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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  January 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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speed to good morning, everyone. happy thanksgiving. what am i talking about? who in my? where am i? 40s. we have some chilly weather coming in. >> 2016 began with a bang in
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as it always does. a great start to the new year. now the sanitation crews are cleaning up the mess left behind. kerry: a rochester man has been arrested. accused of planning and the taxpayer. ben: a big story yesterday. took much of the attention away from new year's eve activities in dubai. juliet: such a weird site to see the fireworks this play still there. ben: you do not often see that in modern construction. >> exactly. it is 601. good morning, everyone. juliet: joining us today.
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if you have not gone to sleep, congratulations. juliet: hi, sam. >> sent me a picture. all excited. i do not know, he said, apple is not going. i woke up this morning to a picture of him there. he was all excited. it was fun. it was chilly. drop. good for him. happy new year to you if you are just getting up and getting home. it was the warmest december on record. we were about seven-8 degrees warmer than the previous record. 13 degrees warmer than normal.
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of christmas eve. we actually got a little bit more rain than normal. for that year as a whole, we are much drier than normal. forty in central park. chilly and islip as well. a temperature of 40. right now, we are a little bit colder. quite a few clouds around. it will kind of kick those clouds out to see. not reaching us. that is good news for all of the ski areas. storms just off the coast. you can see some breaks in the clouds. we really do have a nice start to 2016.
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kind of cloudy lately. we will start to brighten up this afternoon. 40s. though colder air filters in. forty-one for you on saturday. forty-three on sunday. look at that. we are going down. thirty-six on monday. quite cold for tuesday and wednesday. a lot of people still getting home from their parties, maybe. >> volume, of course, on the light side. let's begin in new jersey. northbound side right by union avenue. we still have an accident blocking all lanes. avoid that spot. down in south brunswick, and accident investigation.
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fdr drive, we are still working this crash. that takes out two lanes. if look at the and northbound van wyck expressway. you can see traffic starting to build. this accident takes on at least one lane right by the grand central. we have time square shut down. service changes and delays. ben: thank you so much. new year's eve officially in the books. juliet: sanitation crews are partying themselves. well, sort of. robert moses has been there all morning. it is looking cleaner and cleaner by the second. >> reporter: it sure is. i tell you what, the sanitation
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they are in tip top condition. you can almost eat off the ground. well, you don't even off the ground, but it seems that way compared to what it was. 2015 is so last year. your new year's resolutions may include eating less or exercising more. getting time square cleaned up fast. the department to floyd workers. cleaning up the party hats, noisemakers, confetti in the and the other evidence of the fund that happened here. last year, the sanitation department said it removed more
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as confetti all. about one million people gathered here. despite fears of an attack, everything went off without a hitch. those who gathered here waited for hours. giving them plenty of time to look back at 2015 and make plenty of resolutions for 2016. >> reporter: why wait until 2016 to do that? will you marry me? will you? >> yes. >> she said yes. >> reporter: it is not just that confetti and noisemakers that have to be cleaned up. look at this. moved into place for the
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they, like everything else, have to be broken down. using heavy equipment to clear this out-of-the-way. that is the latest. back to you. juliet: it looks amazing. once the ball drops, everyone skedaddle's out of there. ben: robert moses in time square. juliet: to terrorist threats. one in upstate new york, another in germany. ben: antwan lewis joins us with more. >> reporter: officers responded quickly in both situations here and abroad. >> attempting to provide serial
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a career criminal. according to quick documents, he met with undercover informants to get information. >> in today's day and age, anyplace in the world can be the target. we are asking our residents to be safe and vigilant. >> he described himself as an islamic state brother. another new year's eve potential plot broken up this time in germany. they got a tip that isaac was planning attacks with five-seven suicide bombers. at least two train stations were evacuated with police taking no
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back here at home, many are calling it a further reminder of the need to be vigilant. not just on major holidays, but all year round. >> isis is preying on them. they communicate by the internet. that gives us a good chance for us to catch them. >> undercover informants. also in the munich situation, it looks like paris officials help communicate information. >> the one in rochester, planning on doing it with a machete and knives. going into a restaurant with knives.
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bright. the informant was explaining to him, oh, no, you have to do this, this and this. he was giving instructions on how to use the pressure cooker. apparently, he was not very bright. >> you can still wreak havoc. thank you very much. ben: a few hours before midnight. massive flames tore through. one of the largest buildings in the world. everyone, luckily, damaged to get out. at least 16 people were injured. despite the blaze, dubai held their celebration with that
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a new year's eve tragedy on the lower east side. a man died in an elevator accident while trying to save a woman. the daily news says the 25 grove man who was apparently just a visitor to the building going to a party was stalled in that elevator. when he began to fall, he shoved the woman out, but was crushed when he also try to get out. he was rushed to new york hospital where he was pronounced dead yet the building had three current violations for elevator defects. ben: he was heard saying to the woman happy new year as he pushed her out of the elevator. new laws go into effect today. juliet: samantha is here with her check at the forecast. >> cooler today.
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and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >> good morning to you and happy new year. we are turning colder.
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it is only a matter of time. we do have quite a few clouds around. this freeze will kick the clouds out. getting some sunshine. we do have a nice stretch ahead. northwest, that is showing the colder air working its way through us to the weekend. right now, mainly cloudy. flurries up to the north and west. they will stay there. the clouds are coming from low pressure off the coast. quiet weather will arrive for your weekend. it will just feel a little different out there. tonight, no problems. tomorrow morning, you wake up to sunshine. with the release, it will feel
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certainly quite chilly up there. the normal high as 39. we are still a bit above that for sunday. cold on tuesday. nice and bright with sunshine. thirty-three. now let's get a look at your traffic with kelly. happy new year to you. >> happy new year. pretty easy on the freeways right now. let's begin in new jersey. all lanes are closed in the two word. traveling northbound on route one. that blocks all lanes. fdr drive heading northbound, we have this accident being worked on. two lanes are out. let's head over to the van wyck expressway. you will see an accident by the
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only one lane out. should be wrapping up momentarily. we have time square still shut down. cleanup does continue. northbound service. changes and delays for a police investigation. alternate side parking rules and those leader rules suspended. back to you. >> bill cosby is raking his silence. it really is not saying much. friends and fans, thank you. >> the 78-year-old was arraigned this week. accused of drugging and sexually assaulting an employee. the lawyers say the charges are no surprise coming after a hotly contested election in which his
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his wife must testify in a defamation lawsuit brought against her husband. they claim the statements denied the accusations were false and accusatory. a judge denied it yesterday. >> a case that is all over facebook and instagram. the mother of the so-called affluenza teenager is back in the u.s. she is being held on $1 million bail in los angeles. she was extradited from mexico earlier this week. both fled to mexico last month after an investigation was launched. he killed four people. couch use the affluenza defense. claiming his parents wealth, because he was so rich, he was
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impossible for him to tell right from wrong. it still baffles me how that was ever bought by a jury. he remained in mexico. ben: january 1. a whole set of new laws goes into effect today. fast food workers get a bump in pay. 10.50 now in new york city. the base salary rate for tipped workers. $7.50 an hour from $5 an hour. mothers who need to pump to breast-feed their children now have a right to take reasonable, unpaid breaks out work. they can do this for three years after giving birth.
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doug luzader reports from washington. >> beyond working on his own game which is much improved in recent years, president obama has a lengthy list of resolutions for 2015. he will finish with just over one year. >> we will squeeze every last ounce of progress that we can make when i have the privilege of holding this office. >> helping to defeat whatever republican is affecting the gop nomination next year. especially if it is donald trump. >> i think that we will have a
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i think i will have a democratic successor. i will campaign very hard to make that happen. for a variety of reasons. >> reporter: therein lies the delicate balancing act in 2016. pushing items like gun control. the transpacific trade deal. things that could be controversial. at the same time, making sure that he does not alienate voters. >> if he is serious about electing the democratic nominee, he will have to find ways to be less controversial and to appeal to a broader section of the public. can he do it? i do not know. >> it is clear, the president is looking ahead to a new year that could well determine what his legacy could be.
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news. juliet: getting little snow cone things. ben: a lot more still to come this morning. including this robot. it looks just like a human. it is a little scary, actually. we will tell you what it is being used for. juliet: that is so creepy.
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juliet: .biz -- ben: her name is nadine. she is a new robot. built by a technology university in thing -- singapore. juliet: that is so creepy. this is upsetting to me. no, it is. can you imagine standing at the end of your bed? ben: she is just from star track juliet: except for this is in
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juliet: good morning. happy new year. we're going to start the year off with normal temperatures. unlike the unseasonable weather that brought us no snow whatsoever. >> here is to a healthy and
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now, the cleanup crews. they are busy doing their thing early on this january 1. juliet: we were all concerned about terrorist threats. one of rochester, new york. one also in germany. a man accused of planning an attack there. we will bring you the roundup. ben: record flooding in missouri. hundreds of homes underwater there. forcing evacuations. juliet: good morning, everyone. i am j david. ben: i am ben simmoneau. thank you for joining us. juliet: did you do anything last ben: went out for. the four of us. had a nice little italian meal. we were home at 645.
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it was nice just to spend it with the family. you guys just kind of stayed in; right? 100%. it was a nice night to stay in. we ordered chinese food. seasons in long beach. >> i need to try that. two new places in long beach to try. ben: we know who the delivery expert is. it is great stuff. >> asked johnny. then cooks. he will be cooking. he lost a bet.
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we are turning a corner here. we will likely see snow here sometime in january. a chilly day. really not bad. still just a touch warmer than normal. we're saying goodbye to the record warm temperatures as we look ahead. we do have quite a few clouds out there. snow showers from the cold air. cold air is going to slowly filtering. especially through the weekend and next week. mainly cloudy right now. we will get a little bit more sunshine for the day today. thirty-nine-45. it will be producing here and there. a nice weekend. forty-three on sunday. just above freezing for an afternoon high temperature on tuesday. we will enjoy the sunshine.
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>> good morning. happy new year. very busy on the roadways. we have a lot of serious accidents. northbound. all lanes are closed in the two word for an accident involving a downed pole. that crash now all cleared up. lanes reopened. you can see some yellow. on long island, nassau county, right by exit 40, just getting word of an accident. alternate side parking rules and meter rules suspended for new year's. ben: thank you very much. the first baby born was born exactly at midnight and coney island hospital in brooklyn. juliet: he and his mom, stephanie, are doing well.
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in the meantime, the cleanup continues in times square. ben: robert moses has been there all morning. >> reporter: it is getting a whole lot cleaner. the cheering has been replaced by heavy machinery being brought in to get all of this stuff out of the way. many people have gone home to nurse the hangover that was surely follow all the celebration. you may have a vacation day today. i can assure you, the sanitation department does not. the workers got right to work at the stroke of midnight. getting rid of all the evidence of the fund that the place here last night. last year, sanitation workers cleared about 48 tons of debris. we are expecting a similar
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what a celebration that was. the confetti fell, kisses were exchanged. everything on -- everything unfolded smoothly. 6000 cops seen and unseen were here. canines kept in eye on everything. this was well guarded and everything went off without a hitch. those who gathered here had plenty of time to waste. looking ahead and making resolutions for 2016. >> be happy and travel around the world. >> i want to get engaged. will you marry me? will you? >> yes. >> she said yes. [cheering] >> reporter: that couple got off to a poorly good start in 2016.
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we will speak to the captain. we speak to him every year. he is with the sanitation department. he will tell us about this cleanup effort. it looks like it is going well. that is the latest live from times square this morning. happy 2016. back to you. juliet: thank you, robert. happy 2016 to you as well. to terrorist threats. one in upstate new york, the other in germany. they were stopped. ben: lythgoe to fox5 antwan lewis. >> reporter: good morning. threats were stopped by officers who responded and acted very quickly. federal authorities have charged a man with attempting to provide
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rochester on new year's eve. he got knives, machetes, ski masks and pneumonia from a walmart. prosecutors say he describes himself as an islamic state brother pledging his allegiance. officials used a fake undercover informant to catch him. >> disaffected individuals. they are almost everywhere. isis is preying on them. they communicate idm internet which gives us a good chance to catch them before they do their act. >> another plot also broken up. this time in germany. five-seven suicide bombers. authorities used facebook to
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possible threat about an hour and a half before midnight. two munich train stations were evacuated. it appears that french authorities were the ones that tipped off their german counterparts on those potential suicide bombers. ben: antwan lewis in the newsroom. thank you very much. more pages of e-mail from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state. kind of an interesting day to release those e-mails. juliet: 275 e-mails from that batch have been declared last of five after being reviewed the state department. the highest level of classification. clinton claimed that she did not send or receive information that was classified at the time
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at her home. ben: immeasurable way a miserable way to bring in the new year. floodwaters are starting to receive, though, in missouri and illinois, leaving behind a trail of destruction. juliet: most people were traveling on the roads. hundreds of homes and businesses have been damaged here at record lows in a lot of these places. this happened when i was living missouri. it destroyed my friends home. there has been no loss of life in that area, specifically. officials want to keep it that way. the one let's check the forecast. >> we are looking at a nice weekend. a little bit colder.
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bundle up. it will feel like 20-30 degrees. high temperatures in the low 40s. getting a check up the roads and rails with kelly. >> good morning. exit 40 and jericho. it takes out at least three
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a live look at tim ben: here's a look at the headlines on this new year's day. standing information as the body arrived yesterday on long island. the sergeant sergeant was one of six service members killed last week during a suicide bombing in afghanistan. his funeral is set for tomorrow. juliet: a man was crushed by a falling elevator. he pushed a woman out to safety as it began to fall. he became trapped when he tried to get out. he was pronounced dead at the hospital just before midnight. ben: he apparently set happy new year.
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at least 16 people were injured. dubai held a spectacular new year's celebration. a building just a couple blocks away. duke is off today. we have sports. number one: since facing number four oklahoma in the orange bowl. they would not look that. no doubt about it. running it in for the touchdown. they advanced to the national championship game for the first time since 1981. juliet: i am happy about this number two. alabama against michigan state.
6:42 am
taking a punt return back. it is alabama and clemson in the national championship. >> the investigation continues. still no arrests in that case. 24-year-old posted a picture instagram. saying, in part, a simple celebration of a friends birthday turned into a day that will change my life forever, but for the better. he was shot in the knee. sources tell fox5 that he may have been set up. the team has told its players to be careful. >> this is serious. there are certain things that
6:43 am
terms of being a public figure, so to speak. ben: yesterday morning, someone threw a molotov cocktail at the club. juliet: one local hockey team was in action last night. that was the islanders. scoring the 14th of his year on the power play. two-one was the final. let's get over to sam. i want to say hi to one of our twitter fans. he is actually like the number one racquetball player in the year four years. he watches us all the time. also, cara, my friend from hoboken. >> did she ever go to sleep? >> she was taking care of her friends kids.
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>> sometimes it is nice to just stay in on new year's eve and relax. >> i like celebrating more on new year's day. ben: we're the only ones suffering from the consequences. [laughter] >> quite a new year's is was. heading into 2016. we will be talking about colder weather. let's talk about some of the records for today. new year's day. snow we. we had 9 inches of snow. we are a little bit behind. changes are coming. we had a wet year and 1888. the coldest temperature on this day was in 1984. back on christmas eve and christmas, we had record highs. that is long gone. seeing changes now.
6:45 am
forty from central park and islip to montauk. it does feel a little bit colder. it feels more like 30s right now. look at monticello. your wind chill is 22. we will be seeing that as we head into your saturday and sunday. still a lot of clouds out there right now. area of low pressure just off the carolinas moving away from us. bringing us clouds. high pressure building in. it gets here for the weekend. colder. today, 39-45 degrees. morning clouds. good one. forty-three on sunday.
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daily and hourly forecast on the app. you can search for it on the apple itunes store or the google play store. bennett j, back to you. >> thank you very much. chris rock calling jennifer lawrence during an interview. why she has a problem with the comments on wage gap. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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>> good morning and welcome back. happy new year. pretty quiet on that area roadways. nassau county, right by exit 40, still taking out at least three lanes. and accidents that shuts down all lanes. south brunswick. northbound route one. blocking all lanes. let's take a live look outside at times square.
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not too many cars right now. all the area roadways are slowly reopening. so boys, some problems. northbound service there is changes. alternate side parking rules in those meter rules are suspended for the new year. back to you. juliet: thank you. ben: all right. juliet: hi, anna. anna: good morning. after wayne rogers has died. suffering complications from pneumonia. he is perhaps best known from his role on the mash. he was 82 years old. jennifer lawrence god pretty universally applauded.
6:49 am
comedian and snl member. black women have the hardest gig show business. he went on to say that jennifer lawrence is complaining less about being a woman, she would even more to complain about if she was black. a picture of a positive pregnancy test. she shared 2015 pictures. she got married in 2015. juliet: she also was arrested for tax evasion. hopefully they get that cleared up. baby on the way. ben: let's show you some of the new year celebrations around the world. juliet: let's go to rio de janeiro.
6:50 am
especially on new year's eve. ben: rielle will host the 2016 olympic games. juliet: i love london. you have all of that gorgeous history right there. ben: let's show you one more. juliet: this is hong kong. ben: look at all of those fireworks. hong kong has a really spectacular skyline. hong kong comes pretty close. juliet: it goes on and on and on. happy new year, everybody. hope you guys have a wonderful 2016. ben: we will see you in about 30 minutes.
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>> good day, everybody. it is friday, january 1.
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