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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  December 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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montgomery county district attorney decided there wasn't enough information to pursue charges. constand later sued cosby and settled outside of court in 2006. after new information emerged in july the current district attorney decided to revisit the case. >> the statute of limitations in this type of case is 12 years. after determining that the statute of limitations regarding potential criminal offenses had not yet expired, the investigation was reopened. >> reporter: over past year more than 50 women have accused cosby of relationship or sexual assault. prosecutors urged any other victims to come forward and promised to pursue their case. now back in 2005 cosby told investigators that this interaction was consensual. he will be back here in court for a preliminary hearing on january 14th. we're live in elkins park, in pennsylvania this evening. send things back over to you. >> thank you, liz.
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arraignment is definitely not accident. >> she joins us to explain why the prosecutors are in a race against time. good evening linda. >> that's right. good evening to both of you. the decision by prosecutors to pursue a criminal case against bill cosby right now came just days before pennsylvania's 12 year statute of limitations was about to run out. bill cosby's alleged sexual assault on andrea constand happened 12 years ago. the previous district attorney at that time declined to criminally charge cosby. the current prosecutor chose to reopen the case over the summer after constand's civil suit became public. at about the same time dozens of other women came forward with similar accusations. attorney peter frankel is a defense attorney. >> if you look at the probable cause affidavit to get the arrest warrant to arrest mr. cosby, it reads like a movie script.
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they're true, it is trouble for mr. cosby. >> attorney frankel says if this case goes to trial it is highly unlikely that cosby would testify because if he does, the judge could end up allowing his 29 other accusers to take the stand. >> typically it's not done unless the defendant were to open the door by saying something through his testimony that would cause the prosecution to say, hey, judge, he just said x, now i should be allowed to call witnesses to testify to y. and if that happens, the floodgates would be opened. >> attorney frankel says he expects bill cosby to enter a plea deal. if the case does go to trial, attorney glorida allred said most of her 29 clients she is representing are willing to take the stand. >> if the prosecutor decides that it is relevant, and admissible to call any of my clients as witnesses in the criminal case, i know that many
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testify. result. >> she says only one of her clients have been able to file a civil lawsuit against bill cosby because the statute of limitations for a civil or these women. by the way the charges against bill cosby could land film in prison for five to 10 years. he is 78 years old. christina, back over to you. >> linda schmidt, thank you. the criminal charges will not have any effect on cosby funded art exhibit in the nation's capitol. he donated $700,000 and a third of artwork for an african art exhibit at smithsonian museum. officials debated whether or not to close the exhibit after allegations of cost by's behavior but decided against it. the exhibit will end january 24th.
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case against bill cosby, go to our website, we are outside the club in nazareth. lisa. >> reporter: for second weeks in a row new york knicks play you are out for a night targeted as crime victim. the young nba player may end up paying with his career. 24-year-old knicks forward klee anthony early was celebrating the birthday of his friend. he left the cityscapes club with a female in uber around 4:15 a.m. a mile from the club, police sources say they were boxed in by three vehicles in industrial area. four to six men jumped out and pulled two guns. early was robbed of gold chains with medallions and jewelry and gold caps from his teeth. after he gave up the goods they
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early's friend and teammate carmelo anthony spoke. >> unfortunate situation. shocking situation. for clee, his family. us as an organization but most importantly just him and his family. you know for his mom to have to wake up to that text, that call you know, no parent should have to go through that. >> reporter: i just learned of a new development in the investigation into this case. my police sources are telling me that early was also robbed of his iphone 6 and that it was found at a location in brooklyn. that may give investigators the edge they need to solve this. also i've been talking all day with nightlife security experts and they are concerned about a rise in these targeted robberies of high-profile figures. they say they personally know of some that have gone unreported. we're live in queens, lisa evers, fox 5 news. back to you. >> thank you, lisa.
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killed serving our country overseas. jessica formosa was there. family and friends said good-bye to american hero at st. patrick's cathedral. gun gun. >> reporter: nypd detective and technical sergeant joseph land made the ultimate sacrifice. thousands in uniform lined fifth avenue. u.s. military service officers, the nypd, fdny, friends, family and complete strangers all here to honor land. >> i'm a marine. pay our respects. the ultimate sacrifice what he has done. >> you don't need to know him personally. everybody in new york, the family, especially when you wear the uniform. so, just remembering a hero. >> reporter: the american flag draped his coffin, bagpipes play in the background and land's body was carried into st. patrick's cathedral followed by his wife, teenage daughter
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the 45-year-old served in the air guard in base security squadron and was a 15-year member of the nypd he received full military and police honors during the mass officated by timothy cardinal dolan. >> a god whose nature to always show mercy. >> reporter: he was on his second tour in afghanistan when i and five other airmen were killed last week by a suicide bomber. mayor bill de blasio and police commissioner bill bratton spoke at the funeral. in his final salute he was described as superman a true hero who will never be forgotten. >> he is a true hero, a true american hero that served this country. >> reporter: his son ryan sitting on shoulders of nyp. d officer saluted his father's casket, with the mass over, giving him his last farewell. outside of st. patrick's cathedral. jessica formosa, fox 5 news. >> new year's eve fireworks display in belgium's capital due
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terrorist attack of the mayor of brussels made the decision after consulting with government officials. news follows arrest of two people this week believed holidays. in turkey authority authorities arrested two militants believed to be attempting suicide attacks. they had a fully rigged suicide vest and device placed into a backpack. the subjects were turkish nationals that moved freely in and out of syria. it followed a deadly attack in an coo a's train station that killed over 100 did, ankara. >> think focus on de-escalation tactics to diffuse potentially violent situations including training for officers to when to as their guns. it doubles number of tasers for officers. chicago pd has been under scrutiny since dash-cam video last month showed a white officer shooting a black teen 16 times. deaths of two more people at
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>> flooding in the midwest killed at least 20 people after days of torrential rain and filled rivers floodwaters not seen in decades. rescue crews are using boats and fire ladders to reach people strand. that water shut down wastewater treatment plant in st. louis. where raw sewage is running into rivers and streams. >> "affluenza" teen, ethan couch will not head to texas until after the new year. he won a three of this day delay based on constitutional appeal that could delay the return weeks or months. couch was on probation for a deadly drunken driving accident when i when he killed four people. he and his mother fled to mexico. they were found in puerto vallarta. it is unclear whether his mother's return will be delayed as well. ahead of tomorrow night's big new year's celebration.
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most popular for newborn girls
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>> tomorrow is the last official trading day of the year and last chance to save some money on 2015 taxes. >> fox five's alison morris
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>> we're both here. they're not on this list. more than 120,000 babies born in the big apple for 2014. numbers are not in yet. what are the most popular names? according to city health officials, sophia was most popular name for girls for the third straight year. followed by isabella and olivia. as for boy names, ethan got top billing in 2014 that was followed by jacob and liam. >> final preparations being made for tomorrow night's big new year's bash in times square. the ball was hoisted to the top for the ring in. millions of people will watch the tradition that dates back to 1907. as ball goes out an numerals light up above times square of 2015 we'll see over a million people kissing and celebrating together. there is no other moment like it where the world truly comes together as one. and celebrates the future. times square, the times square ball drop has become so famous, it even has its own twitter page.
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>> with selfies too. hope forecast will be nice. >> new year's we've seen pretty cold new year's. not tomorrow. >> it will be actually pretty decent, guys. we're expecting temperatures to stay relatively nice. it has been pretty brutal in the years past. that will not be the case for this new year's eve. i will show it to you in a moment. today, temperatures were above average this time of year even though it was a bit chilly. high reading in central park was up 45 degrees. we're outside that number with the current reading. 38 was this morning a's low. that is close to the normal high for the day. upper 30s north and west into poughkeepsie and sussex and up towards monticello. 50s down towards the shore. everyone else on the map made it into the 40s. we're sitting at 45 high on central park. 30s in bridgeport. 48 in bell more. islip checking in at 4. same number at montauk point.
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night. we're in store for relatively decent evening tonight. across the area. place. developing. visibility is reduced in parts of the area mostly across interior new jersey and higher elevations of northwest new jersey and up towards the hudson valley. if you're going up towards route 17 towards orange or sullivan county, watch for foggy conditions on some of the those roadways up there. lots of clouds in place. no moisture yet. forecast. coming in from the southwest there is area of low pressure passing just to our southeast. part of a frontal system that will pass to our southeast but be close enough to throw back some shower activity after, let's say 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. it will go through the overnight hours but clear out just in time for tomorrow. so here it plays out on our futurecast. lots of clouds in place. you see the rain that just came through. it will be out of here by tomorrow morning.
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2015 with plenty of sunshine across the area. goes clear tomorrow night. first day of the new year looks mostly sunny as well. there are clouds hovering north and south of us. we'll break into plenty of sunshine as we go straight on into the rest of the week. meantime for tonight, chilly north and west of the city. we'll have lows mostly in the 30s. everyone should see a chance of patchy drizzle. maybe couple showers overnight. east long island will have steadier rainfall. you will be close to the area of low pressure passing just off to our east. sunnier. nice to see sunshine return to the region. temperatures upper 40s. overnight tomorrow night at the ball drop, a few clouds. cold and dry with temperature of 40 degrees. not that bad considering we've past. nice weather pattern. plenty of sunshine for the next several days. temperatures take a drop.
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into the new year. first day of 2016 our highs will be in the 40s. it appears we'll have breezy conditions. that will make it feel like the 30s for much of the day even though outside of your window you see plenty of sunshine. a few days after that. we'll have sunny skies and temperatures begin to drop with high reads, mostly in the 30s as we go into next week. so not a bad start to the new year. >> that's pretty good. thank you, audrey. crippling hand injury not slowing down the giants jason pierre-paul. >> i'm in my prime. >> who inspired him to get back on the field after that terrible fireworks accident back in july? >> plus new financial troubles for a drug company taken over by infamous ceo/former bro, martin
5:19 pm
>> giants defensive end jason pierre-paul surprised his critics this evening returning to big blue after severely hurting his hand in a fireworks accident over the summer. >> russ joins us to explain why jpp never doubted he would be back on the field. other people did that's for
5:20 pm
>> reporter: i had my doubts as well. fireworks accident on the well-documented. guy and defensive end jason pierre-paul losing part of his index finger and part of his thumb. true to his word, jpp returned this season to play and not only play but made a impact. i recently sat down with big number 90 to talk about what it took to battle his way back. >> not one did i question why this happened to me. things happen to people every day but i'm in the perfect eye. i'm jason pierre-paul. this is new york city. one of the greatest cities in the world. you know, and just so happened i'm the talk of the town and news flashes, paperworks, whatever. i'm very happy where i'm at right now. i'm doing great things and like i say i'm 26 this year. i will be 27 january 1st, sky's the limit. i'm in my prime. >> after you had the accident, talk was all of this puts your
5:21 pm
jason, your father's blind. >> uh-huh. >> never seen you. >> never seen me at all. >> i don't think you need anything to put life in per executive for you. >> that says it all. my family is a strong family. my dad never saw me before. he doesn't even know what i look like. one thing i can say, he never gave up anything you know. he still cooked for us. when my mom was working, you know, we moved from house to house. you know, he had to learn a whole new house. so you know, basically, up here. you know, up here, and here, you're loyal and would do anything it takes. my dad was my role model growing up. i didn't have a role model growing up. i feel like this injury happened, i feel like if he could do it, he's blind. you know, if he can do it i can do it. great thing for me that i had a role model. whatever it took he did. he put food on the table.
5:22 pm
is. he knows where the rice is. you know, i would think it would be nasty but it was really good. that's my role model. that is the reason i'm capable today. because he never gave up. giving up. >> no, he will not. jpp also says, next season he plans on playing without his right hand wrapped like a club. so we will see. quite a comeback, whatever the case. >> indeed that is amazing backstory. thank you, russ. police commissioner bill bratton called out by his predecessor. >> shane on him. >> accusation got current cop --
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>> you're watching "fox 5 news at 5:00". >> coming up on 5:30 here is what is happening. bill cosby free on bail after appearing briefly in pennsylvania courtroom where he was arraigned on aggravated indecent assault charge that could land him behind bars for 10 years.
5:26 pm
and assaulting a former temple university employee in 2:00. cosby maintains he had consensual sexual contact with the woman. the charges came days before the statute of limitations for bringing charges against cosby would have run out. >> statute of limitations in this type of case is 12 years. after determining that the statute of limitations regarding potential criminal offenses had not yet expired, the investigation was reopened. >> all right. now cosby did not enter a plea and will remain free on one million dollars bail pending trial. we will have much more on the story coming up at 6:00. >> war of words between nypd commissioner bill bratton and former top cop ray kelly continued to heat up. second straight day, kelly fired back at bratton falsely reporting shooting statistics to lower the city's crime rate. he called those claims outrage just and nothing more than a
5:27 pm
>> first casualty of politics is the truth. mr. kelly selling a book. "new york post" says he is considering running for mayor. i stand by my crime statistics because they are factual. they are the truth. >> former commissioner kelly continues to stand by his belief that the department has cooked the books. members of the department told him that the current administration has changed way shooting victims are calculated all in effort to reduce reported number of shootings. >> a drug maker that was taken over by martin shkreli is seeking bankruptcy protection two weeks after his arrest on securities fraud. he was known best for hiking price of a life-saving bill from 13 bucks to 750 bucks. he is second former hedge fund manager to face charges. tureing pharmaceuticals is cutting jobs and seeking a new ceo after shkreli resigned. >> game over for toys "r" us in sometimes square. >> the giant store will close
5:28 pm
the shop is latest victim of city's rising rents. >> reporter: at mitt he hadly this flagship store where tourists came to visit. they would take the picture beside the empire state building made out of leg goes or the 15-foot ferris wheel. but after 15 years, they will close its doors for good. few would argue that this toys "r" us in times square was one of the happiest places on earth. what is so great about the store. >> i like the big ferris wheel. >> reporter: what do you love about the store? >> it has awesome toys. >> reporter: in 2001 the multilevel flagship store opened its doors. at 6:00 p.m. it will be shutting them for good. news saddening people of all ages. how does it make you feel that it is closing down? >> sad. i don't like that. i wish it was still open. so i could have the toys i could have. >> followed the store from 34th street. now with wonder wheel and everything, it is closing.
5:29 pm
what will we do for toys? >> reporter: toys "r" us occupied three floors totaling approximately 110,000 square feet. the bottom floor alone costs $2500 a square foot to rent. reportedly the rent is going up even higher. that forced the anchor store to look for a new location. >> doesn't surprise me at all. very experience sieve area around here. sad to see it go. >> reporter: toys "r" us spokesperson told us they were actively pursuing a midtown location. because the building is so large, reportedly it will be occupied by several tenants. reporting from times square. lydia serni, fox 5 news. >> belmont park may take more than bets on horse. >> they are trying to cash in on popularity of video lottery machines. >> when the ponies won't be own any action at belmont park soon.
5:30 pm
chosen belmont park as best possible site for the latest video casino, to quote enhance entertainment experience for visitors in underutilized facility. county officials hope projected $20 million gambling revenue will help nassau during difficult time. not everyone agrees. kristin lives in floral park. >> there is no positive place in nassau county this casino establishment could be placed. >> reporter: officials say a two-phase plan. blt machines. down the road, much larger gambling parlor that will require state approval. christie rice is furious. the floral park mom says the whole thing is sneaky, coming at a time many people are away. >> show me a community that has done well or thrived when casino has come in. has atlantic city? no. >> i can't see why we should
5:31 pm
>> manor trustee john nee retired and lives on fixed income. although casinos nearby are in queens, any money will help offset tax. >> this is the racetrack. this is war people go to gamble. >> issue for many parents the close proximity where the parking lot would be to the floral park bell rose elementary school. >> at aqueduct we heard predominance of crime takes place in their parking lot with everything from break hs in cars, to drug dealing, to actual murder that took place there and yes, that could be right on the other side of this elementary school fence. >> advocates against the casino say it won't happen if they have any say in the matter. in floral park, jodi goldberg. fox 5 news. >> latest entertainment obsession. >> shows like how making a murderer on netflix are having impact on criminal justice system. then this.
5:32 pm
ready to make that comeback. the big music festival they will headline in 2016. >> first let's look at tonight's "new york minute.." >> hundreds of high schoolers competed attract universe invitation al the armory in washington heights of the annual track-and-field competition draws some of the best high school track teams and athletes from the tri-state area and pennsylvania. [bells ringing] very realistic model trains are running at cradle of aviation in garden city right now. they're the work of the long island garden rail way society. they dedicated to keep hobby of model railroading alive. each display is owned by members of the club. >> remarkable to watch will hundreds faces as they walk around to see the trains.
5:33 pm
and dads seeing same things and rekindling interesting they had many years ago. >> group puts on four different shows around long island every year. find out about those at
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call 1-855-want twc. >> we got caught up in this as well. making a murderer is netflix's latest binge watching obsession. it is newest true crime series
5:36 pm
hbo's "the jinx" and serial podcast are grabbing headlines. >> as zachary shows us they are impacting how the justice system responds to these cases. they have led to extradition and confessions. not just another show, some call them dock you series. others refer to them as fictional drama. >> miscarriage of justice at least from our places on our couches that seem to have gone on is so egregious almost impossible not to get riled up and even irate about the entire thing. >> reporter: shows like, "making a murderer" and "the jinx" or p.o.d. cast serial, for example, it centers around this guy. writer jay michael son points out in the buzzfeed article the open. sayeed is convicted murder serving live plus 30 years. the case was closed until maryland court of appeals decided to give sayeed another chance, new attorneys, new
5:37 pm
closer you look, the more serial seems responsible for reopening. >> i thought it was a fictional show. because of the way people are talking about. the first name. i realized it was a real case they were talk about, i got interested and started looking into the podcast. >> reporter: lawyer susan simpson began blogging about the case after she sum telled on the show. she is producer of "undisclosed quote, her own podcast, continuing work of "cereal." >> public attention to a case can bring up new leads and give them a chance they never would otherwise, even traditional legal methods. >> reporter: take hbo's "the jinx," for example. great for ratings, bad for durst. he will be extradited to l.a. this summer where he faces murder charges. the new rage is netflix series, "making a murder." now the hack a group anonymous is involved after seeing at
5:38 pm
they say avery is innocent. they have pledged to expose the corrupt police who put him back behind bars. >> this plays out like it's a mystery. like it is a thriller. and that is a safer way of internalizing the idea that the system really is hurting people. >> reporter: zachary keith. >> carrie fisher is striking back at trillions and body shamers after number of people criticized her appearance in general leia, in "star wars: the force awakens." the 59-year-old actress addressed her critic as twitter, to stop debating whether or not she aged well. she said my body is my brain bag. hauls me around to places and in front of faces where there is something to say or see. fisher retweeted this. men doesn't age better than women. they're just allowed to age. "the force awakens" as an about breaking box office records since the release a week before christmas. it is on track to become the highest grossing film of all time.
5:39 pm
close to the gnr reunion which will include axel, slash and from the original line up. axl rose and slash apparently buried the hatchet and will unite at coachella concert in california in april. the band is negotiating with promoter to play 25 date tour across america last summer. last time axl and slash performed together in 1993. gnr was first band i saw in my life, 1988 opening up for aerosmith. >> it goes back. >> it does. >> skip the crowds in times square and still get a front row seat for the ball drop. >> they are offering a picture per view of the new year's eve celebration. looks pretty good.
5:40 pm
>> every high schooler's dream. new jerseyians closing out the
5:41 pm
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mosquito-borne illness is causing panic in brazil. it may be cause for surge of babies born with abormally small heads. incurrable condition can lead to brain damage an death. the situation is so concerning health officials are urging women to hold off when it comes to getting pregnant. >> new google glass design spotted on the ftc website. if the company moves forward with new model there will be different marketing strategy. >> we have the cofounder of the cloth app. >> very nice. >> we were all paranoid. i don't think everybody resisted the original google glass. >> remember that. >> such fear when it was coming on the market. it failed. now looks like they're going to sort of reinvent it in more of a work oriented form. >> more professional for business use, is that what it is? >> that is what google glass always made sense for in the first place. other thing as a fashion accessory was sort of crazy, right?
5:43 pm
fleet manager of cars or a cop or you need information quickly and you don't care how you look. but the idea this means something we'll all be walking around in the streets with is kind of crazy. >> right. >> people are also saying it might be good for people who get sued in several professions as well. >> probably the worst body cam imaginable because it is so visible. >> that's true. >> that was the problem with google glass. the entire purpose of it was every time your phone vie rates r greats and pull out of your pocket to see every little alert you wouldn't do that anymore. see what is going on and would be less of a distraction of the problem woos google glass itself became the distraction. >> right. >> you couldn't discretely check messages. people would see the eye look away. am i not interesting enough? come up to you on the street, what are you wearing? is that google glass? how do you like it? can i try it on? >> or are you recording me. >> taking pictures.
5:44 pm
say police officer, something more discrete on lapel. makes so much more sense than this thing on your face. >> interesting. how about this, hoverboard actually the real deal. it hovers above the ground unlike one west call hover boards that don't. taking preorders. comes with hefty price tag. >> how much? >> $20,000, if this comes out. this isn't the first time we've seen video of something before it comes out and maybe doesn't quite make it to market. >> right. >> this is 2015. this is the year marti mcfly went to the future and rode his own hoverboard. next thing the self-tying shoes out there. >> nike came out with those. >> with sippers on the back. -- zippers. >> this thing is crazy. $20,000 for a hoverboard. remember when people walked? i miss that. >> pretty cool, actually. a foot off the ground over land or water. you can go for 30 minutes or so. >> a little less than that. uses these fans.
5:45 pm
that it lifts up on the ground, sort of like a drone. kind of how a quad copter works. you're basically standing on top of a drone how it works. kind of neat. if you spend this money, wait for the second version when they work out the kinks. don't want -- >> like a car, really. >> like a car. you don't want to be a beta tester for this. you want to wait. >> definitely. >> we'll see mike tyson if he stays on that better than things we call hover boards. thank you very much. have a good new year. look at the weather now. >> flying above everyone else. audrey. >> definitely not. >> not in heels. >> unless they made it for heels that would be different story. then i would consider it. cold weather you will be needing as you go through the next couple days. temperatures are above average. we've been used to the mild air we've had this december. so this is feeling a bit chilly for a lot of us across the region. today's high number made it into
5:46 pm
we hit that number at 1:30. but we're at the number currently as of our 5:00 reading as well. this morning we start off in the 30s. that should be the normal high this time of year. today's high 45 in central park. dewpoint humidity very comfortable. winds are relatively light coming in at 7 miles per hour. right now our reads are in the 30s to the north and west. we're in the 50s down in the shore in belmar. we're seeing 50-degree reads in philly and towards d.c. colder air to the northwest, buffalo 39. 36 is the reading out towards detroit. i think temperatures will stay pretty steady from arewer this right now as we go through the overnight hours. a warm front isjd the area. will not warm us up significantly but keep us steady as we go through the next 12 to 24 hours. i think a area of low pressure passing to the southeast tonight. it will be close enough to throw back a couple of showers. there will be steady rainfall across extreme eastern
5:47 pm
this will clear the air area and we'll break into sunshine as we close out 2015. the mild air is being suppressed way to the southeast here. just to the edge of southeastern states we find reads of 6s ands. south florida is the -- 70s. cold air to the great lakes, southern states and even out towards the west we're seeing reads in the 30s for highs. l.a. is the 60s tomorrow. that is comfortable spot in the west coast. visibility is issue across interior new jersey, higher elevations as well into the poconos and hudson valley. we see fog as an issue. rain comes through quickly. it will exit the area by tomorrow morning. we'll break out into plenty of sunshine for your day tomorrow. looks like it will stay that way as we go through the next several days. a lot of clouds on the periphery here around the area. i think we'll see dry with plenty of sunshine to bask in as we go through the next few days. meantime tonight i think we have a chance for a few showers late in the evening.
5:48 pm
most of the rain i think will be across extreme eastern new jersey. excuse me, eastern long island. temperatures will hover into the 40s. although we stay 30s north and west. storm chilly but with reads in middle to upper 40s. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. as we close out 2015 at the time of the ball drop at midnight we're expecting a few clouds and temperature of very nice 40 degrees. the new year will start off pretty chilly. high temperatures only in the 40s windchills will feel like more in the 30s. we'll see plenty of sunshine. plenty of sunshine through the weekend, beginning next week. starting next week, really cold air starts to work in. high temperature only 30s in the city. colder than that north and west. christina. over to you. >> audrey, thank you. a christmas video made by a new jersey high school has gone viral.
5:49 pm
this is pretty awesome. this was put together by film production students at notre dame high school students in new jersey. singing mariah carey's 1994 hit all i want for christmas is you. it has close to 170,000 views on youtube. >> very clever. what is better than watching the ball drop but the view from 32 floors up. >> brook shows how one hotel celebrates the arrival of 2016 in style. >> reporter: the vibe is off the hook. >> take your new year's eve celebration to new heights at the sky lark lounge on west 39th street. steps from times square. >> we have multilevel property with views from the rooftop and main lounge which is some. most eclectic and nice finishes here in new york. >> reporter: sweeping city vistas and direct view of the
5:50 pm
great beats, bites, beverages tomorrow evening with prices starting at $250. mark you will be here on new year's eve. what will be eating? >> herb salted fries. pigs in a blanket. here are gluten-free barbecue bites. these are sky lark sliders. traditional riff on the usual pub burger. drunken, sunken cupcakes. chocolate ones are dipped in kahlua and other ones are in amaretto. >> reporter: i will take the kahlua and you take the am ma rhett toe. we'll toast the new year. happy new year. cheers. ice cream inside. hits the spot. >> reporter: no party is complete without some real drinks. the bartender walks me through a new year's cocktail combining vodka and wine and st. germain and a splash of ginger ale. yes, this cocktail is shaken, not stirred.
5:51 pm
>> happy new year. >> reporter: as you're getting ready to watch the ball drop in times square, i'm down there braving crowds at world's most famous new year's eve party with evening. while you're pulling together the new year's' outfit, type in bow tie on fox 5 youtube page for your guide to tying the perfect new year's eve bow tie. fox 5 news. >> perfect new year's bow tie. thank you, baurk. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. >> ernie what is coming up at 6:00. >> thanks, christina. we have a lot to tell you about you want a new you. we will follow you through on the resolutions you've been abandoning in the past. a live guest will join us. a live update on the new year's eve forecast.
5:52 pm
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>> live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the the news at sinks. >> wednesday night. good evening everyone. i'm ernie anastos. thanks for joining us. another busy news day. we start with downfall of a man who built his career on his fatherly image. bill cosby, indicted for sex crime allegedly committed 12 yearsals sharon crowley joins developing the story. what is the latest on this. >> bill cosby has come under fire this past year after dozens of alleged victims have come forward accusing the comedian of sexual assault. the accusations were all similar. cosby would invite the women over, allegedly give hem pills and alcohol and allegedly assault them. the case brought today was almost two old for prosecutors to pursue. it comes 16 days before the statute of limitations was set to run out. >> mr. cosby how do you respond? >> bill cosby walked through a crowd of media as he enter ad
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