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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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speed a happy new year. rosanna: happy new year. january 4 already. who are you again? i was just getting used to not waking up that 430. greg: happy new year everybody. rosanna: happy new year. we are ready for 2016. we hope you are, too. greg: a stabbing at a make donald. it happened not too long ago. more details in a moment. rosanna: governor cuomo has issued an order.
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want to go to a shelter. greg: the pressures on tom coughlin. rosanna: are you feeling a little melancholy? now the trees are being taken down. i have to say, i got a little melancholy. greg: get psyched for 2016. rosanna: starting off on different spots today. greg: -- rosanna: the slate is clean. whatever you did to me last year has been forgotten.
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for the record. rosanna: thank you for my christmas gift. greg gave me the option to return it if i wanted to. greg: it is not a gag gift. rosanna: what do you think? should i keep these sunglasses? greg: it is gucci. the most expensive thing i have ever bought. if you don't like it, you can probably buy a car. [laughter] i did not see you on christmas day. you may want to take your time opening it.
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greg: mike, how are you doing? mike: i am doing well. greg: mike injured himself playing volleyball. rosanna: it flexes a little bit more. i am getting my movement back. greg: stay healthy, like woods. good morning, everyone. mike: good to be back. we never hit 32. not one time and the whole month of two summer. be ready for it. forty-six was your high temperature. 47 degrees was your high out at newark. our temperatures are still dropping.
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thirty and belmar. it depends on where you are. pretty cold temperatures are here. when coming in from the northwest. making it feel colder than it actually is. windchill factor down to 18 and belmar. twenty-one is what it feels like at central park as well as pitchfork. those temperatures just keep dropping down for us. a partly cloudy sky. a few flakes have been picked up. a quick little flurry. it is in and out. pressure is well offshore. we will not have to deal with much of anything. that is the arctic air. things start to improve a little bit from early on. we still have cold air on top of us.
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windy as well. look at that morning low. only 16. cold for a little while. then we break back into the 40s by the middle of the week. let's bring in ines and see what we have. happy new year to you, ines. ines: good morning. everyone has to get back to it right now. the l.i.e., your normal delay's. new jersey, your commute here heading towards the gwb, watch out for an accident. that is involving a garbage truck. stick with the local lanes, if you can. in other problem with new jersey. biomarker 137. that is because of a crash by 128. the trains.
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mechanical problems. southbound. the babylon branch. switching problems. everything else running on or close. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg: mc donald's in the bronx. staff there this morning. rosanna: jim smith is an sky fox. poor for that employee has died beard it happened that make donald's in the bronx. a little before 4:30 a.m. this morning. that person came back in step with the employee multiple times. it is not known what that dispute centered around. there is an investigation ongoing. police have blocked off part of
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right now, no arrests have been made. a mcdonald's employee stabbed in the bronx early this morning. they died as a result of those injuries. >> let's talk about the temperatures. boy, oh boy. it is called here at governor cuomo wants to make sure that everyone has a warm place to go to. greg: new rules from the governor. greg: they tried this before. it is not quite that simple. >> reporter: good morning. it is officially below the freezing mark. over the weekend, governor cuomo signed an executive order. all homeless people being moved
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from the streets into shelters. the governor said this is the way to deal with this issue of homelessness throughout the state. not everyone seems to be on board. >> i would rather be inside where i am not cold. >> reporter: she is not only cold, she is homeless. >> a lot of people getting robbed. >> reporter: governor cuomo issued an executive order. temperatures it to freezing mark or below. >> it is about helping one another. basic human decency. >> it is a fact that
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new york city. i think that everyone recognizes that. it is a significant problem. >> this order will be a universal standard across the state to deal with homelessness. it is not specifically aimed that the city. >> it is a basic city mandate. we should not leave people on the streets to freeze. we support that executive order. to forcibly remove all individuals will require him to pass state law. the governors order goes into effect on tuesday. until then, melissa says she will be on the street and she
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governor. >> -- >> reporter: some question whether this is legal. temperatures dipped below a certain point. if i get sued, then so be it. the governor is expected to address his full plan next week during his state of the state address. mayor do blasio is expected to be here in a couple of minutes. he will certainly be asked his response to this executive order. back to you in the studio. sense. i would think like, it you know, maybe that governor is taking into effect that these people
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thinking properly. why risk your life out on the street. greg: got into a pretty big battle. we will see what happens. 32 degrees. arguably, it you can survive. rosanna: we are trying to get somewhere quickly and they said on the streets not moving. how they are able to survive. greg: a grim story from brooklyn. a man and a couple found murdered. the fifth floor apartment. last night they were discovered. rosanna: the woman had been shot several times. the man was shot and stabbed. the woman's daughter is now being questioned. maybe the boyfriend was abusing her. all of that is under
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investigation right now. greg: president obama, i believe, is waking up in the white house. he had been in hawaii. what is he doing today? rosanna: scheduled to meet with loretta lynch on what action he should take. greg: regarding what? rosanna: gun control. >> with president obama now back in washington following his family vacation to hawaii, today he will meet with loretta lynch. having unsuccessfully lobbied congress to pass tougher laws and with the recent past shootings, the president plans to take matters into his own hands.
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pass the violence. >> reporter: expand them. without the approval of congress. undoubtedly face legal challenges. taking to the shows to ridicule his plan. >> if he signed something, we will terminate it as a very early step. >> taking rights away from law-abiding citizens. using infected if powers that he does not have. >> as if he is a big tater. if he wants to make changes of these laws, go to congress. >> so far proven difficult. even after the shooting. senator bernie sanders says he is doing the right thing by taking executive action.
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the american people. believe we should expand and strengthen. people that should not have guns, i.e. criminals and people with mental issue should not own guns. >> robert moses. "good day new york." greg: loretta lynch. her daughter, her stepdaughter got into trouble over the last couple of days. rosanna: she did not pay her cab fare. >> .daughter is 21-year-old -- >> they got married back in 2007. the step daughter till can do her cab last monday in brooklyn. she thought she paid the $20 fare. >> the jogger would only accept cash or credit card. they took her to the cops.
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voided here it is not everyday you hear about the daughter of the attorney general in a holding cell. >> that does not make sense. greg: i do not take we have all the details here. >> a bad day for new york football fans. everybody was hoping the jets could stay in it. >> all right. now that it is over, pretty much, what does this mean for the coaches. not so much tom coughlin. super bowls, whatever, they are looking at the last season. duke has more. >> coaches get fired around the nfl. the big question is will tom
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yesterday was his last game. the giants of course missed the playoffs for the fourth straight season. super bowl 42 and 46. here is the coach yesterday after the 35-30 loss to the eagles. >> giving myself a little extra time. we will go from there. no one has decided anything. did you get initials? did you get some initials? thank you. >> there could be other changes within the organization. scouting in that type of thing. we will see when those decisions are made. >> you mess up at work. these strangers are asking you,
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>> it is not like that. >> when a coach gets fired, everyone gets fired. the judge yesterday up in buffalo. this was their worst game in weeks. wednesday, 22, 17. >> the jets losing. we will have more coming up in sports. >> we're trying to figure out what to do with our christmas tree. >> starting to accept trees. mine is already on the sidewalk. rosanna: thank you. all right, mike. >> i will do that. i feel so alive. i cut it down fresh.
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anyway, still good. finally feeling like december or at least the holidays outside. we drafted down to 30. so far we will probably drop it down and other degree or so. we have 29 out at newark. twenty-nine in bridgeport. fifteen-20 miles per hour for most of us. that makes it feel colder than it actually is. same thing for you tomorrow. we do see a slow, gradual warm-up. by the way, a birthday shout out. happy birthday. looking great.
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happy birthday to you. hard to keep track of everybody. >> back to work. back-to-school. cross bronx. the deed in a slow soft down. your commute on long island nassau county. slowing down approaching the cross island parkway. heading close to the verrazano bridge. not too bad of a delay. george washington bridge driving into the city. lincoln tunnel, 495. you are taking the holland tunnel. good morning to lindsay and daniel.
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look at you, ines. rosanna: look at how good she looks. happy new year. let's take a peek outside. greg: what are you thinking? our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. t need a loan. funding fast. months? but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. growth presents itself?
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greg: what is going on? rosanna: releasing her not so-called weapons today. her husband. bill clinton. greg: the iowa caucuses. february 1. bill clinton is very popular. rosanna: he really is. donald trump already attacking the former president. it will be very interesting to see how this plays out. greg: he was on the sunday shows yesterday. rosanna: it caused tremendous depth within decisions. uses eight clip of him calling
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for a ban on muslims. mrs. clinton warned that donald trump's comments were being used in isis or crew videos. >> what am i going to do? there is a problem. we have to find out what is the problem and we have to solve that problem. rosanna: america's enemies exploit a front runner like himself. greg: being held in mexico. she was 33 years old. inaugurated, sworn in as mayor on january 1. hours later, she was shot and killed. rosanna: just hours into her term. they blamed it on organized crime. the suspect was too scribed as a woman. thirty-two years old.
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a minor. also to be linked to other crimes. >> a big cargo ship. the wreckage underwater. 15000 people. >> they did a pretty in-depth story and how it sank in that and atlantic ocean. >> 33 people were lost. >> 33 crewmembers on board. none of them survived. >> a couple of them.
7:24 am
there is this federal branch, essentially, that has been taken over by a couple of local ranchers. they want to claim this for themselves. rosanna: following a rally in support of two ranchers that are facing prison time. a judge ruled there are original sentences that are too short. reporting back peacefully today. the group says it will stay at the wildlife refuge indefinitely greg: i hope that this one and peacefully. i came this close to not shaving. this is what i would have looked like. rosanna: i would not have recognized you, greg. greg: i had to cave in.
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greg: all right. we're serious about having sixpack ab this year. starting that nonprofit we have all been thinking about. >> how about just getting the 5 pounds off. i got on the scale and screamed. what is going on in the bathroom? greg: vacation. we should be a little bit more realistic than our resolution / cheerapp. >> i think we have to take it down a notch or two. >> i like you with the beard. we could have voted on it. shaving is such drudgery. i felt like a freeman. >> you should have kept that. we would have man scape their
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little bit. >> i was just starting. that is only three days. i understand you are with your family. maybe you may recognize this person. that is not the family photo. the whole family was in palm beach florida. >> that is a lot of togetherness. it was good. we all got along. for the most part, it was good. incident. kids always try to do something a little silly. rosanna: you blame it on the children.
7:30 am
i had a lot of running around california. i came back and it was pretty much business as usual. getting all the attention, of course. rosanna: i cannot believe that this is still going on. you both look like you had a good time. >> i know. maybe over the weekend. we will bring somebody in. moving along. all right. here we go. getting back to work and school. we're doing all right. time. looks like we had it a couple times.
7:31 am
we are out below 32. that is your central park temperature. 31 degrees in bridgeport. the wind coming in from the northwest. make a difference. do not dress like i do. your windchill factor is down to 21 degrees. 26 degrees in montauk. 17 degrees for you in sussex, as well as newer. we do have a mix of clouds and sun. you may have some thick snow, believe it or not. it looks like it is really that cold and that is really the tape player for us. we have some cool stuff coming to you today. we will go up a couple of
7:32 am
degrees here. as a go to the next five days, a high of 32 tomorrow. look at that startup temperature. in and we it we go up to 42 on wednesday. a slow gradual warm-up for the rest of the week. let's bring in nine as in take a look at it. >> let's talk about the commute instead. westchester bound. normal delays. westchester side of the bridge, you are doing fine. etienne 287 checking in with no issues. take a look at the l.i.e. westbound moving fine. if you're heading towards the bqe, it you have to lace. approaching the brooklyn bridge, slow as usual.
7:33 am
southbound trains running express only. long island railroad with switching problems. westbound trains are having some extra spots. >> thank you very much. mcdonald's in the bronx. a worker got into some sort of rosanna: it happened around 4:30 a.m. this morning. fox5 robert moses is in cambridge section right now. you. just steps away. police officers did not have far to go. you can see that loan shoe still laying here in the parking lot
7:34 am
stabbing took place. shortly before 430, a 28-year-old mcdonald's employees was trying to get a homeless man who frequent this restaurant to get out. that is when the suspect stabbed him multiple times. we are told in the chest in the neck. police say they are searching for a hispanic man in his mid- 30s. a source tells me that this man may have been at this mcdonald's earlier this evening. perhaps multiple times before. we are told that he frequents this restaurant. no arrests.
7:35 am
any updates, i will let you know. new york attorney general has amended his lawsuit aiming to ban. greg: it paid business. is it illegal in new york? >> reporter: whether or not these two companies will be allowed to continue operating. the wages people were making on these sites. we asked both companies to stop
7:36 am
they overturned that decision. they could keep operating in new york. today. the attorney general is now asking to companies to refund all monies they had ever collect did in new york. that could be a huge amount. greg: good luck getting that.
7:37 am
greg: thank you very much. greg: it is time to put your christmas tree on the curb. until friday of next week. they will not just throw it out. it will live on. check to make sure you don't have any ornaments on them. greg: thank you for that. rosanna: doesn't it look sad. greg: on its side. tell us about some of the gifts under the tree. rosanna: it was a good christmas for me and my family. greg: what was the best thing you got? rosanna: my husband got me a nice set of earrings. greg: let's go outside beard i think we are out of time. weather watch.
7:38 am
we were not even wearing jackets. greg: here is final proof. jim, focus a little bit. any building is actually taller than the world-famous empire state building. rosanna: taller than the world trade center.
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greg: there is that skinny building there. rosanna: it is not occupied. they sold over 40 million. greg: they do not live there all the time. rosanna: a lot of foreigners. good for them. rosanna: 7:43 a.m. it is cold out there, mike woods. mike: the first time in a long time. we never hit 32 degrees. only for a couple of days.
7:41 am
dropping it a little bit more. twenty-nine out at newark. wind coming in from the northwest around 10-20 miles per hour. windchill factor is down to 21 for you. feels like 22 in islip. cold outside. partly cloudy skies. keeping an eye on the radar and satellite. it is more than likely happening a little bit. most of that will be drying up before it gets to the ground. it is also going to be on the windy side did the windy cold conditions stick with us today. it will be mainly clear. tomorrow we have clear skies again. lowes tomorrow morning start off
7:42 am
we see sunny skies in the afternoon. warmer temperatures start making a comeback. up until then, we have a bit of a chill on top for us here. as we go to the next seven days, we start off at 16 tomorrow. another sunny, but cold one. your temperatures getting into the lower 40s at that time. there are some shower chances coming to you at that time. weather information, download the weather out. daily and hourly forecast. speaking of which, let's get you up and out the door. i knows rosales. >> good morning. your commute, staten island. approaching the verrazano bridge. gowanus, bqe a little slow at this time. traffic little slow on the
7:43 am
southbound side. you have your slow spots. not bad of a ride. westbound side doing fine. driving into the city. the george washington bridge is not too bad. ten-15 minutes. lower level doing fine. heading towards the lincoln tunnel. greg and rosanna. greg: thank you very much. rosanna: let's talk a little football. greg: tom coughlin. yesterday, tailgating. got a little out of control. it has gone viral. if buffalo bills fan. he had been jumping around on a
7:44 am
greg: what it clown. is he okay? they eventually shoved him into the side of a part bus. greg: everyone is laughing. did down and roll. rosanna: i think that he is okay. greg: he might get fired. it might happen. >> tom coughlin was in assisting coach. winning super bowl 25. what happens next? >> well, we don't know. i would think that he wants to coach. unfortunately, they have not made the playoffs. we are all waiting to see what happens.
7:45 am
make rash decisions. like you said, the giants organization, they will do what is best for their organization. >> we look at this team. there is not a lot of talent. defense is the worst i've seen since i've been covering this team. they were in a lot of games this year. you know, they make the playoffs. can he go in and make that argument today? >> sure they are. there's no question if they won a few more games, they may be talking about tom coughlin as
7:46 am
duke: what turned things around for me was zero dell that the junior. completely different team. they did not quit on them. you win. you go to the playoffs. you tell me that is not necessarily the case. >> they got off to a slow start. you have to give the flow credit for that. >> was the moment to pay for
7:47 am
too many men on the field. >> you did not play the way he has played most of the season. maybe they were pressing a little bit. they peeped the jets earlier in the year. their coach is very familiar with the jets. duke: i thought he had a very, very good season. i look at this year as a success. yesterday some people will say, you know, what happened. mistakes and game plan. what happened to the game plan? >> obviously it was very different. obviously, todd will be asked
7:48 am
about that. you want to have your best guys out there to win. a lot of people going to lose their jobs. duke: we appreciate the time. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> when you fire a coach, you fire a complete staff. think about all the people underneath him. that is tough. greg: duke, thanks a lot. guess who rosanna was hanging with on vacation. >> donald trump. where are you? >> i am on the right.
7:49 am
having dinner there as well. rosanna: i am covering all my bases. he asked for you, greg kelly. music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct
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rosanna: i guess that anna is taking another day of vacation. we are in charge of entertainment today. not so entertaining, but the way. new allegations against chris brown. fighting back against reports that he put -- punched a woman in the face. everyone had given their cell phones. she was sneaking some photos. she did file a police report. chris brown denies the allegations. he will file a lawsuit against her. this is the second time he has been falsely accused. i know you love this video. it went viral while we were on
7:53 am
great show. driving around with the president of the united states. there is the president. jerry seinfeld. hit the videotape. this is a great teacher. they have pretty good questions, actually. >> let's listen. [laughter] >> let's get some coffee. >> well, do not leave. >> can i throw this out? do you have a garbage?
7:54 am
house grounds. they did not go off the grounds. >> secret service agent. they told the president know. this is funny stuff.
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rosanna: that was a false start. it is good to be back. rosanna: good to be bad. you are? greg: weatherwise, what do we have? >> it is moving in from the arctic. mike woods has all the details that you need. >> a subway restaurant ripped off. look at them. just going through the front door like that. rosanna: that cannot be that good. greg: they got a very good look at his face. order. not everybody wants to go.
7:58 am
sure how they're going to handle it. rosanna: bedbug seem to be an issue. a great hotel. according to one couple that stayed at the hotel. rosanna: with the holidays over, recycling your christmas tree. taking those trees and turning them into mulch. of course, you have to bring them to the sidewalk. rosanna: we will see what happens. rosanna: it makes me a little sad. sidewalk. do? greg: you have a lot of work to do. highlights from vacation. donald trump and rosanna scotto.
7:59 am
my brothers and sisters. right next to the donald. donald trump owned. we were there having christmas dinner by ourselves. it was kind of interesting since he was on the campaign trail. just last week, hanging out with president clinton. >> hanging out with all the presidential candidates and taking photos with them. if you go for hillary, you get bill clinton. while you are hangout with those folks, i was grooming myself for not grooming myself. how about that for masculinity. >> i like it. you look totally different.
8:00 am
>> how long did it take you to grow that? greg: about nine days. i think i like it. i know you would have liked to touch it. >> does it feel good? was it soft? >> vacations are wonderful institutions. >> we left it with 70 something degrees. >> good morning to you both. i am doing well. thank you very much. i was in times square.
8:01 am
they all wanted to take pictures. it is a little bit chilly out for starters this morning. our temperature has now dropped to 29 degrees. islip, at uh us out at 33. thirty-four out out montauk. our temperatures will probably drop a little bit more before they start coming back up. the cooler air being a bigger player. 20 miles per hour from the north and northwest. making it feel a lot colder. same thing for you in central park did feels like 17 only in newark.
8:02 am
in allentown. the future casserly does not show as much year. just brings us a mainly clear sky. those were actually ocean affects no. several days. temperatures are below normal for the next couple. 32 degrees. it makes it feel if cooler. forty-four by friday. let's bring in ines. let's take a peek. ines: trying to go back to school. back to work. watch out for an accident
8:03 am
blocking a lane. henry hudson. there is a crash there. approaching. heading towards the verrazano bridge. 106-107. we do have some problems. express only. southbound. 125th street. also having their own switching problems. everything else with the trains running on or close. greg: thanks a lot. we go to a mcdonald's. an employee there stabbed and killed early this morning. rosanna: the worker was just 28 years old. the man we believe was homeless.
8:04 am
trying to get out when the attack happened. robert moses has more information. robert. what are you hearing? >> reporter: good morning. i wanted to start off by showing you how close this mcdonald's is. i want to bring you over to the parking lot that remains cordoned off. the main road underneath those elevated train tracks. you can see that loan shoe still sitting in the parking lot. a 28-year-old mcdonald's employee named adam garcia try to get a homeless man who frequent this restaurant to leave. the suspects had stabbed him multiple times.
8:05 am
presbyterian hospital they are looking for a hispanic man. the suspect had been in the mcdonald's restaurant earlier in the evening. perhaps multiple times. he was known to this employee. the employee try to kept him out. people are still pulling up to the mcdonald's trying to order breakfast. once they turned the corner, they see the police tape and learned that this restaurant is closed because of this investigation. that is the latest live from the kingsbridge section of the prompts this morning. back to you. >> robert, thank you. they need to find a man suspected of or operate three
8:06 am
restaurants over the last month. greg: they have a pretty good look at the guys face. here he is rubbing a subway sandwich shop. >> he throws a brick through the front door. he gets away with about $250. he is also suspected of robbery and a restaurant last wednesday. apparently, he likes a neighborhood. greg: it is really cold outside. governor cuomo wants to make it a rule. homeless people removed, with force, if necessary, to get them removed. rosanna: the city says, basically, they do not really have the resources and they are
8:07 am
carriage or joins us with more. >> reporter: and morning. just as the weather certainly turning much colder here in brooklyn this morning. governor cuomo signed this executive order. moving into streets and shelters. that is decorative order goes in to effect tomorrow. this is a fact that homelessness here in new york city is on the rise. not aimed only at new york city. state. >> it is a basic state-mandated. it will be 14 degrees in buffalo today. we should not leave people on the streets to freeze.
8:08 am
about a separate issue. he was asked about the governor's executive order. >> we have the tools and we are using the tools. right now if anyone is in danger, if anyone is in danger, our average workers through dhs, our nypd officers have the ability to bring them in right now. >> some are questioning whether this is legal. the governor responded to that by saying if i get sued for people in from the cold, then so be it. the governor is expect it to lay off his soul plan. that is the latest from the barclays center this morning. greg: thank you, kerry.
8:09 am
to dispatch a team. rosanna: let's talk about california and san bernardino. the building where the terrorist attack happened real prince today. greg: a lot of these folks, the employees that work there, they help autistic children. that is the main mission of that facility. greg: the conference center where the actual attack occurred will stay close. the other offices will open this morning. greg: can we see donald trump little bit? rosanna: he looked very relaxed considering he is in the middle of a camp name. greg: donald trump has not paid for, basically, anything so far. this has all been free. great politics? i think he would maintain that it is.
8:10 am
brett there is with us this morning. how was he able to get all this publicity without paying for it? >> good morning. happy new year. every channel talks about him. he has gone for a long time on these big events and not having to air ads. probably save $35 million. he has essentially ran the most presidential campaign ever in the history of the country. >> we're looking at the footage. it now features donald trump. what difference does it make, in your opinion?
8:11 am
these sayings. he has put into his first at-bat there would need, if he is president, a temporary ban on muslims entering the country. the fact that he put that as one suggests that he is sticking by his guns. hillary clinton will hit him on that. he was not in these ti-hau videos before she mentioned it and now he is. greg: thanks a lot. this time next year we will know. >> by march 15, we will have a good sense. down to the last two. greg: thank you so much. we will see on the fox news channel tonight. rosanna: the powerball drawing. wednesday's powerball drawing is
8:12 am
now out $400 billion. greg: this is one you have to country. someone from idaho seems to win. one of the biggest prizes in the game's history. >> very negative. no one is going to win. that could be your new year's resolution. greg: negative.
8:13 am
all right, mike woods. what is up? mike: let's get you going out the door this morning. our temperatures have not done this in a long time. feeling like we are back up in the arctic. twenty-eight is the average low. we make it to 28. the sun has been out for a little while. look at this northwest wind. cloudy sky reported that its central park. kind of seeing the clouds coming and going throughout the day. one exception is montauk. sitting at 34. you have the wind coming in from the northwest. wind chill factor there. the big goose egg. twenty-three and islip. twenty-four and montauk.
8:14 am
anyhow, we still have some clouds out there. some snow showing up on the radar and satellite unit could see a few flakes here and there. continuing to drop off against the tri-state region. let's keep our temperature a little below normal. a lot of sunshine is coming at you here. the cold temperatures. high temp getting up to 32 degrees. clear and cold for you tonight. sunny tomorrow. there is a gradual warm-up that we have. there are some showers coming through. downloaded at the apple i to store.
8:15 am
let's bring in ines. ines: an accident on the henry hudson parkway. the major deegan, north found, the triborough bridge, an accident closing two lanes. no problems on 78 or 22. 280, a slight delay. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the commute on the fdr drive. normal stuff northbound. gwb driving into the city. 495, heading towards the lincoln tunnel, that is a one hour too late. >> take you very much. we opened up the new york post today. greg: this guy right here lost a lot of weight. he was very smart about it.
8:16 am
>> he said that he lost 70 pounds. mike berlin's. he did it a different way. supposedly, it really works. he said his method works. >> i don't know. they all say they work. happy new year. look at that. rosanna: goo dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
8:17 am
after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside!
8:18 am
nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. rosanna: vacation. you can sleep in. greg: it felt long, but it felt good. my body clock is still getting up at 4:30 a.m.
8:19 am
rosanna: it was new year's eve. i partied like a rock star. did you party like a rockstar? >> like a christian rockstar. i took it easy, actually. they caving your house. rosanna: vacation makes perfect sense. all right. what else is going on? rosanna: a new law going on making your commute a little cheaper. >> offering employees the chance to use pretax money from their paychecks to pay for transit expenses. officials say it will save an average of $443 per year. greg: am i eligible for this? greg: what about the subway ride home?
8:20 am
people using commuter rails. meanwhile, what else is going on? leave. lauren simonetti. >> happy new year. rosanna: how is the baby? >> wonderful. three months tomorrow. greg: very nice. >> thank you. >> how do you feel? >> normal. that is an old picture. you look so different. >> i do not want to get mad at you, but did you lose all the baby weight? >> i did.
8:21 am
rosanna: i still have 10 pounds. >> a say that with your second, that is not the case. the grandparents are stepping up this week. >> welcome back. what is the child's name, again? >> ray. >> i thought you were naming it after greg's father. >> i forgot. rosanna: your father is in the news a lot. [laughter] >> chick filet. it opens and not over. it was closed for five days. it closed on christmas eve. it reopened this morning. it was closed for health violations.
8:22 am
fifty-nine problems with the restaurant. everything from being fly infested from using dirty rags. they close up for five days. reopened this morning. i do not think that will sit well with a lot of new yorkers. >> i disagree with you. i have seen lines around the block for that place. greg: there's only one in town. rosanna: all right, lauren. have a good one. have you seen the movie carol get? we will talk to the director of that movie. greg: the older woman that hooks up with a younger woman. for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team...
8:23 am
for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! p at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. pwhich makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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plan your trip at there's something for everyone. greg: okay.
8:26 am
we have to bring our tree to the curb. greg: the christmas tree is christmas trash. rosanna: that's it. no, no. not in the street. bring it back here. you are going to cause a traffic jam. by the way, i see snowflakes. did mike woods say it is going to snow? greg: put that vendetta aside for a second. rosanna: all right. you can put your christmas tree outside. the sanitation department is starting to collect the trees. greg: that is great of them. we have the new york city exhibitioner on the phone, are you there, exhibition -- commissioner. >> i am. good morning. >> where does the christmas tree go? >> take off the lights and the
8:27 am
and we are coming and collecting it over the next few weeks. until january 15th. rosanna: are you comeing with a regular garbage truck or a special tree collection truck? >> it is a regular garbage truck but only for the trees. rosanna: that is good. >> we take them to a number of locations and chip them and mix them with leaves and create compost for the community gardens. rosanna: that is good. this tree was full of life, and now, i want it to live on. >> live on and make new little christmas trees. greg: well, christmas is over, get over it, baby. it is going to be all right. do whatever you want to do it. whatever works for you guys. so over the next couple of weeks.
8:28 am
can we put it out today wait? >> you can start today until january 15th. rosanna: you have nothing to d with the mulch festival with the parks department? >> we support the mulchfest as well. that is where you can take the mulch back to your house. you have to take it to a park. rosanna: that happens i think on january, this weekend. greg: i trust the sanitation department. well, i don't have a true. i have a fake tree. >> don't put those out? greg: oh, i save that one. commissioner garcia, thank you. rosanna: happy new year. by the way, can i talk to mike woods? mike woods, i see snowflakes all around and did you mention that? mike: the first few flakes of the season. i mentioned that, more in eastern long island.
8:29 am
we have a few in the city as well. relax yourself. the temperatures are below freezing this morning. 29 central park as well as bridgeport and newark. also the cold wind coming in from the northwest 7-21 miles per hour. sometimes gusts higher though up to 25 plus miles per hour and that is making it feel colder than it actually is. the windchill factor is down to 22 in central park. feeling 17 in newark and belmar. we have partly cloudy to cloudy day, at least for starters this morning. you can see what is happening on the radar and the satellite. the flurries are not out of the question. the oaks effect snow coming through the hamptons and parts of connecticut seeing the light snow there too. the snow that we have out there today is not all that significant.
8:30 am
it is really the cold air is the weather player for us. the arctic air coming in. windy at the same time. the futurecast is not bringing in much of anything according to the computer model forecast. it is bringing down the cold air for a couple of days. the low temperatures and high temperatures below normal as well. clear skies this morning. don't be surprised if you run into a snow shower. could be flying. high of 32 today. tomorrow high of 32 again. but looks like the winds are coming down tomorrow. a slow warm upcoming up. 40s are coming in again later in the week. all right, let's bring in ines rosales and a lot of folks
8:31 am
getting back to it. ines: yes, to the commute, the l.i.e. driving to work, commute, a little slow down on the long island expressway. the whitestone is doing fine. 280 eastbound an accident. now to cameras a look at the commute on the l.i.e., deer park avenue, a little slow. eastbound side is fine. if george washington bridge driving into the city, no delays to worry about. upper and lower doing fine. the lincoln tunnel an hour. holland tunnel 10-15. with the subways, the 4 train having mechanical problems. southbound express only. the 7 trains having problems by
8:32 am
is pended between 34th and queensboro plaza. headlines. rosanna: we haven't heard about them for a long time. greg: they come and go. rosanna: it has been warm here. greg: hotel on the upper west side, a california couple had some in the hotel room. rosanna: this is their room on thes a tor, the bed is crawling with bed bugs and they arrived on wednesday and by thursday covered in bites. the couple says they lost a thousand dollars in clothing. that is disgusting. greg breg what else? when you ride the subway. ever see the guy, a nice face, great skin, you want that. he is retiring. he's 70 years old.
8:33 am
he's closed his manhattan office and put the mansion up for sale and the realtor is saying they love to travel and many social interests. greg: i have never been treated by him or met him, but i starred at the subway. rosanna: hello, beautiful clear skin. >> enjoy the retirement and the subway is a pretty effective place to advertise. there. >> by the way, coming up, this got my attention, it is called a dog parker. you know, those of us that walk the dogs and run in for a cup of dog? pole. that is probably not good for the dog. dog. how about a compartment.
8:34 am
the dog rosanna: all right, vacation is over and time to get back to reality. did you step on the scales this morning? greg: spin the camera around. that is the barclays center.
8:35 am
rosanna: yes, we do. when ever you want to go. what'd you want to do? greg: it is fantastic when your colleague has a brother-in-law that runs the joint. rosanna: when in florida we went to the nets game in miami. it was a good game. greg: well, write that one down. there is the barclays center. one of our favorites, dr. oz, one of the greatest, he's a cool guy. we both ran into him on vacation. rosanna: how funny is that. greg: dr. oz, nice to see you. >> today is the happiest day of the year. rosanna: why? >> we make mistakes all yearlong and that is okay, we spend the whole year breaking the plans, and making plans to launch a
8:36 am
ideas throughout the year and combined with the ton of feedback and came off with a day off diet and one day a week it is better to be off the diet to stimulate the metabolism. rosanna: can you pig out or eat sensibly? >> well, circle on the calendar the day you are going to splurge, watch a football game with friends or office party or a birthday party and go out and do what everyone else is doing. don't eat yourself into a blob. but enjoy yourself. [laughter] rosanna wouldn't do that. well, greg would do that. rosanna: we ran into each other at a restaurant.
8:37 am
greg: well, keep going, dr. roz. >> rosanna travels in a posse. however, the other six days do the things that work. we create add one of a kind, first of its kind actually survey, with mike berland and he's coming up on the show. he did a survey for us, he learned that dieting is a bad candidate. it wouldn't do well. everyone hates the word. if you think about it. we think we have to be hungry on a diet. we learn a lot about what types of activities lose weight. we surveyed the audience and addressed it. it is starting today on the show. we talk about it for a few weeks.
8:38 am
the days you are not splurging you are having lemon water to start the day. it is a good way to start the day a. ton of protein for breakfast. greek yogurt, eggs, you have to get the protein in the morning, eat as many nonstarches the rest of the way. >> the day we can splurge and become a blob, how often can you do the day off thing? >> once a week you are allowed to take a day and do what you want to do for social reasons. a big mistake people do is that people are lonely on a diet. they feel isolated. we want you to celebrate life.
8:39 am
having a day off makes it easier to stay on the plan. we do the studies on the diets, we learned that people can lose up to 7 pounds the first week, that is mostly water weight, you look better and feel better and every week after that, you lose one to two pounds and because it is easy and not hungry they are staying on the diet. stay on it until next year and you have lost a lot of weight. rosanna: i hear you have to go to bed hungry, is that true? >> you are not supposed to be hungry on the diet. however, don't eat a lot of food within three hours of bedtime, it messes up your sleep. don't be hungry. we have lots of snacks on the day off diet, they are ones to eat at night as well. but i don't want you to be hungry. if you are hungry, that is a survey question that we learned, if you are hungry, it is not
8:40 am
greg: doctor, thank you, the day off thing, we are intrigued. rosanna: you love the day off thing. how about two days off. >> you just took 14 off. i witnessed it. we were at a party. rosanna: we have a few pictures. one is cohen's party. greg: it is looking like a wedding party. >> i had my two bond girls next to me. rosanna: thank you. the few nights before i ran into dr. oz and his family, lisa and the kids and i was there with my family in palm beach. greg: fabulous. >> we had the best time. greg: i was growing a beard. you are the best, man. say hi to lisa. we'll watch the show later on.
8:41 am
rosanna: happy new year. didn'ted you run into him? >> greg: yes. rosanna: that is funny. greg: we have more coming up. rosanna: a new game show out, south of willshire, set in -- >> soulful. >> it is produced by friends at tmz. we are going to play the game. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody
8:42 am
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rosanna: okay so the may was supposed to have a press conference. greg: was he late? rosanna: i don't know. did it happen? greg: someone said their new year's resolution is to impeach him.
8:45 am
hey, be nice. rosanna: we are talking entertainment news, justin bieber everyone is looking at hiss pictures. greg: i'm over this guy. roz what is happening with him and haley baldwin. greg: he's an adult male and he's kissed someone. rosanna: apparently she's 19 years old and on a tropical vacation together and not the cosy. greg: good for him. rosanna: do you watch the game of thrones. apparently the book series may be delayed. the author says the latest books winds of winter not finished before season six.
8:46 am
greg: i didn't know it was based on a book. rosanna: it is a big deal. the show caught up to the books. they are revealing the things that the book have not revealed yet. winds of winter was supposed to be out in october and now the deadline pushed to the end of 2015 and martin is saying that the book is simply not finished yet. he's trying to. greg: any way, everybody loves that show that is into it. what is happening in times square? rosanna: it is going to the dogs. there is a special concert for dogs and their owners tonight. greg: dogs, you know what, that is late. rosanna: only dogs are able to hear the performance because of the frequency of the music
8:47 am
greg: a high pitched corenet. rosanna: you can't hear it. greg: that is unique. rosanna: can you take lulu, i will be sleeping. >> greg: the dogs will be freaking out and the humans can't hear. rosanna: we meet the director of the movie carol. it is a relationship between two women in the 50s and getting a lot of attention. kate blanchette maybe getting an oscar nod. greg: an older woman hooks up with a younger woman. my mom saw it, well, i don't remember what she said about this. have you seen it? >> rosanna: yes. it is kind of interesting out there.
8:48 am
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i like your sunglasses. greg: show everyone your gift. rosanna: thank you for saying facebook. greg: and this one. rosanna: i will have a sun glass thing with nester. thank you, i like them. >> you can return them if you rosanna: thank you. greg: there is a gift receipt.
8:51 am
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