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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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excessive subway delays. >> reporter: andrew albert says delays are up significantly from broken rails, signals and track switches that are aging, to problems associated with more riders, more time to load a train, more people holding doors, more sick passengers. we took a look at subway which uses the mta data. the light blue line shows service across all lines over the last 30 days. sometimes it's operating at 75 percent. much more erratic is the purple line. this is the 7 train subway service and there are five major outages in this almost two, three week period. it's not your imagine delays are more frequent, but albert is hopeful new ideas will cut down on delays this year, including plans to shorten announcements, to get trains out faster and to add mta personnel to critical hotspots. >> we'll have platform conductors to move people along and to make the conductors close the doors quicker. there's a host of things that
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make delays less. >> reporter: our insiders at the mta tell us there's a real effort to address the problem at the agency. the introduction of the program fast track a few years ago that shuts down sections of the line for consecutive nights, but they say clearly they have to review what is working here. the inconvenience has been worth the results. ernie: thank you for that. joining me to talk further about this is my special guest, the deputy director of riders alliance. thanks for being here. transit commuters are fed up. it's power outages, it's delays, overcrowding. there's a story every day. i'm sure you hear about it. >> absolutely. we've been hearing from riders for well over a year now. we started collecting stories from riders, subway horror stories, and here we are a year later and we're hearing the same stories. ernie: i'm sure you hear it. a lot of people say they fear for losing their jobs, getting to work late. there are stress issues. it's affecting everyday living.
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that's another thing we're hearing constantly. i've had folks tell me i was late to a job interview. i'm thinking of moving the trains have gotten so bad. ernie: it's not during the week. it's on weekends. they're having repairs being done. they shut down from 10:00 to 5:00 for different lines. it's ongoing all the time. >> absolutely. one of our concerns is the subway system needs to work for everybody, including people who go to work late, who go to work early, who work overnight shifts. ernie: now we have a problem and deal with solutions. what do we do? >> we're at an interesting point where governor cuomo is about to give his state of the state address and release the executive budget. last year he and the mayor reached an agreement to fund the mta and we're looking forward to the governor announcing exactly how he plans to fund it. ernie: are you optimistic about this? >> i'm really hopeful that good things are going to happen, but the way to make sure that does transpire is if riders actually talk to their elected officials
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governor and let the governor know. we want to see a solution that makes the mta and the subways and the buses work for us. ernie: and they can contact you as well. >> yes. absolutely. we're happy to have people reach out to us. riders we love working with riders and making sure riders are connected? ernie: can it make a difference? people get so frustrated. you think we'll see change? >> i'm hoping so. if riders tell their officials and governor cuomo we need it to work, we'll see change. ernie: thank you for joining us tonight. okay. all right. meanwhile we have this development to tell you about. governor cuomo announced plans to resurrect a long stalled renovation project at penn station. the new facility will be renamed the empire state station. this includes moving the amtrak waiting area across the street to the old farley post office while redeveloping the concourses for new jersey transit and the long island railroad. the u.n. security council held an emergency session in
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that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. the council says it will begin work immediately on a resolution for new measures against the communist nation. >> this act is profoundly destabilizing for regional security, and seriously undermines international nonproliferation efforts. i condemn it unequivocally. ernie: many nuclear experts, however, are casting doubt on north korea's hydrogen bomb claims. but if true, the successful test would mark a major advance for the country's limited nuclear arsenal. >> chipotle has been served with a grand jury subpoena in california. it's tied to a federal investigation into how the company handled the norovirus outbreak at a simi valley restaurant last year. it was one of numerous reports of tainted food at chipotles across the country. a company announced store sales have dropped 30 percent in december. that's what's happening in the news right now. nick is joining us.
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good news about a warmup coming our way. nick: a little better today. ernie: it was. nick: if you stood in the sunshine, it was nice. ernie: when you think about winter, if you have blue skies and the sun, you've got it all. nick: we're getting more daylight. the sun is getting a little higher in the sky. we managed 41 today. that's an improvement. and above average. average high is 38. average low 27. we'll be in the upper 20s tonight in the city. tomorrow it's back to the low and middle 40s. 72 and minus 2 in the records. and your sunrise 7:20, down at 4:43. enjoying a little more daylight at the end of the day. 38 now. humidity dry. wind out of the southwest. that's been the key today. and we'll keep the southwest-westerly wind tomorrow keeping the temperature up. pressure, 30.43. still pretty good. holding steady. here are the highs. 41 or so at newark. same in the city. poughkeepsie hitting 44 today. and around 40 on long island
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upper 30s heading up to monticello. they're down down to 30. temperature is falling quickly. we'll be back in the teens sussex is 29. mid 30s at belmar to islip. 37 coming in from montauk. good gain in temperatures from 24 hours ago. up about 11, 12 degrees across the area. that's an improvement. and, again, this is why. an hour. west wind continues tonight and tomorrow. we won't be talking a return to the colder air yet. week. here is our look at fox 5 sky guardian. nice and dry. nothing going on tonight with the clear sky. and we're looking at the clear sky over us. satellite photo shows that. a few clouds off to the west. pittsburgh back to detroit. these are high clouds. some of this will spill into the sky tomorrow. it will be a pretty day, but a few more clouds will be around. high pressure is heading off the eastern seaboard. we're setting up this west-southwesterly airflow. forget about this storm.
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we'll be okay the next couple of days. here's your day planner tomorrow showing the sunshine giving in to high clouds. we'll come out at the 30 degree mark about 9 a.m. 38 lunchtime. 44 tomorrow afternoon. so that's not so bad. futurecast shows in good shape for tomorrow. a few of the clouds appearing here. now as we head in towards friday, a warm front starts moving up from the south and west. sun will give in to clouds as the day goes along. friday night as the front approaches, you might have to across the area. we'll see if it's cold enough for freezing drizzle north and west. saturday may feature the same deal. not a lot of rain saturday, maybe a bit of drizzle or light rain through midday and then stays cloudy. the problem will be when this system swings in from the west, we could get into a soaking rain. clear, cold tonight. 28 in the city. we've had worse recently. 15 to 20 in the colder valleys north and west. sun and clouds tomorrow. chilly, but this is above
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we'll stay in the lower 40s friday. sun and clouds. a little drizzle, same thing on saturday. not much. 47. sunday is the day. potentially heavily rainfall. 54. transition to 41 monday. i've got sun and clouds tuesday. watch tuesday night into wednesday. might be a close call with a coastal system. you see the temperatures there are borderline. ernie: we heard you say rain and not snow. nick: that's sunday. tuesday night into wednesday, stay tuned. ernie: okay. let's see what happens. thank you. let's talk about giving away big money. i'm not talking about tonight's powerball, but mark zuckerberg making a huge splash by announcing he'll give billions to charity. not everyone is happy about that. why some people say his generosity benefits him more than anyone else. we'll talk about it. and join us tomorrow for a look at why so many new trends involve nods to nostalgia. why old is new again and never goes out of style. that's tomorrow at 6:00. enjoy the music, and we'll be
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i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. ernie: welcome back. now to tonight's feature story. it's about billionaires making
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while the money will do a lot of good, lidia curanaj has more on why the donations are being met with a certain amount of skepticism and scrutiny. >> reporter: when mark zuckerberg announced the birth of his baby, he coupled in with a gift to charity. he plans to donate 99 percent of his facebook stock. critics have questioned his motives. >> a lot of people have been saying he's pulling a fast one and that this is just a way for him to avoid taxes. it's just not true. >> reporter: howard is the vice president for policy research for the manhattan institute. while zuckerberg's stock gift is extraordinary, it's not new. warren buffet donated to charity with stock rather than cash. >> facebook stock is pretty valuable. but right now it's just stock until he sells it, just like anybody else.
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so it's the potential for cash. >> as for the more you donate, the bigger the tax break? >> there's a limit to how much you can take. he can only take 20 percent off his income for moving this stock into charities. and he can only take a charitable deduction equal to 50 percent of all of his income. that's true for everybody. >> reporter: you can't talk about charity contributions unless you mention bill and melinda gates. over their lifetime, the two have given out over $30 billion. that's about 37 percent of their net worth. the next time you question a billionaire's donation, ask yourself this: >> would we really want all of that philanthropic money to go to the government instead because we're so sure the government would know the right thing to do with it? i, for one, don't think so. >> reporter: lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. ernie: joining me now is the
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you can talk about loopholes and tax breaks, but it's still a ton of money, scott. that's a lot of money to give away. >> at the end of the day. we're talking about 47 billion. he's 31 years old. he's certainly one of the youngest billionaires we've been seeing in the past do such a thing. we've seen warren buffet and bill gates. they're more established and much older than mark. this is a big deal. ernie: is it fair to criticize -- you say instead of giving away the cash, it's going to be stock. is that fair to judge someone based on that? >> i don't think it's fair. look, certainly there are tax advantages here. at the end of the day, facebook is a great company. the stock is on fire. in many ways right now, the stock could be more valuable than just writing someone a check. ernie: it's good we're seeing people with that kind of money. trying to do something good with it. there's a moral commitment and legal obligation. they started a club with buffet and gates. they got 130 couples and
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giving this money away. i think that's a good thing. >> totally. when mark zuckerberg does something, people listen. he's inspiring a whole wave of entrepreneurs who are younger, up and coming, to not just focus on building a business and making money, but once they get to the level of success, donating that money, focusing on philanthropy. what hasn't mark zuckerberg accomplished? this is a natural next step to focus on philanthropy. ernie: you made a good point. why give all this money to my kids? why ruin their lives and not do something good? someone once said success, real success, is having the ability to help others. and that's true. >> and that's the thing. for mark zuckerberg, him and his wife have a new baby. do they want to give them sort of the silver spoon and have them spoiled as they enter and get older and enter the workforce or do they want to instill in them the value of a dollar, the importance of hard work. i think that's what mark is getting at here. ernie: do you wish you had that problem?
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what if you win? what are you going to do? the same thing? >> focus on philanthropy and buy a couple of things. ernie: thank you so much for joining us. next, your phone is ringing. we get calls from people trying to sell us something. i've got a question for you tonight. how do you handle telemarketing calls? what do you do? play along? hang up? see what people said. that's coming up. and cool new gadgets are being introduced at the consumer electronics show this week. if you join us on friday, you'll get to see a bunch of them. first, russ is going to join me to talk about mike piatzza and
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ernie: russ is joining us now. a lot of people are excited about mike, into the hall of fame. terrific. russ: people in new york, especially new york mets fans. in his third try, he is a member of the hall of fame. ernie: going in as a met. russ: he will go in as a met. i don't know if that's official. met. you're talking about a guy in his 16 seasons, he had 427 career home runs, 396 as a catcher, which is the most as a catcher. get this. he was drafted in the '88 draft
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he was the 1390th person picked. nobody has made the hall of fame round. listen -- ernie: this was his third time for eligibility. i mean, is that a big deal? time? russ: you know what? a lot of guys -- a lot of great players didn't make it on the first try. listen, we have to say there had been speculation, just because he's part of that era of the steroid era and, quite frankly, it sounds ridiculous, but because he had acne on his back, i'm serious, people say -- and he hit home runs, was he a steroid user? there's no smoking gun or paperwork. ernie: congratulations to mike. there are others, too. ken griffey, jr. russ: he set the record today. unlike mike in the year before,
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he left after two 22 seasons. he got 99.3 percent of the vote, which breaks the old record held by one met, tom seaver, with 98.8. get this. of 440 people voting, he received the vote on 437 ballots. that means three knuckleheads, for the -- i'm saying knuckleheads, because that's as nice as i can say it. three knuckleheads, for the sake of being different, didn't vote for him. you're talking about a guy -- a lot could be made arguably one of the greatest players of all time. ernie: no doubt. should have been in. there he is. russ: there were four seasons where he missed almost like 400 games because of injury. you think if he plays those games, tack on the home runs, he might be the greatest home run hitter of all time.
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ernie: he's in the hall of fame. russ: those are the only two. ernie: where are your powerball tickets? you got tickets tonight? they're in his pocket. i knew it. russ: you think i just like sitting next to you? fun in the sun is pretty good, buddy. ernie: there's still time to get a ticket for the powerball drawing, estimated at $500 million. it would be the sixth largest jackpot in history. a single winner could choose the lump sum option which would mean taking home somewhere under $200 million. good luck to everyone. give me some of those tickets. russ: that comes in, there'll be a new sheriff in town tomorrow. ernie: bye-bye, farewell. we all know telemarketers are out there and they're aggressive and do you know what happens when somebody calls you? you hang up?
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we'll find out. okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! p at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. pwhich makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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ernie: thanks for watching the news at 6:00. now you can connect with me on facebook. go to anastos. check it out. you can also answer my daily positive questions. go to anastos. it seems like everybody gets them. how do you handle telemarketing phone calls? >> just try and be as courteous as possible. ernie: you're a nice person. a lot of people just hang up. what do you do? >> i don't understand why i get them because i have -- i have opt out to receive them. and it puzzles me why i still get them. ernie: a lot of people have said that. they said i don't want them. i told people they keep calling me. >> you want to know what happens
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i ask for their home phone number so i can call them when they're eating dinner. ernie: that's your response. you handle it well. >> and i also find that nobody listens to no call list. but they are annoying. ernie: it's picked up on the cells. >> which is a problem. ernie: how do you answer them? >> i hang up quickly. ernie: hang up right away. what do you do? >> if i receive them, i have to see what the number is. if i know it. if i don't, i ignore it. ernie: you want to tell them not to call? >> yes. especially at dinner time when i'm trying to feed her and my other kids. ernie: dinnertime. don't call. >> i say no, thank you. ernie: quick. >> very quick. ernie: do you ever get a call you're interested in? >> no. no. i'm not a biter for those things. ernie: thank you. >> no problem. ernie: nice to see you. bye-bye. bye-bye. >> you shouldn't call. i'm at work. that's it for now. thank you for joining us.
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for all of us in studio 5 and our control room, john k., are you on the phone? thank you for joining us. have a good evening. we'll see you tomorrow. telemarketers? russ: bang! dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day --
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