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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 6, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> we're probably rosanna: i am so happy it is not as cold as yesterday. yesterday was freezing. do you agree or disagree? greg: it was cold. rosanna: the weather does not bother you. greg: we are right across the street from the united nations. i lived here for a year and a half. i loved it. needs. located right there in the town.
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what is that area called? he is a former un secretary-general. north korea blew them up. potentially a hydrogen bomb. rosanna: it is a bomb. they felt something going on in south korea. not happy. greg: there is a difference. we have known they have had nukes for a long time. thousands of times more powerful than an atomic bomb. rosanna: they will meet. it will be an emergency session. what they will say, i do not know. does it send home any message to the leader of north hurry up?
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he hacked everyone's e-mail address. james franco, seth rogen. great stuff. rosanna: powerball right now. if you have $2 a dream, you may want to think about the powerball. 450 million. the thing is, i think your chances of winning are one in, i don't know, 250 million. you may get hit by lightning first. by the time you get the money, it is 155 million. that is a lot of money that just kind of disappeared.
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we are in the office pool. won the lottery? >> go to a remote island and just relax. >> how long would you stay on that remote island? >> maybe about a month. [laughter] >> i would buy an island. >> the craziest things. probably go on a yacht around the world. everything. who remembers that movie?
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would just sit around. [laughter] rosanna: without any worries. greg: i would just hang out. i went to an island. i got bored. it was maybe four days. keep in mind, if you win the lottery, back in the early 2000, he won a couple hundred million dollars. you thought that he'd never had it so good. all kinds of trouble followed him. people stole money from him. he lost a lot of money. people try to take advantage of him. you know, i quite frankly feel a little bit like a child when i play the lottery.
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doing it at work. rosanna: i think he won $314 million. greg: what happened to him? rosanna: he had a lot of legal and personal problems after that. he got mixed up with an 18-year-old girl. should not be dating somebody that young. took advantage of him. rosanna: somebody else was found dead on his property. one problem after another. i think his granddaughter died. greg: he had addiction issues. if you win the lottery, it does not necessarily mean your life is on easy street. money can enhance whatever problems you are to have. rosanna: we would like to see that and spread the wealth around. it seems like they are on death
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look at donna trump. he is a billionaire. greg: it is very conceivable. rosanna, we were there the day that he declared. rosanna: a lot of excitement the day that he declared. the mainstream media was like this. they put his picture up as a clown. look who is leading the polls. greg: we're not saying we endorse or do not endorse, but something huge. that political history may have it may have been in the process of being made. could it be global history?
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all of that -- greg: i think that barack obama is a muslim. he corrected a woman. no, he is not. he is a good man. president obama is a muslim. >> who would make this deal. >> i did not say it. i did not say it. i refuse. who was the man that said that? how dare you. now, the press cannot be angry. >> going after the candidate.
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rewriting the world of politics. he spent no money campaigning. rosanna: yesterday, the washington post did a huge part. political correctness has gone too far. try telling that to the vice president of hr. the caucuses are a few weeks from now. greg: during christmas, we had a secret santa campaign. rosanna: you did a nice job this year. you really did. you went out of your way. it was perfect. everybody left happy. everyone got nice gifts.
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the united federation. i was touched. i was thrilled. did you return any of the gifts that you got? how about the tie that i gave you? greg: you have seen me. i wore that they. rosanna: the jury is out on this. i like them. i like them a lot. anyway. those are substantial sunglasses. i told you. gucci. all right, mike woods. rosanna: i like them a lot. i had some people afterwards say that they are too big for your face.
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know. you have to go to a certain place to return it. mike: all right. somebody did very well. broken. mike: that is okay. i will bring it back. today. starting to feel like it have wise. today. thirty is the normal high. we are pretty close to normal. 72 degrees. we will be well away from that. thirty out at central park. a sunny sky coming to you. throughout the northeast. our temperatures are pretty much normal for this time of year. for 25 in philly.
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anyhow, we have a clear sky. high-pressure and control. things are looking good. nice and quiet. that is over florida. nothing going on here. this is our next weather maker. by the time it gets here, it looks like they will have wet weather. rain coming at us here. that takes a wild that happened. we will see mainly sunny skies through the day today. even into tomorrow. same basic story. as we had in towards friday, that is and we have even more cloud cover coming into the area. the rain still holds off till we get to saturday and sunday. high temperature getting up to 40 degrees later this afternoon. as you go through the next seven days, a high of 40 today. forty-three tomorrow.
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partly cloudy skies. a few showers on friday and saturday. could be an inch to an inch and a half of rainfall. drying off after that. drier skies and cooler temperatures. also a little breezy at the same time. greg: thank you very much. law and order. you cannot turn on television without seeing an episode at any time of day. greg: a big reason why that show is so successful. rosanna: the district attorney there. greg: all right. that is history. he is in a new movie called anesthesia. he is joined by the director. we have tim blake nelson. rosanna: the producer. the direct dare. a star and anesthesia.
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producers. greg: working well for this project. what is it about? >> it is about love and death. the whole thing. rosanna: you go to the hospital and you do to anesthesia. >> the various ways that we cope . rosanna: exactly. the movie starts off a little startling. i do not know how much you want to say. i know sometimes we get very nervous about spoiling anything. to want to lead us through what the movie is about? >> i've been living in new york for about 25 years. i wanted to make that film that was a portrait of this city that i love.
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talking about present term? >> i waited 25 years. i thought i knew new york well enough to write a movie about it. it is a mugging. a character gets mugged. rosanna: any events? >> the events that lead up to it and follow it. greg: where are you getting mugged? >> on the streets. >> i want to talk. >> well, -- >> my life has been incredibly forthcoming.
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i have spent my life building. i want to see for myself. >> it is heavy, but it is beautiful. >> he centers that. he is the center of the events. >> like the movie crash pad. it all comes together. would you say that? >> i think that it is all day. part of what makes it so special. it is an original salem. it came out of his thinking. you know, it is a challenge. taking a look at it and see if it describes our allies. >> you produced it.
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that is fantastic. i am just curious. about 25 years. you came from oklahoma. new york was a different place. are we better off than we were in 1990? less interesting? more interesting? >> i know that everyone says that. i think that it is absolutely true. there are statistics to prove it. not only in new york, but all over the country. obviously, we are undergoing a technological revolution. that is incredibly impactful. we are so densely packed up against one another. you can almost feel the energy going from device to device. the movie is very concerned with that. i noticed everyone on the subway
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i have a fear it is taking away from each other. i sell on sixth avenue on friday night, we could do this on video on demand as well. >> yes. i miss seeing you in the newsroom. however, i am enjoying you. that is the funniest show ever. >> we are having so much fun. is your wife james bond? it is the most hysterical thing. you will smile from ear to ear. what is it like working on the show? >> we laugh all the time. is this season coming back? >> oh, yeah. an interesting movie project.
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greg: this is it. farewell to "american idol." some of the original members of >> no more "american idol" after this season. i love it. it brought people together. rosanna: the person that held it together was ryan seacrest. now a household name. started in 2003, 2004. now, he is part of the fabric of america. he feels a little wistful now that "american idol" is in its farewell season. >> i am conflicted because i love it so much. i know that it is going to end. i have to fully convince myself that this will be the last time that i do it. rosanna: i need something to do
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i remember when it first started. people would run home. destination tv. they wanted to go home with their family. i have to say, the original panel, we did not really know each other at all. i had never heard of simon. i had heard of paula. we all got to work on the first day. we laughed so much about what we were doing and to we all were. we knew that we would have a good time. >> america kind of knew you. america did not really know me. greg: you are a stranger. it is a personal journey for you. >> i remember being so excited to get the job.
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we are in that business. all of a sudden, you picture, that never happened. it is amazing. >> i have a great day. this is really transformational. >> season two i knew that this was transformational. i was not sure how long it was going to last. some momentum in my life and career. rosanna: another radio show. the car -- ian show. stuff like that. >> it is the engine that has done so much for me. i was so nervous. i convinced in the audition that i could do it. i had never really done it. >> you could never tell that you
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so fast on your feet. >> that became fun and sports for me. i really enjoyed the assignment i had. >> always felt that there could be. >> hitting under your skin a little bit. with a laugh and a wink. going back and forth. is simon coming back as a guest? >> coming back, final episode. about what he would want to do. greg: many years ago. back when he was 40. >> that is true. getting something going, finally.
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is there anything in the works? something that you are intrigued by? john stewart. he went and directed a movie. is there something that you want to accomplish? >> i do not think i would be that great at it. what was the free movie? >> having people over and they cook and bond that way. >> are you thinking? after this, you will have two hours. >> i will go to rio and work with the team. jennifer lopez is the star as well. ray leota is in that. she plays in and fbi cop. she is just spectacular.
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it looks so good. >> there was an amazing profile view in the new york times not that long ago. fans and experts. you have a superhuman talent. you have something special. how do you define it? how do you articulate it? >> i guess what i try to do is make people feel comfortable. i think that that is what i aim to do. whether it is on the radio or a conversation at the table. i try to set people up to be successful and in the spotlight. rosanna: i have asked you this before. such an empire. clothing line. the guy has a million things going on. we ask you, how did you get started?
9:27 am
were you focused? i just said yes. >> i just said yes. i looked up to larry king and regis. all the guys that did my broadcasting. i just started saying yes to things. i worked my way up. when i got to a place that allowed me to do what i really wanted to do. i was born and raised in atlanta. i really did not develop too much of a southern accent. when i was on the air, i really did not have an accent. what was your heaviest? >> the size of this. i do not know what the weight was.
9:28 am
i played center. you know, husky jeans. eating not shows every day my biggest cheat in the world, i work for it and therefore a great meal. it is very difficult for me. i have to watch myself. come thursday, friday and saturday, it could be anything. greg: great job on that movie. you will connect with him. i think it will be your next big thing. i have to get to work. [laughter] >> he imagines it and it happens. farewell. we will be tuned in.
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you drink all the vegetables. greg: it goes through your system. this is what it all looks like. >> i do not want to see the inside. where is friday's meal? all the way down here. if you cleanse, it pushes all of that stuff out. it is supposed to be a good thing. our next guest has an updated version of the clients. rosanna: a food writer and author. she is also involved. >> yes. an online program. it has been terrifically successful. rosanna: it is not juices. it is actual food. everyone makes a resolution at the beginning of the year.
9:33 am
they want to change habits. >> i do not think that it necessarily has a definition. no processed flowers. lots and lots of vegetables. lean protein. we coordinate an eating plan. it is all about moderation. a great lean cut of meat. it is not high-fat. it is a lean state. it will give you a lot of good protein. >> put on a little bit of oil
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>> losing weight. >> that is helpful. we all need to change some of our habits that we have. marinate in it. we will now put it in here. rosanna: be careful. >> brown on this side. you put it into the oven and finish any of them. we want to make sure you are pacing yourself through the day. they are the unprocessed. full of antioxidants.
9:35 am
greg: cleaning it all out. the name of the book is the cleanse. >> i did not know you had an issue. >> see how you can make something that carries over. instead of being surprised? >> this is representing what u.s. house. you would start with that lovely oatmeal. we love to use leftovers and our program. made with beautiful spices. >> this is gorgeous. oranges and grapefruit.
9:36 am
after dinner and you want to extend your conversation over the dinner table, it is nice to have something so beautiful. >> this is good. apples with almond butter. >> i have never tasted almond butter in my life. >> it is not necessarily better. >> the almond butter, less sugar. >> you do not want peanut butter with lots of -- [laughter] almond butter. sorry. though food lovers cleanse. let's put it back up on the screen if we can. one more time.
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buy it. >> the kitchen and table. thursday, january 7. that is tomorrow. there is a book signing. there is a tasting as well. >> i think that we will taste some of our delicious snacks. seriously. good stuff.
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[laughter] greg: lower manhattan. midtown manhattan. fresco by scotto. rosanna's family restaurant. 20% off. rosanna: did you talk to management? >> 20% off of appetizers and honor of three kings day. they do not give it to you unless you say happy three kings day at the restaurant.
9:41 am
keep you in the loop. it is a great place. check it out. you know, exactly. greg: this is crystal young. you do want to say something to crystal. you have not seen her yet. >> i went to 57th. i want you guys to pay close attention to two people in this. if you know any man in your life and you can copy this from head to toe, go for it. the last guy has a message for you. take a look. >> a gloomy and gray day. i am confident that my jacket is making people smile. it is from j. crew. i got it on sale.
9:42 am
let's just jump on down. they are by nine west. they are still kicking. they were about $100. >> i am really feeling your overall self. i feel like you have it covered. i really like your pants. where'd you get that wish to mark people vintage. vintage what? >> vintage 2012. do you remember how much they work? i like it. i like the way you have it tied. you have good natural style. mom is always like, perfect just the way you are, baby. okay.
9:43 am
a cute couple from ireland. >> i bought to tommy hilfiger jumpers. we stopped off at the hotel three times. it is amazing. >> and then we saw you guys. >> just show me the thing that you love the most. you call it a jumper? you will go back row could, but extremely happy. so happy. so happy. >> who knew. where did you get that? >> you need to have the extra time to do it.
9:44 am
how much were they? are they keeping you warm? it is kind of cold today. thank you. i like it. i love your jacket. i am not too sure what that is. it is cute. where did you get that? >> i am going to give you a little quiz. you warm it up. >> you are definitely cute. really cool hat. where did you get that? >> i got it from the village.
9:45 am
rosanna: how much was it? it caught my attention. >> yes. and it caught mine. >> i know you are awake. somewhere. [laughter] greg and rosanna. doing much better. you are missed. >> crystal young. we appreciated everyone. natalie portman. natalie portman. i believe she learned a few things. from our next guest.
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greg: old man. black swan. rosanna: natalie portman was fierce in this movie. greg: is strangely applicable to
9:49 am
our next guest taught her moves. >> mary helen bowers. dancing with the new york city ballet. she trained natalie portman for this very important movie. a bunch of supermodels, as well. greg: what did you teach them to do? how to walk. "good day new york." thanks. good to see you. >> it is the artistry. the athleticism. a workout. you make a long and lean. >> long amine. you look fantastic. ten years with the new york city ballet. pacs want. black swan.
9:50 am
it wasn't like that? >> at the end of the day, you are dancing in lincoln center and performing. are we going to be doing plie is? >> we will mention our classic valet training. typical fitness exercises. you are getting a little bit of everything. >> we will get out of the way. in valet, you are always distracting. moving into harder exercises. this is staying with his supermodel.
9:51 am
lowering him lifting. it is interesting than the real ballet. this is terrific. we will take a stretch. we can move to some other exercises. is that what they call in the world? >> it would be the technical french term. >> a modified version. she is getting her way as well. >> you can check out our website. we have an amazing online prescription.
9:52 am
dvds. it takes a little. >> you guys can join in. >> you may have seen this last long. through the back. >> no. no. it is difficult. i think he has a lot of potential. the next one i want to work on is a little bit of cardio. >> i am from brazil. seventeen years. it is a very good workout. greg: what did you think of for zana was display?
9:53 am
>> i cannot do this. let's see you do something. >> that is great. everyone is up with the arms. the arms we definitely can do. were you there when the lacuna has had the scene with natalie portman? >> i was on set for the ballet scene. the dancing. rosanna: thank you so m in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's new recipe. made with real simple ingredients and no artificial flavors or
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