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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  December 31, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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be right back. >> this is "good day wake-up". juliet: a attention to this, it will try out in time for the big ball drop. ball drop. and we might even see some sun. mike has the new year's eve forecast coming up. ben: it is not over until it is over. bol is tested. this was as we rain in, we are
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start of 2016. get ready for street closures and traffic in midtown. juliet: after years of allegations bill cosby is charged with sexual assault, this time in pennsylvania. prosecutors are building a big case around accusations of a former temple university employee. ben: honoring an american ceremony, staff sergeant lewis bonacasta was killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan, returns to new york. it is 5:00, thursday, december 30th onest. thanks for being with us. juliet: a little late. ben: i got extra. heather: trying to avoid mike loading. that half hour that you missed. it is over. ben: it could theoretically -- we could get crazy burst of lake effect snow. >> meteorologist: sure. juliet: don't mislead the people. >> meteorologist: does confetti
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that much we can count on. i am going to -- ben: that's no measuring station in central park. >> meteorologist: we got lucky. first of all, new year's eve forecast it you head to the ball drop tonight, lots of confetti, clear skies, birdy z as well. 42 at 9:00 by midnight as the ball drops itself, 39, a little cool, according to what we are used to. hopefully we are home by then. we have 42, high temperature, 54 degrees in belmar.
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and 49 in montauk, kind of a mile star, warm-up from what we had yesterday in most locations, 46 degrees warmer. we have cloud cover, the showers that year last night, now they are out of here and we will see clouds, we only make it to 44 degrees and you will be breezy, chilly start to the next year. let's bring in christina stoffo and see who is hitting the roads or the rails if anything is going on early this morning. christina: 3 east bound running along with this issue, i'd broad street. an accident involving an overturned vehicles taking out two lanes, the left lane open to get through, you can't get on route 3 from grocery until further notice, that will be closed down as a result of it. elsewhere in this area things are looking good on 80 if you're
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parkway or the new jersey turnpike thing that looking okay. let's go over to the next live shot, the prospect is looking pretty good gun you can see very quiet and hardly any traffic, that is good news and the next live shot is going to be the alexander hamilton bridge. as you make your way out of the gwb, the deegan, things moving well and approaching 495 approaching the helix, the lincoln, that is looking good too. trains on or close, new jersey transit starting around in, running extra services for people going into the city and alternates on the street parking rules. in effect. juliet: a thrill seeker fell to his death last night. ben: climbed to the back of the four seasons hotel, police say either jumped or fell nine story landing on one of the lower
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team may have been trying to take pictures because he has photography equipment, witnesses sought one of the victims talking to family members. >> very sad, very, she was devastated for what had happened, she couldn't believe it or a shock, barely holding up. ben: he was not a guest of the hotel and is yet to be identified. goodbye 2015, hello 2016. we are less than 24 hours from ringing in the new year. juliet: robert moses is ready to party. he is there to tell us what is happening. you don't see a presence at this point of people out there this evening going into those corrals. >> reporter: not yet. that happened at 11:00 this
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closures. saying seriously with the glasses on? we have seen street closures, seventh avenue and broadway have already closed to traffic, those closures will get more widespread as we move through the day. we are on the cusp of 2016 and hopefully good things will follow. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, happy new year! >> reporter: a billion people will be watching the ball, organizers wanted to send it on the test want to make sure it is up to the task. we are happy to report it performed beautifully. the ball as well feeding diameter, weighs 12,000 pounds, is covered in 2,688 crystal triangles and emit scullers in kaleidoscopic brilliance, 1 million people are expected to
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>> they will be joined by 180 million americans and a billion people around world that will watch the times square ball as it drops in times square. >> reporter: the ball is set to rise into its position of prominence the top 1 times square at 6:00 tonight and a who's who of entertainers will begin performing as the countdown to midnight begins >> kerri underwood, luke brian, the u.s. vote showed troop and headline performers jesse j. singing big hits pricetag, domino, bank baying and at the end of the night if we all come together she will sing masterpiece followed by john lennon's imagine the >> some street in times square have close to traffic, beginning at 1:thirty-second in more widespread closures play into effect. their seventh avenue from first to 59th street, broadway from 47th to 59th street and 40 third to 47th street from 6 to 8
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don't even think about writing. if you have come remember not to bring backpacks, large bags and blues. by all means do bring your hopes and dreams for good things in 2016. this is where all of the attention will be trained at 11:59 as the ball drops and we ring in 2016. we should mention, we have covered this extensively, security will be very tight, 6,000 police officers will be out here. you will see many of them. you will not see some of the. clear the many security procedures are in place. if you are coming out here be prepared to be screened early and often, you will be screened at the 14 access points and once again when you are loaded into one of these chorales organs or whatever you want to call them. >> serious charges against bill cosby. ben: after years of allegations
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charges, criminal charges in pennsylvania. teresa priolo joins us with what we know about this. >> to quote one part of it, sexual intercourse with the victim, he said never asleep or awake. it is strange and telling, a fascinating read this morning and a site many people never thought they would seek, the mug shot of 78-year-old bill cosby, hollywood icon charged with sexually abusing a woman. he is waking up in a pennsylvania home, out on $1 million bond and awaiting his court appearance. looking weathered and frail, wearing one of his trademark sweater is the man once considered america's favorite tv dad walks into a courthouse accused of sexually abusing a woman 12 years ago.
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question. it was our duty as law enforcement officers with a sworn obligation to uphold our constitutions and uphold the law. >> reporter: this dramatic seen his face now a mug shot, the result of the decision by a prosecuted to reopen the case last summer. the victim, former temple university employee andrea constant alleges bill cosby incapacitated and sexually assaulted her. at his home back in 2004. in 2005 but then be a decline to seek charges against the legendary comic citing insufficient evidence. in 2009, sued kospi and a confidential settlement was reached. he did admit under oath that two had sex but he claimed it was consensual. this past july a judge unsealed those depositions and this be a gave the case another look. bill cosby's attorneys called
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vowed to vigorously defend the hollywood legend. >> this case involved a woman and the man who had a consensual adult relationship over time. that is established in everything already out in the immediate and but i am hoping released from this process is the media will take a cold hard look at the facts and not be swept up into romanticizing the issues because of the many other baseless allegations that are out there. >> reporter: this move coming days will for the statute of limitations will expire, constant is the first of 50 women who have publicly accused bill cosby of indecent sexual advances and the salt. >> for many of my 29 clients who allege they are victims of bill cosby, seeing him criminally charged and facing a trial is the best christmas present they have ever received. >> reporter: what is the impact on the criminal case? what the impact will be from the criminal case of a settlement that was reached in the civil
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she is believed to have received some financial payment and that was supposed to be confidential. bill cosby is due back in court jan. 15 but he had to surrender his passport so he is not able to leave the country. he has great resources having made a lot of money over the years. juliet: the remains of staff sergeant lewis bonocso is back in new york. ben: he was attacked by a suicide bomber in afghanistan. the 30 one-year-old was from long island. the air national guard's 100 fifth airlift wing and the one hundred sixth rescue when will honor him as his remains at the base in westhampton beach. you will be laid to rest. juliet: also killed was technical sergeant joseph lamb, thousands of police and military lined the streets outside st. patrick's cathedral for his
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lots of new yorkers and tourists too. it was a heartbreaking scene as is 4-year-old son saluted his father's casket. >> a lot more still to come, donald trump going after hillary clinton again. what he said this time. juliet: gives me a headache, mike is keeping track of the forecast. >> meteorologist: the forecast looks better for us, showers last night, now moving out of town. now we are left over with patchy morning fog which will be clearing out later on. will be up mild day. you want some snow? we need three inches of snow. 45 degrees is your startup temperature, daily and hourly forecasts available, dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day --
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egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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juliet: we are bad. ben: it is december 31st orst. juliet: new year's eve. ben: do we need to throw in the towel? >> meteorologist: i hate to say it. ben: maybe we should get out of the way today.
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ben: the best record, we hit 3. juliet: i am on a roll. juliet: you know who it to align yourself with. the new england patriots. juliet: really, glad you admit that. juliet: averages not on your side. i will give it to you. give you the almanac, the average, check it out, look at the averages, 39, average low 28, we have not even hit 28, 32 is the lowest and that was in the month of november, and december we haven't even, freezing temperature yet doesn't look like it will happen until after midnight so that is not the month of december, record low 7 below was ben 1917 and sunrise time is at 7:20.
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cloudy sky at central park, patchy fog to report here and there. other temperatures, 38 in sussex, 37 in monticello, temperatures a little warmer, 3 to 13 degrees warmer than it was 24 hours ago in montauk. there reischauer is in overnight hours, they blast came through it, montauk probably the last point in the tristate, looking at showers we had last night, we will see dry skies take back over again so we keep it around for quite a while so we clear the skies out, high temperature 50 degrees, 44 tomorrow, 41 saturday, see what is happening with temperatures sliding all the way to the beginning of the next workweeks common's high 36 degrees. let's get over to christina. the rain came through last night but it is done. some slick spots here for leftover stuff. >> a couple early accidents.
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where we see an accident in the area of broad street and grove street where we have this crash. two lanes are blocked and we see a ton of emergency activity, debris still, down pole on route 3 eastbound, can't get on to 3 from the area of grove street, the on ramp is closed until further notice the watch out for that crash. 89 five with an accident north at exit 69 in the center lane and in manhattan, seventh avenue is close from 48th street to 40 third street for new year's eve, preparation, broadway is closed for preparation. definitely want to stick with mass transit. if you need to coming to the city you don't want to driving through manhattan, all the trains are running, actor services around noon so you want to watch out for that. let's go to the van whig, which is not looking bad, let's go to whatever live shot weekend go to, the vanik expressway looking good in both directions and we have no volume delays around
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side of the street parking rules in effect today. ben: donald trump's war of words continues. ben: liz dahlem joins us from the newsroom with the latest on the fight back and forth. >> reporter: this is what presidential candidates do, nothing new, they attack each other and donald trump an ending 2015 by going on the offensive once again, criticism at hillary clinton, the war of words between the two continues in south carolina, donald trump says a female president would be great, just anyone but clinton. >> i love the concept, i love having a woman president, but
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but i will tell you, women don't like hillary. juliet: hillary's attack on his treatment of women has made bill clinton's affairs fair game in the campaign. also told a crowd he's finding his campaign and won't be indebted to special-interest misspeaking of campaign funding ted cruz has brought in $20 million over the past three months in a fund-raising surge according to a ted cruz staff memo obtained by the wall street journal. it says the campaign had more than 670,000 donations for 300,000 donors, ted cruz is enjoying a rise in recent polls putting him second, he leads in iowa, the first state to hold caucuses. jeb bush's campaign has gone rid of its plan to purchase $3 million television ad in early voting states the instead, using money to send in to ground campaigning, supportive on
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placed 7, 3% in last week's cnn poll. and things will heat up relief at. the first primaries in the nation are the iowa caucuses coming up february 1st. i will send things back to you. ben: doesn't mince words. we have a lot more coming day. >> fd and why sending out a warning to hover board owners, still in first place with that record after another one catches on fire.
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juliet: this is all that is left board. he plugged it in to charge it and a couple hours later in aboard burst into flames. juliet: his parents but the fire out. daniel is urging hover board of trustees extreme caution. the consumer-products a commission says it received dozens of reports of hover board related injuries and actively investigating fires caused by self balancing scooters. more charges have been filed against a man prosecutors say brought weapons for the san bernardino terrorists. of federal grand jury indicted
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of conspiring to carry out two other attacks. and lying to police about buying him two assault rifles that used to kill 14 people on december 2nd. marquez had been charged with and tashfeen malik. if convicted he faces 50 years behind bars. juliet: following two police shootings that called for him to resign, rahm emanuel announced plans yesterday to overhaul how cops are trained in chicago. you wants office is to become less confrontational and more conversational. the new policy will double what number of taser is available to officers as well. ben: top stories, weather and traffic when we return. juliet: those storm that is causing the north pole to unfreeze. what will happen with santa?
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: looks like it will dry out in time for the big ball dropped. we might even see some sun. we pretty much capitulated at this point. mike has the full new year's eve for a test. i want to point out. all the tristate area actually won. juliet: i am a big supporter of the tristate area. the big ball dropped in times square, street closures, lots of security, what is going on this afternoon the robert moses is down there. ben: bill cosby is arraigned on sex assault charges, the accusations surrounding an encounter at his home ten years ago. juliet: santa at headed back to the north pole but comes back to florida's temperatures, storm has caused temperatures to rise
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ben: it is pushing 40 degrees in the north pole. juliet: what happens to be els? are they on vacation? ben: maybe they are in florida. juliet: kick back, vacation. it is 5:30, thanks for joining us, i won the bet, they capitulated, waved a white flag and i feel good. ben: i am still the champ. still in first place. juliet: i don't know how you calculate that. ben: you lost two. juliet: i am on a roll, you are not. robert moses, teresa priolo. >> meteorologist: i just like watching you guys fight. keep it going. ben: all morning long. i think you are the dead weight around here.
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what is going on with that? juliet: turning on you. ben: we need a new one here. ridiculousness. the current temperature in buffalo, and we had showers in overnight hours at. and some fog, that is burning of soon enough, we will get sunshine later in the day, high temperature 50 degrees, it will be breezy as well as we head into tomorrow, january 1st, 2016, high of 44 but a lot of sunshine as well. happy new year tomorrow and we will keep the sunshine around for the first few days of 2016. let's get you to christina
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doesn't sound like much is going on, a few issues in new jersey. >> reporter: good morning, we have this issue, the eastbound side out through the area of broad street and grove street where we have an accident involving an overturned vehicle, two lanes blocked and the only one lane open to get through, and debris spilled, down pole on the road, 3 easting grove street despot to avoid, you can't get on 3 from grove street, the offering will be closed until further notice, getting word of an accident on the west bound grand central on a ramp to the cross island, that ramp is affected and already have emergency activity on the scene trying to get that clean up as possible. the southern state much by exit 13, in both directions, traffic running up to speed. they new jersey turnpike, looking good by 13 a.m. at the airport, you see are the delays, treading the moving well, if
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lincoln holland, on or close to schedule. alternate site in effect. juliet: good by 2015, no snow and hello 2016. juliet: we are 24 hours from ringing in the new year. of the times square is ready, robert moses ready as well, has been there since yesterday. >> reporter: good morning. parts of seventh avenue and broadway already closed this morning, pretty much ready to go. the stages are set up, this is where musical acts will be performing and all the attention will be trained sky word where the ball will rise around 6:00 tonight and fall at 11:59 so we are set to go. speaking of the ball, times square tested it, 12,000 pounds of it. it is adorned with 2700
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that test went just fine. it rises into position tonight at 6:00 and begins its slow descent at 11:59 and everyone cheers and celebrates. if you plan to drive in the area of times square do it soon because widespread street closures go into effect at 1:30 this afternoon. let's look at those, 7 avenue will close from 41st to 59th street, robin 47 to 59 and 40 third to 47th from 6:00 to 8 avenue. don't drive around here, security will be very tight. nearly 6,000 officers, some scene, some not, will safeguard this event, the goal is to protect the 1 million people who are expected to be here. they will be joined by 180 million americans and 1 billion people around the world that will watch the times square ball as it drops in times square. >> reporter: certainly get here early.
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loaded with spectators around 11:00 according to police and give you are coming down here, prepare to be screened early and often and forget backpacks, large bags and booze. don't bring them, they are not allowed to bring these fashionable glasses. you can get them for 5 bucks and they will help you celebrate. juliet: lots of celebrations going on today, thanks very much. juliet: some serious news. bqe years of allegations bill cosby has been arraigned on criminal charges and sex is all. juliet: slowdown after all those women were coming got the charges were brought by prosecutors in pennsylvania. teresa priolo tells us why. >> reporter: good morning. was the man once considered america's favorite tv dad but now he's making that criminally charged with sexually abusing a woman 12 years ago. you can see he was wearing one of his trademark sweaters and walking with the assistance of a cane.
5:33 am
house to answer these charges with the victims of former temple university employe, andrea constant, he she alleges he sexually assaulted her at his home in 20142005 the the a decline to seek charges against the legendary comic citing insufficient evidence that in 2009 she sued bill cosby and a confidential settlement was reached. he did admit under oath that two had sex that he claimed it was consensual. the past july a judge and sealed the documents and depositions and the current da decided to give this case another look. listen to both sides. >> reopening this case was our duty as law enforcement officers with a sworn obligation to uphold our constitutions and double the law. >> reporter: this case involves a woman and a man who had a overtime. that is established in
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there in love me and i am hoping from this process that media will take a cold hard look at the facts and not be swept up into romanticizing the issue because of the many other baseless allegations out there. >> reporter: the timing of all this is interesting, just days before the statute of limitations was set to expire in this case. constant is the first of 50 women who have publicly accused bill cosby of indecent sexual advances and sexual assault. bill cosby will be back in court again jan. fourteenth. ben: i am from that area and my parents still live there where these charges were filed and the d a who you saw just won election, was the first assistant d.a.. now he will be the dna and the campaign really revolved around these charges against bill cosby because the other man who was running in the race was but the
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>> reporter: a lot of people when you look at court documents, really wonder why the charges were never initially filed. insufficient evidence coming interesting when you look through the statements made by both parties, drugs that were allegedly given, so we will see what comes from this point forward and give other charges in other states are filed reopened. juliet: thank you very much. the north pole and froze for history. dave: you were wishing for knows no and you affected the north pole. there is a massive storm in the north atlantic pulling mild air from the middle latitudes to the polls. temperatures could reach 40 degrees fahrenheit. that is well above usual temperature of 20 below. the poll often sees wild temperature swings. not this much. the storm will lash ireland and
5:36 am
more flooding. juliet: that is not good. lots of wild weather but i don't know how to predict these things. ben: the one who doesn't is over there. >> meteorologist: excuse me? keep it up. see you after school. over by the bikes. we will settle this score. let's show you what is going on, what to expect today, pat morning fog out there over parts of new jersey and long island, islip, i have seen that visibility come down to half an hour, it is a mile start and the fog will last a little while. then we make it clear for the new year, cooler temperatures return, 2016, going to bring back chilly temperatures once again but that is not the case this morning, 45 central park, same in islip, 43 in bridgeport, 38 in poughkeepsie, temperatures
5:37 am
most locations around 3 to 7 to 8 degrees warmer but 13 degrees warmer than was 24 hours ago in montauk, warm change, not bad for starters but certainly not giving us the possibility of its knowledge that has happened yet. the rain from last night is pushing out to see. some clouds leftover but they won't the run too long, future cast tries to break it up going from today into tomorrow and we will seem mainly sunny skies from tomorrow on for quite a while. we keep the sunshine around into next week, today's high temperature with sunny skies, high temperature 50, high to betray tomorrow for january 1st is 44, breezy too, temperatures lie down for early next week into the lower 40s, daily and hourly forecasts available on the weather apps, apple itunes store and google play store, download free today,
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what we got trying to hit those roads. christina: let's talk about this issue, eastbound running along with an overturned car in the area of broad street and grove street two lanes blocked off, the grease spill, down pole and it will take a little while to get that clean the. also getting word of an issue northbound, a stalled vehicle taking out one lane of traffic and outside the grand central by the area of this jury a boulevard where things are
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alternate side o juliet: checking headlines at 5:44 police say a thrill seeker fell to his death relieve this morning after climbing scaffolding outside the four seasons hotel in midtown. identified. juliet: please looking for a man who flash the customer and employee in a mcdonald's and 8:30 last night at the restaurant on 58 food street and third avenue, the suspect ran off, two victims were treated at a nearby hospital. juliet: new york's get on your feet program begins today offering college grads trees years of debt relief on federal student loans. qualified applicants must be new york residents and make less than $50,000 a year. ben: duke is here with sports. duke: we start on the eyes, rangers and tampa, nine game roads it.
5:40 am
rangers of 2-1, levels the former ranger 6 foot 7, brian boyle checking in the rangers binge, that controversy with the power play. jammed the puck through the whistle, as it went in everytime in the past, the plan but they reviewed it and called it a gold is 2:2 in the third but the turnover, domenic more makes the amazing effort and gets it to go, beads bishops, rangers at two, beat tampa 5-2 the final, doubles in ottawa facing a the senators in the first, from his knee blast in for the goal, second of the game make a 2 item 0, double shutout upends 3-0 the final. more on the shooting involved in the knicks's and any early. if you were watching yesterday, was shot in the knee after the
5:41 am
early was with a woman in uber cabinet, as many as 36. jumped out and rob the early. the woman and the uber driver and early, the only one shot and he was shot in the leg after giving that they're valuables, the second time in two weeks the knicks player was targeted as concerns grow for players each the. carmelo anthony says team is hoping for the best for early. >> a shocking situation, unfortunate situation. us as an organization, most importantly him and his family under the circumstances defected, could be a lot worse. we could be talking about this in a different way. >> reporter: sources tell fox 5 police traced early's iphone to brooklyn and the bullet that hit
5:42 am
not get stuck in his knee. knicks in orlando to face the magic in the second, pork lopez kids the turnaround jumper and they will be up 7 at the break. down two, the turnover jerry jackson trailing lopez with the dunk endure minute ago, magic down one with the bucket, magic dillon to win 193. story? if the jets win sunday there in the playoffs but they have to be the buffalo bills led by rex ryan was fired from the jets after failing to make a close season in each of the last four of his six seasons. the bills will miss the season for the sixteenth straight year, jets 10-5 thanks to the overtime
5:43 am
ryan's replacement ready for the game. >> biggest thing, we got on the same page, we tried to focus on what guys do best and let them do it and sit back and not try to be a genius or smart football coach, you have to let them play and make sure they understand the vision you are trying to get to and that is working out the past couple weeks. duke: that game at 1:00 in buffalo, giant hose the eagles at metlife stadium despite tom coughlin's last game after missing the playoffs for four straight years and missing 17 straight seasons, 64, and 1980. took over the giants in 2004 at won two super bowls. i asked eli manning about the only coach ebert played for. >> tom coughlin is the only coach you have known in the nfl. are you thinking this could be
5:44 am
>> trying to listen and pay attention to what coaches say, and offensive coordinator to head coach, they tell us to focus on the game and play well. that is what we want to do. duke: college football semifinals, the cotton football, orange bowl and oklahoma, michigan state. ben: giants go after chip kelly. duke: no, no. no, no, no. heather: that is no. ben: definite knowledge thank you. juliet: mike is watching the weather, pretty nice for everybody in times square. >> meteorologist: a little cooler, we have not had a lot of that this winter season or all winter but yes, mild start to the day leads into a decent know, 45 central park, 46 in belmar, 43 in bridgeport, still
5:45 am
showers the past by mostly to the south and now to the east that now looks like skies are trying to break up as far as cloud cover goes and that is what we will see, the low pressure going out to see taking clouds with it, showers are already done so not much going on from this point forward. clouds break up even more through the day today into tomorrow. we start 2016 on a dry note and keep it that way for a while, high temperature 50 today and try and cooler tomorrow with a high of 44 kind of breeze, highs to 46, below normal temperatures and for the first time could be dropping in to the 20s early next week. that is something to note but no snow. let's bring in christina and see what is going on. ines got a couple days break. christina: you gave me -- you did good all week. this issue on 3 east bound by the area of grove street and overturned vehicle blocking two
5:46 am
away from route 3. let's bring you to the parkway, in the area of pennsylvania avenue which is looking very good for you and the next wide shot will be fdr drive in the area of 96th street, everything running along up to speed, alternate side street parking rules in effect today. juliet: two minutes and 5 seconds until new year's eve in new zealand. ben: a star wars twitter work, princess leia is striking back
5:47 am
"america's nightly scoreboard" anna gilligan is here. whose team real long? anna: i thought it was going to smell. i am a sore loser. let's give you an update on kitten gender. he is reportedly settled a lawsuit with the driver involved in the fatal feb. car crash. she received undisclosed damages according to people magazine according to a loss of wages and earning capacity plus compensation for hospital and medical expenses following the highway crash. kim died in the crash but cleared of criminal charges. and when her brakes were hit, and to stop suddenly as well, after being rented by a general and put into oncoming traffic. part of the settlement includes jenner putting deposition and
5:48 am
this crash including a lawsuit against jenner from adult children. kerri fisher is speaking about the criticism of books in the new star wars movie, the hamas--the being how to look at 59th when she first plane princess leia wishy tweeted out youth and beauty are not college quince, they are temporary happy byproduct of time and be amended point at pass public troubles tweeting sleaze thought debating whether or not iron age well. unfortunately it hurts all three of my feelings. in other star wars news don't expect to see him christiansen walker. ebitda candid interview to the 0 times about how he quit acting after his meteoric rise to fame because quote makes it all kind of felt a little too handed to me. i don't want to go to my feeling and riding a wave.
5:49 am
those prequels they nearly ruined her career, no directors wanted to work with her afterwards because they thought she was a, quote, horrible actress. there is flip side to fame. juliet: those were horrible movies. i remember them being -- star wars fans are hard bunch. dave: they are. anna: a very vocal group and all experience is it different ways. kind of like snow begging. juliet: team juliet won. the losing team. the look on his face. juliet: you would be gloating just as much. ben: a gracious winner. juliet: please. ben: i am going to talk now. it is almost new year's eve in new zealand.
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we have a lot more on the other sexual assault charges against bill cosby, what his attorney is saying about interesting comments.
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