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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tomorrow depending on how things do overnight. watch that. tomorrow could be better. ernie: a lot of people are saying what about me? there are big investors, but what about people who have their money in the market, what should they do? >> the beautiful thing about it, i have a 401(k). you have retirement investments. if you didn't touch them, you didn't lose anything. when you cash out, you have problems. a lot of people see an opportunity like this as an opportunity to buy in when the markets are low. that. >> reporter: it may not be right for you, but the worst thing you can do is start cashing out because you seal in the loss. ernie: that's what everybody worries about. >> reporter: think about it the other way. where are opportunities for me to get cheap stocks or to find good deals? you don't want to panic on a day like this. you're stuck with the losses. can't fix that. ernie: thank you so much for joining us. we're following another top story. tackling new york city's homeless crisis. over the weekend, governor cuomo
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people off the streets when the temperature really drops. now mayor de blasio is responding to the governor's plan. here's lisa evers with an update for us tonight. >> it's not right to leave brothers and sisters on the street corner. it's not right to leave children on the street corners. >> reporter: governor cuomo explained to the 1199 seiu service workers his reasons behind the executive order mandating local agencies statewide to pick up homeless people off the streets, like the ones we saw on fifth avenue, if the temperature drops below 32 degrees. >> when it becomes freezing, literally it's a public health and safety matter. we have to get people in off the streets. to get people in off the streets, you need an outreach effort. >> reporter: mayor de blasio says that's why two years ago, he activated the city's code blue effort. city workers and police take anyone in danger from the
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that process has been beefed up and the number of outreach teams has been doubled. that's not all. >> our homestead effort we announced last week, hundreds of outreach workers will be working constantly to get to homeless folks all over the city, working closely with a new nypd unit that's specially trained. we have the power right now, if someone's in danger, we have the power right now to get them off the streets. >> reporter: the mayor's office says the courts have ruled that forcing people off the streets is illegal. the exception is if their life is in danger, they have the right to take them to the appropriate facility. ernie: thank you for that. here are other headlines. president obama is considering executive action to institute new gun control measures. he met with his attorney general and fbi director to discuss his options. the president is expected to roll out the initiatives over the next several days.
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commissioner bill bratton says 2015 was the safest year in the city's history. overall crime fell by 2% compared to 2014 with the number of shootings down 3%. that's what's happening in the news. joining me is nick gregory. happy new year to you. hope it's a nice one. colder. nick: it's a cold blast. we knew this would happen. tonight will be the coldest night since march 6th of last year. it got down to 12 degrees. ernie: we have been very, very lucky. nick: we have. this will only last 36 hours. then the temperatures will come back up into the upper 40s at the end of the week. as i've been advertising for quite some time, by the time we get to the middle of january, i think it's going to be a more pronounced pattern change. i have seen indications of that starting by the middle of next week. that means the potential for
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which has been absent in november and december time period. 21 is the current temperature. we've been going downhill all afternoon into the early evening. 39, 27 is the average. 66, minus 3 in the records. look at the sunset time. enjoy that little light that's around later in the day. 4:41. that's a positive change. 21 now. dry air, north wind busy, giving digits. 30s for highs. this was earlier in the day. 40 at montauk. 33 sussex. 27 monticello. look at monticello now. 5. 60 in sussex. 21 at islip. 19 at bridgeport. factor in the temperature change, and it is a whopping 15 to 25 degrees colder in a lot of the area from 24 hours ago. gusting 30.
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the windchill values are down there. 5 bridgeport. 15 below in monticello. feeling like 11 as you get down to the jersey shore. there have been a couple of snow showers off to the east. they're in eastern connecticut earlier in the day. you can see they're affecting that area off to the cape. otherwise, this northerly flow drying out as it gets towards us. with high pressure off to the north and west. we'll continue with the northerly flow tonight into tomorrow. that's why we have this brief cold blast. as you'll see in the futurecast, the high is going to shift southward and temperatures will wednesday. 14 out the door. 16 in the city. single digits in the burbs. 26 lunchtime despite a bright and sunny day. 31 will be the high tomorrow afternoon. here's futurecast. watch the high again. down it goes. clear tomorrow with a north wind. then the high shifts south and southeast of us as we go into wednesday and beyond. that will give us a westerly wind shift. that's when the temperatures
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the lower 40s on wednesday. i'm thinking upper 40s later in the week. few clouds tonight but a frigid night. 14 in midtown by morning. four to 10 degrees in the suburbs. windchills about 0. in midtown, 10 below in the colder spots north and west. sunny tomorrow, struggling to get to 32 or so. as you look at the seven-day forecast, bright and sunny wednesday, 42. a little better in the morning. a low of 21. nice day thursday. sun and clouds friday. 47. rain maybe later the night. more rain saturday. 47 then. areas of rain and then cooler on monday. ernie: pretty good. we have a lot to look forward to. nick: a short cold blast. watch middle of next week and beyond. ernie: we'll check it out. thank you. coming up, a lot has been said in this presidential election season and we're doing some political fact checking on the candidates' straight talk. see who's making the grade when it comes to telling the truth.
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live right after the break. coming up tomorrow, we're taking s.a.t.'s. high school students have been hearing about it for months. we'll find out the changes they spring. we'll be back with that and enjoy the music.
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ernie: welcome back to our feature story. you know with the first votes of the presidential campaign about to be cast in iowa, we thought we'd do a little fact checking. the candidates make a lot of claims when they're running for office. but how many are actually true? a guest will join me in just a minute. first, arthur chi'en takes a closer look for us. >> this is amazing. wow. wow. wow! >> reporter: wow is right. trump is in a league of his own, though not a category he wants to own, grabbing all the headlines, he's the one fact checkers are calling out. trump. we rated 77 statements of his and about three-quarters are either mostly false, false or get our worst rating which is pants on fire. >> reporter: angie is the editor of a political fact checking
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say, researching it and rating it for accuracy. grades range from true to half true, false, to pants on fire. from their graph, trump's chart is bottom heavy, not in a good way, towards the pants on fire category. next, ben carson not doing well. bush and rubio, their ratings are better on par with the democratic candidates. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton, how are they ranking? >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are roughly equivalent in their accuracy. they make more accurate statements than inaccurate statements. >> reporter: let's get to the b, a few of the big ones, beginning with mexico sending criminals to the u.s. >> they're bringing drugs, crime, they're rapists. >> there's no evidence to support that. all of the law enforcement authorities we consulted with and the statistics show that people come across the border looking for work and there's no evidence that mexico is sending criminals over. >> reporter: even when trump
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claiming here 81 percent of whites in this country were killed by blacks. >> that's wrong. most whites are murdered by whites. the reason for that is most murder victims are killed by someone they know and that tends to be someone of the same race. >> reporter: for democrats, this hillary clinton statement is the lead citation for them. >> they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> reporter: there is an explanation for why the republicans are bringing up the false statements. >> it's been more raucous. these are candidates that are vying for the presidency. it's a very close race. when you have candidates slugging it out, you tend to see more inaccuracies. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is the clear frontrunner. bernie sanders is a particularly
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we're not seeing a lot of whoppers between the two. >> reporter: not that word? that leads to the final point or peeve. that word. >> whopper? >> reporter: they've been using it to call out candidates who speak falsely. we wanted to know why. sometimes you hear people being called out as liars, but whoppers, i think of burgers. >> people think of intent when you use the word lie. i don't know if that's intent. >> reporter: arthur chi'en, fox 5 news. ernie: all right. quite a story out there. let's continue to talk about it. my guest is political strategist, radio show, christopher hunt. thanks for being here. great topic. this fact checking is a pretty good thing. it wasn't always that way. >> no. now everybody is a fact checker. we have a fact checker in our pocket at all times. somebody wants the stats, we go
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ernie: have you found it's not biased with your experience? >> i don't think it is. i've done some research. hillary clinton's fact checked very often, one of the most often fact checked people running. she's been around the longest. republicans, they're in a battle, a fight, a war, and they're appealing to a small segment of the population. when they have disdain for the media, you can say more extreme things that may not be true. you could always say well the media, you can't believe them if they're saying i'm lying. ernie: it's interesting. if they know they're going to be checked out, you say why would first place? as you're pointing out, you make an outrageous thing, you made your point and then you can blame someone for it. >> it's a narrow audience. that narrow audience does not trust the media, especially on the -- ernie: how far is this going? we have a whole campaign ahead
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is this going to get wilder, crazier? >> no. i think it slows down as we get closer to november and the voter -- the electorate expands. now you have independents who are doing their own fact checking with their cell phones. you'll have to start telling the truth. when it's just mono y mono, everyone will be calling you out. ernie: they have to be closer to areful closer to the end of the campaign. >> trump won't be near 1600 pennsylvania avenue next january. ernie: if we had more time to talk, it would be interesting. i want you to come back. >> anytime you want. ernie: you're terrific. thanks for joining us. >> we welcomed in a new year. i have a question for you. check it out. >> do you say 2016 or 2,016 and why?
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we've got terrific shows coming up. on wednesday, we're talking about billion dollar donations. rich moguls giving away their fortune to charity. on thursday, nostalgia in style. from movies to fashion, why anything is retro is hotter than ever. it's all new at 6:00. it's news you can use. we're coming back with russ and
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there' s a place online where you always get more than you pay for. brands you love, at prices that work for you... anytime. maxx life! shop ernie: news about the giants. tom coughlin is out. russ is here. not really a big surprise? russ: not a surprise, but
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know him well, it's -- tom said himself, issued a statement, it's not a sad day. he's right. because a sad day is when somebody dies. it was a sad day in september when yogi passed away. it is an emotional day. he's a terrific head coach. 12 years. only exceeded by steve owens and two super bowl titles. it's a heck of a resume. ernie: you're close to both sides, if you want to call them that. do you think tom has been time? russ: i'll tell you what, it had to be on his mind the past month with all the speculation and the losing. but i will say this, i was on the field yesterday roughly 12:30, a half hour prior to the game.
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giants chaplain and tom's wife. and -- ernie: what'd they say? russ: she said i told him i don't want to read or hear about it. i just want to know. i'm telling you, yesterday the deal was. ernie: didn't know. what do you think of the decision, by the way? russ: i don't get a vote. if i had a vote, he'd still be the head coach. way. russ: i don't get a vote. i can tell you the giants' brass, john was as tormented as anybody over having to make this decision. but that's what comes with the territory. ernie: let me ask you what happens now? who would be replacing him and what changes would you expect? russ: the biggest change needed with the giants is personnel. trust me when i tell you this. the owners know that. the general manager knows it. they need better personnel. if they had better personnel, we wouldn't be sitting here today discussing this story.
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be the coach? i really don't know. ernie: i think you want to see a pro guy more than a college coach. russ: i don't want a college guy. a lot of college guys think they walk on water. maybe that's -- i shouldn't generalize everybody. ernie: you can say it. russ: but it's a lot easier telling a kid what to do than it is telling a pro what to do. tom coughlin knew how to do that. the defensive coordinator has been here two years. he's highly thought of. if you bring in somebody new, what happens to the coordinators? what happens to the rest of the staff? are you going to rip apart everything? i don't think that needs to be done. this is a very difficult decision. it's not easy. ernie: let's see what happens. we have a lot of respect for coach tom coughlin. russ: his goodbye will be tomorrow at the training facility. ernie: we'll hear about that. thank you. all right, sir. it is a new year.
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ernie: thanks for watching the news at 6:00. now you can connect with me on facebook. go to anastos. check it out. you can answer my daily positive questions. go to anastos. all right.
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what do you say, 2016 or 2,016. >> 2016. ernie: tell me why. >> it's easier to say. ernie: do you find most people say it that way? >> i think so. ernie: what do you say? >> 2016. ernie: 2016. why do you like that? >> i guess -- i don't know. it's something that i'm used to. ernie: quick. >> something i'm used to. ernie: were you always saying that? did you say 2001? >> yes. out of habit. >> 2016. ernie: is it just easier? >> it is for me. ernie: not as long -- >> i'm old. i'm old. i can remember it easier. >> 2016 sounds cooler. ernie: a little more hip. is it? >> a little more hip. a little more social media. ernie: 2016. >> exactly. you're like 2016! has a ring to it. ernie: a little ring to it. >> 2,016 is like 2,016.
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punch as 2016. >> yes. >> i think i wrote 2015 on my -- ernie: you haven't changed over. >> that's how bad i am. >> i think 2,016 sounds fine and i hope it is fine and great for everybody. ernie: we do, too. >> for a healthy and happy new year and peace on earth. ernie: whatever we call it, very good. thank you. bye-bye. well said. happy new year to you. that's it for you. thank you for joining us. for all of us, i'm ernie anastos. thank you for being a part of our broadcast. have a great night and we'll see you again tomorrow. speaking of the digits, tonight is pretty cold. nick: going down to 14 in the city. >> be careful out there. nick: i was going to say 16. ernie: you don't say 2016?
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