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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  January 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up". >> juliet: and morning. mike says the arctic years moving across the tri-state. we are not even going to hit the mid- 30s today. >> ben: governor cuomo is moving people from the street to the shelters. that. >> juliet: the new commuter city. that means savings for transit
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line for giants head coach tom conkling? there is speculation that yesterday was their last game as coach. he and management to remain silent. >> ben: you would think since this is the day that they would make some type of announcement. the giants are very conservative, they they do not make a move like that unless they think they can get an improvement in the head-coaching division. maybe they looked around and saw what was out there and said he is the best guy we have available. >> juliet: a lot of people say put more money into the players. >> ben: he won two super bowl's. >> juliet: thanks for joining us today, it is january 4. michael and his midriff the shirt is joining us.
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>> ben: you we have discussing how mike's shirt has guiding short. people are saying to put it in the dryer. >> mike: i do what i can to keep up. another week and a half. first of all this morning if you're heading to the bus stop a lot of people are going back to work and school, you have clouds out there early but you will have more sunshine than anything later on. it is cold and windy, keep that in mind, your morning temperature could go to 29 degrees so be prepared for that. bundle up the kids, we have not seem to like this in quite a while. it is it is now 24 in sussex, 31 in central park, 30 out in newark and bell mark. the wind is coming threat
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chill factor is 18 degrees. twenty-two essential part, this is a day you want to bundle up. as that colder air keeps dropping down from canada, this is like an arctic cold front we have here. we have cold air coming to us, nothing out there for precipitation. future cast says it will be dry but we just keep feeling that cold air from the north down to the south. we are stuck with these colder than normal temperatures for a little little while. afternoon temp is 32 degrees, 32 is your high tomorrow, 16 for tomorrow morning.
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it does warm up as we and to the middle and end of this week. let's bring in ines. >> ines: good morning. the commute is doing good at the moment. accident at exit 65. route 46. six. no problems in queens. we heard about an accident on the westbound's, not as bad as it looks on the map. as far as the whitestone bridge is concerned, that is doing good. if you're taken the newer new york state threw away through the tappan zee bridge it is going fine. as far as the b.q.e., so far so good. no major delays heading toward
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minute delay inbound. the george washington bridge is a five minute wait. back to. >> ben: governor cuomo has signed an executive order saying homeless people should be taken inside when temperatures are below freezing. >> juliet: that seems on the outside to be reasonable and helpful but a lot of homeless people are not happy about it. kerry drew is going to tell us why. >> reporter: good morning. we are starting with a very cold morning here in brooklyn right now. around 34 degrees. with the windchill it feels much colder. governor cuomo signed an executive order over the weekend requiring all homeless people throughout new york city be moved from streets to shelters once the temperature hits 32 degrees or below. the governor said this is about establishing a universal standard to deal with the homeless crisis.
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not everyone is on board. >> it's not like i choose to be out here, i don't want to be out here. i. i would rather be inside were not cold. >> reporter: melissa is homeless and pregnant. she said she is afraid of violence at city shelters. so the cold sidewalk on 3060s where she spends the night. >> a lot of people get robbed, you have to keep track of all your personal stuff. >> reporter: a governor cuomo signed an executive order ordering all homeless people to go to shelters when temperatures get 32 degrees or below. >> it's about love, compassion, helping one another. basic human decency. it is a fact that homelessness is on the increase in new york city. i think everybody recognizes that, i think everyone recognizes a a significant problem. >> reporter: while they say the homeless crisis is getting
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universal standard across the state to build homelessness. it is not specifically aimed at the city. >> it is going to be 14 degrees in buffalo today, it is 13 degrees and syracuse, we should not leave people on the street to freeze. >> reporter: in response to the order mayor diblasio says we support the executive order but to forcibly remove all homeless individuals in freezing weather, as the governor has order will require him to state past law. the executive order goes into effect on tuesday. until then, melissa says she will be on the street and she has this message for the governors. >> don't force us off the street into the shelter where we will not feel safe, we need a home. >> reporter: some question
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all homeless people often streets into shoulders and he argued, quite if i got sued for keeping people safe because they were endangering themselves, then so be it. mayor diblasio was expected to be here later to discuss a totally unrelated topic but you can bet that people will be asking his response to the executive order. that's the latest here, now back to you. >> ben: inc. you carry. a new law is now in effect that could make your commute cheaper. it's called the commuter benefits law. businesses with 20 with 20 or more workers must now offer employees to use pretax money to pay for transit expenses. it will save new yorkers an average of $443 per year. it is also good for people using commuter rails, buses, fairies, and vanpools.
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the center to hand out flyers. >> juliet: a double murder and up brooklyn public housing complex. please found bodies of a 39-year-old woman a 40-year-old man in the fifth floor apartment. the women have been shot several times, the man was shot and stabbed. a person of interest is in custody. president obama is cracking down on gun violence this week. >> ben: he is expected to finalize some actions. robert is here with us for more. >> reporter: gun control may be a defining part of the president legacy. he has been unable so far to convince congress to tighten laws. despite criticism he will try to do it himself. with president obama back in washington following his family vacation to hawaii, today he will meet with attorney general, loretta lynch loretta lynch to
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action on guns. congress to pass tougher laws, the president president plans to >> we know we cannot stop every active violence. but what if we try to stop even one. what if congress did something, anything to, anything to protect our kids from gun violence. >> reporter: the executive action will expand background checks to gun shows and online transactions which are exempt his actions carry the force of law without the approval of congress. they will face legal challenges. many republican presidential candidates took to the sunday shows to protect his shows. >> were going to protect the second amendment's and we will terminate it when i get office. it takes rights away from law-abiding citizens. he his executive powers he doesn't have an is a pattern that is quite dangerous.
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>> he acts like he's the king, the fact is if you want to make changes go to congress and convince congress it's necessary. >> reporter: but going to congress has proved difficult. senator bernie sanders said the president is doing the right thing by taking executive actions. >> there is a wide consensus, overwhelming majority of the american people believe that we should expand and strengthen the background check so that people should not have guns, criminals, people with mental health issues should not on guns. >> reporter: we mu nchen san bernadino, nearly 600 workers at the inland regional center there will be back at work today. shooting took place last month will remain close. no word on when that may reopen. >> ben: robert, thank you very much. the giants lost their last game of the season, now the talk is coughlin.
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speculation is that yesterday was his final game as head coach. however neither conklin or management has said whether he will be back next season. no word on when decisions were made. more coming up with sports. >> juliet: we have more coming up including the are protesters were taken over national wildlife refuge in oregon. >> ben: a lot going on with that story. mike is checking the forecast. >> mike: temperatures this morning drop being below 32. we have 31 in central park, with you. windy and cold with an average high temp of 39 degrees. daily and hourly forecast available on the fox 5 ny weather app, it's unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day --
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>> mike: welcome back. let's get you going today. we are entering the coldest time of the year here in the tri-state. 39 degrees degrees is the average high, 20th average low. so far we are at 31 degrees but we keep dropping. sunrise time is not until 7:20 a.m. you low temp today will come in after that.
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it takes about an hour for the sun to get to work this time of year. it is partly cloudy guy at central park wins around 60 miles per hour. they could gust up to 25 or it is colder and when you're at the same time. thirty in belmar, 35 in islip, winds coming in from the per hour. it makes it feel colder than what it is. windchill factor, it feels like 18 in sussex, 22 in central park, and 24 in bridgeport. we. we have nothing much of that at all this season. this is another good blast of cold there. there is not a lot of moisture with this, might be a few flakes of snow up to the north and west.
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keeping temps below normal. we can handle it because it goes back up to 42 degrees by wednesday. clouds increase in shower chances pick up for next week. saturday and sunday look like we might have rainfall. let's bring in ines and see if we have anything going on. >> ines: right now the commute -- new jersey looks fine, your fine 287 is looking good on route 78. no problems on the tappan zee bridge and both sides of the thorough way will be fine. in brooklyn, this is the gowanus right by the prospect heading toward the bqe. you. you have your normal volume there, a little slow. heading toward the verrazano is fine. as for the b.q.e. heading toward the brooklyn bridge you have the normal slowdown. back to.
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has the lead, and what hurt not so secret weapon. >> ben: bill clinton is heading back on the campaign trail. the granite state holds the all-important first in the primary on february ninth. it is the second voting event, about a week or so after iowa in february. donald trump is already attacking the former president accusing clinton of mistreating women. another democrat, bernie sanders shot back at trump. >> we have enormous problems facing this country, i think we have more things to worry about than bill clinton sexual life. >> juliet: hillary clinton was one that came out and called donald trump sexists. so is he referring to trump when he says the sir hillary clinton? >> ben: he's just a we do not care about bill clinton.
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sander said despite former clintons help he's confident he can beat hillary in iowa. spee1 armed protesters are defending a protesters went to the refuge which is about 280 miles southeast of portland on saturday. they say they want more local control of federal land. they feel like federal government is coming in and they occupied the building following a rally in support of two ranchers. these ranchers are facing federal prison time for burning federal land. the ranchers said said they wanted to protect their farms from wildfires and invasive plants. a judge ruled their original sentences were too short and beth both men say they will report back to prison peacefully today. however the militia group says it will set the wildlife refuge indefinitely.
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defuse the situation. as each day passes it begins to get more heated, more angry, there concerns. >> ben: oversees there's a volatile situation for me. saudi arabia has cut all ties with iran. those attacks game when saudi arabia executed 47 people including a prominent shiite cleric. >> shiite protesters demonstrated in both bahrain and pakistan. the tensions, while shiite protesters are lining up to support the kingdom. saudi arabia are calling back all of its diplomatic personnel from iran and kicking out iranian officials.
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we now cutting diplomatic relations with iran and requires the departure of diplomatic's from the consulate and offices related to it in 48 hours. >> ben: this illustrates saudi arabia's new aggressiveness under its new king. it has led a coalition fighting shiite revolution in yemen. bahrain announced to it will cut ties with iran. more to come. raccoons are outnumbering the number of brats living in the city. >> juliet: do you know how many rats are in the city? there's no way. we will be right back the new year means a house full of new devices. and that can slow your internet down. so you should get verizon fios - quick. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available with speeds from 50 to 500 megs.
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>> ben: we are back. raccoons are seen a resurgence. >> juliet: according to the new york times, kolstad 311 about raccoon control is on the rise. 2015, there were over 1500 calls compared to just 92014. >> ben: that is 66% increase. >> juliet: maybe people are just feeling more comfortable calling 311. by law they must be euthanized if they are captured because they could have rabies. they are often re- release
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so what is happening here with the raccoons. >> ben: in today's healthwatch you can buy over-the-counter. oregon will allow women who are at least 18 -year-olds to get hormonal contraceptives, they will will be required to fill out healthcare survey. california will also allow the same thing. they will not have any age restrictions in california. senators in colorado and washington have also introduce similar laws. >> juliet: mark zuckerberg has mark secker burke has revealed his high-tech new year's resolution. be like iron mike. he he wanted to build an ai assistant to run his home and help with his work, much much like jarvis and ironman film. >> ben: the android was all the rage last week. >> juliet: he says he want his
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to respond to his voice. to recognize faces of people visiting his home and help keep an eye on his daughter mac. they want a robot to do that? he can do whatever he wants, his mark zuckerberg. his previous resolutions were to read to books a month and studied mandarin. >> ben: like he doesn't have enough money for someone to keep an eye on this kid? >> juliet: you are creepy. that's creepy. watermelon. we will show it to
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i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers
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your gloves and hat out of the closet yet you are probably really cold. this would be the morning to do it. our temperatures are not going to be much into the 30s. serious arctic air hanging in today. >> ben: governor cuomo is ordering homeless people off the streets into the shelter. not everybody is happy about that. >> juliet: president obama returning from his holiday is turning to gun control. he has a meeting with the attorney general and he is a state of the union in a few weeks. will. will he reveal the details of this gun control measure soon? >> ben: police on long island arrested a man whose driver's license had been suspended 88 times. good morning. >> juliet: i'm juliet, thanks for joining us. it. it is january 4, happy new year. >> ben: back to work, back to school for a lot of people.
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it is cold. mike looks like he's dressed for more snow. >> mike: i think this is the week i'll get all my suits clean. i'll know when everything is done, the beginning of the year, going back to work. >> juliet: i think you should have someone else handle your laundry. >> ben: we been joking because the polo shoot shirt went into the dryer yesterday. >> juliet: is like a little belly shirt, shows how short it is. >> mike: what are you talking about? it's perfect. good morning everyone, time to to get back to it here get fired up. we have 31 degrees, another chilly start to the morning. thirty in newark in belmar, we
6:30 am
also have wind from the northwest and it makes a difference outside. definitely lots of layers out there. it means windshield factors are feels like 17 degrees in allentown, 18 in newark. it feels like 24 bridgeport and 26 in montauk. there are clouds out out there but they will be breaking up. i don't think there is a much flurries making it to the ground the cold air continues to drop down to the south for the next couple of days. it is is making things comfortable in the tri-state. it is 31 degrees by 11:00 a.m. it is not much different than where we are right now. tomorrow we start off at
6:31 am
16 degrees. then we had up to a high of 32 degrees. then we see a slow, gradual slow, gradual warm-up for the end of the week. let's bring in ines and see what she has. >> ines: good morning let's setup with queens. there's a stall on the grand central parkway at the kew gardens tenor interchange. the l ie is normal delays. in new jersey watch out for an accident 95 northbound. that's as you approach 68. the parkways doing fine, it is going to union. let's go chart cameras on staten island the expressway by victory boulevard is doing fine going to westbound with the rails, few things going on the fortran express, southbound express only between burnside avenue and 120 fifth street. the anc train is running on the
6:32 am
f line both ways between four street and jay street. >> juliet: thank you. governor cuomo has signed an executive order that states homeless people be taken inside when the temperatures drop below freezing. >> ben: a lot of people are not happy about it. kerry drew joins us for more information. >> reporter: good morning. it is certainly a cold morning we have had the season. it is about 34 degrees and it is dropping. over the weekend, governor cuomo signed an executive order requiring all homeless people throughout new york state be moved from the streets to shelters once temperatures drop below 32 degrees. that executive orders goes into effect tomorrow. they say that homelessness is on the rise in new york city, it is not named only at new york city but a universal standard across the state to deal with the
6:33 am
>> it is a basic statement, it is going to be 14 degrees in buffalo today. it is 13 degrees in syracuse, we should not leave people on the street to freeze. >> reporter: the mayor's office released released a statement saying apart, we we support the executive order but to forcibly remove all homeless individuals will require him to pass state law. here later this morning. he will talk about an unrelated can his response his response to that's the latest, back to you. >> ben: thank you carrie. president obama will meet with
6:34 am
attorney general to discuss his upcoming general action on guns. it will reportedly expand background checks to gun shows and online transactions, which are now exempt from background checks. it will undoubtedly leave face legal challenges. >> we know we cannot stop every act of violence, but what if we try to stop even one. one of one of congress did something, anything to protect our kids >> we are going to protect the second amendment and if he terminate it as a very early supplement we get to office. >> this present wants to act as a can, as a dictator, if you want to make changes he needs to congress there necessary. >> ben: convincing congress has been very difficult. on thursday evening the president will take part in an hour-long town hall meeting on gun violence. >> juliet: police officers on long island have busted a man his new york driver's license
6:35 am
eric dunbar, was pulled over for speeding on the l ie. the 43-year-old lives in pennsylvania. he in pennsylvania. he had a pennsylvania driver's license but it was not valid, because of the 88 suspensions on his new york license. please say many of the suspensions were repeated or failure to address traffic tickets. he is due in court today for first-degree aggravated separation. >> ben: the holiday season is coming to an and. beginning today until friday next week the department of sanitation will pick up discarded trees. they will not get toss, they will get recycled. the department will mulch them all and spread it throughout the
6:36 am
one thing to make sure of check to make sure you have not left ornaments or lights on them. that prevents them from being mulched. >> juliet: watermelon boy. >> ben: a young man has the first viral video star. >> juliet: he is ten years old. he just sat there at a cricket game and eight watermelon nonstop. and all. >> juliet: this kid went to town >> juliet: have you ever had the >> ben: mistakenly. they say the rightness good for you. >> juliet: people called him the watermelon boy. i would like to do a little taste test. >> juliet: i don't think you can find fresh watermelon in january.
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since he was two. >> ben: the rind? spee1 the watermelon is one of my favorite foods. >> ben: box means business, lauren sivan eddie is with us. is it a big reveal. >> reporter: they came to me holding the papers. were still with you. what was going on sister? you hung up on me two times. so i put my papers up so you know i can't hear you. >> juliet: were disgusted with you. no we are happy to see you, how are you. >> reporter: it's like the first
6:38 am
do you have -- i will send you pictures of the baby baby. >> juliet: she should date been sending because i can has a had a pair. >> reporter: we're talking that we think they look alike. >> ben: let's talk about chick-fil-a. >> reporter: they actually just reopen the what a new york city a couple blocks away from here. they were close for five days. it it was a voluntary closure five chick-fil-a. after, health inspectors found 59 violations. dirty rags to food being at the wrong temperature to a fly infestation at that restaurant. they just opened in october. they were close for five days, re-open for for breakfast, if your stomach can handle it.
6:39 am
>> ben: that's when they were open. >> reporter: there's a new one opening this year as well,. >> ben: chick-fil-a is good for a road trip. >> juliet: welcome back lauren. >> ben: welcome back, we'll see you tomorrow. mike is checking the forecast. >> mike: good morning. as you head back to work or school today some clouds are coming at you early today. you'll see sunshine later in the day. our temps are still dropping 20s. we see some slightly below normal temperatures. tomorrow will be chilly, but it will not stay that way forever. corner, by wednesday we are doing better. let's bring in ines and see if
6:40 am
we have anything that will slow you down in the roads or rail. >> ines: as far as your commute, not bad. if you're traveling on l ie between the express way it's about a 31 minute ride. new jersey commute is looking good at 80 into 87. the george washington bridge, on the upper and lower level about ten or 15 minutes. the lincoln tunnel is about 45 mi wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit
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headlines. monday morning. more changes today for the safety. last month he month he appointed a new public safety director for the city. >> juliet: two teams have been arrested for throwing a brick onto the parkway. windshield of a bmw. the driver and passenger suffered minor injuries. >> ben: the transportation safety board released underwater video of the sunken cargo ship. it shows a breach in the hall
6:44 am
missing, the ship disappeared on october first, 33 crew were on board, no survivors were found. >> juliet: disappointing sunday for football. >> duke: all jets had to do was win and they were in the playoffs. there's too many mental and physical mistakes. quite honestly it look flat yesterday at times. buffalo buffalo were up 19-ten. right fitzpatrick hit eric decker for 21-yard touchdown. with a whole quarter left to play. fourth-quarter disaster. they were driving their team deep into buffalo territory he threw an interception in the end zone. that should have never been thrown. fitzpatrick again cannot move the jets, he was picked off and fitzpatrick threw three interceptions in the quarter. jets lose 22-17.
6:45 am
the jets are limited from playoffs. >> we had opportunity at at the end to win the game. we were not able to pull it off. my heart hurts so bad right now for all those guys in the locker room. it was a tough one. >> were work in progress and were growing. we have a lot more going to do. we made some strides, we just have to make more. >> duke: many jets fan saying this is the fifth straight year that the jets are out of the postseason. i think the season was a success. they had four wins last year, and they improve drastically this year. the giants-eagles, this many believe is the last game for head coach tom locklin. conklin. his offense came into play
6:46 am
yesterday he rest for 170 yards and put the giants within one. as we all know, offense was the problem. the play went the other way, former giant walter thurman picks off a deflected eli pass which returns a touchdown. that puts the eagles up for good. tom conklin shows his frustration on the sidelines. >> i'm willing to give myself a little bit of time, i'm sure we'll talk with ownership i will go from there. no one has decided anything. where the reports come from? did you get initials? did you get some initials? thank you. >> duke: i'm not quite to be shocked in the least bit if he does come back. i'm not sure that is going to happen. it is not going to form
6:47 am
look at the roster, they will one a lot of games. if you really want to change franchises. now to basketball. the next at home against the hawks. this one is off the brake, puts the next up, anthony did not have a good offensive game to put the next up one oh three-86 and they win it. islanders in brooklyn. he loses his footing and get slammed into the wall by jason dumars. the tumors get kicked out of the game. in the third, he catches
6:48 am
win six-five. were having issues with the win and the extra point, he misses an easy extra point. walks up the field, he is upset, he is upset, slams his helmet and everybody sees that on national tv and he takes the helmet to the face. so tad injury to insult right there. write up the nose. ouch. >> ben: did he miss six extra points this season? >> duke: i would be a lot. >> ben: is right fitzpatrick's going forward. >> ben: for yes. >> duke: yes.
6:49 am
>> ben: is tom conklin, back? >> ben: let's check the forecast with mike. i think we should paris go more about this at the next break. >> mike: good morning everyone. thirty-nine degrees, that is that is your average hyper today. twenty-eight is average low. it's probably going to drop down more, the sun is not up until 7:20 a.m. the north west windsor, through significantly here this morning. 30 in newark in belmar, and belmar, same thing in poughkeepsie, 33 at bridgeport. we do not get below 321 time in december. we have the winds coming in from the northwest at 10 miles per hour. twelve in bridgeport, makes the wind chill factor what it feels like outside down to 22 in central park, 18 in newark in
6:50 am
newark and belmar, 24 bridgeport. a cold start to the day, some clouds out there but when it comes to snow, even though there is something showing up on the radar satellite, most is not making it to the ground. windy and cold with a high temp of 32. you started 16 tomorrow morning and head up to high of 32. we will see a warm up here as we head toward the weekend. showers are scheduled to come through saturday and sunday. the fox 5 ny weather app has what you need for weather updates. you can download it for free. >> ben: entertainment news is coming up next. >> juliet: the chris brown is speaking out after punching a woman, that is coming find your sweet spot today with dunkin's
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ben: breaking news, mcdonnell prox. >> juliet: let's go to jim, he joins us live skyfoxhd. >> reporter: it happened at the mcdonald's along broadway near bronx. following a dispute between an employee and another person, according to police reports that person was at the restaurant and
6:54 am
employee multiple times. the employee was taken to the area hospital what they were pronounced dead. no arrests have been made at this point. an investigation is investigation is ongoing as to the circumstance around this fatal stabbing. back to. >> juliet: while. we will have more on that coming up on good day. let's get over to ines for a check of the traffic. >> ines: a couple of problems in new jersey. if if you're traveling on the garden state parkway north bound there's an accident. by 14 a there's a crash there and it goes back. for the most part trains are doing fine just one thing with the babylon branch. some trains could be delayed or some could be canceled. just a heads up. >> ben: thank you. time now for entertainment. chris brown is fighting back against allegation
6:55 am
he punched a woman in the face. >> juliet: a woman was trying to take pitcher brown at a hotel in vegas, he attacked her and grabbed her phone. she filed a police report but brown denies the allegation. he is going to file a lawsuit against her. this is the the second time his been falsely accused by what he calls party girls. >> ben: that the press this monday morning. if you're heading back to work or school, have a good day. >> juliet: the day is next with
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