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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 31, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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juliet: happy new year, >> thursday, december 31. i am kerry drew. ben: i am ben simmoneau. 2015 will and i dry no. highs close to 60 degrees. we could see some sun before 2015 and. temperatures will drop as we get into the weekend. kerry: new zealand was one of the first countries to usher in 2015. sydney australia.
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together in and around times square. a thrill speaker falls to his death. two people were climbing scaffolding when one of them fell nine stories. >> till cosby is free this morning. going back almost 12 years. >> we will talk with a number of attorneys. she is coming up in just about 30 minutes. we are looking forward to that. a lot of people heading to times square. possibly heading out in just a couple of hours. >> it has been so mild. it actually looks pretty good.
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the showers did come to yesterday. clouds, they are still hanging in there. more sunshine as time goes on. check out these temperatures. they did not really drop a whole heckuva lot in the overnight hours. a partly to mostly cloudy sky. no one is freezing this morning. 49 degrees in sussex. forty-one and bridgeport. a lot of cloud cover still in the area. we expect for them to come that evening. the clouds are still kind of staying tight. they are breaking up as time goes on. maybe a little bit of fog here and there. i have not had any reports of that.
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shore. clear skies as we head into the weekend. that colder air making a comeback. it is not quite here just yet. it will be cooler tomorrow with a high of 44. our highs drop even more so this weekend and into the next workweek. let's bring in gristina. it looks like it is a weekend out there. christina: it is so quiet out there. for the most part, things are looking good. looking a lot better than it was before. expect to see some delays. you still cannot get onto three from grove street. we also have this new incident. minor accident there. a little bit slow. not jammed or anything like
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let's go outside. i will bring you to a live shop. looking too bad either. this is a live shot right by laguardia airport. it will give pretty congested for you moving into that spot. here is the l.i.e. the cue cards interchangeable directions. things are looking good. on or close to schedule. you will start to see extras train services. we are already seeing the road closures. alternate side of the street
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today. it just kind of gives away just how excited you might not be. has anybody shown up yet? >> no. just as reporters taking pictures. what other day out of the year is the stuff sanctioned. part of the roadway. we are all set to go. many streets are already closed in this area. 2015. it will soon be a thing of the past. >> five-four-three-two-one-half the new year. >> reporter: a million people will be watching the ball as it falls tonight. wanting to send it on a test run to make sure that it is up to the task.
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weighs nearly 12000 pounds. 6000 water for crystal triangles. 1 million people are expect it to see its splendor in person. joined by 280 million americans. watching the times square ball as it drops here in times square. ben: dropping into its position. a who's who of entertainment will begin performing as the countdown to midnight begins. already closed to traffic. more widespread closures go into effect. pay attention. they are seventh avenue. broadway. forty-third to 47th street from sixth to eighth avenue.
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backpacks, large bags and booze. by all means, do bring your hopes and dreams for good things in 2016. a live look at where everyone's focus will be trained later on today. nearly 6000 police officers both seen and unseen will be in times square tonight. making sure that this event is safe. coming out here. crowds will be very large. we are expecting people to get here very early to secure a good spot. do not bring the booze, the bags, the backpacks. do bring the bifocals. >> looking good. thank you so much. overseas now. >> he was detained yesterday in
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phones during the raid. gradual to appear before a judge within five days. the paris attacks killed 130 people. >> a new year's eve fireworks display of belgium's capital has been canceled due to threat of a possible terror attack. he made the decision after consulting officials. plotting attacks during the holidays. ben: a thrill seeker was found dead in the town late last night kerry: he had climbed up the scaffolding at the back of the four seasons hotel. police say he either jumped or fell nine stories landing on a lower rooftop of the luxury hotel pete he may have been trying to take pictures. he had photography equipment with him. he has yet to be identified.
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this morning after being arrested. kerry: arraigned yesterday on indecent assault charges. teresa priolo is here with the latest on this case. >> you begin to realize that the picture being taken is in stark contrast to the images of bill cosby. this morning, he is waking up in his pennsylvania home. he is charged with a crime that carries the possibility of a decade behind bars. the man once considered america's favorite tv dad walks into a pennsylvania courthouse. accused of sexually abusing a woman 12 years ago. >> reopening this case. law enforcement officers.
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and to uphold the law. >> his face now a mug shot. montgomery county prosecutors. the dumb, andrea constance. she lets bill cosby incapacitated and sexually assaulted her at his home back in 2004. in 2005, they seat charges citing insufficient evidence. in 2009, she sued cosby and a confidential settlement was reached. he did, however, admit under oath that the two had sex, but he claimed it was consensual. this da decided to give the case in another look. they have vowed to vigorously defend the hollywood legend.
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relationship over time. not being swept up into kind of romanticizing the issue. the many other allegations. the statute of limitations will expire. she is the first of more than 50 women have accused bill cosby. >> for many of my 29 clients who allege they are victims of bill cosby, seeing him criminally charge and having to face trial is the best christmas present that they have ever received. >> reporter: still unclear what impact the criminal case. she had believed to receive financial payment of some sort.
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passport. that is the latest from here. kerry: teresa, thank you very much. we will speak with gloria allred about the charges against bill cosby. in other news this morning, two are recovering this morning after being slashed inside a mcdonald's in midtown. ben: fighting with another man. the worker tried to break it up. he then ran away. the two male victims were treated at a nearby hospital. kerry: killed on december 21. his patrol was attacked by a suicide bomber in afghanistan. at noon, at the new york air
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ramp ceremony to honor him. his remains arrive at the base in westhampton beach. he will be laid to rest saturday. also killed in that attack is nypd detective. thousands of police and military bind the streets outside of st. patrick's cathedral. that is his for your old son ryan saluting as his father's casket is carried past. kerry: another pics story we have been following this week. mexican officials have split up the so-called affluenza teen and his mom. ben: his lawyer said he was too rich to know right from wrong. this following a drunk driving accident a few years ago that killed two people. they were called monday in puerto vallarta. she could get 10 years behind bars for helping her son skip
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belmont park. the third leg of the triple crown could become a new county. >> 1000 electronic slot down the road building a much richer gambling casino. county officials hope to bring in $20 million in gambling revenue next year. >> no positive place in nassau county. >> you show me a community that has done well or thrived when a casino has come in. >> people say they will have a rally in the new year. you have to see this. take a look at what is left of a 12-year-old hoverboards. >> the board burst into flames.
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urging hoverboards owners to use extreme caution. >> i would not plug one in in my until this is fully investigated and it is being investigated around the country how safe they are or are not, my advice is be very, very capable. ben: it has received dozens of injuries. it is investigating the fire cause. kerry: some of them have been documented on social media. some of them have not. you really have to be careful. ben: yes. especially by the ones that may not be approved. make sure that the batteries are legit. michael, it you bought a hoverboards.
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i did not get it out myself. ben: you are like the fun uncle. mike: exactly. i did ask my sister's permission first. okay. watch she will be the one in the hospital. [laughter] that is the way it works. adults, stay off. the last day of 2015. happy new year's eve, everyone. thirty-nine is the average high. twenty-eight is the average low. skies are brightening up. it looks like the clouds are starting to break for us around the tri-state region. a partly cloudy sky throughout the tri-state region. forty-five in allentown. 41 degrees in bridgeport. forty-one in montauk. we did have some showers yesterday. that brought in the rainfall and
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it is 5 degrees warmer than it was. 6 degrees warmer for you in bridgeport. warmer for you in sussex. the rain has cleared out. it looks like we will see more and more of the sunshine trying to make a comeback year. that should be the case for several days to come here. passing by offshore. that will take most of the cloud cover out with it. colder air on the backside dropping down from canada. that means your high temperatures will be coming down today into tomorrow. some patchy morning fog. we get some sunshine. high temperature going up to about 50 for you later this afternoon. the mid- 30s by monday and tuesday. you have some birthday shout
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he is a new year's eve baby. happy birthday to you, my friend. that is dante. he is turning seven years old well. let's bring in christina stoffo. >> it is a party. >> it is a party. good morning, everyone. we have one lingering issue. we had an earlier overturned vehicle. also, 280 westbound. that will be a crash. blocking one lane of traffic. eastbound blocking two lanes. you can expect to see some congestion moving into that area.
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this is a live shot. things are looking good for you here. next one will be the george washington bridge. we do have minor delays. earlier police activity in hicksville. this will be in both directions. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. >> thank you. we have much more still to come this morning. ben: we will be right back on
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one times square. are there offices in there? let us know. we can fantasize. upper floors. kerry: good question. if you knows what goes on in that building let us know. this morning, we are learning more detail. >> let's go to fox5 liz. she is live outside the medical center on the upper east side. >> that is right. good morning to you. shot in the knee. originally taken to the
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transferred here to new york presbyterian. it did not cause too much damage. structural damage to the 24-year-old players need. that is the good news in all of this. he was the target of a robbery bid it happened around 4:30 a.m. wednesday morning in queens. heading home an end uber. when he got about 1 mile away, they were quickly surrounded by three cars. sources are telling fox5 that they stole things before shooting him in the knee. stolen. unharmed. he was knocking on doors looking for help. police got to the scene.
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behind his speedy recovery. >> it is a shocking situation. his family. most of all, just him and his family. the circumstances. the fact that it could be a lot worse. we could be talking about this in a different way. >> the second time in two weeks a new york knicks layer has been targeted. robbed of $600,000 worth of jewelry and bags. back to early, the second season. it is a local kid. he grew up in the bronx. went to sullivan county community college before transferring where he played basketball. we are told that his recovery
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he has been active on twitter. thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. i appreciate you all. a shout out to all you beautiful souls. god works in mysterious ways. i will send things back over to you. kerry: thank you. ben: still to come on "good day new york." bill cosby's accusers. gloria allred will join us live
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square new year's eve. >> in over 16 who ares. good morning everybody a lot to simmoneau. >> and i'm kerry drew thanks for eve. mike woods is here with the new new year's eve forecast. cover. by it looks like a nice night
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nothing going on weather wise around tristot region. right now we have cloud cover leftover from yesterday's storm if you will. looks like it will leave us in pretty good shape for last day of 2015 and 16 good there too. here's what our temps look like right now. 46 central park, belmar ma 46 degrees that the point. 39 in pip see same thing in sussex and 41 bridgeport. 46 also in montauk with mainly cloudy sky there. but clouds are breaking up. clouds are breaking up because front is moving on. area of low pressure and showers have come to a close that happened late last night article this morning. but yeah here's the cold front that's going to work through some of the cloud cover still hangs arranged for a little while but not too much. as day goes on more an more of the clear skies. so clear skies to you. cooler temps spilling down
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temps going down but not until tomorrow. today warm. high temp up to 50. tomorrow up to 44 and stl be breezy too. gets cooler as we head into the weekend early next week. early next week mid-30s on monday that's chilly. let's bring in christina in for ines with some problems on roads as well as the rails. we're going to talk about accidents out there and start with route 3 the eastbound side at grove street where we have this overturned vehicle and some emergency activity all lanes open but activity east 3 at grove street. we have an accident westbound on 280 by one. minor accident in the process of being cleared away. we have some trouble if you're on grand central eastbound through cross island parkway two lanes blocked off. also word of accident on u saw mill by yonkers avenue also hutch northbound by mamaroneck
7:29 am
outside to 80 in exit 52, both directions here is very quiet really nice ride for you. and we have some issues with lirr. train graphic up to an hour delay in both directions because of earlier police activity in hicksville. keep that in mind up to dat with thattings situation. alternate side is in effect. back to you. >> bill cosby free this morning on $1 million bail following his arrest yesterday on sexual assault 3harges in pennsylvania. >> joining us live from los angeles is gloria allred attorney for more than two dozen of his accusers. thanks for being with us. let's start with this. you represent 29 women what was the reaction what they heard about these chargeses in pennsylvania ? >> very happy that, in fact, andrea constant is beginning to have her day in court she, of
7:30 am
charge of aggravated indecent assault that has been filed against mr. cosby in which will be prosecuted. and most of my clients if not all are barred by the statute of limitations set by law from being able to have their cases prosecuted even if a d.a. would believe that he or she could prove a case in other words it is too late for them and too late in many cases to file a civil lawsuit so they're very happy for andrea and they're very willing to testify in in criminal case against mr. cosby if their testimony is considered by prosecutor and the court to be relevant an admissible. >> gloria let me ask you on that note what do you think will happen in that regard? a couple of months ago you did get the chance. you can't reveal about what happened. but you got the chance to depose
7:31 am
you have civil suits pending. what do you think is going to happen? do you think that the judge in this case is going to admit testimony from all of these other women or not? reporter: well it's very difficult to say. i think it is too early to say, and, of course, prosecutor first is going to have to decide which, if any, of the alleged victims he will decide to call. but they do stand ready. most of my clients, they are prepared to testify. they want to tell what they say is their truth. if, in fact, it is relevant to this case and we have to watt and see. you're right we did take mr. cosby deposition and lawsuit which we're litigating on behalf of judy huff 15 years old victimized at the playboy mansion in southern california. we are proceeding with that case, we cannot comment on what mr. cosby testified to in his
7:32 am
protective order i will say earlier this month i filed a motion to compel because we're shooking a second deposition of mr. cosby that hearing will be held on february 2nd. grounds that we have asserted include his refusal to answer certain questions at that october deposition. >> more than 50 women have so far come forward. could there be even more women? >> not only there could be, but there are. more women -- even prior to the felony charge being filed against mr. cosby yesterday, i had more women who allege that they're victims of mr. cosby contact me. and a number of them indicated that they were prepared to testified, they department want to go public. but if it could be helpful in this criminal case, then they would testify and since yesterday, even more women have contacted me.
7:33 am
more question specifically about this case with gloria constant and decided not to press charges against bill cosby said frankly he didn't think there was enough evidence for this case to stand and win the toarnls in court. judging from what you know now there's dozens who have come forward but is it concerning for you that this case -- prosecutors might not win this case in pennsylvania. is going to do. one that predicts what is a jury is going to do is acting in error because it's really unpredictable. obviously this new district attorney assistant district attorney, now soon to be the elected district attorney kevin steele, what is a terrific prosecution and conviction record. and i'm sure that he took it
7:34 am
evidence what he says is new evidence what he says is new evidence that surfaced as a result of the excerpts of mr. cosby deposition civil case being released. and looked at and he's decide in his opinion there's sufficient evidence that he thinks he could prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt. we'll see what had the jury decides but i think it is courageous of him. >> gloria allred join us from los angeles. thank youing for being with us. >> thank you and happy new year. >> well could want down to 2016 is officially on. here in new york city all eyes are on times square. >> let's check back in with robert moses heats quite the outfit oh, there it is again reporting on preparations for tonight's festivities. robert what does -- that kind of stuff cost you? >> these glasses cost me about $5 hoping they hold out for another 24 hours before they get through tomorrow. the hat was free courtesy of times square alliance grateful
7:35 am
everything is really in place street closures have already begun they'll become more widespread at 1:30. and joining me now the biggest party planner in the world with with the times square alliance. i'm going to take off glasses so audience might take some of what i say seriously. first of all happy new year. talk about what people can expect today. first of all the ball will rise at 6 p.m. tonight, and then a whole lot of entertainment commences, right? >> years ago was this a one minute event. ball dropping literal aat midnight. now six hours of live entertainment. you can see live web cast, and entertainer jesse jay and carrie underwood and at midnight mayoren a our guest global citizen commit odd to making the world a better police and reminding us send signal, balloons go. confetti falls and the world comes together.
7:36 am
of your colleagues earlier you have nice weather today. very mild. do you think that means people will start coming the a little earlier than they would in other years? >> absolutely. when it's warm people come out earlier in the day. so if you really want to be in the heart of the action, rooght where we are, about midday people start coming her and filling up pins. police did an amazing job to make an orderly interns and security, nypd throughout the year doing amazing job in times square but tonight. >> security concerns but u talk about the security and how intense it is, what is different this time arranged than other years? >> mayor and commissioner e bratton said 5,000 cops they have extra 500 to 8 hux -- 800 poem that are out. i believe this is one of the safest places in the world. you think about airport security
7:37 am
has that level security don't bring bags, backpacks, don't drink, a great night as it has been for decades. : we see tim every year. he does a great job year in and year out. this year is no different. going to be fun. back to you. >> thanks. duke has sports coming up after
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breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. >> welcome back everyone. all right let's get you going as we head out to 2015 pretty good weather wise. 47 strap park. our temp jumped up another degree. 46 in nuke as well as belmar with a messily cloudy sky. no precip right now. you could have flurries up in our extreme northwestern counties that's that cold air coming down from canada enough to support a few quick snow flurries there. but us everyone else well we're looking at a mostly cloudy start to the day but clouds break up. as it breaks up we're going to see more sunshine and fairly warm day out there for metro areas. tomorrow clear. but cooler with that colder air
7:40 am
that starts to knock your temps back a bits. high temp up to 50 but tomorrow up to 44 only. then high it is drop down to 36 by monday of next week. "fox 5 ny" weather app that has daily and hourly forecast fro at the apple itunes store and google play store download it and check it out. let's bring in christina and see what's going on. light commute but issues. reporter: good morning mike. one cluster of accidents here. let's start with saw mill northbound side at yonkers exit 5 with a stall on new england throughway that's going to take out one lane that is southbound boston road expect to see some now we have some trouble if you want to stick with the hutch at crash. another disconnect incident by eastbound six with a fuel spill so you're definitely going to see congestion surrounding all of these accidentings. outside to the garden state parkway doesn't matter what direction.
7:41 am
yowpght to keep in mind that the southbound side it was parkway moving into the area of exit 142 we have a crash on that offis a flashing lights. lirr but it does is delay they're moving fine. issue with lirr is going to be on ronkonkoma and jefferson branches with an hour delay in both directions because of earlier police act in hicksville. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. kerry and ben back to you. >> duke castiglione here now with sports. i want to wish a happy birthday, and forgot -- a birthday yesterday? a birthday yesterday so my friend glenn's mom a good friend of ours good friend of the show. indeed. so start on the ice rangers in tampa rematch yesterday eastern conference finals.
7:42 am
2-1, and top of the screen. tanner glass former ranger -- and level former that's a big hit. boyle 6-7 in the glass. look at that. called for interference. power play, former ranger with the puck. blow the whistle. that's a dead play. they review it and call it a goal. tied two in the third. dominic moore look at the move that was nasty. amazing effort, and they have it, tampa wins 5-2 final. elsewhere in hockey double they beats senators 3-2 and in the nba, the magic beat the nets 100-93 jets win they're in the playoffs but they have to beat u buffalo bills led by jets former head coach rex ryan fired from the jets after failing to make post season each of the last four years with gang green.
7:43 am
season for 16 straight year. jets 10-5 thanks to large part done an amazing job. bulls ready for this game. >> biggests thing we got become on the same page. you let them do it and set back and not try to be a genius but you have players and make sure they understand the vision and that's been working out past couple of weeks. >> game at 1:00 up in buffalo. giants will host eagles might be the last game coaching big blue playoffs. long etion rout since missing 17 straights seasons between 1964 and 1980. coughlin took over giants 2004, won two super bowls yesterday i asked eli manning this. >> tom u coughlin is only coach u you've known. into this game thinking this could be the last game with with
7:44 am
>> trying are to listen, you know, trying to listen, pay attention to what our coaches say from quarterback coach to head coach. listen to words and they tell us to focus on gaming and go out there and play well. that's what we want to do. >> i want to wish everybody a happy and safe, healthy, very happy new year tomorrow. >> happy new year you. big plans with charlie. >> i'm working want to.
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the winter event.
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>> all right,ed it's "health watch" biggest health stories of 2015 important new warnings and guidelines to top the list. >> roshini raj is joining us. hard to pick a few. biggest was a new guidelines for breast cancer screening issued by american cancer society. this year they revised guidelines and said that women most women may not need to start having mammograms until age 45 o opposed to 40 a previous recommendation this certainly raised eyebrows with a new medical community and community at large because we know that actually we're diagnosing more breast cancer in younger women these days, however, they said for population as a whole 45
7:48 am
annually and women 55 and older out to two years instead of year. a lot of controversy with this and my take away for patients is tack to your doctor about risk for breast cancer and when to start and they said women should have the opportunity to start at age 40 although they were recommending starting at 45 so confusing for women out there tack to your doctors about the bottom line it be that. and then that was a good story. there were some more so tanning bids we pretty much i hope know these are not good in terms of skin cancer risk. fda is proposing they be banned by a use by minors under age of 18, and this is something if it is approved is thought to be a big strike against skin cancer. we know using a tanning bed one time can significantly increase your risk of skin cancer down the road. so something to looking the for that this most likely will be approved. >> you ever done it? >> i don't think i need it, never done it.
7:49 am
>> never done it. >> me neither. >> glad to hear. not something you want to do. popular many years ago but a lot of people still do it. important not to go there especially a young person because it is that early risk that actually early exposure that gets the most risk. >> autism and adhd. >>parents want to hear more about these, a significant increase cdc issued numbers in november that showed a big increase in autism diagnosis up to one in 45 children now with diagnosed with some kind of autism spectrum disorder in materials of adhd researchers at george washington university in december released data showed a significant increase 45% increase between 2011 and u up to 80% up to those with adhd. big news and next year too.
7:50 am
>> starting off with news about caitlyn jenner settled a lawsuit involved with the february car crash. jessica received sum of damages after suing for loss of wages plus compensation for medical expenses kim his died in the crash and in between the cars. pushed into oncoming traffic when they hit each other in a chain reaction. jenner cleared of charlgs but civil suits including one against jenner from the adult children. and shouldn't expect to see hayden christensen replacing in sky walker in "star wars" movies, in fact, actor told los angeles times he basically quit acting after his huge rise to fame from "star wars" because, quote, it all kind of felt a little too handed to me i didn't want to feel look i was riding wave. well i'm guessing that leonardo
7:51 am
accept that role but revealed in a separate interview he turninged it down and natalie portman said previously about those prequels that they nearly ruined her career when no director wanted to work with her afterward because they thought she was quote unquote horrible actors. >> i thought first two stunk up the jownt. together zero chemistry pretty bad. >> they would kind of agree with you at least didn't help them professionally. and dave got a motor head tattoo in honor of front man lemmy who passed away. by tuesday looks leak too fighters lead got ace of spades tattoo fitting as one of the hit songs according to instagram imagine here's a closeup of the tattoo. ace of spades let me it shall
7:52 am
take a listen. the ace of spades >> lemmy was just 70 years old. >> all right anna thanks so much. time for our facebook fan of the hour and it is mary and her family. >> thanks mary. thank you everybody if you would
7:53 am
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>> "good day new york" thursday morning december 31st happy new year's eve everybody i'm ben ben. >> and i'm kerry drew looks like it is dry in time for tonight's big ball drop in times square and might see sun out there. mike woods has the full new year's eve forecast coming up. ferlg speaking of the ball drop times square is ready. get ready for street closures all across midtown. >> after years of allegations bill cosby has been charminged charminged with sexual assault in pennsylvania. of a former temple university employee. >> more charges against one who bought weapons for terrorists in san bernardino, california. >> knicks player is recovering this morning after being robbed and shot in the thee in queens. teammates are speaking out. happy new year even it is already 2016 in some parts of the world.
7:55 am
just about 15 seconds they will ring in 2016 we saw this happen in two years ago in new zealand. 2016 gets underway. let's see. happy new year. there it is. happy new year 2016 is australia. the count down -- wow. firework o display, that is gorgeous. >> almost identical between bayonne and new jersey that bridge. a fact for you, in fact, bayonne bridge was slightly bigger. just have to show you how cool new york is because they love this bridge and bayonne bridge nobody cares about it because we
7:56 am
happy 2016 sidney australia. >> fireworks there. warm there. summer time. so i'm sure everybody is celebrating there. happy new year in australia, we have a bunch of hours to go. poem are already getting into times square ahead of the nighttime rush i bet. >> 16 hours to go. speaking of warmth it is mild here. we've had had new year's eves where it is been, you know, 20 degree. so we have to talk this 50 not too shabby. >> enjoyed one in 2001 into 2002. and it was looking in mid-20s i believe i'm dying out here. came from arizona, exactly i braved times square thing went out there, yeah, that was kind of hard. >> i did it once. but i wanted to do it where i was standing in the mild of it. >> right now. wow. that's not happening.
7:57 am
happy new yore's eve ready to get this day going and wrap up 2015 going into 16 on a positive note. let's look at what's happening with our temps this morning. this is not bad at all. keep in mind average high for today is 39 degrees. we're at 47 degrees and sun came up not too long ago. the winds are coming from northwest at 12 miles per hour that's an indication that we are going to see cooler temperature the tristate region because that means a cold front will come by. cooler temps but take a while for that to arrive. 36 in monticello. 39 in u.s. is egg. 46 in newark, and 43 in bridgeport. still some clowsdz still hanging around tristate ream waiting for those to break up. they'll do so later on in the day, and then we'll see more sunshine, of course. showers from last night yeah this morning.
7:58 am
its way into the northeast and tristate region as by head into tonight especially into tomorrow. but for now you're all right. future cast does break up the cloud cover from today into tomorrow. around 8:00 in the morning we're looking at a mainly clear sky here in tristate thatter clues out more so into friday and headed into saturday. so no precip rain or snow coming at fuss for a while. but cooler techs make a comeback. u up to 48 by midday high of 50 and a little bit breezy out there. tomorrow more so with a sunshine out there for you tomorrow all the way through. through next sendais we have our highs dropping down to 36 some pretty cold stuff. lows into the 20s a few days in a row. we haven't seen temps like that so far this winter. but here we go with that around corner early next week. all right let's bring in christina now, and check out what's happened with our commute on this thursday morning. hey christina. hey, everybody so we have a
7:59 am
but you know these accidents even though out there really not impacting flow of traffic too much. he's an accident in expressways of the northbound garden state parkway by 1089 blocks one lane but minor delays there. same situation southbound by 142 here crash happened on offramp so you may see added congestion closer to exit 142 but as far as main line of the roadway not terrible at this time. let's go outside to bring you to northern state parkway quiet traffic that is there is well above sliment so take you to the belt parkway east and eastbound through kennedy not bad heifer. now we have sthupg with the trains but right now path trains on or close to schedule. lirr, though, is running loons with an it shall in both directions on ronkonkoma and jefferson brarnlg because of earlier police activity in
8:00 am
hour in both trexes on two branches. keep that in mind. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. kerry and ben. glip thank you very much. less than 16 hoirs to go in 2015 that means estimated 1 million people will begin gathering to ring in the new year in times square. >> robert moses live at the cross roads of the road where it is building, you're always a trend set or i see today is no different. >> ben and kerry good morning. people coming up to take pictures. i can't figure out why. maybe the glasses have something to do with it. take you around because stage is set literally here in times square where some of the musical acts will be performing there are risers where reporters will be standing tonight. a bit to our south that's the main attraction at 11:59 will begin a decent and with it a new
8:01 am
5, 4, 3, two, one, or o since a billion people will be watching the ball as it rises and fall the tonight organizers in time squares wanted to send it on a test run to ensure it's up to the task. we're happy to report it performed beautifully. ball is 12 feet in diameter. 12,000 pounds, covered in 268 water ford crystal triangles and collidescopic brilliant. one million expected to see its splendor in person. >> joined by 180 million americans. a billion people around the world that will watch the times square ball as it drops here in times square. set to rise in its position atop one times square at 6:00 tonight and then a who's who of entertainers perform as count down to midnight begins. streets in the area have already closed to traffic. beginning at 1:30 this afternoon more widespread closures go into
8:02 am
pay tangs sefnght avenue from 41sts to 59th streets. broadway from 47th to 59th and avenue. doipt think about driving. if you come, rib not to bring the 3 d-back pack, and bags, with and booze. >> it goes without saying security is beginning to be very tight here in times square with 6,000 police officer seen and unseen, and in this vingt vicinity making sure everybody is safe. word to the wise, it is quite mild today. expect people toe get here earlier and pins will fill up fast. if you want a good u view of that ball get here soon. that is the latest live from
8:03 am
ben and kerry back to you. >> robert robert for us in mitd midtown now several big stories more charges filed against man who prosecutor say bought weapon for those terrorists in san bernardino. >> yesterday a federal grand indicted enrique marquez to carry out two attacks and lying about buying farook two assault rifles used to kill 14 people back on december 2nd. marquez charminged with supplying weapons to farook and his wife tashfeen malik killed after the attack. hes i pas up to 50 years behind bars. woman accused driving her car into a crowd of pedestrians into a las vegas strip tested poses for marijuana. >> probably not charmed charged with because not enough for her
8:04 am
killed one person and injured orrs with the three-year-old daughter in the car. girl was not hurt. holloway faces charming's including murder. >> entertainer bill cosby free on bail after arrested on felony charges outside of philadelphia. >> cosby accused of drugging sexually assaulting a former temple university employee back in 2004. fox 5's teresa priolo in our case. good morning. >> good morning everyone when you read through the 23 page criminal complaingt you quickly begin to realize picture painted by this pennsylvania prosecutor stands in star contrast to many of us have of bill cosby tv legend. well this morning he's waking up in his pennsylvania home charged with a crime that carries a possibility of a decade behind bars. wearing trademark sweater man once considered america's favorite tv dad walks into a
8:05 am
accused of sexually abusing a woman 12 years ago. >> reopening this case was not a question. rather reopen this case was our duty as law enforcement officers with a sworn obligation to uphold our constitutions and to uphold the law. >> this dramatic scene has face now a mug shot. result of a decision by montgomery contract prosecutor to reopen this case last summer. the victim former temple university employee andrea constant alleges incapacitated her at his home back in 2004. in 2005, the then dment a. thereined to seek charges against legendary comic siting insufficient evidence. in 2009, constant sued cosby in a settlement reached. he did, however, admit under oath that the two had sex. but he claimed it was consensual.
8:06 am
depositions an they decide ited to give the case another look. cosby attorneys called it unjustified vowed to defend the hollywood legend. >> this case involved a woman and a man who had a consensual adult relationship over time that's established in everything that is or will out there in the media and what i'm hoping there's from this process is that media will actually take a cold, hard look at the facts and not be swepght up into kind of romanticizing the issues because of the many other baseless allegations that are out there move comes days before statute of limb limitations will expire accused of indecentens have as and assault. gloria allred repghts 29 of the alleged victims for majority of her clients, statute says it macs the case all of the more significant.
8:07 am
short tile ago. >> happy for andrea and willing to testify in this criminal case against mr. cosby if their testimony is considered by the prosecutor and the court to be relevant and a admissible. >> 52 women have come forward in total. tblor ya allred said on god day a short time ago there are many women who have contacted her alleging bill koz by assaulted them. they said they're willing to testify some reached out before these charges announced yesterday even more she's told us reached out after they were announced. so ben and kerry we have not seen the end all of this. that's the latest from here. back to both of you. bill cosby gone from beloved comeed i can to reviled man. countless times of sexual assault. but no criminal charges because these happened years ago in statute of limitations has run
8:08 am
>> just ahead of it running out he's been charged with sexually assaulting a woman in pennsylvania. joining us to discuss the charmings. peter great to see you again. >> great to be here. >> stat is chute of limitations was about to run out so that's why this was done now. >> that's a huge factor it was kind of a perfect storm of the bad luck for cosby because it started with the release of the deposition transcripts from earlier 20where victim in this case and mr. kors cosby gave depositions released be the judge overseeing that case. they were viewed by the prosecution and a prosecution said well, hey we've got statements, depositions, which mean they're under oath, subject to perjury a lot of good information in here, they took that information and compared it to the interviews that mr. cosby gave in 2005 to the polices, and
8:09 am
him adn mother and they decided that now there's enough to go forward. >> peter let me ask you 10 year ago in pennsylvania they passed on charges that d.a. said at the time listen, i'm not saying he didn't maybe do sympathetic inappropriate but i don't see enough evidence to prosecute this and get a conviction in court. she waited some time, an before she we want to authorities she said that put a hatcher on the case. there have been dozens who came out over last year and said kind of made the same allegation. at the same time can you really use that in a criminal case look in? >> you know, it's a great yes and answer is very complicated trying to simplify it for you. smoke there's fire must have been some truth to it. be when it comes down to a trial if it goes to trial not sure it is gong to.
8:10 am
to mawk a decision and she'll have to decide so am i going to allow evidence of all of these other women testimony what happened in this case and so prejudicial and jury will say look if everybody is saying he did it, he must be guilty here or say let's decide this case on these facts and nothing more. problem is, and for example, you have gloria al retd on tv on this show talking about celebrating his ace. you have a jury pool and not a member of that pool that doesn't know about this case that isn't hear what is being said and prejudices by all of the this information that's out there. >> other women have filed civil suits how do criminal charges affect civil suits? >> it is a shot in the arm for all of these women that are bringing these suits. all of the facts are different.
8:11 am
conviction in this case isn't necessarily beginning to win the will help. >> if he's acquitted the only criminal case that what is come to light to date could that hurt the siflt suits? >> not necessarily because they're all judged on their own facts. standards and criminal students are president of the evidence. the real question here is beginning to be, when you you hear mr. cosby defense team say they're beginning to mount a rigorous defense that's they're going to attack the credibility of this witness and dig up as much as they can to discredit because because there's no chance in my view that mr. cosby can testify in this case. there's just too information he can not deal with if he's questioned by the prosecution. smg happy new year. >> talking about about this again. thanks peter. >> other o news breaking at this
8:12 am
recover from the a gun shot wound after frightening robbery in queens. >> shot in the leg after leaving strip club early yesterday and now we're hearing there are now developments at that strip club. the latest. >> police believe that men in one of the cars involved in this robbery may have set a fire here at this club early this morning. of cityscape. you can see fire marshal and police detectives in front of that scene right now. and police have very good description of the car they're looking for it's a gray nissan with a license plate fez905. two men who are believed to be armed and dangerous are inside of that car. and that's who they're looking for. knicks forward clay anthony shot in the knee here early yesterday 4:30 in the morning. he was heading home from the gentleman club in an iewb we are a bar tender from the club, about a mime away they were then
8:13 am
sourcings testimony fox 5 six men jumpled out or stole cash, gold cap in his teeth an iphone and chain as from around his neck. we're told that early is recovering at new york presbyterian there earlier this morning going live. his recovery could take two to three months. fobs five learned that bullet went in and out through the knee so in exterior damage done to his leg but he's out for quite some time in an active scene as police looking for people voted in this new developments this morning. much more coming up ahead ben and kerry. >> liz that you think. check the forecast. people want to know what will happen. is that rain oif here? >> that was last of it for a little while. we've got 47 central park right now. nice and mild out there. temps go up lact more. 39 in poughkeepsie. even clouds, showers moved on
8:14 am
break up here and more sunshine especially later in the day and still have, you know, some of that mild air with us. before the colder air parked up to the northwest push in the tristate that starts up tonight. once they clear up completely colder air starts dropping in. as we head to ball drop time here midnight and beyond yes our temps come down quickly and that's why it is quite a bit cool or high temp up to 50 with skies clearing out. temperatures around 39 or o 40 but clear and cool on breezy side to that gets cooler next week. birthday shoutout to leroy from or why family. look your grandsons there. hope you have a frays puck birthday also i want to tell you go about the app fox 5 weather app with daily and hourly forecast at the apple itunes and goggle play store it is free. check it the. here's christina with a commute
8:15 am
>> but really roadways are looking very good for us this morning. good morning everyone so let's start with this situation here. garden state parkway northbound at 109 in the express lane with a crash in the process of being cleared away. we're going to see an issue on grand central westbound at hoitt avenue with a crash. two blocked off so added congestion surrounding that. outside to the staten island expressway by victory boulevard looking good both ways. entire length of the staten island expressway pretty much in decent shape and next live shot is new jersey turnpike also good right by newark airpght in both directions moving well. eastern, western spur split. moving well. no delay at all headed to lincoln tunnel around hey lux very quiet. holland tunnel up to speed. now metro-north. new jersey transit on time. lirr an finish on ronkonkoma because of earlier issue involving police activity in hicksville.
8:16 am
both direction ons on both of the branches. today. back to you. >> thanks so much. still ahead this morning on "good day new york" 237. >> the band walk off the earth will perform rule the world for us. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection freshly made all day -- two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
8:17 am
>> welcome back on this new year's eve morning fox means business. >> joining us is jo ling kent to teat us about a new step that microsoft is taking to protect mirror accounts. hi, about jo. >> good morning guys. happy new year's eve making changes at the end of the year to cloud storage for filings storage that you may have or o e-mails if you use hot mail or microsoft provided services going to notify you if thenal a state sponsored attack may be
8:18 am
snooping or spying and making this change in fact they did not notify those in thanks it a reuters report. ahead of the times on this, not at all, in fact, they're very behind. google, twurt, and facebook has been doing this for users finish -- a good amount of tomb now. some for years. microsoft behind the ball but making this policy change just as or year comes to a close. microsoft under the more fire with more competition like amazon right now. guys. >> all right jo thanks so much. happy new year. >> if you're not sure where to find fox business log on to fox finder. still to come olympic medalist bringing to low income communities. will be here to show us how it's
8:19 am
how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end january 4th! kids don' t stay little forever. so help them get the opportunity they need. it' s never too early or too late to save for college. you can open a ny 529 account with just $25. and you may get tax benefits if you pay income tax in new york state. someday you' ll look back and be glad you got started. ny' s 529 college savings program.
8:20 am
[ music ] ben all right, times square, let's talk about 1 times square. it is largely vacant. did you know that? kerry: i didn't know that. i was tweeted about that. ben: it was built for the new york city times in 1903, there is a walgreen's on the ground level and they have a couple of offices for the new year's eve planning folks, other than that, the building is empty. >> i wonder if the planning folks go to the office to see the drop. ben: well, they couldn't see it. the glass building is not 1 times square. 1 times square, that is the roof of the building where the flag pole is, now just a pole holding
8:21 am
kerry: i'm mixed up here. ben: well, they make a lot of money because of the ads on it. there are old pictures of the old building. it is cool. kerry: it is cool. times square will be packed tonight. a million people. ben: inside of 1 times square, no view. kerry: don't make the mistake i did saying there is a view. mike woods is here and he had the hiccups earlier, are they gone? mike: well, they are gone now. ben: are you going out tonight? mike: a little dinner with friends, low key, maybe up to the roof deck and ring in the new year from there. ben: there are fireworks in the park tonight, can you see them? mike: i believe i can. i can see up 6th avenue and
8:22 am
kerry: throwing the confetti. ben: that is going to work. what is the temperature, kind of cold? >> mike: around 39 degrees or so. that is a cool one. not a z cold as some of the other years that we have seen out there, of course, no rain or snow in the area. that is good news for you. good morning, up and out the door. right now we are looking at mild temperatures, but there is colder air on the way and you can kind of see it on the map here. 47 central park. but look at buffalo, 32 degrees. this colder air over upstate new york and canada is working into the tristate region and the temperatures where we have temps in the 40s and 50s, they are replaced by much cooler air and taking 1 # -- 12-18 hours. the rain ended last night. now we have a dryer sky coming
8:23 am
the general trend is for the cooler air to spill across the great lakes and headed us to in the tristate. the clouds are going to break up, and the cooler air behind it. the high temps is coming down tomorrow and the days after that and the general trend with the cooler temps rolling into the town, the temps are dropping. the high today up to 50. that is impressive for december 31st. ringing in on a dry note and cooler and breezy tomorrow, high of 44. 42 on sunday. back to 36 on monday. tuesday is about the same. lows dropping down to the 20s. yes, it is feeling like winter here in just a few days. by the way, we have the weather texting campaign going on. if you want the weather forecast texted to you, we'll send that
8:24 am
it is just costing a text in the texting plan. now the christina and she's got one last check up on the commute for 2015 for you. one. we have a couple of things going on here on the garden state parkway, everybody, it is going to be northbound express lanes by 109. there is all green surrounded that sent. that is not impacting the flow of traffic that much. on the grand central parkway, we have an accident two lanes are blocked off. congestion surrounding that. to the gowanus, this is by the prospect, it is usually much more crowded. things are not so terrible here. route 3, skyline in the background, very nice. running along up to speed. inbound, holland tunnel, lincoln
8:25 am
all looking good at this time. metro-north, lirr and new jersey transit running extra train service starting at noon. keep that in mind if you are headed into the city. lirr running with an issue right now because on an earlier issue with the police activity in hicksville and delays up to 40 minutes. street cleaning rules in effect today. >> thank you. 8:34. a robbery in queens leaves a knicks player with gunshot wound. >> earl was shot in the leg after leaving a strip club and this morning a suspicious fire at that club. good morning, liz. >> reporter: good morning, kerry, ben, according to the police, the two men suspected of fleeing the scene were involved
8:26 am
a knicks player early hurt yesterday. this is the scene, the fire department has left the scene but the nypd is still of the scene and they have a clear description of the vehicle that left the scene. it is a nissan. apparently the two men inside are considered to be armed and damage dangerous. they are suspected of coming here and setting the cityscapes on fire. yesterday, the investigators were here after early, the knicks forward, shot in the knee around 4:30 wednesday morning, he was headed home from the club in an uber with a bartender from the clib ub. they were stopped by three cars and sources say six men jumped out and stole early's cash and
8:27 am
jewelry and shot him in the knee. the uber's id was stolen. early knocked on doors for help. the police came to the scene shortly after. the coach and teammates are rallying behind him and hoping for a speedy recovery. >> it is a shocking situation, unfortunate situation for clea and his family and the organization and most importantly him and his family regardless of the circumstances, the fact it could be a lot worse. and we could be talking about this in a different way. >> reporter: he's a second year player with the nba. he grew up in the bronx and
8:28 am
he sent out a tweet this morning, he said quote thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, i appreciate you all shot out to you for caring, god works in mysterious ways. early was transferred back to new york pressing ber tarn this morning. >> liz, thank you. time now 8:37. >> bit pull is bringing new year's to miami with a special airing on fox 5 tonight. ben: it is featuring a ton of live performances and simone got a preview. >> good morning, from miami, tonight pit bull's revolution is setting the city on fire with performances from empire puff daddy and mr. worldwide himself. >> we could dress like this,
8:29 am
why we are taking it from the big apple to the pineapple. >> pit bull has action packed evening of live performances from the heart of miami. >> nothing but energy and you guys can unmute new year's eve, party. thank you to sean, prince royce and diddy and the family. [ music ] >> tonight at 8:00, a star studded lineup along the bay front park. bringing more of the music you
8:30 am
>> i love miami. i'm so excited. i'm looking for a reason to come to miami and chill with pit and the whole family will be fun. >> it is a blessing. i'm happy to be on the stage. >> this is the first time i have ever performed live with pit. it is going to be, it is going to fun. it is going to be an adult time. pit bull is always from the time i met him from the studio to filming to now to the videos, everything, he's all about a good time. i keep saying he's like our generation's frank sinatra, the king of the party. it is going to be a really, really fun sexy time.
8:31 am
>> here i am in miami, this is, you know, the celebrity capital for real. when the celebrities want to come, hang, party, do new year's at, this is where it is at. >> they are sharing the co-hosting along with the man of the hour. >> this is pit bull time. wendy williams and the great acts, this is insane. >> it is starting at 8:00 p.m. only non on fox. happy new year, folks. >> great musical performances tonight. >> yes and we have a lot more to come. "good day" is coming back as we look live once again the cross
8:32 am
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enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. >> all right. a bloody mary will cure your hangover, true or false? >> well, dr. raj is here and breaking down the hangover myths
8:34 am
>> that is right, good morning, i don't advocate getting overintoxicated but a lot of people will be doing that. number one, all alcohol is created equal, does it matter the type of alcohol? >> ben: no. kerry: depends on the alcohol. ben: yes, i think certain alcohol causes -- we are agreeing. >> that is correct. the lighter liquids vodka and gin can cause hangovers. also what you mix it with, carbonated make you absorb the alcohol quicker, on the rocks with ice, the ice tends to melt
8:35 am
is a good thing. ie thought a difference between beer, wine and hard alcohol. >> beer has a lower alcohol content, but again it has carbonation, and so it is a mixed bag. beer before wine, that doesn't matter. the best cure of the hangover the hair of the dog? >> yes. >> i think it is a myth. >> it is not true in terms of the best care. >> does it make you feel better though? >> it tends to be. the symptoms are due to alcohol withdrawal. so you give yourself a little alcohol and temporarily you are going to feel better, but not really, you are adding to the problem by having more alcohol. so the best kier for a hangover, sleep and lots of water and sleep it off. >> all right.
8:36 am
helps prevent a hangover in the morning. ben: it helps. kerry: yes. >> yes, certain pain relievers yet, it helps with the inflammation. don't to tylenol. stay away from the tylenol. the other types other anti-inflammatories are okay. next one, eating before bed helps? >> ben: no. kerry: no. >> you are smart. ben: it sounds appealing but you are going to pay for that and see that food again, maybe. >> eating before you drink is a
8:37 am
alcohol. it is too late if you are going to bed and craving a cheese burger. no. already your stomach is irritated. >> so eat before? >> exactly. can drink? >> ben: yes. kerry: no. >> you are both right. yes the more you weigh you can tolerate more alcohol without being intoxicated, however, pound for pound women still get intoxicated more quickly with the same amount of alcohol, even if you weighed the same, kerry is a woman and less of the enzyme that breaks down the alcohol and women need to be careful no matter what you way, you metabolize the alcohol differently. >> ben: the thing is be responsible and don't drink and drive and take a taxi or call a car service.
8:38 am
kerry: just for the record, i think i won. >> i think you did. [laughter] ben: what? >> you both did well. i hope you don't have a hangover tomorrow. >> happy new year. we have all of the entertainment news coming up next.
8:39 am
ben time now for entertainment. kerry: good morning, anna. anna: president obama is the latest guest on the in cars and getting coffee, take a look.
8:40 am
american child grows up loving the president. >> i do well with 0-8 demographic, partly because my ears are big. >> there is a funny bit where they try to drive out the property and the security won't let them and they are not approved to take the president off the property. president obama is showing jerry his cadillac. >> it is looking funny. anna: yes, it is good. watch comedian and cars website. >> bill cosby's star on the hollywood walk of fame is staying put. the comedian was arraigned in pennsylvania. the star is not being removed despite the requests for them to do so after a number of
8:41 am
number of women. they are keeping the star because it is part of the historic fabric of the hollywood walk of fame. if you are staying up late tonight, taylor swift is premiering her new music video, she teased it with a picture, the out of the woods video, it is rumored to be about the relationship with harry woods, this song is about anxiety from a very unstable relationship. here is her performing the song live. [ music ] all the fans will be anticipating the release of the new video. she's looking covered in mud.
8:42 am
>> thank you, anna. ben: still to come this morning
8:43 am
kerry: time now for the facebook fan of the hour. >> ben: if you would like to be our facebook page, like our facebook page. kerry: just about 9:00. ben: we are looking at movies that scattered the records in find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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