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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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still the security here in times square is intense. we're at 51st street, this one of 14 entry points into the festivities. the people are gathering, this is one of those events that people who see it in person say it is memorable. anyone in times square can ring in the new year, they have to pass through security. >> check your bag, making sure you don't have weapons, and you can't have a backpack. reporter: the kind of thing that many come to expect almost embrace on a night like this. >> i think this is going to be one of the safest years, we read 'the safety measures, we feel good to be here. reporter: here, one million will count down to 2016, every second scrutinized by teams from the
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center, brains of a beefed up security mission that includes 6,000 officers patrolling. >> it will be one of the safest places in united states, 6,000 police officers issue a lot of additional measures and security, you can see lots and you can't see. reporter: can more be done to keep officers safe? nypd sergeant president thinks so. >> i would like to see, is the equipment be expanded throughout nypd. as we're speaking here in manhattan, in heart of new year's eve, we have people in the boroughs driving with assault rifles in their car. reporter: this will be memorable. >> you can't live your life in fear. this is a once in a lifetime experience, you have to go for
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reporter: all one million of those revelers will have passed through two layers of security. several other points of screening, they say it worth it. christina: all right it will be a party dan thank you. >> wherever you are, we hope you are ready for a great celebration to usher in 2016 for about a million people it is in types square our baruch shemtov is among the masses. reporter: one million people are expected to ring in the new year here, the crowd is celebrating with revelers from the world. happy new year where are you from? >> off the australia. >> germany. >> vietnam.
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>> what is it like? >> magical. >> we love it. >> we love new york. >> what is your favorite part of 2015. >> a new job. >> being here. reporter: right now? >> yeah. >> traveling. >> a new job. >> we made it. reporter: half the battle, right, happy new year. your favorite? >> getting my car. >> meeting 50 cent. reporter: your resolution? >> travel more. reporter: your resolution? >> stop eating pizza. >> get in shape. >> live a highly life style, being more thankful to god. reporter: this party as grown since 200,000 people gathered in 1904, tonight promises to be a freight celebration we heard care i
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sound check, until then happy new year. christina: happy new year, you look fabulous thank you. subway service is getting back to normal after delays across the mta . if you are headed out check mta to see how your line is being affected. christina: officials say that the massive fire at the dubai high-rise hotel has been mostly contained, the hotel had to be evacuated, 16 people were hurt but no reports of deaths, that fire happened blocks away from where 2 million people gathered for new year's eve firework display that went off on schedule. christina: the body of staff sergeant louis bonacasa returned home to long island today.
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for may be as the fallen hero arrived at the international guard base, sergeant bonacasa was one of 6 american airmen killed last week during a suicide bombing in afghanistan, his funeral will be saturday morning at new beginnings christian center in his home count of koram. christina: no arrest in shooting of knicks forward cleanthony early, he posted this picture from his hospital bed, sending out a message to his fanneds, early was shot wednesday morning by a group of masked meanwhile leaving a strip club in 89s, queens, sources say he may have been set up. christina: a disaster on par with the oil spill, the leak has been going on in october it will be a while before a relief well can be drilled so that leak can be stopped. christina: environmental defense fund said that enough gas has escaped every day to have same
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as emissions from 7 million cars. still up clear what caused this leak. christina: for all his million people, stands in crossroads of world, ridge in new career that way, this is the year. audrey: we have had cold windchill factors and cold temperatures on new year's eve at the time of the ball drop but not this year. let's talk about today's weather, it was good considering we're on the last day of november, highs were above average, not last day of november, of december. christina: there you go. audrey: feeling like november. eyes above average, readings in 40s, we have 50, in islip, montauk and belmar at nice 52. area wide we're in the 40s, mid to upper 40s in main location, 30 in monticello with clouds in place, i don't think that temperatures will take a
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we have colder air to the west, that is where we have readings in 30 across western new york and western pennsylvania that colder air mass moving into the region overnight, tomorrow not quite as comfortable as today, gusty wind will feel chilly, our satellite and radar, the clouds, it is insulating us, it is also keeping us -- we don't have rain with these clouds, we'll be dry. we're sandwiched in between two distur disturbances there is a weak wave of energy, a system to the south. we have clouds in place they will break up by tomorrow. we should bask in sunshine in january. if you are looking for warm weather you have to go way down to south florida, temperatures
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cold air is as far south as south texas, highs in 40s, gulf coast will be chilly to l.a., it will be if 60s tomorrow. looking at future cast, clouds breaking apart through overnight hours, tomorrow, we'll see sunshine, high clouds filtering in from time to time, overall nice looking day. the thing is you go outside, there will be a gusty wind about 25 miles per hour, temperatures in 40s will feel like 30s, to the weekend, quiet, with sunshine, for saturday, and sunday. and will stay nice and dry, temperatures will be average for this time of year, for the evening quiet. temperatures will be cold to the northwest. our readings will drop to the 20s, and then in city we should be in upper 30s to near 40s. by tomorrow morning. and tomorrow, temperatures don't rise it -- far in low 40s, that is still cav average, had
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temperatures about 40, at time of the ball drop, we should have a few cloud out there that the time. first week in january is looking good, nice, dry, sunshine, no storms. only change will be temperatures, they will take a drop as we head to work and school monday, highs in 30s, time to blow the dust off of your winter weather gear. >> what a way to start the new year. christina: this is ernie's last show of 2015, a great time to look back at the year that was, up next, the stories that made
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christina: 2015 will be remembered for a lot of things,
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record number of people ditched cable companies and chose to stream their entertainment. they have lost a combined $50 billion this year because of the dwindling subscribers. >> that is one story that define 2015. this year a lot in way of news, and business stories, ernie anastos talked about big stories of past year. reporter: joining me saragen sense the senior editor of world almanac, a great book. >> been around since 1868. reporter: incredible. >> nearly 150 years. reporter: wow, how do you decide on what makes you know this book? how do you get into it top stories. >> we have a big team of people that collaborate, we look at big evens of 2015, but also the things that we think will have a impact on 2016.
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lot going on, a new year ahead, let's talk about previous year. we have memories you know transpired. but you know there are top stories, you just compile them, we start with list. number one' the stop story. >> would be probably no surprise, conflict with isis and civil war in syria. which also has caused this refugee crisis. including over a million that entered europe this year. reporter: dominating the headline. u.s. supreme court had a big year as well. >> big year in supreme court. the same sex marriage decision was huge earth shattering ripple effect. we had a big obamacare decision with some subsidies upheld. one of the -- saying one of the last bigging challenge to obama care. reporter: women's world soccer
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that. >> so much fun to pay attention to world cup this summer, women's u.s. team did a great job, a lot of other fun sport stories, serena williams, boxing match of the century, might have been disappointing. we have first triple crown winner since the '70s. reporter: great stuff, and right now, a occur en story, tar wars, what a -- current story, star wars. >> it has taken everyone by storm, raised over a half billion already. it has just been out a couple weeks. when the trailer came out it was viewed by over 124 million people in first 24 hours. reporter: how about adele. what a huge success she was, and has about. >> on fire, people have been
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then, in first week she sells more than 4 million copies, that is unheard of in this streaming music age. reporter: saragen sarah -- saragen sense we hope 2016 will be a great year, top story. >> thank you. reporter: thank you for being here. christina: another milestone the 10 millionth citibike ride was taken this afternoon, citibike has highest ridership of any bike share program in the nation, they represent a 24% increase in riders from last year. >> jason pierre-paul firework accident changed a lot about his life but not really how you think, a revealing personal next.
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>> new york is more than fires and traffic accidents, it's the greatest city in the world. christina: we have arrived at -- >> people come from all over. >> i can't look backwards. >> in the beginning you have that fear factor. >> that is so far down. >> i did it, woo. >> this you is right in our backyard, two hours from new york city. >> we need to give you a if dora. >> how is -- fed ora, ha what you is that. >> you look back at yourselves,
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>> i have have a challenge for you, can you get me beach ready, what do you think? >> who makes most decisions in your relationship? >> my wife. >> she does. >> because. >> because she has better judgment. >> without a doubt. >> my woman. >> i am hands oprobably me. >> it would be you? >> that might be why i'm single. christina: time for sports with russ, he sat down for a great talk with jason pierre-paul. russ: his situation, his fireworks accident on july 4 is well documented, he lost his right index finger and part of his thumb, but true to his word he said -- he said he would be back, he came back and he came back to make an impact on the field, you know i sat down with him to talk about not just coming back but battle, what it, it took to come back. >> not one day did i question
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happen to people, every day. but, i am in the public eye. i am jace op jason pierre-paul, this is new york city, one of the greatest cities in the world, it so happened. you know, news flashes and whatever. i am very happy, that i am where i am at right now, i'm doing great things, i will be 27 on january 1st, the sky is the limit. russ: after you had the accident, talk was it helps put his life in perspective, your father's lines. he has never seen. >> you never. russ: i don't think you need anything to put life in perspective for you. >> right there is as it all, my dad never saw me before. you know he does not know how i look. but, i can say he never gave up anything. he still cooked for us, when my
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had to learn a whole new house. you know, it is up here, you know, up hire and here is you know -- here and here. you. my dad was my role model growing up. i didn't have one. when this injury happened, i fell like if he could do it he is blind, that is something that you know, if he could do it, i can do it, that is great for me, that you know i had a role model, he did, he is cooking while he is blind, he knows where the salt is, he knows where the rice is, and i would think it would be nasty but it was really good, that is my role model, that is why i'm capable of doing things that i am doing today, he never gave up, i will never give up. christina: amazing. russ: it has been rough season
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been incredible he said with great confidence he is taking the rap. it is a great story but with him and his dad, that is -- >> incredible. russ: a feel good story putting it in perspective for everyone. christina: i could listen to him all day with you, he should preach. russ: he is pretty good. christina: we'll be right back with the president joining jerry seinfeld on a internet show. something you have to see,
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