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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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uplift your mood. or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >> happy new year. all right. not bad. >> you know i'm still feeling it, greg. i think this is a good time, 2016. i'm feeling optimistic. i have a lot of things i want to accomplish this year. >> don't get carried away. last year we went overboard on new year's resolutions. stand by for that. i have proof of outlandish things we came up with to do in 2016. they may have seemed reasonable at the time. now looking back. anyway we previewed the celebration in times square on "good day new york" not too long ago. >> special confetti.
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>> we're not evenndressed. hold on a second. where are those things. >> we need party favors. >> hi, baby. >> okay, so we got into the spirit a little early. as we start 2016 we recall what we came up with for resolutions in 2016. >> don't make me feel so badly because i don't think i accomplish accomplished everything i said i would do. >> because we were on television we made the boast public. >> resolution, yeah. >> made the pledge public. see what we said last year. >> i go first. >> you have an idea, don't you? >> i do. i have three. okay. my first is, daily meditation. >> two. no texting, yes! >> and walking. >> you're not going to text or walk? >> no, texting walking at same
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>> number three? talk less. listen more. number one. grok. number one. >> yeah. >> learn three languages. >> you never going to do anything like that. i don't -- >> don't quit my dreams. >> okay, fine. >> number two, run the marathon. >> what? this is a first. alert the presses! seriously? >> hold on. >> in your dreams. >> three, movie star. you're right, that is a little out of hand. >> you want to be a movie star? you are. you did it already. you did "salt." you and angelina have love scene. >> more movie rolls. media -- >> you're supposed to have this done already. >> okay.
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>> i did meditate a little bit but maybe not every day. >> i don't remember making those resolution, i really don't. >> did you learn any languages? >> no, i must say i am struggling. >> we need to take it down this year, resolutions. >> 2016 what do you want to do. >> come on. you do that right now. >> breathe deeply. >> that's a resolution. >> things happen, you react. i'm very fast with the mouth, the cursing, the other thing. >> the cursing has gotten a little out of hand lately. i have noticed that. are you going to scale that back? >> i'm going to try to. i will breathe deeply. how about you? >> i will be a part-time astronaut. part time, still do the show. nasa. >> i would like you to go to the moon!. what else? save the rainforest. >> those are not lofty at all. >> here is what i will do.
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ago if you have new year's resolution builds you up for -- >> failure. >> procrastination is part of it. you have to do it in the year. too easy to prohe crass nate. every day, make a resolution every day. have long-term goals, but make sure the long-term goals make it on to-do list. >> something to think about. >> not just the laundry, you know what i mean. >> makes perfect sense. every day you kind of start anew. 2016, i think we're a good fit. thank you so much for watching us and don't you want to know about the weather? >> here is the new girl doing the weather again. happy new year, everybody. >> new girl. i'm here every day. weather producer sitting over there in the corner, you don't see me every day. as we head into the new year, we're talking about colder weather. bit. average temperature for december was 58 digress. 13 degrees warmer than normal. we broke the record by seven
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warmest day was2 degrees on christmas eve. coldest temperature was 2th and 29th. we got a bit of rain. we're still in a deficit as a whole for the year. temperatures near 30. 40 montauk. 40 bridgeport. chilly start. colder in monticello at 30 but you feel the difference as you head out and 36 degrees for you in sussex. we have westerly breeze, makes you feel colder. in sussex and newark and belmar and central bark. we'll see the colder weather through the weekend. west winds generally five to 10 miles per hour. they will pick up later on especially tonight and tomorrow. windchills will be near 20 degrees by tomorrow morning. it is winter and january. the weather feels a bit more like it. a lot of clouds around right now. lake-effect snow showers north and west. drier air is trying to nudge in with high pressure. clouds are breaking up a bit from kentucky to tennessee into
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we'll look at that later on this afternoon. once high pressure gets here it is sticking with us, we're looking great. a little bit of sunshine later on, looks like a great start to the saturday, nice quiet weather through the day into sunday morning. up to the north. we see cold showers, colder air, that is good news for ski resorts. we'll make some snow and get fresh new snow as well. today, high temperatures, 39 to 45 degrees. clouds this morning. sunshine for the afternoon. it is breezy. check out the day tomorrow. 41, 43 for you on sunday. stretch of sunshine, nice out there. colder. monday, 36. tuesday just above the freezing mark during the afternoon. we'll keep things cold to finish off the week. greg, rosanna, back to you.
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no. >> don't drink out of the bottle. >> that was so much fun. provocateur. rosanna ant i went clubbing with our friends. always intrigued by bottle service. what it entails. what new york city nightlife is like. >> we had the d.j. booth. >> we went crazy. >> first wouldn't let me in because of my wardrobe. came back with more suitable attire. girls that serve the drinks, whoa. >> thanks to michael provocateur. it was a lost fun. champagne was popping, baby. that is not only thing we did this year. >> i have an idea. i think we all should start playing instruments and form a band. you guys thought i was crazy. looked like it was undoable for a while. >> it was a lot fun. hired folks, "school of rock." you heard of the play. you heard of the movie. there is a "school of rock" in new york city.
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you can go take instruction. with us. check out our final product. >> we're forming our own band baby. it was meant as only empty throwaway line. however, somehow in those words, magic. in three musically talentless individuals. come together, to form something bigger than themselves. there was a struggle. there was a conflict. the weak link here is mike woods. >> come on now. >> resentment. envy, jealous jealousy, sex, drugs. no sex, or drugs. there was conflict. these three people came together and formed something bigger than
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now the world premier. >> one and a two, and a one,
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[applause] >> did a little ad-libbing in between. [laughter]
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>> i would be proud. [screaming] >> you took my whole rythym off. >> you never had it. >> everybody, hey, hey. music is about coming together to make people happy. i think we made people laugh a little bit. >> for get how you bicker. that was beautiful moment. why? >> because he went off the beat. >> it he was fine. >> it was just as bad as i remember it to be. it was a great experience. brought us together. it was a bonding experience. >> we were moderately proficient probably at third grade level, two months in. "school of rock," thank you. >> fantastic. you and i got back into medieval times. >> medieval times, have you heard of that place? i was intrigued about it. finally went. in new jersey, dinner theater.
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ate with our hands, what more do you want? >> rosanna did you have a special feeling when you walked in? >> i have to tell you i thought i was part after big theatrical production. >> i felt like i was russell crowe from gladiators and i had blood on my mind. >> i was working crowd. i kept looking to see if you notice what i was doing. egging them on to cheer for me. >> i noticed that i was seething, i tried to do my part. pump up the volume. listen to it. [booing] [inaudible] >>org jersey boy. >> apparently i said i shall swallow you, wench. i don't know what that means. >> what does that mean?
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>> do you have any ideas? you were in the show. >> i think he meant he woos going to take you down. >> we're fighting for flag, kingdom of "good day new york." i think it is game on. >> here we go. >> you're going down. i will gut you. >> listen to all the trash talk from rosanna. >> take that. and that, and that, and that. i will never forgive you. [shouting] >> oh. >> we have a victor! >> wait a second. >> wow, you went down for the count on that one. >> you know what? listen, all fun and games. you did have a little refreshments when we were there. wasn't like a total loss. >> rosanna i let you stab me in the gut.
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with your hands. give you old world utensils. medieval times, we love you guys. >> thank you so much. that was not only active part when we were in new jersey. >> so you know, after we get through winter and spring there are all kinds of nasty potholes. >> roads are a mess. >> potholes all over the place. we went over to help the good people of fort lee, new jersey, to help fill in potholes. >> mayor was happy we were there. >> you have to eliminate the debris out of the hole. >> get out all the dust. >> it was very empowering to use the blower. i felt very important. >> you guys would be great. after that happens, you talked about the, i'm sorry, what tack coat. >> tack coat. >> next step is putting glue into the hole. >> look the you, greg. >> keeping the crowds back. here is the glue. tell us about the glue. >> the glue makes new blacktop
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so when you -- >> like adhesive. >> like adhesive. >> next step is pushing that gravel off the truck into the hole. >> there is certain way to do it, right? you want to overdo it a little bit, right, mike? >> yes. >> you guys did a great job. >> did the right amount. kept it within the hole. >> this is my favorite part. you let us sues the steamroller. >> we were hoping you wouldn't film that. it probably broke 40 different ways. did a great job. >> look at that thing. mayor sokolich of fort lee, thank you very much. >> nobody got hurt. we fix ad few potholes. all in all it was good day. >> for free. mayor, thank you stretch. >> after that we had a few aches and pains. i wanted to do a new thing like ice therapy. >> have you ever heard of this
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look at rosanna with seduc after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious. >> rosanna and i yesterday were in minus 223-degree environments. look at this. this is cryotherapy. we're in the same booth at different times, one after the next. we have to tell you all about this wild treatment.
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>> i didn't realize how many athletes, ballerinas, miss at this copeland goes there. you never know who you will meet there. you don't go in with anybody, you take your turn going into this ice chamber. >> i don't know ins and outs biologically but it felt good. rosanna you looked good in that thing. >> you have to move around because those two minutes in there, your body, you could get frostbite. >> we went in bedraggled, felt good when we left. >> totally revitalized. >> thank you. we try to help people open the city pools to everybody. take a look. >> catch me. >> john jay pool on the upper east side. it was so great. this is a public pool open to all city residents run by the parks department. looking for friends? >> i made a lost friends. they may be a little younger than we are. >> check this out.
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line. >> a conga line in the john jay pool. >> very refreshing that pool. what else can i tell you. >> there are a lost rules and regulations. >> don't, biggest rule, have fun. hey, what a swimmer you are. what a swimmer. doggie paddle. >> great at the doggie paddle and side stroke. >> the doggie paddle. >> you saw how much fun the conga line was. look at this closer. picture. rosanna got a face full of something in your mouth. >> i think i did. i was like, what? >> the kid i was supposed to keep above the water is about to go under the water. everybody was fine. we want to welcome -- left, right. >> it has been a long time since i jumped in the pool. >> everybody was alive. we didn't dunk anybody. >> great experience. thank you very much. this is something i had never
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>> i was concerned. i thought somebody would break something. >> have you ever heard of fly boarding? this is what it is. check out this footage. this is jimmy from long island. he runs a fly boarding company instructing people how to do it. >> so i thought it would be very similar to water skiing but it is really not at all. >> not too much. it is its own device. combination of a few things. >> jimmy, we're glad you mastered it because you're a master ininstructor and you had your work cut out for you with rosanna and i. let's go to that foodage. rosanna and i we struggled a first. somebody said it would be easy. >> it is an extreme sport? is it not extreme? >> it is one extremist. >> one of the extremist. >> what were we doing wrong initially besides everything. >> you were pretty good. it is about balance and foot maneuvers.
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who was onshore? >> my dog lulu. she was crazy. you could have comforted her. you were eating popcorn. >> what could i do from the beach. there you go, rosanna. >> there is the reunion. >> lulu. >> there you are in slow motion. and you had a few seconds. >> i did. and i have to say, i got up there, i was immediately like exhilarated and then, oh, my goodness. what do i do. there was nothing to hold on to. >> but it's all right. you picked it up. being nervous -- >> look who got knack of it, kind of. >> you were very good. were you surprised he got up so quickly. >> i was a little surprised. >> shut up. this is about effort. 10, 15 minutes of trying i finally felt somewhat stable. >> look at you. >> you did great, look at that perfect form. >> rosanna is heckling from shore. >> i said pull your pants up.
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>> thank you both. i didn't mean it. >> that was fun. we had very active summer by the way. not only did we do the fly boarding and we went and we played softball for charity this summer by coney island. >> that was a great night. >> we played john franco, who is a mets hall-of-famer. he beat us. >> you're the coach of our team which is really absurd when you think about it. you don't know the rules. you don't really know anything about the sport but you like being in charge. >> i do like being in charge. by the way you really helped us out with the team. >> who got inside the park home run? yes, me. >> you lived up to the uniform. >> thank you so much. >> you are my mvp. >> thank you, rosanna. quite frankly i think i deserve it. i was not going to say it. only home run of the night. granted, i'm not sure i looked that cool running. but boom! >> look at you, so happy. the fans.
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>> i had to go over and say, do you believe what just happened? did you see that. >> of course it didn't help us win the game. not like -- >> how about the uniform too? >> you looked good in the uniform by the way. i don't know how you pulled that off by the way. >> rosanna, thank you very much. thanks for putting me in. a lot of fun out there. john franco, down there on coney island. it is great. >> another thing you really took to, one of my suggestions was the funky duck. this is the year of the hoverboard. we originally got in the funky duck which was one of the makers. >> i was skeptical about this thing and my skepticism was well-placed. have you read the news lately. it was a lot of fun. >> you can go fast. >> not that fast, greg. >> i see a lot of celebrities using it. >> this was my fault. that was my fault. should i tuck in my pants. >> showing a little bit more. can i let you go. >> can you go like this. >> whoa. how do you stop it.
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>> i'm getting off it. i still feel i can get off and still not injured! i wanted to live to say that i did not get any bumps or bruises. >> a lot of people have including me actually. that is cool. somewhat controversial. as is our halloween and valentine's skit. valentine's day, remember whole
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>> 31 shades why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard,
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the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough.
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meaning a round here. we accumulate some much stuff during the show, a variety of arts and dance. rosanna: p r people -- greg: a little overwhelming. a yard sale in front of the studio. rosanna: we made a lot of money. greg: we raise money for awareness.
9:27 am
things we have done this year. rosanna: so what was he like? this guy, it is so weird. how did you get your start in the business? greg: i have always known what i wanted. rosanna: i am not talking to you. greg: stay away from somebody like me. rosanna: no problem. greg: i don't do romance. my tastes are very singular.
9:28 am
greg: it can be said that was pretty weird. rosanna: just frustrated thespians or something. that was not our only shot at acting. we have done other things. greg: who had heard of hamilton on broadway?
9:29 am
it is a hit half region of alexander hamilton's life in american history. rosanna: some people liked it
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greg: we pushed the envelope a little bit. lois greenfield as a new book, we stopped by her studio. lois greenfield, this is rosanna and i at last friday in her studio. rosanna: so much movement, she has photographed broadway stars, musicians, at major ad campaigns. greg: lookmajor ad campaigns. greg: look at the end results. the 27 when we come back we will
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greg: to delete a at? greg: we look at the world trade center differently because we have been to the top. we had it to ourselves yesterday. rosanna: it is reminiscent of the old days but it is brand-new and there are green new features. greg: the window washers. we tried to talk to is them. rosanna: it was beautiful to go back to the world trade center. we went with heavy hearts.
9:32 am
is beautiful, energized and a great tribute to the people we lost. greg: we hope the "good day" flag is still there. rosanna: we took it back, we are a the a cheaper around here but not when it comes to doing our halloween skits. we go all out. greg: donald trump is in the headlines and we wondered what it would look like if he became president down a road. rosanna: he nails it, check out. >> welcome to the white house, we join president donald trump in the oval office. greg: it is me. what do you think? america, two years ago you did a very smart thing. you elected me president and i am here to say you are welcome. everyday people come up to me.
9:33 am
tonight i will tell you about the most amazing thing i have ever done. the glass me what is the most amazing thing you have ever done? i can figure that out. i went to an ivy league school. i know from amazing, stand by, we will get to with in the second. remembers the woman id, hillary clinton, i want to get the kids involved, of viral videos, who doesn't want to go viral? after that, she went totally insane, not job crazy and got this e-mail to me and i got it on my i had gizmo. greg: isn't that hillary is? four in the doral vote. i cleaned her in the popular vote. after my amazing accomplishments, the department
9:34 am
all the stupid bureaucracies that make no sense, a waste of time, excuse me. i hired that guy, he is secretary of kicking ass and what do we do gq we beat isis. isis is gone. not her. she is pretty hot. i am talking about isis, the bad guys, you never hear about them. what did we do? we did it through a combination of bombs, brains and making fun of them on twitter. it totally worked a. i want to talk about the veterans. that health care situation was ridiculous. it was out of control. i fixed it in six minutes. they have the best hospitals in the world. to put ice-cream on the cake i gave every veteran their own house, a mansion, $1 million and a rocket car. take a look at this.
9:35 am
they love me. that is good. you are amazing but what about all wall. what happened to the wall. did you notice after i became president the mexicans stopped coming. they didn't want to come to america with me as president. was it something i said? this is he being coin. i know what i said. it all worked. it was all part of the plan. i totally busted up washington. i do things my way. they said you can't hire your friends or give your friends jobs, you have to hire these eggheads from universities. rosanna scotto was my best appointee ever. she is now the ambassador to italy. who could forget her take a look. she showed up sloshed. idea. then to her credit she showed she knew every curse word in italian call the best ones and a
9:36 am
check out my girl, she could actually find italy on a map. i think she is amazing. you are probably sitting at home, donald, we agree with everything you are saying, you are brilliant and the best president in a million years but why the big speech? i tell you, i am bored. i am board of success. i succeed at everything, politics, business, finance. i never made it in hollywood and that is about to change. next week production starts on from the movie. we have the poster, check it out. this movie will be so great it will make titanic look like snap chat. got a sense of what i am talking about about. who is going to run things in the white house? i have an idea, i know what i am doing, i went to the board in school that the president of pennsylvania. i am not stupid. hello?
9:37 am
look who is it is. hello, hillary. hal r. you holding up? hillary, i need to talk to you about something important. i am serious. hillary, if you can't do this i will get ted cruz. all right. hillary, listen. i was thinking about making new president. we need an unpredictable presence in this office. do you think you could do it? [laughter] >> i think you could do it. i don't have a bible but i have a book, one of my books, put your elbow on that book, wrestled it over there. put the elbow on the book. i have another one here, don't worry about it. you can't raise your hand. stay with me on this. i, hillary, what is your middle name? dennis rodman clinton, hereby solemnly pledge that i will support, defend all that jazz
9:38 am
domestic and canadian, you can do that? >> pretty please. pretty please. i will throw in my personal -- this. i don't think you have the temperament or the right mind set to be president. i don't think you are presidential enough. good luck, donald trump, good luck, hillary clinton. welcome to our halloween party. >> "good day new york"! greg: every time. rosanna: that was funny. i liked that greg: it did go on for a while. i apologize. what about your boyfriend when he showed up? the guy in the polo ads. rosanna: i want to go into the
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we will be right back. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. we're always looking for ways to enjoy more.
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greg: this looks really cool.
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greg: war factor 9. we were on this one. greg: george takei dropped by good a new york and let us recreate the enterprise. you are okay. rosanna: no expense scared. someone -- everyone was talking about american pharaoh. greg: victor espinoza won the triple crown on american pharaoh. and so did one of our favorites, nacho. we brought things down to earth for both of them. >> this is funny.
9:43 am
greg: it is on your mark. go! rosanna: very appropriate. greg: he really is good on any kind of course. get out of away, rosanna. rosanna: go ahead. greg: i brought you the horse.
9:44 am
greg: everything is fine except my bones and organs. rosanna: nacho was quite the gentleman. greg: he rode to my aide. rosanna: never forget writing into the sunset with him on mechanical horses. greg: this looks like a romans commercial. rosanna: it does. and. rosanna: that was a great moment but i have to say one of the
9:45 am
francis came to town that is not funny. and we have our own popemobile --
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rosanna: you can't make this up. it's the holidays, which means a house full of people, who all want to get online. so hurry and get verizon fios. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, for only $79.99 a month online, you get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus, with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or call now for this great offer.
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rosanna: time for our facebook fan of the hour. thank you for being a great fan and heading over to our facebook page. you are looking good in your 2016 beer. i hope you and your family and everyone else has a wonderful new year. we are talking about colder weather as we head into 2016 especially this weekend and next week the coldest weather yet will be coming our way. we are 39 in central park, 40 isil, 40 to montauk, a little colder, monticello at the freezing mark, the 32 degrees. we have a little bit of a breeze out of the west, generally tend to 15 miles per hour, it does pick a little later today into tonight and makes it feel colder, 32 in newark, that is a wind chill, 32 in sussex, islip 33, 34 in bridgeport, you will need the heavier jacket as you head out and about.
9:48 am
in northern new jersey, hudson valley, southwestern connecticut, to the southeast. look at lake effect snow showers telling us colder air is building in, but snow showers won't reach us. high pressure building, the storm moving away from us, we have sunshine to look forward to as we make our way, temperatures rising to about 45 degrees. still warmer than normal, mostly sunny skies, normal high is 39 but if we look ahead, chilly day saturday, 41 with breeze in the morning, near freezing, it will feel like 20 degrees. chilly sunday, that monday, tuesday, wednesday. greg and roseanna, back to you. rosanna: what a fun year it is
9:49 am
2016 will be amazing. greg: we're becoming pop resting years, made in the news is working with us with the whole staff to make us into semi proficient opera singers. >> we have to learn to speak italian, breve correctly and hit the notes. this could be a try fact that impossibility. >> die from this, diaphragm that. i have no idea. i feels that my stomach. i did like this. the cost jiming of it all. look at this. >> you look so professional. they have a suit for you when we performed what is the name of that opera, let get back to that. manhattan school of music, thank you, a 2016. >> thank you for watching us and we hope you will be part of our family again in 2016.
9:50 am
everyone. rosanna: poll numbers, you are dropping faster then hillary clinton. >> hi, what you doing, trying to give me a heart attack or
9:51 am
>> time out, time out. >> "good day new york" is over. if you want to connect to great stories and people engage the facebook, twitter and use of the debate is, for news and stories you care about, brought you by
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