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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  January 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the fire is still under investigation at point. it is unclear whether or not the church will have to be demolished. in with west orange, new jersey. i am reporting for "fox 5 news." >> two people are dead. severals other hurt when a shooter opened fire at a bar intel aleve this afternoon. fox 5's dan bowens with the latest on the hunt for the gunman the investigation into the motive. dan? reporter: allison, steve t. happened in the afternoon in a central business district of tel aviv. an area filled with bar and markets. israeli media reporting the attacker has been identified as a member of the israel's arab minority. the family is said to be cooperating with the investigation, at this point, authorities have not said yet if they consider it a terrorist attack. a deadly attack in israel. the shooting causing chaos in a busy commercial area of tel aviv, known as the street. video cameras capturing the moment the gunman opened fire, spraying
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bar, killing two people, wounding several others. >> you know. it happens all a over thisle two. >> images released by the jerusalem posts showing the bunman buying vegetables at market before pulling out the weapon in attar sha starting to shoot. a manhunt quickly unfolding the chaos. reporter snapping these photos of the officers hitching rides on the back of electric bikes as they spread out searching another killer. hartman describing the scene when we poke to him on skype. >> when we saw cops running east west. there were reports he went down gordon street. they went down this way. they went down that way. then you had to see cops. a lot of plain clothes cops, a lot of deek tis of. a lot of s.w.a.t. guys running on scooters, cars, whatever they could get. >> a motive for the attack still unclear. authorities reportedly investigating it as isis inspired. hartman says that would be a first in israel. it would not be
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>> the police have been worried that the israeli internal security about. arabs. there will be certain, you know, small number of young men or something who will be inspired to carry out isis-related attack. israel has seen increase in palestinian violence recently in several shootings and stabbings. the suspect in this case is a 29-year-old israeli arab that appears his own father called authorities. again, a move it in this case is still under investigation. allison, back to you. >> thank you. >> top security ohs a is in germany says a new year's terror threat has passed. parts of central munich evacuated out of concern an isis attack was imminent. i sis officers on patrol there as a precaution. they have been told to be careful ap to avoid large crowds if possible into. we are well-prepared, but everybody also knows that no one can give a 100% of guarantee that
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carried out. berlin celebrated new year's eve as planned with tight security. >> lawyers for terror suspect thats asked the u.s. federal judge to reject the government's demand to try the client in front of the jury. he pleaded not guilty to charges he provide material support to al qaeda. he was brought back to the u.s. from london in harsh. they made request due to severity of the case. the lars say he could create a buy agod jury. >> president obama looking to tighten gun control laws. the president says, his mu area's resolution is to move forward with unfinished business. >> we have letters from responsible gun owners time the tragedies happen. who share my belief that the second amendment guarantees the right to bear arm and we can protect that right while keeping irresponsible dangerous from in flicking harm on a massive scale. >> the president set to speak with attorney general loretta line on monday to to is cuss
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he is targeting the gun show loophole which allows people to purchase firearms from unlicensed dealers at gun shows without back ground checks. amuse year, be a new law going into effect in texas allowing them to wear the happened guns in plain sight. the open carry law applies to hundreds of thousands who are listened to carry handguns the state that can wear them in holsters around the hippors shoulders instead of having to concell them. the new law means the new big boost in sales for gunshop own mers. >> finish on high note. this is one of the busiest months we had. all right. that law does ban handguns from certain places such as hospitals, jails and some places where alcohol is served. >> missouri starting todryout after flooding claimed more than dozen lives. all we're states back open tonight after crews work to pump out access water. some roads have been closed since wednesday. officials say the mer remack river has crested. the worst of the flooding is over. certain nataliecome that
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she was inspired by gnat king cole and successfully carry on the legacy. bay ruk shemtov looks back at conditioning's life and her music. reporter: she had a famous last name. natalie cole truly made a name for herself reporter: the daughter of singer gnat king cole. natalie cole got early start recording a due six. her father died a few years later when she was 15 years oles but built on the legacy while crating her own. releasing hits including this will be and i got love on my mind i've got love on my mind reporter: after struggling with drug addiction for years, cole rebound in the 1980's then leased a groundbreaking album "unforgettable" with love in 1991 using technology to roared virtual due wet the father snging his song,
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it is incredible. cole suffered from kidney complications resulting from hepatitis c which was contracted as a result of drug use. in 2009, she received a kidney transplant but reportedly suffered from health complication recently forcing her to cancel numerous performance. cole won nine grammy awards, and, today, other stars including tony bennett, jordin sparks and lenny kravitz remembered cole on social media. she sang the most beautiful song "unforgettablele." i will never for get that. >> i think he was great singerment she was fantastic. love her work. >> they did a duet of "unforgettable. " that was terrific. i am really sad to hear that. note
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>> cole survived by her son. today, her family released a statement saying natalie fought a fierce courageous battle dying how she lived with dig ny, strength and honor. our beloved mother and sister will be greatly missed and remain unforgettable in our hearts forever. you know, cole was very open about the struggles but always a survivor and just feels like we lost the beautiful voice far too soon. >> right. she fought back from addiction and all of that. pretty powerful. good deal. thank you, baruch. >> actor wayne rogers known as trapper john mcentire in the 19 70's hit tv series "m.a.s.h." has has pass aid way. he died yesterday in los angeles from complication of pneumonia. rogers appeared in the first three seasons of "m.a.s.h." becoming a fan favorite. his tv career lasted another two decades. roger was 82. >> a great show. i saw everyone in reruns. all right. firefighters monitoring
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hours after the massive fire engulfed the luxury hotel. the fire believed to have started on the 20th floor as crowds gathered nearby for the annual new year's eve fireworks display. at least 14 people were hurt including one person who suffered a heart attack are the smoke and overcrowding while the building was in the process of being evacuated. >> more than 1 million partygoers took to time squares for last year's new a's celebration them heavy-duty cleanup began. several got to work today removing more than 2800 tons of trash including noise makers, confetti and paper streamers. on-line gamers getting played by identity thieves. >> that is right. they are tricking gamers into compromising the own accounts, then this -- >> even the leader of the free world and seinfeld comes knocking and the commander and chief talked about over
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>> hi, i am petty officer theodore. i work in iran. i want to say happy
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>> the new york attorney general eric schneiderman raising the stakes in the fight against daily sport sites. he filed a lawsuit
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every new york customer and pay fine of $5 grand per case. draft kink says the revised complaint reveals the attorney general's office still does not understand fantasy sports. between these two. the back and forth. schneiderman has been granted temporary in junction to prevent the sites were operating here in morning. >> gamers being targeted by cyber crooks. >> all right. arthur chi'en shows us they are trick people into giving out the personal in foe. >> may have been about a game once but not just a past time for kids any more. video gaming is new industry. poplar and it was flocked far league of lem gens being played in berlin. 150 american gamers are average age 35 tapped is a group the new cyber scam is targeting. >> this is the first time seeing the police scare thing going on for gamers. >> a fishing scam is playing on the player's passion for the game. they are not short on.
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as has video game companies like blizzard which owns "world of warcraft" and. telling players scams are rampant including one that popped up saying their account is being suspended that they are being sued for selling the game crack are other good force real money and the trap is on. >> there was the after market to cycle the in game items for real money. you want to fix it however they are going to have a lunk in the e-mail that says click here to fix this problem or clog log in. it is not going to go in the real log in. it is going to a fake one. it is going to collect the user name and password. >> how much machine my can be made. >> really, really viable thing. >> a couple of df ren programs. >> those who fall for it click on and pay the fine and end up giving up much more. he is a cyber security expert. >> in addition to which. you have a danger. if you click on the link, it may cop contain mall wear. that could take the computer and turn night a transmitter. that means every time that gu to the computer
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site, and in particular, they are interested in financial service sites, you will be transmitting your log-in information to the hackers. >> sometimes when a scam is publicized like this. this is expectation that now it has go in attention, it will be dad is but cyber experts say that is not the case here. they describe it as a cyber war in i which the good guys are losing and will continue to last for the foreseeable future. >> it is bawl the money. there is, unfortunately, today, there is more money on the dark side. bus again, because, again, they, the monies unlimited that can made. >> which makes protecting oneself however tedious far more than game these days. arthur chi'en, "fox 5 news." >> all right. >> thinking about today. the first day of the year weather okay with you. >> i walked around. i was out. it was definitely more januaryish. like it was not brutally cold, about it was chillier, especially when the wind picked up. >> i whined the whole
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chilly, it is windy. >> it is damp, too. cover kept that feeling in place across the tristate area. let's close out the year and close out the month because we have a record-breaking december for several reasons. the average temperature for the mon was 50 degrees, actually, 50-pointle degrees which makes it the warmest december on record for central park. mild temperatures. in fact, look at what it was on christmas eve. the warmest day of the month with temperature of 72 degrees and just four days laterment we hit the coldest day of the month at 34. we're still a bit below normal for the precipitation. weed had about 4.72 inches of rainfall in central park. another record that was broken was the string of 60-degree days held in december. park. these records were broken across the tristate area. you can see, they were set back in 1998 which was another mild region. today was not the case, though.
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japery. the hey temperature, park. as you heard allison mention. the winds kept it feeling much colder than which we told you about last night. highs in the 30's here in monticello. 43 islip. same numb burner montauk. bellmawr. pretty much most low kags in the 30's at the moment. monticello, exception here. 28. a 40-degree reading there. they are running cooler. can feel the chill in's the air if you made the which out for the first day of january. wind speeds are pick up, too. anywhere from 10 to factor in that. it is feeling below freezing across much of the tristate area. the windchill at 30 degrees now in central park. it is feeling like 18 up toward monticello. so look at the satellite clouds really hung in there today. we thought we would see more in the waive shawn. that was not the case. we have disturbance that
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that kept the low cloud deck across central and southern new jersey. then the northwest wind flow sort of kept can clouds to the north here. we were sand watched inwen and thought we would break through sunshine. that was not the case. i do expect that to happen tomorrow. now because of the northwest wind flow coming out of the great lakes and pick that you moisture. the moistures working the way count suth and state coming in the form of snow. we have a couple of flurries being picked up here across the hudson valley and the higher elevations of the poconos and northwestern new jersey. now tomorrow, the future cast is indicating that we'll broke to sunshine for saturday. that will continue to be the kisses a we go to sunday as well. temperatures remain cold. they are actually normal this time of year. don't be fooled by the sunshine we see out the window. need to been dell up this weekend as you head outdoors. tonight, we should go mostly clear. leaving in a chance of a couple of isolated flurries. watch out another gusty winds that is going to feel even colder than they actually. tomorrow tomorrow, expect plenty of sunshine. breeze where i and cold
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we'll see temperatures in the 40's but feel look the 30's. big difference we'll see more sunshine for you saturday. same thing for sunday. i hi the winds will pick up in speed a little bit sunday. hen, as we go back to work and school on monday. now the real cold weather here. high temperatures are going to be below freezing across much of the tristate area for monday and tuesday. we'll slowly creep back up to the low 40's but the cold weather is here to stay,le fo ks. i looked beyond. i don't see a warm-up any time soon. winter is finally here. >> that is brutal. monday is back to reality after work the holidays. you haven't done anything in two weeks hp then its on. all right. thank you, audrey. there is hast been a major shakeup in the republican campaign. all right. several top aides have reasoned including the campaign manager and communication cans director they say decision has to do with the influence carson's long-time business manager has on him. the former neurosurgeon says he is making
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so it is consistent with him. he also named a new campaign manager. >> meanwhile, the state department says forkings of 275 newly-classified e-mails from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state were released on new year's eve. two e-mails designated as secret because they contain information that could cause serious damage to national security. democratic candidate denied sending or receiving classified information through a personal e-mail account on the private server. >> all right. being president has the stressful moments. it must have been a nice change of pace for president obama to show off his lighter side with comedian jerry seinfeld. >> watch out, people. >> as you can see there, the president got to dave a vintage 1963 corvette stingray as the guest on year ry's web series: all right t. the two spoke about all sorts was stuff while drink coffee in the white house staff dining hall including the guilty food pleasures and who picks out the suits.
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they put out in the morning? >> they don't put out suits. >> you puck the suit. >> i do. >> yes. really? >> i do. i do. >> the most embarrassing presidential moment. >> this may be it. >> comedians of course. >> the president revealed a secret. likes to blowoff stam by cursing. >> i have seen that one. all right. a newborn in brooklyn picked the perfect moment to make a brand entrance. we'll introduce to you the new york city first baby of 2016. plus, the icy spin off coney island is sure to have won the hearts of sick children. >> my new year's resolutions were basic like go though gym more often, eat healthier. it never does well. yeah. so i guess, just do
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>> it is a new year's dre digs that be requires a big heart. >> dozens people plan plug mood the atlantic for good cause. jody has their story from cody island. >> my first time this today. [cheering and applauding] reporter: no matter how
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taken the plunge, it is hard not to get caught up in the fun. >> a few dance moves for me. >> oh. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. reporter: more han two thousand swimmers take part in the annual new year's day polar bear swim. it is a mad dash into 0-something degree water. some in bikinis. others in costumes. everyone helping to raise machine my to send kids with life-threatening ill!s to camp sunshine in maine. >> it is a day to sell prit the new year. there is no better way to do that than a plunge into the ocean. >> they know today's jolly green giant woke up extra early to get ready. >> get creative. try something different and fun. >> we donate. everybody loves fun. and i am dumping in the water. hopefully everything is good. you see people once a year. fantastic. mote >> for some, 2015 is a fresh start with new hopes and aspirations. >> i want to have a
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>> i would have a voice. >> standing your own truth. being honest with yourself. being happy. >> others call themselves crazy braving the cold for cause. >> every rear, i say, i am not going to do it next year. >> pull me back in. last, he the money raised the plunge sent 28 families to camp sunshine this year and hoping to raise even more. they had 364 more days to warm-up. >> happy new year! [cheering and applauding] >> happy new year! >> jody goldberg, "fox 5 news." >> all right. very nice. all right. well, if you were caught by one of the city's food cameras in 2015, you not alone. >> the staggering number of photo-based tickets that were issued last year. >> plus, a deadly elevator accident on the lower east side f. investigators say it is ho the first time an elevator in this building has broken
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>> you are watching "fox 5 news" at 5:00. >> a man was killed by a falling elevator after pushing a woman other way. steve: stacy delikat says it has
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reporter: 101 broome after stephen hewett-brown was crushed to death trying to escape the list. about 10 people were in the elevator just before midnight on new year's eve including rudy sanchez and her 10-year-old nephew when the elevator got stuck between the second and third floors. >> brown, who lived in the bronx was visiting the building for a new year's party pushed sanchez up to safety on the third floor through the open elevator doors but then witnesses say the lift started moving crushing brown in the shaft. the frantic elevator occupant's call for help but although the seventh precinct is across the street from the building residents say it's that first responders more than 20 minutes to arrive. by ben brown was in dramatic arrest and died in a hospital. >> he saved our lives. reporter: rudy sanchez told her she's extremely brown bag grateful. residents and visitors tell us
5:27 pm
problems. >> every time i come in a building its stock, we get stuck in a constantly. >> i am scared to use elevator. reporter: according to the police department the management company has been hit with 40 elevator violations since 2009. >> the billing as the reopened violations dating back to may 2014 all related to defects with the elevators. we reached out to the buildings management company wavecrest but so far haven't gotten a response payload. the building is investigating. caitlyn jenner has settled her lawsuit with -- jessica steindorff had been seeking unspecified damages. return to the settlement have not been announced. one woman was killed and several hundred when genders be a career in two cars. investigators determined jenner was driving at a fast speed. steve.
5:28 pm
140 cameras with more than 1 million tickets double the number from just the year before. tickets cost 50 bucks apiece geared under law the cameras can only operate one hour before the school day begins until an hour after school closes. >> in this new year new york city rolling out a new approach to help the homeless but critics aren't so sure the department of common services can do it. zachary kiesch tells us about the homeless. reporter: lewis has a story, one of the roughly 60,000 stories in new york city that are interconnected by homelessness the weather in a shelter on the street their predicament and the politics that surround them have dominated headlines for 2015.
5:29 pm
>> she always comes here. reporter: are people understanding of your situation? >> now. reporter: do you think people are tricare? in terms of social service programs on network and others haven't. opening doors plans to add 300 dead expected to launch weeks after the september announcement that hasn't happened. they're still an issue with shelter safety and security. according to those that i have talked to them because of that lewis prefers the street and drop drop-in centers when they're available. >> but there are considerable investments being made. the mayor announced a 15 year, $2.6 billion housing and services for the homeless and a $17 million per year program for job training and shelters. gilbert taylor helps the commissioner resigned in mid-december. the temperature dropping it
5:30 pm
new year's resolution there are about 60,000 people here in new york city opened if i'm up ramba placed in call home this year. >> they try to work with you and against at the same time. it's like so many gives the wave to. reporter: the homeless in this issue is compounded by a number of things. there are are transient communities getting services and many of them have mental health issues in seven cities. the guy that i talked in this piece just kicked a heroin habit. it's not going to be easy to fix this issue that they are trying a number of different things. steve: is more and more expensive to live here for everybody. thank you zachary. looking inside fighting chronic diseases. jim lomer's gets down in the dumps sorting through junk at the scrapyard. we put her to work. first here's your new york minute. >> nearly 1000 motorcycles
5:31 pm
for the annual cold finger ran pretty trite or shut up and garden city donated 20 bucks for the 40-mile ride with all proceeds going to summer camp for kids. it's kind of a rite of passage. you ride in the cold gets 40 miles hang out and try to thaw out but when you see the kids go up on stage with the raffles and the bands playing all that cold stuff eats away and in the summer when they see the kids at camp that's when you get the blessings. hundreds of people rang in 2016 by running in the new year's day hangover fun run hosted by the long island roadrunners club. everyone looking to get outside for a little exercise took a crack at the five-mile run. >> everyone makes resolutions about new years. this is it, come out and start
5:32 pm
>> that's your new york minute. breaking the mold in this particular mass miss market. we want to be at the forefront. we are celebrating everything empire. >> the legendary dj marley hall is with this. >> you never know it's going to be hit. the public is to hear it. >> on the public gets it that when you know what's going. >> in a city worker time you turn around their new place is t i find myself asking what are the hottest in town? what's the secret to a neapolitan pizza? >> it's all about the oven. an old-fashioned oven that goes heat. welcome to the lap of luxury tape his weekly visit lamborghini. we'll take you inside and for a
5:33 pm
steve: last year jim lomer's tackled one of the toughest jobs. alison: we look back agenda firsters verse job working in the scrap metal yard in new jersey. reporter: my dad is going to be so proud i'm doing this story because he did this for 20
5:34 pm
this was his business. he traded scrap metal. frank wren's rome hosts the scrapyard in stanhope new jersey. there are 5000 tons of twisted metal on-site, buys it and cells of the most of it gets shipped overseas. how many people do have working? >> anywhere from five to 15. are. he could add one more today i was ready for work but like any sensible person i had safety questions. what is the most dangerous part of the job? >> getting cut, stitches. >> do you get a tetanus shot before you do this? should i have got a tetanus shot? scrap metal is a commodity and keep 7 million people employed in the u.s. and generates more than $100 billion every year. another part of frank's job is keeping an eye on the market. >> i love what i do and that makes it exciting to me. i look forward to coming to work
5:35 pm
let's do it. the first thing on our schedule was running as track loader. i have literally no experience doing this. i just point to take note this was here before i climbed on this machine. i am directionally challenged. what does this do? for. he had me do a test before the real work started. keep on going? i made my way to the first set of junk which i would be plowing and stacking higher. before you start judging this is not as easy as it looks. there is a break into petals on either side to go right and left. there are separate gears to accelerate, go forward and reverse and another lever for
5:36 pm
now that that's settled. another part of the job is sometimes done by hand so i hopped off the machine and put on some gloves. if you were paying attention in chemistry class you know that there is metal is something that's magnetic so right now i'm looking for the non-ferrous metal because those have more value. someone's lamp. what is this? it's a scavenger hunt of all times. something else that raises the value is how the metal is cut which brings us to the last job of the day. franks and now we are going to do some cutting? >> this isn't a excavator. we will cut the metal to prepare it. reporter: is like one of those arcade games where you are
5:37 pm
move the lever sideways. look at that. that's amazing. frank, thanks so much. you literally let me walk in your shoes for a day. tell me how i did? >> to be honest they give you a b. you did excellent. reporter: i will take a solid. at work in stanhope new jersey jennifer lomer "fox 5 news." alison: using the body to fight chronic diseases. >> it is a life-changing therapy. steve: the tiny piece of of treatment. alison: we will introduce you to new york city's first baby of 2015. >> i'm lieutenant christopher cech from queens new york. i want to give my mom and dad a
5:38 pm
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steve: fox 5 health news puerto rico recording is first virus. the virus has spread recently across a large part of latin america and its link to cases
5:40 pm
brazil. alison: along in the neurosurgeon has helped develop technology that could impact millions of people who suffer from chronic pain. steve: is a form of the device to prevent a quarter. the science of bioelectric medicine in tonight's big idea. reporter: by electronic medicine is a big idea. this is happening now. reporter: imagine a world without rheumatoid arthritis, crohn's disease and alzheimer's and lupus. every day close to 1 billion people suffer from these inflammatory diseases. what if they didn't have to or what if they're suffering could be mitigated? one neurosurgeon dr. kevin tracy is making significant strides towards doing just that. >> we are very early in this field. it's a new field called by electronic medicine but the hope and promises significant. >> iowa electronic medicine not
5:41 pm
use an electrical current to trick the body into healing itself. bioelectronic holds the promise of treating diseases and analysis but how do you go from the hope to the device and makes it happen? that were and here at the lab that that the feinstein institute. >> you have to understand what challenges there are. reporter: all this work hinges on the understanding of how the body processes inflammation on a molecular level. >> you need some inflammation to heal wounds and recover from injury or infection. the problem comes if there is too much inflammation. reporter: with dr. tracy's team has been working on for the last 15 years with the help of glaxosmithkline has culminated into this, devised a larger than your average over-the-counter pain medication. the act of the whole thing. that's the battery. that's the lead, that's the
5:42 pm
can literally reroute the narrow pathways and how? by tapping into the body's information superhighway located on the left side of the neck raid it works just like a pacemaker. dr. tracy's idea hits the off switch on the vegas nerve causing it to turn off its inflammatory response. >> the hope and promise of devices like this is that we can't reactivate the signal and treat the disease. reporter: her research on bioelectronic is conducted at the slats of the actual device is being engineered by california's set point medical a company cofounded by dr. tracy. anthony arnold is president and ceo. >> it really is a life-changing therapy that we are excited to be developing. reporter: set point is responsible for the clinical trial. 18 patients have been treated in europe or the pathway to regulation is quicker and easier. >> most of it nations had
5:43 pm
have very remarkable near remission of disease. reporter: including one man whose identity is not publicly known but his story was chronicled in scientific american. dr. tracy met him this past november in bosnia. left with no medical options he enrolled at set point trial. >> it was amazing because he felt so much better within weeks he went from essentially being homebound on discount shipping very physically active. reporter: have for promising this device can have some adverse effects. >> some patients are for a few days after the surgery. reporter: this device and the theory of bioelectronic appears to be a game-changer. >> in 10 or 20 years devices will be so small they will be implanted by injecting them with small needles or even potentially by wrapping them on the skin. reporter: once more they will be controlled by your doctor for
5:44 pm
that's a big idea. teresa priolo "fox 5 news." alison: very impressive. steve: we are inching towards more winter like weather audrey. audrey: that is true. as i mentioned at the top of the newscast we did have the warmest december on record now for central park. we have also broken that record in areas across the tri-state area like laguardia airport, jfk and newark islip and bridgeport. they have recorded the warmest december's with their ratings averaging 15 to 47 degrees for the month and broke the previous records by five degrees. it was a significant jump. today's high numbers are more winter like. 30s to 40s across the tri-state area but nothing like at december and right now sitting in the 30s in many locations with monticello checking at 28. casa northeast cold air from new
5:45 pm
mid-atlantic 39 in boston and albany checking in at the freezing mark rape buffalo and detroit in pittsburgh a very chilly 33 became -- degrees previous two systems that are sandwiched in between. one is an avid low-pressure sitting to our south and one is coming across the great lakes at a northwest wind flow picking up the moisture and producing lake effect snow showers near buffalo and to rochester and syracuse since legal as well. so no snow showers are working their way to the hudson valley northwestern new jersey. a chance for an isolated flurry but no accumulation is expected. the lowest sitting to our south keeping the cloud cover across the region. it's finally going to the exit into the issa tomorrow we will finally break into some sunshine. we have been waiting there for that for the last two days by the solo hovers to our south the clouds a bend tough to leave in the tri-state area. cold weather has encompassed much of the nation. we'll be in the 30s and 40s in the northeast, 20s towards
5:46 pm
cold air towards texas with readings in the 40s. it will be in the 50s on the gulf coast in miami the warm spot with 80 degrees expected tomorrow. vegas in the 50s same thing with san francisco and l.a. topping out in the 60s. future caches clear as we go through the overnight so tomorrow we anticipate more sunshine across the area. sunday we are expecting nice dry weather for this first weekend of 2016 with temperatures feeling more january like compared to december so expect ratings in the 40s for the next couple of days brits and of days for tonight mostly clear with an isolated flurry. gusty winds will make those temperatures in the 20s feel pretty cold. some spots when children midteens overnight and tomorrow breezy and colder once again with high readings in the 40s. he could feel like the 30s in many spots but the big difference tomorrow is more in the way of sentient or windy conditions on sunday. the winds will pick up by then as we go back to work and school
5:47 pm
drought. high readings below the freezing mark for our high numbers but then thengs below the freezing mark for our high numbers but then they will slowly work back into the flow 40s by the end of next week via. steve: thank you andre. alison: a florida couple will never forget their wedding day. take a look. >> it's my great pleasure to pronounce you husband and life. you may now kiss the bride. alison: alfredo hernandez and monica were married in front of a million people in times square last night paid they said i do right as the ball job. the pair won a competition competition by a taxi the company that included the wedding and a five-star honeymoon. they met at a florida is cream parlor. steve: the first baby new year was born at coney island hospital. alison: sharon crowley introduces us. reporter: meet the face of 2016. born at the stroke of midnight,
5:48 pm
here at cornell at hospital. weighing a healthy seven pounds, one ounce of babies proud mother says her bundle of joy is showing off his personality. >> is quiet. he barely cries. it's almost like -- reporter: his big brother is already trying to teach zaideman a few things. the idea that he came into the world right at the stroke of midnight was as much of a surprise to mom as it was everybody else was busy watching the ball drop during labor. >> it's exciting. >> it's surprising. i didn't think he would come reporter: this is the second year to broke comey island first baby new year. last year at midnight 2015 baby maxim showed up at the only held
5:49 pm
2016 belongs to zaden. zaden's future looks like it's off to good start. in coney island sharon crowley "fox 5 news." alison: we will see you back year tonight at 10:00. steve: christina parks is up
5:50 pm
>> i love it here. as an everyday business person, and not colonel sanders, why sometimes i'm just too busy to cook dinner. so, i just pick up kfc's twenty dollar family fill up with eight pieces of delicious, original recipe chicken.
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live from from studio 5 in new york city this is the news at 6:00. christina: happy new year to you. good good evening i'm christina park. ernie anastos is off tonight did we start with an attack in israel. a gunman opening fire as people ate and drank in a crowded bar killing two people and escaping. dan bowens has been following the story and joins us for the latest developments. reporter: witnesses report hearing as many as 30 shots.
5:52 pm
29-year-old israeli-arab. it appears his own father called authorities after seeing footage of the attack. tonight as the manhunt place that investigators are trying to determine if this was a terrorist attack. a deadly attack in israel, shooting causing chaos in the busy commercial area of tel aviv video cameras capturing the moment a gunman opened fire spraying bullets into a popular bar, killing two people and wounding several others. images released by "the jerusalem post" show the gunmen buying vegetables at a market before pulling out the weapon is starting to shoot. a manhunt weekly unfolding in the chaos. reporter ben hartman snapping these photos of officers hitching rides on the back of electric bikes. he described the scene when we
5:53 pm
>> there were cops running
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