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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  January 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news" , this is "good day wake up". temperatures are on the rise. juliet: temperatures rise as we get closer to 40 as we get closer to 40 degrees today. it will be beach weather! mike has the forecast. ben: we are following a developing story out of asia. north korea claims they have successfully conducted a hydrogen bomb test . if so, it's a brief breach of un resolution. governor cuomo looking to do a major overhaul at penn
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hopefully this will improve your commute and make it more pleasant. we will have a live report from teresa.not that teresa . robert moses is on transportation. ben: we are talking about pushing half 1 billion. i'm looking at the list and people are in the studio and someone is not on here. ines bought the tickets. . she is taking a stand for people who say they are in . ines: know, negativity.
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juliet: i did not have four dollars. i am not in. ben: i did not know you are so hard up . i don't carry cash. juliet: ,i am a girl and i don't carry cash. why is everyone laughing? ben: i got three hours. i got up at 3:00 and went to bed at 1140 at 3:00 and went to bed at 11:40 pm. literally . ben: he is more like two hours, if he is lucky . juliet: hi, michael. mike: it's not like yesterday. let's compare. we talked about 29 degrees and that's well below normal. normal is 38 and 72 for the record highs. that is not happening.
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temperature and yet sunny skies coming to you. if you're heading out to or the train stop , it's a very cold start. the morning temperature is around 42 degrees and we have 25 right now still dropping at 21 at newark and seven in sussex. winds are calm at this hour in the skies are clear looking like sunshine today with a high going up to 40. where is the ring? it's coming to you.the rain we need is coming. it's cold but not as cold as yesterday. i don't know about that. let's talk about the commute. no problems in putnam county. if you are driving in new jersey, 78 and 280 is not a bad option.
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check in on staten island. it's looking good eastbound. no delays towards the bridge. you are fine on the westbound side. lincoln, holland and all three are running fine . thank you , ines. juliet: the is reacting with outrage after north korea claims it tested a hydrogen bomb. they said it was likely just an atomic mom. jackie has the story . reporter: bombshell announcement. it claimed it tested a hydrogen weapon putting it one step closer to being in nuclear power. the government says the bomb would only be used for defense.
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suspension nor a nuclear dismantlement. unless the us rose back its policy towards north korea. kim jong on signed in order authorizing the test. seismic activity was detected near a site . it would be the fourth tested sense 2006. it's a major threat to the nation. it cannot be tolerated and we condemn this act . nations around the world now react . the test puts korea under more prudently and opens it up to more sanctions. it's a complete violation and a serious challenge to
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reporter: they can't confirm that the white house will continue to protect and defend its allies in the region. your commute will be better if governor cuomo has its way. robert moses is live with changes. we have heard this before . robert: the project to be announced today is a long stalled one. the governor is hoping to get it off the ground. i have been traveling to penn station for about as long as i have had and it has needed an overhaul.
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, dank and dumpy. governor cuomo announced plans to change it.the wall street journal says he was unveiled the stalled project. the proposal is the client waiting area and penn station cost eight avenue into a new sweeping hallway into what's now a farley post office.that helps alleviate some of the crowding inside. he wants the new building to have better passenger flows. this comes one day after the governor built long island to announce plans to expand . cuomo wants to add a third track . it's a cost of at least 1 billion. >> the answer is not to get more people in cars in creating more traffic that
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transportation system. some who live in the area i want no part of it . doctor roshini rajapaks it will disrupt our businesses and spots. it would be a nightmare. cuomo has made large projects a centerpiece of his administration. constructions of the new bridge connecting westchester is already underway. the governor has announced plans to overhaul he and wards of commuters are station. >> one of the immediate advantages is that commuters will be able to exit penn station on the avenue. doctor roshini rajapaks . robert: the doors on each
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other side will alleviate crowds and maybe there is some other dining options. that is the latest. back to you, juliet . juliet: let's hope this happens and it's beautiful. we can dream. the city says it's working to improve conditions at homeless shelters. the mayor outlined a problem that will identify and fix problems. the plan is threefold. the problems will be identified by inspect yours and a new resident hotline. the ability to fix them using rapid program to increase maintenance and capital funding. there is a third part ensuring that they are complete i allowing the coalition for the homeless to monitor these plans. ben: city employees
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minimum wage to raise two $15 an hour . some make 1115 hours so it's quite a boost. this will cover 50,000 people. juliet: will you do if you win? i will give some to charity and pay off some debt. ben: what is the funding will do? juliet: off the debt would be the fun thing. ben: would you come back to work? at this hour? juliet: maybe not every day. i went.i would come in
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ben: it's 450 million. teresa is following the story in queens. she dreams about winning and we all do. juliet: the trips that we would take and the things that we would do. the dinners that we would eat and the wine that we would drink . theresa: it would be amazing! i talked to the clerk inside of the store in forest hills and he says p.m., 300 people came in to buy tickets . apparently the fever is sweeping the area. the sign says 450 million and it's nearly half 1 billion . the number could climb. this happens to be the largest jackpot since last february and the sixth largest in powerball history. how do we get here?17
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there has been the winning jackpot so we arrive at 450 million. this is how works you pick six and if you get all of them you get the big jackpot. it's pretty cut and dry. the odds are not in your favor .it's a one and 200 and if you do , your lump sum will be 275 million. you have a much better shot. the odds are not with you. if you win, be nice to those who love you.if you joined a pool , write down the rules. things get hairy when there is lots of money at stake.
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what's the cash value? theresa: $270 million. ben: you will end up with about 60. we are calculating here. teresa, go back and then warm up . b3 11 million a piece . juliet: donald trump is questioning the qualifications to be president. find out what it has to do with canada. juliet: we are shiny and happy people . we are happy! ben: we are off to a chilly start. mike: 25 degrees is the temperature. we will see sunshine out there and it's sunny. winds are not as cold in that this hour we are reporting more on the weather at .
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ben: we have not had actual snow but we have had frigid cold .
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peter in warwick new york. they are thankful for the cold weather and skiers are . >> it's great . we had to get back in the snow. we are excited we came in to see the snow and it's out here. we have been so warm. >> they are celebrating the 80th anniversary. it always resort in the art . one of the day we will do this every wednesday and today's word is puerile . juliet: we act a little bit puerile. it means childish or trivial. ben: we do . puerile who chose that? juliet: who chose that? fred . ben: good job, fred . i think fred is right on
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juliet: happy hump day! mike: off to a cold start and look at the duke . humidity is down to 50 percent and it's only the last few days i started using the humidifier. the is so dry and the wind is calm. we look at another cold start to the day . 70 degrees in albany and boston is at 21 there. same thing in philly. before all is said and done, we have a clear sky and received sunshine out there with high pressure and control is the cold front is in control. this is the area of low pressure that will gather more moisture and brass and some showers by the time we get into the weekend. it still looking good with sunny skies and the temperatures are warmer
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lot. high temperatures of 40 degrees and we have a high of 43 tomorrow. if you clouds make a comeback. sunday looks to be wet , at this point in time. let's get you over to ines. there is a stall by the exit that's blocking but the new jersey commute is doing fine. let's look at the commute. on staten island, no cars on the expressway. on the alexander hamilton let's go to the camera. the mayor there it is. juliet , back to you.
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on gun control . >> everything i think about those kids gets me mad. speaking about debts of the children at sandy hook he wiped a tear from his eye . the new rules taking control and background checks for people buying guns at a gun show.the new measure expands access to mental health care. the new laws the president need to enforce the existing ones. they blame congress as a way to blame the guns. this is a way to put your money where your mouth is . he is obsessed with undermining the second amendment. he is obsessed with it and it will do nothing. obama's noble word have not prevented the slaughters of the first readers or workers
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trott brought up the issue of obama's birth and his doing it's to a fellow republican. he called into question the birth of ted cruz. he was born in canada but he had a american mother so he was a citizens of both place. the fact that he has two passports could be very precarious and it could take a court decision to determine if he is eligible. this comes as crews have moved ahead of the polls. crews responded to trump with this street . the famous jumping the shark moment from happy days. now it means someone has gone off the rails. the music is awesome.
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glories of the past. winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. wegmans is recalling 1100 pounds of chicken because they haven't been inspected. they include one pound packages of italian chicken breasts cutlets. that's a use by date january 24 .
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be used by january 15. return packages garlic final and 27482. with a use date by january 14. b3 . ben: have you been to wegmans? it's great . i love it. i like chick-fil-a. the restaurant has reopened. it closed for nearly a week to correct the violations found by health inspector restaurant would've gotten rc which is like a death sentence in the city . those violations are fruit flies ends being stored improperly. everything has now been
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will be back to make sure. the company promises to keep your brain healthy. the brain training game will pay 2 million to settle allegations that it misled customers about the cognitive benefits of its online apps and programs. they suggest playing the game could boost medical conditions like dementia. twitter is thinking big with its character when it thing of the past. they are toying with allowing you to to messages of two $10,000. ben: it's a change that's made to the direct messaging feature. the new limit could take effect early this year. it would be a nightmare.
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from fox 5, this is "good day wake up".mike woods says it will be warmer . we will take that. how long? developing story . google logo says they conducted a hydrogen bomb test. this violates un resolutions. juliet: police need your help to catch a man.
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tonight to begin the final season. it's a pop culture good morning. i am ben simmoneau p8 . juliet: i am juliet huddy . how much longer do you have to wear that? the doctor will give me the verdict of that point. it could be two more weeks after that. tell me about it. mike: temperatures are freezing. 32 degrees in allentown and 29 out in central park on newark and montauk.
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in the tri-state region with winds down . those are the temperatures from yesterday. 21 newark and clear skies. we'll see another sunny day but it will be a lot warmer than yesterday. we start off from the lunch money and we end up at 40s for the highs. over the weekend and gets warmer but a lot more wet . let's bring in ines . ines: watch out for an accident on the major closing the ramps up down . let's go to the cameras on long island. no problems westbound and is bound let's go to the camera . no speed restrictions and
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wendy , you will go near grand central in the close to laguardia. ben: thank you , ines. a defiant north korea says it detonated a hydrogen bomb. this came after kim john on authorized the test. we have the latest on this. it seems strange. this. good morning to you. the announcement but that region on age. china and australia condemned the issue. they say it but someone step closer to be a nuclear power but they say the bomb would only be used for defense. this came after seismic city came near the site but that could not be confirmed by outside sources. this would be the fourth
5:33 am
if confirmed this opens them up to more sanctions. we condemn this act and it cannot be tolerated. >> it's a complete violation of security council resolution. it's a serious threat to world security. the un has called for an emergency meeting. the us says they are monitoring the situation. the blast was probably not a hydrogen bomb because the explosive yield was too low but they believe it was a small atomic tom but either way, it opens north korea up to more scrutiny. ben: thank you, cary. a man attacked a deli
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christmas eve inside the bodega on east on e. tremont avenue the man was bumped into by the suspect in the got into an argument. the suspect ran from the scene and the victim was not seriously hurt . if you have seen the suspect please call crime stoppers at one 800 577 tip . steve israel says he will not seek reelection. the democrat announced his pending retirement saying it's time to pursue other interests like writing a novel on the gun lobby. israel was elected to the house in 2001 and he serves as the chair of policy and pelosi. ben: if you are feeling lucky, you might want to buy a powerball ticket . juliet: the jack is big at 450 million. you don't have a chance of
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teresa tells us how you can improve your chances. improve? just buy a ticket. that would improve it . we're not going to win but we could think about it. i have already spent 450 million and have not won the jackpot . i did i my tickets . here they are i spent $10 and i'm hoping it turns into 450 million. it's 300 people coming inside to buy the powerball. it goes to show you that the powerball fever is sweeping through queens and this is the largest track last february. it's the sixth-largest and powerball history. it happens to be a lot of
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if you take the pretax cash payout you received 275 million. the odds are not in your favor. you have a one in 292 million chance of winning . if you are going to try it i promise you that it may help you out. this is from the lottery website. the most common number is seven number 20 has been chosen 75 times . it's chosen more often than any powerball numbers. 42 and 35 happens to be the luckiest numbers. if you are someone who is feeling lucky maybe they will help you out. gods aren't in your favor but if you win , remember you have a friend .
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>> what would happen what with the probability be of all those numbers coming up? theresa: i have a c and probability and statistics. juliet: you have a one and 292 you have a one and 292 million . i would think there is 292 combinations. it's too early in the morning . ben: today is last day to see the christmas tree. bo and i went over to see it and you were impressed. they need to make them tolerant. i don't how tall you want to be. it's a norway spruce and it will be let into it:00 tonight and that's it . >> this is new york city
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>> pay attention juliet says it's not good enough. it's been lit every year since 1933 and it will return on wednesday after thanksgiving. that's when they light it . >> i did not have an issue with the size but i thought it looked shaggy. . >> it's a little bit limp and we be. good morning. mike: let's move
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that pushes us forward . that gives us the averages for this month. the high is 38.3 degrees. the average snowfall is seven inches of snow. we have gotten the flakes but that's it . we have a pretty good rain coming through this weekend. 21 in new york and 17 in bridgeport. the winds are light and variable and the winds are calm at this hour with a clear sky. that's what we'll see throughout the day with sunny skies coming to you in the high temperature at 40 degrees. the wind is out of here and the rain comes in on . don't forget the weather that will track the weather .download it on google
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that's and ines. . long island is checking on you . let's go to the cameras and take a look out side at the committee . ines: if you are driving into the city tunnel is moving good . no delays there towards the toll plaza moving fine and that's the same for the holland and the george washington. things are moving at the speed limit past dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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juliet: checking out your headlines, strange goings on in north korea. they say they tested a hydrogen bomb. they have called for a meeting in the us has not confirmed the test but they says it is monitoring the situation. they will unveil plans to restart the project according to the wall street journal. this proposal most amtrak area across eighth avenue into a new sweeping hallway. it's the old farley post office. bill de blasio will announce plans to raise the
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workers to $15 an hour. some of the workers now make 1150 an hour. the mayor's office says this will cover 50,000 and duke is here now with a look at sports . duke: the next are down in atlanta. let's pick it up quarter. the rookie will drive and hit the top shot. he will follow their and they are up to play. in the fourth the next are up for and he gets the board. he is followed and he takes the steps to make it separated. carmelo anthony comes running to the rookie and they issued a technical foul. under 36 and the next are up . the next went on the road at 107/101 . the rangers are hosting the conference at the garden.
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breakaway. it will get his own rebound and it's a of the season. later in the three the rangers are up 5/2.jason called up from the american league in hartford. he already has an assist. 6/2. three assist in this game. mike piazza could get a call from the hall of name. the results of the building will be announced at 6:00 name. the results of the building will be announced at 6:00 pm tonight . he finished 28 short .he has been reported 87 percent of the ballots so far. ken griffey junior has been named and sherlock is the all-time leader in home runs. 396 of the 420 that he hit in that position. eight years with the men
5:45 am
hall of famer. tom coughlin gave his conference two minutes early. >> he thanked the players and the 69-year-old says he might not be done coaching. he says coaching the giants was a dream come true. >> it's been an honor and a privilege to be a 16th head coach of the new york giants. it's something you only dream about as a kid . there is no way could possibly happen so for me to stand here , at the conclusion of a term it's quite an awesome experience. he had his quarterback in tears. coughlin has a nice word for
5:46 am
it's a message. it's not eli's fault listen. >> many wonder while he was gone. >> we win in this together. we lose i lose. >> when we went , i went. >> it's a very emotional eli manning. tom coughlin speech was good . the question now is who will the new head coach be. there's a lot of different ways you can win. we were comfortable with tom but the next guy does he have to be the same? no . age is not a factor. a line from georgia long time ago it's energy level.
5:47 am
tom. when they were talking about age they were talking about him. i was there at the press conference and it was impressive. duke: he started the conference early , as you would expect. his first rule was , you have to be early. >> five minutes forward. i covered his first press conference as a young reporter and i thought about how much he is changed. it's without question. ben: guys really love him . duke: yes. ben: it's cold but it's not that cold. thank you, duke. mike: it's not as cold as yesterday.
5:48 am
that will not be easy. here is what we have. we have sunshine coming to you and once we get beyond 7:20 am, it's a cold start in the wind is calm . the winds will be around 20 degrees. here are the temperatures in the area. 27 degrees in the bronx. 17 and you shall and it's a big drop there. 10 degrees in bedford. it's a mainly clear sky with sunshine coming up near high pressure in control and not much going on. clouds are not going to be a problem. tomorrow we make it up to 43 degrees and we will be getting rainfall and not snow. it does look like quite a bit of rain on sunday. let's ring and ines . let's see if we have the
5:49 am
>> 84 and 684 looking good through yorktown heights. it's just a normal delays building and its sluggish a little bit by queens boulevard. truck 109 approaching group 40. you can see the centerlines blocked and there is an accident with police activity so there is delays coming off the bridge. lincoln and holland and the approach is okay crossing the upper level. trains are running on are close to schedule and the rules are in effect.
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band .
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weather. >> it's been going on. thank you and it's good to be back. time for tonight it's the night where american idol returns for its 15th and final season. it turned out so many superstars like philip phillips and carrie underwood. the very last one will be passed judges with jennifer lopez and keith urban before they vote for the earth winner. explaining what they are looking for this season . >> we put a lot of faith to improve greatly over the course of the season. that does not happen as much as you would like to see so we are trying to pick people that are more ready to go out of the gate. the interesting thing about idol is that it's the first of its kind. it has tinkered with the
5:54 am
now he realized that it has it has gotten back . got back to the heart of what idol is . juliet: the two night premiere kicks off at 8:00 tonight here on fox 5. so many people try to get tickets to hamilton. the system crashed. this is after 50,000 entries were submitted to the lottery site . no one wanted one the 21 tickets. they had one and they said they would not honor any to be fair to everyone. hamilton is back to holding a live lottery outside the shows theater until it resolves the issue they moved to online because it was a crowd control problem. now they are there temporarily.
5:55 am
2017. the show and after season six but has not made an official announcement. adam is in star wars. >> that is adam driver. >> shoshana is moving and marty is getting ready to get married. i do enjoy that show . >> i will be sad that idol is leaving. it's been a long run. it got really good.>> it had some bumpy years. . >> i am excited for the final season. whoever wins this one people will remember this one. >> we are sad to see
5:56 am
we have more still to come. we will see you after the break . >> no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to
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