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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  December 30, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3goa, that scly com fos l5opews is is "good day wake-up". juliet: good morning, it is 5:00, it will be partlt thiunny tgoa,a i g0-ybe we will see that tgoa,a i g0-ybe we will see that yellow thing, that big blob that you hetimes cod m ouck i g06 e some showers this evening, mike has the full forecast coming day. bis i fullfolit l honors will be given to joseph glen at st.
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serving in the natioy ben: even couch, the affluenza teenager will be3 c1 fid win the thted oucates today,, the a and his mother were caught in mexico. that story captivah, a lot of peoch o. juitst: i amn huliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau. it is wed sday morning december 30th,nd nonlys left in 2013 -- 2015. is that crazy? julver tt: r thpember thefollfnss 1999can, ben: cash on hand, gois, watanis all that pjuiaziness. noulieng happened to. >> meteorologist: nothing haeryadv ga all. inump day. ben: unmas one. juliet: very important hump day.
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you got a lot to play this year. here we go. ben:opeed to do a llo3 c1 fe celebration. >> meteorologist: i wonder.
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>s thaumpver tto thpegnss by les haeryadv, s the month of december, hard to believe but we are at 4 inches for- sin r arch atus 27 finongg oght,al bma,ut the year still well behind something in the neighborhood of aring, d tmber inches. we have mostly cloudy sky
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up troter this evening, sto tonight. looks like temperatures drop back into a pretty coof r range. we% 3opped to aidgw of 43 degrees and we have sunny skies for new year's eve, subut w and a ot ol doogas we, the aad into the weekend. let's bring it to christina stof a and hopefttyy get some good news this morning, we're starting out that way. pyvistthe ne: we goty, rd of a eryaoupeen be inants that happened on the road. will be on the lie west, we have an overturned tren dk and west bound side is close down as a result of that, yoetws to to kesk tha tmn mind. if you usually commute passed that way to go to work, the part where rightg owpyastbing, d is t bforarily shut down because rockaway we have a garbage still,pyvirba goton thep>adwt of eryarews on the seen cleaning that up these down by rockaway by the eay ging, the inarewll bet ies they clean that mess until further notice. ge up 2 dk, 4g it to the sof atuntyand exp nesway which looks
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victory boulevary crafckac mo out thi03 c1 - ay,ttyyy ging, dand wde not too bad here next live show will be at gby ld cquarhey 7 c1rkway whrea fc atun great we hsfe by la guardia, not looking back as far as ttedtns are % bte,adv, metro-north, sinovy ny transit, past trains on or close to schedule, alternate sina effect. ben: prskarat40s ucqrway for the annual new year's eve celeat the nypd is 4ying to keep the final day of 2015 save. robert mosesfc plve, sy crd m s thatre and obviously werewll see
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tomorrow fe 35 >> repver ttter: coultaun to the countdown is on in times square. in just about 24 houway people up 2 d, 4npyvithek, 4g, the are in the crossroads of the world and the police messagefc t> o a ld, there'sg ositeciwher credible threat to new york but that being said police s hopthey are prep-nd for anntding. >> new york is ready. >> immediately after the last eibec of coporehr fell to warmelcpan e, sure 015 the nypd started preparing for the celebration in tid m thi0seene to westeshu e si6. fulch has changed including the rise of prices which either eryaarrver td out or, ssstred% bttacbou k be pyvitult.leca >> reporter: the department is
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the corobissioner says 6,, >> wene com the p of 6ery uld biel % b7fe this new year's eve because we are verbage c1 fyesre pr36 hou among the ofwherers trarewll be patrolling in times
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% b7y ththe arewll % btinue to hunt down isis leaders adding that the retorkng of raon inge was a en:ajor tushuae, nd ut iraq's u.s. trained military. juliet: a 24-year-orte accused of episland rg his fatherrewll be, s court today, jordan johnson got into a shoaeing 0-tbrwith his dadeadsten:heren tron aort,we aen cops arrived they found 55-year-old russelln howhe
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he had bember imbbethe times. his son was arrested and has bd-dbasree en:urdshow mourners will gathered this morning to honor a fallen, the aro. ben: a or oeral will be, the arte% bt st. patrick's cathedral for air national guoudinclanoaseput lamb tra was killed in rivgtri- %an. a wake was held yesterday in his home tw u of west ha. juliet:we aan. bt st patrick's where friends and family will gather a couple hours fbac now. c1 fnite p% boeer: good morning. streets here along fifth avenue in tront ofwill be .7 c1en d offs tra hedsten plade with barricades to accommodate all the people thatrewll beu.tiog today to . tronor the plfe of detective lamb just as they did last night at ver i nnkyyourewll seeepimbeway of the military and law-enforcement, community membersu.tiowill be t wes, thl bwan me ckanal farewod to a man who much more resembled that of the super . trero than aepire mortal.
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the hundreds who came to pay his respat is to therewtone oy of e mat id thoa prut oundb, a 15 year veteran of the nypd. a guardinclen killed thpsringm tis third tour of dumbl. >> we should all honor of this man and honor what, the ad nsupsendet and how, the a pl5:m tis lif i 3 c1 >> reporter: friends, family and perfect strangers bral ad the nal hndu.. juliet: aoutside rain anthony church in west harrison to do just that, d h% boaman who - ie the plfe ofthe cal an anand selflessness. a family man, a law enforcement ofwherer, a we aal mosesen tinm tid miparly should be proud of him. >> always had a good heart. st mount afnald mmber awaa mosroepise to do what needed to be done for the people of the cimbl of law ys.. ave. hou smag fas a 24-d soldier,
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amed r he was onm tist.rivgd togtof s througwhic villa gotis tn a suicide bomber drove into their convoy. is a, herewll rece sue mibb$ ut ond police honors. during his funeral at st. mesepimretslamthe- aing tareothylam togedrs >> willell want to be thatman way ho pl5:m tis pl cthat way with that honor. served his country,made the b7crifir b.
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trodepir trt suing - uh h% sar ut the hllaut wetem tisrov,wyeway the-se the so-called affluenza defense, sayingu.uch wast.loo epimh and etemiled tond tnrov rigill be trom wrong. this video is important because e rbecasis bly ery wedm tim minking ut ot a college party. a lot of people believe, that olas ag fonst ver ihe l, htion, alfwherials sayu.uch and his mother drove a truck there,
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facwe aa ankssiblempen year prison sentence for violating that probll ron. juadt: t theyu plve, s a bb$omplete the alternate universe. it is crazy. ole have a lot more loring drir b. supallquarn allamndidate george pataki calling it quits. bill ben:, the a waare till % b7cnning? a cver tt: he was, hence why he was leaving. ben: i haven't t ard trshoues muchhe l,e eek04. and michael, more rain on the way. >> metest mo through the day it is dry but daily and hourly forecasts are availa10e on thhat dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese
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the centers for services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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rquard h%ng t gotats e r the has under just tons of mud, % b7cined wantimthing. or eaeopng of wein fn bouneshorjusc1 ting the: stamin kil3 c1 deficiency. getting a plttle d3 c1 weruced p we are not there yet. we are getting there. paying in anquarnst mo newark, 35 in poughkeepsie, 36 in montau j winhis m loring trshou yepyast re atheal pone owe aa per md hat i not a
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have a cloudier day but not much er hinggurewth naluriall. and boraitherewlill hy sshowe, here is the cold front to the south of us omh an area ofincwhe lucure devc1 toa,ng, that area of low pressure will rise along the for the7rou$ and aincgetf7rin acst mo only a little bit of inco, sto the tr- %n, reg in. awaurehead towards 3d and your dry with mostly cloudy skiesbact feer this wany og$ 9:0d nathe canhowers come through and they will be in and out fairly quickly, thwill be i arant howund oplpd,ed across the majority of the tristate, it is rainfall we ut ore taleopng t ofk. p itu.mes in and out of here so quickly that we don't have a lot of7rin lsstoralrewth. heavist mo p asresg$s the the aa
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ride home and that is when much st mo don't think werewll re r aincng t 3 c1 showe, ofiverbact a plt arle something. by tomorrow is out of here, canu jey skver ts out j 51 lsakwill be ,st mo ankillegu the way. 40% christina stoffo. cold- %ina: w po we went for christmas break, see next year hoe
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6 hoie, iinggu tht ye george, ly,re yn, hol, ldome l y thiincss ng good into town and alternate side is in effect.
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back of the allegation. >> ray kelly fired anquarnere vo canayink oquoir membeway of the
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had informed me the currquar lleministrfnepon, tht seeounginrov? skyofc teckng the truth? >> have you been missing george pataeop? oke has beenst mosu jeing ut wesresident but now not any more. he is taking himself out of the rtmny ohat is > etonithe mfc the end of my journey for the white house as i suspend my,ss yad 8nreducr weskilley pnt. i am confident we can elect the right person, someone who will bring us tore rher and,nderimilyo3 c1 that politicians, including the president, must be the t the ey k canervant anis m juliet: makes you want to see him take a so7ryof hmidtcocoa. er accmidybestbeyst ththe aapill be he
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rathst mo obturously imry skyo ctauthe m that out. ben: jurassic world came out,
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shooploing to an him, toys r,s saying goodbye to times square after 13 years. yeu."gidenis m ng torewl, e iy. ll behoul locfnepnl juliet: we will take a quick break.
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iica c1 >> from fox 5 news this is "good s0ay wake-ag". ookstb teu.ken0ut ea.ape the rain for long. it should be dry but ristoroveway willneetlonn makef ut, kstells us what about new year's eve? 36 hours away.
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witary honorthrevill be gs ten togoogoseph lamb during his funeral today, at st. patrick's r ookc1 w guy has beof aarrested accused of having child pornography, more thankell jurarrnewsnd imestes of child sexyear l $ timy a er acche dry the,sraiof a ge, p. ie, h ben simmoneau. ben: a big deal, juliet:things wiident the e, lots of canureriisethe aapi theneeason they
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thought you would like to know yat. pru areidentllign se-- long hair.
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you run into fog. 41 degrees at central park, 45 in poughkeepsie, 36 in bridgeport, clouds leftover here but rainmakers out of the picture for the time being but stalled out frontal boundary and it will work its way back toward the tristate with another area of low pressure bringing in more rain chances further into the day. doesn't look like anything happening early on but as the day goes on, 7:00 p.m. rain chance goes to 40%, 60% by even p.m. so looks like there will be showers popping through, not for everyone but for many of us, they're in and out quickly, and that is it. cloudy skies coming at you with evening showers coming to you and the next seven days, high of 49, 51, we try it out and keep it that way for quite a while.
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what is going on wednesday morning. christina: an issue on the parkway, the eastbound side at rockaway dealing with the debris still, east bound lanes closed down as crews try to get this cleaned up as soon as possible, just want to be aware that will be close especially in the east bound direction, you may see rubbernecking passing that spot. i will take you to a live look at delays moving into this issue, the westbound lie moving this way into a closure by exit 60. and detour off the road things not looking good for use their definitely a place to avoid, the next shot grand central which is not looking so bad by la guardia. and running along up to speed and trains looking good, new jersey transit and pass trains running on or close to schedule call genocide in effect.
5:31 am
preparations to secure times square new year's eve, a bigger police presence than ever before. juliet: robert moses live in times square with what we can expect for tomorrow night's big celebration. >> reporter: we are already seeing that police presence in times square more than 36 hours before this unfolds. the message from the nypd is two itfold, no specific threat to new york city. 6,000 officers were deployed in and around times square, 6 to wait more than last year according to police commissioner bill bratton. and a highly trained or armed corps of counterterrorism officers. man will also be assisted in this effort by beast and technology. bomb sniffing dogs will be
5:32 am
surveillance cameras will roll in watching dollar comings and goings and chemical and radiation detectors will help spot the reds. spectators will enter through 14 access points that will then be screened and again they will be screened before entering 65 spectators at an. message from the mayor and police is come one, come all. >> on new year's eve the department will be out in force, a tremendous number of officers who you will see, many officers you won't see, there will be obvious security members will see and a number of measures you won't see ben: >> leave the worrying to the nypd. people should feel safe because we are there. >> if your coming data aback, large packages and alcohol will not be allowed. once you are in the spectator pens and jews to leave you are not guaranteed the spot back,
5:33 am
security process again. that is the latest from times square. back to you. juliet: they should call it a spectator carouse. ben: can you change that for us? juliet: glee was a huge smash hit, one of its stars was arrested on felony charges of possessing child could pornography. ben: he is being held on $20,000 bail at los angeles internet crimes against children taskforce, to search his home yesterday morning, police have more than a thousand images of child sexual exploitation on his computer. t m z reports his ex-girlfriend tipped off the police. this is not his first run in with authorities, the actor was sued for alleged sexual battery. he denied the claims in the case. was settled. juliet: thousands are preparing to one of the life of an
5:34 am
a funeral for detective joseph lamb will be held at st. patrick's cathedral. ben: teresa priolo live a couple hours before the service gets underway. >> reporter: the kind of good by a hero deserves and inside of a majestic cathedral in midtown, thousands gathered to honor the life of detectives joseph lamb, 15 year veteran of the nypd, guardsmen, follower, husband, he wrote and that the outpouring last night in westchester, is any indication, he is loved and respected by those that happen to know him and by those who didn't but those who were simply inspired by his bravery and selflessness. lamb and five other americans were killed outside the back room air base in afghanistan, they were killed by at taliban suicide bomber. wham and those of individuals were serving as a security
5:35 am
lewis bonascosco. governor cuomo spoke outside the wake and wanted a his respects, take a listen. >> their father is a hero's hero. >> we all want to be that man who lived his life that way with that honor, served his country, made the ultimate sacrifice. >> this man was a good soldier, a good detective, good american. >> his family should be proud of him. >> reporter: the service will get underway today at st. patrick's cathedral. cardinal dolan will officiate the mass. we should tell you as a result of this the area here is pretty much of frozen zone corner of, barricades up and down fifth avenue because of it. as far as that sergeant bonascs os bonascosco
5:36 am
ben: certainly going to be a sad day in their. ben: let's get to mike woods for check of the weather. hopefully some good news on that front. >> meteorologist: some good news coming up, got to get through today and this evening and that we are done with gray for awhile but at this point mostly cloudy sky, the sun is not up yet. 41 degrees your temperature central park, 36 in bridgeport, 39 in islip, 36 in montauk, in monticello and sussex, freezing but no precip to be heard of. as far as winds coming from the northeast at 3 to 7 miles for a park, not a big deal at this point, many locations report winds column. little bit of that over parts of new jersey that doesn't look like it is a huge problem, down half a mile so that is something to be aware of. the cold front that came through this area of low pressure will continue to ride along a frontal rain up.
5:37 am
chance for showers. that is not happening during the day, this is future cast, a computer models are saying we keep it cloudy today but showers don't get going into tonight. and for sure while, it gets out of here. as we head through thursday into friday. the last day of 2015 into 16, we see more sunshine again. mostly cloudy, with evening showers possible, and 49 degrees in this city, and showers come through this evening and we had done, sunny skies tomorrow and that lasts until the coming holiday weekend into next week. the weather apps, at the apple itunes store, download
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let's bring in christina to see what is going on, the wednesday commute for some of us. >> it is quiet, for the most are not looking bad. we have a debris spilled that was temporarily shutting down by rockaway parkway. we have residual delays in that area, and not looking so bad for you. let's go outside, this bad situation, this is the lie west bound, exit 60, and overturned truck, being the court of the road. definitely keep that in mind, that is the lie west at exit 60, will be closed until further notice, let's go outside, more in the area of the grand
5:39 am
coming, moving at a steady pace, as far as trains or concerns. ben and juliet, back to you. ben: still to come, the eagles. at an end of the season they fired their head coach chip kelly, how it affected giants when you take on philly this sunday afternoon.
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juliet: the affluenza team will be back in texas today. actor video service, he left the country, three years ago he was sentenced to ten years probation for killing four people when driving drunk, he is not supposed to be anywhere near alcohol. ben: three brothers graduated police academy and on the force, stephen, john, increasing across this city. and on the news stands.
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>> once-in-a-lifetime deal. and discussed running at marathon. the knicks were desperate for a losing streak. the detroit pistons. the second quarter, blocks the nba rebounder. and robyn lopez. and another block, skipper had, carmelo anthony with a move, 49 at the half, more carmelo anthony later on, ten second! in the third caller really good game, complete game for the knicks, he mixed the shot, got the rebound, 24 points, led the team and as the knicks snapped a four game losing streak 10 a-96 the final. the jets are getting back to work today ready for sunday's
5:44 am
bills at 708 are out of playoff contention and they have an opportunity to spoil the jets' postseason. these two teams play thursday night matchup on november 12th. the jets lost 22-17, both teams wearing horrible uniforms. they only lost twice more since then, the record 10-5. the bills, this is play for pride, rex ryan has a chance to knock the old team out, the steelers boosted the browns and the jets lose to racks and buffalo in buffalo. philadelphia eagles, not a big surprise, the team sent a short press release saying jeffrey lurie has released kelly pat tai: interim coach for the season finale. the only thing that surprised me is it didn't wait until monday, getting a jump on candidates. the giants play the eagles that met my stadium, this could be
5:45 am
rangers play the lightning in tampa later tonight, a rematch on the eastern conference final. highlanders and maple leaves in toronto, entered the game with one goal. scored for bring a 1-1 tie. with five more, 6-3, the splitting the series at the rock in newark, hosting the carolina hurricanes and scores to tie it up at two apiece, 16th of the year and a few minutes later, the devils bring that thai and there you have it. that will be the final score. this is something new i am doing. work out tips and thoughts and opinions on our youtube channel, we are talking new year's resolutions with to the editor of muscles fitness telling us
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using weights and getting in shape, get the minding she before the body, some great tips to help people in 2016. you can check on my twitter at duke castiglione or my facebook page or youtube channel. ben: people with new year's resolutions try to go full in. don't do and that. juliet: go for the gusto. duke: you wake up sore and you will burn out. juliet: greg kelly, co-hosted, what do you think he will say when he sees that? duke: he is going to be happy. good job. ben: this release is time for when greg is off.
5:47 am
about it. i am surprised it is not sitting on his desk the whole time. there you go, good idea. that is what you got to do. ben: drives him crazy. >> meteorologist: first of all temperatures starting in 30s and 40s, 32 in sussex, 35 in poughkeepsie, 45 in belmar, fog the little bit of that down to half mile visibility, and visible in allentown, 8 miles in the city, most is not bad but you have a lot of clouds, eventually will deal with showers, showers will be here by later this evening, high temperature 49 degrees which is actually an above normal temperature but it is out of here, all the rain began later this evening is not a big deal. we will see drier skies as we head into tomorrow and into the new year. it will take a quick peek at what it is like to hit those roads.
5:48 am
their. christina: couple incidents to talk about, when we had, i will tell you about two things are not major deegan expressway and both will be in the southbound direction. 130 third street and accident investigation affecting the ramps and you want to keep that in mind and the cross bronx, right between blocked off by construction so that will black things up. the southbound vegan will definitely be slower than usual for this time of morning. let's go outside and i want going to bring you to this situation here. we have the lie west bound traffic moving into closure because of an overturned tractor trailer, lie west bound exit 60, closed down, you're being detour off here, it is an absolute parking lot so definitely stay away from the lie by exit 16, the west downside, overturned tractor trailer will take a little while to get that clean up. we will go outside and the need to the inbound lincoln which is
5:49 am
the toll plaza not looking bad, alternate side of the street
5:50 am
ju ben: we are back. juliet: we begin with an update on motorhead. "the curtis and kuby show"
5:51 am
kilmister motorhead is no longer. he was the front man for the band and all remaining original member of the group which he helped form in 1975. the bent and struggles with its publication, quote, motorhead is over of course, he was motorhead and the band will live on in the memory of tashfeen malik. he completed it for 17 days before he passed away. he found out he had cancer this past saturday and died monday at the age of 70. juliet: had his birthday party in hollywood. everybody had come down. a lot of people saw in days before he passed away. a lot of the big rocker's considered him an inspiration. anna: he is tight with ozzie osborn, talking about his relationship with him and remembering the man there was a medical scare for the kardashian clan.
5:52 am
over the weekend and was diagnosed with diabetes. he is a 20-year-old brother of courtney, kim and chloe. he refused to go public as a result, has been a big part of the story line of their reality show. sources close to the family say he plans to get healthy in the new year. the hover board was able to do to mike tyson what you could whoever could. take a look. mike posted at his instagram with hash tag knockout, hash tag, mike tyson breaks back. even the most skilled athletes can be taken down by a hover board. juliet: i love that it is pink. that is pretty funny. thank you. ben: see next hour, a couple minutes away from 6:00.
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act together in the next break. we need to have a little chat about something.
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