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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  January 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call" . governor cuomo signs to take homeless people off the sheets and put them in shelters. a robber broke into restaurants and he has struck three times on staten island. the big question today what is the face of this man? tom coughlin. will he stay as the giants team leader or will he ride into the sunset? ben: many a head coach is fired ! we are not smiling about that they could make things interesting.
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juliet: does my hair look bad? ben: i think it looks nice . does my hair look bad? juliet: it looks good. ben: your shirt is like it's got cores underneath whatever. you have another two weeks. this guy says he won't go out on new year's eve and square. juliet: he knows everyone so he said he might go to dinner or times square. you have to show us pictures when you have a second. above high temperatures here. , colder stuff is on the way.
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45 degrees is the high-end central park . 46 degrees in bridgeport and 47 and montauk . here is where we stand. it's colder but not ridiculous.the air is spilling into the tri-state region. 28 degrees in sussex and the wind is coming in from not northwest making it feel colder. we don't have a wind chill advisory were starting to think about these things. what it feels like his 30. 19 in suffix. snow showers show up in the tri-state region in cold air is dropping into the area. we could see a few flakes in westchester and putnam county. for the most part, they should be flakes falling
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from the cloud base but it looks like there is so dry that most of that will not make it to the ground. we will keep an eye on things there. the cold front have a lot of air back behind it and it will drop the temperatures down quite a bit . it will be quite windy. with that wind going throughout the day temperatures bottom out near 30 and come up to as much as 32 this afternoon. tonight heads into the teens for lowe's. there is your seven day high of 32 today and that's more like an afternoon high. colder comes in as time goes on and we keep it cold for a couple days. we won by the end of the week and the next chance of rain is not until next weekend. let's bring in ines . ines: yes, we're all back. reunited! flex in which westchester
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, it looks good along to a seven. let's go to the cameras and look at the commute on the fdr drive . both directions between ben and juliet. i thought something was wrong technically? juliet: i thought we were just admiring you . is that? ines: is that it? ben: it's been two weeks. welcome back, ines. temperatures have been dropping and it's very cold outside. the governor is aware of the homeless here and he has signed an executive order to get them off the streets and into the shelters. sounds reasonable but people feel that it's safer on the streets. they explain. >> it's not like i choose to be out here. i don't want to but i would rather be inside where i'm not old .melissa is not only homeless but she is pregnant.
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she is scared of violence "sidewalk is where she spends the night. you have to sleep on top of your purse and your personal items or else they will steal it . the governor cuomo issued an executive order forcing all homeless people in two to shelters . he cites risk of hypothermia and death. it's about love and compassion and helping one another. it's basic human decency. it's a fact . homelessness is on the increase in everyone recognizes that. the governor says the crisis is getting worse and this will be a universal standard across the state to deal with homelessness. it's not specifically aimed at the city.
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mandate . it will be 14 degrees in buffalo today. 13 degrees in syracuse. we should not leave people on the street to freeze. the mayor's office left a statement saying to forcible people as the governor has ordered will require him to pass state law. it goes into effect on tuesday. until then, melissa says she will be on the street and she has this message for the governor don't force us off the street where we won't feel safe. we need a home. ben: barack obama is back. he is focusing on gun violence. he is supposed to meet with loretta lynch to focus on what action he could take. there has been actions flying around . robert moses is investigating down in his
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run. juliet: not everyone is on board. robert: they say he is misusing his power.not everyone is on board with this. he appears poised to go it alone . >> with obama back in washington following his vacation to hawaii he will meet with the attorney general , loretta lynch. he will discuss his upcoming action on guns. he unsuccessfully lobbied congress and the president plans to take matters into his own hand . we can't stop every act of violence but what if we tried to stop one? what if congress did one thing to protect our kids from gun violence. the executive action will expand background checks to gun shows and online transactions which are now exempt from the checks.
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law without the approval of congress but it will face legal challenges. many of the republican candidates took to the sunday shows to ridicule his plan . >> we will protect the second amendment . if we pass that we will terminate that . he takes rights away from citizens and that's wrong. to use executive powers, that's dangerous. this president wants to act like a dictator. go to congress and convince them that it's necessary. commencing congress has proven difficult, even after the shooting in connecticut. bernie sanders is the president doing the right by taking executive action. there is a wide consensus and overwhelming majority that believed we should expand the background check so that people who should not have guns are people
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with criminals and mental health issues. it's a big week for the president. he will participate in an hour-long town hall meeting on gun violence. that meeting will take place on george mason university outside of washington. it comes one day before the five year anniversary of the shooting with gabby giffords. robert: back upstairs to you, ben and juliet . juliet: a man suspected of robbing three restaurants on staten island over the last month. this is surveillance video. they say this is the suspect robbing a subway on richmond avenue for a second time early yesterday morning. you can't get much clearer video the mess.
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doors and he covers his face once inside. he goes away with $220. he has the neighboring red ginger restaurant last wednesday. if you have more information call crimestoppers. ben: lisa busted a man with a new york driver's license at suspended in the times. eric dunbar is his name. he was speeding on the expressway in bedford. he had a pennsylvania driver's license it was invalid because of the 88 suspensions on his new york license. many were for repeated failures to answer traffic to fix . first-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle . juliet: the giants lost
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. i'll talk now is on the future of their coach, tom coughlin. prevailing speculation is that yesterday was the last hurrah but neither he nor management have set whether or not he will be back for next season. he is 69. the giants have missed for the fourth straight year the car funded leave them in 2007 and 2011. his job is not the only one online. they will relieve jerry reese and mike ross. their duties are around the stadium. no word on when the decisions will be made . ben: the holiday season is coming to an end with the trees at the curb . the department of sanitation will pick up the discarded trees. won't get tossed out. department will most normal and spread the march throughout the city's parks and fields.
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ben: i can see we should like that word. take off the lights and the ornaments. juliet: were talking about mulching . christmas. it's a good day to mulch. ben: i guess it would be. mike has the forecast. hillary clinton will unleash a secret weapon.
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good morning! a lot of folks are going back to work and school. let's do it! it's a lot cooler out this morning. 34 degrees in central park as well as bridgeport . 39 in montauk. some of us are freezing . we did not see freezing temperatures throughout most of the tri-state region so it's a little bit different out there this morning as colder air comes into town. northwest wind is at five 15 miles per hour and it makes it feel colder outside . the windchill factor is down to 19 and make sure you quote up in sussex. it feels like 30 but we have more of the cold air coming in as we speak. you can see on the radar
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shower that shows up to the north of us. there is even some near westchester and am county. the air is still pretty dry so snowflakes that do fall don't make it to the ground. there is so dry so they get reabsorbed . nonetheless, we will see a mostly sunny day with the northwest wind and keeps going down the arctic air that we have not seen. it's here today. it will start spilling across the tri-state region and that will bring the temperatures down. it will try to creep up a here but they will only go up another couple of degrees. tonight, temperatures will drop down into the single digits and teens. hard freeze comes at us tonight . tomorrow , you will see a high of 32 degrees. that's when we head into today and tomorrow as well. there is a high of 82 degrees today and tomorrow we get back into the 40s by the middle of the week with head into the weekend
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featuring some showers by would get into saturday and sunday. search "fox 5 news" and you will be good to go. here is ines . ines: back to school and back to work . no problems on staten island. you are moving fine over the bridge. the commute over 78 and let's go to the cameras to look at the commute . this is over by terry road. you are fine westbound and eastbound and the trains are all running close to schedule. ben: did you miss us ines? wait until you hear what they just said .
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ben: bill clinton heads back on the campaign trail. the granite state holds the all-important first in the nation primary. new hampshire votes on february 9 and the republican presidential candidate is attacking the former president accusing clinton of mistreating women. he calls bill clinton a degenerate . >> talking about this now i'm as his wearing red . he says, doesn't he know that women are subservient to men?didn't you know that? that's a position that is often held by bill clinton as he jumps on the libido
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help hillary clinton ? at least hillary gets credit. out of the many pantsuits a day i have never seen her in red . as fiery as ines has been . the former president does he live pedophile island to come and be with his wife? juliet: that's a little bit extreme.>> bernie sanders is very big and i a lot. at the center for vermont . if she loses the first two contests she in trouble? she has bills! everyone loves bill clinton. if bill clinton were running for president he could get elected absence makes the heart grow fonder. trump was on and he was
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fact that he thinks bill is a degenerate he says, how dare she go after me for being sexist and she's married to a guy who has had sexual harassment charges in all sorts of things. monica lewinsky and all sorts. many americans do feel like he was a fantastic president and has pushed all that aside . >> of trump runs on this he loses. you can't win on this. it's already been played . ben: a lot of people look back fondly of the decades and 90s. it was a prosperous time for people in america and was before september 11. it was a fun time . >> fun for bill clinton in the white house teasing those entrance. women like bill . women like hillary.if you don't get the women's vote , how is any republican going
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to win in the general election we . juliet: down in mississippi, he is in mississippi where no one else is. he has 13,000 people there. it was an overflow with people outside of the arena and people are behind him . they are showing up more and more. it's a free show. what you have to do it tonight? >> what you do at night in mississippi? those people get out and vote . they are white males. that is not the majority in the united states. walk out the door there is people of color and mostly women. you have to win them to win the election.
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resigned? >> they don't have cheerleaders or halftime show. they are so old school. they don't keep perpetuity and they continue to lose. it's time to time to go! it was despicable! juliet: i felt bad for fitzpatrick . thank you , curtis. speaking of the jets it was a miserable game. a lot of mistakes yesterday.
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>> after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside.
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. juliet: welcome back. we will take a look at sports. the jets had to win and they were in the playoffs. buffalo is up 19/10. the jets quarterback has been hit here for the 21 yard touchdown. that will pull the jets within two with a quarter to play. it's a fourth quarter with a disaster. after driving the team deep , they will get kicked off by leo in the hands on. the bills kick a field goal and patrick again could not
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picked off by manny lawson. three interceptions and one quarter and they lost 22/17. the steelers beat the browns and they were eliminated with the contention. we want able to pull it off. my heart hurt for those guys in the locker room. we are growing and we have more growing to do. we have to make some . juliet: he looks like the weight of the world is on his shoulders and he did great job this season. >> he help them out. especially in the later half . >> yesterday giants and eagles. coach. >> it's a lot of reports have them stepping down. he was on the sidelines
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wanting to win. rashad jennings rushed 470 yards. this touchdown called the giants within one here and this is in third quarter. coughlin was really feeling good on the sidelines. just like most , the plays when the other teams way. he kicks off a deflected pass and it's 83 yards. he returns for the touchdown putting the eagles up at 28/27. he was not happy about the play. the eagles when 3530. many believe it was the last time . all speculation turn to his future.>> will talk to the ownership and we will go from there. no one has decided anything. where do these reports come from?
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? that's rough.
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