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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  December 31, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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earth, wind & fire! >> it's 10:00 p.m.. do you know where your children are? >> right now on "fox 5 news" at 10. >> the world's biggest new year's eve party well underway tonight. a live look at times. that amount temperatures could lead the biggest crowd in years by the time the ball drops in two hours. at least 1 million people are expected to pack the crossroads to ring in the new years. baruch shemtov how's the party so far? reporter: that's right can the party is heating up with 1 million people expected to gather here in times square. some of music's big stars carrie underwood and jessie jake taking the stage. as importantly revelers have come from around the world to
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>> happy new year. >> happy new year. reporter: what's it like to be here right now? >> it's amazing. it's something that's been on my bucket list. >> i have dreamed of it since i was a kid. my birthday is on new year's day. happy birthday to you. now go. >> report to what was your favorite part of 2015? >> the holidays. >> with you, with you. reporter: i did not see that coming. happy new year. reporter: which trended you leave behind in 2015? >> selfie sticks. reporter: solicited up for 2016. >> leave the hover boards in
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what's your new year's resolution for 2016? >> getting better grades. >> i want to get engaged. will you marry me? >> yes. reporter: it say yes. love is in the air and so is the electric energy as we wait for the big wall to drive. considerably since 200,000 gathered in 1924. for now, to you in 2015, happy new year. steve: shemtov farook has been waiting his whole life for that right there. thank you burke. the nypd says new york city is the safest place in the world to be this year. thousands of extra officers on the streets to keep that promise sharon crowley in times square with more in security for's ball drop.
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hours as you said from the ball drop. we are in the thick of the crowd here right about 58th and broadway. behind me you can see an enthusiastic crowd. everybody likes the camera. in addition to an enthusiastic crowd we have joining us the heavy police presence as well. security is tight in times square tonight. new york city police officers set up checkpoints before letting anyone joined a crowd of people here to see the ball drop. revelers were divided intense waiting hours ahead of time to get a good view. >> all the security and the military is just crazy. reporter: does it make you feel more secure or less secure? >> definitely more secure. reporter: 6000 cops in and out of uniform are here the crossroads of the world -- to make sure to saban.
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as a precaution. cement barricades lined the streets just blocks from the main stage and members of the joint terror attack force have eyes on times square thanks to technology and the help of hundreds of security cameras around the city. >> we get a very good overview. i'm from florida so it feels good to be protected. reporter: senator chuck schumer says there are no credible threats aimed at times square or the new york metro area this evening. in spite of the extra security at did nothing to dampen the spirits of those eager to ring in the new year as the biggest party in the world. >> i was afraid that i'm trying to see the ball drop. once-in-a-lifetime experience so i've got to do what i've got to do. reporter: truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience
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it's chilly out here that when i was out here. crowd. are you enjoying yourself so far? two hours to go. have you been to times square >> now. reporter: what are you looking forward to the most? reporter: happy new years everybody. steve. we will check back with you. a new york man arrested in planning and new year's eve terror attack in rochester. 25-year-old emanuel reischmann was taken into custody charge of support to terrorists. an fbi -- bland to carry out an attack in the rochester area sometime today. he claimed he received directions from an isis member overseas and want to prove his loyalty to the group. config did he faces prison. steve: germany remains on high alert for what authorities are
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threat of terror attacks. authorities issued a warning an hour before the city was set to ring in the new year. police were told to stay away from train stations along with the second one. both were evacuated and no reports of violence. alison: in dubai luxury high-rise went up in flames a few hours before midnight there. zachary kiesch tells us the city went ahead with a celebration anyway. he's in the newsroom at the details. reporter: that's right. dubai has grown into one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. no shortage of people there've a scary situation with one of these towers going up in flames. reporter: this was the scene in dubai hours before the midnight a spokesman in the new year with fireworks and festivities. firefighters had a problem on their hands trying to contain this raging fire at a nearby luxury tower. >> we did move away because you
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things have happened in the past but we were quite comfortable they would deal with it. reporter: the real fireworks show went on as scheduled at the tallest tower in dubai but minutes before loud explosions were heard from the 63 story luxury hotel and residential building in golfing in smoke. it's not known what caused the fire there. as folks gather to ring in the new year, we do not know that 14 people were injured. steve: thank you zachary. the body of staff sergeant lewis bonna costa returned home. dozens stood in formation as the hero arrived at the guard base. he was one of six american airmen killed last week during a suicide bombing and that in less than. he was serving his fourth tour
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>> staff sergeant bonna costa realized danger on that fateful day on december 21 and moved aggressively to defend the people that were under his charge. steve: the funeral will be held saturday morning at new beginnings christian centeredness hometown. alison: a number of cleanthony early's teammates visited his hospital room. a long message to his fans early was shot wednesday morning by a group of men while visiting a strip club in queens. police say someone throw molotov cocktail at the club this morning but they're not sure if it's connected to this case. >> thousands of workers across new york will see higher wages beginning tomorrow. the state minimum wage will rise to $9 an hour. fast-food workers will see their wage rise to $10.50. and $9.75 for the rest of the state.
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$7.50 an hour. alison: one of the hottest new year's eve celebrations in the country. steve: we are talking to pitbull about ring in than a year were some of the best musical acts of the year and we will find out when the ball drops. alison: you can get your own tab so why not your favorite mixed drink like suburban bar shaking up the cocktail scene and the forecast. >> is looking good for the ball drop. lots of clouds in place, no rain is in the forecast for tonight. i'll let you know what's in the forecast for the first week of 2161 "fox 5 news" at 10:00 continues. >> i'm here to say a shout-out
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my wonderful wife, my children alison: people in times square listen to ours and to the ball jobs in the celebration begins. steve: they are celebrating a miami where pitbull is hosting this years new years revolution revolution concert. alison: fox 5 will shows all the acts as they prepared for this big night. >> we can dress like this. go end to the year. that's why we are standing in front of the big apple to the pineapple. alison: pitbull's and i'm a 2015 yet. the parties just getting started in miami at pitbulls new year's eve reso -- revolution. >> to duty in the family, jonas
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alison: reflecting on explosive years the shot empire. >> wearing a dope outfit. you never know what we come up with. >> i have so much to be grateful for. wendy williams and terry crews sharing -- and for each player involved in tonight's show the hustle never stops. >> i never have a resolution per se but it's really the key grinding. >> if you believe in something it happens. >> i have to ask you one last thing for the ladies out there. who are you going to be kissing at midnight? >> everybody. mistletoe is for christmas but there will be one on stage.
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steve: always up to something. that might be a commercial break 43 right now. that's great. >> we have had a pretty good day across the area. not bad for the last days of summer and the last day of the year for that matter. temperatures above average for now and it looks like we will stay that way for another day but then we will see a drop off this week to did x-ray. 48 degrees today in central park. normally we should be in the upper 30s. below 44 but we will drop it to current reading of 43 in the park. aeriel flood where mostly in the 40s even in the 50s and parts of the area like in bridgeport in islip as well as montauk. belmar came into at 52 degrees and cooler in monticello with a high of 39. right now sitting at the freezing mark in monticello at 40, 44 newark. these are really good numbers. this late in the evening this
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we are in store for relatively nice new year's eve. wind speeds are picking up from the northwest. it will pick up instead of tomorrow with gusts as high as 25 miles per hour. it will bring a chill across the region. cold air in the western part of new york and western pennsylvania with readings in the low to mid-30s. we'll see colder temperatures heading in our directions next week. satellite and radar shows clouds in place. fortunately for us no rain is associated with the clouds over our area. mostly lake effect snow showers to the north and in area of low pressure pass into the cell. rain associate with a the low remain to the mid-atlantic. that's good news for us sandwich and between the below deck of clouds. clouds will break up and we should see the return to the region tomorrow. cold temperatures extend all the way across the nation across the northern plains and temperatures in the 40s in texas in the 50s along the gulf coast.
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break up a tomorrow morning. a mix of sun and clouds and mostly sunny for the afternoon. the big change tomorrow will be the winds gusting at 5 miles per hour. 40s will feel like the 30s even though you will see plenty of sunshine. saturday marked the same. plenty of sunshine. dry weather for saturday into sunday with a nice tranquil weather pattern in for the start of 2016. tonight partly cloudy with cold temperatures lows in the middle 20s to the mid-30s. by tomorrow morning and mostly sunny with gusty winds. highs in the 40s tomorrow will feel now like 40s with a cold start to the 2016 year. dry weather for the first week than a year. plenty of sunshine up their temperatures drop by monday. highs will only be in the 30s. overnight lows will be in the 20s in the city and that means teens north and west.
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cold weather shifted into gear and winters here tuesday. steve: january as always when it hits. alison: a brooklyn bar shaking things up in tears. steve: it offers 20 cocktails on tap similar to that from beer. the idea is to deliver a craft worthy step fast and cheap. drinks run between $4.9 but creating a menu is not as easy as it sounds pretty recipes had it be developed for drinks or rice tastes fresh which means filtering them at least five times. >> it brings the viscosity of the cocktail into the same realm so they mix really well and then you are able to once you taste this cocktail you are able to actually pinpoint each of the flavors. steve: that guy is as own brand
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it officially opens saturday. alison: one flight attendant giving new meaning to the term friendly skies. a family traveling from fort lauderdale to new york on southwest airlines had an issue in a 9-month-old son got cranky. the flight attendant jump didn't taking the baby and locking him up and down the out to calm him while his parents ate their food. she said i've never had a flight attendantesque kind of helpless she was. my son adored her. steve: russ is annex with sports. >> traffic tracker brought to you by. of. >> one lane will be closed on the southbound henry hudson bridge. construction will be going until further notice and parking rules are suspended on friday. tune into "good day new york" starting at 4:30 a.m. for all your traffic updates.
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i'm tech sergeant lozada from new jersey and i want to say home. i will be home soon and i can't wait to get home.
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stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. russ: how are you doing everyone? his college football final for two games to decide who plays for the national championship january 11 in glendale arizona for right now we are going to go to miami for the top ranked clemson tigers took on the fourth-ranked oklahoma. the second part of the go oklahoma leading 7-3. clemson fourth import from the 44 takes a pond with andy cooking up a 305 time -- pre-game of 31 yards to the clemson 13. two plays later second and two
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deshawn watson runs the draw. the tiger touchdown giving clemson to lead 107. late second quarter first and 10 from 11. mark andrews makes a nice move goes full speed ahead into the end zone. giving oklahoma to lead at halftime 17-16. but in the opening series of the second quarter clemson arches right down the field 12 plays, 75-yard play capped off by a one run -- giving the tigers by the lead 23-17 and still in the third quarter, second and seven from the oklahoma 35 deshawn watson rolls to the right on the money to ruffalo who does the touchdown making it -- and from there they never looked back. your final score in miami
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clemson tigers advancing to the championship game january 11 in glendale arizona. as for who the top ranked tigers will be facing, now in the third quarter second -ranked alabama leading third -ranked michigan state by a score of 10-0. happy and healthy new years everyone. steve: thank you russ go. alison: two men faced off in a champagne competition in long island. each had one minute to open as many bottles as they could using only eight -- frank esposito the winner not enough to break a guinness world records. 66 is the current record set by man from queens back a novice. impressive numbers. alison: that's a news for tonight. have a safe and happy new year. steve: stay tuned for a big idea special.
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>> tonight. >> in that white light was truly the most amazing feeling. >> revolutionary procedure that's changing lives. plus. the technology that drives six flags most real thrilling rides. >> let me tell you something. dna as the genetic information. >> teaching the students the hip-hop. >> we are changing the world. it's the fox 5 special report,
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begins now. alexander. fox 5 has been bringing you monthly stories on the impacts that science and technology have had on all of us. and tonight, a look at some of our favorite big ideas of the year. we begin with dan bowens bowens who introduces us to a new york doctor please says his brush with death changed his life. >> anytime you have a transformative experience like this, it certainly makes you aware that there's something else. >> it's at the core of our very being. >> i believe the something is more than what happens between our birth in her death. >> i believe this life is just the beginning. >> that's all that is no longer there doesn't just disappear and it doesn't just vanish into thin air. there's got to be something beyond. >> what we have come to understand first of all is the consciousness does not become annihilated.
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goes by that in some way i don't think about it. reporter: dr. and then. reporter: that grant aeneas zakaria has had experiences. a lightning strike back in 1994. tonight the lightning hit the building and exited through the phone and i happened to be in the way. and so it hit me in the face and sent me flying backwards. >> and then something unexplainable. >> i was completely separated and going someplace else. >> surrounded in a bluish white light. >> in that white light was truly the most amazing feeling that you could imagine, absolute love and peace. >> are practicing and successful orthopedic surgeon was revived and in the two decades since, he taught himself how to play the piano, compositions he says come from the other side.
10:26 pm
science and medicine. how to explain that? >> i have struggled with this all of my adult life. we have evidence of many examples where people have described the near-death or actual death experiences. they are not hallucinations. >> stony brook university researcher helps conduct the largest study in near-death experiences. >> the people that i study are only those who have gone beyond death. >> his study looked at 2000 people worldwide who suffer some kind of cardiac arrest. he found more than 40% describe some kind of awareness before their hearts were restarted. spin it if you look at culture and different ages children as young as three years old people from all over the world japan and india and other places have described essentially the same experience feeling peace, feelings of a bright warm welcoming light. sometimes the description of going through a tunnel and loving compassion. >> isn't enough to prove there's
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>> evidence so far suggests at least when we die the first period after death the thing that makes us who we are does not become annihilated. >> the church teaches us that did dyeing is the only way to cross over into the next on so what happens when you come back from death? research shows were many people even if they were religious before finding faith is a way to provide comfort and meaning. >> it changes the way you live. >> it changes your perspective says religious education professor mary beth warden. >> if you are a person of faith and believe you are spiritual feeling some of these moments like stress and trauma can be enjoys into conversations with the sacred. >> if this is all that there is for 70 or 80 years in boom it's gone, nothing this is like playing theater. this is -- this doesn't make sense. why fall in love? why sacrifice for your children?
10:28 pm
life makes sense if you determine it. >> it took me a long time to realize that it's a mystery that i'm never going to understand. i don't have the capability of understanding. >> he knows there will always be skeptics. there will always be reasons to think this story is too convenient, it must be a hallucination doubters will say. he's also convinced he will always be. >> i feel blessed in an amazing way because i've been given an opportunity to know the something else exists. i think that's one of the greatest gifts that could ever be given to somebody and that's understanding and a knowing that this is not all there is. >> dan bowens "fox 5 news." >> coming up. a stem cell procedure is proving
10:29 pm
diseases are treated. >> it'll be the first time in a neurological disease like ms will be --. >> nobody can come and hear what it's running. >> of rare behind-the-scenes look at the technology making the fastest, tallest and scariest rollercoasters in the
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>> welcome back. did you ever wonder what makes rollercoasters so fast and so exciting? arthur ch'ien got a rare look behind the scenes of the technology that creates the thrills at six flags. >> why do we do this to ourselves quick sometimes i just don't know. we know how to enjoy to scare the heck out of those. we put lots of trust in the process we know little about. we like them to like were we put them through. we are going to come back to my composed moment in a bit. it's somewhat of an imaginary part of an outstanding team that comes up with an idea for a ride like -- and great adventure new jersey and a makes it happen only it's a little more complicated than that. >> them out of arthritis the process is similar. whoever is involved on that and
10:31 pm
want the right to be. >> while you very feeling this michael has spent countless hours thinking this. >> he showed us this process taking fox 5 into restricted area after restricted area. >> nobody can can come in a returning. >> in a room outsiders get to see the brains of the tall is right in the world and the fastest. to get you to the topic has to go from zero to 128 miles an hour in 3.5 seconds. all begins here. >> we see in front of you as a reservoir for hydraulic fluid. that hydraulic fluid gets pumped by these motors. you can see this stimulator tank they are backed by nidetch and pressure. >> like a super soaker -- super soaker pressure is added from the tube and once released
10:32 pm
to the winds which pulls the double cables up top that pulls the metal slats called the cart that launches you on the train were you lose your mind. i'm never going to complain about the cost ever again. not only is the launch of the rise default that way stops. none of these rights have break pads and i did not tallest drop in the world where you were going 90 miles an hour by the an hour by the end of the ford 15-foot drop. michael is not worried because as he has you sitting on magnets. >> what additional breaking card you need? the final ride we learned about el toro built to look like an old wooden rollercoaster but it's a visual trick. the technology is state-of-the-art. >> this thing hauls. >> i thought we were just going for a nice write a quality chat to wrap up the day with michael. what's your policy on hand up
10:33 pm
i forgot whatever i was thinking which led to the moment. we really like michael something i decided i would not later. i looked to regain my pride. >> i love you mom. except things michael's challenge to take this zumanjaro drop kicking like a kid waiting for dessert while i gave mike south a pep talk. >> i think i'm going to get my throw. where is my drug? pushing the limits of imagination delivered to you in a thrilling experience. >> the best part of this job is watching the people. it's so rewarding when you see
10:34 pm
giving high fives to each other. that's the best. >> we can only imagine what he has in store for us next big idea. arthur ch'ien "fox 5 news." >> coming out to the remarkable stem cell procedure that's dramatically improving patient's lives. plus. a rap revolution. how improv is paving the way for
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>> and manhattan clinic is dramatically changing the lives of people who battle ms. the treatment involves patients
10:36 pm
fight the disease. rick gollum is about to introduce this to young woman who is already seeing results. >> it's a very emotional thing. for me to watch myself walking down the aisle. >> vicki gill cherishes her wedding video because it helps to remember what it was like to walk without pain. not long after this video was taken gill was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. she was just 24 years old. >> i was diagnosed in february of 2000. i knew something was going on two or three years before that. >> the mother of two young daughters was trying to keep up with the disease was progressing could eventually gill could walk on her own. >> in 2008 i went from somewhat relying on a cane tube barely being able to hold myself up. >> determined to find a
10:37 pm
met dr. city. >> she was slowly getting worse over time and begin to experience a lot of false. >> dr. city started in 2006 dedicating his life to trading in researching the disease. >> is a problem with the brain and spinal cord. when they electrical system affects the spinal cord it can affect the eyes and bladder function, function. >> 400,000 people have msn united states in 2.5 million around the world. there is still no cure. there's research happening right in this lab. the team is a research center of new york is helping patients reverse their disability in a way that's never been done before. >> recently we had a stem cell trial that uses the patient's
10:38 pm
the bone marrow and we injected into the spinal fluid fluid and we are hoping we can regenerate the material. >> this video shows doctors extracting stem cells from the patient's bone marrow. a large needle goes into the chest or hip. doctors aspirate or suction a lifetime supply of stem cells out in about 30 seconds. 20 patients are part of the study. vicki is one of them and have the procedure done. >> they said you will feel like your breath is being taken away. that's exactly how i felt. >> in a process unique to ms researchers and lap harvest themselves from bone marrow and manipulate them into brain like stem cells. i injecting the brainstem cells into the spinal fluid of the patient in the hopes of ever generates. the good areas of injury and repair.
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>> seven at 10 patients have shown signs of improvement. some patients have a slate for maybe one or two days but other than that we haven't had side effects. >> now vicki can walk without again for some time. her legs are getting stronger. >> with her abductors and leg strength you should be walking without a cane. >> is hard for you imagine going back to the way you work. these are happy tears. >> yes, happy tears. >> the study will continue through april and the bindings to be submitted to the fda. dr. sadik hopes to bring relief to other patients then. >> it will be the first time in neurological diseases like ms -- so that would be a significant step forward.
10:40 pm
future when she walks again, maybe even walking her daughters down the aisle. >> the future is exciting. who knows what the future will hold? it's very exciting. >> liz dahlem "fox 5 news." >> coming up. students learning science or hip-hop. we are changing the world. the revolutionary program that
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>> is a revolutionary new program that is more than just making the grade. a college professor is teaching students science or hip-hop. as lisa ever shows us his big ideas getting big results. >> dna has genetic information. >> something incredible is happening inside the library.
10:42 pm
not celebrities for students who write verses to popular beat from the terminology of their science lesson. they are part of the hip-hop science genius program. they use rhythmic repetition of rap to help teens memorize scientific concepts. it gets the brainchild of christopher emdin one of the top education experts in the country. >> we don't have classroom and we will have 95, 96 kids say that and i may go into science. they're like what just happened. >> students can be to represent their school in a battle rap science bowl competition. >> in hip-hop tickets are doing everything you were supposed to be doing in school and the school becomes engage. as an educator i know if a young person is engaged in the concept in the classroom they are more likely to be successful.
10:43 pm
entertainment. the dr. emdin himself a product of new york city's public schools says hip-hop helped him especially the science oriented versus from the wu tang clan whose now hip-hop supporter -- hip-hop ed supporter. >> connecting such great symmetry. >> would put the signs work on the board in the definitions on the board and we say light for bars to their brine. >> science teacher terre ware uses hip-hop ed and she tells me it's a game-changer many ways not the least of which has improved test scores. >> not only do they take the work i given that they research around the capillary and learns vocabulary that i didn't teach them which pushes learning further. >> she is vastly enhanced ability to connect with her
10:44 pm
more for filling for her. >> taking in time and passion they want to be here doing this. to get that excited about education is something i live for. the biggest outcome is not the work we are doing by what happens in their lives afterwards. we have kids more engaged and science more likely to aspirate and science classes and now we have the group that are going to college tour now declaring science majors in college. >> it helps me remember and use it in my vocabulary. >> it helps me and helps everybody. >> the kids in that white schools and the kids in the african-american schools and the kids in the latino latino schools are consuming the same cultural artifact which is hip-hop. hip-hop becomes a mechanism through which we can bridge the cultural and ethnic divide among
10:45 pm
because of socioeconomic status. his idea of hip-hop and education as an influencer of education is the next frontier notches in hip-hop and education. we are changing the world. the benefits of this program go well beyond the classroom. the guidance counselor told me it helps so many of the students look at the potential for their lives in a whole new way. it felt as prep in the south bronx lisa evers "fox 5 news." had that does it for the biggest ideas of 2015. i am dari alexander. thank you for watching and have
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