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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 30, 2015 7:00am-7:50am EST

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kerry: "good day new york." it is wednesday, december 30. ben: greg and rosanna are enjoying this holiday week off. showers late this evening. it will be dry again new year's eve. new year's will start off pretty chilly. kerry: aiming to make times square at the safest place on the lease officers are scheduled to patrol the area tomorrow night. ben: the funeral will be held at
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this morning. kerry: selling out of the race for the white house. suspending presidential campaigns. ben: flown back to texas. they could both get some time in prison. kerry: the panel coming up in just a couple of minutes. you have just one day left to make some plans. ben: that sounds exciting.
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am going to do. i don't know if that plan will actually come together. kerry: one of those people that cannot stop until like 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. i do not have any big plans. sounds good. the weather yesterday. it was great. finally, the rain went away. we are still having another day with the gray skies. mainly in central northern sections of new jersey. you have the dense fog advisory
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up until about 10:00 o'clock this morning. down to one quarter of a mile for you down and allentown. three quarters of a mile for you in monticello. we have 41 degrees down at central park. thirty-five, bridgeport. a lot of clouds in the area. the showers have moved on for now. they are is a frontal boundary. going to swing up this way. it will come in this direction as we had towards this evening and tonight. as far as temperatures go, it has been very mild. obviously, some warm
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probably the warmest one on record. forecast. all right. let's bring in christina. today looking much better. northbound side. our next live shot here will be that l.i.e. we have a terrible delay. involving an overturned tractor-trailer. you are being pushed off to the service road. this is not looking good. stay away from the westbound l.i.e.
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worked on. let's go outside to the belt parkway. westbound passing kennedy. the new jersey turnpike looking good. things are moving well. alternate side is in effect. kerry back to you. ben: the big crowd gathering in times square. more extensive than they have ever been. kerry: officers will be all patrol. an effort to make it the safest place in the world in 2016. robert moses joins us for more. >> reporter: the countdown has
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begun. the 12000 pounds ball. they will also be inflating balloons. when that ball drops, police officers will rise to the location. >> yes, new york is ready. the nypd started preparing for the celebration in times square. much has changed in the last year, of course. >> we are not aware of any threat at this time. >> the department is taking no chances. about six-800 more then there were four last year celebration.
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will be deployed. besides personnel, they have technology on their side. chemical radiation detectors will help spot any problems. bomb sniffing dogs will also world around. >> new year's eve in new york city will be the safest place in the world to be. >> when they arrive, they will be funneled through 14th access points. the message from law enforcement here in the city is loud and clear. >> people should feel safe fish new year's eve because we are there. >> morning at 1100 newly minted
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graduated from the academy. be the big bags, packages, alcohol, at home. if you leave, you'll head to the back of the line. likely, you will not have this view. that du. kerry: thank you. 7:08 a.m. ben: jordan johnson got into a yesterday. when police arrived, they found this man stabbed several times. his son was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. kerry: joseph lamb died while serving in afghanistan.
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teresa priolo is at st. patrick's cathedral this morning. good morning, teresa. >> good morning, everyone. they just set up speakers outside. people who are standing outside will be able to listen to it and be able to warn. after all, you have to remember, an officer, as well as a soldier and father and husband. more often than not resembling a superhero. >> their father is really a hero here. >> reporter: andrew cuomo just
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respects. >> four hours on and, friends, family and perfect strangers braved the rain and cold. a family man. law enforcement officer. >> always had a good heart. even as a rookie was not afraid to do what needed to be done. >> he was a good soldier. he was a good detective. a good american. >> reporter: he was killed alongside five other americans last week.
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his second to afghanistan. moving through a village when a telegram suicide bomber drove into their convoy. timothy cardinal dolan will officiate. a hero with no shortage of courage which. >> serving this country making the ultimate sacrifice. >> services here will start at 10:00 o'clock this morning. we should also mention that the
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the bronze star medal. that is the latest from the town this morning. back to both of you. ben: thank you very much. to serve and to protect. three brothers are probably following in their father's kerry: his three sons were sworn part of the nearly 1200 new officers graduating from the police officer academy. >> graduated with honors. he has my shield.
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kerry: putting in for retirement benefits. guilty of charges she used to arrange payments for his son adam. state lawmakers voted in 2011 to withhold tensions. that change does not apply to those that entered the state pension system before that point. the republican presidential field is getting smaller unit george pataki has taken himself out of the race. here is part of the announcement. >> someone who will bring them
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>> the right candidate. confront and defeat radical islam. united again. >> wanting to hang out there by the fire. martin o'malley went to a monday. only one person showed up. ben: i think that this is a sign your candidacy is in trouble. a massive snowstorm had
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you have a one-on-one. i am still trying to figure it out. republican front-runner donald trump says he has not even began to fight. >> a post on twitter she wrote, my campaign for president is $35 million under budget. i have spent very little. i will send vague and iowa, new hampshire. i spent almost nothing on my radical president and am in first place. all right. good news for fans. spotted in new jersey.
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been missing for a couple of weeks. they prevent him from walking comfortably on all fours. a video of him strolling through neighborhoods. that is unbelievable. it is just like halloween. it is like trick-or-treating through the neighborhood. him. make sure it is okay. burr. january is looking a lot more like january. comeback. we are so far behind for the year. we could use that rainfall.
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come to a close. we have 41 to greece out of central park right now. 35 degrees in bridgeport. wind is coming in from the northeast around three-7 miles a lot of cloud cover around the tri-state region. it is going to head up in our general direction. cloudy skies. they do not really go away. passes, still bringing some
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it gets out of here. high temperature goes up to 49 degrees. as we go through the next seven days. it gets a little bit cooler for you on new year's day. >> always some issues out there. causing very heavy delays. of emergency activity here. the lat will be on the westbound side of the road. this is an overturned tractor-trailer. they are detouring you off the road onto the service road.
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these are very, very slow-moving. let's go outside to route three. not looking bad along the bottom of your screen. here is the lincoln tunnel. the george washington bridge, the holland tunnel, also looking good for you. your trains are running on or close. >> take you so much.
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you can't see both at the same time. your trihonda dealers remind you to put down your device and drive safely. after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn.
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christina: one you can see the skyline. you can usually see midtown in the distance. the rain will move in again later tonight. kerry: looking drive. 7:22 a.m. right now. bill bratton and ray kelly is escalating.
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falsely reporting. >> look at those numbers. i think that there are some issues. there is some redefinition going on. ben: kelly has doubled down. the police commissioner bratton calling it outrageous. >> views of the comments you make when you are selling a book. they work hard. very hard. it has resulted in shootings being reduced significantly in
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>> members have informed me that the current is all in an effort to reduce the number of shooting. i am guessing this one is not over. kerry: to be continued. >> we have surveillance video. this is back on november 16. they got away in a lock for door sedan. if you have any information, please call crime stoppers. hoverboards take a lot of balancing. a legal to ride on new york city streets. ben: introducing a bill that would exempt them from being
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close. >> hoverboards are not motor vehicles. i do not think anybody here or anybody that uses them or gets them during the holiday season would think that they are motor vehicles. >> hoverboards are illegal in new york. you could face a fine up to $200. >> if for some reason you have a gigantic apartment, we wrote one. before they were illegal. everybody rode a hoverboards. that could be dangerous. >> i have to say, it is pretty
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it really does. i think that that is clarity they are teaching you how to do it here it. >> much faster than i was moving on the hoverboards. >> hoverboards sales. >> i survived. still two, "good day new york." could prison. the shore for affluence of
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the excitement is building in times square. just over 40 hours away. we will be talking to the people behind the actual ball.
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a shot of times square. [laughter] i love it. good morning, everybody. everyone going to times square, it is looking drive. mike: a little cool, but dry at the same time. that really would be something. it is a little bit breezy. it is your standard winter coat. going to be out there for quite some time. >> if you are dressed up, do you need a coat? >> you will still probably want
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it has been so mild this winter we are going to see cooler temperatures coming back in. be ready for that. look at what is happening with the overall temperature trends. forty-nine is your forecast high for today. look what happens as we go from tomorrow into friday. the first of january. it gets a little bit cooler over the weekend. temperatures coming closer to normal. anyhow, here's what we have out there this morning. getting the cloud cover outside did nothing that is producing rainfall here. rain / snow mix. trying for the time being.
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showers in the southeast. they will come in this direction. does not look like much comes to us until this evening. as we go between seven and 11:00 p.m., it looks like there's some shower chances picking up a bit. tomorrow june will see a clearing sky. then there is that dropping temperatures. okay. let's bring in christina stoffo. >> nothing too crazy on the trains. you can still see the red moving off into that area. we have residual fall you lingering into that spot. here is the westbound side.
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you are close down right by west 60. traffic off to the service road here. not looking good for you. overturned tractor-trailer. it has been out there for quite some time. let's go to the next shop. hardly any traffic. same thing at the lincoln and holland tunnel. ten minute delays. signal problems. mount vernon east. back to you. speak to the so-called affluenza team and his mother being placed on a flight that will return them to the u.s. ben: a cell phone to order pizza . the attorneys claim to you as to which and spoil to know right
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from wrong. >> we expect the mother to be charged. >> reporter: took off for mexico so he could avoid possible he was serving 10 years probation for killing four people while drunk driving two texas. this new video surfaced of him playing beer pong at a party. shortly after, ethan and his mom disappeared. leading authorities to puerto bullard to mexico. >> briefly got some information that was valuable.
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to the border. must untrimmed untrimmed -- ethan's lawyer had evo to the affluenza defense. not teaching the parents between right and wrong. now, the district attorney wants ethan dell with as an adult. >> dealing with him in the adult system. the best interest of the child. >> planning on taking off to mexico. they had a going away party of sorts before they went on the run.
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let's talk to a couple of experts. ben: peter frankel and child psychologists. let me start with you. this individual. sixteen years old at the time. he was raised that way. he does not know the difference between right and wrong. privilege and affluence. typically something that we try to hide. the last thing we want to talk
7:34 am
they do not get better. as a defense attorney, i will do whatever i can. i appreciate this novel defense they are using. this word, affluenza, is it even a psychological term? >> it is a moment for society. you cannot buy your children with riches. it is important to be authoritative of parents. it is much more important for kids to be accountable. at the same time, i have not
7:35 am
i never would have used it in a defense. >> the authorities said this getaway, this escape to mexico was planned. a huge party where she and the sun drove a truck down to mexico. you did wrong. >> she is enabling the behavior. further digressing from the law. responsible action. i am shocked by that case. i think that it is a real opportunity for us to see how we can be better parents. >> a kind of cuts both ways. >> he was coddled too much to understand the difference
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between right and wrong. >> she planned a trip to mexico. consequences. i can guarantee you that. because he was sentencing juvenile court, 10 years probation, they lose he was really only looking out there will likely be another violation of probation. for now, he is looking out for months in jail. it will be interesting to me to see what they do with the mom. she is looking at some serious felony charges for assisting him and getting to mexico. she could, potentially, look at
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some jail time. the party, the planning, all the things that she did. i think that we will see her getting some jail time for short. >> the original accident took lace when he was 16 years old. this video was posted on twitter. he, of course, flees the country with his mother. he is 18 years old. still under the jurisdiction of juvenile court. i will allow this to move up to adult court. is the age the age?
7:38 am
persuading the court to move the case of juvenile court to adult court. an original plea bargain. what the sentence was. extend the amount of probation that he is potentially looking at. looking at 10 years in jail for each of the victims. in juvenile court, looking out for months. >> it is such a difference. thank you so much for your insight. >> thank you. thank you.
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we have highlights coming up. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. >> welcome back. if you are heading to times square, you are in luck. >> it will stayed dry.
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it will be pretty easy. by midnight, keyword looking out 40 degrees. the wind will be coming at you in the overnight hours. 38 degrees by the time you better be heading home. here's what we have out there for you this morning. forty-one in central park. cloudy skies will hang around. the high temperature goes up to 49 degrees. we will have a nice sunny day for you. do not forget the fox5 weather app has daily and hourly forecasts. search fox5 ny weather. let's bring in christina and see if there's anything. christina: a couple of things on the roadway.
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we have an accident here. that plucks 1 million. lingering issue on that l.i.e. the service road. back to exit 62. the tappan zee bridge is actually in decent shape. things are looking good. also in decent shape for us this morning. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. ben: breaking news involving a knicks player being shot overnight. >> reporter: after 4:00 o'clock
7:42 am
this morning outside of a strip the daily news says he was surrounded by four-six people in ski masks. he was shot in the knee and taken to the hospital. he is in stable condition. i believe saturday the ninth team. a big game last night. two women he met in the meatpacking district. over $750,000 worth of jewelry was taken. last night would be tough. they stepped up in the second quarter. blocking the nba's leading rebounder.
7:43 am
a move. more later on. missing a shot. getting his own rebound. beating the buzzer. fourth quarter. derek williams. a big game off the bench. that was spectacular. sixteen of his 18 points in the fourth. 108-96 the final score. you know what, if they beat the browns, the jets lose, then the
7:44 am
sealers are in. they can. this is a big game. the team sent out a short release. they have really released kelly. they will play the eagles. they beat the maple leafs six- three. this is something new that i am doing. work out tips, thoughts and opinions. youtube channel. talking new year's resolutions with deputy editor. you must get the mind in shape before the body.
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do not try to the rockies. >> start early. >> be consistent with it. kerry: thank you, duke. we have all your entertainment news coming up next. ben: anna aft
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the centers for medicare and medicaid patients to rate the 3.500 hospitals. received 5 stars. r treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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kerry: a live look at the old world fairgrounds. ben: they painted it yellow. it was like crumbling concrete. the theater they are. it is always bigger in person. kerry: as you listen to tlc do not go chasing waterfalls.
7:48 am
>> i used to love that. ben: i used to listen to it on the radio in my chevy beretta. >> starting off with some sad news. we heard of that -- -- now we know that motorhead is no longer without him. the front man for the band. an original member of the group. the band will live on in memory. come leaving the last which ended 17 days before he passed away. he found out. cancer just this past saturday.
7:49 am
the car -- and family. rob had to be rushed to the hospital over the weekend and was later diagnosed with diabetes. a very public battle with weight on the show. he refuses to go public or go on the show. sources close to them say he plans to get healthy in the new year. cedillo asked people that very question. taylor swift was the winner. not exactly a landslide. it seems that people like her for the most part. she would probably be pretty quiet. she is extremely wealthy. mullen feels particularly like her. about 17%. the least desirable neighbor,
7:50 am
donald trump. most desirable. >> justin bieber. >> low profile lately. you have not heard of him getting into major trouble. even taylor swift to live downtown. >> living in an apartment downtown. time now for our facebook fan of the hour. it is peter mulligan. thank you, peter. ben: / fox5 ny. kerry: good day is coming right
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ben: "good day new york." it is december 30. good morning. kerry: it is a foggy morning out
7:52 am
the rain is returning tonight. we will see some dry weather for tomorrow night. ben: a knicks player was shot kerry: we will have the latest on that. nearly 6000 highly trained officers in and around. helping the nation's box office. another this year led every single month. >> hoverboards are illegal on new york city streets. do not expect bill bratton to be writing one anytime soon. >> out of their minds. 2015.
7:53 am
we will talk about it. we will have some last-minute ideas. tickets are still available. we have some robots coming in. >> local kids that created to robots. looking forward to that. in the meantime, mike is here with a look at the forecast. mike: it does not look so bad. tomorrow, it has all cleared out of here. it will be nice and dry for the holiday. things look good. what to expect. today looks like we have mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow, new year's eve, we
7:54 am
making a come back here. thursday into friday. new year's day. our temperatures look like this this morning. thirty-six in bridgeport. thirty-seven, montauk. northeast. there is an area of low pressure. as we take that view out a little bit, that area of low pressure is right here. into the mid-atlantic region. we are the have some of the cloud cover from that frontal boundary. we will see that area pressure. that brings us a chance of showers later on this evening. high temperature up to 49 degrees.
7:55 am
cloudy skies for you tonight. rain showers early. " down between 34-43. making a comeback tomorrow. lots of sunshine around for the first several days of 2015. let's bring in christina stoffo. >> we have that one issue out of long island. we are going to look at the situation here. going to be a little tied up for you. that is because of an accident. in the process of being cleared away. still closed because of this
7:56 am
by exit 60. you definitely want to stay away from this spot. the northbound side looks okay. here is the belt parkway. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. ben: it is 8:04 a.m. knicks player has been shot. kerry: it happened just after 4:00 o'clock when he left the strip club in queens. multiple reports are saying he was shot in the knee and taken to the hospital in critical condition.
7:57 am
far this season. city officials are aiming to make times square the safest place in the world to ring in 2016. more extensive than ever. fox5 robert moses joins us with all the details. gathering in times square to get that great spot. first of all, there is no specific credible threat to new york city. police say that they are prepared for anything. >> yes, new york is ready. >> the nypd started preparing for the celebration in times square to usher in 2016. the rise of isis carried out or
7:58 am
inspired attacks in paris and san bernardino. >> we are not aware of any threat at this time. >> taking no chances. 6000 officers will be in and around times square. for the first time, the department newly formed credit go worse bonds command will be deployed. >> they are there in case anyone tries to preach the entry point. technology is on its side. monitoring everyone's every move. radiation detectors will help spot any problems. dogs will also world around. >> we are very confident that new year will be the safest place in the world to be.
7:59 am
be funneled through 14 access points. during one of 65 spectators. the message here in the city is loud and clear. >> people should feel safe just because we are there. >> that is a breeze during message from the nypd. if you are coming out here tomorrow, my thoughts are with you. remember, you are going to be screened multiple times. to that end, once you are in the
8:00 am
will not be nearly as good. the new star wars movie on the phone. you can catch up on popular culture and ring in the new year and times square. >> or i could go to bed and get a sufficient night's rest and be back here ready to go the following morning to report on it. i think i will choose that. ben: fair enough. robert moses in times square. kerry: robert, thank you so much. ten isis leaders over the past month. several connections to those terrorist attacks. kerry: u.s. officials say they will continue to hunt down isis leaders.
8:01 am
the retaking is a major turnaround. here at home on long island, a 24-year-old accused of killing his father will be in court today. ben: 35-year-old russell johnson was found dead. he had been stabbed several times. to serve and to protect. three brothers are probably following in their brother's footsteps. watching as his three sons were sworn in together. part of the nearly 1200 new officers graduating from the police academy. >> johnny boy there graduated with honors. he has my shield. my patrolmen shield. i told him to do exactly what i
8:02 am
this is my backup land. ben: the three brothers will go their separate ways now. >> we wish them all the best of luck. ben: george pataki was still in the race until yesterday. >> struggling to gain traction. every republican presidential debate. here is part of his announcement. >> tonight is the end of my journey for the white house. i am confident that we can elect the right person. >> i'm telling you, it is out fireplace. is it real? >> i don't know. i don't think so. the fire looks pretty real. i don't know.
8:03 am
i don't know if there is a way to tell. he believes voters will choose the right candidates. he said come front and defeat radical islam. in other news, democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley went to a meeting grief and iowa. only one person showed up. ben: he was identified only as kenneth. i have to see this guy. sit down and chat with him. see if he is the real deal. he came away unconvinced. undecided. one on one. you may be in trouble.
8:04 am
working on it." republican front runner donald trump says he is not even began to fight. tapping into his personal fortune. a campaign for president is $35 million under budget. i will send big in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. nothing and in first place job bush has spent $59 million. 8:12 a.m. right now. hoverboards. some lawmakers trying to realize
8:05 am
juliet huddy is here with more. >> as we saw the other day, the one where showed you a bunch of youtube videos, they are still falling. there's still a big hit on the internet. very famous dad in just a minute. hoverboards banned from city streets could soon be legal. he introduced a bill this week that would essentially take them out of the motorized feel cold ground. could we be seeing them in parks and sidewalks? listen.
8:06 am
they are not violating the law. >> hoverboards are not motor vehicles. anyone that gifted them during the holiday season would think that they are motor vehicles. >> mayor bill de blasio may be on board with this whole hoverboards plan. commissioner bill bratton will not be putting any of them on his christmas list next year. >> anyone who buys one of those things is out of their mind. many probably solve the video this morning. you can only imagine if that occurred at 2:00 o'clock in the morning. if you want to expose your family to that, good luck to you.
8:07 am
wholesale into this, -- >> things catching fire. >> this is pretty scary. >> wesco to this very funny video. sweeping the internet. mike tyson. just listen when he takes a ride on his daughter's new hoverboards. [laughter] >> i love that.
8:08 am
adding insult to injury. >> he never made. >> kind of looks like a dad. [laughter] >> at least he was balanced. he did not want to have one of those. >> i knew we were out on the sidewalk. it was illegal at this point. >> there was one point where i got off in the think have fun going. they've brought them in. one of the ones -- $1000. pretty good. >> and lot of the people falling off on these.
8:09 am
>> ran over a piece of carpet, two. ben: would you ever want to try? >> minor precious. >> that is how i feel, to. kerry: they are fun to watch. ben: thank you, j. kerry: the most popular name for newborn baby girls. sofia topped the girls name for that third straight year. the next most popular word isabella, emma. >> i wonder where benjamin is on the list. i think that benjamin is down.
8:10 am
have stayed popular. michael, you can usually find. my parents call me that. kerry: i call you michael. >> i cannot imagine why. >> another way to go. ben: what is going on? it may feel cool to you. forty-nine is your forecast high for the day. thirty-nine is the normalized. sixty-five is the record type. going along with a trend of a very warm december. forty-one in central park.
8:11 am
not too much going on with rain. three quarters of a mile and monticello picked there is still a dense fog advisory. central sections, primarily. that is where you could see visibility down to one quarter of a mile or less. we are expecting some rain as this area of low pressure starts to swing by. it looks like it will swing by just to the south of us. clouds increase through the day. showers pop through. in and out pretty quickly. the heavier showers will be in south jersey and eastern long island. high temperature goes up to 49 degrees. your temperature start coming
8:12 am
it will be drier for you tomorrow. things to look better as we get through today. the fox5 whether apposite daily and hourly forecast. here comes christina. she will give you the latest. so far that can mute is not look like that bad. >> a situation out of long island. the not so serious situation. a minor accident. very confusing, here. ralph three coms supply. unfortunately, we have one here this morning. i would allow yourself a little bit of extra time. still seeing an incident on the bqe. let's go to this lingering issue on the l.i.e. i have been with us all morning.
8:13 am
traffic is absolutely jam to your. you are being pushed off the road. he will not fail to get through here until further notice. you will see some as you pass that immediate area. let's go to the george washington bridge. it will be the next shot into town. lincoln and holland looking good. it is flowing freely. nothing off to the east and western spurs splits. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. back to you. kerry: thank you, christina. we have a lot more ahead. this lasts wednesday of 2 find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple
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for under 400 calories.
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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate?
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kerry: the countdown to 2016. hundreds gathered in times
8:17 am
square yesterday to see what it would look like. testing handfuls of confetti. estimated 1 million. here is the good news. the confetti works. gravity has not changed. it will function as it should be read some people submitted wishes for 2016. adam shapiro. hollywood can still produce some blockbusters. we're not even done yet. we still have two days ago.
8:18 am
the field record of 23rd team. $10.9 million. 600 million so far of that. and then you have "jurassic world". that was huge. "the martian." twentieth century fox. these movies have helped hollywood burn huge amounts of money. they will figure out a way they lost the money. speaking of things that work, regarding confetti, look, this is a travesty. bubble wrap in this year's christmas gift does not pop. >> thank you. ben: we will not see you because you are off the next couple of days. happy new year. kerry: fox /
8:20 am
ben: a lot more crowded this time tomorrow morning. kerry: people coming from around the world for this. ben: have you done it? kerry: i have not. i go far away from times square. ben: plan your outing -- people do stay away. prices surge. they are like eight times the rate. kerry: a bunch of years ago my sister did the mtv and took a
8:21 am
pedi cab home. >> that is a rip off. yes, but she needed a ride home. it was a lot, yeah. >> they are like $5s a minute. >> can you imagine? >> ten minutes would be 50 bucks. >> you can get any where on those things in five minutes. >> no. i see them in the park and stopping and touring, you know you are getting ripped off. but it is the charm of new york, right. >> especially if they know their way around. thank you for being with us. mike woods is here. the holidays are looking pretty good. colder than we have been used to. mike: than what we have seen,
8:22 am
than normal. for themont of december, we are warmer than we normally see. way ahead of the game there. taking a look at the maps, the ball drop forecast here, if you are headed out there, this is what to expect mainly clear skies and on the breezy side. 42 degrees. it is staying breezy throughout the evening. by the time it is hitting mid night, clear and dry and colder headed to 3:00 a.m., 38 degrees. these temperatures above normal but yeah it is cooler than we are used to or what we have seen this december. central park 41. 36 bridgeport, 34 monticello. some fog here and there. a quarter mile visibility in allentown. two miles in islip.
8:23 am
for parts of new jersey. that should be dropping soon. we have a lot of clouds in the area. the rain makers are not here just yet. the low pressure needs to come in here. there it is on the five day forecast. high temp up to 49 degrees. nice and sunny. now to christina in for ines this morning and she's looking at the l.i.e. is the big story out there today. christina: it is. around town, elsewhere, things are looking good for us. we had an issue on 46. it is cleared and it is flowing freely on the roadways. if you are travelling through staten island, not bad eastbound, out to bqe just a
8:24 am
little congested. the belt parkway is looking okay. to a live look at the delays leaded into the incident. the westbound side, l.i.e. east exit 60 and we have a closure trailer. exit 60 it is being closed and detoured to the service road. thins are slow moving here. hardly moving. it is a parking lot. eastbound is slow too. just a lot of congestion. so the l.i.e. in this area definitely a spot to stay away, especially westbound. it is closed down. good. no delay inbound. george washington bridge and lincoln tunnel is the same. trains running on or close to back to you. >> thank you. >> a funeral is held today for the former nypd detective that died while serving in
8:25 am
afghanistan. >> hundreds attended a wake for detective lem. teresa priolo was there and this morning she's at st. patrick's ka cathedral cathedral. >> the massive law enforcement presence here, barricades are up, the police vehicles are in place. you have to remember, detective lem one of their own and today they are here to honor his life and we are seeing the law enforcement and the military and people from the community bidding a final farewell for a man that was like a super hero. >> he's really a hero's hero. >> the governor is one of the hundreds coming to pay respects
8:26 am
of the nypd and a guardsman killed in the third tour of duty. >> we have to honor this man. >> for hours, friends and family and like the governor, a perfect stranger, braved the rain and cold to do just that, honor a man who lived a life of bravery and self-lessness, a family fan, a law enforcement, a soldier. >> this family should be proud of him. a good heart and wasn't afraid to even as a rookie not afraid to do what needed to be done to protect the city of the people of new york. >> he was a good soldier, a good detective, a good american. killed alongside five other afghanistan.
8:27 am
duty, his second to afghanistan, with him, staff sergeant of long island. the men were a part of a joint patrol of american and afghan troops and moving through a village when the suicide bomber drove into them. today he's receiving full honors. mass. it is a solemn and somber good-bye for a hero. we want to be that man that lived that way and served this country. >> and another live look outside here on 50th and 5th avenue with a massive police presence. they are putting the finishing touches here before the mass starts.
8:28 am
medal of honor. the remains arrive home tomorrow and the wake is tomorrow and friday for staff sergeant. that is the latest from midtown. back to you. >> teresa priolo live for us. teresa, thank you. 8:38. we have a lot ahead on "good day new york." >> everything you wanted to know or perhaps didn't want to know about the big ball about to drop in times square. we are talking to the artist. there is a new how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during
8:30 am
>> we have breaking news, knicks forward shot in the knee over night. >> he was leaving a strip club in queens when it happened. duke is joining us live with more, good morning, duke. duke: kerry, ben, this is what we know from the police sources, 24-year-old born in the bronx and leaving a strip joint in queens, we are just behind the long island expressway and leaving in an uber cab and
8:31 am
they removed his jewelry and he was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. we are here an the crime scene. this is maurice and tyler avenues. todd, pan to the right. the cemetery is here. the power plant is behind me. the cemetery, long island expressway, crime scene unit is here. the police photographer is taking pictures of evidence on the ground. once again, at the corners of maurice avenue and tyler avenue in queens just less a mile from the city scapes, a strip joint that he left in an uber cab followed by three vehicles and stopped and robbed of a gold
8:32 am
so as you see behind me, it is an active investigation going on. as we know more, we'll follow it up. this is second season with the knicks and he's from the bronx and moved up to midtown. >> duke, as far as we know, nobody is in custody. thank you, duke. >> now much lighter note, it is almost new year's eve, tomorrow the ball drops in times square. it weighs 12,000 pounds and a far cry from the first ball that dropped in 1907. that was a 700 pound ball covered with just one hundred lightbulbs. >> joining ughs s is the master artist.
8:33 am
>> when you think of the crystal, you think of a heritage company steeped in tradition and now here we are today and having a party in times square tomorrow that the whole world is invited to. ben: 288 these have been added. there is actually more than that on the ball. >> 2688 in total. tomorrow night, the last couple of days, we have 288 of these, what we do, waterford introducing a new theme each year, we are in the middle of what we call the greatest gift series, this year's theme is a gift of wonder, that is about the unexpected, unexplored to understand what is out there. >> you don't replace all of the crystals, just a couple of hundred? >> exactly.
8:34 am
>> and now you have been doing this 16 years. >> and we take off o number of the panels and donate them. >> how much work goes into this? you have a billion people watching. >> it is scarey when you think about that. there is a million people in all. you know what, it is so special, because it is part of my d.n.a., it is part of our d.n.a., we love working for this company and happy and proud to celebrate with the world. >> you take this abstract thought, the gift of wonder, turn it into this design, how do you do that? >> if you look at this year, the gift of wondering is reaching for the stars and the design, it is cut on both sides here, this is reminds me of an irish
8:35 am
sunrise, when the sun comes out, and bringing me back to childhood. it is precious for me and working and representing waterford as a second generation craftsman and my dad is watching and he's proud of me. >> what is your dad's name? >> leo? >> thank you for watching. >> tell us about this today. >> i would love to. hold this in your hand. >> i would love. o how good does that feel in your hand? this is waterford chris cal. we are a luxury life style brand. it is used every single day. we often said a good wine needs to be in waterford crystal and a waterford crystal. it is steeped in tradition. we have a great design.
8:36 am
this is a gift of wonder flute. beautiful ornaments. the snow globe here, they start as little as $45. how perfect is that? >> the champagne flutes are matching? >> yes. they have the same theme, the gift of wonder and bringing in the imagination to your home and the luck of the irish into your home. >> thank you, and happenty new year. >> thank you for having me. >> we'll be watching tomorrow night. >> we have great last minute ideas, party ideas for you at the hottest places.
8:37 am
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the air this morning. ben: we hope it is not foggy tomorrow night or it is hard to see the ball drop. >> kerry: that is true. it is wednesday before new year's eve. ben: it is bright. not too busy this morning. it is a nice week to move around the city. a lot of people are out of town. the subways have not that busy. traffic is not too bad. kerry: i have enjoyed it. ben: if you have to work, it is a nice week to do it. you can get stuff done. it is empty and here. kerry: upper east side is empty. >> time for the entertainment. we have an interesting story.
8:41 am
mark sallin is arrested on charges of child porn. tmz is saying that the police found a thu images of child sexual exploitation. he was sued for alleged sexual battery. he denied the claims and the sex was settled. guns and roses rumor is reuniting. this is still all unconfirmed but sources are saying that the founding members are finally playing together again in april at the music festival in california. they haven't put on a show together since 1993. this is a really big deal. this is logo is returned to on their website, which is part of why the rumor mill is spinning.
8:42 am
stadium shows in north america in the summer. sources say that guns n roses is $3 millions a show. >> and more on the resale market. >> yes. and oprah has it still. >> inside of every overweight woman is a woman she knows she can be. >> that is the new weight watch everies commercial, it came out christmas eve and moved so many to tears and people are talking about it on social media. hunter jones talked about the affect on her, oprah could inspire a snail to run. i'm planning on hitting the gym
8:43 am
oprah turned a commercial into an emotional experience. she's invested in weight watchers and the stock is skyrocketing.
8:44 am
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