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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  December 30, 2015 6:00am-6:46am EST

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nypd, three brothers at the same good morning everyone. rain smaig a comeback apparently we're told. a little break from it this afternoon. but a shower and drop in temperatures, however, i still see sun on the horizon and mike will tell us for the new year. >> nypd is making preparations to secure times square an new yore's e eve. thousands of officers on patrol safe. flghts police on the hunt for three stolen fur coats in chelsea cope you judgmented on this one. >> full military honor to joseph
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avenue with cardinal presiding in the or national guard next week with when he was killed by a ssdz bomb suicide bomber in afghanistan. >> good morning everyone i'm juliet huddy are. >> and i'm ben simmoneau. thank you so much for being with us. good morning. >> good morning ben. i like the shoring look. >> the beard but happy it's gone. >> not happy i don't really have that much emotion towards your beard but nice. >> no hours thinking about it? >> no. i'm sure your wife did, though. she wanted it. >> she wanted it gone. >> so i have to support her. >> happy hump day. oh. i had some of those buffalo chips. they're open. they're almost gone. >> popcorn open? >> no, coughing begins in -- that'ses why popcorn is still closed.
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go. making it through this one. motionly cloudy skies with showers coming up for you by laughter on this evening into early overnight hours here. bring in the new year are, from thursday into friday things pretty good. but chilly mostly sunny skies to you and temps coming down on friday and more so over the weekend. here's this morning, first of all we have with a lot of clouds out there an some fog as well. dense fog advisory in effect for parts of new jersey including morris county and hunterdon county up until around 10:00 in the morning. visibility numbers down to one-half a mile for you in allentown that's one of the only more problem mat egg spots that with see so far. understand there's the potential for some fog the there in central new jersey. right now 42 newark.
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same in poughkeepsie. mostly cloudy sky and keep it not so bad as far as what's going on. no precip happening during the day. but later on this evening showers closing in on it. area of low pressure roading along that cold front to our south that will continue to bring in showers but that stays in mid-atlantic region but only a little bit in the rest of the tristating. so high temp goeses up to let's see -- trying to bait me with this smart kettle corn that gets me almost every time. high temp, i can do it now. but later in the forecast that gets me. high temp today -- [laughter] [inaudible] sunny in the upcoming weekend. cooler temperatures. trying to sabotage ben, get out of here. you bring in all of the snacks all of the time. won't be happy with you. kettle corn?
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vrlgd e-very good not that bad. things are quiet couple of incidents so we have this ongoing thing southbound 223rd street an active investigation on this ramp, and unfortunately you can't get on to the deegan here. onramp is closed down so being mindful of that. we did have some emergency road work blocking right plan cleared away so that's good news . now let's go to the live look the l.i.e. seeing a closure because of an overturned truck by area of exit 60 westbound on l.i. ement for ronkonkoma had avenue. things are not looking good for you in overturned tractor trailer take a long time to clear. fdr next shot 96th street pretty good. pretty much intierl length of now. if you want to stick with the
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xangd alexander hamilton bridge god to the cross bronx. deegan not bad if you're traveling towards the gwb in decent shape. alternate side is in effect thank you. >> been to times square for the ball drop? >> nope. >> tomorrow your changes with a vip pass it is not so bad. or tickets -- >> friday morning you can go. [laughter] not enthusiastic robert moses has covered it in the past and he's back there. in the meantime millions tossed from the rooftop practicing for the big confetti blast they have to practice because you know confetti could do some rogue thongs. >> perplexed by this. pr move. but fox 5's robert moses can
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it is with a big police presence already being seen there, correct? >> one thing it amazes me because do we think gravity will change year to the next that gets me, but speaking of tests, this morning actually this afternoon, the ball will be tested here in times scwawr to mac sure that it drops just so. nypd say when is it drops for real the offices will rise per the occasion. after the last piece of confetti fell to welcome in 2015 they started preparing to usher in 2016. much has changed include rise of isis that inspired attacks in paris and san bernardino. >> not aware of any threat that we deem credible. >> but department is taking no chances. 6,000 officers will be deployed
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that's 6 to 800 more for last year's celebration. and for thes first time dpght newly formed critical response command made up of well armed kowpt terrorism officers will be deployed. >> incase anyone tries to breach the entry point. >> besides personnel department has technology on its side. hundreds of cameras will monitor everyone's move and chemical detectors will spot any problems. bomb sniffing dogs will also roam around. >> we're confident that u new year's eve and new york city will be safest place in the world to be. at least one million revelers are expected to show up. when they arrive funneled through 14 access points and then screened again before entering one of 65 spectator pens. the message from law enforcement here in the city is loud and clier. >> to the nypd people should
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>> some of the officers who will be there more than 1100 rookie officers, these newly minted men and women just graduated from the academy. this will be their first assignment, and likely it will be memorable one. again, everyone in the nypd is very confident that this will go off without a hitch. that is the latest live from times square this morning. ben and juliet back to you. >> cross roads of the world thank you very much. down to long island a 24-year-old accused of killings his father. jordan johnson got a shouting match in freeport when police arrived they found 55-year-old russell johnson dead. he was stabbed several times. has son was arrested and has been charged with second-degree murder. >> police searching for three men wanted for stealing 30 fir coats. surveillance video shows the
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furs shop on november 16th. the men entered the store by breaking a window with a brick and got away in a black sedan with furs. if you have any information please call crime stop rs at 1-800-577-tips. this morning mourners honoring a fallen hero. >> for air national guardsman joseph lemm, a wake held in west harrison. fox 5 teresa priolo is there for us. good morning. rng good morning everyone. nypd on scene here outside of st. patricks cathedral bringing more barricades as they line streets anticipating thousands of people will be here today we're talking about law enforcement, military members, community members people wants to bid a final farewell to a man who resembled that have a superhero than a mere mortal. >> their father is really a
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hero's hero. andrew cuomo just one of the hundreds who came to pay his respects to family of detective youssef lemm a 15-year veteran of the nypd a guardsman had killed during his third tour duty. >> honor what he repghts and how he lived his life hour on ends tuesday friends, like the governor perfect strangers braved rein and cold outside of saint anthony church to do just that. honor a man who lived a life of bravery and selflessness. a family man, a law enforcement officer, a soldier. ferlings husband family should be proud of him serving his country. >> a good heart, wasn't afraid even as a rookie to protect the people in the city of new york. >> this man, he was a good
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>> father of two was killed along side five other americans last week outside of the bagram air base in afghanistan. lemm ftion on third tour of duty second to afghanistan with him staff sergeant lewis of corum, long island they were part of a joingt patrol of african an afghanistan groups when a taliban suicide bomber droving into their convoy and receive poling merle and police honors during the tune funeral. and cardinal dolan will efficient the mass and a somber solemn good-bye for a hero with no shortage of courage. >> we all want to be that man who lived his life that way with that honor served his country. made the ultimate sacrifice. >> underway at 10:00. by the way, detective lemm will also be awarded bronze star
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we should also mention to you that his wakes will be thursday and friday funeral set for saturday morning. latest from midtown this morning. back to boapt of you. >> thanks a lot teresa. >> we have a lot more still to come this morning. >> mike is checking the weather because we have rain on the way perhaps. >> the day i think you'll be all right during the day. mostly cloud did skies. 41 degrees your high temperature. evening showers rolling through so be prepared for that especially out any time beyond 6 and 8:00. daily an hourly forecast on the google play store, download it for free today and put dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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>> we're back. yes we are. i'd like to get over to michael because i'm reading interesting developments about the hover board. >> because she's into her computer this morning. because i'm working. on the hover board. year. couldsome development with the hover board. you like these things to stay tuned. >> uh-oh. oh. want some water. hope it doesn't go all the way e
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that's your temperature u right now. ben i'm going to get you. 42 newark. 45 in belmar. northeast 3 to 9 mrp. not a big deal at this time, but we have a mostly cloudy sky here right now. but showers they're not a problem. showers they happened yesterday that has already moved on. but do you to the south there's that -- frontal boundary area of low pressure developing along it and swing up in that direction. what that does is increase our chance at rainfall but there's a good chance it see some rain here by later this oofng. the day a mostly loud did day. but by this evening 6 to 9:00 showers are rolling through primarily u through the southern section new jersey but they e get into the city for at least a little brief while and clear out shortly after midnight and drier
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friday. so most of it heads to the south but a little more doesn't hurt us. still eight to nine inches behind in terms of rainfall for the year. high temp up to 49 today. 51 tomorrow, and there it is happy new year on a dry note but windy in overnight hours but at least it is dry, dry through the upcoming weekend. we made it let's bring in christina stoffo see what's gong on to gets through this. now the commute. : commute is not terrible if you're anywhere other than westbound l.i.e. so look into new jersey where things are well. guardsen state parkway, 17, 0 route 4 not too bad. if you're traveling up into the year of the gnu bug beacon bridge okay. route 9, everything up to speed. now outside we're gaping to take a live look at the situation on
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the l.i.e. so this is westbound by exit 60 and traffic is detoured on to service road here. overturned tractor trailer. eastbound side not terrible. down a little bit as people tap on brakes to see what's going on. but big problem is southbound side definitely something to keep in mind. now let's go to the next live look that is bqe on your approach into the brooklyn bridge that is looking decent as you make your way inbound on brooklyn bridge okay for you too. van wyck looking good this both directionings. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. ben back to you. >> thank you. three brothers are proudly following in their father's footsteps. deputy watched as his three sons 24-year-old steven and john and alex sworn in yesterday part of the 100 officers graduating from police academy.
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family thought maybe one with of the boys would join force but not a lot of them. >> johnny boy there who is graduated with honors he has my shield. my patrolman shield so he's got business communication. do exactly what i did. it was my backup plan. three brothers go their separate ways serving in different precincts across the city. year is coming to a end for many so is their momentum at work. >> is anyone punching the clock? fox 5 jennifer jennifer explains why the time between christmas an new year is a time for us and many an officer dead zone. >> for those few holdouts showing up for work this yeek you might feel like you're taking it down to half speed or going through the motions. >> probably not a live production done. wherewelcome to office and dead zone
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when everything seem to slow down. not work for the motion most part it is lighter. some look at it as a good thing. >> i have room on the subway, and no one is calling me so i can catch up. i get 11 months worth of work done in one week. other os see it as a throwway. christmas time let them have a day off. afteralways how can you focus on who recollect had so many are gone on vacation or on the beach? one company that doesn't mess around is coopers for last 13 years accountants have christmas through new year's eve off and brag look up pwc takes break and finding fors of parent spending time with kids, booking, lounging by the pool m >> oven o benefit is they had look forward
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shutdown for busy so they're not at home -- blangsing what had am i missing at work. ten uninterrupted days of bliss. if you're stuck at the office corporate coach saying there are ways to mac the most of it. >> much more productive not as many distracted or people watching. you can enjoy more of connecting request you while at work. >> in midtown. jennifer, "fox 5 news." >> that's why you've been doing a lot of shopping this week. >> no shopping don't say that. i've been working, on my hover board story. here's something we new yorkers know. big apple is a sophisticated city but would you say it's the most sophisticated city in america? >> yes. i would say it is but bostonians walk around with nose in the
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if anything san francisco might give them a run for mung. >> too many hipsters -- there are. by don -- new york city beat out boston and washington drk d.c. and san francisco and never would have considered d.c. the most sophisticated -- >> in cape it was british. >> a shocker. >> followed by french. a 30% said they had ever been to the opera, symphony that means you are if you're sophisticate foods you're been to all three. >> two-thirds of people who have been never been to any of them to judge concern --
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can be dragged there, going there to make your girlfriend happy you're across the board you know like everything. >> right. >> but likely to one of those three things. [laughter] >> a rock concert. we need to go. >> stop talking about this story even though we piepgd it interesting. e-cigarettes thought to be a healthier alternative for smoking. traditional cigarettes but a new study says some of them could be just as deadly. >> watch out for this. be rooght right back. come on, wake up!!! come on,why ya sleepin'? what time is it? it's go time.
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>> new warning about e-cigarettes think i can do these e things according to a new study heir just as unhealthy had as real cigarettes. this is research coming from veterans affairs san diego, health care system they say e-cigging can cancer cancer, because they contain toxins that cause serious health problems. currently devices are not regulated by food and drug administration but a possible warning of possible health risks so watch out for those things. all right, not that you have to worry. you don't smoke nor do i.
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>> we should have some dry situations throughout the day. but then throughout the evening maybe what tonight, we'll have a little bit of rain, mike tells us if it will be dry on new year's day that's kind of new new year's eve because everybody is sleeping in on new year's day. friends and family are preparing to say gob to one of new york finest killed in the line of duty in afghanistan. joseph lemm serving in
6:29 am
suicide bomber. >> dropped out of the race for president running in crowded field of candidates. >> one of the most popular baby names in the city, one name still topping the list again. put you on the spot. what do you think it is? >> well, i know, i said i thought it was isabella or eva. smg i can ava. ava might be on the wane though. >> sorry not sour. >> dean -- guy's name be? yeah. no. >> always been up there. but -- how many mikes were in your high school class? >> i have no idea. i'm sure there were.
6:30 am
>> like jennifer when i was growing up. >> l jennifer was big in the 80s. television. you get to walk to school three miles in the snow. i tell ya. they didn't have shoe laces back then. [laughter] >> i don't know how we get to these places. >> i don't know either. good morning everyone let's show you what we have out there. give you an idea of what's coming up. different situation in next few days to come. 49 degrees warm for this time of the year. average high is only 39 drags. heading to coldest time of the year what is in january. 65 is record high not that warm but 49 is not bad at all. we've got 41 central park right now. 42 newark. 35 degrees in bridgeport, and 36 montauk still mostly cloudy
6:31 am
sunshine yet be back again starting tomorrow. but for now we have cloud cover wait for showers here by laughter on this evening. but a high of 49 or 50 or so and showers later this evening. out of here quickly though and we see a cool down coming up for us into the upcoming weekend. all right now let's get a check on what's happening with christina stoffo yesterday a big mess because was weather. today nope that's not the no -- not so bad. >> no things not so bad we have one issue that we're dealing with, but you know elsewhere things are looking god. tack a look here new jersey, 18 turn pook not bad. garden state parkway and route 9 good for you in this spot everything running along up to way. also traveling on connecticut turn poik or merritt the entire
6:32 am
a live look l.i.e. to the westbound side of the l.i.e. -- moving into exit 60 remains closed down. bad accident involving an overturned truck happened there so westbound l.i.e. into exit 60 is closed. keep you up to date on that. lincoln tunnel looking crowded. that's because the inbound side away. so backup is filtering there. crowded but a slow pace. gwb holland tunnel good prl you and trains not bad. lirr new jersey transit and path trains on or close to schedule. alternate side is in effect. ben and juliet. >> a sea of blue outside st. patrick cathedral for the funeral of joseph lemm serving in national guard last week when he was killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan. lemm will receive full military
6:33 am
timmy cardsal dowelcomes an will preside over that mass. preparations to secure times square on new year's eve this year there will be a larger police presence than ever. >> they always do it a great job but this year epic i have a feeling. robert moses live at times square with what we can expect for tomorrow night. obviously in the light of what's happening i.c.e. cyst there's the concern about times square so we would luke to hear this news. >> clearly a lot has changed namely rise of isis and npsd says that it is prepared busy day we're looking at here in times square they're testing that 12,000 panted ball today. also be inflating some balloons. all in prep rawings for tomorrow night 6,000 officers will be deployed in and around times square between 6 and 800 million last year.
6:34 am
command made up of officers will be here. man assisted by technology, bomb sniffing dogs roaming about also hundreds of surveillance cameras rolling keeping an eye on comings goings here. chemical detector to spot threats and entering through 14 different access points. they'll be screened at those access points and then they'll be screened again before they enter those 65 spectator pens, the message from both police and the mayor is come one, come all. department will be out in force. there will be a tremendous see. and you won't see. often security measures you will see. see.
6:35 am
feel safe because we're there. reassuring mngsz, but if you plan to join the 1 million friends you will make, leave the bags, backpacks, alcohol at home keep in mind once you're secured in those pens that's it. you have to stay there, if you leave, you lose your spot. you have to go to the back of the line and you have to be screened all over again that is latest from tiles scwawr this morning. back to you. >> robert moses thank you very much sir. fox means business. joining u >> hope your year eve eve is good. i'm a white or blue shirt. >> new years evish. >> heading on the town.
6:36 am
>> in 24 hours. >> so it was a huge year at the box office. >> 11 billion. they actually complain that hollywood isn't what is used to be that movies are going out of business since tv invented and they had a record year they had in 2013. 11 billion guess which movies this will be hard. "star wars: the force awakens" close to 600 million at the domestic box office hasn't even opened in china. that is kind of like saying they love david haas l who have in germany. other big movies did you see "jurassic world" also the martian and then done with accounts they'll have made no money and been a disaster. but e billion not bad.
6:37 am
they did okay. he deserved academy award an might get it for that. >> that would be awesome. >> it would be. always a pleasure to see you sir. >> good to see you shavedmen. >> tomorrow or off? >> i'm den and lauren simonetti become on monday. performing been a pleasure to work with you. >> occasions when baby will need her attention. happy new year. >> catch adam on fox business network or fox -- channel finder could have done ode to cotton tail -- >> or ball. >> see. cotton tail. whatever it is. dead rabbit whatever it is. i hear that was down in the
6:38 am
financial district tomorrow. another story. republican presidential field is getting a bit smaller just a bit smaller. former new york governor jog taken him out of the run aring. suspend my campaign for president. we can have somebody ho wills understand that politicians including the president must be the people's servant and not their master i know the best of america is still ahead of us. >> you know i think he was going to sit down in front of that fireplace and give a rousing message to win and then they thought maybe had i'll just stay. struggled as you know been in the race since may. he was relegated to undercard debates at every venue this year and basically making original announcement he believes they'll choose the right candidate.
6:39 am
now saying that he still thinks they need to choose right candidate elect a three president to defeat islam. shrink size of washington and popular name for grls in new york city. iifs bell la or ava. >> wrong an wrong. sofia topped girl's name list, 586 sofias born in 2014. next is is billion la. olivia, mia, emma. eva on the ethan followed by
6:40 am
michael not on that list but usually up there. >> time to give it a little bit of a break. it always win. you know what i mean? >> it is a little done. first of all we've got mostly cloudy sky coming to you today with showers coming to us again by later on this evening. but it doesn't look like a big deal in terms of rainfall. in and out quickly. sunshine again into u new year's eve and day, and chillier at the same time. out there to celebrate guess what, it will be dry, but maybe on cool side not too cold. bring in christina with a snap shough shot at the commute this morning. hey. >> we have one major issue going on today let's go to a live shot of the l.i.e. westbound side
6:41 am
delays moving into the closure at exit 60 where eve with an overturned truck so if the parking lot stay away from the wsh westbound side of the l. i.e. you hit brakes there at 61. aalternate side is in effect. duke with an update in sports. >> coming up put with a win in detroit.
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>> all right checking headlines for you 6:46 on a wednesday morning nearly 6,000 nmed officers will be in and around tiles square tomorrow night for new yore's eve celebration. hard to believe almost here. 700 more than last year. among them critical response units. rmingts >> motor head will be just a memory. fantastic memory but nonetheless bands drummer saying it is over for rockers, he was only original member who was religion dare, everybody loved hmm. sadly he died monday from cancer after told that he it have aggressive form of kerps and big
6:44 am
his admirers from the metal and rock world. >> don't know what type? >> i think i hard it blanking on it. >> pancreas? >> brain. apparently at big party that he had the rainbow or whiskey they said to tack to the hospital. just a legend whether you're a fan. >> last night at home facing detroit knicks came to play defense stepped up. second quarter -- blocked, and andre and rob it been lopez watching as well. another block here. he's getting it done. he is didn't play much in the fourth quarter. 49 at the half.
6:45 am
13 in the third quarter. miss the shot. actually played a bunch, coming off the bench down the way. huge game i was watching this, spectacular reverse dunk. going 16 of the 18 popts in the fourth. a four became losing streak. football news jets back to work getting ready in u buffalo. bills 7-8 but they have an opportunity it to spoil jets chances of qualifying post season. people keep telling me on twitter rex can help them get to the playoffs which i thought was great. last time they played on november 12th with interesting uniforms shall we say. los that, and record now 10-5.
6:46 am
they win in the post season. they lose they need help from the steelers, need stoolers to lose to browns. playing tampa down tomorrow night. range rs lost to lightning back on november 19th, 2-1. john the game one, go on to score five more, 6-3 the final score. pliting home and home seeshz with the league deviling hosting carolina hurricanes, down in the thursday not for long. he scores -- up two a piece. tied -- few minutes later -- go right there. david fourth of the year. they lead 3-2.
6:47 am
dong workout tips and youtube channel there at fox 5 channel right now, go to youtube plug in fox 5 talking resolutions. what it comes to losing weight, getting in shape you must get the mind in shape before the body. >> you have to plan it out and can't set goal too high and come out of gate firing but check it out on my twt twitter at duke castiglione. don't want to go on a starvation diet or carb diet. >> two or three days week. or get frustrated and sore and not want to go back. juliet gave me a paper cut as
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she threw this at me. upset bauds we found this in an article from "the washington post" about it shall how to put pants own a dog. [laughter] right to tell us something. yorn. i don't know. over to mike. any idea? >> what are you talking about? pants on a dog. okay. so i'm sure it can be. they don't like that. 41 degrees your temp in central park. 35 degrees in bridgeport. clouds around tristate region but vain is tag a break for now. however making a comeback so expect showers this evening. high temp today up to 49 degrees but showers this evening but only for a short while. and then out of here by tomorrow ringing in new year. temps slight sly above normal but down through this upcoming
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >> good morning, everyone we're dealing with a very bad accident on the l.i.e. to a live shot of the delays as a result 6 this.
6:51 am
with an overturned tractor trailer pushed off to service road. westbound closed with exit 60. eastbound 61 a car fire taking out two lanes. alternate side is in effect today. anna with entertainment. >> we're here too. >> i like it. >> rock news. exactly. follow-up, because rumors they wering big yesterday now we're hearing guns and roseses rumor that they'll play together at coachella. founding members action axle rose will play, and haven't promised a show together since 1 3. they could play a 25-stadium show around north america this coming summer. begun and roses wants 3 million
6:52 am
around the 250 to 275 mark. >> i'm sorry right now it is not. >> high standard. people are i want excited paymentsly couldn't get along. now they can. >> partial reunion. oprah winfrey has it when it comes to making an impact on viewers. >> it is a woman she knows she can be. >> that is her new weight watchers commercial you have seen by now and moved you to tears you're not alone. people are taking to social media to talking how much commercial has affected him or her. hunter jones tweeted she could inspire a snail to run a dash. it has me planning on hitting the gym two times. which celebrity is most
6:53 am
desirable as a neighbor. with taylor swift winner with 20% of the votes. never seeing party fors her and quiet and also rich so your property values will be quite high. particularly she was popular among millennials no surprise. although also forced on most desirable list. >> i would say george clooney. living in lack -- >> all right thanks anna. got to run.


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