry point,
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presence of the nypd's elite services unit. >> start checking with hand held meters and check everyone. >> the nypd and the city are partnering with the fbi and other law enforcement agencies. the planning has been in the works since last january. >> what we can assure you, the preparations are extraordinary. >> commissioner bratton says the new smartphones will enable dispatchers to sen out pictures in real-time the officers in the field and instead of relying on verbal radio. they have enhanced their surveillance system. evers, fox a news. >> after one december, we saw snow in toledo were a here. the roads were slick this morning. mostly north and west of the city. this is what it looked like in mahwah,jection. a thin coating of slushy snow is all it took. things are warming up, though. audrey puente now with the forecast.
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be easier than it was this morning, again. >> yes, for sure. much drier weather as we go through the morning commute hours tomorrow. a look at the satellite and radar shows all the winterweight are we had maritimes. a lot of good snow falling and has fallen already actually around new hampshire and the ski resorts of vermont. that is good. en our where are, we have a a low cloud deck in police and there is patchy fog being reported so that could slow you down across parts of interior new jersey and the hudson valley. no are in on the forecast or on the map for that matter. low visibilities being found in places i mentioned. be a you wear. temperatures pretty chilly toll the north as we're fining in the 30's like poughkeepsie, sussex, over to monticello, 40 in the city. same number in islip and montauk and bellmawr. pretty comfortable now at 45. our winds are light. muff to bring in a chill in the 30's around poughkeepsie and monticello.
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low readings in the 20's tonight. we start the day tomorrow, we will have lots of clouds in place and will stay mostly ruddy with temperatures 40's. allison and steve. audrey. >> torrential rain shutting down parts of the interstate. severe flooding killed at least 18 people. threatened hundreds of businesses and homes. they called in the national guard. the mississippi river expected to reach nearly 15 feet above flood stage in st. louis. the second worst flooding on record. >> convicted former new york state senate leader put in for retirement benefit and the long island reb fire filed the paperwork up to $95,000 a year earlier this month. a area ry found guilty of charges he used influence to arrangement payments and job for son adam. state lawmakers voted in 2011 to we hold pensions for corrupt officials
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those who entered the state pension system before 2011. >> the of the road for george pataki. the former new york governor telling supporters he is penning he bid. he 70-year-old entered the crowd gop field in may barely registered in state or national polls and never made it to the main debate stage and had trouble raising fun. >> police searching for lee men wanted for stealing 30 fur coats. they show the man ransacking henry in madison avenue first 16th. police say they entered by breaking a window with a brick and got of furs. >> all right p. if you are working this week. you may be minority. >> why it is more and more common to ditch the office. >> all right. commute on the l train. you think they are alive and well. why some hipsters are going away and who could be taking a place. a new buzz word for you.
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the image that parked debate on social media. come seek the royal caribbean.
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a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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>> where we to work bring you the news this week. is anyone else punching the clock. jen law merse explains why it has become an office dead blown. for those who holdout showing up for work this wook you may feel like you are taking it down to half speed or going through the motions. >> it is probably not a production getting done in indianapolis right now. >> welcome to the office dead globe. the week between christmas and new year's eve when everything seems to ledown. >> not all about work. it is not work for the most part. it tens to be a little bit more. it tens to be lighter. >> well, some look at it as a good thing. >> a seat on the train. i have loom on the subway and no one is calling me, so i can catch up. i got 11 months worth of
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others see it as >> i wouldn't this week. it is christmastime. let them have a day off. after all, how can you focus on work when so many around you are gone on vacation or at the beach? one company that doesn't mess around is price waterhouse coopers. for the last 13 year, the acoin ants have gotten christmas through new year's off. they brag about it on social media. look at the hashtag and you will pine picture of parents spending time with kids, biking, louging by the pool. thes oneas benefits the fact that everyone look force ward to and knows when the company will be shut down for business, so they are not at home and balancing get e-mail and what am i missing at work if. >> ten full, uninterrupted days of bliss, but, hey, if you cannot take the time off, you are stuck at the office. the corporate coach says there are ways you can make the most of it. >> you can become productive.
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distracted. there is not as many people watching you. can enjoy a little bit more connecting with you while at work. in midtown, jennifer lahmers, "fox 5 news." sadly, 2015 is not not the only thing this week. toys 'r' us leaving times square after 15 year. the company will close the flagship store tomorrow night due to skyrocketing rents. the company is currently searching for a mu location in the city. >> happiest place on earth heading to the dark side. a new 14 and kerr store wars themed attraction heading to disneyland. several will be permanently closed to make room. construction gets underway early next year. >> if you have some nar tu wart wook wear at home. you will want to hear this. macy is recalling the stainless steel sets. distks can pop off and cause bruises and burns. the ten-inch frying pans were sold as part of the martha stewart collection ten-piece
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sets and cost $17 and sold at mace's stores on the web site for four year. >> medical scare. rob kardashian had to be rushed to the hospital over the weekend back and later diagnosed with diabetes. the 28-year-old brother of kourtney kardashian, kim kardashian and khloe kardashian. he plans to get health healthy. he will turn around in 2016 according to family. the streets of san francisco, no place for just tin bieber's new album purpose. the city attorney says they are nothing but graffiti and wants them cleaned up. he reached out to the bieber calm and has not gotten a response. he is asking to take ir a of it or pay up. >> some ways new yorkers are the hippest people in the world. hipsters would be running the plate. some say their day has come and gone. stacey delikat takes a look. >> the urban dictionary
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subculture men and women that have regressive politics, art and in dy rock and white banter however you define hipster shall, add this. a thing of the past according to everyone from the ardian to mashable. they wrote that story in a the hipster is ded and may not like who comes next. we asked him about it via skype. now you see at pansy bars and see everyone wear plaid shirts. we wanted to talk to some actual hipsters but the problem is, no one admits to being one. >> a hipster. >> i am not a hipster. >> fits the end of the hipster era, there will not be many mourners not judge buying the people who love to hate hipsters. there are ed dedicated facebook features and endless parities. but back to what will proceed the hipster, he wrote the story coined
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>> a young urban creative. >> a young urban creative that he deserves to succeed among the attributes they don't like gentrification and theory but loves doughnuts in practice and used to be in banking and row ounce the finance and has thousands of instagram followers but no twitter followers m. so where they does, the only time and maybe in too gram will sell it f. stacey delikat, fox a moose. >> new year's eve plan plans rocked in yet ma working right here. >> from the best parties in the city to live performance. we'll take a look at the best last minuted ideas for bringing in 2016. >> they are legal on city streets. people are riding them everywhere. moan the fight to make
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>> if, 2, 1. count downto 2016. hundreds gathered today. they gather around the top of the hard rock. i have been up there. it is a cool location. and as you can see, they tossed handful ifs of confetti to test the air worthiness. about 3,000 pounds will rain down on the one million ref leg, pecked to gather. some of the paper pieces will include handwritten we shalls for people who submitted them. >> that looked air worthy. >> looked liability was peat. >> steady pass the test.
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>> what will you be doing when the ball drop moose baruch shemtov may be able to help with unique ways to bring renning in 2016 around >> it is no too late in new york city. you can get into a great party. >> car hos, editor of timeout new york says there is time to plan for new year's eve. the favorites are the times up annual ride so if you are in into cycling which more and more people are. you hop on bic and bring your own. you can bring roller blades one of the the night. >> queen of the night is sort of the most over the top speck take you could lar lavish dinner theater extravaganza. new year's eve will be queen of the night's time performance at the hotel and creator randy gave us a sneak peak days before the show packs up and moves to a new still secret location. >> we always have incredible performance. we have sort aphro tating tax of performers who do all starts of tricks. note >> queen of the nights almost sold-out but
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available. of course, join me as i bring you live updates throughout the night. reporting right the heart of times square. baruch shemtov, "fox 5 >> true crime serries are the latest thing. >> so good. >> incredible. >> yeah. >> netflix impacting the justice system. >> having a real impact. >> mike pi tyson knocked out bay a hoverboard. oh. hoverboard. >> yike. this is fascinating wipe out the former host tonight.
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do you wonder why things work? do you look at things and say "i can make that better"? these questions, these curiosities then lead to discoveries... ...and those discoveries are going to lead to the energy solutions for the next 50 years. we have big, big challenges. one challenge is to capture the co2 before it's released into the atmosphere. we captured more than 6 million tons in 2014 alone. that's the equivalent of eliminating the annual emissions of more than one million cars. in the longer term, we are working on how to convert algae into biofuels. the ultimate objective is to be able to put it into an existing car, to not have to redo the engine. that could be one of the very important parts of the energy equation in the future. we want to drive our scientists, we want to drive our engineers, to never be satisfied with where we are today. because there are always better ways to do things. i'm vijay swarup, and i am a scientist
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>> making the latest binge-watching obsession. the latest new crime series to become a national phenomenon. the podcast grabbing headlines. >> all right. zachary shows, they are impact how the justice system responds to cases like this.
10:25 pm
extradition then confessions and not just another show, some call them series and others refer to as fictional drama. >> the miscarriage of justice that seems to have gone on is egregious, it is almost impossible not to get riled up and even irate about the entire thing. >> shows like making a murder and the jinx or take the podcast for example. i centers around this guy. his writer points out in the buzz feed article, the show has blown the case wide open. syed is convicted murder serving life plus 30 years and the case was closed the court of appeals decided to give another chaps. new attorney, new evidence and new witnesses. in the close are you look. the more seems responsible for the reopening says the writer. the fictional show, just people were talking about it and the first
10:26 pm
there was real case they were k aing about. i got interested and started looking. the lawyer began blogging about the case after she stumbled on the show and now co producer and the own podcast continuing the work of serial. >> the certain point will not get you very far in the spreadings but public attention to the case can break open you a new leaf and give them a chance that you would never have otherwise. >> let's take hbo's the jinx, for example, it was for ratings. he will be extradited to l.a. this summer where he will face charges. the new ranges the netflix series making a murderer. now the hacker group a. ous is involved after seeing the show. they say avery is innocent and has pledged to expose the corrupt police who put him back behind bars. this plays out like it is a mystery. like it is a thriller. that is the safer way of
10:27 pm
that the system really is failing people. >> unchartered territory here. we were talking earlier today. there is suspension. experts say with the government and with the justice system and something about this format that is unbias at home. you can absorb this information and it is causing a lot of misrust. this sort of stuff taps into a nerve. then, making a murderer on netflix. >> you are fan, right? >> it started last week. watched the whole ten hours into am we're inarable. i am spread thing word. >> it is like these shows. i was on road trip. i heard so much about it. once i tapped into that. once you start, you just want to be a part of the wol hinge. >> a great contest. all right. thank you. >> thank you. >> sibile, taking a social stand on social
10:28 pm
a note detailing how she said she had been raped as well as physically and emisly abused by ex-boyfriend. stalling says fear and embarrassment kept her from revealing earlier and now discussion matter on stage during performance and says she has gotten support from women and fellow come medians. lots of support on-line. powerful brave move by her. >> hoverboards are considered a fire hazard. the are trying legalize them here in new york. a bill that would attend the current traffic law to except them from classified. the state senate and city council considering similar measures. >> wasn't to make sure if anyone is riding them. they are not slighting the law. hoverboards are not motor vehicles. i don't think anyone here, or anyone that use them, or anyone that gifted them during the holiday season, would think that they are motor vehicles. >> right now, hoverboards are legal in
10:29 pm
around could face a fine of $200p. we don't seem to care. >> low priority though. all right. even priests getting on the action. caught on camera. riding the hoverboard in church on christmas eve while singing a song to his congregation. after the ved yo went viral. the dayosis in! shored a statement condemning the priest's wrong behavior and since been removed from the parrish. they did not see the humor in that. >> jeer. u got to watch the hoverboard. mike tyson. check ut now. he almost got shock out trying to ride the dar's new pink hoverboard. he posted the rid yes of bram. inhe was rying the side board which advertises it takes minutes to learn. i they may need a little
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>> all right. time for on brand offbrand. our daily look. onbrand, the iowa caucuses which continue to have unique way of humbling people with presidential as pirvations. democrat martin o'malley yesterday held a one-on-one town hall meeting with the single individual voter who was willing to praif the weather to hear the former maryland governor speak. off brand. the new yorkers whole ad the actual nypd yesterday to report that vince mcmahon has been arrested on live tv at the monday night raw event at the bark clay center and what they hope to acome, by calling the cops is unclear. >> on brand, var mclaugh are in who admit she's has trouble sit through the heartbreak two minute ads she and you no he again, he song in the back brund. see the dog. tells the blog markers she did get a whole new
10:31 pm
people who recognize her as the dog lady. they are sad. they raised some some $30 million for prevention cruel toy >> used to be look the prom song lady. now the dog lady. >> there you go. >> spooking of dogs. they don't wear pants if you if they did. >> which style would they go with inwithin on the left or right. i have a rongly held theory on this. we will deal in the doggie debate that is exploding on social media. >> and it is issue that creep up. looks like christmas tree lit up in abeen dned hospital. creepy. find out what it was. be sure that check out the fox 5ny weather app. things are getting interesting as we head toward january. fighters tailly hourly forecast and live interact radar and down where you around where the headlines and storm alerts as well. download the app, it reece. search fox 5ny weather
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>> the mystery are has been solved. employees at the tulane met call center across the street noticed the lights and pictures of the glowing window went viral some people
10:33 pm
tree and a police investigated they reportedly found bye 4 wooden boards wrapped with lights and treating incident as a break-in and want to know who did it. >> well, national gae oh graphic is valing the best picture ofier in. >> and every year photographers from around the globe submit photos to a contest. this year more than 13,000 entries. the grand prize went to james smart so it is titled dirt. look that. it is tornado looming above colorado and caught it after 15 days of storm chasing and won $10,000 and trip to national geographic in washington, d.c. where we will participate in the annual photographer seminar. >> all right. >> first place in the people. cat are ry at the ply ground of young man in uganda's capital city. the photographer hails from binghamton, morning. check thought beautiful photo. the game taken in rio. >> amaze. all those photos are worth checking out.
10:34 pm
went to this one. orangutan, it is hard to say, in the rain, it was taken in bali where he put a leaf on his head to protects from the rain. pretty cool. >> very cool. >> very cool. >> all right. burning up this he internet. all right. the pk thour started it all. how should dogs wear pans. we're taking the questions to the street st.s and wearing in ourselves and then this -- >> all right. i feel the same way every time i eat. the first taste of
10:35 pm
>> all right. do you railroad the whole dress debate thing? >> now there is another question that they are obsessed with. how should dogs wear pans? we sent lidia curanaj to fain out. reporter: it doesn't get much cuter than dogs wearing clothe has the instagram account the dog style are he is dedicated it to. jack is wearing ralph lorraine with a tie that
10:36 pm
expect to read the paper but now there is conundrum that is baf listening the worldwide internet. with a kind of pants should dogs wear and picture one or two. >> number two, i have seen. >> anne mccormacks the manager on the upper east side. after being in business 25 years and confident with the opinion that neither style works. they have to learn. >> so that may be a problem. i done think there is a zipper in there. >> zipper, these ladies say the hine leg looks the only way to go. >> this makes more sense, i get it. that is the way i look at it. he doesn't walk on two legs. i no he i think of it. >> it is only. >> is only this. >> is only. >> you are adamant. you know who this. i have see the picture, yes. why not this one. >> that is wrong. that is just wrong. that is northerly a. the fellows we spoke to say choice one for obvious reasons. >> it really looks like
10:37 pm
>> yeah. yeah. i mean, he didn't walk on two legs and walk on the four legs so he needs pants on all legs right. >> right. >> he has four leg and want to cover the four legs. >> speak of questions that makes total sense. did you wear a shirt or go bare chested. >> genes on the weather earn the social situation. well, du h. then, there is this. how would earthworm wear bra? not at all. bra. absolutley. >> that is a stupid >> yeah. that says it all. >> yes. >> it does. >> lid lidia curanaj, fox 5 moose. he we're back to the serious business. this is my submission. that is photo i took yesterday in rov dense. look at my mother's delightful dog sadie the love of my life. i love this dog. the poster picture proved it would wear the pan on the rear two legs because they stand up. the front two legs function as arms.
10:38 pm
i think i's degree here. the next photo. this mice dog. the boxer getting a hug from the best buddy. now had pants on his front legs he wouldn't be able. the highlight of the day. i am with you there. a all right. that issue is solved. we will table that. >> resolvedded. done. >> ton the next fake. a do you say? >> i have children. >> they go. >> yeah. you got bigger things of well said. all right. crazy ta. you no? he rain and little bit of this. we start off ugly. >> yeah. got quiter and now tranquil across the tristate area. we start out tomorrow. we have another chance of precipitation which i will show you. lets a talk temperatures today. high in central park made it to 46 degrees ap up at noontime today. normally, in the upper 3's we stay before that as we go leg the next several days. we did have some rainfall this morning. about under half inch in central new york.
10:39 pm
going to stay dry for the rest offing on this the reasonable doubt winds are light at 7 miles per hour. and area-wide. we're postally in the 30 he's in the 40's. at the freezing park and it is 43 now in bellmawr. these numbers are slightly warmer. i think we'll fo for numbers that are going to be milder across the area. we have comfortable air to the southwest here. phil phils at 48 degrees now. 50 d.c. we're a little colder to the north, though. albany, 34. boston on the mid 20 he a now. sol the ethreaten brought us the precipitation across the area is now pushing to the maritimes. we under in flies of high pressure just briefly tonight. it alongs leak we have clouds in place. there is patchy fog also. that is about it. no rain in the forecast. there is area that is sitting to the southwest. it is going to pass to the southeast tomorrow. be close enough to thing up the clouds again. then after sunset,
10:40 pm
that is when we see a chance of a couple of ice layed showers across the area. that is about it. >> the mild air is being squeezed do in the southeastern states. readings in the 60's tomorrow. warm in miami though. highs in the low 80's. the cold air that, two southward to northern portions of texas where tomorrow. the cold air tensions to the west coast. seattle at 37 inment boise, in the 20 he. a l.a. at 64 for high temperature tomorrow. so look at the future cast. shows lots of clouds in place tonight. tomorrow morning, we see brightening in the clouds. and maybe a peak of sun to the west and western portions of new jersey nar the border. that is about it. clouds will win out tomorrow. the threat of a couple of isolated showers in the evening tomorrow night. then, as we start off thursday. we have clouds in place. those will clear out. then sunshine finally breaks lawing. that's how we close out 2015 and should have plenty of sunshine. nice and dry as well. tonight, cloud and pog.
10:41 pm
of patchy drizzle. that is about it. overnight lows in the 30 tomorrow we rise to the mid to upper 40's. a chance of isolated showers in the evening. then if you are planning to head to times square for mu area's eve. the time of the ball drop. temperature at 41 degrees which is actually pretty good consider weg had nights where it has when 20 he a in previous years. we start off 2016 and plenty of sunshine. chilly though. in the 4's w. we fact they gusty winds and feel look the 30's for year. quiet. plenty of shine. temperatures about seasonable nor time of year. >> a good start. >> yeah, i think so. new year's eve looking good. 41 at mid might. not too bad. hank, audrey. record. >> how is dad who is blin inspired him to stay positive after fireworks accident that left one of the hands
10:42 pm
reporter: i am christina with the toyota traffic tracker. the ram exit 19 closed for construction. that is going on until further notice. alternate side of the street parking rules feign wednesday.
10:43 pm
at 4:30 a. reporter: all right. how are you doing everyone. the fireworks accident back on july 4th has been well coupled. the defensive end lost the right index finger and part tef right thumb but true to his word, jpp did indeed return the season not only to play but to ply and make an impact in his team's last seven games and i sat down with the big number 90 to talk about what it took to battle the way back. not one. question why thisp penned to me. things happen to people every day. you know, it is in the public eye. this is new york city. so one of the greatest cities in the are, you know so happened talk the town and newsflash and the paperworks or
10:44 pm
i am happy where i am now. i am doing great thing things and 27 january 1st and the sky is the limit. >> after you had the accident all the talk was, while something like this pep! helps ut the life in perspective. js on, your father is blind. he has never seen you. >> merv seen you at all. don't think you need anticipate thing to put life in perspective four. >> right there. it says it all. my families a strong family. my dad never saw me before. you know? he don't know what i look like. youyou no he. he never gave up anything. you know? he still cooked for us. you know? when my mom was working. you know oh we moved from house-to-house and he had to learn a new house so it is basically up here and here and a here is here. you are willing to do whatever take its. my dad was my role model growing.
10:45 pm
model growing. i feel like when it happened, i feel like if he could do it, he is blin. that is something, you know, if he can do it. i can do it. a it great thing for me that i a role model for whatever it took. he put food on the table. he is cooking while he is blin. he is fed. he knows what the song is. knows where the rice is. you know, i think he will be nasty but he was really good into. that is my role model. that is the reason why i am capable of doing things what i am doing to date. he never gave up. know far fact i will not give up. >> that is a got role model. jp, also says next season, he plans on playing with without the right hand wrap like a club and so really he ith has been quite, quite a comeback. on the hardwoodth. they short circuit the pistons 108-96 while on the ice. 6-3 and devils at a as the hurricanes 3-2. that is it for sports.
10:46 pm
first time you tasteds aboutback only i don't. this baby has it on tape. let's take a look. >> bacon. >> bacon. >> k bacon. >> bacon. >> bacon. >> pretty much the perfect viral clip. he thinks he likes. that is 19-month-old. cook a piece of bacon christmas morning as you can see there the rest was history. he is talking about the eyes closes savoring. i. >> take away the backton get him to stop eating it. he is not like it. bacon withdrawals. the ved yo has been viewed more than four million times. in the past, modern day lav. we have five pictures of us under the age of five. >> right. right. >> every milestone is now hd video. >> right. >> my prandson on my phone. done take any pictures this. they are all sent to me. he shows me a doz and
10:47 pm
they are adorable. >> every day. it is cool. all those moments being captured. we're out of time. that will do it four. have a good night. see you back here tomorrow. good night.
10:48 pm
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