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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  January 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event.
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>> right now on fox 5 news at 10 -- >> one of the hottest holiday gifts landing more and more people in the emergency room. and could it be the end of an era? is tom coughlin about to coach his last game with the new york giants? hello and good evening, i'm christina park. antwan lewis has the night off. it's been a tough season for big blue, and now multiple reports suggest coach coughlin may be team. jessica formosa has fan reaction. hi, jessica. >> tom coughlin has been with the team for 12 seasons. some fans are wondering why the giants would want to lose a coach who has brought them two super bowl trophies while others say it's time for a fresh face. >> the team's done poorly the last four years, we haven't gotten into the playoffs. we need something new. >> i don't think you should put
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it's been a tough season. jerry reese hasn't exactly made the best draft decisions n by opinion. -- in my opinion. >> fans are divided. if the coach himself knows what's in store, he's certainly not saying and staying focused for the last game of the season despite the headlines. just days ago, here's what he told our russ salzburg. >> our coaches and players are going to stick to our routine and prepare ourselves to play. that's exactly what it is. but it is hard because, unfortunately, my wife and family, they do listen to the news and read the paper. >> the giants haven't been to the postseason in the last four years, yet some fans aren't pointing the finger at the coach. >> i don't think he should go. i think it's not his fault that they've lost a lot of close games. he's doing what he needs to do. i mean, it's tough. you can't control -- you can only control so much as a coach. >> some of the decisions he's made to take us to the super bowl were completely clutch.
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of, like, you know, just contesting a play. you know, this year he's had some questionable with, you know, the clock, but, you know, i think that the team also maybe has a little part in that, or you know? it's not just him. and, you know, it's easy just to blame him. >> coughlin reached the playoffs five times, won two super bowls and has a record of 102-89. if you ask most fans, they would say he's had great accomplishments, but some just want more. >> i think, unfortunately, it's the end of tom coughlin's reign here in new york. he's done a great job, he's won us two super bowls. nothing but thumbs up for tom coughlin, but it's time for a change. >> the last game of the season is tomorrow. it will be played at home against the eagles. this game will have a lot of meaning if, indeed, coughlin steps down. again, nothing is confirmed. we will have to wait and see what happens on monday. christina? >> we'll be waiting eagerly to see what happens. >> yes, we will. >> tomorrow promises to be a big day for jets fans as well. a win against buffalo, and the
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first time in five years. tina cervasio will have much more coming up later on in sports. developing at ten tonight, protesters have attacked the saudi embassy in iran, upset over the execution of 47 people including the opposition's shiite cleric. the saudi government called him a terrorist. the executions could further enflame tensions between the two countries who back opposing sides in the syrian civil war. israeli police releasing new surveillance video of the suspect in a deadly shooting in tel aviv. police went house to house searching for a suspect. two people were killed, eight others injured when shots rang out at a local pub yesterday. a fallen hero killed in afghanistan was laid to rest on long island.
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>> he received that probation after killing four people while driving drunk in 2013. >> we are not here to delve into the past, we are here to make sure this man is not mistreated. >> right now couch is an immigration holding built in mexico city. his mom is currently detained in los angeles and is expected to be arraigned next week. since christmas injuries from hoverboard accidents have been growing. one new jersey hospital had 14
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dan bowans on how the trendy gifts are giving emergency rooms a lot of business. >> celebrities like mike tyson have tried it only to take a tumble. social media filled with hoverboard sales and lots of falls. the popular holiday gift item leaving many bruised and battered. [laughter] with no shortage of butches to the head. >> hold your horses. >> locally, the bergin record reports the emergency room at valley hospital in ridgewood, new jersey, treated 14 patients all with injuries related to boards on christmas day. problems with hoverboards have gotten so bad, the chairman of the consumer products safety commission has even issued a report about injuries saying the agency has received dozens of complaints from hospitals around the country, injuries that include fractures, concussions, abrasions and internal organ injuries. >> i've seen it on youtube, and it seems like really fun. >> some kids still hoping for a postholiday present. mom says, not so fast.
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was worried about the, them falling off it, actually. >> the device is making headlines for catching fire like this one extinguished by the fdny earlier this week. but in reality, dr. robert gladder with lennox hill hospital says physical injuries are more common. >> we're seeing lots of extremity injuries, predominantly ankle fractures as well as wrist fractures. >> he says riders should wear protective gear like they would with a bike or skateboard. >> most importantly, a helmet. if you're going to get on one of boards and you're going to fall, you really have high risk of having a head injury. >> in late 2015 the nypd banned hoverboards in new york city. there is a proposal in the new york city city council and state legislature to legalize them. from the upper east side, dan bowans, fox 5 news. >> we are about to to head into the deep freeze. people were dressed for the cold in hell's kitchen tonight, and if you thought you needed to bundle up tonight, just wait
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samantha is tracking very cold air headed our way. hi, sam. >> you're right, it's going to get really cold out there. today and even tomorrow not exactly too bad. temps are close to where they should be for in the time of year, it just feels quite cold because we have been so warm. december was a record-breaking, warm month. let's check out our temperatures right now. freezing at islip, 32, 36 in central park. we'll fall off a few more degrees towards morning. 28 in sussex and 28 in monticello. we also have a little bit of a breeze, so it does feel colder. 24 is your wind chill in sussex, in the 20s for most of long island and 29 is your wind chill in bridge forth. the wind is going to stick around, and it's going to usher in the colder air. tomorrow a bit of a break, and then the real cold stuff will get here monday and tuesday. right now scattered clouds, lake effect snow showers north and west will not be able to reach us, and overnight tonight we'll
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building in. 23-33, those are your low temperatures for tonight as we head into tomorrow. we'll top out in the low 40s. more coming up and a look at that cold blast in just a few minutes. >> all right, samantha, thank you. historic flooding is devastating parts of southern illinois after at least 11 levees along the mississippi river have been breached. homes, businesses and churches are submerged in water. emergency officials are saying state police went door to door to 500 homes asking people to evacuate, but several hundred stayed behind. the illinois governor has been touring the state to assess the victims. he says the cold weather is now adding to the concern. >> we've got folks here waiting around their homes in knee-deep water. you can have a huge health problem, and it's a major risk. >> officials say nearly two dozen people have been killed by the floods. and a shaky start to the new jersey. scientists say a small
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the u.s. geological survey reports a magnitude two quake hit two miles northwest of ringwood. officials say it was felt in some towns in rockland county in new york. no reports of any damage or injuries though. officials say small earthquakes are felt in the region every few years. well, there's hope on horizon for people with ms. next, the stem cell therapy being done here in new york that's already bringing much-needed relief to patients. and then taking selfies to a whole new level, the high flying camera that could revolutionize picture take anything 2016. and could it be the end of the hipster?
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taking its place, next. >> you're watching fox 5 news at 10. >> a manhattan clinic is dramatically changing the lives of people with m.s., this treatment involves patients who use their own stem cells to fight disease. in tonight's big idea, liz
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mother who's already seeing results. >> it's a very emotional thing, for me to watch myself walking down the aisle. like, oh, my god, that was me. and look at me now. >> vicki gill cherishes her wedding video because it helps her to remember what it was like to walk without pain. not long after this video was taken, gill was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. she was just 24 years old. >> i was diagnosed in february of 2000. i knew something was going on two or three years before that. >> the mother of two young daughters was trying to keep up, but the disease was progressing. eventually, gill couldn't walk on her own. >> since 2008 i went from somewhat relying on a cane to, like, barely being able to hold myself up. >> determined to find a better treatment, vicki came to the
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york on the west side. >> she has been slowly getting worse over time and had had begun to have experienced a lot of falls. when was the last time you fell? >> probably -- [inaudible] >> the doctor started the center in 2006, dedicating his life to treating and researching disease. >> it's a problem with the he cannily call system of -- the electrical system of the brain and spinal cord. when the electrical system affects the moving parts, you tend to get weakness of your legs. it can affect the eyes, bladder function, bowel function. >> some 400,000 people have m.s. in the united states, and 2.5 million around the world. there is still no cure. there's ground-breaking research happening right in this lab. the team at the tish multiple sclerosis research center of is helping patients reverse their disability in a way that's never been done before. >> recently, we have started an fda-approved stem cell trial
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cells which we take out from the bone marrow, and we try to inject it into the spinal fluid, and we are hoping we can regenerate the material that is lost. >> this video shows doctors extracting stem cells from the patient's bone marrow. a large needle goes into the chest or hip. doctors then aspirate or suction a lifetime supply of stem cells out in about 30 seconds. twenty patients are part of the study. vicki is one of them and had the procedure done. >> i was glad the nurse was in the program, she said you're going to feel like your breath's going to be taken away. and that's exactly how it felt for ten seconds. >> in a process unique to the lab, researchers harvest stem cells from the bone marrow and manipulate them into brain-like stem cells. >> we are injecting these brain stem cells into the spinal fluid of patients in the hope that regenerates the insulation material, because they go to can repair. >> the results have been
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>> seven of ten patients have shown signs of improvement. most patients will say they have a headache or a slight fever for a few days or maybe one or two days, but other than that, we haven't had any side effects. >> now vicki can walk without a cane for some time. her legs are getting stronger. >> push them together. yeah, see, with your leg strength, you should be walking without a cane. >> before the doctor came up with this procedure, there was nothing ever to give people hope. >> it's hard for you to imagine going back, i'm sure, to the way things were. >> no. i don't want to go back. >> yeah. >> nope. >> these are happy tears. >> yes. happy tears are good. >> the study will continue through april, and the findings will be submitted to the fda. the doctor hopes to believe relief to other patients soon. >> it will be the first time a neurological disease that you can actually reverse the symptoms. so that would be a very significant step forward.
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future when she walks again, maybe even walking her daughters down the aisle. >> think about the future now, it's exciting. who knows? who knows what the future can hold. i never thought i would be walking without relying on my cane and my counter and anything i could grab onto. it's very exciting. >> liz dahlem, fox 5 news. >> important to note since this is a clinical trial, there is no cost to receive the stem cell treatment. well, twins in san diego are getting a lot of attention for very good reason, they were born only minutes apart but have date of birth bays in different years. one was born in 2015, the other in 2016. jailen valencia was born on new year's eve at 11:59, and her twin brother, luis, arrived two minutes later at 12:01 on new year's day. their father is calling it a new year's blessing to have two healthy children. justice served reality style.
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changing the way real life cases are being handled. and if you thought a selfie stick changed the way you took pictures, wait until you see this. incredible tech trends for 2016. plus, from bean to bar, inside a brooklyn chocolate
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believe it >> one of life's guilty pleasures, chocolate. have you ever wondered how it actually gets made? in tonight's jen at work, jen
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ca in -- wonka in brooklyn. >> chocolate, is there anything in the world more decadent, delicious and completely addictive? i met up with mary belle lieberman of mary belle chocolates. tell me where you get all of this amazing, delicious chocolate. >> i first met with some women farmers in honduras, you know? they grow the cacao beans, and i buy from the farmers. you're going to be working with chica. she's waiting for you upstairs. >> wonderful, let's go. tell me what you're doing over here. >> okay. i'm tempering the chocolate right now. >> yeah. chocolate is high may not nance. you have to warm it up, cool it you have and then warm it up again to get exactly the right temperature. from the the effort temperature to the perfect weight, pouring our chocolate into chocolate bars. so i scoop this, right? >> 35 grams. >> okay. like this.
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little bit close? 35? >> yes, 35. >> does it have to be even or what? >> it has to be 35, yes. [laughter] >> you kidding me right now? it has to be exactly 35? >> yes. [laughter] >> oh, my gosh. 70. all right. time to let these babies cool. to the average person, being around all this chocolate would be tempting what's that over there? luckily, i have willpower and don't give in to that childish nonsense. once the bars are cooled, they're cut into bonbons and dropped onto a conveyor belt which turns out 12,000 a day. it goes through this little tunnel here, and what does that do? >> this is cooling process. it takes a few minutes after -- >> wow. 11 minutes to go through that tunnel. >> yeah. >> and then they come out over here, and this is where we package them, right? >> yes. >> do you just, like, go gangbusters in here? oh, my god. >> so now it's more coming.
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way. oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh. >> you have to make everything same way. >> i'm failing right now. i'm overwhelmed right now. oh, no, that's not peeled. oh, shoot, oh, shoot! okay, chica. so we spent the day together. it was wonderful. why don't you give me a grade. how did i do? >> i give you a c. >> c for chocolates, right? >> yeah, why not? >> at work in green point, brooklyn, signing off on a very sweet job, jennifer la mers, fox 5 news. >> you feeling lucky? tonight's powerball drawing is less than an hour away, and the jackpot is huge, one of the biggest in the game's history at $334 million. the 12th largest for powerball. the lump sum cash prize is $205 million. the last time this prize was close to this amount was in march of 2013 when a new jersey man won $338 million. the odds of winning the
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million, by the way. well, true crime dramas aren't just riveting to watch. why they're impacting how real life cases are being handled. and then, gamers the latest target for scams.
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>> you're watching fox 5 news at
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>> true crime series are the latest viewing obsession for many, and shows like making a murder on netflix are impacting the justice system. and it's not the only one. hbo's the jinx and the serial podcast are grabbing headlines, even impacting how the justice system responds to these cases. >> they've led to extradition, then confessions. no, or not just another show, some call them docu series. >> the miscarriage of justice that at least from our places on our couches that seems to have gone on is so agreging juice that it's almost -- egregious that it's almost impossible not to get riled up. >> shows like making a murder or junction, it certains around this guy. as writing jay michaelson points out, the show has blown the case wide open.
10:26 pm
serving life plus 30 years. the case was closed until the maryland court of appeals decided to give him another chance; new attorneys, new evidence and new witnesses. and the closer you look, the more serial seems responsible for its reopening, says the writer. >> at first i actually thought it was a fictional show just because of the way people were talking about it, using first names. and then when i realized it was a real case, i got interested. >> lawyer susan simpson began blogging about the case after she stumbled on the show. now she's coproducer of undisclosed, her own podcast continuing the work of sir y'all. >> -- serial. >> public attention to a case can break open new leads and give them a chance that they would never have otherwise using the traditional legal method. >> let's take hbo's the jinx, for example. it was great for ratings, bad for durst. he'll be extradited to l.a. this summer where he will face murder
10:27 pm
the new rage is the netflix series, making a murder. now the hacker group, anonymous, is involved after seeing the show. they say avery is innocent and have pledged to expose the corrupt police who put him back behind bars. >> this kind of plays out like it's a mystery, like it's a thriller. and that's a safer way of internalizing the idea that the system really is failing people. >> zachary kish, fox 5 news. >> 2016 promises to be an incredible year for technology with drones remaining the top tech toys. there's a new sport even called drone racing being developed where a drone will compete against drone. tech experts say it reminds them of pod racing in the fist "star wars" film -- first "star wars" film. owners will also get incredible video of the race and the surrounding scenery, but the one gadget many people are getting very excited about is called lily camera. it's also a drone, but this one is in control. you see, lily follows anyone or
10:28 pm
device. lily hovers from above while recording your every move like skiing, kayaking, even family reunions from the sky. >> it's sort of like a gopro on steroids. you know, not only can it capture what you see, but it captures you from above in this kind of footage that once would have been extremely expensive to get. >> lily costs about $800. it's expected to begin shipping in the summer. well, a warning has also gone out to gamers, you could be the target of cyber crooks. arthur chan explains how scammers are tricking people into giving out personal information. >> it's not just a pastime for kids anymore. video gaming is now a $22 billion industry. a league of legends tournament in berlin, 150 million americans are gamers, average age 35, and this is the group a new cyber scam is targeting. >> this was the first time i've seen the sort of, like, police
10:29 pm
>> a phishing scam is playing on a player's passion for the game, and devotion is something these players are not short on. the ftc has posted a warning, as have video game companies like blizzard. telling players scams are rampant including one that pops up saying their account is being suspended and that they're being sued for selling their in-game character for goods or real money, and the trap is on. >> there was an aftermarket to sell in the-game items for real money. you want to fix it, but however, they've got to have a link in the e-mail that says click here to fix this problem or log in, and it's not going to go to their real log-in, it's going to go to a fake one, and it's going to collect your user name and password. >> how much money can be made? >> really, really valuable things, probably a couple of grand. >> those who fall for it and click on either pay the fine or end up giving much more. >> in addition to which you have
10:30 pm
link, it may contain malware. and that malware could take your computer and tush it into a translit everybody -- turn it into a transmitter. every time you log into any site and in particular they're interested in financial services sites, you will be transmitting your log-in information to the hackers. >> sometimes when a scam is publicized like this, there's an expectation now that it's gotten attention, it'll be addressed. but cyber experts say that's not the case here. they describe this as a cyber war, one which the good guys are losing and will continue to lose for the foreseeable future. >> it's all about the money. >> there's, unfortunately today, there is more money on the dark side because, again, they, the made. >> which makes protecting one's self, however tedious, far more than just a game these days. fox 5 news. >> a concert stunt goes horribly wrong more motley cru e, the
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lee hanging. and seems like they once were everywhere, but hipsters are getting replaced by something even trendier.
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lot mo there' s a place online where you always get more than you pay for. brands you love, at prices that work for you... anytime. maxx life!
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>> there is no stopping the force. walt disney studios reports the force awakens pulled in more than $686 million as of friday, surpassing titanic to become number two. now only avatar's record-setting $760 million haul stands in the way of "the force awakens" road to number one. it was a rough end to 2015 for mothly coup drum -- motley cru e drummer tommy lee. the signature roller coaster stopped with him and his drum set hanging upside down in midair. the crew quickly came to his aid, and lee kept a good attitude. >> are you telling me wine is better than pepsi? no way wine is better than pepsi.
10:34 pm
good news for george cos tan sa fans, a bar celebrating seinfeld's most cherished character is now open in australia. it's full of sign they would -- seinfeld-themed food and memorabilia. jason alexander seems pleased. george is finally getting his due tweeting, quote: that's right, i may not have an emmy, but i got a bar in melbourne, australia. good day, mates. could it be the end of the hipster? may seem impossible, but there's a new, young urban dweller that could take their place. that's next at ten. plus, here's samantha. >> hi, christina. it's starting to feel a little bit more like winter across the tristate. overnight temperatures down into the low 30s. we're in the 40s tomorrow, but
10:35 pm
>> in a city where there are boutique shops everywhere, you'd think hipsters are alive and well. but many say their day has come and gone. stacy delicate explains who's taking their place. >> hipsters, a subculture of men and women that value independent thinking, progressive politics, art and indy rock and witty banter. but there's more than that. there's the beards, the bikes, the brooklyn el train commute. >> i guess any 20-something-year-old who is dressing bohemian style. >> it's the long beard, look googles --
10:36 pm
>> big glasses. yeah. >> they want to sort of look like they're starving artists, but they're really not. >> however you define hipster, add this: a thing of the past, at least according to everyone from vice to the guardian to mashable. david infante wrote that story, the hipster is dead, and you might not like who comes next. we asked him about it. >> historical markers have since transgressed from just that subculture into the mainstream. now you see pbr at fancy bars, and you see everyone wearing plaid shirts, and i have a mustache. >> in our quest to confirm that hipster is a thing of the past, we wanted to talk to some actual hipsters, but the problem is, no one admits to being one. >> i'm not a hipper the. >> would you ever consider yourself a hipster? >> no. >> if it is the end of an era,
10:37 pm
there are dedicated facebook pages, t-shirts and endless parodies. just be a hipster. >> former harvard university sociology professor jason kaufman weighed in. >> if hipster is defined by their opposition to a mainstream culture, mainstream values, then people in the mainstream are likely to find that distasteful because hipsters are critical of them. >> but back to what will proceed the hipster. infante, who wrote the mashable story, coined his own term. >> a young urban creator. >> a young urban creative that deserves to succeed. they love around sisal doughnuts, used to be this banking, and has thousands of instagram followers but almost no twitter followers. whether, in fact, they do supplant the hipster, only time
10:38 pm
>> now it's time for your organic, local table-to-farm artisal gender-neutral forecast. [laughter] >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm not that special. >> no, you're very special. well, the weather is kind of interesting as we go forward. we've got really, actually, a big change coming, christina. we're going to get ready for some much colder weather. it's going to start to feel more like january and, certainly, more like winter. now, your sunday actually not bad. yes, it feels colder because we were just so warm for december, but we're calling it seasonably warm. the normal high is 39. we're going to be in the mid 40s. not bad. breezy, but that breeze is going to start to bring in a cold blast on monday, and look at this. on monday your wind chills are going to be 10-15 degrees, and on tuesday still very cold, high temperatures near 30 degrees, and the last time that we were that cold was all the way back in the beginning of last march. so it certainly has been a while. right now central park, 36 degrees. we have mostly clear skies, so
10:39 pm
little bit of a westerly breed right now, about 10-15 miles per hour. now starting to see a difference past few weeks we had all warm air in place, now the cold air's starting to build south from canada. you can see it from minneapolis to chicago, detroit, syracuse and eneven here in new york city where temps are in the 30s, and that's what it's going to look like for the next few days. skies are mostly clear, a few scattered clouds drifting on by, and we still have those persistent lake effect snow bands north and west, especially places like buffalo. already got about a foot of snow, we're going to be adding to that tomorrow. snow showers with the old air pouring in. there's a cold front moving through michigan right now, and that front is going to be responsible for bringing us the cold blast that will get here on monday. that's really when you're going to feel the chill in the air. so as we take you through the night tonight, no problems, just a couple of scattered clouds. we look good tomorrow morning
10:40 pm
visibility will be excellent, a beautiful but cold morning. here comes that cold front. we'll get a couple of scattered clouds and, yes, the cold air on monday. that's when the big change will arrive, but this is the good news. even though it's going to be cold, we'll be enjoying sunshine and nice dry weather. overnight tonight lows 22-33 degrees right near freezing for many of us. tomorrow one last day where we'll make it into the 40s. we have clear skies in the morning, more clouds around and then temperatures will be falling pretty quickly as we head into monday. 31 for the high right there, that's during the afternoon. below freezing. same thing for tuesday, we're near 30 degrees. and with the wind, it will feel colder than that. a pretty day though, pretty weather. we have more sunshine coming your way for wednesday into thursday, then temps go back up. so it's a short-lived little cold blast. our next chance of wet weather doesn't get here until saturday, so all the winter, you know, jackets and gloves and hats we
10:41 pm
[laughter] >> samantha, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> tina's here now with a check of what's coming up in sports. >> as reported earlier, there are multiple stories out today that tom coughlin will step down as head coach of the giants on monday. how is he preparing his team to
10:42 pm
that's next in sports. >> do you want to come back? [laughter] >> well, do i want to come back, i don't know if that's a great question right now. what i want to do is win a game on sunday. >> that was tom coughlin on thursday with a noncommittal response when he was asked if he wants to come back as head coach of the new york giants. and while no one knows for sure except for coughlin himself and giants' ownership, sunday could be his last giants game on the sidelines. according to multiple reports today, coughlin is expected to resign monday. this is coughlin's 12th season with the giants, 20th as an nfl head coach, but this is also the fourth straight year the giants are not the postseason, stirring up speculation giants' ownership is thinking about a change. the coach will turn 70 this august and retiring is an option as well. but the giants still have to play the eagles tomorrow at metlife stadium, and it appears
10:43 pm
down to the wire. >> it's a divisional game. if we can defeat the philadelphia eagles, we will have split with all our divisional opponents. it's very important to win your last game. and anybody sitting in that room that doesn't think it's important to play well in the last game, they need to have their heads examined. >> and all eyes will be on the jets game as well tomorrow for different reasons. be they beat the bills and their former head coach rex ryan in buffalo, they're in the playoffs. but there's a scenario if they lose as well, they'd have to depend on the steelers losing or tying to the brown z -- browns as well. >> kim patrick, enzone! -- end zone! the jets win in overtime. >> the jets are finishing the season playing their best ball of the year. last week's surprising win over the patriots was their fifth straight. they're favored to win again tomorrow in buffalo, but coach
10:44 pm
no position to overlook anyone this late in the season. >> anybody can beat you at any time in this league. we haven't done anything yet. we're just trying to put a spring of winning together and still -- string of wins together. >> everything riding on tomorrow's game, you would think the jets may be feeling pressure, especially players like ryan fitzpatrick and brandon marshall who has never made the playoffs in their careers. >> i don't feel any more pressure than i have the last few. that's just kind of, you know, every game, every game when i go out there, there's a lot at stake. >> i love pressure. i mean, obviously, we understand what's at stake, but i've always thrived in pleasure on and off the field. >> sunday football preview brought to you by open road auto group. life is an open road. >> on to basketball, the brooklyn nets start 2016 on the road in boston this afternoon. in the brooklyn era of the nets, they are 3-0 in the first game of each new year. could they continue the trend?
10:45 pm
celtics' forward sallenner grabs brook lopez to the ground. a lot of pushing and shoving, but no one punches each other. thank goodness. tough day overall for jack. he goes down untouched while driving to the hoop. reports say he had to be taken to the locker room in a wheelchair. he suffered a sprained right knee. after blowing a lead in the fourth quarter, brooklyn went on a run in the final minute passing thaddeus young, feeds brook lopez for the slam. lopez finished with 30 points. and nets beat the celtics 100-97. chris mullen brought the red storm up to providence to take on the friars. off the break, coast to coast for the layup, red storm up 2. but they had no answer for providence star chris dunn. he scored a game high 26 points.
10:46 pm
st. john's easily, 83-65. the rangers luck out, getting to start new year in sunny florida, but when they hit the ice, it was all business taking on the panthers. but from when the puck dropped, it was all panthers. first period the panthers shutting up logan shaw for the goal putting florida up 1-0. robertolong go with 40 saves on the night as florida shuts out the rangers 3-0. so thought i'd test the twittersphere today and see what people are hoping for their favorite sports teams. so i asked fans what they want to see happen in 2016 in new york sports. and most of their answers were similar about playoffs and championship dreams. let's take a look. if i'm honest, i want to see the nets make some moves so we can finish the job in 2016. francesco tweets: first off, i want the mets to get the job done, giants and knicks making
10:47 pm
one simple request, an isles/rangers playoff series. i like that, that would be fun. i would like to see the rangers win the stanley cup, and finally, koh roan that joe wants the nets, jets and bills winning champions. we're the best for our teams. >> got me all excited. how about the forecast, samantha? >> snow lovers, okay, winter lovers, i should say -- [laughter] no snow yet, but everyone's saying, okay, it's getting colder, so when are we getting our snow? not yet, but look at monday, tuesday, temps only near 30. we have sunshine, it'll be a dry week, enjoy it. next chance of wet weather gets here next weekend. >> all right. thank you very much, samantha. beautiful job. that does it for us tonight. i'm christina park. for tina and samantha, thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. stay tuned, "animation domination" is up next. >> fox 5 news isn't over. if you want to connect to great
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