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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  December 30, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: st. patrick's cathedral will be filled with friends and family of the hero. they will say their final goodbyess to detective joseph afghanistan. ben: security will be a top priority this new year's eve, the nypd will be flat thousands of police officers to keep the a dick: i heard people say chicago was like new york but with no class. new york is classier than some people think, took the top spot in a poll to find a country's most sophisticated city.
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definition of sophistication but we definitely have a level -- ben: "good day early call" -- >> the city's very sophisticated. versus chicago, san francisco. ben: chicago and san francisco. it is spotless, downtown, like the magnificent mile area, snow traction. even by the trash can. what is going on? >> meteorologist: coming and cleaning it up. dick: scenes to be raining and
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>> meteorologist: yesterday was a dreary day, plenty of rain came through. we have 40 degrees at central park and newark, 40 degrees in sussex, same in poughkeepsie. winds are significant, lady from the northeast, locations, winds calm at this time, sussex, and belmar, not a bad start to the day even though it came to a close, cloud cover has not gone away completely, we see a decent amount of cloud cover around a tricep -- tristate the rain and precip is out of here, is to the north and even there it is light stuff and we won't see much going none. as we expand there's an area along the frontal boundary to the south of us which is vocal point for showers and is fairly close to us with but will be given us any rain?
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not much coming out of sight. high-temperature gets to 49 degrees later this afternoon and as we go through the next five days of high of 51 tomorrow, ring in the new year on a dry note but it is happening, slightly above normal temperatures. let's take a peek at what is going on with the weather. ines: it is going to be the weather today, so far so good, not bad, if you are traveling on staten island expressway. there's a minor debris spilled eastbound by rockaway parkway but not impacting flow of traffic. even though we have that going on looking good, guana and the bqe moving well, new jersey, the parkway, the turnpike, route 4, at the, everything looking good. let's look at the george which is a nice ride as you make your
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toll plaza across the span, everything moving well and as strange are concerned everything looking good, on or close to schedule. ben: this fascinates me, they do this every year. is not rocket science. the confetti in times square yesterday. ti-hua juliet: confetti will fly out and down. i don't think in any past new year's eve has flown up in the air in the atmosphere. and jumped into a restaurant nearby. it is a pr stunt. and it is fun to watch that. they like to see everything --
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rock, the air worthiness test. humidity, charges the falling speed. it is kind of fun. anyway. ben: it still worked. juliet: the nypd are all over times square call all over the city but especially times ben: robert moses explains thousands of officers will be on patrol to make sure everyone stays safe. >> reporter: immediately after the last piece of confetti fell to welcome 2015 the nypd started preparing for the celebration in times square to usher in 2016. much has changed including rise of isis, which inspired attacks in paris and san bernardino. >> we are not aware of any threat at this time the weed incredible. >> reporter: the department
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officers will be deployed in and around times square, 800 more than they were for last year's celebration. department that newly formed critical response, and which is made of highly trained and well-armed counterterrorism officers will be deployed. >> they are there in case anyone tries to breach the entry point. >> reporter: the department has technology on its side, hundreds, cameras will monitor everyone's move and chemical and radiation detectors will spot any problems. bomb sniffing dogs will also roam around. >> we are very confident new year's eve in new york city will be the safest place in the world to be. >> reporter: 1 million revelers are expected to show up and when they arrive they will be funneled through 14 access points and be screened again before entering one of 65 spectator pens. the message from law-enforcement in the city is loud and clear. >> leave the worrying to the
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because we are there. >> reporter: robert moses, "good day new york". ben: there will cbs the of the blue for the funeral of nypd detective joseph lamb. he was serving in the national guard when killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan. he will receive full military and police honors, and timothy cardinal dolan will preside over the funeral mass. juliet: three brothers are proudly following in their father's footsteps. deputy inspector anthony pavalli watched as his sons were sworn in to get there. that is crazy. they were part of the 1200 new officers graduating the police academy. the family thought one of the boys would join the force but not all of them. >> johnny boy there to gradually did, went on, has my shield, my
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for it, focusing on finance, business communication and told him to do what i do, this was my backup plan. juliet: the three brothers will go their separate ways serving in different precincts across the city. ben: the big apple is the most sophisticated city in america. juliet: was there any question? according to a new poll, new york, boston and washington d.c. in san francisco, chicago, also the most sophisticated accent's, please, we knew this, was british followed by french. only a third of the people who took the survey said they had ever been to the opera, ballet or symphony. ben: so we are judging sophisticated cities based on
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never been to the opera, ballet or symphony. juliet: i have been to be symphony. and i have never been to the opera. juliet: e.u. and not as sophisticated as i thought. ben: we could see some rain. ben: i don't know what is going on.
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get 50 meg internet for $39.99 per month and ask about free installation. call 1-855-want twc. >> meteorologist: welcome back. wednesday morning, 30s and 40s, 32 in monticello, the only spot freezing at this point, 35 in poughkeepsie, 35 in bridgeport, 36 in montauk, still a lot of clouds and fog out there, dense fog advisory for parts of new jersey, you can see in morris county, warren county, toward seminole county dense fog advisory until 10:00. and a quarter of a mile or less. as we look at what is going on
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of a mile from the allentown. don't be surprised, locations are fairly limited but some changes coming at us later tonight. in the south of us in the tristate region and most of the precip is heading to the south but briefly over this city, overton night, short while and is out of here and we should be drying out as we head into the last day of 2015 into 16. and 49 degrees, showers make this quick stop and are out of here by tomorrow, nice try cool down. the weather apps at the apple itunes store with live interactive radar, check it out, it is free. let's bring in christina stoffo.
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>> there were already ten accidents. definitely much more calm, we have foggy conditions, mike was telling you about but the new jersey turnpike, in both directions because of those foggy conditions and low visibility want to use extra caution on the roadways today, also on the deegan the southbound side of these 2 thirty-third street the ramp is affected by accident investigations a you won't get on to the deegan in this area until further notice. and on 79th street means the okay for you if you head in the northbound direction, we have roadwork slowing things down lifting the construction soon but if you head in the southbound direction, the next live look is the parkway, running along with no delay right now. and by rockaway park them under debris still not influencing the
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site in effect today. ben: the war of words between commissioner bill bratton and escalating. juliet: can be fired first accusing the department of false reporting shooting stats in order to lower the city's crime rate, cooking the books as some call it. has doubled down saying that and what the details to help people graze by bullets as shooting victims. bratton called kelly's claim another salvo saying, quote, members of the new york city police department had informed me that the current administration has changed the we shooting victims are calculated all in an effort to reduce reported number of shootings. let's talk about this with 25. the years would is going on. ben: he has been shot. juliet: yes, some of them talk to you, some can't stand you but you hear what is going on, the rumbling, what do you think?
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you shaved off that hipster scrub, i put on by peterson and gave you a beat down. by the way, i heard you sang in the previous segment you like ballet. ben: i have been to the ballet. >> real mainly. juliet: a lot of men look at the ballet. >> speaking of the two pcs going at each other. he within the lapd of cooking books and doing this. though kelly is on point but then again, you are not like pontius pilate, you are not that clean. they have been cooking books for years trying to go to the books, 7 felony counts and not them down, misdemeanors' don't get counted at all, that is a regular process. if you'd get snatched, they study the precinct, come back in a week and we will file a crime report and called 311, they do
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kind of crime actually ending on the books. >> is that encouraged by a brass or something each everything -- >> this is the equivalent every time any man, rudy guiliani or mayor bill deblasio, ask them about tickets, there are no quotas, just guidance, performance standards we set. always quotas, $1 billion in tickets have to be written each year. ben: what is your sense? earlier in the year the may/june time. a lot of attention paid to the fact the shootings were on the rise and murder were on the rise but now they are saying the second half of the year was cowher, not so bad, set -- the same or less. is the city safer, less a for about the same? >> i have yet to find one person walking the streets of new york city including bill deblasio supporters who think they feel
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you don't see editorials about that, you see what are they talking about? i feel much safer. everyone is on edge particularly because of the homeless who are everywhere and the mentally ill, more so the mentally ill, those with severe emotional problems who are a threat to themselves and everybody. the juliet: a lot of the people i know in new york city, you could tweet us@juliet huddy ben simmoneau, a lot of people say they feel the mayor is looking at the horse drawn carriage and things like that, paying more attention to stuff like that and some say his liberal causes, the crime stats and the crime situation -- any police officers watching this, go and tweet us, let us know what you think. >> on a coffee break winter the press corps to come out of
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us, used to beat -- not counting doughnuts. juliet: police officers -- ben: let's talk about even cal, the syed farouk yager who was caught over over the weekend with his mother -- >> he was so rich and decadent, he just didn't know what was right and wrong. that was the scam the use to get him off the hook. isis they let him spend a little time in gitmo, water boarding, let him meet up with a terrorist, al qaeda of boys, isis bull is, let's give them a dose of reality. jo lin king in that in solidarity. juliet: i have a feeling he was enjoying himself in prison.
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hipster, to be threatened by curtis sliwa? juliet: the shaving segment was booked the day before. and the your threat, i would have to adjust to having this morning. why don't you go -- wherever you go. no one knows. still ahead, no one knows. juliet: mike tyson takes a tumble. and had a dream about that.
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside.
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>> meteorologist: let's get you out the door wednesday morning, >> meteorologist: let's get you out the door wednesday morning, 39 degrees of cloud around the tristate, center part, no rain but you have clouds that there will be some rain quickly passing by later this evening into tonight, don't think it will be a lot of rain and a lot of folks may sleep through it. mostly cloudy skies and the showers from yesterday have moved on, we had 9 out of the time being, there's an area of low pressure and frontal boundary to the south of us and that will work its way toward the tristate region and bring up our shmosr chances as we head towards the evening and toward midnight rain chance goes up to
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you he rain pops through but it is out of here by tomorrow, new year's eve, new year's dary looking dry, a little cooler over the first weekend of 2016. juliet and then, over to you. juliet: mike tyson at least not out fight, none other than a hover board. juliet: the former champ al a lot got knocked out, we hope not, but this is his daughter's new pink cover board. ben: i think it was him. juliet: it advertises it only takes minutes to learn an 3he few days to master. he might need to take advantage of those few dly ben: you on hover board.
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decrease ctriista i ral break a limb or kill myself i will of coin. ben: duke wearing the tie. dimbe: i was very proud of the tver t. the next desperate snapped four game losing streak, tou wiit at facing the detroit pistonss at home, the knicks came out to play and they oureryd, blord.d the nba. and robin lopez. and another block, skip ahead, carmelo anthony, nice move to lay in. more mellow later on. going in third. team m him.s the shot.
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and is going to get it to go. base napa four gamthe nosing streak. and sunday's big game against buffalo bills, the jets win in buffalo, they are, s the ptroyoffs. the bill that 7-8 are out of the playoffs. they have an opportunity qualifyingve ar the post season. and november 12th, jets lost that, 22-17, thnssnext twice more and thight eco us is 10-5, that is where they were the hideous unifid is. christmas, is i guess. for the bills, they're starting tight end charles clay, backup quarterback will miss the g t with injuries. the philadelphia eagles have -- wow. cit kelly, the t mov has a short press release meaning jeffrey maurer padrk i- jsed ke mi,
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for sunday's season finale against the gis to s, s me3 c1 fife stadium. this is tom coughlin's last game. the rangers played ththe nightning in tampa baywilter tonight, thp63 c1 will be a rematch of last year's eastern conference fiy it times1 w4 and w pione of six islanders to find the back in second to make it 6-2 and the istronders win one g3. the e le ceres ga the rock in newark, carolina hurricanes down 2st s in the third. paul m l scored to ti- mt up, a
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