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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 5, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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"chasing news" seven cleaning the house the morning of december 13 no one has heard from the sense. searching high yellow for john. >> the police director got a side job as the interim chief for the police department in pennsylvania. how can he do both? what said he has a full-time police director.
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>> kelly fernandez saw john the a the house december 30 nobody has heard from since. the family has been searching high and low since they found his in a parking lot. >> we both went out to look for my brothers director location and services that really works. you could find his? >> off the side of the road. >> and setting up huckabee and posted her laundry room with a map of the wall. all the places they have searched the north end of the county and the middletown police have been
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helicopter and police dogs. >> and with those secret hiding spots. the text did all day. >> that is amazing. but the middletown police detective you can always reach out to us and we will forward your message along. >> getting with his background with drugs or until this the police tried to go on? >> he but did he was a lot of college takes blood dash aged kids and was not thrilled by himself but at the same token sheet and see
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not go into details about the note but i reached out to the police to have sped helpful but they have not gone back. >> a college to was missing four weeks and was found dead in the hudson river. he left did not believe that is a good side maybe he just needed some time. >> that is the message. all is forgiven. nothing is wrong and i did nothing happened. just come home. >> to be entitled he made returning to school after break. >> but missing christmas the end new year's?
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i feet that would be his state of mind. >> he did not -- it would not go into details. >> keep us posted. >> if that the first you don't succeed. when police pulled him over there rand is leeson's he also had dealt the york license suspended 88 times after he failed to pay tickets after 25 times. spee been breaking into a subway sandwich shop on sunday. but say he is not a smooth
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finally is able to take some money from the register. >> a world with the couple of days. i was on set for the taping for herb video. so what happens when you get booted from "american idol"? what is inside her heart to breaking dirty. civic get past it. i feel like i could not do that yet. i have to be honest i needed closure. >> eppley stricter gun aside job as the interim chief for the police apart bit and pennsylvania. that is about two hours away
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apart. so questions have been i asked how can he do both? one of the councilman said one needs a full-time police director. i cover the tragedy in 2014. who was shot down while riding her scooter there is a rage. there was a total of 26 murders and 70 murders in 2015. with a serious crime issues i get to headquarters and spoke to the director. >> between the two places harewood going back beyond puns on the streets of importing heroin on the streets.
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because then be taken some intelligence. >> he is a high level expert when it comes to fighting the war on drugs. >> with the undercover operations with the import/export companies. >> and with the colombian cartel with the infamous cocaine kingpin pablo escobar. in the video you actually see part of the crew refueling the plane. >> with the air strips in the middle of the jungle i would have a colombian cartel played flying in and then smuggling into the united states. they would give them the cocaine and as they get away
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this is like the real deal. for you scared? >> you are riding on pure adrenalin spee becky showed me a picture of the truck in manhattan bloated with borough bridge and had them koch and was not detected as working undercover. he had worked with these drug dealers but actually they are wearing are bodysuits and selling millions and millions of dollars of cocaine brings it into the united states. he has been entrusted with secret service. you can even see him coming off the plate at jfk he has been with high-level officials even by hollywood. he was in the movie opposite richard gere. >> it doesn't sound like anybody in paterson is
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or skill set or experience. but according to every article i have read he is putting in the hours as full-time -- full time. it is not that he is working to jobs effectively. [laughter] >> every civilians thinks they are an expert in law-enforcement but they are not. he is an expert when it comes to fighting drugs and has explained the difference between a legal guns and illegal drugs. sharing intelligence can help fight crime. >> of man who can walk down the street and noticed the and in venezuela he may be locked. >> growing up in the streets of philadelphia playing professional basketball that
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here. this site was a difference and reread to hit its high school. >> you may know that cozened kobe bryant. we were all playing. >> are you related? he is 77. >> his son is kobe bryant. >> one of the biggest stars of the last 20 years. >> with the venezuela basketball team. >> the previous it is a third world country.
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has a dark side. >> he is very of bullhorn -- tumbled because of who she is. >> but what could happen? he could walk down the street with a cell phone. that is weird anyway. >> the president is a dictator. in latin america playing for the international team. they want to prevent him from spreading what is going on. >> and they do keep that low-key. >> i hope he is on here sometime soon. >> governor christie is gaining traction on the campaign trail because he called the president '' a petulant child" to. because quite frankly the
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rejected his agenda by turning the house and the senate over to the republicans and going from 21 governors of but 31 republican governors now he wants to be kidding. >> keyes said he is still finalizing plans for the executive order and having a town hall with the issue on thursday. >> sitting in his mother's home catching up on a pile of christmas mail inside he found threats. >> what do you say about a public servant that doesn't check their mail since october? >> how often do you check your mail? >> i am not the mayor of
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>> donald trump has a couple of videos. seen on monday when of a terrorist organization
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address that issue. i bring it up because frankly it is true. in dallas people are getting involved. >> now sitting in his mother's home in the work catching up on christmas mail that was stacked up while he was a way for the holidays. his mother was getting on him to open it up. inside defilement a threat it is cited second letter he found more. he called the police say and they are investigating. at a press conference earlier today it did not spread -- threaten him but his family. >> i am concerned but it
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postmarked sometime in october but only discovered this weekend. that was not the reason he had a press conference earlier today. number-one the lieutenant was identified as the new police chief and will take over this summer after the courage she retires. but the mayor said he would put a civilian in charge of the internal disk -- and internal affairs unit to increase the public's trust and for transparency. >> what about a public servant that doesn't check their mail since october? it seems outrages this could happen. >> that maybe somebody else? >> now what did you check your mail? >> i am not the mayor of new works.
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ignored and there is no threat during this time so how do we know that there is a threat that some kid did not drop off? vitter if there is no evidence or account that these include any threat of terrorism.o\ what the law says if you threaten somebody it is a terroristic threats and that is where it is getting messed up. the mayor didn't want to use -- to answer many questions because it is under investigation. was this a prank or something serious? >> the flip side having the security in place already. >> what is the plan now? how does he plan to keep newark safe now that he has had threats? >> part of what he talked about in addition to the reforms he was to redress illegal guns that are still flooding into new york --
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have a massive jobs plan to factors that teach them to turn to crime. >> a friend of the show on the front page today selling his wares. he makes kindles he was promoting his message of peace when he got back to trenton, he is like a one-man show tried to get these people to pay attention in his new venture is to get suits donated. >> 50 families were forced to move by the county. >> baker's cannot be juicers. they have to pay their zero
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that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> and updates from last week to 50 families living in the starlight motel that are forced to do moved to live in a ymca in the work for crime that the family last week living in a motel for a month just getting their seats on the ground will make life hell does
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children and will continue to attend hudson county schools but living 10 miles away. i called again today to talk about the concerns. >> it is like a yo-yo to go back and forth. just trying to get settled. >> it looks like the residents had one more night as a group of pastors put their foot down in a letter said no one is moving and held the concerns are heard i spoke to the communications director via telephone. >> they are tossing them over to essex county. >> is the monetary? who is benefiting from this? because of the conditions at the motel. >> they have called this dirty and dangerous in general not a safe place to
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are they discussing? >> now. >> the ymca is the total opposite and more disgusting there and the accommodations your is a regular hotel. >> tuesday afternoon is the meeting. >> and do work repeatedly makes the top 10 worst cities. jersey city continues to go down. and to be in that vicinity in general. but beggars can't be choosers if they want to do that then stand on their own to pay their own revenge like everybody else who do not rely on help. >> except for you continually get uprooted it
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>> strippers are busted. customers romped. >> inside the strip club. what really happened when you get kicked out from "american idol"?
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